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Rio is a Demon God. This book chronicles her various encounters as she goes through time and space. The horny Demon God literally fucks with the history of the realm in some stories. Rio is a very horny Demon God. She watches time, looking for an opening to interfere with time. She stops time to fuck with others, finding hidden places, fucking various things to satisfy her legendary lusts. Stories also will include various aspects of Deadric I did not explore like the Slave Trade process on the Island of Illusion, or a few races of the Children of the Dragons. These stories are short and depict various encounters and stories with Rio, or without her. Some of the material is a bit sensitive in nature, but along the same lines as my other books, so it is not too extreme if you read the others.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Slave for a Day

Greetings puny mortals. You, mortals, have on your Earth what you call a Blue Moon every second Full Moon of the month. You also have a Leap Year every four years.

Every five thousand years a Blue Moon falls upon a Leap Year, and becomes a Golden Moon, opening doorways to other realms.

I am Rio, Demon-God of time and space. Space is my playground and Time is my toys. You, mortals, are like tiny insects being crushed under the weight of my power.

I wish to share with you an exciting story about a man from your Earth who went out for a stroll with his girl on a Golden Moon and got taken where he did not expect to go.

Reiko was a U.S. General stationed in the Sang Gong jungle. After taking his new bride out on the beach for a stroll in the full moon, Reiko found himself passing out.

When he woke up, Reiko found himself aboard a ship. A beautiful woman with wide, bright blue eyes looked down at him.

“Hello, sir.” She smiled warmly at him.

She was examining Reiko’s six-pack abs, running her hands across them as she wrapped up his wound. The woman was dressed strangely. Her white robes were flowing down as if they were spin in some otherworldly way.

“Wha... What happened?” Reiko asked the woman as she looked down at him.

“Oh! We saw you fall from a hole in the sky! You landed in the water, and sea serpents began to go after you. You almost drown mister!” The woman told Reiko as he looked at the three blue spheres on her forehead.

Her spheres were grouped to form an upside down triangle. Reiko still felt woozy from the sea serpent poison.

“You’re very beautiful...” Reiko moaned as he passed out, leaving the woman stunned and blushing.

The next time Reiko awoke, he was on a beach. Debris and weapons were washing up, but he was the only person on the beach.

Soon he was not alone. A dark figure was standing by a rock where the grass met the beach. Whoever it was wrapped up in a black robe, with a black hood covering their face. All Reiko could see was a big grin and red glowing eyes.

The figure moved closer and began to reach for him. Reiko covered his face with his arms and fell over. He passed out yet again.

When Reiko woke up for the fourth time. Reiko was in a cage. Many women were walking in a circle formation around the cage.

“The meat is awake.” One of the girls spoke to the woman leading the squad, as they moved down the road.

“Good. He needs to be awake for auction.” The woman turned to face Reiko.

She had a blue cape that fluttered as she turned. Her long white hair whipped around, revealing her dark tanned skin.

“Open the cage! I have to test the merchandise. Cock size and amount of sperm means more clams for us.” The woman spoke as the cage began to open.

Reiko got ready to bolt. Spears were suddenly pointed at him before he could blink.

“Don’t you move.” The woman told him as she began to get in the cage with him.

Reiko did as she asked and looked at her, she was thin, muscular, and had many lighter marks on her skin like tattoos. It was if the sun missed those areas.

“Strip!” The woman commanded him.

“Wait... Where am I?” Reiko asked her, staring at her chest.

“Strip you worm!” The woman looked pissed as she grew closer.

She wore a low cut, black top, laced together around the bust by a string. Her top had short sleeves, and was short, leaving her belly exposed. She had impressively sculpted abs. Reiko did as she commanded as she grew close. She ripped his pants off when she reached him.

“You’re too slow. I am glad I don’t have to train you.” The woman told him as she freed his cock and sucked on it.

“Hey! Hold on! I don’t know you, and I am married!” Reiko protested as the woman sucked him.

“Quiet you!” One of the other girls jabbed him lightly with a spear.

“You are the property of the Valkries now!” Another told him as she did the same.

“Valkries?” Reiko asked confused.

The woman sucking his cock nodded and pulled out. “You are on the Island of Illusion and have been captured by our Valkrie hunting party. Your status of marriage does not matter. You’re a man, and will be sold into slavery to the highest bidder. Your new master will make sure you do whatever she wants.” The woman explained to him, and then sucked him harder.

“Who are you miss?” Reiko asked her as she got him close to blowing his load for her.

“That is Varalincia, that captain of our hunting party.” One of the other Valkries told him as Reiko was poked with the spear.

“I am Reiko,” Reiko told Varalincia as he admired her black thong, as he stared at her ass.

Varalincia looked at him and slapped his face before blowing him again. Reiko chose that time to blow his load in her mouth. Varalincia choked on his sperm, finally swallowing it all.

“We got a winner here girls! With his “assets” we can get ten times more clams!” Varalincia cheered after swallowing Reiko’s jizz.

