Liberty of the air

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Patrick - Loving my fairy

Looking at Libby asleep in the hammock next to me, well on top of me as well. The blanket the only thing covering us I wanted to freeze this moment in time. She looked so beautiful and peaceful. I just wanted to stop anything from happening. I didn’t want to wake her, even though I could hear the party back in full swing. they partied hard I realized the party hadn’t stopped at all. Libby had fallen asleep very quickly though and I could tell she was exhausted, all that time alone in the woods must have been hard on her. I didn’t know how hard but we would talk about it. because from now on, I decided there wouldn’t be secrets between the two of us. I looked at my watch to see the time, it was now 11 am. would it be best to wake Liberty? I thought about everything Eban had told me. I had a feeling they were leaving a lot out, for example why we split off to start with. over 2000 years, so 4 of our generations. how had we forgotten so much in so little time? how had everything about them been wiped from our records? or had they? were those records just not public anymore. how would I go about getting them?

“Patrick!” Lee says from where he had basically been sat for the last 3 hours that Libby had been asleep and I had been trying to make sense of everything I had been told. Abicus had informed me they knew where I was and took a guess what I was doing so had left me last night to have some peace with Libby. they were now both sat nearby eating some breakfast that Abicus had gone to find an hour ago. I hadn’t had any yet, as didn’t want to move Libby.

“I get it you don’t want to leave her, but have you thought about blood?” Lee asks me worried.

“None of them have mentioned it, I don’t know if they remember we need it,” Abicus says thoughtfully, they have mentioned so much. the things they have seemed to forget to mention are interesting.

“I don’t know, but surely if they’ve had Amaris here in the past they will know we need blood. hell, it has been almost 24 hours.” Lee says.

“what I would give for a pint right now.” Lee mumbles.

I listened to them talk about blood, which was making me hungry. Libby tried to roll in her sleep, I held on to her tighter worried she was about to fall out the hammock. this was definitely the most restless night I’ve ever had. the fear I would fall out, that she would, that I would roll and squish her. they were all things that had kept me awake as well as the worry about what I should do when I leave here. I held her tighter to my chest.

“It’s strange how many species we don’t know about,” Abicus says from the floor, yeah I fully agree with that.

“I know,” I admit to them both.

“We must have done something that really upset them all,” Abicus says thoughtfully.

“I don’t know what to do,” I admit to them both. about everything.

“Our world or hers,” Lee questions me, sounding like he was torn himself. by all rights, the two of them could report this. I was endangering myself by going into the unknown.

“both,” I admit it was so hard to know what to do for the best.

“I think her worlds lived like this for hundreds of years, they haven’t interfered with us. Even if they know more about us than we do about them. they have to tell the truth. They admitted they don’t fight. They haven’t even got the people that fight.” Abicus says seriously.

“they are so peaceful, what if I bring a threat on them,” I ask them, what if that was why they hid from us. it was severely hinted at. maybe our kind had hurt them in the past.

“She’s the air spirit how much danger would being with me course her,” I ask them, but it’s me I’m asking. Am I putting her in danger? am I being selfish wanting to be with her?

“I don’t think you need to worry about that,” Abicus says calmly.

“She obviously wants to be with you, they all don’t expect anything less of the pair of you. I heard a few mentions of soulmates that you can tell when you kiss.” Abicus says he seems to be thinking that through.

Hell, it was how I felt about her.

“you were the person she looked at first,” Lee says thoughtful, they both would be listening to the same information, to have there input on whats for the best, is a good idea.

“I do feel such a strong connection to Libby,” I say seriously.

“We know, we’ve known since we saw you both together,” Lee says seriously.

“We talked about your connections before Patrick, hell you both are amazing together,” Abicus says seriously.

“Why not see what happens. Libby has admitted to you before she wants to explore, she doesn’t want here.” Abicus points out.

“Doesn’t she though, she plans to be a teacher Abicus so she can take over her kinds education,” I say seriously.

“well, you could always help her with that.” Lee shrugs. I laugh but it’s not a this is funny laugh its more in disbelief.

“Yeah and teach what?” I question.

“Music.” Lee shrugs.

“I don’t think I’m the right kind of music for them.” I chuckle.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, I heard a few mentions of people wanting to get your autographs before you leave,” Abicus says.

