Liberty of the air

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Libby - town with my undercover rockstar

I look at Patrick as I come back into the clearing, he’s sat with Eban deep in conversation. because where else would he be.

“So what’s the plan for the rest of the day as no party?” Immy asks it was strange how another party hadn’t started already.

“I’m going to have a shower, get changed then go up the house get my post, then go to town,” I tell her.

“sounds fun not been town in ages!” Aimee says.

“What you say to a bit of shopping. get all your college supplies” Immy asks me.

“Sounds fun,” I say and it does, I look over at Patrick.

“but you two have plans?” Immy says.

“I’m sorry,” I say seriously.

“you don’t have to be sorry, we could do something together, try to get to know him,” Immy says. I hug Immy tight.

“OMG, YOU STINK OF SHIT.” She practically shouts trying to escape my hug, but she’s laughing.

“You are great,” I tell her.

“So what a huge shopping trip?” Aimee says laughing.

“Not too big, why don’t we all say one guest each,” Aimee says.

“Sounds fun,” I say with a grin.

“Oh, really and who are you inviting Aimee that elf?” Destiny teases Aimee.

“is there anything wrong with that?” Aimee asks.

“Nope.” we all say at once.

“he isn’t the one for me, I know that. but he’s a distraction,” she says then she smiles at the elf.

“A very fun one,” she says.

“Why don’t you invite Eban Destiny,” Aimee teases.

“Don’t say his name he might hear us and invite himself,” Destiny says.

“I’m going to invite Charity she needs to get out. without the kids.” Destiny says.

“But first showers. come on we all stink.” Destiny says.

“Come on let’s go to the cabin and see what clothes are available,” Immy says. so that’s what we do walking straight past where Patrick is sat with Eban, Bass, Art, Lee, and Abicus. because seeing my boyfriend with two of my brothers isn’t worrying. I look at them suspiciously.

“Yeah, it is,” Destiny says, I don’t even have to voice my thoughts here, she knows me and we both know our brothers.

when we get to the cabin we all find outfits for the day, I decide on a pair of jean shorts and a white tank top with a dream-catcher on. it looks like its never been worn before. part of me wonders if it was brought for me. it’s 100% organic cotton according to the label. I pop in the shower that’s in the cabin, so do the girls we all wash the stables off us and then get dressed.

“Shoes?” Destiny asks.

“No shoes no service.” Aimee rolls her eyes, we all look at each other.

“flip-flops,” we all say.

Aimee goes and digs them out, whilst Destiny looks at her hair in the mirror.

“Any idea what you’re doing Dest?” Immy asks her.

“I don’t know,” Destiny admits.

“Explore with Art?” I suggest.

“That’s the thing, that isn’t for me. I’m not you Libby.” Dest says.

“Then why don’t you stay here a while until you do know what you want,” I suggest. she sighs.

“Yeah I think I will, I think Charity’s lonely here,” Dest says.

“She has the kids and her boyfriend.” Aimee points out.

“Yeah but no girlfriends her age.” Destiny points out.

“I think staying with Charity is a nice idea,” I say seriously I do. Charity and Cherish used to be closest. but Cherish was gone.

Immy picks up the comb and starts sorting her hair out, I watch her as she side braids it.

“Immy are you looking forward to working with the mer?” I ask she nods, then she looks at me worried.

“One of the mer is going to be the water spirit aren’t they?” she asks me. I nod

“Soon?” she asks me.

“Yeah but she’s very young,” I say.

“Alright,” Immy says thoughtfully.

“Your paths won’t cross until after shes awoke, you don’t need to fear saying something to her or others that you shouldn’t,” I say. Immy looks relieved.

I look outside the window, listening to the air.

“Are you going to do your hair?” Destiny asks me, I look at her blinking. when the hell did she finish getting dressed?

“Yeah,” I say, she sighs and comes over and starts combing my hair, I look up at her.

“you are amazing and always been away with the fairies,” she says as a joke.

“I’m not even going attempt to ground you, I don’t think anyone could,” Destiny says starting to french braid my hair into braids.

“But don’t do things if you don’t want to do them,” she tells me.

“I won’t,” I assure her, I look at her in the mirror.

“Destiny I love you,” I tell her.

“I love you too Libby,” Destiny tells me, I take my sister in more, shes got blonde hair exactly like my own, it’s not braided though, her eyes are a green color and she has a depth to her, that I don’t.

“Okay now, that’s decided can we actually get going, before everywhere shuts,” Aimee says.

“I need to grab my laptop,” I say,

“that’s fine I need to grab a few bits from the car too,” Immy says

“How are we getting all my stuff back to college, are you taking me back?” I ask Immy.

“Yeah, I can drive you back, don’t worry about it,” Immy says seriously.

“That’s good to know,” I say and I mean that,

“you registering for housing today?” Immy asks me.

“I got a lot I need to sort out, so need to pop to the library,” I say, ha the truth.

“Alright, so all pile into two/three cars drive town and drop you off at the library?” Destiny says.

“Ha knew you wouldn’t come,” I mumble.

