Liberty of the air

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Patrick - Court

Spoilers for Ready book 4 of the Amaris series

3 weeks later.

“Libs.” I sigh as I kiss her sleeping head. her alarm is going off, in fact, she has snoozed it about 7 times. she turns in my arms to bury herself deeper into my arms. Part of me, okay all of me wants to turn her alarm off and instead stay in this bed. but I have to go get a plane back to court and a court session.

“Libby,” I say kissing butterfly kisses down her body. she groins and turns in the bed.

“No.,” she says.

“No?” I ask her, she never says no to me kissing her.

“No, if I wake up you’ll be going. if we stay asleep you’ll stay.” She mumbles sleepily.

“Unfortunately baby I have to go to my government session,” I tell her.

“Why?” She questions.

“Because it’s my responsibility baby,” I tell her.

“But all you’ll be is discussing Alysa’s engagement and arranged marriage, you’ll all be called back a few times, then she will just marry who she wants anyway.” She sighs.

“Yes I know, but I need to keep up appearances don’t I?” I question. she groans.

“Yes.” She mumbles.

“You also got to be there to see what happens.” Libby sighs, she sits up in the bed.

“I’m sorry baby, I know it is almost the weekend,” I say, knowing how Libby enjoys spending the weekend dancing and how we’ve got our own little routine going. I take her clubbing most weekends and she hangs around Amaris without a fear. when I can get her off the dance floor. if they were ever asked I knew every single one would say Libby was an Amaris, I do have a few cradle robbing comments about her age as everyone knows shes 21. but no one sees her as anything but an Amaris. It is driving Sandy nuts. She still hates Liberty.

“It really doesn’t matter Pat, I’ve already made plans to go rock climbing with Birch.” She tells me.

“That sounds great, I am sure Dan or Todd will enjoy rock climbing,” I inform her, she groans. she doesn’t mind the guards I’ve got watching her, I know she doesn’t. they have rescued her from the paparazzi a few times already. she knows the reason I want them with her, is for her protection from human fans as well as Amaris, it’s not because I don’t trust her strength in her power. I just think a hurricane on Paparazzi might be a bit suspicious.

“Do you really think the Paparazzi care?” She questions me.

“to them, baby your still the first solid relationship I have ever had,” I tell her.

“That’s worrying.” She mumbles and buries herself into my arms. I kiss her she starts kissing me back, my head sways. Libby looks at me worried.

“You’re hungry.” She says knowingly.

“I will go have some blood with my breakfast,” I say seriously. Libby shakes her head.

“you know I will fill you more than that.” She says seriously. I know and I have drunk from Libby a few times, but I don’t want her to ever feel like I am using her for her blood. She runs her hand over my face.

“Maybe I like the orgasm it gives me.” she teases me.

“Baby if you want an orgasm.” I start, she giggles as I kiss down her, I don’t need to drink from her to make her orgasm. hell, I can do that with one finger, I know her body better than I think she knows it herself. I start moving my finger. But the pang of hunger hits again, I should have got blood last night. but Libby and I had gone to the gym and then just fell into bed and done more exercise. Libby looks at me as if she knows what I need and isn’t afraid to give it to me, even if I don’t want to take it. she takes my finger to her neck and I sigh knowing she’s going to cut herself with my nails even if I don’t. so I take hold of her hand.

“Okay, but not like that.” I sigh, I roll on top of her, nothing between us. I kiss her neck and move my finger, she moans. I then take my bite, sinking my fangs into her neck. her moan is primal. I then sink myself into her and move slow and steady and then I speed up. I drink less than a doctor would even take to do a blood test, but I know from previous times that this is more than enough blood to fill me to stuffed point. I kiss her neck and lick it closed and then I just enjoy our sex. We come apart at the same time. I gently kiss her lips as I pull out, I then stand up and climb out of the bed.

“Baby shower time,” I tell her grabbing her hand.

“it’s a good thing we haven’t moved out of the hotel yet, I wouldn’t want to change our beddings,” Libby mumbles as shes stood my cum running down her legs. blood on the pillow, the bed looks a mess. it does most mornings.

