Liberty of the air

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Libby - my first concert

“Alright is this everything?” Abicus asks me, he stands next to the suitcase that I have quickly packed. after I asked Patrick what to bring when I woke up and he said. ‘Don’t worry I will buy you clothes there.’ the thing was I knew he would. but I have more than enough clothes and nowhere to store them. but I couldn’t really explain that to Patrick, well I kind of did. I said to him, ‘So when I move out this dorm room in a month how am I meant to get all my stuff back to my parents.’ he had just said. ‘I can get someone to drive it for you if you need me too.’ the thing was everyone would have a cow if I did. but I had just kissed his cheek and told him. ‘I can bring clothes with me, Pat, then it saves someone having to shop for me.’ it had got him to crumble but agree. apparently, my gorgeous Rockstar did not understand the use of laundry machines, he was in the wear it once chuck it team. If we are going to be a long time thing, that needs to change. I look at my college books.

“I won’t have time to study for my tests whilst I’m away will I?” I ask Abicus.

“It’s a two-hour flight, Patrick will also have a sound check for a few hours tomorrow,” Abicus says like he’s frustrated with me, he has a right to be frustrated with me. I suppose when I was late back from my lecture to start with, he’s also flown back to get me. Patricks already there he had to fly out this morning. Sandy who I now know is his manager, rung and told him he needed to get his ass into gear and get there as its a sold out concert, he couldn’t disappoint his fans. he had said about staying until I finished my classes for the day, but I told him to go. that I would come to another show, or fly commercial. not mentioning I’ve never flown before and I’m kind of scared to fly for the first time. I haven’t mentioned that to Abicus either, he just knows I’m stalling.

“Alright, if I bring these ones, no I should bring those ones.” I start grabbing a few of my books off my shelves and computer table throwing them on my bed and trying to sort through them.

“Liberty what one do you need for your test?” Abicus asks he’s trying to keep his voice neutral. hell I know I owe him for not outing to Patrick that I’m not as human as I’m acting. I know I’m frustrating him.

“The plane is all cleared for a time for takeoff Liberty. you are going to be late for it. if we have to wait for the next clear time for a takeoff, you may be late for the concert.” Abicus says I nod, I know he’s right. the problem is I know how badly Grandma flies on planes, shes told me so many times, being so far away from the earth is extremely difficult. that always to fly under my own power when I get my wings. I don’t have my wings yet, I won’t get them until my birthday, so flying myself isn’t an option.

“Liberty bring them all. let’s just get going.” Abicus says firmly. I grab 3.

“these are all I should need,” I say worried looking at the books as I hold them.

“About time, anyone would think you didn’t want to go,” Abicus says suspicious looking at me.

“I want to see Patrick live,” I tell him truthfully, I honestly do.

“Then what are you being slow about?” he questions me, I feel the swell of his magic, he really doesn’t have to compel me.

“I’ve never been on a plane before,” I say, he looks at me like what.

“Your scared of flying?” he questions me like he suddenly wants to laugh.

“I don’t know, how would I know if I am or not, when I’ve never done it?” I ask him.

“Liberty.” he just says my name, like he’s about to try to calm a runaway pegasus. I’ve been on one of those. that’s not scary.

“Did you know there is an average 178 airplane crashes a year?” I question

“I didn’t, but I do now,” he says looking like he wants to laugh.

“Did you google this?” he asks me.

“my sister told me at lunch,” I tell him truthfully.

“Liberty,” Abicus says calmly but it has a sweetness behind him. he’s not going to compel, but I can tell he’s releasing a calming hormone, hell I could do with that at least.

“Liberty, Patrick is going to be on stage in 2 hours and 52 minutes in counting. you are going to be late if we do not set off in the next 5 minutes,” he says in a calming voice.

“I know.” I start worried.

“Liberty Patrick has a private plane with one of the best pilots in the world,” Abicus says. I blink at him.

“he’s been flying for longer than you’ve been alive, and possibly will be if you don’t stop annoying me,” he says the last bit jokingly. although it did feel like a small threat.

“I assure you, you will be perfectly safe on the plane. Patrick wouldn’t let anything happen to you if he believed it to be too dangerous.” Abicus says I know he’s right I can feel it. I nod,

“Okay I’m ready,” I say.