“I’ve fully done with Libraries now!” Destiny chuckles her evil scientist laugh, shes just kidding.

“Meet you all at the car should we say 25 minutes?” Destiny says, she holds out a light blue waterfall cardigan to me. I put it on. I watch her put a dark orange one on.

“Meet you at the car,” I say then I leave and make my way back out with Immy. both of us carrying flip-flops and not wearing them.

I look over and Patrick is still with Eban and my brothers. Help me. I walkover though,

“Libby.” Eban either spots me or senses me first. the fact he has his back to me, I wonder if its sense.

“Hey,” I say.

“you all cleaned the stable really fast, wonder what mom would say,” Bass says.

“Hmm Bass, I wonder if your mom knows about the tractor.” Immy starts rather than me. OMG,

“You wouldn’t Imogen,” Bass says, turning to face us.

“What about the tractor?” Eban asks.

“the one that’s been missing for over 6 years,” Immy says.

“What did you do Bass,” Eban asks him.

“I wonder what your mom would say if someone was to tell her what happened to it,” Immy says sweetly.

“Not just that, who was last seen on it,” Immy says sweetly.

“Where is the tractor we could really do with it this harvest,” Eban says.

“What do you want Imogen.” Bass mumbles.

“Nothing... yet,” Immy says sweetly.

“No really where is it we could do with it,” Eban says.

“I’m going to the library,” I say seriously.

“Alright have fun, where is the tractor,” Eban says.

“I will come, Libby, I want to see your local town,” Patrick says seriously.

“I wouldn’t go without sunglasses and a hat.” Art says.

“is it sunny?” Patrick asks Art confused.

“You do remember your a celebrity right?” Art asks Patrick.

“Yes but.” Patrick starts.

“this isn’t LA and Hollywood where people are used to seeing you Patrick, this is a small town. who actually have televisions unlike here.” Art says.

“I thought you didn’t like television,” Bass says.

“I don’t, I’m just warning Patrick he will be recognized if he doesn’t at least wear sunglasses, we are a small town. if he wants to keep that Libby isn’t an Amaris quiet he needs to be careful.” Art says.

“He’s right,” Eban says.

“That’s a sentence I never thought I would hear about Art,” Bass says seriously.

“Same,” I say with a grin.

“I never thought I would say it either,” Eban says deadly serious.

“This is why I don’t come home and see you lot more often, I don’t get this much abuse from the others.” Art says.

“seriously?” I ask.

“yes.” Art says.

“Patrick I have some sunglasses and hat you can borrow, same for Lee and Abicus,” Eban says.

“Liberty is Destiny going with you?” Eban asks me.

“not to the library but yeah town.” I shrug.

“Alright, I shall come not been town in months and could do with getting some toothpaste,” Eban says.

“Dude just have it shipped in,” Bass says.

“what’s the point in that, when I can just drive to the town and pick up 32 tubes,” Eban says.

“Are you really going shopping just for toothpaste? or to annoy my sister?” Bass asks but he laughs.

“Annoying Destiny is just a plus of the trip,” Eban says, I roll my eyes.

“We will meet you in town, I need to get to the library before it shuts,” I say.

“Whose car are you taking?” Bass asks.

“Not mine, because it’s still full of all our college stuff as we ain’t bothered unloading it yet,” Immy says.

“You really got to do that, before you go live with the mer for the next few years,” Eban says thoughtfully.

“they are providing clothes and everything I need, as will be on boat bassed for a while. I’m hoping to be shipped out to live with Dianna for a bit of it.” Immy says.

“You want to live the south pole?” I ask.

“you’re kidding me?” Immy asks me.

“Nope, believe me, you don’t want to be placed with Dianna this year, you want her your last year, when she has moved to a warm climate,” I say.

“Okay, I don’t want Dianna this year,” Immy says.

“Why would you even want the sea witch, she’s crazy.” Art says.

“Shes temperamental,” Eban says not saying much more.

“She is amazing,” Immy says,

“what she has seen, whats shes lived through,” Immy says.

“Wait so this is a mermaid?” Patrick asks.

“Yes a very old one, shes explored more of the ocean than most ever discover even the mers,” Bass tells him.

“She’s amazing but very old and very.” Eban starts and he seems to weigh his words.

“So older than Fairys?” Patrick asks.

“No, but a different kind of experience,” Eban says.

“Fairys live longer than the mer, but it’s all weird to explain,” Eban says thoughtfully.

“no, it isn’t.” Art says.

“Longest lifespans are the phoenixes.” Art says.

“Extinct,” Immy says.

“Endangered.” Eban and I say at the same time.

“I would have thought they would be extinct by now.” Art says.

“What with all their females dying.” Immy agreed with Art.

“They aren’t yet, hopefully, they won’t go,” I say seriously.

“Fire won’t allow it,” Eban says truthfully.

“Yeah but we both admit fire might not make it yet themselves,” I say seriously.

“No one can extinguish Fire,” Eban says seriously.

“people do it all the time,” I say worried.

Eban sighs as if so torn.

“So you really don’t know?” Patrick asks.