“Lee says we will be out of here before Yule,” I tell her, she tries not to laugh.

“I hope so,” she says, she looks away from me, her eyes seem to go cloudy and I know its new to her, the first few times she was scared but now she smiles instead, then she tries to hide it.

“Will we be out of here before Yule?” I ask her.

“Of course not.” She tells me.

“Great,” I mumble, our house fell through. Which is ridiculous as we have more than enough money to buy the house.

“He will find us all the perfect place soon,” Libby assures me, she smiles. She leads me through to the bathroom, she walks straight in the shower and turns it on. it only takes me a second to climb in with her, it takes just over a minute of rubbing body wash on her to get turned on again. it takes even less time to have her mouth on my own and her up against the shower wall.

“Bye Patrick,” Libby says from my arms, I hate leaving her but I need to. She needs to go to class and I need to go to court.

“I will be back by next weekend,” I assure her.

“No, you won’t,” Libby says sadly.

“I won’t?” I question her. she shakes her head.

“Youll be back in 18 days.” She says sadly. I kiss her head, I know the guards have heard her, even if a lot of them don’t know what Lee, Abicus and I know. they all know that when Libby says something as a fact, it shall happen. None of them have brought it up, they’ve just accepted Libby is here to stay, even if a few still question how they didn’t pick up that she was an Amaris at first. I just tease them they were lacking, then I had one point out about Abicus and my fight about Libby. I look at Abicus and he had sighed and said. ‘Libby is just herself and different she may have been attempting to hide what she was, but he assures them all he’s met her family and knows that Liberty is no threat to my safety or reputation, that in order to keep me safe, they have to keep her safe.’ It worked, I think he said more when I wasn’t around, but he dealt with them. Dan and Todd have kind of just excepted that when Abicus or Lee is not available I will put one of them on her.

“I love you,” I tell Libby kissing her head, I haven’t really got anything to say to the 18 days, accept Why? and I can’t really ask her that with everyone around.

“Just say goodbye.” Sandy snaps storming past us and up onto the flight of steps.

“You could come?” I ask hopefully.

“Not this time Pat. I can’t yet.” Libby tells me. I kiss her again.

“I love you.” She tells me.

“I love you too,” I say, she sighs as if she knows she and I both have places to go, but she doesn’t want to go to them.

“Ring me okay?” She asks me.

“Of course,” I assure her. I kiss her again.

“Patrick, Libby will be late,” Abicus says.

“Alright.” I sigh letting her go.

“Try not to lose any shoes whilst I’m away,” I tell her, I have actually recently brought her 20 pairs of shoes, only 5 pairs remain.

“I will try not to lose them.” She tells me but she smiles, it’s so sweet. I kiss her again. but she pulls away after a few seconds and puts her hand on my cheek.

“I shall be here when you get back, I love you. I have to go.” She said and then she just walked away, Dan following her without any prompting as if he already knew his job. I watch her walk away, she turns 3 times.

“Honestly you two need to work on your goodbyes,” Lee informs me.

“Come on the quicker we leave the quicker we get back,” Abicus says.

“Princess Alysa does not know anyone. she is too young to.” King Andrew says from his seat. I think it was the 19th time he has said it, this court session has been 14 hours already today and I was day 2. I could see why Libby wasn’t expecting me back in a few days. another King throws his opinion, I have a feeling his son will be one of the names put down as a

“I have heard your opinion, King Andrew.” The Queen says I can see shes annoyed and no it is not because Andrew is voicing his opinion on her daughter. it is the fact I suspect this is her idea and she wants it passed.

“Please vote if you believe if Princess Alysa is old enough.” The queen says a lot of hands go up, over half the people here. I want to sigh, even if she was old enough surely the queen should let her daughter follow her heart. I always let Iris follow her own. I followed my own and it leads me to Libby.