“About time,” Abicus says. he grabs my case and bag and kind of frog marches me out my dorm, only giving me time to lock my door.

I look out the airplane window, we were escorted quickly through airport security. they only took a few courtesy glances at my ID. Not really caring it seemed. hell, I wondered if I could have got away without a passport, I will mention that to Patrick if I remember to. I look out the window at the people on the runway.

“Why the hell is it taking them so long.” Abicus mumbles from his own seat opposite mine. There were so many places to sit. but he had shown me to a table and put my college books straight on it. then strapped me in tight, perhaps too tight. then sat opposite me as if he was expecting me to try bolt. I wasn’t stupid, I knew once we were in the air. the safest thing to do was stay in my seat.

“We are cleared for take off.” the voice says, I take a deep breath.

“Do not hold your breath, breath normally. talk to me. I know you don’t want to but it’s for the best.” Abicus says the plane starts moving.

“why do you think I don’t want to talk to you?” I ask him confused.

“You’re full of secrets you don’t want anyone to know,” he says giving me a suspicious look.

“I’ve never lied to Patrick,” I say truthfully, although I’ve never told him the truth and maybe that’s the same thing.

“Have you not?” he questions me.

“Nope,” I tell him.

“But you’ve not told him the full truth either have you Liberty.” He questions me.

I lean forward in my seat feeling the plane almost take a jump. it’s amazing, I look out the window. it’s not like I thought it would be. it’s not like my grandma described as if I’m leaving the earth behind. for the first time, I feel light like I’m meant to be. perhaps I will like flying.

“This is amazing,” I say looking out the window, watching things get smaller.

“You’re like an excited little kid,” Abicus says matter of fact watching me, I look out the window looking at the clouds.

“What are you Liberty, your not human,” Abicus says watching me.

“My father would disagree with you there,” I say. I look at Abicus knowing he’s stressed, I can produce my own hormones if Abicus wants to play that game. but I know something that I know needs to be said.

"There comes a day when what is green turns red with blood, the Royal child will decide if there is to be a time of war and a world of darkness. Or the beginning of a better future and an era of harmony. Only the child can decide if she is to be the destroyer or the healer. It shall be then when the darkness rises once more. That her choice will see the combining of 2 worlds into one. Only she can renew the Amaris’s humanity.” I tell him, his eyes go wide. He looks at me like he’s scared.

“Your princess is going to be an amazing woman and things foretold long ago are soon going to come to pass. you all knew the prophecies they were never hid from you,” I say truthfully.

“So you actually know what Patrick is?” he questions me firmly I can hear the demand in his voice, it’s not exactly compelling to me, but it might as well be.

“Since he asked me if the world halfling meant anything to me,” I say truthfully.

“So it did?” he questions me.

“It did and technically I am a halfling. my father is human, my mother is not.” I say truthfully, as I am not half Amaris but he doesn’t need to know that.

he looks at me so suspiciously.

“So you are a threat to Patrick,” he says I hear something behind that. something that says I will be dealt with.

“I love Patrick,” I say truthfully, hell I do and that’s scary as hell.

“I will tell him the truth when it’s the right time to tell him,” I say truthfully.

“the problem is, he’s not ready to hear it yet. your worlds not ready to hear it yet. but you were” I say thinking about it.

“but when Princess Alysa personally invites her first halfling back to your world. that shall be the time we start to build bridges,” I say truthfully. I realize something.

“wait,” I say realizing something.

“I’m such an idiot,” I say.

“I’m starting to see that,” Abicus says, still giving me a suspicious look. I can tell he’s deep in thought.

“Are you going to tell Patrick or let me?” I ask, hoping he’ll let me when I am ready.

“You are going to tell him?” he questions me, there’s a firm undertone.

“Yes when he’s ready to hear it,” I say truthfully.

“Alright,” Abicus says, he looks at me firmly.

“We can compel you?” He questions me.

“you know you can, hell I still have no memories of mine and Patricks first night.” I start

he nods thoughtfully.

“Abicus,” I say worried.

“what?” he demands.

“I know me and Patrick can’t last, we will grow old and apart,” I say truthfully.

“I watch my mom and dad. knowing we could lose my dad very soon, knowing the looks they get from people,” I say truthfully.