“Yeah, so what stay here?” I question them both.

“Fake my death with our kind and the paparazzi? disappear and then never be able to leave these trees again,” I say, it’s not possible. I look down at the sleeping woman in my arms. her blonde hair loose around her, her lips swollen from our kissing.

“What do I do.” I sigh I need advice. I kiss Libby, she doesn’t wake, she doesn’t even show that she registered me kissing her.

“Why don’t you just not make a big thing about it. The only people who really have met Libby is us. If we don’t make a big thing that she’s not Amaris our people will just assume she is from pictures of the two of you.” Lee says. I look down at Libby, even though she doesn’t have the height of my kind, no one would doubt she had the looks, she may be a few sizes bigger than most Amaris, but she could pass for a young Amaris. She was so gorgeous.

“So see what happens?” I ask.

“yes exactly, we are there to protect her and you if needs must. But who said we are going to need to.” Abicus says thoughtfully.

“leaving her here is going to be hard,” I admit looking at my watch again, knowing I was on a timer until I had to be back on tour.

“She might want to come with you,” Lee tells me seriously.

“she hasn’t got enough control of her new magic,” I say truthfully, I don’t even need to be told that. I know it for a fact. I saw her face, I knew what she wanted to do, I saw her fear of herself for what had happened. So obviously had her brother. I could tell he was trying to reassure her.

“Who says, she seemed to know exactly what she wanted to do,” Abicus tells me.

“she was only trying to make him wobble and slightly fall into the pile of leaves under the tree. not blow him away and all the leaves.” I admit to him. I knew what she was trying to do.

“so don’t underestimate her power.” Lee chuckles.

“yes, she is the air spirit,” I say, still really not sure what that will mean.

“I always thought they were Amaris from the old bedtime stories,” Abicus says.

“I always thought they were just that Stories to tell kids,” Lee says, I agree with both of them. I had always thought they were just bedtime stories. hell, I remember plenty of nights sat up with Iris telling her stories of the spirits adventures, the water spirit and her adventures in the ocean. the Air spirit and her adventures. they all were just that, fun adventure stories to tell little kids, sometimes chapters would get dark. but the spirits themselves were the ones hurt, not the ones who hurt others.

“I think we purposely had them all wrote out our lives,” I admit to them both, I think a lot was hidden from us. I just need to find out why.

“I know we don’t know everything, but they all feel so innocent,” Lee admits.

“I’ve always felt that Libby was no threat,” Abicus says seriously.

“Why did you never tell me,“ I question him.

“it wouldn’t have changed anything, she asked for time. I could see she was trying to tell you, hell a few times I did go to. but the words always dried in my throat.” Abicus admits to me.

“I really must not have been meant to know until I came here,“ I say thoughtfully.

“Maybe Libby didn’t lie to me the first time we met,“ I say thinking about it.

“you didn’t say oh I’m an Amaris yourself.” Lee shrugs.

“no when she said she was Destiny,” I say with a smile thinking about it.

“perhaps she really is my Destiny,” I say smiling down at the sleeping women.

“Song lyrics right there,” Abicus says.

“already wrote it into her song. but now I think I need to change a few bits of it,” I say thinking about it.

“I think we are the threat not them,” I admit looking at Libby. she wiggles and there’s a little frown on her face. I kiss her temple again.

“Let her sleep. It sounds like she’s done a lot these last few weeks.” Lee tells me, does he think I’m trying to wake her? I am trying to keep her warm and safe. shes getting cold in my arms. How do they stay warm in trees? how bad a state is that house? do they have enough cabins for all of them? how much would it cost to make the house safe for the kids for a school?

“if you two were in my situation what would you do?” I question. I need to know I’m doing the right thing, here would it be rude to offer to help pay for the house to be repaired if it needs it. or build a purpose-built school.

“Honestly?” Lee asks me.

“yes,” I say I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t want the honest answer.

“I would fire Sandy,” Lee says. I chuckle, that I would have expected from Abicus.

“She would straight away report me to the queen for breaking laws,” I say seriously.

“no there is no law against dating humans just raising kids with them,” Abicus says seriously.

“it is severely discouraged being in a relationship with one, due to slip-ups,” Abicus says seriously.

