Liberty of the air

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Patrick - leaving Party.

Looking at Libby with her siblings its hard to imagine her in another way, she currently has mud up to her knees, she has just poured a mudpie on her brother Bass. Kids are running around and laughing all around me. The whole place is so laid back,

"Its amazing isn't it," Eban says, I look at him not sure what he means, well all this is amazing after all.

"Sorry what?" I ask him.

"Watching her with her family," Eban says seriously.

"It is amazing." I agree, watching her brother lift her and swing her and try put her head in the mud her laughing the whole time.

"I know you're not going to let her down," Eban says seriously.

"Am I not?" I ask him, hey that's good to know.

"but your journeys not going to be easy. but you both know that." Eban says seriously. He looks over at Destiny whos braiding a kids hair, one of her nieces.

"Its hard to know what could happen, but being the only one who does," Eban says looking at Destiny.

"Your future Queen will understand that more than most," Eban tells me.

"So do you know how many years?" I question him.

"Until what?" Eban asks me confused. well, I was going to say until those two work out because it was obvious he had a countdown in his head. He breaks his eyes away from Destiny.

"Your queen should be on the throne within the next 5 years. You and Libby shall be fine then." He says seriously.

"Okay," I say thoughtfully.

"You both have a journey you must take, Liberty needs to experience it." He says seriously.

"Just do what feels right to you both." He tells me.

"Leaving her here doesn't," I say.

"Ah but it also does, you just don't want to be apart from her. but don't worry it gives us a reason to party tonight." Eban informs me. I shake my head.

"Come back at the end of the summer, I promise you it will be an event you can't miss. then you can drive Liberty back to college with you. good luck finding a home for the 4 of you." Eban tells me.

"Unless you are bringing more of your security team in on the existence of Fairys and Elves," Eban says thoughtfully.

"Does it work?" I ask him.

"Trial and Error, you can't be told everything. Why do you think Liberty refuses to look." Eban asks me.

"She can see?" I ask looking at her running away from both her brothers a huge mud ball in her hand, Bass has a matching one, whilst Art holds a small hurricane. They are covered in mud, it does make me chuckle. but I look at the hurricane, this isn't going to be pretty.

"When you come back, I will discuss with Liberty mom, the allowance of one camera." He says seriously.

"What why, I don't need to take pictures of you all," I assure him.

"No, but you will want to make a music video for your new song. won't you?" Eban says, I look around and smile weakly.

"Of Libby," I admit.

"with her permission of course," I say seriously.

"well, there's a few very beautiful parts of our home, the waterfall for one," Eban tells me.

"What do you do with trespassers, as seeing the town I can't believe no one's tried," I say thinking about it.

"Depends on their intentions," Patrick admits.

"Our last trespasser discovered a love of a Fae, and they now are expecting," Eban says pointing one of the men out in the distance who has his hands on a very pregnant woman's stomach swaying her to music, that I could barely hear from where I sat.

"Triblets would you believe," Eban says with a grin.

"Are multiple births common?" I ask not sure how well I would cope with that.

"No, first one in over 100 years," Eban admits.

"Not sure how that's going to work out," Eban admits.

"So the moms a?" I start looking over.

"Moms a Fae but half human," Eban says.

"but you'll just count the baby as Fae?" I ask, trying to make sense.

"Yes exactly," Eban tells me. I look at Liberty shes got her tongue out the corner of her mouth as she's concentrating on holding her brothers hurricane, could have taken it easier on her.

"So any kids we have would be a Fae?" I ask, not sure why I'm asking.

"No," Eban says seriously.

"No?" I ask.

"We would class your child as a Fae," Eban tells me, he looks at Liberty as if hoping she will come to interrupt.

"your people wouldn't," Eban tells me.

"Has it happened before?" I ask.

"Plenty of times," Eban informs me.

"Yet they aren't around now?" I ask torn.

"To be honest we have a few in other homes and you have a few in your world, that you would never question," Eban says seriously.

"Patrick, any child you and Liberty have. to your people." Eban starts looking torn on how to explain.

"Be a halfling," I say understanding.

"No your people would simply assume your child is a full Amaris," Eban tells me.

"What?" I question him not sure if I heard him right.

"I really don't want to go into genetics currently, as I'm not sure I fully understand why myself." He admits to me.

