Liberty of the air

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Libby - Leaving home

As I dance with my older brother Maverick I can’t help but look at Patrick, my siblings are just being curious I know they are, but when I see Grace almost on his lap a stab of hurt hits me. He’s not pushing her off, he’s laughing at something she is saying. No that isn’t me, why do I keep feeling jealous when I see Patrick with people. Maverick lifts me, I laugh as he spins me. I don’t often see my second eldest brother. he doesn’t often visit from Ireland and I really do love spending time with my family. I hadn’t seen Maverick since I was 7 myself. so to have my big brothers and big sisters and some of my nieces and nephews, quite a few who are older than me, here is amazing. Maverick spins me again I laugh. Maverick looks around and I see his eyes settle on mom.

“Mom alright?” He asks me worried, Moms been quiet all evening, kind of watching the party and laughing but the moment she can she goes and sits down or stands chatting to grandma.

“She’s happy, but she’s sad. she sees Charity now a married woman and us all adults and then she remembers that not all of us have made it here.” I say I know what my mom is thinking more than she possibly does herself really do understand. We both see mom look at Dad whos sat laughing with Jonah, another one of my elder brothers. A sad smile on her lips. Maverick takes my hand and leads me off the dance floor, I know we are going to have a small talk. He only got here 2 hours before the wedding, so we haven’t spoken really in years.

“Your so grown up, its weird.” He says, when we get in the trees away from the party, although we can still see them through the trees dancing. shadows shine on trees from the firelight. the sun set hours ago.

“It’s strange I haven’t seen you in so many years but you haven’t grown at all,” I say and I mean that.

“Well we have got years, you know you are always welcome to come to stay at mine right?” he checks with me.

“I know, but I got college and whatever I need to do,” I say not sure what that really is yet.

“You want to make a school right?” he checks with me.

“Yeah,” I say seriously.

“Well Pheobe, you remember my youngest?” he asks me.

“Yeah?” I say confused as to why he was mentioning Pheobe now? she was 17 now if I remember rightly but she hadn’t come to the wedding.

“She wants to go university to be a teacher.” He says, he smiles he’s obviously proud of her.

“What does she want to teach?” I ask.

“Primary school, which is your.” He starts and seems to think.

“younger kids,” he says.

“Tell her to go for it, I don’t really know what I’m doing yet,” I admit.

“But the more qualified we are the better,” I tell him.

“I will tell her, but I was rather hoping you would set up the school in Ireland rather than here.” He says.

“I don’t know, who says I’m the one setting one up. I might just be a teacher. you could always be a headmaster.” I say with a grin, Maverick rises an eyebrow at me, his jet black hair is nothing like me. to be honest we don’t have any features in common. his Hazel eyes look at me from under thick black lashes, I am slightly jealous of my brother’s lashes.

“How do you get lashes like that?” I ask him.

“Really Liberty, we are talking about schools,” Maverick says but he laughs.

“Genetics, same reason you’re blonde,” Maverick says, putting a rose back in my hair that was slipping out.

“I will let you know about the school when I know what I am doing,” I tell Maverick.

“Thank you keep in contact okay. oh, I have a present for you.” He says.

“It is Charity’s wedding.” I point out.

“Yes, but I missed your birthday and your awakening. being the air spirit as well Liberty.” He says he looks at me as if he’s proud of me.

“This was a present I got myself a very long time ago.” He tells me.

“So your regifting?” I ask.

“Yes because I think this may help you, especially currently,” Maverick informs me, he pulls out a necklace, I look at it confused. it is the same gemstone grandma gave me on my awakening but has white gems as well, I take it in. unlike my own butterfly. this one is the Celtic symbol of Air. I look at it so confused, its beautiful and feels right.

“You wearing both seems right,” Maverick informs me, he puts it around my neck. I can feel the magic humming from it. There’s something about it.

“What?” I start confused.

“A friend gave it to me over 1000 years ago.” He tells me.

“Must have been a powerful friend,” I say finding my fingers touch it.

“She was.” He tells me seriously. I touch it not so sure what the magic in it means.

“What does it do?” I ask

“You know the patterns that people send off?” He asks me.

“Um?” I ask him.

“Well, this little necklace will change your pattern,” Maverick informs me.

