Liberty of the air

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Liberty - First step to get rid of Sandy!

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“Princess legs up,” Rion demands.

“Why did I come to this torture session on a Friday night?” I question Rion, but more importantly, I question myself what I am doing. As I hang from the bar. not the right bar for a Friday night that’s for sure.

“You understood it was important,” Rion says firmly. I look at Todd and Dan who are both working out but keep looking over. oh yeah, that’s why they were climbing the walls but I didn’t want to go clubbing without my friends or Patrick and they both said no to rock climbing, today. part of me wondered when they become normal in my life.

“Liberty legs up, you fall you die,” Rion tells me.

“Yeah, yeah you always say that.” I moan as I lift my legs, the thing was I fall, I fall on my ass. I don’t die. I also didn’t need to hang from a branch and pull myself up on my self-discovery more than once, let alone hold my weight up. I take a deep breath and lift my legs up.

“So what is your plan for Samhain?” Rion asks me as I drop down purposely from the bar.

“Whatever you all fancy, I am at all your mercy,” I tell Rion.

“Hmm, Well Flint will throw a party,” Rion says rolling his eyes as if he doesn’t understand Flint’s ways.

“Party at yours sounds great,” I say with a smile.

“will that boyfriend of yours be about?” He asks me.

“No,” I say sadly. I have missed him it’s been 17 days since he left and I knew I said it would be 18 days until he was back, but I know I was wrong. something changed so he changed his plans and won’t be back for longer. He’s going to be longer, I just don’t know how much longer and he doesn’t know it yet, well if he does he hasn’t told me yet. The original plan was for us to have a home by Samhain, but that isn’t going to happen. I look at Rion wondering if I said how much I missed other Fae around me if I would get to see his partner more. You would think there would be more Fae in LA. but of course there’s only 33 in total, that is actually including the elves and they outnumber us 4 to 1 in LA. I miss my friends and sister. It was my choice, I knew that. This was my choice of college. Yeah, my sister being here had sold me. the fact no other fae in our country was currently in college too.

“You’re lonely,” Rion mumbles under his breath to me, both aware that Dan and Todd can hear us even across the room when we talk. both not wanting to be overheard.

“I have friends,” I say truthfully and I do.

“Yes but you’re not meant to be alone.” He sighs as if he knows how I feel better than most.

“Go dance tonight you need it,” Rion says.

“I really don’t like going without Destiny and the girls or Patrick,” I admit.

“What if Flint joins you?” He asks me.

“Flints 300 he says he doesn’t like the clubs music and the lights in there,” I say.

“I’ve taken him before,” I admit.

“He would go if he knows you needed it, just do not get drunk, I still want a food chart from you for the next 3 months please,” Rion says.

“Yeah okay a piece of paper I lie on,” I say with a smile.

“You’re not eating enough, I would say out of the 7 meals, you are only eating 1 or 2.” He says.

“Yeah,” I say rolling my eyes.

“It’s not that they don’t offer, but they keep trying to give me blood,” I whisper to Rion.

“Well they think your an Amaris, and possibly assume your starving yourself,” Rion whispers back.

“Do you not trust them yet?” He questions me in a whisper, I take a deep breath, I am honestly not sure what to say for the best.

“It is not time for them to know,” I whisper back. Rion sighs and he indicates for me to walk to the treadmill. I walk over and climb on, he adjusts my settings.

“I trust your judgment when you’re ready so we all shall be,” Rion tells me.

“I am no one special,” I say truthfully.

“you are a princess Liberty.” He says firmly, that’s when Dan has walked over to climb on the treadmill next to me obviously deciding he was too far away to hear and wanting to know what I was saying.

“You are also Air,” Rion says quietly. but I am aware Dan heard, he gives me a look as if accusing me of outing myself to a human, if only he knew that Rion is less human than myself. I take a deep breath.

“Tell Flint to come clubbing with me, I shall meet him at the one we went to last year,” I say with a smile. I haven’t been since I was with Destiny, but I need a night out.

“Liberty which club?” Dan asks from next to me. I want to roll my eyes and say he doesn’t need to come but I know he needs blood. I can tell both Todd and himself are wanting to have a fresh drink. I tell him he shakes his head.

“I don’t know that one, I haven’t got the layout. I don’t know who will be there and the paparazzi presence.” He says firmly.

“I’m just a college student to them,” I say weakly, I can’t just say I am just a college student though, that’s a lie.

“Perhaps a different club one I have already checked out,” Dan says.

“Flint will meet you anywhere, but you know he is fussy about the lights,” Rion says. Dan suggests the club the Patrick has been taking me to mingle with Amaris and his rockstar world, rather than the one my sisters and I used to use. the one we met.

“Yeah I will text him when I go on break to meet you there,” Rion says.

“Alright then I’m out, I need a shower and a change of outfit,” I say climbing off the treadmill.

“See you Sunday Liberty,” Rion shouts at me as I walk away,

“Fucking E.,” I say loud enough for him to hear. my exercise routine doesn’t need to be as much now I’ve done my journey.

I am dancing on the dancefloor with Flint, I know its annoying Dan and Todd but I needed this. I take my cocktail to my mouth and so does Flint his matching cocktail. we have been here two hours already and I have already indicated Todd and Dan to go off and have food, but they both watch me like hawks. I really don’t need to be watched. well, that’s what I thought until an Amaris approached me, he was tall 6 foot at least, he seemed to tower over me. he wasn’t as muscley as any of the Amaris I have met, well except the celebrity ones. but he carries himself like he is a man fully in control. His hair is professionally styled, his leather jacket is obviously designer, hell I would hazard he was a rock star himself. I only need one Rockstar.