“see a lot of different possibilities some Water and fire aren’t with us for,” Eban admits.

“So Phoenixes live the longest but are endangered,” Abicus asks. I smile at him.

“then its elves and Fairys are life spans the same,” I admit.

“then?” Patrick asks.

“we going into small old-world species? the brownies pixies?” Eban asks.

“arent Pixies the same?” Patrick asks confused.

“No.,” we all say at once.

“I thought you were explaining all this?” I asked Eban.

“I am going to I need longer,” Eban says.

“Well, I got to go to the Library,” I say.

“Alright, we will discuss it tonight. Patrick when do you need to be back at your concerts?” Eban asks.

“Tomorrow,” Patrick admits.

“Then we should get going, come on I will get you the hat and glasses,” Eban says he stands up and starts walking off, Patrick gives me a look then he follows. I run off with Immy to the car.

“What the hell took you both so long?” Charity asks us rather than Destiny when we clear the woods to the house. she is stood with her car, no children.

“Charity wants to escape before one of the kids realizes,” Destiny informs us.

“She’s napping, if she wakes and I’m still here, I won’t get away without her.” Charity says. I see her boyfriend.

“whos watching the kids?” I ask interested.

“mom.” Charity shrugs.

“You could have set off,” I say laughing.

“But where are we all meeting, no ones charged there phones!” Aimee says.

“Some of us don’t even have phones currently do they Aliian.” Charity teases her boyfriend.

“Whos fault is that?” Aliian asks her but he smiles at her.

“Get a tree,” Destiny tells them.

“Eban.” Charity says sweetly, looking at Destiny.

“Did you and Eban get a tree?” I ask Destiny really interested.

“NOOOOO!” Destiny yells at us.

“Ah poor.” Aimee starts

“You dare say Eban’s name I will kill you!” Destiny yells.

“That’s an over exaggeration surely Dest,” Eban says. Immy Aimee and I burst out laughing.

“See I told you three.” Destiny mumbles. we laugh more.

“Where are we all meeting up for lunch?” Art asks.

“Who said you were even invited!” Destiny asks him.

“I don’t care who comes, but can we go before the kids do,” Aliian says.

“I’ll drive,” I say quickly.

“NOOOO!” Destiny Charity Aimee and Immy all yell at once. god almost crash a few times into a tree that just jumps out of nowhere and you’re dubbed dangerous.

“Libby do you have a license?” Patrick asks me.

“No.,” I say. I look at everyone.

“Only Immy technically does.”

“I have been driving longer than most humans alive have,” Aliian says calmly.

“We get it your ancient,” Bass says.

“Baby wants a bottle,” Aliian says to Bass.

“Alright whos oldest here?” Patrick asks interestedly.

“Art.” Everyone says at once.

“He isn’t driving.” we all say together quickly.

“This is why fairies are always late,” Eban says.

“This is why elves are the most annoying creatures on the planet,” Destiny says with a smirk.

Patrick came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, he whispered into my ear.

“She can’t lie can she?” it was a question.

“Nope,” I say,

“But then that means,” Patrick says, I turn and smile at him.

“Yep,” I whisper, Eban and Destiny are now having a bickering match. Aliian and Charity have climbed into a car and rolled down the windows. Art jumps in the back of there car.

“Meet at the smoothie shop, in the mall, at 3,” Charity shouts out the window.

“Going straight the mall,” Destiny says.

“Alright see you there.” Charity says and Aliian drives them away like a bat out of hell.

“they really need a break from the kids,” Aimee says, we all nod.

“Alright claim a car,” Eban says in general.

“You okay coming Library?” I ask Patrick.

“where ever you need or want to go, Libby, we will go,” Patrick says, he’s still holding my waist.

“Okay,” I say,

“See you all at the smoothie place at 3. if we finish quickly we will come mall,” I say.

“See you there,” Eban says he is giving Destiny a look that’s kind of longing. Destiny walks past him and climbs into another car. Eban sighs and climbs into his Bass climbs in next to him.

“You alright coming in my car, Abicus is driving,” Patrick said.

“No problem,” I say with a smile. I kiss Patrick a gentle peck.

“Thanks for coming with me,” I say, he takes hold of my laptop case from my shoulder.

“Libby you never have to thank me for coming somewhere with you, because I honestly want to.” He says. I smile at him, he takes my hand and walks me towards the car.

“you two are really quiet,” I say to Abicus and Lee when I reach the car.

“Still trying to accept the fact that Fairys are real,” Lee informs me.

“It’s okay if you don’t,” I assure them.

“I’m just trying to work things out, Helena knew your eldest brother, I assumed he was an Amaris, but that means not all our kind.” Abicus starts.

“We never hid, we are still all in plain view of you, we just are rare,” I say seriously.

“So I couldn’t go to any nightclub and gym and come across Fairys?” Patrick asks me.

“Nope,” I say seriously

“Rion and Birch?” He questions me.

“you forgot that man from your date,” Lee suggests.

“All elves,” I say truthfully.

“that gym and rock climbing center.” Abicus starts thoughtfully.

