Liberty of the air

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Libby - my second concert

"Patrick," I whisper into Patrick's ears, he's asleep. although I know he's not deeply asleep. his alarms have been beeping on and off for the last hour. He's had someone bang for him about 10 times, to each time he grunts 10 more minutes. it bangs again now. make that 11.

"Patrick," I say a bit louder, he just rolls over. I want to laugh, he's only got himself to blame, that he obviously has a hangover. I didn't go out with him. Sandy had told him

'Sure bring your little toy, I'm sure a lot of the men would like a taste of what must be a delicious meal.' she said it so nasty like, I think she wanted me to accuse her of calling me a whore. instead, I had looked at Patrick and gave him a smile and said.

'Do you mind if I don't come to the after party, it would be good to be able to get some studying done.'

he had put his arms on my waist and said. 'I don't have to go to the after party.' to which Sandy had got her panties in a twist. telling him he had to. I had just smiled at him, then leaned and whispered in his ears.

'Have fun Patrick, I will be in your bed when you get back.' I had told him, then he had looked at Abicus and Lee and a few of the other guys I knew were his security team. including the one who had given me my shoes in the club.

'If you need anything get room service okay? but no alcohol okay?' he had checked. I had assured him I would be okay then went back to the hotel room. I hadn't needed anything I found a few bottles of water in the mini fridge and had actually got some studying done. I was asleep when Patrick had returned, he was drunk.

'Wow.' I had said looking at him amazed.

'Is this the same guy that gave me a lecture on my underage drinking the other day?' I asked Lee and Abicus.

'Afraid so.' Lee had said,

'Perhaps tonight it would be best if you get a different room.' Abicus said giving me a look, that showed worry. I had looked at him like he was crazy. I had simply kissed Patrick's head as he lay on the bed, his eyes shut and said.

'Pat should I go to another room?' that was all he needed to grab me and pull me into his arms and say.

'no baby just no sex tonight, the room won't stay still. think someone was spiked.' Patrick had said.

'you think someone spiked your drink?' Abicus had demanded from him.

'Nope think someone I drunk from was spiked.' Patrick had said.

'he's drunk Liberty.' Lee had said to me, I nodded, I knew what he really meant.

'Patrick are you sure you want us to leave you alone with Liberty.' Lee had asked.

'Yeah go night.' Patrick said. I pulled his shoes off him.

'How do you wear these so long?' I had to ask interested.

'baby shoes are important.' Patrick had said.

'really why?' I had asked. he started drunkenly telling me about shoes. I had laid in his arms, Lee and Abicus had looked at each other like they couldn't believe it. then they had actually stood there and waited as I talked to Patrick. about nothing but nonsense until he fell asleep. when he was asleep they had left but before they did. Lee had said.

'I shall be outside the door all night Liberty if you need anything call. Patricks Alarms are set.'

'Alright night.' I had said.

'see you tomorrow.' Abicus had said then they left. I kissed a sleeping Patricks head and said. 'I still don't agree with you on shoes.' he smiled in his sleep. I liked to think he heard me, but I fell asleep quickly after that myself.

Now the alarm was beeping again.

"Patrick you need to get up," I say hoping he listens.

"10 more minutes baby," Patrick says I kiss his neck as I can't get to his lips.

"Mmm baby." Patrick moaned, still more asleep. how far could I take this? he turns and looks at me, his dark blue eyes seem to be challenging me. I carry on kissing down him.

"Baby," he says sucking in a breath as I get to his jeans, that he had slept in and undo them. my mouth inches from his dick.

"Yes?" I ask sweetly but I could see the effect the mere thought was giving him, by his hard-on which was even harder than just his morning wood now.

"Don't start something if you're not going to." he starts.

"Who said I'm not going to?" I question him with a smirk,

(Deleted another sex scene. available if you want it, had a glass of wine and it was interesting, and it honestly was only one glass)

Lee is looking anywhere but at me, I don't want to laugh, but its so hard not to. he seems more embarrassed on what he and Abicus walked in on this afternoon than I and Patrick were to be walked in on. I think Abicus was embarrassed by it too, as he had jumped ship and said to Lee to watch me today and he would stay behind scene with Patrick extremely quickly.

Patrick is on the stage currently he's holding a guitar and having it hooked up. it's taking longer than I thought these things would take. I'm sat up in the seats above with my textbook. but I can look straight down at Patrick and he keeps looking up at me when our eyes lock I just feel like he is an amazing adventure that I can't wait for.