The girls cheered as Varalincia kissed Reiko. “Pay that no mind worm. I got caught up in the moment.” Varalincia told Reiko turning around, showing her ass to him.

Reiko wanted to grasp Varalincia’s ass. The spears pointed at him made him think twice about it. Instead, he just looked at her blue combat boots as she climbed out of the cage. The door to the cage shut, and the march continued. Reiko watched as the approached a large, heavily guarded gate. There was no wall around the gate, but it was surrounded by dense jungle.

“Halt! Who goes there?” One of the guards asked.

“It’s us. We brought a man-beast for auction.” Varalincia told the guard.

“You know that these gates are the only safe way to the village. Even a Valkrie would have great difficulty fighting off the creatures in this jungle. What is the password?” The guard asked again.

“Fine. Spring Green Chicken.” Varalincia told the guard as she looked annoyed.

“Open the gate!” The guard yelled at the others.

“Open the gate!” The others echoed the command.

The gate opened slowly like a giant door. A loud creaking sound was heard as both sides of this massive door was opened by many Valkries pushing from the other side of the gate.

“It still amazes me that with all the physical strength Valkries have, that we need so many to open these gates,” Varalincia muttered in awe.

The entourage began to move forward past the gate. Reiko watched the jungle. He saw shadows moving around inside as they approached the next gate.

“Halt! Who goes there?” One of the guards called out.

Varalincia groaned. “It’s us. We brought a man-beast for auction.” Varalincia told the guard.

“What is the password?” The guard asked her. Varalincia became highly annoyed.

“Spring Green Chicken damnit!” Varalincia cursed at the guards.

“Open the gate!” The guard barked to the others.

“Open the gate!” The other guards echoed.

Again the gate began to creak open, being pushed from the inside by many Valkries. The group started to move again as they headed towards the final gate. A roar was heard. Vines reached out from the jungle and grabbed Varalincia, and swatted away the other guards. A giant Chomper plant moved forward, a giant mouth with rows of thorns for teeth. It roared and started to fight the Valkries, swatting some, and stinging the rest. The group of them began to fall over, poisoned by venom as Varalincia was dragged away. A few of the vines smashed the cage, freeing Reiko. The plant retreated into the jungle with its prize.

Reiko knew he would never get past the next gate even if he knew that password. He could not move forward to the city, nor back to the beach. Also if Reiko could move back to the beach, this was an island. How was he to escape this place? His only options were to save Varalincia or live in this harsh jungle for the rest of his days.

“Saving her would be the honorable thing to do. Maybe she would let me go? At the very least, I would have a new friend.” Reiko told himself, as he pondered his options.

Reiko grabbed two of the nearby spears, and took off into the jungle, following Valaincia’s cries for assistance. Reiko reached a clearing, and there was a woman there. She had a pale white skin with an almost mint green tinge, and flowing thick green hair like grass. Magenta flowers were growing from it. The plant was growing out from a glowing book laying on the ground. The plant picked the woman up and began to strip both of them.

“So Varalincia, you thought you killed me... I have sent my pet to collect you so I can have my revenge.” The woman smiled as her eyes glowed a bright green.

“Dolora! You foul bitch! I thought I cast you back into the abyss where you belonged!” Varalincia yelled at the woman with anger.

“You keep forgetting that I keep coming back like a weed. You can’t keep a Tree God down for long!” Dolora laughed, making her giant bust jiggle.

The plant began to stick it’s vines up Valaincia’s pussy as the vines gripped her tight. Dolora grew closer, her black lips inches away from Varalincia’s bare skin. Dolora had spiked thorns growing out of her ankles and wrists, and she began to kiss Varalincia and rub her clit.

“What is so wrong with us being lovers my dear one? I’ll just keep coming back for you!” Dolora told Varalincia as she kissed her.

“IF I ever take a lover, IT WILL BE a MAN! Not YOU!” Varalincia told Dolora as the plant violated her.

Reiko got closer and could see Dolora had bright red dots, almost like freckles on her chest. She A dark teal colored areola and white nipples. Dolora’s feet also turned to roots from her ankles down. Reiko seemed to get turned on at the sight of the plant violating the Valkrie. Multiple vines were going in and out of her pussy, looking as if they were fighting to get inside. A vine wrapped around Dolora many times and the vine tip changed to a phallus and began cumming hard, shooting white stuff all over her breasts.

“My my! My plant here seems to like you. Wanna come to Momma dear Varalincia?” Dolrora cooed as the multiple tentacles began to cum in Varalincia’s pussy.

“Go fuck yourself!” Varalincia told her as she spat at Dolora.

“At this rate my dear, I think you may become lunch instead,” Dolora told her angrily, upset with being spit upon.

The plant roared and began to cum inside Varalincia again. Reiko could not help but pull out his cock as Dolora started to kiss and rub Varalincia’s body.

“You may not want me to touch you honey, but I will anyway!” Dolora cackled, groping her boobs, and rubbing her pussy from behind.

Varalincia moaned hard as the vines came to her many times.

