Liberty of the air

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Patrick - back to reality

I watch Liberty hug her dad tight, there’s so much love in that simple hug. As if Libby fears its the last time and she doesn’t want to leave her daddy.

“Get good grades alright baby, no less than D’s.” her dad tells her.

“Honey that was PE and we promised we would never bring it up again.” Libby’s mom said with a huge grin as if that pleased her more than anything. the fact he remembered possibly did.

“It wasn’t just PE, there was that group project too,” Dad said.

“That was when I was 13 dad,” Libby mumbled but she’s grinning.

“I will study hard and always try to get more than D’s,” Libby informs her dad.

“Are you coming back for the autumn equinox?” her sister asks.

“Not this year sorry, it falls on a Wednesday and I will have only been back in class a few weeks,” Libby says sadly.

“Alright, just don’t celebrate alone,” Destiny tells her.

“I won’t I will meet up with Birch and Rion again like last year,” Libby assures her sister.

“What about Thanksgiving break?” Destiny asks her sister.

“I won’t be back,” Libby admits, why not? I watch her.

“Yule?” Destiny questions.

“Libby will be back for, but she won’t make Samhain,” Eban says matter of fact.

“I plan to be back for Yule and Beltane,” Libby tells her sister.

“It will go quicker than you think,” Libby tells her she kisses her sister on the head.

“Promise I will write, I will send you my address when I know it,” Libby informs her sister, well all her family.

“What is your address?” Libby’s mom asks me. good point.

“Lee, what is our address?” I ask, Lee hands Libby’s mom a piece of paper.

“This is there address, They move in officially in 4 days,” Lee tells them.

“Alright, so where are you spending the next few days?” Libby’s dad asks.

“A hotel, but I assure you everything will be fine with Libby and college,” I assure everyone, especially Libby.

“Alright have fun and keep your grades up.” Libby’s mom tells her.

“I will mom,” Libby assures her mom hugging her, her mom kisses her head.

“Don’t ever think you can’t ask for help, even if its just asking us to send you a meal,” Libby’s Mom says to her.

“I know mom if you need any help with Harvest,” Libby says worriedly.

“Its fine the Giants have agreed to come help this year, and we have crunched the numbers and can afford a new tractor, now I know where the previous one got to and isn’t going to turn up.” Libby’s mom says she gives Immy a pointed look.

“I didn’t drive it in the lake, I just.” Immy starts.

“That’s not what I am getting at Imogen.” Libby’s mom says looking at her.

“You’ve given Libby all her stuff but weren’t you meant to be with the Mers today by 3?” her mom asked.

“Yeah, its fine, I’ve got,” Immy says, she looks at the time. she pulls a face.

“Okay, I am going to be late,” Immy says, she pulls Libby, Destiny, and Aimee into a hug.

“I love you girls, I will send you my new mermaid cell number and will see if I can get a shell phone sent to you all,” Immy informs them.

“There’s no point in writing to you though?” Destiny asks Immy.

“None at all,” Immy says, she looks at them all.

“See you all in a few years.” She says worriedly. Libby hugs her tight.

“See you before that,” Libby assures her.

“Really?” Immy asks her.

“Yeah,” Libby tells her.

the goodbye takes another 2 hours, by this time Abicus and Lee are sitting in the car with the doors open, and more people have joined the goodbye.

“is this usual?” Abicus asks.

“This is why people make it clear they have to travel via portals at dawn or dusk. otherwise, no one would ever get away.” Bass says he’s sat on the ground eating a sandwich. I look at him.

“What we’ve missed 4 meals today already.” He says as I look at his sandwich and he takes another bite.

“When you’ve said goodbye once, you know to come to all goodbyes with a sandwich.” He says with his mouth fall.

“could have warned us.” Lee mumbles.

“I did tell you to make a sandwich this morning, you said no its fine I will be home in time for lunch. I did tell you I doubted it.” Bass says to Lee.

Abicus scoffs he’s obviously trying not to laugh. I look at him.

“Hey, I’ve been in court with you and been told the sessions going to take 10 more minutes. I should have made that sandwich.” Abicus says. I smile and shake my head slightly. Libby says yet another goodbye to her sister.