"Lee." a woman's voice snaps, I look at her and then Lee interested. I don't know this woman from anyone here, but by the look on Lees' face, he does and he's scared.

"How the fucking hell did you get in here. this is a closed set with security!" Lee questions he's already reached behind him as if wanting to pull out a weapon. but one thing I can tell is the lady's an Amaris, by her leather jacket that's wrapped around her waist, I take it shes a guard too. I don't know whether to be scared of her or fascinated. she is beautiful, in a different sort of way to normal beauty. her hair is shaved short, one section is longer though and dyed Neon green. she has a piercing in her nose and more all along her ears. She has a tattoo sleeve all up one arm that disappears beyond her t-shirt. I would love to see it. She was the same height as Lee, which was extremely impressive.

"What are you doing here Helena?" Lee demands.

"How many times over the last 100 years have I told you not to call me that," Helena said glaring at him, she then sat in the row of chairs just behind me.

She looks down at Patrick, whos oblivious to her arrival.

"How did you get in." Lee starts.

"Sandy, of course, she rung me," Helena said. she looks at me, there's interest rather than disgust when she looks at me.

"Who are you?" she asks me.

"My names Liberty, you?" I ask her interested.

"I go by Lena." She tells me.

"it's nice to meet you, Lena, I really like your hair," I tell her truthfully, she looks at me curiously, then she reaches down with her hand. I take it and shake it.

"Helena." Lee starts, he sounds worried rather than angry.

"So I was in the area, I heard Patrick wanted to see me," Lena says, she looks down at the stage, rather than anger on her face, I see something else. something that makes my stomach form knots of small jealousy.

"But as it was Sandy who told me," Lena says how she says Sandys name it's like its something disgusting in her mouth.

"I thought it would be best to talk to you or Abicus first before I spoke to him," Lena says.

"Well, he didn't want to see you," Lee says, he looks like he wants to be anywhere but here.

"but he would never say no to seeing you," Lee says like he's torn.

"Hell, I know that. is Sandy up to her mind games again? I take it he's dating?" Lena says, she looks at me then a once over.

"Helena." Lee starts.

"So Liberty how old are you?" Helena asks me her voice sing-songy I know shes compelling me, I block it from working, but I will talk to her if that's all she wants.

"20," I tell her truthfully.

"Helena." Lee starts.

"your very young, not even legal drinking age," Helena says looking at me but she looks at me as if she's trying to understand something.

"um yeah," I say not sure how else to respond to her.

"Take it you're the reason Sandy has got herself into bitch mode again," Helena asks me.

"I was just assuming she was always like that," I admit.

she snorts. "She is." She informs me, she looks down at Patrick and I know what's on her face is love. seeing that is like a stab to my guts. she loves him, I look down at him wondering how he feels about her.

"You two must be serious, how long have you been dating?" she asks me.

"Helena." Lee starts.

"Not long, if we even are," I say thinking about it, we do often go out to eat, I take him gym and rock climbing. we've been bowling once. these all sound like dates to me. he did say he wanted to do it properly.

"You're blonde," Helena says like it says everything. it was like a stab in my heart.

"I've never known him to get serious about a blonde before." She says thoughtfully. I look at her confused. was she telling me to hurt me? it kind of did.

"Hmm, perhaps you really are the real deal, would make sense why you got Sandy on the attack," Helena says.

"My suggestion," Helena says.

"I'm not leaving Patrick unless he dumps me," I say firmly standing my own ground.

"Good girl you'll need balls. don't be a pushover with her." she looks down at Patrick he chooses that moment to look up, he sees her and turns pale as hell.

"Or him," Helena says with a smile that says of love, Patrick starts making a move towards us.

"Liberty," Helena says.

"Yeah?" I ask.

"Don't ever hurt him, if you do I promise you I will hurt you understood," she says firmly her voice getting a different kind of edge to it, she was threatening.

"Helena," Lee says he looks like he wants to do something but doesn't know what to do.

"Lena," I say looking at Lena rather than Patrick whos running now.

"I love him," I tell her, its what she needs to hear.

"So do I," she says giving me a firm look.

"But I also love my new partner," she says,

"You have a new partner?" Lee questions, like this, is big news to him.

"Its why I came, you think I would just come because of Sandy?" Lena says laughing, shes still laughing when Patrick arrives with Abicus and Sandy behind him. Sandy looks smug as hell.