“the gyms kind of Elves and Fae with Humans and the odd mer and werewolf,” I admit to them.

“Really?” Abicus asks her, Patrick opens the door to the car and I climb in. Abicus climbs into the front, Lee climbs in next to him.

“Really the guy who was doing the weights with you last time we were there, he was a werewolf though,” I admit to them.

“Really?” Lee asks.

“Yeah,” I admit. Patrick climbs in the car, he leans over me and seatbelts me in. I can do my own seatbelt, but there’s always something amazing about it when he does it or maybe I’m just lazy.

“What way?” Abicus asks as he gets to the exit of my drive.

“How do you cover this Libby?” Patrick asks looking back at the house in the review.

“I told you, they think we are a cult,” I mumble, I really don’t want to go into what people out here think of us. they will see when we get there.

“Libby,” Patrick says my name like its the only thing he needs to say, to be honest, it is. I’m on my college website, my bank card in my hand that I’ve just pulled out to make a payment, for a few books I need when I get back.

“Yeah?” I ask confused about what’s wrong.

“What are you paying for?” he asks me.

“My books on the syllabus for the year,” I say.

“Oh okay and where are you having them delivered?” he asks me worried.

“Picking them up from the bookstore, just having them put aside for me, as it would be bad not having them and needing them on the first day back,” I tell him. he seems to think this through.

“How much,” Patrick asks, then he looks at the people walking around.

“do you need help with college stuff?” he asks me.

“Nope, we all have college funds.” I shrug.

“The house?” he questions me.

“I’ll show you around it later, when do you have to be back?” I ask worriedly.

“tomorrow,” Abicus says for Patrick, Patrick sighs.

“Tomorow,” he says he sounds tired.

“I’ll show you tonight Pat,” I say really disappointed he was leaving, even though I understood he had to go.

“Are your family able to afford the repairs needed?” Pat asks me worried.

“We aren’t anywhere near as rich as you,” I say aware of people around.

“The house needs a lot of work, it has solar-powered electric but its not reliable. mostly because we did it ourselves. not because we can’t afford.” I say.

“but because you all fear people coming on your land?” Patrick guessed I nod.

“All done before I was born.” I shrug. Patrick seems to be deep thinking.

“What are you thinking about Pat?” I ask interested.

“How much money it would cost to get that house suitable for a school for you,” Patrick says seriously.

“it would possibly be easier to build a new building, but that’s something you should talk Bass about. I’m not promising it won’t explode, but he loves taking things apart and rebuilding them.” I say.

“How often do they explode?” Lee questions.

“Ask Bass where the tractor is,” I say with a grin.

“Where is the tractor?” Patrick asks me interested.

“at the bottom of the lake.” I shrug.

“How?” Patrick asks but he's got a smile on his face.

“it exploded, he needed to put it out quickly before mom and dad discovered he didn’t listen when he was told not to play around with it. then it sunk right to the bottom.” I admit.

“Immy had to sort it out quickly for him because the oil tank was leaking. so its now in an air bubble and buried underground at the bottom. we still haven’t really worked out how we get it up, without bursting the bubble” I admit.

“What?” Patrick said, it wasn’t scorning, it was disbelief.

“I was 15, it wasn’t my fault,” I say.

Patrick shakes his head, I look back at my screen, my college program up.

“Pat, should I register for a dorm.” I start.

“no baby,” Pat says calmly.

“You can’t spend another year living in a hotel Patrick,” Abicus says.

“I will buy a house,” Patrick says seriously.

“Baby can I borrow your laptop?” he asks me, I pass it to him not sure what to say or do.

“So what do we need in a house?” Patrick says he gives me a look as if that question is just for me.

“I dunno, I’ve never lived in a house,” I say truthfully.

“Anything special you want baby?” Patrick asks me, I shake my head. I don’t know anything about houses.

“I really don’t mind Pat, just no Sandy living in it?” I say as a question.

“Deal,” he says smiling at me.

“How will you explain this to Sandy?” Lee asks.

“Easy she can get with it, or look for another job,” Patrick says firmly.

“Fair enough,” Lee says.

“I think Helena may help,” Abicus says seriously.

“she said, I could contact her if I need anything.” I shrug.

“Helena said that?” Patrick asks me like he’s not fully sure what is going on.

“Yeah,” I say to him with a smile. Patrick sighs and looks at me like he wants me to make sense of the world for him.

“I don’t know how she would help, even if she wanted to,” Patrick says seriously.

“Helena knows Libby’s brother Art. I’m sure that she and her charge if worst happened would claim Liberty is an Amaris.” Abicus says as if he’s thinking about it.

“We really don’t need to lie,” I say seriously.

“At least not for a while,” I say thinking about it.

“Let’s just go with the flow,” I say to Patrick.

“Okay baby,” he says and he squeezes my hand. he looks at my laptop and I watch him as he loads a website, he’s house hunting on my laptop. I leave him to it for a few minutes, grabbing my notepad from my laptop bag and start writing a list of all the school supplies I need to buy still.