“Alright, I am now 2 hours late for the mers.” Immy laughs.

“Least they don’t expect us on time, they’ve given up even expecting it hundreds of years ago.” Libby’s mom says laughing.

“I know,” Immy says laughing.

“Alright I am out of here see you all again,” Immy assures them and walks to her car, she climbs in and rolls down the window. Libby hugs her dad once more, then comes over to me. she takes my hand and we both climb in the car, Libby rolls down her window and we spend the next 45 minutes saying goodbye. Then Immy drives away and Abicus just drives. Libby giggles,

“Had enough?” Libby asks.

“Hours ago I am hungry,” Abicus tells her.

“Okay,” Libby says, she leans back in her chair I reach across her and seatbelt her.

“Seatbelt baby,” I tell her, she undoes it and slides over to the middle seat then redoes her belt. I look at her.

“Baby.” I start but she gently kisses my cheek.

“Thank you, Pat,” Libby says.

“what for?” I ask confused.

“Well we haven’t really known each other long, I know we feel its right. but you’ve just accepted everything.” Libby says.

“Baby you accept I’m a vampire,” I say.

“An Amaris.” she corrects me second nature.

“Sorry, you know that,” she mumbles.

“you’ve been correcting everyone haven’t you?” I ask her actually smiling.

“that and rock rather than Pop, even though I had to have it explained to me as well,” Libby admits. Abicus and Lee both snort.

“Eban gave you that speech to?” Abicus says from the front.

“No Eban had to have it explained to him too, believe it or not, Art explained the difference between rock and pop, he might pretend he’s not, but he’s actually a big fan of Pat’s,” Libby says.

“Really?” I question.

“Yes.” She tells me.

“We will have a huge amount of learning to do about each other,” I inform her.

“I know,” she says.

“but no more secrets. I will be completely honest with you, even about things that might happen or might not.” Libby says.

“Tell me what you think I need to know, I don’t need to know what your uncomfortable telling me,” I tell her she pecks my cheek.

“I don’t really even know about myself yet.” She admits.

“Well baby lets get to know you together,” I say and I kiss her lips, it’s hard to make out in a car with seatbelts on, I learn that quickly.

Lee comes over holding the hotel room keys.

“Alright, I promise you this is tempory,” Lee says holding out the keys.

“I’ve heard that before.” Abicus mumbles.

“I trust you, Lee, we will have the home by Samhain,” Libby says.

“See I told you, it was sorted,” Lee says.

“that’s a few months,” Abicus says.

“No, it’s not. is it?” Lee asks Libby. I want to laugh at how easy Libby has come into our world. she feels so right with me, with us.

“They still celebrate the pagan holidays,” Abicus says,

“Its the last day of October,” Abicus says.

“it’s not is it?” Lee asks Libby.

“It is, when did you all stop?” Libby asks interestedly.

“What do you mean?” Abicus asks her rather than me.

“Last my people had to do with you, we all had the same beliefs,” Libby admits.

“A lot of people still do,” Abicus says.

“they do?” I question I didn’t know that.

“Yeah Patrick a hell of a lot,” Abicus says

I take Libby’s hand and climb out the car.

“You ready that you may have to face Sandy?” I question Libby worried myself on the reality of that.

“Believe me I can face her Pat,” Libby says with a grin, that is rather suspicious.

“No hurricanes indoors,” I say.

“Okay,” she says sweetly.

"Take the fun out of my new powers." She says with a grin.

"I am kidding Pat," she says when I look at her.

"Can you?" I ask.

"Yeah Pat I can," she says with a grin.

I lead her through the hotel to my current penthouse.

18 days later.

Libby stretches out in the bed as I run kisses along her neck. She opens her eyes.

"Morning baby," I say to her.

"Is this how you are going to wake me every morning?" she questions with a smile.

"Is that a bad thing?" I question her.

"Not at all." She says with a smile. She looks at her alarm clock and groins, we have had to have seperate alarm clocks since 3 days after we got to the hotel, when Libby went back to classes.