"Helena hey how are you, what are you doing here." Patrick starts, he leans to give her a quick kiss on the cheek its only quick.

"Oh you don't have to pretend your happy to see me, I know you well enough to know when you're faking," Helena says to him.

She looks at Sandy and I see a smirk go on her face, I'm not sure if I should be scared. for all, I know they could be close.

"I came to tell you something, Private Patrick," Helena says.

"Alright, do you want to go talk in private?" Patrick asked worriedly.

"What's this in front of friends," Lena says.

"I'm engaged," she says. well, that's different. Sandy looks like she wants to wring her neck, Patrick looks shocked sad then happy.

"I'm honestly happy for you," Patrick tells her with an honest smile.

"Same Rick," Helena says, she kisses his cheek, then I hear her say as she almost stage whispers.

"Don't let this one go, Ricky, she has spirit," Helena says, she then steps back.

"So who is the lucky guy?" Sandy says her voice sugary sweet.

"My current charges older brother. I shall be moved onto be his protector in a few weeks." Helena says. I see Lee and Abicus look awkward. I look at Abicus I don't really understand what that means and he seems the one to explain most things to me.

"I shall introduce you in time," Helena says.

"I would like that," Patrick says.

"Does he know about yours and Patricks daughter?" Sandy questions. Omg bitch, the look on Patricks and Helena's face then could break a heart.

"How do you still have a job?" Helena questioned her voice full of Acid. she goes to swing and no one seems to be going to interfere. Deep down I don't want to, I want to leave them to deal with there issues, but I was raised a pacifist, even if sometimes I have to remember that when dealing with my siblings. I don't get time to interfere though, they both move faster than I could imagine anyone moving, well Helena does. Sandy falls to the ground. Lee somehow gets in front of me protecting me from the women.

"ENOUGH" Patrick bellows after a few seconds, but I think Helena got a few hits in, Abicus grabs Helena and Patrick Sandy.

"Patrick I was just curious," Sandy says, Helena still trying to swing towards Sandy, I see her connect with Abicus but he doesn't even flinch.

"Lee," Patrick says.

"Yes, Patrick?" Lee says deadly serious, still between me and the girls.

"Can you escort Libby back to the hotel and stay with her there until its time to come for tonight's concert," Patrick says firmly.

"Of course," Lee says deadly serious. Patrick looks at me so torn. "Baby I can explain please just." Patrick starts worried. looking like he wants a hug. I cant safely hug him I know that, but I take his hand and squeeze it.

"you don't need to explain anything to me, Patrick, I will listen if or when you're ready to talk about anything. but I don't need you to explain or tell me something your not ready to tell me," I tell him.

"Thank you, baby, I will see you later okay?" he asks so worriedly.

"okay bye Patrick," I say, I let go of his hand and let Lee lead me away. Part of me knows Patrick needed a kiss then and to be held. I wanted to, I wanted to be there for him. but I also know that sometimes pain needs time to heal.

the moment we get out the venue and into the Limo, that's magically always waiting for us. I climb in. Lee tells him back to the hotel and the driver sets off, I get lost in my own thoughts. the worry for Patrick has my stomach in knots.

"Liberty," Lee says my name.

"Yeah Lee?" I ask worriedly looking at him then rather than out the window that like always I can't see through. Lee seems so torn of what to say as if measuring the best thing to say to me.

"Is Sandy going to lose her job?" I ask, slightly hopeful.

"if Pat could fire her, he would of already," Lee says like he hates something.

"Contract?" I ask interested.

"in a way yes, unfortunately," Lee says,

"Helena and Patrick were along time ago, I know he's only young to you." Lee starts.

"I don't need comforting Lee. Abicus already told me about Patrick's daughter yesterday after Iris's song," I say.

"He did?" Lee asks he looks worried as hell.

"That she died and it broke Patrick's heart, I don't want to ever hurt him, if and when he wants to talk about her, I shall listen. but I'm not going to force him if he's not ready," I say. Lee looks at me torn.

"Does Patrick know you know this?" Lee asks me.

"nope he was to drunk last night to discuss what I know," I say truthfully. Lee looks at me like I'm one of the greatest mysteries in the world. but he doesn't say anything else.

I was at the front again, the crowd was huge and Abicus stood hovering over me again.

