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“So, you all abandoned me in a nightclub?” “abandoned is the wrong word, we all misplaced you.” “fine, you misplaced me like I’m your shoes.” “Have you by any chance got my shoes?” “of course not" Added Liberty to November Writers write. Libby is a half-fairy half human 20-year-old. she is currently in her second year of college training to be a teacher. she is about to break up for summer break and about to go on her self-discovery, to become one with her fairy side and awaken more of her fae gifts. One night she not very romanticly stumbles into King Patrick of the Amaris, who is also a very popular rockstar. being a rockstar Patrick always gets what he wants and that night he decides he wants Libby. But magic works in mysterious ways and they may just happen to be soul mates. The Amaris still don't know that fairies exist but can Patrick and Libby's relationship work? And what are Libby's new gifts? Why is she suddenly so important to the future of all kinds. The old council is reawakening. but what will that mean for Libby and Patrick

Fantasy / Adventure
Katy Rayne
Age Rating:

Libby - Big night out

Hello, just a quick message before you start this book. Liberty of the air is the first book of the Council of Spirit series. which is a runoff book series from the Amaris series, Hidden, Found, Samira, Ready, Answers, Harmony and Amaris Queen. You can read Liberty without reading the other books but things mentioned make more sense if you've read the other books first. Thank you for reading my book and I really do hope you enjoy Liberty and Patricks journey.

The bar was absolutely packed tonight. You could barely move let alone dance. Let alone hold a conversation. I looked around the crowds looking for any faces I knew. None stood out to me. Where the hell was Destiny, Imogen and Aimee. This was why we had the double up rule to go toilets! I looked around, surely the fire marshal would shut it down tonight. Way too many people. Why the hell was it so busy. I leaned on the wall near the gent’s toilet. Not the best idea, but I knew from experience when the ladies were a huge queue go to the men’s and that’s what my friends usually do, but Poo there was no sign of them! I would have to go into the thong of people again. I dialed my sister again. Come on Destiny! why couldn’t she just answer her phone for once! Her phone rung but she didn’t answer. Chances were she couldn’t hear it. Arg.

“Hello Destiny this is your very pissed of sister where the fucking hell are you?” I left on her voicemail. I looked back out to the throng of people I could see just outside the corridor. You could barely move out there. I took a deep breath preparing myself to try the other hall. To risk going to the girl’s toilets. That was when 4 men who were ridiculously tall came barrelling in the hall. Barrelling was the only way to explain them. They were in a rush and were all pure muscle. One was sandwiched in between them. I saw the flashing of cameras. What the hell! I tried to push myself into the wall further, so they could all pass me. The one in the middle looked at me and looked peed off.

“No autographs.” He snapped at me. Hell, guy, I didn’t have a clue who you are. I don’t want your autograph. I shrugged my shoulder and pushed myself further in the wall, so they could pass. Flash, flash the lights were blinding. What the hell was going on today. One of the men walked right to the end and opened the fire escape. I watched in disbelief as he walked out. I noticed that there was a man at the end of the corridor holding the people with cameras back. God, I hoped that calmed down soon. I needed to go back that way. I sighed knowing if the girls were in that toilet they would have come out to the noise. They also wouldn’t be getting down here anytime soon. I started to make a move. The three guys still in the corridor all stared at me. What I was getting out there way. I managed to slip past them and started walking towards the bar.

“Where do you think you’re going.” One of them asked.

“Back out there,” I said.

“Do you want your picture plastered over every gossip magazine in town claiming you had sex in a nightclub?” The guy in the middle demanded from me. Hell no! I looked at the other door.

“Okay, I’ll go that way,” I said and slipped past them again to walk out.