“Say if you were up next to the Amaris Queen. She would see you as an Amaris, Eugene mentioned you may find it useful for a few days.” Maverick informed me.

“But I can’t lie if she asks me if I’m Amaris I will say no,” I say,

“How sweet you think she would speak to a commoner,” Maverick informs me smiling.

“So what just wear it and let everyone assume I am something I’m not?” I ask torn.

“That’s the thing about the necklace, it only shows to those it has to. When it is no longer needed it will just be a pretty necklace.” Maverick informs me.

“Thank you,” I say taking hold of it.

“Come let’s get back to Charity’s wedding but we do need to discuss the school. Write to me.” He tells me.

“I shall,” I assure him. He takes my arm and leads me back through the trees when we get back to the clearing the parties still in full swing and I can tell no one missed us, I look over at Patrick Grace is still practically in his lap, he’s now talking to Eban, Bass, Lee, and Abicus. I look around and find Daddy dancing on the dancefloor with Charity in his arms whilst mom dances with Aliian. It was amazing to watch, both Maverick and I stand there watching.

“So I reckon the next time I see you will be at Destiny’s wedding,” Maverick informs me.

“Yeah,” I say, not doubting it will be. Maverick gently kisses my head, the song finishes and we watch dad as he slowly lets Charity go, he is crying. Daddy is crying.

“You’re so grown up now Charity.” He says tears in his eyes.

“Yeah Daddy, I am but guess what I will always need you.” Charity says and she hugs him tight.

“Auntie Libby.” A little voice says, I turn and see Dakota.

“Yeah, sweetheart?” I ask not sure what to say.

“Do you have a picture of the baby?” He asks me excited.

“Yeah but shhh don’t tell mommy and daddy as haven’t shown them yet,” I say with a grin, I pull my digital camera out my bra and show him the picture he looks at the baby and grins.

“Is that a camera Liberty.” I hear Eban tsk behind me, I turn and see Eban with Patrick, I have to smile.

“Yeah, I got permission from grandma and the bride to take a few very select pictures today. I also got permission from Anna to take a picture of the baby.” I say with a grin.

“Can I see?” He asks I pass him the camera.

“Adorable so chubby, does he have a name?” Eban asks me.

“He didn’t when I left, but he might now.” I smile.

“He’s adorable,” Patrick says looking at the picture.

“Would you like to dance Libby,” Patrick asks me, I nod. Patrick looks at Maverick who looks at Patrick as if trying to work something out.

“Patrick this is my big brother Maverick, Maverick this is my boyfriend Patrick,” I say with a smile, introducing them both.

“Lovely to meet you, Patrick,” Maverick says pulling Patrick into a quick hug, I have to smile watching Patrick as he seems so at ease now with all the greetings.

“You too Maverick,” Patrick says.

“Your that popstar my daughters all love and constantly play,” Maverick says looking at Patrick.

“Rock.” I correct, it’s not the first time I’ve had to this last few weeks, even mom says my popstar boyfriend.

“What is the difference?” Maverick asks. Patrick goes to say, but Eban does. I grab Patrick’s hand as Eban explains that pop is a softer version and more that is lost to me pulling Patrick away. When we get to the dancefloor, Patrick pulls me close to him.

“I’ve missed you, baby,” Patrick says into my hair as we sway and I enjoy being held in his arms again.

“I’ve missed you too,” I assure him.

“You’ve been so busy,” Patrick says kissing my head gently.

“Yeah I will be tomorrow too, Charity wanted traditional,” I admit.

“you don’t?” Patrick asks me, I look around at all my family dancing and laughing that have made it here today.

“I really don’t know what I want Pat,” I admit I rest my head on his chest. I look over at Daddy he’s now dancing with Destiny in his arms.