"Liberty keep your shoes on," he said as I played with the strap. I looked at him and he was trying not to laugh, I had been playing with them since the moment Patrick picked me up from the hotel, he had apparently wanted to talk, but no talking was done. he had simply told me that he and Helena were the past, that yes he would always love her in one way but they have both moved on. my exact words were, 'I get it. time changes everything' he had kissed me then and we had both been making out until Lee had said that Patrick needed to make a move if he wanted to get food in before the concert. So that's what we did, I had a nice pasta salad which was sweet in one way, I think it was the apples in it. whilst Patrick had a steak that was on the rare side, he had hesitated over it and I had simply said.

'order what you want Patrick, you'll need your energy and stomach full. especially if you don't want to get drunk tonight.' I had said it with a grin, so he got his steak.

"Liberty?" A female voice shouts as a question, snapping me out of my thoughts of earlier. I turn and see Helena, shes stood there with a youngish Amaris looking guy.

"Hey?" I said a question in my voice to Helena.

"Ah, I was hoping to see you again," Helena said looking at me, she looked at Abicus.

"Can we swap charges for a few moments. I assure you I shall bring her straight back. hell, what girl wants a guy to escort her to the bathroom." Helena says to Abicus.

"I don't think." Abicus starts.

"Your Arthurs little sister aren't you Liberty?" Helena asks me. I don't know what to say, yes I have a brother called Arthur.

"The Arthur who walked into a hurricane on a dare?" she asks me her voice sickly sweet.

"He claims to mom he didn't do it," I say but I smile I can't think of any other guy who would do that, I know for a fact he did, because of how he got around lying to mom. but how does Helena know my brother, my full fairy brother? She grabs my arm but its gentle.

"Keep Prince Hamley safe for me," Helena yells at Abicus and marches me away, she opens the disabled toilet door, I watch her check in there to make sure there no one hiding, which is stupid it's like the tiniest room ever.

she then holds the door open for me,

"After you Princess Liberty Fae," she says shit she does know. I go into the bathroom.

She bursts out laughing when we are in there.

"I thought you looked like someone I knew when I saw you." She says laughing.

"Your brother," she says laughing

"I didn't know my brother had Amaris friends," I say truthfully, it's not an accusation of her it's just a comment.

"I take it you can't lie like your brother?" she questions me.

"Technically I can till my birthday," I tell her.

"Does Patrick know you're a fairy?" she asks me interested. so she really does know what I am.

"Not yet, I'm going to tell him after my 21st birthday," I say truthfully.

"In case you don't survive, so he doesn't find out about your kind without the need, I take it?" she asks me. I bite my bottom lip, she saw that straight away. did she understand? Deep down I know its the truth, I didn't want to tell him that I might not make it back after summer, I've already told him I will be back.

"Ah," she says thoughtful looking at me like she knows.

"So what you're just going to tell him you love him and goodbye?" she questions me. I again bite my lip.

She shakes her head, "I thought Fairys were meant to be clever." she says.

"I thought the same about Amaris," I say, I can't stop it.

"Good, you do have spirit I thought I would double check. after all the look on your face when you found out about Iris," she says.

"I am truly sorry for both your losses," I tell her truly meaning those words.

She looks at me thoughtfully. "you come back to him alright. if not at least make sure he finds out the truth." she says to me.

"you're not going to tell him?" I ask her.

"Oh Patrick did you know fairies, mermaids and elves are real, they... what do you mean, I don't need help. I'm not on drugs, no I don't need help. Honest Patrick. Hello, people with white coats." Helena said I'm giggling by the middle of it.

"Your kind managed to successfully disappear from most of the Amaris knowledge, your just a myth." She says,

"in fact, I think our history was purposely changed to get rid of anything to do with your kind," she says.

"But it does make me think of our kinds prophecy we are taught as kids," she says.

"Something about a royal child and 2 worlds into one," she says

"You think it doesn't mean the Amaris and humans?" I ask her, that's what I had thought the other day.

"We all hid from more than the humans," she says.

"We hid from each other," she says.

"we did," I say thinking about it.

"do you know why?" she asks me.

"How my grandma says it, your king at the time was disgusting he thought he was the most amazing man in the world and every other species should bow down to him. he kept waging wars on other kinds, thousands died, his son tried to stop him but it was too late, and we still didn't feel safe to come out of hiding" I say truthfully.

"Our kind couldn't fight and we were hunted for our blood, once people got a taste of us, they became addicted." I start.

