Liberty of the air

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Patrick - Charity's wedding

“You can’t be serious Patrick.” Sandy snaps, I am packing my outfit for Liberty sisters wedding into a suitcase, I received my invite 6 days after I got home. It had taken Lee a week to find an outfit suitable for this wedding. then it had taken even longer, for the time to come around.

“I thought you would be over her by now.” Sandy moans at me, she looks at me like I have betrayed her.

“I have been invited to Liberty’s older sister wedding, it would be rude of me not to attend,” I say seriously.

“I also do not have a concert today, or in the next 3 days so nothing to stop me going,” I say firmly.

“Then I am coming.” Sandy snaps.

“No, you are not, you have not been invited, Lee and Abicus were lucky to receive there own invites,” I say firmly.

“Abicus make him understand how him going to an unknown location is dangerous.” Sandy actually says to Abicus. he raises an eyebrow and gives me a pointed look.

“Did you remember everything Libby wrote in her letter?” he questions me. Libby had included a letter on everything it is acceptable to bring to a Fae wedding, what wasn’t. she also had written how much her brother was torturing her. She hadn’t written Fae or anything like that, because what if someone else had opened my mail, but her point came across clearly.

“Yes, I have everything,” I assure Abicus.

“Patrick you can’t.” Sandy starts.

“It’s interesting how many things you suddenly tell me I can not do,” I inform Sandy.

“Patrick there are so many humans like that girl. you want one I can get you one.” Sandy says.

“Why when the one I want is waiting for me,” I say seriously.

“Patrick do I need to inform the queen!” Sandy says.

“Patrick, have you got the Swedish fish?” Abicus says chucking me a packet.

“Abicus you need to stop this stupidness, tell him it’s not safe!” Sandy snaps.

“It is safe though,” Abicus says seriously.

“How can Patrick going somewhere I don’t know to be safe for him!” Sandy snaps.

“Sounds the safest place, to be honest.” Abicus mumbles. a few of the others who are stood round try not to laugh. I think Sandy thought if she didn’t leave me alone and did to many staff I wouldn’t leave. Abicus has already talked about how he plans to lose most of them if they follow.

“Have you got my guitar and the video camera?” I question Lee whos stood pretending the ceiling is interesting. I look up at him to make sure there isn’t anything up with it.

“Yes, Patrick.” He tells me.

“Thank you,” I say and I mean that.

“Patrick please reconsider, I don’t know what it is you like about this human, but I promise you she isn’t worth it,” Sandy says.

“She’s worth it,” I say and I walk away from her, 4 other guards start moving.

“I am your king and I demand you stay behind,” I say firmly. I look at one in particular.

“Do not allow Sandy to follow, I am attending a wedding that is a private affair,” I say to him, he has watched Libby for me in the past. hell, he broke cover to make sure she got home safe.

“As you wish sir.” He says.

“thank you,” I say then I walk to Abicus’s car and climb in the back whilst Lee loads our bags and Abicus stands and says something to a few of the other guards, I see a few nod their understanding.

“Lose any followers,” I tell Abicus as he climbs in.

“Of course,” Abicus says, Lee climbs in.

“Patrick turn off your phone,” Lee says as we set off, I don’t need telling twice.

“The house is sorted?” I check with Lee.

“Yes it is, I and Abicus and Dan shall be living with you both,” Lee informs me.

“Dan is who?” I ask feeling guilty not to know.

“The guard you told not to let Sandy follow you, he’s watched Libby a few times before for you. I thought he would be the most understanding.” Abicus says.

“He’s also one of Abicus’s friends and he finds Libby entertaining,” Lee informs me.

“He is safe to be around her?” I question.

“According to my letter from Eban, yes.” Abicus mumbles.

“you’ve been exchanging letters with Eban?” I question. why is this the first time that’s come up!

“I had questions and he was happy to give me the answers. I shall give you the letters.” Abicus informs me.