“I’m just happy daddy saw Charity’s wedding. I wouldn’t mind about the huge party, as long as my daddy could be there.” I admit to Patrick, we are whispering but I know he can hear me. Patrick takes my face in his hand, I look up at him and he really gently kisses my lips. The music changes and I know what that means even if Patrick doesn’t, I take a step backward and he lets me go, even though I wish he was still holding me. I look around for my sisters, Charity is looking at me, I walk up to her and hug her tight, she hugs me back. I then take her hands and we go round as if we are dancing around a tree, Destiny comes over, I let go of one of Charity’s hand and take Destinys, Destiny also takes one of Charity’s hands and we dance in our circle, This should be when Cherish takes Destiny’s hand then but Bass takes her hand instead and Charity, we still dance in our circle, as all our siblings join us out of the 15 of us, only 9 of us are in this circle, but we still dance the dance as is the tradition. Charity then lets go of our hands and takes a step outside the circle, Aliian takes her hand then two of his elder children take Charity’s hand and her 3, Montana in one of her sibling’s arms, it is missing Anna and her youngest, but her older children are there. they form a bigger circle around us, then Charity and Aliian take another step back, more people join the circle and spin around it becomes 4 circles including everyone here by the end of it. all dancing around the circle. when the songs finished and everyone’s in the circle, we change how we are holding hands and all cross our arms and take hold of the persons next to our hands but the circles are then connected so we are one. I know what its meant to show, its meant to show two families and friends becoming one family. when the song is over everyone laughs. way too much food and alcohol has already been consumed tonight, its really late and I watch people go up to Charity and Aliian they kiss their heads and wish them sweet dreams and then they go off to there own parts to sleep, the party dies down slowly. I dance a few dances with Destiny, knowing Patrick is okay with my dad when I spot them talking.

“I am going to miss you,” Destiny says seriously.

“I am going to miss you too Dest,” I assure her.

“Enjoy your adventure for me.” She tells me squeezing my hand.

“Have your own and tell me all about it,” I tell her, pointing out Eban whos watching her and her alone.

“Don’t worry I will,” she assures me, she walks off though and I watch her grab his hand and pull him off into the woods. wow, what happened there?

Patrick is still sat talking to my daddy, I watch him as I stand by the edge of the campfire, the party has really calmed down. I could go over now, but I want to give them time to talk. I can see Daddy has things to say and I don’t want to stop him from being able to say what he wants. I look at the fire and I try to concentrate because it is past time the fire should have been put out, Charity and Aliian have retired to the honeymoon cabin, their kids are with mom and Grandma who have also retired to a cabin. I concentrate on the fire, no I know I have no power over fire, but what does fire need to burn. that’s right Oxygen, and what is Oxygen. that’s right Air, so in theory, all I would need to do to distinguish this fire is take away its oxygen. I’ve got a lot better at my powers since I got them, but did I have that much control? I’ve never taken the air away from something. I find myself squinting at the fire, it does get smaller, a smile goes to my face as it almost goes out.

“What are you doing?” Grace my eldest sister distracts me, the distractions all it needs, the fire goes into full roaring life, it’s huge.

“Shit,” I swear, I quickly grab a bucket of water so does she and we throw them over the fire.

“Why were you playing with the fire, your air not fire.” Grace points out.

“I was making it smaller, not putting it out,” I grumble.

“Well its out now,” Daddy says behind us. I find myself biting my teeth together and turning to look at Daddy.

“I think its bedtime.” Dad sighs, he kisses my head gently.

“Night Destiny,” he says kissing my head.

“Liberty.” Grace corrects him, I didn’t. I look at my daddy sadly. I put my hand on his cheek.

“Night daddy I love you,” I tell him.

“Not too late girls,” Daddy says and he walks away, I see Patrick then looking at me like he knows what that means more than most.

“Night Liberty,” Grace says and walks off fast into the forest away from the direction Daddy went. Grace and I have rarely spoken in my life. I think the first memory I have of her she put me in an ants nest. I look around and I see Patrick smiling at me. he walks over, I take his hand as if its the most natural thing for me to do.

“You look shattered baby,” Patrick says,

“It has been a hectic few days, what with having to prepare all the food for today with everyone, then all the bridal things for Charity, then helping deliver a baby,” I say with a smile.

“So what I am hearing baby, is you need to go back to college for a break.” He says. I nod, it really is what I need. I lead Patrick into the forest away from the clearing.

“This isn’t the way we went last time,” Patrick says.

“I moved my hammock,” I admit.

“Oh, why?” Patrick asks me I can tell he was interested.

“It rained and I needed to move so I was in a bit of shelter,” I admit.