“Perhaps it would be better if I rung the Amaris Realtors?” Lee suggests after what must have been a while of Patrick flicking through a screen.

“Yes, it possibly would be.” Patrick sighs,

“What do you want in the house baby?” he asks me. I shrug.

“Whatever a house needs,” I tell him.

“Helpful Libby,” Patrick says with a smile at me.

“Lee see what they have available close to the college for Libby, I want a bit of a garden but I don’t mind how big,” Patrick says.

“Done, I shall see what they have and then get them to send the information,” Lee says seriously.

“I don’t mind spending the first month in a hotel,” Patrick says,

“Can I borrow my laptop to finish everything, so we can go shopping before we have to meet them all?” I ask. Patrick hands it back, Lee steps away to go make the call. Patrick watches me as I do everything else I have to for college, he eventually pulls my notepad to him and starts writing. Abicus gets a book but he’s constantly looking around, I know he’s not reading it. Lee doesn’t come back in, we can see him outside the window looking in as he is on the phone.

“Baby?” Patrick asked after a while, how could he ask a question with just one word?

“Yeah?” I asked him confused.

“How much longer do you reckon it will take you on the laptop, you are meant to be meeting everyone at 3,” Patrick says worriedly.

“I’m almost done, I’ll come back next week,” I assure him, I finish quickly and then put my laptop away.

“Patrick I’m ready,” I assure him, he looks up from his notepad, where he was crossing things out.

“Alright let’s go get everything on your list you wrote,” he tells me.

“Baby are you going to come on tour with me?” he asks me, there is so much hope in his voice.

“Sorry Pat, I need to stay home and kind of learn control,” I admit.

“I know baby, I just don’t want to leave you,” he tells me. I stand up putting my bag on my shoulder, Patrick takes hold of it and slips it off my shoulder and straight on his own.

“Alright let’s go shopping,” he says there's a look on his face.

“Pat when is the last time you went shopping?” I ask.

“I go shopping all the time on my phone,” he assures me.

“Over 45 years ago, this is going to be interesting,” Abicus says he’s smiling. I grin at him.

“If I remember rightly you hated it more,” Patrick says.

“Ever been in a mall?” I ask.

“nope.” Patrick and Abicus say. I laugh, we leave the Libary, I’m aware of the look the Librarian gives us, she’s human. but I’m fully aware I’m going to be the local gossip for a few weeks. least Patrick left his sunglasses and hat on.

“Baby?” Patrick asks me worried, obviously sensing something I couldn’t put into words. I take a deep breath,

“My family are going to have to move soon,” I say.

“Why?” Patrick asks.

“Talk about it tonight,” I tell him. I take his hand and we walk to the car. Lee joins us and I climb in.

“Any luck?” Patrick asks Lee when we are all in the car.

“They’re going to let me know, but none sound suitable as of yet,” Lee says.

“Keep me updated,” Patrick says, he looks at me.

“Baby I promise, no matter what happens you’ll have somewhere to stay for college,” he assures me.

“I know Pat, I trust you,” I assure him.

“Turn right,” I say,

“the signs say 3 turnings,” Abicus says whos driving

“Trust me, turn right,” I say.

“Fine but your the one who wants to go shopping,” Abicus says.

“I need to go shopping, I don’t want to go,” I say.

“So baby why do you think your family are going to have to move on?” Patrick asked me worried.

“Watch people with us,” I say weakly.

“Left,” I say, Abicus does without hesitating, he then sees the overflow carpark.

“Park by the trees, the others have,” I say, leaning forward and pointing Abicus drives over there.

When we are parked I open my door, and jump out, Patrick laughs

“you looking forward to shopping?” he asks me.

“Slightly,” I say, I kiss him a quick peck, we then walk into the mall hand in hand, Lee and Abicus with us, you would never guess they were bodyguards. you would just think we were a group of friends hanging out, but I noticed how Abicus eyes were constantly looking around, whilst Lee had Patrick in his sight at every moment.

Patrick looks around, he doesn’t look excited, in fact, he looks like he’s walked into hell.

“Where first baby?” he asks me.

“I need new notepads and pens and general stuff like that,” I admit, I lead him to the shop, most the items I pick up have unicorns on same as last years, Patrick smiles as he watches me. he keeps trying to add things he thinks I will need. but I won’t. he gets himself a few notepads with guitars on, we hear the whispering but I know he’s trying to ignore them same as me. I don’t care if they recognize him. he lets go of my hand to go get something from another aisle he saw, Lee goes with him Abicus stays with me.

“Loserty is that you?” a way to perky girls voice said, really? haven’t we all grown up?

“Loserty,” she says again, I don’t look up.

“do you need me to deal with her Libby,” Abicus asks me, he’s close enough that its barely a whisper and I can still hear him, I slightly shake my head.

“Loserty.” She says again, this time appearing in front of me.

“Imagine seeing you in a shop for things you need to learn, did your backwards.” Charlotte starts.

I ignore her pointedly and look at Abicus and say

“can you grab me another one of the unicorn folders down.” he does, he ignores her too.

“Do you remember me?” Charlotte questions me obviously deciding I’m her victim of the day.