“I would like to read them if they are not personal,” I tell him,

“They’re not, your welcome to read them,” Abicus informs me.

“I just hope our outfits are suitable. how bad would it be if I’ve got the wrong shade of purple.” Lee says.

“Is that rude?” Lee asks me.

“Nope, not from what I am aware,” I admit.

“will all Libby’s siblings be there?” Lee asks me.

“She didn’t say,” I admit.

“I really don’t know what to expect from this wedding, except we get there at lunchtime, the wedding starts at 1 apparently followed by a ceremony then followed by a meal and party,” I say truthfully.

“Hopefully it all goes well then,” Abicus says. he takes a wrong turn. I lean back in my chair and pull out my notepad.

“This won’t be easy,” I say.

“you don’t say, you’d think they were trained in tracking.” Abicus mumbles.

“they are aren’t they?” I question.

“exactly,” he mumbles.

“I thought I was meant to be in charge, not you guys,” I say.

“Our world is a mess,” Lee says.

“you are telling me.” I say seriously.

I take a deep breath.

“you didn’t go to court this summer break?” Abicus questions.

“I have a meeting in a few weeks,” I say seriously, thinking about it.

“It’s going to be interesting,” I say.

“Yep.” Abicus says, he takes another wrong turn.

“Are we going to make it?” I question.

“Let me try Patrick.” Abicus mumbles.

“I am,” I say.

“then stop talking and let me concentrate,” Abicus says.

I have been told.

When we finally get to Libby’s home, we have 5 minutes to the time Libby said, we still need to get changed. The drive has a lot more cars than last time.

“Busy isn’t it, hopefully, we aren’t too late,” Abicus says worried, but that’s when I see her walking down the drive. Immy not Libby but she has 2 pegasuses and looks annoyed. Abicus stops randomly in the drive as close to her as he can get.

“You’re cutting it close aren’t you. it’s a good thing a Fae is always late.” She tells us.

“Sorry, it took a while to lose a trial,” Abicus says.

“Sorry,” I say.

“Get changed quick,” she tells us. Immy is in a long purple dress with purple and white roses in her long hair which is braided. Abicus jumps out the car and opens the trunk.

“where can we change?” I ask her.

“here if you’re shy I will turn around. please hurry we are cutting it so close,” she says and turns around. Lee passes me my outfit, I don’t need to take off my jeans, he’s only got me a lilac shirt and a gold waistcoat.” I slip them on quickly, Abicus and Lee do the same.

“Ready?” Immy asks before I have finished.

“Yeah,” I say doing the last button, she turns quickly.

“Alright I’m aware you’ve never flown like this before, just sit like you would a horse and they will follow me, they know we are running late, so they will behave, but never try without there permission,” Immy tells us, she climbs on a pegasus. I just climb on behind her. Once Lee and Abicus are on there she makes a clicking noise and the pegasus starts flapping their wings and we take to the trees.

“How does no one notice?” Lee asks.

“People are blind if they don’t want to believe they see something they won’t see it,” Immy tells us,

We land after what could have been seconds. There are a lot more here than last time, quite a few turn to look at us, at least our outfits aren’t bad, a lot are just wearing lilac pants with a waistcoat open and nothing else.

“They remind me of Genies,” Lee mumbles quietly.

“All gold and Purple, I agree,” Immy says with a grin.

“Sit where ever,” Immy tells us then runs off towards a hut, I see Aliian he’s stood talking to a few people who actually have their wings out. it’s amazing to see, he spots us.

“Welcome back,” he says coming over and kissing our heads.

“Thank you for inviting us,” I say and I mean that.

“I take it you’ve all never come to a wedding like this before?” he asks me.

“No.” We all say.

“then stick close to my eldest daughter, she isn’t joining in today as shes currently uncomfortable.” He says pointing at a heavily pregnant woman.

“Dad.” She says rolling her eyes, she wasn’t here last time.