“That sounds fair enough,” Patrick says I lead him to my hammock. Patrick takes in the others around us in Hammocks. I was aware I should have moved before he came back, but I wanted to be close to Destiny for a bit, her Hammock lay empty. I try not to laugh, I see Immy asleep in hers, her back to me. I see Aimee’s is empty. I look around at all the empty Hammocks that should have been fall. I climb into my hammock that hangs above my sisters.

“Baby,” Patrick says as he lifts himself up into the hammock.

“Sorry I knew I should have moved it,” I admit,

“Shh Libby some of us have to go rock climbing with the bride tomorrow.” Immy moans.

“So do I.” I point out.

“then shhh and sleep.” Immy moans. I smile at Patrick he crawls over to where I sit looking uncertain.

“Why do you have to have yours attached so high,” Patrick questions me.

“Destiny didn’t want to be on the top,” I say.

“Libby.” Immy moans. Patrick shakes his head and lays down, I lay down in his arms and pull my covers over us both.

“No sex tonight then,” Patrick mumbles, but he gently kisses my head.

“I don’t need Sex to enjoy being with you.” He assures me. I know that.

“Shut up both of you.” Immy moans.

“You are being louder than the two of them.” Mavericks voice moans.

“Your all being loud now shut up.” Art moans.

“Shut up Arthur.” Maverick moans.

I smile at Patrick, I know he can see my face. he moves my hair and strokes my face.

“You shut up Maverick.” Art tells him.

“Both of you shut up.” Immy moans.

“All of you shut up.” Someone says. I try not to laugh as it gets worse, everyone telling everyone to shut up.

“ENOUGH EVERYONE GO TO SLEEP!” Grandma yells from the cabin in the distance.

“Night.” everyone says at once, I try not to giggle. but I do hear giggling around. Patrick has a smile on his own face but he covers my mouth with his.

“Libby.” Immy’s voice is waking me, I open my eyes. Patrick is gone.

“Yeah?” I ask yawning.

“Come on we have to be ready to go up the mountain. in the next ten minutes and you need to change.” Immy says, I sigh and swing to the side of my hammock, Immy’s head doesn’t even reach my feet and she is stood up.

“I overslept?” I ask.

“Don’t you always?” she asks me.

“Yeah,” I grumble, I jump down noticing all the empty hammocks. Immy holds out a Gold crop top and purple flowy trousers.

“Only 3 more days of the wedding colors, but to be honest we are both leaving tomorrow aren't we. so only 2 more days of them.” Immy points out. I put the gold top on after stripping out my dress, then pull the pants up. I look at Immy shes dressed in almost a matching outfit to me, but her belly is covered and she has long sleeves. When I’m dressed Immy chucks me an apple.

“Come on,” she says, I don’t need telling. I walk with her through the forest. we get to a cliff face quickly, alright it’s not that bad. I love climbing. I look around and see people up there, people down. people who have already climbed up people who are waiting there turns. I see Patrick he is stood with Eban again. Destiny is keeping her distance.

‘fun evening?’ I send as a question to her head, she turns and glares at me. I look at Immy and we both giggle.

‘come here Libby’ I hear Eban’s voice in my head. I leave Immy and walk over to him.

“So you are all alright for this?” Patrick is asking Eban.

“It was my idea, I wouldn’t have suggested it if we weren’t all alright for it,” Eban tells him.

“What’s going on?” I ask confused.

“Libby, Patrick would like to record you climbing,” Eban says.

“Okay?” I say confused.

“You’re just to climb like you normally would, but he’s going to come climbing with you. you just need to act like you.” Eban says.

“Easier to do when I’m not being recorded,” I say.

“I know baby,” Patrick assures me, he pushes a bit of my hair away from my face.

“I know it is going to be weird Libby, but I want you to be you and ignore the camera,” Patrick tells me.

“Why?” I ask.

“Do you trust me?” Eban asks. I look at him.

“Not when you ask me that no,” I say, then I sigh.

“I’m not promising I won’t notice the camera,” I say seriously.

“Just think of it as your in a music video,” Patrick says.

“Am I?” I question.

“Yeah,” Patrick admits.

“For what song?” I question.

“One I will sing to you tonight.” He says gently kissing me after he wraps his arms around me.