“but it’s not against the law if you and Libby didn’t break that law, there’s nothing stopping you. until these changes they all say are coming.” Abicus says.

“but Sandy and the queen would make my life hell.” I sigh.

“Would it be worth it?” Lee asks me.

“Would being with Libby make it all worth it Pat?” Abicus asks me. I look at the sleeping girl and I didn’t even need to think about it. yes! yes, it would be worth it.

“what if she gets hurt?” I ask them both.

“What if she gets hit by a car?” Abicus asks me. I didn’t understand what he meant, but then it clicked.

“what ifs could be millions of them,” I say thinking deeply about it, nothing bad might happen or nothing good. but I would always wonder what if’s if I didn’t do something.

“Yeah, so the question isn’t what if’s. The question is whats your next step.” Abicus says.

“She’s in college for possibly the next 4 years,” I say thinking about it.

“I am a rock star, no matter what I do her life will change,” I tell them both.

“But I can’t let her go,” I admit. I can’t it would break me. I can’t go the next 4 years without her, hell I couldn’t even cope the weeks I had to.

“I know,” Abicus says seriously.

“which is why I say you don’t out that shes human and fairy. Don’t out that she isn’t Amaris. Just date her like its normal and the fact you’re not hiding it, might not make anyone question.” Lee says.

“Like she said, hiding things is when it becomes suspicious,” Abicus says thoughtfully.

“I am fine protecting her if I need to, even if its just from crazed human fans,” Lee tells me. I weakly smile at him.

“What about everything they said about our world?” I question.

“It’s interesting, I would love to see their prophecies, to see what the hell is meant to happen,” Abicus says seriously. I stroke Libby’s face moving a bit of her hair.

“She gets her hair from her dad,” Lee says I chuckle.

“yeah, or her grandma,” I say.

“She and her sister are the spitting image of each other really,” Lee says.

“No they are not, they both feel so different,” Abicus says.

“Earth and Air,” I say knowing that.

“Yeah but they are still almost twins,” Lee says.

“Libby’s eyes are azure blue, Destinys are greeny blue. Libby has a perfect little freckle in the corner of her eye. Destiny is slightly taller, Libby smiles more.” I say not that I’ve spent long with her sister, I just know this from the little time I have.

“Libby likes to explore and try new things, whilst Destiny likes to know what she’s doing and how things work before she will try them,” I say, that Eban told me himself about Destiny and Libby.

“The earth spirit and the air spirit,” Lee says thoughtfully.

“Water too.” Abicus points out.

“Fire hopefully. Maybe all 4 of them will help this world be the best it can be.” I say hoping that’s the case.

“that’s a lot of pressure to put on them.” Lee points out.

“I think they just want to party.” Abicus points out, we can all hear the party back in full swing.

“how long did Libby say her birthday party lasts?” Lee questions.

“2 days,” I admit, I slightly wonder if I should wake her so she can rejoin the celebrations.

“she says some other party would start soon after that the summer was mostly big parties and now she can finally drink around her dad,” I say laughing.

“imagine it alcohol everywhere yet not allowed to drink until your 21.” Abicus laughs

“isn’t it a rule we have with our own people?” I question, knowing it is. hell if Libby had been mine I would have told her off for her underage drinking more than her parents had. but then I had told Libby off for her drinking quite a few times.

“we all know it’s broken more than followed.” Lee points out. I look at her fast asleep.

“you’re how many years older than her?” Lee questions but he’s smiling at me.

“173,” I say seriously.

“She’s going to live longer than me,” I say realizing I will never have to lose this little angel.

“I am so hungry.” Abicus moans.

“Maybe we should make a move then.” I sigh.

“I could go get blood and bring it here,” Lee says thoughtfully.

“where is the closest you could get it?” I ask.

“there’s a cafe about 24 miles from here, I googled it this morning. or we could go to a hospital and steal some.” Lee says seriously.

“It’s a good idea, which is closer?” I ask

“hospital, but without the blood, I don’t know how the best way to go about getting it when we are tired.” Lee admits.

“Why not just ask,” Libby says yawning. I look at her, her little eyes are blinking and shes rubbing the sleep from them. someone didn’t really want to be woken yet.

“What baby?” I ask her.