“You know I would if my due date wasn’t 4 days ago.” The girl tells us. she really does look uncomfortable

“Hello my names Anna,” she tells us.

“its lovely to meet you, Anna,” I say not sure the correct greeting, she hugs me, then the other two.

“your dating Liberty right?” She asks me.

“Yes,” I say, Aliian has walked off, this is going to take forever to work out who is who and whos related to who.

“It may be weird, that she’s dancing with someone else, but just know its tradition for them all to dance set dances for a while. she will possibly dance with you later.” Anna informs me. That’s when a drum starts, everyone all starts moving around, I watch in amazement as a lot of guys step forward, those that don’t all find somewhere to sit, including Anna who leads us to a log that I know from last time is like a bench here, she sits and rests her hand on her stomach. the drum gets faster. little girls run down from the cabin and little boys start spinning in circles, the words they say don’t translate to any language I personally know, but when the girls reach the boys they circle them, then they hug then they all spin,

“So cute,” Anna says watching, it actually is. I see two of Charity’s kids dancing with what I take our there older cousins from Libby pointing them out last time. the music gets louder and teenagers run down, the dance is louder and faster but very similar. when they have obviously finished older guys go over, and more girls run down. Still no Libby, but I see Immy and Aimee, they all dance.

“Did they just hit the guys with sticks?” I ask.

“Yeah.” Anna shrugs.

“I wouldn’t even be able to describe it, Charity wanted traditional though, as I think she knows Destiny and Liberty won’t,” she tells us.

that’s when the music gets faster and Libby and Destiny and a few other females I don’t know come down. Bass Art and a few other guys I don’t know go to the dance floor, Libby dances with Bass. she hits him about 25 times with her sticks, she doesn’t look at me. shes smiling. She dances with Bass and everyone starts dancing together all the younger ones are dancing, but then its hard to tell their actual ages. I see Libby’s mom and dad walking down the trial, Charity is in the middle of them both and looks every bit a bride. Charity is in a long gold dress, she looks beautiful, her veil is lilac through the rest of her dress is gold she has white roses in her hair and her arms. I watch as she slowly walks down, I look at Libby after a while, shes still dancing with Bass, she's spinning in circles and still keeps hitting him with her sticks. she is in a short gold dress that goes to her knees, it has a violet butterfly pattern netting over it. she looks beautiful, she has violet and white roses in her hair. she is also carrying a bunch of white buds, I see that she’s carrying the same as the little ones, but not the older ones. including Destiny.

“Why has Libby got the white buds?” I ask as a whisper to Anna.

“she is still a kid,” Anna says to me.

“I will explain later. it’s not like I can drink,” she mumbles.

I watch Aliian walk forward he kneels on the floor, in front of Charity, well her dad actually. he kisses her dads feet, then he moves and kisses her moms feet. then he kisses Charity’s feet. Charity kneeled down, it looked hard to do in her long Gold dress, Charity took hold of Aliian’s hands. he holds hers, they both just look at each other. everyone else kneels, including Libby’s parents. that’s when I see Daysi, I hadn’t noticed her till that moment which was weird when she was dressed in Dark green, its such a contrast to all the other colors. Daysi kneels in front of them, she says something in a language I do not understand, everyone repeats what she said except the bride and groom. When shes finished talking Daysi stands. I watch its really amazing. Every eye is on Daysi, including my own. she says more to Charity and Aliian, she then pulls out a long gold rope from her pocket. she says something else to them. Aliian lifts up Charity’s veil and smiles at her, with so much love on his face.

“The first time I saw you walk from the forest a freshly awoke Fae, I knew that I would love you for the rest of my days,” Aliian tells Charity.

“the day I first kissed you, I knew you were going to be the last lips I tasted,” he tells her.

“The day you had our eldest son Dakota I imagined our family forever,” Aliian tells her.

“I am so proud of the 4 kids we have together, our daughters Erin, Dana, and Montana and our son Dakota,” Aliian tells her, she is teared up.