“Oh Charlotte I couldn’t forget you, but no positive memories of you I’m afraid,” I say.

“Yes, yes what brings you to the mall, shouldn’t you be off doing whatever you backwards.” she starts, Abicus is tensing and I can see Patrick reapproaching.

“I’m shopping for college supplies,” I say purposely not asking why she’s here, because I really don’t care.

“Oh still thinking you will qualify to be a teacher? how sweet,” she says, she laughs.

“Well it was interesting seeing you Charlotte,” I say, I start to move away.

“Did you hear?” she asks me, she looks Abicus up and down, I don’t know what he does but a look crosses her face and she goes wide-eyed.

“Did I hear what?” I ask, curse my curiosity. I see Patrick though and he’s back.

She flashes me her engagement ring. it’s huge.

“Ken proposed last month, isn’t it amazing,” she says flashing it to me. Really Ken?

“Ken Miller?” I ask interested, I thought Ken had more taste.

“Yeah.” She then precedes to tell me about her engagement to the guy I actually lost my virginity to. did she know that? was that why she was telling me? she then proceeds to tell me all about her wedding plans, I wasn’t interested.

“What about you, any solid relationships, I know what your families like for affairs,” she says. Abicus rises his eyebrow at me.

“I’m happily in a relationship,” I say I look at Patrick whos watching as if he doesn’t know what to do. he hasn’t approached, I think Lee keeping a firm hold on his shoulder is what’s stopping him.

“Oh that’s amazing, so you don’t sleep around now,” Charlotte says, she looks at Abicus.

“Libs here I think slept with all the football and basketball team,” Charlotte tells him.

Abicus raises an eyebrow.

“I would be surprised if she doesn’t cheat on you, and not to mention her whole backward family,” Charlotte says.

“Is that so,” Abicus says, his jaw is tight.

“Its fine Abicus the only thing I cheat on is monopoly, oh and races, and.” I start.

“So everything you’ll lose at,” Abicus says, giving me a sign that I can shut up.

“I’m just warning you, plenty of guys have regretted dating,” Charlotte says.

“good thing I’m not dating Liberty, I’m her friend,” Abicus says.

“Oh, she didn’t have many of them at school,” Charlotte says, tears come to my eyes I don’t want Patrick to hear about this or Abicus and Lee. I just wanted to put my own high school experience behind me.

“Come on Libby lets go buy your stuff,” Abicus says taking hold of my stuff from my arm, to Charlotte he says.

“You don’t need my words to make you feel worse about yourself, what you just did is nothing short of bullying. deep down you know that and regret that you’ll learn not to do it again to anyone else.” Abicus was saying, he was looking her in the eyes, she was staring at him unblinkingly. Abicus then took my arm and pulled me away from her and her friends towards the counter.

“Talking and trying not to say how you feel must be hard in situations like that,” Abicus says, I nod, Patrick meets us at the counter, he pulls me into his arms and hugs me tight to him I hold onto him only slightly aware of Abicus and Lee now paying for our stuff.

“I can see why you all don’t really come often.” he sighs into my hair.

“Its why I want to teach teenagers, none of our school experiences were fun,” I say seriously.

“You think a school would help with that?” he asks me.

“we tease but we all know we love each other,” I say. Patrick kisses my head.

“Okay baby,” he says, he’s stroking my back.

“you didn’t believe her on the number of guys she claimed I slept with did you?” I question.

“no.” He says,

“I know for a fact you weren’t a virgin, but at 20 I wouldn’t expect you to be,” he says.

“You going to ask me?” I ask him worried.

“nope because I wouldn’t want to answer that myself. it’s not who and how many come before. its who comes after.” he says with a smile.

“So what if there’s not going to be an after?” I ask.

“then that means that person was the one. I would rather be your one Libby than one of the many before,” he says. I smile into his chest.

“I love you, Pat,” I say meaning that.

“I love you too Libby,” he assures me, he takes hold of my hand. I see Lee and Abicus now with our bags.

“what else you need?” Patrick asks me,

“Dunno,” I admit, he takes my hand and we walk through the mall to where he takes me. he takes me straight into an Ann Summer, I try not to giggle too much, especially at Lee and Abicus faces they wanted out of here, but Patrick had obviously got other ideas of what he wanted from today’s shopping trip. I do get a few bits though, Patrick pays for them. we then go into another clothing shop where I buy myself a dress I like and a cardigan.

“Its 5 past 3.” Abicus mumbles from where he’s stood outside the disabled toilets. I had been trying on outfits in a changing room when Patrick had said he couldn’t wait to take them off me. You catch the drift where this ended. Patrick sighs putting his head on my chest, his hot breath made me even more sensitive.

“Coming.” He said out loud which made me giggle.

“Baby we are late.” He sighed.

“Yeah I know it doesn’t matter so will everyone else be,” I tell him. He chuckles. Then he looks around.

“This has to be the least romantic place.” He sighs.