"we almost went extinct," I say truthfully.

"I'm aware and the damage to the earth was too late for anyone to realize how important your kind is," she says.

"we are just coming out of endangerment," I admit.

"Your brother explained that the mixing in of humans to your genetics meaning not all of you survive as long as you should, that not all humans can well, babies. that a lot of half children don't make it to adulthood," she says watching me.

"well the mixing in of humans genetics is how a lot of your kind only have one element now, except the royal family, they were kept as pure as they could be," I say rolling my eyes.

"Its how your kind got so big," I say truthfully.

We both hear the music start,

"He's good but no Patrick," Helena says listening. I nod agreeing.

"We need to have more talks," Helena says to me.

"I hope that this could be the start of us going back into the right way for 2 kinds to reconnect," she says.

"me too," I say, I hold out my hand we actually shake.

"Your princess is going to bring the first halfling back into your world in December when that happens Patrick and I will be safer than we are currently," I say.

"true," she says deep in thought.

"I best get you back to Abicus before he has a cow, can you give your brother a message from my fiancee?" she asks me.

"um okay?" I ask as a question.

"He owes him $150," she tells me

"why?" I ask interested.

"who the fuck knows," she says, she looks at me.

"Iris," she says, I squeeze her hand trying to lend her strength.

"She was her daddy's little princess," she tells me.

"I'm so sorry," I say and I truly mean that.

"She was 22 when she died, protecting a royal as she insisted she wanted to be a guard like her mom," Helena says.

"I'm so sorry Lena," I tell her.

"That's why he's so hard on you about your drinking, her charge was drunk during the attack," Helena says.

"I'm so sorry," I tell her.

"You more than anyone will understand how time." she starts.

"it doesn't always heal, just makes it more bearable," I tell her.

"I'm always here if you need to talk Lena," I tell her.

"Ditto yourself little fairy," she says.

"Thanks," I say, she wipes her eyes she's been crying so have i.

"quickly wash your face, so Abicus doesn't want my head," she says.

"he knows I'm only half human," I say.

"let me guess he thinks your other half is Amaris?" she asks me.

"I never said yes or no," I say.

"you twisted like a fairy," she says.

"Yeah, we are taught how to from a young age," I admit.

"It does make sense, you need to be able to keep your kind a secret, then not being able to lie." she starts.

"Ah but we don't have to say everything that crosses our mind," she says.

"Is your brother aware of that?" she questions with a smile.

"How do you know Art?" I ask interested.

"Met him myself about 80 years ago, long before you were born. he and my fiancee met one very drunk night over 200 years ago and they meet up every 10 years."

"Come on we better get back to Abicus before he has a cow. if you need to talk to me, ask your big brother for my number," she says.

"thank you," I say, she goes to the door.

"Can I piss whilst your here, so I don't have to come back with Abicus?" I ask her hopefully. she laughs good-naturedly.

"I will be outside the door," she says.

"thank you," I say, she leaves me alone in the bathroom, I take off my shoes that are hurting. once I'm done I wash my hands and look in the mirror, I don't understand how the world can be so big and small at the same time. but I'm just going to follow my heart, it's all I can do.

When I go out the room, Helena really is stood waiting for me.

"You ready?" she shouts at me so I can hear.
"Yeah," I yell at her, over the thumping of the music.
"You don't have to yell," she yells at me.
"I can hear you it just doesn't work the other way," Helena yells.
"Okay," I yell, more because with this loudness yelling makes sense.
She takes hold of my hand and I let her pull me back into the concert, she pulls me through the crowds to the front. it takes us a while to get back to Abicus who looks like he's about to have kittens.
"Took your time, he's about to come on!" Abicus says to Helena, I couldn't hear him though. I just could see his lips.
I gave up trying to follow their conversation after Helena just shrugged at him.
"Where are your shoes Liberty?" Abicus questions a few minutes later. I look down at my feet, oops forgot to put them back on. I shrug at Abicus. he shakes his head but he's smiling.
When Patrick came on stage the crowd went crazy louder, it was amazing to watch him again. it was like the stage was made just for him. His music was an extension of his soul. I watched him show himself for all his wounds scars and heart. he wasn't perfect but he wasn't even trying to act like he was. one line even said. "we are all the same at the end of the day, all a mess in our own ways. No one's perfect we all make mistakes" he didn't see himself as better than a human, I could see that. he didn't see himself as anything but who he was. The thing was, I really loved who I was discovering. I needed to stop lying to him, I needed to tell him the truth.
I watched him sing all his songs, dancing and losing myself in his words and music. it was a different order than last nights but the same songs. it was amazing. He was amazing. Again before the last song, Abicus shouted
"Liberty its time to go behind." I just nodded this time. I was expecting Helena to come, but instead, she reached for me and pulled me into an awkward hug, mostly because I didn't realize what she was doing and fell into her. she laughed as she steadied me.
"I look forward to seeing you again Liberty. remind your brother he owes my fiancee money, if you need to talk at all even if its just to bitch about Sandy, feel free to ring me," she shouted at me. I knew Abicus heard.
"Thanks, it was really nice meeting you" I yelled at her, she waved and Abicus took hold of my arm and helped me through the crowds.