“I promise to love you all until my dying day. I promise you my life and love Princess Charity Fae Smith.” He says with a smile to her.

“From the first moment I saw you Aliian my heart has belonged to you, we have had ups and downs like every couple and the seasons as they come and go. but I could think of no one else I would ever want to spend the rest of my time with. through spring, summer, fall, and winter for the rest of my life. I promise you my life and love Aliian Breen.” Charity says. Queen Daysi hands them both the gold rope.

“in front of family and friends do you tow tie your love together to be one?” Queen Daysi asked them.

“We do.” They say together, Aliian takes hold of one side of the rope, Charity the other. Queen Daysi wraps it around both there hands tieing them together.

“Then with all these witnesses, in the name of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. I pronounce your souls tied forevermore, Rise Dutchess Charity Fae Breen and Rise Duke Aliian Breen may your souls forever be tied,” she says.

“you may now kiss,” Daysi says they kiss Aliian pulling her veil up. music starts and everyone starts dancing around the couple, I watch not sure why I have teared up. Everyone starts hitting them with there sticks, but I can see its gentle. The couple starts spinning there hands still tied up. the dancing gets more people to join in rather than less. I watch amazed as pretty much everyone starts dancing where they are stood.

“should we join in?” I ask Anna.

“No its fine,” she says, she winces. I look at her.

“you alright?” I question.

“Yeah,” she says but her face doesn’t say yeah.

“Your 8 minutes apart,” Lee says, wait she is.

“Yeah don’t worry, not my first and I’ve got at least until after dinner, not that I want to eat it. but Dad will drive me down to the hospital in town and then go sign his and Charity’s human marriage certificate with 21 witnesses whilst the rest eat and party here,” Anna informs us.

“you give birth in the hospital?” I question her.

“Not normally, but there are a few complications with this baby being breech and been told to be safe rather than sorry. so Eil and I are having this one hospital-based,” she says pointing at a man whos still dancing.

“Elf?” I ask taking in his ears.

“Yeah,” Anna informs us.

“How old are you?” I question.

“200,” she informs me.

“of course you are,” Abicus says.

“It takes a while to get used to I know, But it’s not like your people age normally either.” Anna points out. I nod I agree with that. I look back at the wedding. Libby has picked up Dana, she’s spinning the giggling toddler. I watch as food is brought out and the bride and groom still tied to each other serve up the first 100 plates, it takes a while. I watch people take their plate, kiss the bride and grooms feet and then move on.

“Come on it’s our time,” Anna says, she forces herself to stand, her face shows pain but she shuffles into standing.

“Do we kiss their feet?” I ask her.

“Yeah.” She tells us, so when we get up there. I kiss Charity’s feet then Aliian's then moved on when they give me a plate, Lee and Abicus does the same. Anna doesn’t do the feet kiss, which is good as I doubt she will get down to do it. she kisses Charity’s cheek then Aliian’s.

“Are you alright?” Aliian asks her.

“Might say another hour then I and Eil will make a move,” Anna tells them.

“Do you want me to get the car?” Charity asks her worried.

“No its fine, Eil can drive, just enjoy your wedding,” Anna says. she takes her plate and makes a move away, I watch Libby sat with her siblings eating her meal, but she doesn’t look like she wants to eat it.

“What's wrong with Libby?” I ask worriedly.

“Nothing that I know about.” Anna shrugs. Libby screws up her face and looks over at us, she smiles seeing me, but then worry goes on her face when she sees Anna.

“Shit,” Anna says worriedly.

“what’s wrong?” I ask Anna. Libby puts her meal down and practically runs over to us.

She straight away takes Annas’ hands.

“Don’t panic alright.” Libby almost whispers to her.

“Thanks now I am going to Panic,” Anna says. Libby takes her hand and starts leading us into the woods, I follow her when she indicates me to.

“Eli will meet you at the car,” Libby says.