“You need to wait till last, everyone’s almost finished,” Eban says. I nod.

“So everyone’s going to watch me climb?” Patrick questions looking worried.

“A lot are.” Eban shrugs. I look at Patrick and weakly smile at him, he looks at me like I am the most precious person in the world.

“Take it easy on me baby?” Patrick asks me as a question. I nod.

“I will, but the rocks might not,” I tell him.

“Pull to the knee, one two three.” I hear Abicus mumble.

“That’s in the center when your in charge of Patrick’s rope,” Eban explains. Eban then goes on to Explain how Patrick will be in charge of his own Rope today.

The crowd eventually all starts to calm down, I smile at Patrick. I take his hand and lead him to the wall, he has all the equipment. I smile at him.

“Baby please use.” He starts worried.

“Have Libby be Libby,” Eban yells.

“Yeah, but I want Libby a safe Libby.” Patrick mumbles. we both go up to the wall and we start climbing, I just climb leading Patrick through his climb, actually managing to ignore the camera. when we are at the top I sit down and look down at the sight, the sun is high in the sky. We can see the tops of trees for miles, we can also see our private lake.

“It’s beautiful,” Patrick says looking down.

“It really is Pat,” I say.

“Do you miss it here?” Patrick asks me.

“I dunno, sometimes. but everything is the next great adventure.” I say.

“you are currently my greatest adventure,” Patrick says, I grin at him and smile. he runs his hand on my face.

“I love you.” He tells me.

“I love you too,” I tell him. I then lower myself back down the cliff.

“Baby.” Patrick moans as he hesitates but then he follows me down, he abseils down, but I climb down. When my feet meet the ground I feel weighed down. but Patrick wraps me in his arms. I hug him tight and then lift my head up and his mouth meets mine.

“LIBBY,” Aimee yells, I look over at her and shes now dressed in a gold Bikini, I see the white one in her hand.

“We are breaking tradition?” I ask Eban whos by me.

“You’re still classed as a kid, you get away with White if you remember.” Eban shrugs.

“Why are you still considered a child?” Patrick asks me. Eban goes on to explain it is because it’s my 21st year. not older. I’ve only been awake a few weeks. so this is considered my last year of childhood as I am freshly awoken. I leave Patrick with Eban and run over to Aimee.

“Thank you,” I say taking the bikini from her, When it’s on I see some jean shorts and put them on. then I put a baggy lilac top, I haven’t fully got away from the lilac today. when I come back out. Patricks still stood with Eban, but he’s changed. he’s now in black swim shorts and a white shirt that’s open, I admit the sight of his chest is still amazing.

“Just walk through the woods and ignore the camera.” Eban directs. I look at the camera and shake my head. but I do what I was told. Patrick takes my hand and we walk through the woods hand in hand, he lets go of my hand and Aimee wraps her arm around me I laugh and fall into her. we get to one point and I spin around looking at the tree.

“My Liberty.” I hear Patrick say, I turn and look at him, he’s watching me with a smile. I smile at him, I take his hand and he pulls me in his arms. I go laughing. he kisses me gently on the head, then lifts me and spins. I laugh. We walk the rest of the way hand in hand. When we get to the waterfall Charity Aliian and a few others are all laid about, including Art.

“Are you really sure this is a good idea recording all of us?” Charity asks.

“It will be fine,” Eban assures us.

“Just be you, ignore the camera,” Eban says he puts it down and drops his shirt. I pull off my top and slip of my shorts. then I walk into the little river near the waterfall. we all laugh and eventually we all do forget about the camera. someone starts playing music and I find myself dancing with Destiny, I find myself jumping into the water into Patrick's arms. I find myself relaxing. When it gets cold and people have moved on for food, we finally get out.

“you got a lot you’ll have to edit.” Eban iforms Patrick.

“Yeah,” Patrick says. Eban grabs the camera. I wrap myself in a towel, Patrick holds me close to him rubbing me dry, I ignore Eban even though I know he’s got the camera on me. Destiny hands me a long white dress, I put it on. it looks beautiful almost like a bride, she then puts flowers in my hair.

“Libby run through the woods barefooted and laughing, just have fun,” Eban says.