“I love sluts. Sluts are the best. I also love a slutty, bitchy, Valkrie.” Dolora told her as she licked her nipples. “You especially are a dirty, filthy, whore. Way beyond slutty, and queen bitch supreme.” Dolora told Varalincia as she came on her body, squirting hard on her.

Reiko was rubbing one out, watching Dolora feel up Varalincia. Dolora bit Varalincia’s nipple, and rubbed her dripping pussy more as the vines pulled out and coated them with thick, white ooze.

“It appears we have an uninvited guest...” Dolora whispered into Varalincia’s ear.

Reiko came hard, coating the tree branch he was sitting on in jizz.

“Enjoying the show my dear boy?” Dolora asked him, the plant holding her up, so she stood in front of him.

Reiko panicked, but Dolora grabbed him.

“Come fuck with us my boy. She enjoys men and does not like my plant or me. You like me don’t you?” Dolora asked him as she shoved his head into her chest.

Her chest felt cool as if she was not alive. She was not cold though. She gave off a small amount of heat.

Reiko nodded as he began to suck the sap from her acorns.

“There is a good boy. I may fuck you as well if you’re a good boy.” Dolora told Reiko as she held him, cooing as he touched her body.

The plant lowered them to the ground, as Reiko snapped out of it, and thrust the two spears he brought with him into Dolora’s belly. Mint green blood came out of her wound.

“I guess not,” Dolora told him calmly. “Guess you too will be plant food!”

Dolora put her hand on his chest, and a vine erupted from her hand, pushing him back, and slamming him on the tree. Reiko moaned in pain but noticed the magic sustaining the plant stopped flowing. The book stopped glowing, and the plant was withering away. Varalincia grabbed her spear nearby and sliced off the mouth of the giant Chomper plant. By the time Dolora noticed that her plant had died, Varalincia had impaled her from the back, and then kicked her, sending her flying.

“Look, I wanted to tell you thanks and everything. For a man-beast, you... you did okay. Look, I’d buy you myself if I could, but the Valkrie law says you have to be sold. I can’t buy my own merchandise.” Varalincia told Reiko, bowing to him.

Varalincia helped Reiko up.

“She will be back Reiko. I may need your help again. Shall we remain friends?” Varalincia asked him as she blushed.

“Yeah... I would like that...” Reiko told her as he too blushed.

The two of them went back out to the main road. The others were passed out on the road from the toxin the plant spewed.

“Useless, every one of them,” Varalincia muttered as she pointed to the city. “We are headed there. I hope you will come willingly.”

“I don’t have a choice in the matter if it is the law,” Reiko told her with annoyance as he held his hands above his head.

They soon reached the gate, and the guards stopped them. Varalinica explained what happened, and the guards let them pass through. The gates opened slowly to the Valkrie village. The two walked forward, and they proceeded through town. They passed by a few shops that sold all sorts of stuff. There were sweet shops and armor outfitters. They passed by a tavern. The tavern was heavily guarded.

“You might get sold to a Tavern like that. Our taverns here serve more than alcohol. We also serve mugs filled with man cum. The taverns are heavily guarded because sometimes the girls go a little cum crazy.” Varalincia explained to Reiko.

“I hope not. I don’t want to be sucked on by many girls forever.” Reiko commented as he grimaced.

“The other option is you could be sold to the workforce. You could be like those men, fixing, repairing, cooking, cleaning, and cleaning out the stables.” Varalincia told Reiko as she pointed to the various men doing things.

Reiko noticed a brand on each of the men. Some were different than others.

“What are those brands I see?” Reiko asked his new friend.

“Family Crests. Each family has their brand and has their family slaves. You could get sold to a family as well. Sometimes to make extra clams, families lend out their slaves to the workforce to make ends meet, until they can replace their workforce. Family slaves are treated the best. Workforce slaves are worked to death often. Tavern slaves live cushy lives but are used for nothing but pleasure. Spending all day cumming is not a life for me.” Varalincia told him as she escorted Reiko to the other edge of town by the temple.

Reiko noticed two other roads were leading out of town. “Don’t bother. All the roads have gates, and the jungle surrounds those gates too. Besides, your new friend would be pissed.” Varalincia told Reiko as she dragged him towards the temple.

There was a platform that he was dragged to with some cages nearby. Reiko was face to face with a very stout Valkrie.

“So Varalincia, you bring us yet another man?” The stout Valkrie asked Varalincia.

“Yes. Reiko this is May. She is the auctioneer, and will be helping to sell you.” Varalincia told Reiko as she shoved him in a cage.

“Why do you speak to this man-beast like he is equal?” May asked Varalincia as she locked the cage.

“I owe him a blood debt. He distracted a foe during a moment of weakness. If he had not, I would not be here now.” Varalincia explained to May with a look of sadness on her face.

“Shame you have to sell him. The law is the law after all. Let me buy you a big mug of Ale and a mugful of cum. You can buy another slave one day. Just not this one.” May told Varalincia as she led her away to the Tavern.

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