“What’s the hurry?” He questioned me. his piercing blue eyes were like the ocean. I felt like I could drown in his eyes. I felt wordless. Which unfortunately for me, wasn’t the first time with the male gender. In fact, it was a regular occurrence. My friends all found it hilarious. He smirked at me. I took him in, his brown shaggy hair was slightly too long. He was handsome don’t get me wrong. But nothing special, well I tried to convince myself that, trying to pretend his eyes didn’t look like they could see my soul, that his dimple on his cheek wasn’t the cutest thing I had ever seen. that his thick lips didn’t look like they would be the softest I had ever touched. That his little freckle in the corner of his right eye wasn’t perfection on him.

“What’s your name?” he asked me. I don’t know why I did it. I really didn’t but I said.

“Destiny.” It was a habit I knew that, well I told myself I knew that, that I hadn’t momently forgotten my own name from his looks. I wasn’t that bad, I often got tongue tied but still.

“Destiny what?” he asked me.

“Smith,” I said truthfully, least my last name I had got right.

“Really?” he questioned me, he sounded suspicious I suppose with it being Smith it may sound like I was giving any name. I shrugged hey that was the truth.

“How old are you?” he questioned me.

“24.” I lied. He looked at me like he was questioning me and knew I was lying.

“Well, Destiny Smith tonight’s your lucky night, or unlucky.” He said.

“perhaps we could say it was our destiny to meet tonight.” He said with a smirk. What the hell did that mean? was that him badly flirting?

“Coast is clear.” One of the men said as his radio I hadn’t realised he was wearing made a noise. “Come with us, Miss.” The man with the radio said grabbing my arm. I was kind of frog-marched out the fire exit. I didn’t know why I didn’t kick up a fuss. A limo was waiting there. I kind of found myself being loaded in the limo.

“Did they see us?” The baggy haired guy asked them.

“Not exiting.” One of the others said. Baggy haired guy sighed and fell back in his chair. My cell started ringing. I reached for it.

“Don’t you dare.” The baggy haired guy said.

“Are you kidnapping me?” I questioned.

“No.” he said in disbelief that I would even think that.

“So, can I answer my friends?” I asked.

“As long as you don’t answer where you are.” He said. I rolled my eyes. In a limo yeah, my friends wouldn’t believe this anyway.

“Hell, where the fuck are you?” Destiny demanded from me when I answered it was her 2nd time ringing.

“Where are you?” I asked her.

“Outside having a smoke,” Destiny said.

“Fuck your drunk,” I said.

“I am not drunk.” She snapped at me. “you only smoke when you are drunk.” I snapped at her.

“Or when a sexy guy offers me a smoke.” She said. I groaned.

“Are you going back to his?” I questioned her. I had to.

“Yeah can you get your own ass home?” she questioned me.

“Yeah don’t worry about me,” I said.

“Are the others with you?” I questioned her.

“The others both went with guys to fuck.” She said loudly. I bit the bottom of my lip.

“So, you all abandoned me in a nightclub?” I questioned.

“abandoned is the wrong word, we all misplaced you.” She said.

“fine, you misplaced me like I’m your shoes,” I said rolling my eyes. Then I realised and I had to ask her.

“Have you by any chance got my shoes?” I wiggled my bare feet.

“Of course not I misplaced my shoes why would I have yours.” She said.

“So you misplaced me and our shoes?” I asked. The guy chuckled.

“Can you get home yourself?” Destiny asked.

“Of course, don’t I always,” I said.

“Text me when your home,” Destiny said.

“Ditto night,” I said.

“Night.” She said and hung up. I looked at the guy opposite me. he gave me a look like he was sizing me up to eat, but it still made my heart skip beats, yeah I got it he was gorgeous. but come on he wasn’t my type. not that I have a type. but me going off with a stranger, just wasn’t me.

“why were you outside the men’s?” he questioned me.

“I lost my friends in the nightclub,” I said.

“So, you went to the men’s?” he questioned.

“It makes sense if you knew my friends.” I shrugged.

“Can you drop me off on the corner of 9th?” I asked.

“No, I can’t.” He said.

“What?” I asked getting worried.

“I am not dropping a young woman off at the corner of a road at midnight.” He said firmly.

