Liberty of the air

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Libby - The brown envelope

5 days later I sat with my sister in our favorite café. It had been our tradition since we both started here. Destiny looked at me like she knew something was wrong with me. but she couldn’t put her finger on it, I knew that or she would have turned my ass into a tree at least for a few hours by now. I had not been myself since, well Friday. I kept crying at the drop of a hat. Even I couldn’t work out why. I wasn’t sure if I had been raped, or the pain in my heart was caused by something else as I felt like my heart had been taken away from me. I felt like I had been betrayed. I didn’t know what was up with me. Maybe it was the lack of memories or the feeling of loss. It wasn't even like he was my first time, or I had never had a one night stand before. because I've had both. Tears started forming again in my eyes, tears I didn't want to allow to fall.

"WHAT THE HELL LIBERTY?” Destiny yelled at me like she had enough, I couldn't even blame her for snapping at me.

“I don’t know, I think it’s just too much for me at the moment,” I admitted everything was just too much.

“Your exams stressing you out this much? you've got weeks till then." She questioned me like she was worried about my sanity. I have at least 2 years left here. unlike her who this is her last term. if anyone should be worried about her exams it's her. This marks the end of her education. it's then time for her to decide what she really wants for her life. something I know she's been denying since she was my age.

“I don’t know,” I admit to her, just that. I don't know what is wrong with me.

“Honesty Libs?” she asks me, more worried than cross. Imogen came in the coffee shop then with a huge smile on her face and headed straight over to us, we both watched her. trying to ignore our elephant.

“Maybe she has good news,” Destiny said looking at our friend with hope. Imogen threw herself in the chair next to me still with a huge smile on her face.

“OMG YOULL NEVER BELIEVE IT,” Imogen told us in excited jabber.

“you won the lottery?” Destiny asked her, taking a random stab in the dark.

“you got an A?” I said actually able to smile slightly.

“Both impossible things now pay attention,” Imogen said laughing. I had to smile at her excitement, I brushed my tears off with the back of my sleeve.

“I got a summons.” She said excitedly.

“that’s a good thing?” Destiny asked before I could absolutely confused, it made two of us.

“I always thought summons were bad too,” I said confused as hell, why Immy thought it was a good thing. Imogen swatted me around the shoulder.

“Alright, I will read it to you both,” Immy said.

“Imogen you have been selected to be a member of the court of spirit when it returns into session,” Imogen said excitedly.

“omg,” Destiny said. She grabbed the letter from Imogen’s hand and started reading it, in her head.

“omg is right!” Imogen said excited.

“I’m only a half child!” she said excitedly.

“congrats its an honor,” I said with a smile as it honestly was.

“I know but omg.” She said clapping her hands in glee, she was like a child who had just been told she could have the whole candy store.

“I didn’t think King Eugene and Grandma were going to ever restart the court of spirit, I didn't think the earth spirit wanted to yet,” I said worriedly. what the hell had changed that they now were ready to. had the other spirts awoken?

“Neither did I, surely they need more than Him,” Destiny said reading it, we all knew names had power, that's why we all purposely avoid saying Eban Deans name out loud. Not because he wasn't a nice person. the opposite, he was an amazing man. But he had the hugest crush on my sister. that, unfortunately, was one-sided. Well, she claims its one-sided. but we think she denies to much for there not to be something.

“One of 5 Immy that’s amazing,” Destiny said excitedly reading it. it honestly was, to be chosen out of millions was amazing.

“I can’t believe I’ve been chosen. it will really help me when dealing with the mers next year when they know I have such a high respect. they hopefully won't think of me as just all talk no action." She said excitedly it was an honor. if anyone deserved it, it was Immy. but it honestly wasn't a job I would ever want.

“why not you're amazing,” I said with a smile, to her because she honestly is amazing as hell.

That’s when a man in a black suit came in the room. he looked ridiculously tall and handsome, he oozed confidence and power. in a don't mess with me way.

“Wow.” The three of us said together, looking at him, looking at how his pants and jacket hugged his perfect frame. I felt slightly guilty looking like I was cheating. which was beyond stupid I was single. The man looked at something on a piece of paper. He was carrying a folder and a huge brown envelope. He looked in our direction, his eyes went over me then focused in on Destiny. Go Dest! He walked towards us.

“that’s not impressive,” Destiny said with a smirk watching his body in that suit. I wondered if he had that suit molded to his body. He came up to our table, stopping in front of us. He looked at his bit of paper, then he looked at Destiny again, not seeming to care one bit about me and Immy.

“Destiny Smith?” he asked in a deep voice, that had a rich accent I couldn't place, perhaps slightly snobby. Old money differently, not new looking at his Rolex that looked a few generations old. perhaps an heirloom? when he got to our table, looking straight at my sister.

“Yes?” Destiny asked with a smile. He handed her the brown envelope.

“you will find your cheque in there.” He said like she was beneath him and that he was annoyed for doing this job. OMG, THAT WAS FOR ME! I thought they were bloody joking about a cheque!

“my what?” Destiny asked confused and I didn't blame her, I hadn't told her anything about my Friday night.

“You were informed you would receive the paperwork and a cheque for last Friday night.” The man said like he couldn’t be bothered with this.

“What the hell I think you got the wrong girl,” Destiny said confused rather than angry, but it wouldn't take much for her to switch if she knew what had happened.

“Destiny Smith 24 years old attends.” He said giving our college.

“Yes?” Destiny said. The man showed her a photocopy of her ID.

“this is you is it not?” he questioned her.