“if your hungry for blood just ask, we have some we aren’t idiots. It’s frozen though.” She warns us yawning and wiggling in the bed, her eyes closing again she snuggles in closer to me and closes her eyes.

“frozen will be perfect,” Lee says.

“Just go ask Destiny she will get you some. They’ve possibly just not remembered you can’t live on a diet of vodka and sugar.” Libby says, she stretches and I quickly grab the blanket before she flashes her body to the guys, she doesn’t even seem to realize she wiggles back so shes more in my arms. shes cold I can tell shes just trying to get herself warmer.

“Alright, we will go see to that,” Lee says with a small smile.

“it doesn’t take two of us.” Abicus moans, when Lee grabs his shoulder after standing. but the pair of them do leave.

“you have blood frozen?” I question Libby, shes still awake but barely.

“We are always ready for any guest,” Libby says.

“Are you hungry?” Libby asks me worried.

“Yeah but not as bad as those two, I am enjoying hugging,” I assure her. after so many weeks without her in my arms. I would starve to stay longer like this.

“and you’re scared of how to get out the hammock.” Libby teases opening her eyes and blinking at me.

“I’m not scared but I didn’t fancy flashing the guys,” I admit to her. She smiles but then she sits up in the hammock and the hammock rocks to me way to dangerously.

“it’s safe Patrick. I’ve been sleeping in a hammock all my life.” She assures me.

“And more?” I question her.

“Hey you can’t stress with me you weren’t a virgin either.” She moves so she is sitting in the right place, I groan as I slip into her. Libby moans. The hammock rocks giving such a new feeling. Its like we really are floating on air. Libby leans forward and I kiss her, my hands memorizing her body that I know I will never get enough of.

“I know we haven’t discussed it Patrick but I trust you,” Libby says worriedly.

“what do you mean baby.” I moan as she starts moving faster. how much more trusting can she get currently.

She takes her own finger to her neck and she cuts herself down it. Blood leaks.

“you can drink from me whenever you’re hungry, Patrick I really don’t mind,” Libby tells me.

“You’re not my food,” I tell her firmly, trying to ignore the smell that greeted me.

“no I’m your girlfriend and I understand it. you need blood to be healthy. I know you can’t get all you need from me.” she says seriously. shes stopped rocking. I look into her blue eyes, she seems worried as hell. I want to assure her its not her blood I want from her.

“my blood will fill you more than anyone else’s.” She informs me looking at me worried.

“I don’t mind.” She assures me. I look at her seriously not her blood. I really am trying to ignore the scent that smells ridiculously appealing like it’s my favorite food.

“Are you really sure?” I question her.

She nods at me. “I’m sure or I wouldn’t say it, remember my people don’t lie.” She points out. I move slightly the hammock rocks dangerously. she starts rocking and riding me again. she leans down so her neck that is still bleeding is closer to me. I moan as I kiss her neck, then my tongue meets her blood, it comes alive on my tastes buds! hell, how does she taste this good! I bite deeper in her neck, she moans and her body spasms with the orgasm. I grab her hips and move her faster.

Full, satisfied and spent I lay in the hammock, Libby is still awake but she has a satisfied look on her face. The guys haven’t come back yet.

“So your birthday parties almost up,” I say to her, not ready to address her taste with her yet. was that simply the fact she was fully mine or something to do with her being the air spirit. or was that how all Fae taste. because if it was, I think I could work out why they hid from us.

“that’s fine normally, a faes 21st they barely there.” She assures me, like its no big that shes just here with me.

“Its fine the next party starts tomorrow.” She assures me.

“Oh, and what’s that one?” I question.

“I don’t know yet, but we always find something.” She assures me. I smile at her and shake my head.

“You’re a little party girl Libby.” I tease her.

“yes, Rockstar.” She teases.

“You and the earth spirit are close,” I say thoughtfully.

“He kind of gave me no choice.” She points out. I chuckle.

“I think he knew a long time before I did.” She says as if she’s thinking about it.

“So what did you do with this whole finding yourself,” I question her.

“I rock climbed a lot.” She admits with a smile, I think she enjoyed it. she just seems shattered.

“I loved it Patrick I felt so free. Its an adventure, it’s not where I end up it’s the climb,” she tells me, a smile on her face.

“It’s the climb,” I say thoughtfully.