“I will drop you home.” He said.

“Okay.” I sighed in relief.

“where is that?” one of the others asked me. I gave the address of my dorm building.

“what’s your major?” the man asked me.

“I’m an education major,” I said truthfully.

“So, you want to be?” he started in slight disbelief.

“A teacher,” I said. He scoffed.

“you think that’s funny?” I asked, not sure why. do I not look smart enough to be a teacher?

“No, it’s not that, it’s just you seem to.” He started. He looked at me as if he fully could see me. it took my breath away, had the guy slipped me something, it was one of the only things that made sense to why my heart felt like it was going to beat out my chest. why just a small raise of his lips could take my breath away.

“you’re not scary enough.” He said.

“Teachers aren’t meant to be scary.” I had to laugh and smile. I wondered what type of education he had. in more than one way. omg did I really just think that?

“what year are you in?” he questioned me interested.

“I’ve almost finished my 2nd,” I say truthfully. He looked at me judging, does he suspect my age is a lie?

“You don’t have a clue who I am, do you?” he asked me like I was a mystery to him. Should I? He looked at the guys with him.

“Would you like a drink Destiny.” He asked me, looking torn on what he wants right then.

“Okay,” I say not sure if I should take a drink from the stranger, but another part of me is desperate to trust him. like I always will trust him, but I need to give him that chance. He opened a bottle of wine and poured me and himself a glass.

“Destiny can you sign a non-discloses on tonight for me?” he asks me as if its a perfectly normal question to ask.

“what not tell anyone you kidnapped me, sure,” I mumble I want to roll my eyes, because even though my friends would believe me. no one else ever would. He smirked. He pulled one straight out a draw above his mini fridge.

“Write your name.” he started.

“Have you got ID?” I was asked by one of the others. I pulled out my sisters ID. I look enough like her no one has ever questioned it. The guy leaned forward.

“I apologize Miss Smith.” The guy said with a smirk.

“Destiny Smith 24 years old from California.” He said with a smile as if everything about that was amazing to him. He refilled my wine glass. I took another sip.

“Why are you sorry?” I asked worriedly.

“I thought you were lying about your last name,” he said non-apologetically. I shrugged it wasn’t my last name I was not telling the truth about. It was my first and age.

“So, Destiny why do you wish to be a teacher?” he asked me.

“why would I tell a stranger that?” I asked even though I want to tell him, I want to tell him my dream about improving my whole species education system. How I believe that my kind needs to catch up with humankind. That we are falling behind and will never catch up if we don’t start now. that every child should be able to learn to read and write in our own safe schools. how we shouldn’t feel the need to be bullied by humans for acting strange to them. we aren’t human, well not fully. We should have our own schools and learn to fit in more, but we shouldn’t be forced to choose between no formal education and acting like something we aren’t. I was bullied a lot in school because everyone in our local area believed I was apart of a messed up cult.

“yes, that is true.” He said thoughtful, looking at me like I was a mystery to him. He said something in a language I didn’t understand. The two guys nodded. When we pulled over they both got out.

“this my stop?” I asked trying to look out the window but it was dark out and in the black window it looked darker.

“No,” he says.

“they just had things to do and file the forms you signed.” He said with a smirk. I hadn’t really read them.

“I will have a copy for you, don’t worry.” He assured me. I had a feeling this wasn’t his first time, he’s done this. What the hell had I signed, why hadn’t I read it. He slipped closer to me, his scent reached me and like his eyes did earlier I felt like I could drown in him. I don’t know why I kept drinking my drink he constantly kept refilling and when his lips touched mine, I felt like he set my soul free. he sighed a sigh of amazement and bliss.

“Who are you,” he said kissing me.

“Why do I feel like this is so right?” he asks but I get lost in his kisses on my neck.