“Please vote if you believe Princess Alysa is too young.” The Queen says. King Andrews hand and Queen Kayla goes up. As a friend of his fathers, I had hoped to have been invited to his wedding. it was a year ago now. I knew it was rather a quiet affair. I am aware they have a son now, I really should go ask how there Son is later. I raise my own arm, So does Roscoe, a man who I would have once classed as a friend, but right now I wish to avoid, after all, you can’t lie to him, perhaps it was his Fae blood even if it was so long ago. Hmm, that is worth mentioning to Liberty. The Queen looks around, I can tell she’s pissed off as not just Roscoe has said No. A lot of the main families have said no. Roscoe looks around himself taking it all in, there are not enough votes but the right families have voted no that this can be put back a few months at least. I look at Derek, he has his own arm rose. I was a friend with his father, It was his father I was with 2 years ago when he was killed. It was a lot of the young Amaris in here’s parents I was with. The fact I had walked away from that bomb was a miracle. but so had Andrews mother and she had been stood next to me. I look at everyone in here, are any of them aware how we are not as alone as we act. how other people turned their backs on us as they thought we were dangerous monsters. Libby doesn’t exactly say it was why, but I know that the reason her species went through endangerment is because of us.

“Court dismissed until tomorrow.” The queen says firmly, think shes had enough of people saying No to what she wants. She dismisses court and then walks out, she’s almost like a child throwing a temper tantrum. I watch her retreating back. I sigh and pack up my stuff for the day, I follow everyone out, people greeting each other, talking about children themselves nephews that they are going to put forward to marry Alysa. I see Derek and Andrew and Kayla stood together looking like they want to scream. I walk over, I know to them I am possibly considered ancient, but when I have Libby I feel so much younger. Although I had to teach her more about technology than shes taught me.

“Prince Andrew.” I start.

“Sorry King Andrew, Queen Kayla, King Derek.” I apologize for my rudeness of calling Andrew King.

“Sorry King Andrew.” I apologize.

“It is no issue King Patrick, sometimes I forget our parents are gone as well,” Andrew tells me sadness crosses his face.

“All your parents would have said ‘no’ i inform them, you shall all always do your parents proud,” I assure them.

“Thank you, King Patrick.” King Derek says, he looks so torn as he watches King Luke sign his name onto a piece of paper, that one of the kings has set up of potentials. even before the queen has asked. I sigh looking over.

“Are you not wishing to put your name down King Patrick?” King Andrew asks me, but I know even if right now he’s annoyed he knows I am not the type.

“I could not think of anything worse than being the main King. My passion has and always shall be my music.” I say seriously.

“I do not blame you, sorry King Patrick, I need to go talk to King Luke before he leaves its important.” King Derek says.

“Of course Derek, good luck with all your future plans,” I say.

“I hear the Queen is very annoyed with you changing college,” I say.

“I needed a fresh environment,” Derek says quickly.

“I fully understand, I shall catch up with you when you have more time.” I excuse Derek seeing that he isn’t really interested in talking to me. he leaves quickly.

“Sorry King Patrick, he is going through a lot currently.” Andrew apologizes. there really is not the need to.

“It is understandable, I was there. I know how hard it was for everyone.” I say seriously, even though I know it’s about being in love with the princess everyone trying to get married to currently.

“I wish all of you the best for the future, if there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to ask. How is your Son?” I ask.

“Cole is fine thank you,” Kayla says with a smile, I start asking questions about the baby, it makes Kayla’s face light up. Andrew talks about his son just as proud.

“Ah King Patrick, I was hoping to catch you,” Roscoe says seriously coming over.

“Roscoe it has been a long time, how are you?” I ask giving pleasantry. I am actually friends with Roscoe, he is only a few years younger than myself.

“I am good thank you, yourself?” He asks me.

“I am good,” I assure him.

“How are you King Andrew, Queen Kayla?” He asks.

“We are extremely sleep deprived currently,” Kayla says, she looks like she regrets her words.

“Ah, always the way with babies. I am sure he will start sleeping soon, it would be lovely to meet him.” Roscoe says.

“Yes of course,” Kayla says with a smile, obviously proud of her son.

“where is he currently?” Roscoe asks.

“With Marianna,” Kayla says.