“you can’t steal a Hannah Montana song Rockstar.” She teases me.

“who?” I question.

“urg you’re so old. it was one of my favorite tv shows from when I was a bit younger” she tells me.

“Did you just call me old?” I laugh.

“If the shoes fit Pat,” she says.

“Libby, where are your shoes?” I ask her.

“I don’t know,” she tells me.

“Patrick,” she says sweetly.

“what baby?” I ask smiling at her.

“where are your shoes?” she asks me.

“right on the floor over.” I start, I look at my pile of clothes, my shoes were missing!

“Libby where are my shoes?” I question her, she hasn’t moved! how can I lose my shoes like that! she laughs.

“Pat you don’t even want to know what borrowed your shoes,” Libby tells me.

“Borrow as in I will get them back?” I question her.

“Uh nope.” she laughs.

“they don’t really understand what borrowing means,” she admits.

“but you wouldn’t want them back, even if they did,” she mumbles

“so you want to be a teacher for your kind,” I ask Libby torn on what to suggest and not sure how else to bring it up.

“so you want to be a teacher for your kind,” I ask Libby torn on what to suggest and not sure how else to bring it up.

“it’s the plan, but I think it would be amazing to see about all our educations are like so we all reach the same chances in the world. I get the different aspects of the schools. The mers are mainly marine type lessons. Immy’s going to study there for a year.” Libby informs me.

“we could learn so much from each other.” Libby points out.

“for example how not to blow are brothers miles.” I tease her, actually knowing I agree with her, what knowledge we must have lost to lose contact with all these other species.

“he really is annoying,” Libby says, but I see the look of worry on her face, she hates the fact she could have hurt him.

“come on and I will help you,” I tell Libby, I mean that I will give it my best. even if I just teach her the basics for my kind, that should help slightly. shouldn’t it?

“you ready to get out the hammock?” she questions me.

“Yeah, we have to eventually,” I tell her, even if its tempting right now not to. Libby moves and slips out the hammock onto the floor as if its the easiest thing in the world. I on the other hand struggle and more fall out rather than climb out. Libby doesn’t giggle but she grins at me watching me, I look at her.

“Baby,” I say.

“Yeah, Pat?” she asks me worried.

“Get dressed,” I tell her picking her dress up from the floor where I had left it last night. then I realize something.

“I never did give you, the present I brought you,” I tell her, it’s around here somewhere, I find it on the floor.

“Liberty are you staring at my ass?” I question when I look back at her when I find it and she’s watching me.

“Not just your ass,” she admits.

I chuckle and I go over with the present.

“Thank you, Pat,” Libby says with a grin, she doesn’t need much more encouragement the glint of excitement in her eyes as she rips into it. Libby loves surprises I know that. Once she opens it she pulls the dress out.

“It’s gorgeous,” Libby says, she smiles at me.

“I love it, Pat,” she tells me. I smile at her.

“I’m glad you like it, Lee informed me it looked too much like a wedding dress,” I admit, Libby looks at the dress torn and if she’s thinking then.

“Baby that’s not.” I start worried.

“No Pat, I know that. its the wrong color for that.” She admits to me.

“Oh, what is a fae wedding dress like?” I question interested.

“Most often people choose Lilac.” she admits to me.

“Oh,” I say thinking about it,

“Have you ever thought about your own?” I question. idiot, I want to curse myself.

“Hasn’t every little girl once planned there wedding?” she asks me with a smile she pulls out the bra and Pantie set.

“These are amazing Pat,” she tells me. she slips the panties on, then goes to put on her bra I reach out and take hold of it, I will do it up for her.

“What would be your dream wedding baby?” I question her as I do up her bra.

“It wouldn’t matter as long as everyone was there,” she admits to me, I kiss her cheek.

“Talk about it later,” I tell her.

“Alright,” Libby says we both look at each other, I think we are both wondering how much later we will be talking about it.

“breathe in,” I tell Libby calmly. we have come to an area that she told me was private and fine for us to go to practice. the lake in front of us, it’s ridiculously romantic here. We can still hear the party, that is still in full swing. but Libby just seems to want to spend her time with me. she breathes in and seems to hold it. I’m not an idiot I can feel all the wind around me has frozen and its waiting for her say. It’s kind of stifling.