"Liberty," Abicus asks suspiciously when we are in Patrick's dressing room rather than the side of the stage.
"Yeah?" I ask confused.
"Don't let him find out you are a halfling by someone else, tell him sooner rather than later" he says.
"I won't, I will tell him," I assure Abicus. I will when I can get the words out.
About 10 minutes later Patrick walks in the room, he's dripping in sweat, its kind of gross but when he reaches me I kiss him without a moment's hesitation. he lifts me and I wrap myself around his waist.
"You really were amazing," I tell him when we break apart.
"What's your favorite song baby?" he asks me, I think about it I like a lot of them, one though says more than anything and he shows more of his emotions in it than any other, but I don't want to hurt him by saying the truth.
"Baby you can say, I won't tell you your wrong," he says with a smile and a little nudge.
"Iris's rainbow," I admit.
"that's my favorite too," he tells me and he gently kisses my head.
"Pat, I need to talk to you about something serious," I say.
"what about baby?" he asks so worriedly.
His door then opens wide and Sandy storms in she straight away starts on Patrick about how he's got to talk to his VIP guests.
"in a minute Sandy." Patrick snaps at her.
"what you want to talk about baby?" Patrick asks me.
"don't worry Pat it can wait, go do what you got to. do you mind if I go back to the hotel? I lost my shoes." I say, he looks at my feet.
"Baby how did you." he starts but he weakly smiles, although he looks worried. I kiss him gently.
"Magic," I tell Pat, with a weak smile. he looks so worried. but Sandys still talking whilst I say it.
"Okay, I will be back later, I won't drink anything. I don't normally. I can't recall having any more than two beers." he says seriously.
"Perhaps you cant hold your drinks, you are getting old." I tease.
"28 isn't that old baby," Patrick says threading his fingers in my hair.
"I know but 194 is."I tease.
"hey one day you will be grey and I will still look this young and handsome." He teases me
"Are you immortal then baby, because you'll go grey before I do." I tease him, then I decide what I'm going to do. I run my hand through his hair and pull out a grey hair before he knows what has hit him.
"see you already have one," I tell him laughing.
"Oh your so dead." he laughs and he scoops me up, I laugh as he starts tickling my side. not just because it's nice to see him relaxed but how the hell does he know where I'm ticklish so quickly.
"Patrick." Sandys sharp snarl gets through my giggling.
"Patrick." She yells when he doesn't stop.
"Patrick," she yells again. Patrick sighs and stops tickling he pulls me to him and kisses me again I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. ignoring Sandy almost yelling Patrick's name, as he seems to be.
"PATRICK DO I NEED TO REPORT YOU!" Sandy yells. Patrick stops kissing me.
"FOR FUCKING HELL SANDY, GIVE ME A BREAK." Patrick snaps at her, his eyes go so dark, I would be scared of him if I had senses that weren't in love with him.
she starts yelling at him, he yells back, his hold on my waist tightens as he gets more pissed off, his nails start digging into me and it hurts. Sandy yells at him more about how he's breaking laws and she will report him if he doesn't. he digs in me more as he yells at her, they swap language, I know its so I don't understand them. his hold gets tighter. it really hurts.
"Patrick," I say trying not to make the pain to obvious. he actually ignores me, he's so into his fight with Sandy.
"Patrick." I try again, I need him to let me go, Sandy yells more at him. she waves in my direction as she does. whore I hear her say. her words slide straight of me, but the pain I can't he breaks my skin. shit.
"Patrick," I say again, tears in my eyes. but Patricks so in his fight, he doesn't even smell my blood. which in one way is a godsend.
"Patrick," Abicus shouts loudly.
"WHAT!" Patrick yells at him angrily.
"your hurting Liberty," Abicus informs him, not yelling its more a scolding voice, Patrick looks at me. then I see so many emotions flood his face, his eyes go lighter.
"Libby I am so sorry." He says loosening his hold on me.
"It's okay Pat," I assure him, I put my hand on his cheek.