“Prince Marcos Guard wife,” Roscoe says.

“There is nothing wrong with that. Helena and I had almost 50 years of being a happily married couple.” I say loudly.

“I am aware, but its to do with relationships I need to talk to you, Patrick,” Roscoe says, he looks worried.

“Perhaps we should talk in private,” Roscoe says.

“We can, but I am not hiding my current relationship, so please feel free to ask,” I say, knowing deep down it be best with Kayla and Andrew here, with what’s going to happen, they may pipe up some help, so I can help them in future. Roscoe sighs as if he really doesn’t want to ask.

“I have been informed you are dating a human?” Roscoe questions.

“You have been informed wrong, I am not dating a human. but I am in a relationship that my manager does not appreciate due to her own Jealousy.” I say the truth.

“To be honest I am looking for a new manager as Sandy has it in her head that we can be a couple. she is making life extremely hard for myself and Liberty.” I say.

“In fact, she is making it a hard work environment as well, she has always had a jealous streak and the fact I have entered an official relationship, has her up in arms,” I admit.

“In fact, I am currently looking for a new manager on Helena, Abicus and Lees advice. all three of them and a lot of my friends in LA will confirm that my girlfriend is not human.” I say seriously.

“Thank you, Patrick, but that is not needed, I believe you when you say she’s not human. Good luck replacing Sandy, I have thought you should for a long time.” Roscoe informs me.

“Yes, I may have to have a word with a few of the others in LA. With my reputation, they will be paid well.” I say.

“Yes, perhaps we can do dinner before you leave, we haven’t had time to talk in a few years, before,” Roscoe says, then he remembers Kayla and Andrew who haven’t interrupted but are stood there awkwardly as if they both want to leave.

“Sorry my manners, you are both welcome to join us.” He says.

“It is fine King Roscoe, I wish to get home to Cole,” Kayla says.

“It was lovely to see you both,” I say, we all make our excuses and separate, thankfully from Roscoe to before we make dinner arrangements.

When I get into the Limo, Abicus who has stood in the room silently for hours says.

“You got around that well.” He has a point.

“I never said she was Amaris or that she wasn’t half human,” I say.

“Your getting rid of Sandy?” Abicus questions.

“She’s a threat to Liberty. I shall fire her as soon as I hear back from Ace, after all, he’s making a name for himself, his new pop star is amazing.” I say.

“I agree, he’s still young but he has a good carer ahead of him, having you on his books will promote him well too,” Abicus says.

“Yes exactly,” I say.

“Lee is waiting on his reply, I sent it last week, but if I do not hear from him soon even a rejection I shall pop by his studio,” I say.

“Sounds good,” Abicus says.

“Whatever happens, even if I have to go without a manager for a while, Sandy has officially overstepped and is gone,” I say.

“Took you long enough,” Abicus says. I smile, I do agree though.

“Whatever happens Sandy will be gone before Christmas,” I say.

“Before Yule surely,” Abicus says with a smile. I shake my head.

“Yes before we come back here for Yule,” I say.

“How is my Liberty?” I ask.

“Don’t release that song till you’re out of Sandys clutches,” Abicus says seriously.

“I will not,” I assure him.

“How is Liberty?” I question.

“She is fine apparently. she apparently only has one pair of shoes left and Dan can’t work out where they all went, he also can’t find his key’s for his car and Liberty keeps saying no to the limo.” Abicus says giving me a look.

“Libby says they are just borrowing,” I say weakly.

“Yeah but what?” Abicus questions.

“ask her,” I say.

“I did she said I didn’t want to know,” Abicus informs me with a raised eyebrow but he’s still smiling.

“Did she wear her harness at rock climbing Saturday?” I ask, I know she had fun, I’ve talked to her every day.

“She didn’t, he said she is a nightmare to protect as he wants to protect her from her.” He says.

“I assured him that’s normal, I often have to protect you from yourself,” Abicus says with a smile. I laugh good-naturedly.

“She is a wild child,” I say.

“Yes, she is,” Abicus says.

“But she’s my wild child,” I say with a smile.

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