“now let it go,” I tell her. she does it wooshes around us as if it has been held back for years. she has to much power, but not enough control.

“Libby,” I say worried.

“Yeah?” she asks me, her head on the side of her shoulder she looks so sweet and innocent not like she almost caused a hurricane just by letting her breath go.

“Libby you have a hell of a lot of power of the air,” I admit to her.

“But not as much control of how to use little,” she says, she fully understands what I was about to say.

“you need to try using less. can you try that?” I question. she nods.

“I’ll try,” she says, I think about my very early days at school. it was so long ago, that I can’t really remember what I did. I try to remember a few things I played with Iris when she was younger. ah, an idea came to me.

“Libby do you have anything around here we can use to make a catherine wheel?” I ask her. she seems to think seriously.

“we might do at the main house in the classrooms, if not I could always go into town and buy some bits,” she tells me.

I take my own deep breath its pitiful compared to hers.

“Perhaps learning to use small amounts would be a good start,” I tell her thinking about it.

“I’m sorry baby, I thought I would be more useful than I’m being. I just haven’t really thought about how I use my magic in years,” I tell her.

“it’s all natural?” she asks me.

“I learned it as a young child and never forgot,” I tell her.

“I think it’s the same, once I learn I shouldn’t forget as long as I carry on using it,” she says thoughtfully.

“But you would think it would be natural like I should know how to use and control it,” she mumbles more to herself than me.

“How would you learn or grow from that?” I question her, she seems to think.

“I wouldn’t,” she says thoughtfully.

“precisely baby. you’ll get it, it will just take a while. it’s your 2nd day with magic isn’t it?” I question her.

“Mostly, I didn’t have air before this,” she says.

“but you had magic?” I question her interested.

“Not really much, I healed myself quite a few times during the weeks in the woods and a few weeks back with an old spell.” she shrugs.

“when how did you get hurt?” I question her worried.

“Your concert remember?” she asks me.

“I never meant to hurt you, baby,” I say.

“I know that Pat, I sent you away for so many reasons that day, but none because you hurt me” she assures me.

“Your blood baby.” i say worried.

“Will keep you full longer than normal humans ever could,” she mumbles.

“I don’t mind you taking a bit Pat. I trust you.” Libby assures me.

“Baby, I don’t want you just to trust me,” I say seriously.

“You can’t just trust me to feed on you and know that I won’t hurt you,” I tell her truthfully.

“Hell baby I wouldn’t want to hurt a single hair on your head, I love you, Libby,” I admit to her truthfully.

“I love you to Pat,” she tells me.

“Baby, is your blood a reason your kind hid from us?” I question her, hating the fact I knew what she tells me will be the truth, even if I’m not ready for it.

“Your kind really liked our blood, your ancestors nearly hunted us into extinction,” Libby admits. I look at her, seriously about to say I won’t be drinking from her again.

“But there are so many things they forgot,” Libby says.

“Like what baby?” I question her so torn.

“Like it wasn’t exactly only our blood that gave it its effect on them,” Libby tells me.

“I love you, Pat, my blood will keep you healthy. can you trust me that I know you won’t hurt me, that I trust you?” Libby asks.

“We hunted your kind into almost extinction. is that why everyone turned their backs on us?” I question her.

“No, you and the werewolves were having wars for centuries before someone discovered the benefits of our blood over humans.” She admits to me.

“the elves just had too much I think. we did too. the mers decided they were going to go back deeper into the oceans, they hated to see the damage the humans were making to the world. so did we. It all happened really fast humans and a lot of other species were deemed a threat so we went into hiding.” Libby admits to me.

“So sometime we would have had fairies around us,” I say thinking about it.

“Some of your kind even have a bit of fae genetics,” Libby tells me.

“washing down and almost nonexistent now. but it was such a long time ago way before either of our times. so why should we worry about the past? it happened, we can’t go back and change it. we can simply stop it from happening again.” Libby tells me.

“How when we don’t know what we did to learn from it,” I ask her.

“Give Harmony time,” Libby says seriously.

“Harmony whos Harmony?” I ask her.

“is that another one of your sisters?” I ask her interested.

“Patrick there’s so much you don’t know about your own kind,” Libby says.

“Then tell me, baby, unless you don’t think I should know,” I say seriously.