"If Liberty was a halfling, half Amaris half human. you are aware that your child would have been fully Amaris as well right?" he asks me.

"Oh," I say absorbing all this information lost to us.

"We would class your kids as Fae, but your people would class them as Amaris, but why do they have to be one or the other, when they can be both," Eban asks me. I watch Art and Bass both go flying.

"whatever they are. they will be powerful." Eban says watching the same thing I am.

"She'll have more control when you return," Eban says as we watch a worried Libby run after her brothers.

"I won't be able to return till the end of summer," I say sadly.

"That's fine, Liberty will have more control then," he assures me.

"Her dad could also do with spending some time with his kids," Eban says, I look over at Liberty's dad who is sat with her mom. Her moms watching him worried.

"What's going on there?" I question not sure I really want the answer.

"Something none of us can help with," Eban admits.

"He got diagnosed with the beginning of Altzimers last year," Eban says but he looks torn.

"Briar has to face soon that she will be losing him. They all do. Harrys has been a part of everyone's here's lives since he was a 24-year-old young man." Eban tells me seriously.

I watch Liberty hug her daddy tightly,

"She needs to spend time with her dad," Eban says, I nod understanding that.

"I would give my life, to spend one more day with Iris," I say truthfully, watching her dad with them all.

"We can't bring loved ones back, but we can always keep them close," Eban tells me. I nod.

"Tonight is your leaving party when you return we will have another celebration," Eban informs me.

"This time Libby will write to you," Eban informs me. Liberty gets pulled off her feet laughing, her brother then pours another mudpie over her. Eban and I watch them for a while.

"Where is Queen Daysi?" I ask. Eban points over at an area that has a lot of the young ones around.

"telling stories to the little ones." He tells me.

"Its such a different way of life," I admit.

"that it is," Eban says.

"But you all might have to move on?" I question.

"we will most likely all swap homes for a few years. we do it every now and again. have to when you don't grow old." Eban says.

"Yes, I understand that," I admit.

"how did you plan yourself?" Eban asks me.

"I planned to go home for a few years after faking my death, then perhaps 30-40 years later come out as my own grandchild," I admit.

"It's roughly what we have planned. but the camera has really made our lives harder." Eban admits. I nod, I understand that more than anyone.

"Come on, it's my turn to cook, you can help me," Eban says seriously. I follow him to the tent a few others come over and help peel potatoes and chop vegetable

"That was amazing Pat," Libby tells me as she finishes the last of the stew of her plate.
"I am glad you liked it, Baby," I say kissing her head gently. She puts her plate down on the ground in front of her.
I watch everyone dance and laugh and party, having to smile.
"Do you really have to go?" Libby asks me torn.
"I do baby." i sigh wishing I didnt.
"but i shall be back, the last week of the summer break." I tell her truthfully.
"I will drive you to our home for the year," I tell her.
"just the year?" she questions me.
"well next two," I say truthfully.
"only two?" she asks me.
"four then." I chuckle, she nods.
"My little teacher," I say pulling her close to me in my arms, she rests her head on my chest and leans into my arms. she sits between my legs and I lean against the log. relaxed and at peace.
"Rockstar." She says seriously.
"Yeah Baby," I say.
"I'm going to miss you," she admits.
"I'm going to miss you too," I assure her.
"I've written a song for you," I say seriously.
"you have?" she asks me, a smile on her lips.
"I will play it for you when I come back, Eban said something about being allowed to bring a camera to record a video using the waterfall," I admit to her.
"Sounds amazing," Libby says looking away from me, a confused look on her face, she finds Eban and I can tell they are having a quick silent conversation. she smiles at me when she's done.
"Come on Baby lets dance," I say standing seeing a lot of people on the dance floor, Charity has her youngest two in her arms and swinging. A thought comes to me.
"Bass has kids," I say remembering what he said.
"Two boys," Libby says pointing them out with a young lady whos running around laughing.
"They are together," Libby says shrugging.
"I see," I say thinking about it. I wrap Libby in my arms and start to dance with her.
"This party is?"I question her.
"you're leaving Party," Libby Admits.
I see something in the corner of my eyes, Aliian has approached Charity, I watch him get down to one knee. Everyone stops dancing to watch as he proposes to her.
"Yes Aliian, I thought you would never ask." Charity says with a huge grin staring at the ring he has put on her finger, and there two oldest have run over to watch.
"When?" Charity asks him smiling looking at the ring.
"The end of the summer?" Aliian asks her.
"Yes, Aliian." Charity says and Libby quickly Grabs her nieces as Charity throws her arms around Aliian, he picks her up and they walk away from the dance floor and into the trees. the eldest two say
"Yuck." I watch trying not to laugh, at the fact, the party gets more excited and the music gets louder.
Libby comes back to me the little ones in her arms and hip. the two older ones start dancing together.
"He got her the ring," Libby tells me with a grin, I hold my arms open for the toddler, she looks at me not so sure then puts her arms out and comes to my arms. I hold her and Libby sorts her hold on the baby.
"He did." I tell her with a smile. I look at the little blonde toddler in my arms.
"You are all amazing," I say and tickle the little girl, she bursts out into giggles that are the sweetest sound ever.

