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Human is threatened with extinction because of the monster. This incident happened 150 years ago. There was a crack in the sky, the monsters began to emerge from the crack and destroyed everything they passed. The incident is like hell on earth where humans are eaten by monsters without being able to resist. Humans began to join and look for ways to fight the monsters. After doing research and testing many times humans finally find ways to fight monsters, by making a weapon from the parts of the monster body itself. By finding ways to fight, humans start fighting monsters for years without end. After fighting for years, humans began to build a place where they could live and expand safe areas. This place is called the "Last Fortress" or known as Liberty.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1 The Fallen One

In a house that was in the block D, City A and District 2 (Code: DA2). On the training area, there was a shadow of a young man who is doing the training to swing the wooden stick on the dummy doll, this young man named Igza Vanquesz.

Igza goes into the attack position and starts swinging his wooden stick into the dummy doll.

“Haaa!” Tuk!

“Ha!” Tuk!

“Ha haaaaaa HaaAaaaa!!!” Tuk! TuK! TUK!!!

He swung his wooden stick to the left and right then made a piercing motion. The dummy doll used for training swayed violently because of the swing from the Igza’s wooden stick.

“Ha..haa..haa .. It’s enough for today.”

Igza start training every day from his is 9 years old because he wants to avenge his family. The Vanquesz’s family is one of the founders of Liberty (Last Fortress of Human), who fights against the monsters when they first get out of the crack in the sky.

The Vanquesz’s family is respected and recognized as the greatest family ever. They have everything power, wealth and strength. This makes a lot of people affected by envy and greed, they hate them because they have everything.

One day Vanquesz’s family destroyed overnight, they fall by the evil plans of people who do not like them. sometimes human nature can be more terrible than the monsters outside the safe area.

Although Vanquez’s family is the strongest family, they remained to be defeated by the number of opponents, all the blood and flesh of the Vanquesz’s family is killed as well as Igza’s parents, only Igza survived that night, where the moon looks bloody red.

Igza will never forget the incident on that night, his parents sacrifice for himself so he can survive, the last words of the Igza’s parents are still heard clearly in his mind.

“Igza live and find your own way of your own, forgive us for not able to accompany and always be by your side”

That’s the last words of the Igza’s parent, every time he remembers the words and his parents’ face he felt very useless. Since at that time he was very weak and could not save his parents. That’s something he mostly regrets in his life.

At that time in the mind of the 9-year-old child, he wanted was the power. The power to avenge his family and protect the precious person to him.

Therefore, he has had training every day until now. His milky white face was covered with sweat. He tried to remove sweat with his hands. His eyes were glistening white with dark hair.

He walked out of the training ground to a rest area and washes his face with cold water while staring at the mirror image in front of him. He looks like a 14-year-old boy, he has a sharp nose and sweet lips with a muscular body wearing dark blue training clothes with black and white sneakers.

After he cleaned his face from training in the morning. He walked to the bath to get ready to go to senior high school, today June 1, 2150 AD is the new student ceremony.

The school he listed is Liberator High School 1, this is in a block A, City 1 and District 2 (Code: A12). There are eight other high schools. Every city has one high school in district 2 there are five schools because the district 2 only has five cities and 3 others are in district 1.

The high school in district 1 only for the noble offspring, there is a difference between the nobles and commoner after a disaster that happened 150 years ago. This world has changed which strong rule the weak.

After he finished the shower and dries his body with towels, Igza changes his clothes with the suit that was wearing by Liberator High School 1.

He looked into the mirror with 2 meters high, his body covered 1.8 meters of the mirror with black shirts and jeans coated with a white coat and black line decoration and him wearing black casual boots with white trim underneath it. He saw the clock on his mobile phone was at 07:20 AM. Igza walks out of his house and say.

“Okay, time to leave.”

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