“Liberty?” He asks me as a question.

“Yes, can I help you?” I ask stopping my dance with Flint to look at the man, he takes Flint in quickly, his gaze seems to take him in, it’s not predatory or even dismissive, its almost like he’s judging how much someone can make for him.

“You are Patrick’s girl right?” He questions me.

“Yes, and you are?” I ask interested, I am not scared of this man. I can tell its a front he puts up, he’s just about the money though, he’s young I realize, to young to have learned different yet.

“My name is Ace.” He says holding his hand out to me, I reach for it and shake it, why does it feel like I am making a business deal in the middle of a nightclub.

“I was hoping to come across your boyfriend after his emails. I hate to do these things over email and prefer the whole meet and greet in person before I make an opinion on if I should even arrange a meeting.” He informs me. I have no clue what he is on about.

“He isn’t in LA currently, but I’m sure I can tell him you’re looking for him,” I say seriously, he looks me up and down.

“Do you sing?” he asks me.

“Only when I’m drunk,” I inform him, he actually chuckles, its a nice chuckle, not an evil one. but almost like someone who needs a night off.

“such a shame, you are beautiful I could see you being a star.” He says.

“Being a star myself isn’t really what I want in life, I am training to be a teacher, its what I want,” I say seriously. he seems to take my words in.

“Patrick has been with his manager a long time, would there be any reason he would suddenly want to replace her?” He asks me.

“Have you ever met Sandy?” I ask him.

“I have not, but I have been informed not to do business with her, which is why I wish to know why Patrick, someone whos already a star in his own right would wish to get rid of the lady who made him such?” It’s a question that I know I need to answer.

“Sandy doesn’t like me, she makes life very hard for him. she has a crush on him and won’t let him live a life and is constantly trying to get herself into his bed. she has chased away every girl he’s tried to be with for the past 100 ish years.” I say truthfully, well I can’t lie. He seems to absorb my words, he's accessing what I am saying. Dan has got close to me, I can tell he's ready to protect me from this strange Amaris.

“So the reason he wants to be rid of her is purely personal?” He questions me.

“Not fully, she has been saying no to a lot of his recent songs, songs that are amazing even if he hasn’t let me hear them all yet,” I say.

“Hmm, so he has new music ready?” He questions me.

“27 Songs over the last 30 years that Sandy has said no to. but they truly are amazing.” I say he seems to think.

“Have you both heard about Aria Brave Rimes?” He asks me.

“I heard her song for the first time on the radio this morning, but I am not aware if Patrick has” I admit.

“What did you think?” he asks me interested.

“What about always being free to make your own choices even if that’s not what generations before you have done. How just because someone wishes for you to be and do something, you don’t have to if it’s not what you want to do or who you are.” I say,

“Yes exactly.” He says.

“Its something I live by,” I say truthfully. He seems to think, he then pulls out a business card and hands it to me. I look at it confused.


Record company director.

I look at him confuses and interested, is he what Sandy is?

“Does that mean you do Sandys job?” I question.

“No, I pay someone else to do that.” He informs me.

“Get him to ring me if he is serious about changing director.” He tells me.

“It was a pleasure to meet you Liberty. can I ask how old you are?” he asks me

“21.” I say truthfully.

“hmm perhaps the old can be blended in with new ways,” he says thoughtfully. he then walks away, I look at Dan confused and then Flint.

“anyone any clue what that was about?” I ask.

“that Liberty was the first hurdle to getting rid of Sandy for you and Patrick,” Dan informs me.

“That’s brilliant!” I say with a grin. Dan, on the other hand, looks torn.

“Patrick is playing with fire.” He says.

“Do you like Sandy?” I question, was that why I hadn’t told him yet.

“Of course not, but its a way to start a media nightmare,” Dan informs me as if he is thinking about long-term problems. I look at the card torn, wishing I could no what to do for the best. I hand Dan the card.

“Please keep it safe until he gets home,” I say going to hand it to him. well it’s me I will lose it, I’ve already lost my shoes.

“He should be home by tomorrow,” Dan informs me, I pull my cell out of my bra and look sadly at the blank screen.

“I doubt he’s going to make it back,” I say sadly. I look at the card from Ace and snap a quick photo of it, I send it to Patrick. His reply is almost instant as if he was stood holding his phone about to message me.

Patrick - How baby, How?

Libby - I’m not really sure what just happened Pat.

Patrick - that is someone I have been trying to get in contact with for 2 months now baby.

Libby - he wants you to ring him.

Patrick - believe me, baby I will.

Patrick - baby I am so sorry I won’t be back tomorrow.

Libby - okay Pat, when will you be back?

Patrick - As soon as I can baby, I promise you I am trying to get back to you as soon as possible.

Libby - I know. I love you, Pat.

Patrick - I love you, baby, I miss you.

Libby - I miss you.

Patrick - I will ring you in about an hour an half, if you’re still up.

Libby - will go back to the hotel. I can’t wait to talk to you.

Patrick - me either baby, if all goes well baby with this man. Sandy will be gone.

Libby - I know.

Patrick - what did you think of him?

Libby - he’s a good guy, but he’s still got a lot to learn about the world.

Libby - but as grandma would say, pot calling the kettle.

Patrick - A bit ;)

Patrick - I miss you, baby, I shall be home as soon as I can be.

Libby - I miss you too, I know. love you. talk on the phone going to leave the nightclub stood in middle dancefloor texting you is not the best. Going to make sure Dan and Todd eat then go back hotel.

Patrick - okay baby, sorry I have been so long.

Libby - these things happen, we both need to get used to being away from each other.

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