“Alright,” I say I kiss Patrick then I run from him laughing and playing, he chases me around a tree at one point, lifting me and spinning me I laugh the whole time.

“My Liberty you are definitely my Destiny.” He says I give him a funny look but that’s when one of my nieces runs over I scoop her up and laugh as I hug her.

“My future will always be in the adventure of my heart, being me and running free with my Liberty,” Patrick says, he’s just stood there leaning on a tree, holding a rose that has fallen from my hair. I take my niece’s hand and let her take me away, we go back into the clearing. Eban turns the camera off, I watch him take the batteries out.

“What?” I ask him.

“Call me paranoid, but there are only certain things I will ever allow to be recorded,” Eban says. I nod.

Patrick and I sit together with my friends and we all eat. Eban does put the batteries in a few times and records things. I get changed again into a long gold dress, I laugh and party as is our tradition. Later I get changed again, I don’t normally go through this many outfits or have my hair changed this often. now my hair is in 2 french braids and I’m in a baggy hoodie and Jeans, Patricks in Jeans and a dark blue shirt, we are sat by the fire roasting vegan marshmallows. We make vegan smores. I laugh as he feeds me one.

“My Liberty.” He says again.

“Lee, can you Grab me my guitar?” Patrick asks Lee instantly does.

“Pat?” I ask interested.

“Aliian asked for a few songs, I will play a few alright?” Patrick asks me. I nod, He plays seven of his hits, I watch him smiling, at one point I even go dance with Charity Destiny Immy and Aimee. When I sit next to Patrick again, he smiles at me but its a nervous smile.

“This song I wrote for you.” He says.

“For me?” I question him. he starts playing the guitar, I watch his face though.

“this song is called my Liberty.” He says he starts playing, the lyrics though they are beautiful.

“The day I met you when I asked you, your name you lied to me, you said your name was Destiny,” he says he’s smiling at me.

“I just didn’t know you were mine so it wasn’t a lie. my adventure is with my Liberty.” He sings. He is amazing. he sings more lyrics that all show how much he loves me and sees me for me.

“Studying your nose screwed up eating sugar getting it all in your books.” He sings. he smiles and sings to me, when he’s finished I find myself kissing him and burying myself in his arms. After he does another 2 songs and I watch him with a smile.

“Well, I’m afraid that’s all I have in me tonight,” Patrick says seriously after a while.

“It was amazing Patrick thank you.” Charity says seriously.

“It really is,” Grandma says watching him with a smile. She stands up and walks over, she gently kisses me on the head, then everyone including Patrick.

“I shall see you all again soon,” Grandma says.

“You’re going?” I ask sadly even though I am myself.

“Not right now, but I know you all. I will be gone before any of you wake.” Grandma says. she looks at Patrick.

“Until we meet again, keep my granddaughter safe and good luck for what is going to come,” Grandma says and walks off.

“Because that’s not threatening,” Maverick says standing up, he comes over and kisses me.

“Remember that necklace will help,” Maverick told me kissing my head.

“you leaving too?” I ask.

“Yeah I got to get back to Ireland, we are portaling at dawn, you know its easier too.” He says. I nod.

“Portaling?” Patrick asks. Eban then explains the portals.

“Because that’s not so cool,” Lee says.

“We think it is.” Art says.

“Are you going to?” I ask Art.

“I have people I need to see, but believe me, little sis, I will be around.” Art says.

“Thanks, Art,” I say. we all say our goodbyes in the evening. all knowing it will be years until a party this big again. When it is over, Destiny takes my hand as we walk back into the forest towards our Hammocks. Destiny turns to Patrick and says.

“Would you mind if I sleep in the hammock with Libby tonight, you’ll have her all to yourself for the year from tomorrow.” it was polite for Destiny.

“Of course, I understand it’s going to be hard on both of you to be apart,” Patrick says, Eban grabs Patrick’s shoulder.

“Come on we can talk,” Eban says.

“All you do is talk Eban, sometimes people don’t want to hear your voice.” Destiny snaps, but then she pulls me away. I climb into her hammock with her, Patrick and Eban don’t follow, neither does Lee and Abicus. Destinys Hammock swings as we talk, we don’t talk about anything important. I just say a private goodbye to Destiny, Immy and Aimee. we all know from now everything changes.

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