“you should know, but I don’t think I’m the one to tell you,” Libby tells me.

“I will try my hardest,” she tells me I see so much worry on her face, I pull her close to me and hold her in my arms.

“I have a time arranged to have a talk with Eban later. do you think he could explain it better than you?” I question her stroking her face, shes worked up and worried.

“I think he can,” she tells me.

“Okay baby I will ask him everything,” I tell her kissing her little head.

“Harmony is Alysa,” Libby says.

“What?” I question her.

“Harmony is her real name,” Libby tells me.

“What do you mean, the name you have all called her?” I ask her.

“no, the name her mom gave her,” Libby says.

“I can’t see queen Jenifer calling her child Harmony baby,” I tell her worried.

“Harmony / Alysa isn’t queen Jenifer’s daughter,” Libby tells me.

“what?” I question her.

“Shes Princess Elizabeths and Prince Marcos daughter,” Libby says.

“what?” I question.

“None of them know yet, I told you it’s going to be interesting the next few years,” Libby tells me.

“It’s up to you how you react to the news. I can’t help you absorb the information, I can only give it to you. It would be better someone who understands it more than me tells you, so you don’t hear my opinion in with the facts.” Libby says.

“Alright baby. I will talk to Eban about it.” I say seriously.

Libby closes her eyes.

“Eban will do for now, but Eugene would be best. he says he will come meet you in a few weeks. if you’re up for it.” Libby tells me.

“How did you find that out when you have no phone?” I question interested, I’ve seen this a few times with a few of them.

“Telepathy,” Libby tells me.

“Its part of my magic, but magic I do have control over,” she tells me.

“so you can read my mind?” I question her.

“Not exactly, I could send you a message and receive them. but I wouldn’t know how to look through someone’s head and I don’t want to learn. Eban can do it, but I don’t want to. I make no sense in my own head, why would I want to listen to others thoughts.” Libby asks me.

“Its none of my business what someone else is thinking. but yeah if you wanted me to have a message from you, I could hear it. I mostly use it to talk to Destiny when we were meant to be asleep as kids. or when we’ve lost our phones.” she admits to me, I pull her to me and kiss her. she wraps her arms around my neck. I lift her up still kissing her, she wraps her legs around me. I slip my tongue into her mouth and my hands run over her perfect little ass. I hadn’t known what to say to what she was saying, but I knew that one thing. Libby was possibly the most trusting and loving person I have ever met. She was definitely the right person to have her powers as she already seemed to understand when not to use them.

“So I see studying is going well.” A voice says from behind us. I put Libby down gently, but I don’t let her out my arms, I look at the man who has interrupted. It’s her big brother. Art.

“What is the current lesson?” he asks looking like he wants to laugh.

“Control,” I say seriously.

“I have none,” Libby says leaning in to kiss me again. I kiss her.

“I can see that.” Her brother Art says laughing.

“what do you want Arthur?” Libby asks but she’s grinning.

“Grandma says to remind you that you need to come cook dinner.” He admits.

“The last two meals of your 21st birthday party as tradition.” Art says matter of fact.

“Oh yeah is it really that time already?” Libby asks.

“yeah.” He tells her.

“What do you fancy for supper?” Libby asks me as if it’s my say what she cooks.

“I don’t know baby, I’m still rather full,” I admit.

“Salad sounds great, can’t go wrong with a salad.” Art says shrugging.

“Alright Salad it is,” Libby says, she looks at her brother.

“Salad,” she says.

“Yeah.” Art says like he isn’t really listening to her, Libby rolls her eyes, leans over and kisses me.

“I will leave you with my big brother. if he annoys you just blow him away,” she tells me with a weak smile, she looks nervous.

“I won’t bite your boyfriend Libby and I’m sure he won’t bite me either.” Art says.

“Art,” Libby says.

“it is fine Libby.” I say I kiss her,

“I will be there in a bit.” i tell her.

“Okay, both of you be nice.” She says, she walks away, but she looks back at us twice.

“Okay, both of you be nice.” She says, she walks away, but she looks back at us twice. I watch her go, knowing full well her big brother wants to talk. he himself is waiting until she is out of earshot. There is something about them when they look serious as if you know full well there worried about something. his nose scrunches up like Libbys does when she’s trying to make her college work make sense. Going on the fact her brother is a full Fae apparently and can’t lie I simply decide it is best to ask him.