“my mom looks younger than me now,” I say truthfully.

“But she and my dad are still madly in love,” I tell Abicus.

“I was taught to follow my heart, I’ve tried to do that. I don’t want to hurt Patrick and if I could have stayed away from him I would have,” I admit.

“but both of you cant,” he says thoughtfully.

“I said it myself a minute ago,” I said. he seems to be deep in thought.

“the combining of two worlds,” Abicus says thoughtfully. he watches me.

“your mother broke laws having you, you understand that right?” he questions me.

“Love makes you do crazy things,” I say.

“I should tell Patrick,” Abicus says.

“give me until Christmas,” I say hopefully.

“Why?” he questions me.

“Because your first halfling will be brought back by Alysa then,” I say truthfully.

“you say this with more fact than the prophecies,” he says.

“they never do say what family gave the prophecy and why it was taken as a prophecy and not nonsense do they,” I say with a smile.

“No they don’t,” he says.

“we have the original prophecy, the one he wrote on the day it came spilling, 3000 years ago,” I tell Abicus.

“there’s a lot more to it than was ever told, to young kids,” I say thoughtfully.

“yet you know it?” he questions me.

“not as much as I should, I never thought it was important for me to learn,” I admit.

“I really should have listened to my brother when he was droning on,” I say thoughtful, for the first time regretting doodling him being blown away by a hurricane. Abicus didn’t respond he seemed lost in thought I looked out the window.

“Is Patrick older than airplanes?” I ask after what feels like forever.

“Yes,” Abicus says, but not like he’s paying attention to me.

“In fact, he was so excited to be one of the first people on a plane,” Abicus says.

I think about it.

“If people were meant to fly they would all have wings,” I say something my grandma says. he looks at me then and I see a small smile on the corner of his lips.

“If people were meant to rock climb.” he starts

“Climbing is close to flying as most people can get,” I tell him

“we are on an airplane!” he says but he laughs, yes! I look out the window.

“it really is amazing,” I say truthfully.

“That it is,” Abicus says thoughtfully.

We make it to the stadium just in time, Abicus grabs my arm and puts a VIP pass straight around my neck.

“You stay close to me at all times understood?” he says firmly.

“I get it, I will be squashed if I don't,” I say looking at all the girls and guys.

“Precisely, I will take you behind straight after the show, if Patrick indicates for it I may take you behind sooner. understood?” he asks me.

“I understand. are concerts normally this busy? or is Pat really this popular?” I ask.

“Pats normally this popular, but they are often very packed,” Abicus says.

“this your first concert?” he questions me.

“Yeah,” I admit,

“but you’ve heard Patrick now?” he questions me.

“A few songs,” I say truthfully. Abicus shakes his head.

“Stay close to me, do not drink anything anyone but I or Patrick give you, understood?” he questions me.

“Okay,” I say.

he leads me straight into a huge crowd, he keeps a firm hold of my arm. when we get in he leads me straight to the front, pushing past girls and guys who possibly have spent a fortune to be this close.

he looks around at a guy that says

“Watch it man.” and glares, I decide its best not to piss Abicus off. Abicus waves at a security guard who was on the stage in the corner. I watch him Nod.

“What’s that about?” I find myself shouting over the noise for Abicus to hear me.

“you don’t need to shout Liberty I can hear you. you just can’t hear me.” Abicus yells at me.

“Okay,” I yell at him, he shakes his head and then pulls out his phone I see him send a message.

“if at any stage I decide its to crowd in here, you shall not argue understood,” Abicus yells at me.

“I get it, huge crowd, little me with no shoes,” I say.

“what where are your shoes?” he yells his question looking at my feet.

“I swear you were wearing shoes a minute ago Liberty,” he yells.

“I took them off again in the limo and forgot about them,” I admit.

“How do you forget about shoes?” he yells his question looking frustrated.

“they are modern devices designed to torture feet,” I tell him.

“No, they aren’t! they are designed to protect feet from being squashed,” he yells at me, but least he’s smiling.

I get knocked then, Abicus glares at the girl who has knocked me, trying to push to the front. she yells a sorry, but she still pushes forward.

“About time,” Abicus yells as someone comes on the stage, it isn’t Pat.