“Yes,” Destiny said looking at her old ID. He pulled out another photo from his folder. He put a picture of me on the table in the hallway, I'm leaning against the wall opposite the toilet, my eyes on my cell phone, my hair looks messier than I remember it being. To someone who didn’t know Destiny and me we looked the same in that picture, that if I didn't know it was me, even I might think it was Destiny. But Destiny knew instantly it was me as she knows my outfits, she knows my posture. She glared at me I knew she was questioning what the hell I had got myself into now. That made both of us.

“Sorry I must have been drunker than I thought I was on Friday,” Destiny said looking up at the man, who seemed to be getting impatient at her making him wait. She looked at the piece of paper and sighed letting all her frustration of me out in that huff, hell I knew I was in trouble now. I would tell her everything I remembered. maybe that would help me feel less empty. Less betrayed. Less heartbroken. Less all the emotions I couldn't place but had been swimming around my head for the last 5 days.

“thank you, what do I need to do now?” Destiny asked the man, I must have missed him say something as he was stood hovering over her, holding out a black pen to her.

“Sign here to say you have recived it.” He said putting another bit of paper in front of her.

‘I matched your signature.’ I told Libby in her head, using my telepathy to commune with my sister. because I was afraid to talk and admit the person he really wanted to talk to was me. Libby huffed, looked at me in a quick glare and then signed it as if she decided it was for the best. She gave me a look that said you big trouble. The man matched her signature on the paper then nodded, hey I've been forging Destiny's name for years.

“Is there anything you need to declare?” He asked her.

“like what?” Destiny asked confused as hell, made two of us. The man looked uncomfortable. Ha least he had that decency.

“Any sexual.” He started.

“omg are you really going to ask me if I'm clean?” Destiny asked in disbelief.

“I will have you know, yes I'm clean. Yes, I'm on birth control.” She started.

“But he better of been,” Destiny said glaring at the man then she glared at me.

“is there anything else?” she snapped at the man. He had a smile on his lips

“No that is everything. Please cash the cheque in, in the next month.” He said. He then walked out of there.

As soon as he left the door Destiny turned on me.

“Now squeal if you don’t want to spend the next 100 years as a tree, and I'm really tempted right now.” She snapped at me.

“you would miss me too much,” I said, hoping the threat was just that a threat.

“Liberty.” She cried out frustrated.

“is this why you’ve been on-off crying all week?” she questioned me like she was trying to put things together and wasn't getting a very good picture. I bit my bottom lip, she opened the envolope and pulled some paper out. She started reading.

“omg.” She said in disbelief.

“Does it say who he was?” I ask not having a clue about anything I did Friday in reality, or who I had done it with.

“no,” she said. She laughed but it was a menacing laugh, not a fun laughter, it was the kind of laughter before someone got killed. I had a feeling that was going to be me.

“Now spill.” She said. So I spilled about the hall then the limo then no memories until I woke up in his bed on the Saturday afternoon and what the lady had said to me and done to get rid of me.

“OMG.” Immy cried out in disbelief she took hold of my hand and squeezed it trying to lend me some of her strength.

“That’s not okay Liberty.” Destiny snapped at me. I knew it wasn't I did.

“Yeah and if it was a human he did it too.” Immy started like she couldn't believe how badly it could have gone for an innocent girl.

“but I can't go to the police can I.” I snap at the pair of them.

“No,” Immy said sadly but like she would give anything to revenge me.

“You could go to the e, they wouldn’t stand for it.” Immy said worried, yeah like I was going to out my dirty laundry to elves!

“We are in public girls,” Destiny warned us.

We stopped the conversation before it got any further. She was right, there was only so much you could say before human ears start to waggle into a conversation. it's surprising how much we all do get away with before they do.

“I have three questions for right now.” Destiny sighed looking at me worried.

“Are you cashing in this cheque?” she asked me, holding up a cheque, I don't even bother looking at how much it's for. I don't want anyone's dirty money, ever! the only thing I took from that man was the clothes and they were now in the trash. He possibly hadn't even thought about them himself. that was possibly her.

“hell no rip it up,” I say fully meaning that. Destiny instantly does not even flinching, about tearing up a cheque.

“Are you reporting it?” she asked me like she was questioning my sanity if I don't.

“no,” I admit, because part of me, a really stupid part wants to give the guy another chance. hell would have to freeze over for that, I try to tell myself but my heart is torn as hell. Destiny sighs and nods looking at me like I hurt her.

“Why did you use my name?” she asks me.

“habit I was in a nightclub and asked my name, only ID I have on me is yours,” I admit, but not the full truth.

“Alright.” She says looking at a few things in the brown envelope. She then hugs me tight breathing me in as if she's scared to let go of me.

“are you okay?” she asks me.

“that’s 4.” I point out, not answering because no I'm not, but not for the reason I shouldn't be, least I assume it's not for that reason. She glares at me but then she softens it as if she knows I'm hurting.

“Are you okay?” she demands from me.

“I will be eventually,” I say truthfully and hoping that's the truth. Not a yes and not a no.

“I wish you couldn’t lie like a full Fae.” Immy moans.

“I'm telling the truth one day I'll get over it. But currently, I'm hurt. currently, I feel like I'm missing something.” I admit.

“Alright,” Destiny says looking at me like she doesn't know what to do.

“I take it this means your not up for tonight?” she asks me.

“its Friday night, I need to dance, dancing is part of who I am,” I say truthfully.

“good because now I need to dance more, to put my soul to rest,” Destiny says. that's the thing about our Fae side, it likes to dance.

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