"It's okay," I assure him as he looks like he's taking it harder than I am. now he's no longer holding me it doesn't hurt so much.
"Baby, I didn't mean to hurt you," Patrick tells me, he goes to lift my top to look at it, I knew he needed to know I was okay. but I quickly took hold of both his hands.
"I'm fine Pat," I tell him I gently peck his lips. I don't want him touching my blood, I trust him. but right now isn't the right time. he's angry and if he tastes me right now he'd know.
"Baby let me make sure its okay," he says worriedly, looking me in my eyes.
"Not right now, I'm fine. go see to your guests. I'm going to go back to the hotel." I assure him.
"Baby," he says so worriedly.
"Please, Pat," I say, almost begging him for the first time.
"Okay baby," Pat says looking in my eyes, he must see how much I need him to leave me then. He looks like he's hurt like hell.
"Abicus make sure Liberty gets to the hotel safely," Patrick says,
"I will Patrick," Abicus says calmly.
"I'm sorry baby," Patrick says.
"I know, it's okay," I assure Patrick.
"Patrick," Abicus says warning as Patrick looks at me like he's about to, I don't know what.
"Don't touch her," Patrick says so firmly.
"I'm not going to," Abicus assures him.
Patrick looks at me.
"Baby," he says, hell if he doesn't go I'm about to cry! I don't cry! well, actually these last few months I've cried more than I have in years.
"Go, Patrick," Abicus says firmly he's grinding his teeth. Patrick gives me another look then goes, Sandy yelling at him still. but she sniffed and looked at me like she wanted to rip into me, but then again she always looks at me like that.
the moment they are out of the room, I swear.
"Do you mind standing outside, I know what." I start.
"No problem Liberty," Abicus says, I see he's trying his hardest not to sniff or react but he's grinding his teeth.
"Change your top and put it in a bag and seal it in a few before you bring it out. understand?" Abicus says.
"yeah dealt with my blood around Amaris's before," I assure him.
"Alright, do not leave your top whatever you do or anything you use to clean up," he says.
"I won't," I assure him. he leaves the room so quickly.
I pull off my top as soon as he's out the room, I look at my waist where his nail marks are ridiculously deep. blood is dripping down, I pull a few tissues out the box and hold them all on the scratches. my blood oozes on them. fuck! I take a deep breath, trying to calm myself, the air helps but like always I can't seem to earth myself. I take a few deep breaths, waiting for my blood to stop. it's not. shit! they are deep, do I need stitches?
'leigheas' Eugene's voice says in my head, its deadly calm and soothing as if he knows I am panicking. I take a deep breath knowing what I need to do almost as if its habit. which it isn't at all. my moms done it to me when I was little but I've never done it myself. I take away the tissue of both wounds that are bleeding. I put them on the side only for a moment. I put my hands on both my sides and say
"Leigheas." (Gaelic word for Heal)
it stings and feels hot and itchy, but as I look in the mirror I watch my skin stitch itself back together, not leaving a single mark.
'Thank you.' I send in my head hoping it reaches Eugene.
when its healed I clean up all the mess into a bag and put that bag in another then another. I see Patrick's jacket laid on the couch and pick it up. I put it on and do up the buttons then open the door.
"All sorted?" Abicus asks me worried.
"Yeah, it's all okay," I assure him. he takes the bag from me.
"Abicus, be careful how you dispose of it," I say seriously.
"Yeah no shit," he mumbles. he looks at me torn as hell.
"Tell him soon," he says firmly.
"I'm trying to," I mumble, knowing full well he can hear me. Abicus leads me to the waiting limo and straight into it.
"He didn't mean to hurt you," Abicus says when in the limo and on our way back to the hotel.
"I know," I assure him
"can we get some icing sugar and bread?" I ask hopefully.
"what?" he asks like I make no sense.
"I want an icing sugar sandwich my sugar levels now too low," I say.
"Alright we can get some icing sugar and bread," he says shaking his head a weak smile back on his lips.
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