"We got 10 miniutes." I tell her. She gives me a look as if to say that she could of slept. I have really learnt that Libby likes her sleep. Whilst she claims I never sleep.

"I have to get up myself." I say to her kissing her neck.

"But you never sleep." she mumbles.

"Hey i have slept more in my life holding you than i have in years." I tell her.

"I beleive that Pat." She says closing her eyes.

"If you wake up now we can have breakifast together." I say.

"Or we could grab fruit on the way to class." She mumbles, turning in the bed.

"True." I tell her and i move my hands down her perfect body.

"You could have time for a shower." I say.

"Or we could have one together." She says blinking her eyes open.

"Or we could have one together." I say and i stand up, i lift her up, she comes in my arms giggling.

It didnt take long to wake Libby in the shower, her legs wrapped around me, her against the shower wall. her blonde hair wet and curly running down her body. We are a mixture of touch and lust when theres a huge knock on the bathroom door. Libby sighs resting her head on my shoulder.

"Not yet ignore them." I tell her.

"If they have actully come disturb this, they need you." Libby moans.

"They know better." I say, but she has lost the mood, i can tell. i gently peck her head and let her down. even though my hard ons going to take a moment to deal with. Libby opens the shower door and climbs out leaving me in it. I turn the shower on cold, even though it doesnt help watching her dry herself with the towel. the huge knock comes again. Thats not Lees or Abicus's knock. Libby looks at the door and worry crosses her face.

"PATRICK." Sandys voice yells. Why the fuck would Lee or Abicus actully let her in here! Libby looks at me as if to say you deal with her. but one thing Sandy has achived I have instantly lost my hard on. I climb out the shower and Libby passes me a towel. i wrap it around myself, Libby watches the water run down my body.

"Tonight we finish this." I tell her as i can tell shes still turned on.

"I have plans." She says smiling teasing me.

"Libby." I groin,

"They involve you and me and our bed." She says and gently kisses me. She touches her necklace, she looks worried but then she opens the door.

"What are you doing here?" Sandys voice sneers from outside the room.

"Patrick is meant to be in an interview in 3 hours and he hasnt rehersed." Sandy snaps.

"thats 3 hours Sandy not 3 miniutes, he has time." I hear Libby says, i hear her open a draw. I should go out there, but something makes me hesitate.

"You are an Amaris?" Sandy questions sounding rediciously confused.

"How could you not see that?" Libby questions.

"But no your not you were human." Sandy sneers. i walk out the bathroom then, not caring that i am in just a towel, i kind of expect to see Sandy being thrown by a tornado, but instead I see Libby simply going through her underwear draw.

"Why are you hear Sandy, i informed you i would meet you at 11." I say firmly.

"Shes an Amaris?" Sandy snaps pointing at Libby as if accusing her of some crime. What has Libby done.

"Sandy mine and Libertys realtionship is none of your buisness." I say firmly.

"Patrick she was human, I know she was. shes doing something. something to make you think shes something shes not." Sandy sneers.

"Liberty isnt hiding anything from me." I say firmly.

"Patrick what family is she from, a low class." Sandy starts. for fuck sake Sandy give it a rest.

"Faer." Libby says. I look at her a question in my own eyes.

"Faer?" Sandy demands.

"My Familys last name in court is Faer, although we are a hell of along way cut off." She says.

"Like King Roscoe." I question her, not sure what is going on there or here or in general.

"His grandma was my mothers sisters great nephews great grandsons daughter." Libby says.

"So not related at all, shes a commoner Patrick." Sandy sneers.

"So are you." I say, Its a dig at her i know it is. she is no Lady. even if she is, but shes as far from the crown as one could get.

"I am a Lady, first a gaurd and now a commoner Patrick, the queen would never." Sandy sneers.

"I got to go class." Libby says looking at the time.

"Patrick shes not." Sandy starts Libby dresses ignoring her.

"Shes not what" I demand angrey now.

"Good enough." Sandy says she looks crushed.

"Shes perfectly good enough and I love her. Thats enough for me" i inform Sandy. Sandy then storms out.

"Shes going to be dangerous." Libby mumbles quietly. Yeah i know.

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