My mouth was ridiculously dry, it felt like something had crawled in it and died. Had I really drunk that much last night? I never drink that much. my head is pounding and I feel hot and sticky. I looked up I didn’t recognize the ceiling above my head. It didn’t have the stars that my dorm room had. I moved my arm and it stretched out further than my own bed. SHIT! Had I got that drunk? My head pounded more as I moved. Yes, yes, I had. I sat up and looked around the empty hotel room as I recognized the placemat on the bedside. I was naked, my clothes lay ripped on the floor. How the hell had that happened? I picked up half my dress. Um, how was I meant to get out of here with no clothes? I looked around for anything to give me a way out of this mess. His clothes, maybe he had been kind enough to at least leave me his shirt. My bra lay on the floor that too was broken, it looked like he gave up trying to undo it and ripped it off. How bloody rough had he been with me last night! my body didn’t hurt, but the state of my clothes said a different story. I looked around for my panties. They were nowhere to be found. Would it look odd trying to leave the hotel in the bedding, because I was running out of options here. The door opened then, I pulled the covers over my body. What was the point he had already seen me? A woman came in, her hair was bleached blonde she wore the brightest red lipstick I had ever seen. She wore a fitted white blouse with a blue pencil skirt. She looked well put together and mature, everything I didn’t right now. She also looked at me like she hated my guts.

“Good your awake.” She snapped. Like it was my fault she was here. I wasn’t fully sure if it was or not. I couldn’t remember anything after leaving the club in that guy’s limo except I think I remembered a kiss and it felt like my heart was souring.

“Try that outfit on.” She snapped at me, she looked at me like I was a bit of dirt on her finger.

“you signed a non-disclosure you remember, that right?” she questioned me venom in her voice. I nodded, that I did remember.

“The lawyer will deliver it to you in 5 days’ time. In that time if any word reaches the press you will be buried.” She said. I wasn’t entirely sure if she meant physically or literally, with the evil glint in her eyes, I felt like she wanted to kill me. she definitely scared me. But I just stared at her in slight disbelief.

“The outfit should fit. Once you are dressed please leave.” She snapped at me.

“Destiny Smith.” She said firmly like she was disgusted with my name.

“Yes?” I ask, shit I had given my sister’s name. she was going to kill me.

“Thank you for your service last night, He appreciated it, but it shall not happen again. The lawyer will drop the cheque of with the paperwork in a few days time. He shall not be calling you” She said with a smirk. I felt like I had done something dirty. even though part of me felt like something special had happened last night. I just couldn’t remember what. But the pain from her words hit home.

“I am not a hooker.” I snap at her in my own defense, knowing what this must look like.

“Are you not.” She said and then she walked out with her head held high. I wanted to cry, what the hell had I done! Last night, I think it felt special. but right now I felt abandoned and hurt. I found myself dressing in the outfit provided just so I could leave. When I get home, I will wash and scrub myself. Had I been raped? I wasn’t fully sure. I didn’t feel like I had, I felt like someone I loved had been torn from me and betrayed me. But I knew I just wanted to cry. When I was dressed I went to the door. It opened into a lounge type room.

“Ah took your time.” The woman said snarkily still like I was nothing more than dirt.

“A taxi has been ordered for you.” She said. I nodded, trying not to cry. Why wasn’t I kicking up a fuss? I saw a man laid on the sofa, I looked at him. He wasn’t the guy I didn’t think. But he looked like one of the boulders in the hall last night, not one of the ones in the car though. He looked at me, a small smirk on his face.

“Goodbye Destiny.” He said with a smirk as if he felt my name was as big a joke as this situation. I wanted to crawl into a ball and cry, but I was kind of frog-marched out of there and pushed into the Taxi.

“Where too?” the taxi driver asked me. I gave my dorm building. He nodded and that was it. He drove me home. I burst out crying feeling as if my heart had just been torn into two. The taxi driver just shut his window giving me privacy. When I got back to my dorm room I run straight to my room. I threw myself in the shower and scrubbed myself clean. I stood there and cried for a long time, but rather than feel dirty for some reason I just felt like something was missing. like something had meant to happen that hadn’t.

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