“you don’t like me do you?” I question. He sighs as if he doesn’t want to tell me.

“it’s not the fact I don’t like you, I don’t know you so how would I know my feelings to you,” he says a very diplomatic response really.

“you don’t like me with Libby?” I ask him, wondering what to do here for the best, this isn’t just an unknown species, this is the big brother of the girl I am currently dating. I’m not entirely sure what is worse.

“Libbys a big girl it’s her decision and as long as she’s happy I am happy for her.” Art says still very diplomatically.

“then what is it?” I question.

“She's just always been my baby sister. You know.” He starts, giving me a look as if to say shes always going to be his little sister. I have siblings some a lot younger so I nod. I do understand that.

“I understand that, to you she's still a baby?” I question, thinking of my own youngest sibling.

“hell shes still a baby until she’s 100 in our terms.” He says.

“Ah,” I say.

“I just never imagined that she would.” He starts.

“go for an Amaris?” I question.

“well no never saw that coming, I kind of thought she would end up with a human. But I didn’t see her going for anyone for at least another 50 years.” He admits to me.

“so no it’s not who or what she’s dating. Its just shes a baby to me still. She’s my baby sister and I can’t seem to understand shes grown up yet. last time I saw her she was a 17 and having an argument with ma because ma wouldn’t let her have a cell. it feels only days ago, not years” Art tells me as if he thinks I will understand what he means. I do.

“It only seems like yesterday that she used to make me tell her tales of my adventures around the world, so she could sleep. Now she will be off on her own,” he tells me.

“I know she needs to have her own adventures.” Art tells me seriously. I have a feeling this isn’t a conversation, this is going to be him ranting at me.

“Eban is already saying things about how when the two of you get married it will be the first proper rejoining of our species in centuries and it will show us finally excepting you back and forgiving you.” Art tells me.

“Marriage?” I question my eyes wide, why the hell does that keep coming up! we’ve only been together a few months. Yes, I want to stay with Libby, yes I’m already thinking about how I can’t lose her. but marriage feels to fast, but then it feels right. maybe in a few years. let her finish college then marriage. wow, that really would be breaking so many laws. marriage to a human is against the law.

“I told them all that would be your reaction and Libby has no clue.” Art actually laughs.

“your not a mind reader to are you?” I question, not sure how much this guy knows.

“No, but your reaction just then said everything. you’re not ready.” Art says firmly.

“Libby and I have only just discovered we aren’t both human.” I start.

“marriage isn’t in the run for a good few years,” I say seriously, but it is still there. I am not going to let her go, I will fight to keep her and love her. I will show her every day how much I care about her. Why the hell is marriage not in the cards yet. because she is 21 and it’s a big commitment when we’ve not known each other that long yet!

“What about children because we all know you’re at it like rabbits out here.” Art questions me, but he looks grossed out at that thought.

“Libbys on birth control,” I assure him, hell at least I think she still is. She hasn’t mentioned it. Shes on the pill. is she still taking them? Hell, when was the last time I actually remembered to use a condom with her? I loved feeling her bare.

“What?” Art questions me, I see a look cross his face. he looks cross.

“Libby is on birth control at least she told me she was, if not I assure you I will sort it out.” I start, hell we can’t have that risk. I’m not losing Libby and if we have to hide a child. no, I’m not hiding a child, I’m not ready for a child after losing Iris. Libby has too many plans as well. Even if the world was fine for us to have a baby, we both aren’t ready.

“I know it is not just the girl’s response.” I start but again he doesn’t let me finish my sentence, I should really start to wear a condom again.

“Liberty is on birth control?” he demands his question from me.

“Yeah,” I say, wondering why that’s what is making him look so pissed off.

“Excuse me,” he says angrily and then he walks off into the woods back towards there camp.

“Excuse me Arthur but why are you angry about that. It’s a good thing we are both not ready for children.” I say firmly. hell, its mine and Libby’s choice.

“the big deal Patrick.” Art says snidely.

“is my little sister is breaking the law.” He snaps. he grows wings then and takes to the sky, zipping between the trees, there is no way in the world that I would be able to keep up. so I have to run after him as fast as I can.

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