“It was romantic, well okay more lust but it was amazing,” I say and I kiss him, he pulls my panties up rather than down then and then my shorts as we kiss. Its an odd sensation being dressed. When he puts my bra on, I have to break away from his lips.

“We have time Pat,” I say to him.

“They always run late?” He asks me.

“I try not to but its habit whats an hour late when you live 100′s of years,” I say shrugging

“Except to a wedding,” Patrick says seriously.

“Except then,” I tell him seriously. He kisses me gently.

“Come on Patrick.” Abicus groans outside the door. I pull away from him and pick up my top from the floor. I put it on. Patrick starts dressing behind me. I didn’t take as much off him, just his pants and boxers. His shirt needs to be tidied up and I may have ripped a few buttons but still. He had it on.

Once I was dressed I looked around for my flip-flops.

“Patrick, have you seen my shoes?” I ask interested.

“Lee has them.” He says with a smile, I nod I couldn’t remember grabbing them in the changing room after all. Patrick has finished dressing he looks at me and smiles.

“Let’s go before they break in,” Patrick says offering me his hand, I take it with a smile. He opens the door Abicus and Lee are stood outside.

“Hat glasses,” Lee says passing them to Patrick. He puts them on, I smile watching him when it’s on I reach over and adjust a bit of his hair. Patrick takes hold of my fingers and takes my hand to his lips. He gently kisses my hand.

“I love you, baby.” He says looking at me like he fully sees me.

“I love you too,” I tell him looking in his light blue eyes, meaning my words with all my heart.

“It 3.25,” Abicus warns us.

“We will still be first there,” I assure him.

“Abicus hates running late, he likes to be there early,” Patrick tells me. But Patrick starts walking I walk with him holding his hand in mine, we walk past a jewellery shop, I find myself looking in the window and stopping.

“What’s wrong baby, see one you like?” He asks me.

“No just Charity’s dream ring is gone,” I say pointing at the empty slot.

“I just hope Aliian’s brought it because she’s been saying it’s her ring since before she met him. She and Cherish choose when I was 6.” I admit.

“Cherish?” He asks me.

“One of my elder siblings,” I tell him

“Oh,” Patrick says,

“Cherish didn’t come home,” I admit to him.

“Oh, baby.” He says squeezing my hand.

“What would have happened if.” He starts I can see he is torn about his own question.

“I had written you a letter to be posted if I hadn’t come back,” I admit to him.

“But I did,” I tell him and squeeze his hand, I look at the ring case.

“I hope Aliian has brought it,” I say looking in at the rings.

“What about you baby any idea what kind of ring you want?” He asks me.

“Todays not that kind of shopping trip,” I tell him kissing him and laughing, I take hold of his hand and start pulling him away from the jewellery shop. He chuckles as he holds my hand tight as he’s pulled along, when we get to the smoothie shop, the first thing I see is Bass and Eban, but just the two of them.

“See told you we wouldn’t be the last here,” I say with a smile, going over to Eban’s and Bass’s table. most people around are giving them a wide berth.

“Why do we even give times?” Eban questions, me as I sit down and Patrick takes the seat next to me. Lee hovers near the door and Abicus practically stands over Patrick’s chair.

“So everyone has a rough estimate of when to come,” I say shrugging.

“Got enough stuff there Libby?” Bass asks me.

“Most of my college stuff,” I say with a smile, I see everyone avoiding their area.

“got cooties?” I ask them.

“Apparently so.” Eban sighs.

“Got the toothpaste?” Patrick asks Eban, a smile on the corner of his lips. Eban picks 5 bags from the floor, opens them. yeah, 4 bags full and one bag just full of new toothbrushes.

“Did you buy the shop out?” Patrick asks.

“Yes, we need it, I don’t want to have to come for a few months. it also is annoying to get on the delivery.” Eban says seriously.

“we need a new tractor,” Bass says.

“Not until we look at the old one, see how bad you broke it and if it’s fixable,” Eban says.

“it isn’t,” I tell Eban sweetly.

“What the hell did you do to it, Bass.” Eban sighs.

“Just tried to fix it,” Bass says shrugging.

“it wasn’t broken!” Eban sighs shaking his head.

“he broke it first then tried to fix it,” I tell with a grin.

“Hey Libs I dont tell your crimes,” Bass says, he looks over at a voice thats whispering.

“Don’t react.” Eban mumbles.

“I’m trying not to.” Bass mumbles.

“you are not the youngest looking 32-year-old I have ever met,” Patrick says seriously.

“Thank you, Patrick,” Bass says.

“So Arts the oldest?” Patrick asks.

“Yeah and Libbys the baby,” Bass says shrugging.

“Your moms had 15 kids?” Patrick asks.

“Yeah but not all of us are still about,” Bass says seriously.

"Out of Dads kids, there is only me, Charity, Destiny and Liberty," Bass says seriously.

"Melody, Alchemy and Cherish are all gone," Bass says sadly.

"Sorry," Patrick says.

"What smoothie do you all want?" Eban says standing changing the subject.

"Um," Patrick says pulling the menu to him.

"I will try the passionfruit," Patrick says.

"Good choice that's what Libby has," Eban says.