“Whos that?” I yell at Abicus.

“Opening act,” Abicus says, I listen to the words and do find myself dancing. it’s amazing my fairy side really likes to party and this is an amazing party, I can’t believe my sister and friends said no and are missing this.

“he’s really good,” I yell at Abicus.

“He’s nothing compared to Patrick,” he yells back at me, but he’s smiling.

“and your not bias or anything,” I shout at him with a grin.

“Watch yourself, with that guy,” Abicus yells firmly grabbing my arm and pulling me away from a guy, who may have had a bit too much to drink.

I stand closer to abicus for a few moments. The artist does his final song and then leaves with a well-deserved clap.

When Patrick comes out, it’s almost like he makes the stage come alive. his mere presence seems to fill the stage. he holds his guitar I know well from him sat in his hotel room. He starts singing and his voice is so amazing, husky and smokey at the same time, I didn't really know that was possible. he's amazing and all his spirit is being put into his song. a song of heartbreak, of loss of pain. I want to be able to take his pain away. but without that pain, he would never have been him. I watch him share his guitar and the whole audience his soul. sweat soon runs down his face, he's on his 15th song before I even realize. I just watch him amazed as he sings. when the songs get more upbeat I find myself dancing. he sings about girls that were possibly long gone. he sings about mistakes. he sings about life, of how everything can be an adventure. I find myself moving in rhythm to his words. taking it all in. taking in all his scars he's showing right now.

"Liberty," Abicus yells.

I look at him like please don't take me away right now.

"Patricks only got 2 songs left," Abicus yells at me. I nod,

"then he will possibly do 2 songs as an encore." he says. I just nod, watching Patrick on the stage, walk around like he, well I knew he owns that stage.

"He wants you behind for when he comes off," Patrick yells still holding a phone.

"Okay," I say watching Patrick as he moves around shaking girls hands at the front. Abicus has already pulled me back twice so I'm not at the front anymore.

Patrick looked straight at me and our eyes lock, I smile at him. I'm so amazed by him it's unreal, I am so proud of the man that stands before me, even though I know that's nothing to do with me. that's all him. he is just an amazing man. even a few of his songs were so full of acceptance that it took me by surprise.

Patrick smiles its amazing on his face, his lips raise in the corners and he winks at me. I grin back at him. Patrick then shreds his guitar my eyes wouldn't get any wider.

Once he finishes the song he says he's going to slow down for the next one and he does. its another song of loss, but this one of love. He sounds like he loved someone so precious. that it was heartbreaking to lose the girl that meant so much to him and how he will always remember the baby girl in his arms. it brings tears to my eyes.

"Poor Pat," I say, hurt for him.

"Come on Liberty its time to go behind," Abicus says. he takes hold of my arm, I let him lead me back and out the crowd.

"He loved her so much and he lost her so brutally," I say feeling so sorry for him.

"It wasn't that kind of relationship." Abicus starts so worried as if he's afraid to bring up the ghosts.

"No, she was his child wasn't she?" I ask afraid of the answer for Patrick.

"You saw that in the words?" Abicus questions me but he looks so hurt himself.

"from the moment you were born, you made a man out of me, baby girl you always will be my golden one. but now you my little Iris really are colors in the rainbow shining down forever on me," I say hurt for him. I look around at the roadies all a buzz. Sandy was stood glaring at me like I was a piece of dirt in her eyes.

"Don't bring it up, at least not yet," Abicus tells me.

"How long ago?" I ask worriedly.

"129 years ago," Abicus says truthfully.

"Before Sandy?" I ask looking at the woman.

"Yes," Abbicus says truthfully.

I wouldn't ask Abicus what happened, I wouldn't push into Patrick's personal pain like that, if and when he's ready to tell me. I will be ready to listen.

Abicus leads me closer to the side of the stage, I watch Patrick as he moves around the stage, to his last song, his encore.

"He's amazing," I say truthfully.

"he definitely is that Liberty," Abicus says to me.

Patrick finishes his last song, then he walks off. the clapping is deafening. but the first thing Patrick does, he hands his guitar to a roadie then pulls me to him and takes my lips in a kiss that I feel right down to my toes. I try to make him know everything with my lips, how strong I think he is. how much i do truelly love him.

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