“Thanks,” Anna says, Libby leads us through the trees going slow for Anna. when we get to the driveway she stops, I see an Elf come running out the forest with another guy.

“Anna whos your partner?” Libby asks.

“Was meant to be.” Anna starts she cries out, I watch her water break not sure what to do or say to help.

“Was meant to be Charity, but not today.” Eil I take it says to Libby. Libby gives me a quick peck.

“I will see you at the wedding office in a few hours okay?” she asks me.

“Go with her baby,” I say seriously she doesn’t need telling twice.

“Keys,” Libby says to Eil. Eli chucks her the keys, I can tell he’s in no state to drive.

“you can’t drive.” Anna puffs out.

“I will drive,” Lee says taking the keys from Libby’s hands.

Libby starts helping Anna in the car with Eil.

“Can you tell them where I’ve gone?” Libby asks me, she kisses me another quick peck.

“Alright baby, are you sure you don’t want me to come?” I question.

“Nope its fine, stay watch the wedding,” Libby says then she climbs in the car and is speed away by Lee, I look at Abicus not sure what happened there.

“I don’t know Patrick,” he says, I see Eban clear the trees then.

“They are gone?” Eban asks out of breath.

“Yeah,” I say.

“I hope they make it in time,” Eban says torn like he’s going to be sick.

“What?” I ask.

“The vision came late, just when I started to eat. one thread shows Anna dying, one the babe. one both. one neither. hopefully, Libby was fast enough to get none.” Eban says looking sick.

“Come back and celebrate the wedding. we still have plenty to go, and Libby wants you to see.” Eban says.

“Because this is her dream wedding?” I question, I couldn’t see Libby enjoying this though, except wearing a beautiful dress like that.

“No Libby has always wanted small and private, she’s not someone who enjoys a big thing, she likes to dance but not be the center of attention, she is more than happy to have a secret Amaris wedding if its what you decide” Eban says, he leads us back through the woods back to the party. everyone is dancing again. but the bride and groom are gone.

“where?” I start.

“Becoming one,” Eban says with a smirk.

“ah,” I say seriously, getting it straight away.

“They are due to sign the human paperwork at 5 pm. so they have 1 and half hours before we need to make a move,” Eban tells us.

we watch the party and I have to smile watching them all celebrate when Charity and Aliian come back out, Charity is in a different dress, so is Aliian in a different outfit, but their hands are still tied.

“Come then, time to get your human paperwork, mine will be in the marriage certificate room for all to see in the next month,” Daysi says, they then walk off, back into the woods.

“come on then,” Eban says. I follow him and a few others follow, we again go to the house and the drive. I climb in the back of Eban’s cars, watching Libby's family and nieces and nephews all climb in cars and a few others. there are over 21 people.

“This is the human paperwork?” I ask Eban as he starts driving us.

“Yeah another quick wedding, sign the marriage certificate. it takes about an hour.” Eban informs us.

“why do they need both?” Abicus asks.

“So they are respected as Married in the human’s eyes. even if we have to make Aliian fake ID, to do it.” Eban shrugs.

We drive to the town, people look at the campervans as they pass. when we get there, we all go in, Charity and Aliian stay in their cars. I see Libby, she is stood with a smile at the door.

“Good that’s good,” Eban says seeing her. I climb out and walk to her.

“Everything okay?” I ask worriedly.

“Healthy baby boy,” she says with a grin and hugs me tight, I wrap my arms around her and hold her tight to me.

“I’m glad,” I tell her and kiss her head gently. Everyone starts filling in the register’s office then Aliian and Charity come in, I sit on the back row with Libby. Libby holding my hand the whole way through, once its all done they all throw petals at them and they all climb back in the car.

“What you think?” Libby asks me, as she leads me to Lees car.

“it was amazing,” I assure her.

“what happens now?” I ask?

“more partying,” she tells me.

“of course," I tell her.

“I’ve missed you,” I tell her.

“I’ve missed you too,” she says as we get drove back to the fae mansion.

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