"Abicus?" Eban asks.

"Kiwi one sounds interesting," Abicus says.

"Good choice," Eban says.

"I will go see what Lee wants," Eban says then he walks away.

"Shopping is always a nightmare," Bass says to Patrick,

"Or he can't take the whispering anymore," Patrick says as if he fully understands.

"And the conversation, it's depressing," Bass says truthfully.

Art comes in then, with Aliian but no Charity.

"Wheres Charity?" I ask as last I knew she was with the two of them.

"With Destiny and the girls. We gave up, we were just carrying bags." Art says putting 19 bags down.

"What did they buy?" I ask wanting to look.

"Nope, no peaking." Art says pulling the bags away from me.

"Curiosity can spoil surprises, Libby." Art says putting the bags under the table.

"Does he really think he can carry all those smoothies himself?" Aliian asks.

"I'd like to see him try," Bass says looking at Eban who has a lot of smoothies in front of him on the counter.

"Honestly, I will help him then," I say standing up.

"Libby wait see if he tries." Art says with a grin. I shake my head and run off towards Eban.

"Thanks, Liberty," Eban says as I grab an armful. Abicus right behind me grabs some himself.

"Thankyou Abicus," Eban says.

"so cold," I say as I move back to the table.

Patrick quickly grabs a few before I drop them and puts them on the table. Art, Bass and Aliian just grab there own.

I run back and grab more, again Abicus follows me, he carries moreover. Eban comes with us this time carrying 3.

"Surely it would have been better if they get there own." Art says.

"Libby can you try keeping them cold," Eban says.

"Do you want her to freeze the whole place?" Art questions. I stick my tongue out at my big brother.

"You could help her, rather than give her useless advice," Eban says.

"Wheres the fun in that. I never helped any of the others." Art shrugs.

"But the others are all earth, Libbys air." Eban points out.

"Something you're good at, maybe the only thing," Bass says. Art looks at me seriously.

"Want help?" he asks me. I nod.

"isn't your boyfriend helping you?" he questions me.

"or are you two still getting distracted." Art questions with a smile.

"I have to go tomorrow," Patrick says, but he squeezes my hand.

"Yet Libby's not ready, so cant until the end of summer," Eban says seriously.

"Precisely. I would love for Libby to come, but." Patrick says he looks at me.

"She's not ready." Art says.

"Fine, I will help you Libs." Art shrugs.

"Glad that's sorted," Eban says, taking a sip of his smoothie.

"Patrick, can you do the honours of keeping the smoothies cold?" Eban asks interestedly. Patrick gives me a look, then he takes hold of my hand, keeping hold of my hand he hovers it over a few smoothies.

"Breathe in then let it go but only on the smoothies. concentrate." Patrick says, I try and I feel the wind in the tips of my fingers, it's a weird feeling.

"Brilliant Libby," Bass says picking up his frozen solid smoothie.

"Well done." Art says giving me almost a proud look.

"We aren't late," Charity says sitting down next to her boyfriend and pulling a smoothie to herself.

"you are," Bass tells her.

"Not that late," Destiny says sitting at another table behind me.

"An hour," Eban says to her, Destiny looks at him then quickly away.

"Not that bad." Aimee shrugs.

"Did you sort everything out?" Immy asks me.

"I have to go back a few times," I admit.

"I will come, I want to pick a few books up," Immy tells me.

"you sorted dorm out, as you've not got long left to apply," Destiny asks me.

"I'm going to stay with Patrick this year," I say, not sure if I should look at my sister.

"Alright," Destiny says, which surprises me, I look at her, not sure what alien has abducted my big sister.

"Patrick," Destiny says to Patrick.

"Yes?" he asks interested I can tell.

"Keep my baby sister safe," Destiny says.

"of course," Patrick says he squeezes my hand.

"Have you decided if you're staying this year?" Eban asks Destiny, so much hope in his voice.

"Yeah, but it might only be a few months. Charity and I want to go to Ireland to visit Grace. its been a long time." Destiny says.

"Grace isn't in Ireland currently shes in Spain." Art says.

"Oh, then Spain." Charity says.

"I don't think the kids are ready to travel," Aliian says worriedly to Charity.

"Don't you think its time we move Aliian?" Charity asks him.

"I think we should stay here a few more years. or just move the other side of America, not the world." Eban says seriously.

"Talk about it at home," Bass says aware of the whispers.

"Alright, we will." Charity says giving her boyfriend a look.

"I just don't think here is the right place currently to raise the kids." Charity tells him.

"It might not be Charity. but here has your mom." Aliian says seriously.

"Mom won't move. Dad's too fragile." Bass says seriously. we all go silent. we all know deep down whats happening.

"I will stay a few months." Art says seriously.

"Thank you Art," I say.

"So what did you all buy?" Art questions the girls.

"Stuff Aimee will need for her new college and stuff we will all need. Chairty got a few bits for the kids." Destiny shrugs.

we all talk like we are normal people catching up about what we have brought. once the smoothies are all drunk, we all make a move back to the cars. i keep hold of Patricks hand.

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