"Patrick." Abicus voice wakes me, I'm asleep in the hammock, the wind rocking Libby and I. Libby is fast asleep, her little hand open on my chest.
"I'm sorry but we have to go, we have given as long as we can." Abicus says, I know its the truth.
"Alright." I say so torn on leaving her, but knowing I have to.
"Once we get back to cell service, i have a few houses for you to look at." Lee says. I nod, I pull the covers over Libby's sleeping forms in my arms.
"Alright let me just get out the hammock and dressed, a bit of room" I mumble.
"we will be behind the tree," Lee says. I sigh but i hear them walk away.
"Libby," I say worried, not wanting to wake her either.
"I heard," Libby mumbles she sounds so torn.
"I love you." She says.
"I love you too, I shall see you at the end of the summer. try your hardest, but I shall be proud no matter how much or how little you achieve whilst I am away, its only a few weeks." I say torn.
"you coped, 5 its less than that." She says kissing me.
"I will be back in time to drive you to college," I assure her.
"you'll be back in time for Charity and Aliian's wedding to right?" Libby checks, she swings so she can jump down from the hammock. when she does she pulls on her top and shorts from yesterday.
"I will try my hardest to be," I assure her.
"Okay, I promise I shall write," she tells me.
"holding you to that," I tell her. I fall out the hammock, Libby grins and bites her lip but then starts giggling, I shake my head and pull on my clothes, actually slightly looking forward to clean clothes and a shower. I kiss her when I am dressed.
"Baby." I sigh into her hair when I break apart.
"I'm here Pat, safe. when the breaks over, we will be together again. it's a few weeks." Libby says.
"I'm sorry but are you ready?" Abicus asks.
"we are," Libby says.
"I will walk you to the car," she says, that's just what Libby does. Holding my hand she escorts me through the trees to a path, then along the path and we make a winding trail up to the house. when we get there, Queen Daysi, Liberty mom and dad, Eban, Art, Bass, Charity, Destiny, Aimee and Immy are there.
"It was a pleasure to meet you Patrick Abicus and Lee and I look forward to seeing the three of you again," Daysi says to us she gives all three of us a hug. So does Libby's mom and Dad, even kissing our heads.
"It was lovely to meet you, please don't be strangers." Libby's mom tells us.
"You need to wear gold of Lavender for my wedding, but please come." Charity tells us when we get to her.
"I will get Libby to send you an invite when I've made them," she tells me.
"it would be an honour," I tell her.
"It was nice to meet you, and I am sure we shall meeting again plenty of times." Art tells us when he kisses my head he whispers.
"Hurt her and I do have Amaris friends, including your ex-wife, who aren't afraid of you," he says, it does make me smile even though I know he's threatening me.
"understood." I tell him. when all our goodbyes are done, i turn to Libby.
"I shall be back in a few weeks baby, I love you," I say, she steps into my arms and hugs me tight.
"see you then, I love you too bye Pat," she tells me.
"Bye baby," I say, Lee and Abicus climb in the car, and as if my world is shattering I climb in the car after I give Libby a few more kisses. when I shut the door, I see Destiny and Immy take her hands. I want to take her with me, but I assure myself it's only for a few weeks. Lee whos driving this time then starts the car and drives us away. I wave.
When we are out the long drive and following the satnav to my next concert, Lee says.
"It will go quicker than you realise. what with having to get the perfect house." I didn't realise then that he would be right and wrong all at once. The time to get things done did go to fast, i barely managed to get the house before i went back, but it also felt like forever.
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