Liberty of the air

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Patrick - Library plans

19 days later

“Patrick, I am sorry about this,” Roscoe says as he has me sat under a pile of paperwork.

“No its fine, it is interesting reading,” I say and I mean that Roscoe is looking up past laws, why I am not sure. but it’s interesting to read them. Does he know about other kinds? I want to ask everyone, if they know that we are not alone. wow I am starting to sound like a UFO nut. next thing I will be believing in fairys elves and mermaids. oh wait they are real!

“What are you looking for?” I ask him.

“It’s more what I can’t find Patrick.” Roscoe sighs.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“As it would help if I knew what we were after,” I say putting another book on the old government meetings down, we were currently only back 700 years. We needed to go further I think.

“I am trying to find the rules on the main royals marriage.” He says.

“Why?” I ask interested.

“Because if we are going to force an arranged marriage on a 19-year-old, I would appreciate having all the information.” He says.

“I understand she is the last of her line, but so was Princess Elizabeth for years,” I say.

“Why must we rush her, she should be free to make her own choices,” I say.

“Spoken like a father and a man in love,” Roscoe assures me.

“Would you be happy if we were stood arranging Maria’s wedding in court?” I question.

“No, Heaven forbid that can wait another 100 years at least then that is her choice, not my own” Roscoe says seriously. I think about Libby’s dad then.

“What if you didn’t have that long left?” I question him, he seems to think.

“When Maria has met the man she loves and who adores her, loves her and she is his world,” Roscoe says thoughtfully.

“Then no matter the time I would respect her choice.” He informs me. I think about it. Think about Libby’s only wish being her dad to be at her wedding. I sigh, Roscoe looks over at me.

“Ah, you asking in more a personal than my child?” He asks me with a smile.

“I went to my girlfriend’s sisters wedding this summer break, it was lovely. I know we have 100s of years.” I say seriously and I know rushing makes little sense.

“You are that serious about the girl you see 100s of years not weeks?” Roscoe questions me a teasing smile.

“Yes and don’t act like that, I was with Helena for years.” I point out.

“You were.” He says deadly serious.

“So what are you thinking?” He questions me.

“Her dads extremely old, I would hazard he only has a few years left. shes a very late in life baby, she has brothers older than myself and you put together and older siblings we would class as babies.” I say seriously.

“Ah,” Roscoe says,

“She is how old?” he questions me.

“she is 21,” I say.

“So Marias age basically,” he says raising his eyebrows. I know he’s not judging, but he is pointing out that it is a lot of years.

“No, I refuse to believe Maria is that old until I see her she will remain the little 12 year old she was last time I saw her,” I inform him.

“I will try to arrange a visit, shes at college this year and apparently she may have plans,” he says shaking his head.

“To busy for daddy?” I tease.

“and to cool apparently.” He chuckles.

“I will talk to her about it.” He says with a smile. he seems to think.

“Go back to what you’re thinking about marriages,” he says I sigh, well if I am going to have this conversation, better him than Abicus.

“Her elder sister married her boyfriend this year after being with him a long time.” I say, being careful not to say years here. You cant lie to Roscoe, but you can be select about what you say. It truelly makes me understand Libby. everything you say has to be fully true. normally it isnt a problem, but when you’re trying to hide the fact you’re not dating an Amaris its harder.

“Because she didn’t believe her father would be around if she waits,” Roscoe says nodding as if understanding.

“Yes, but the man also has early stages of Alzheimer’s.” Alzheimer’s is still known for Amaris near the end.

“Oh.” Roscoe says nodding looking thoughtful.

“During the wedding, I asked Libby if the huge party was what she wants,” I admit to him.

“Is it as i would love an invite,” Roscoe says seriously giving me a smile.

“It is not what she wants, she wants small and private,” I admit with a smile.

“She loves to dance, but she dislikes being the centre of attention,” I admit. he nods as if excepting this.

“But the main thing she wants is for her dad to be there,” I say seriously.

“Ah so your not sure if you should rush your relationship to that point and marry before he dies.” He says.

“No, I want him there for her, I want you to tell me I’m rushing. that I have only known her a few months and that I am going to fast.” I say weakly.

“But that’s not how you feel is it?” He asks me.

“No I love her, I don’t want to ever imagine a life without her. she is just so special.” I admit. he nods.

“Can you remember those really old bedtime stories, the ones where everyone truly has a soulmate,” I say.

“Yes, was my grandmothers favorite when she used to watch me.” He sighs.

“Libby feels like that, this is killing me being apart from her,” I admit, the fact was I talked to her twice a day, I knew what she got up to her every waking moment as I would ask her, I would also constantly have Abicus check in with Todd and Dan. She had been out to celebrate Samhain a few weeks ago. Dan and Todd said it was different but Libby had just explained a huge feast and party with plating food for the dead and baking bread.

“Then is there ever a wrong time?” He asks me.

“When you know you don’t want to be apart from her when you know how much you love her. don’t deny it, I have heard you on the phone to her, you are telling the full truth when you say you love her.” He says with a smile.

“As King Derek does when he mentions Princess Alysa,” I say.

“I am not the only one seeing that then.” Roscoe sighs, he sighs again looking around.

“He is not eligible.” Roscoe sighs looking at another book,

“Unless he has someone to take his seat,” I say seriously.

“Yes unless then.” Roscoe sighs.

“Have you ever met her?” I ask.

“No, I haven’t, I did arrange my meeting but the castle was attacked.” Roscoe sighs.

“I met her,” I admit,

“What did you think of her?” he asks me.

“I spoke to her briefly for 5 minutes before I went into a meeting with King Robward,” I admit.

“Ah as did most that met her only see her briefly.” He admits.

“She was a 15-year-old when I met her, she is now almost 20. I wish people would stop aging so quickly.” I say.

“You and me both Patrick.” Roscoe sighs.

“I think it may be time I admit defeat, I am not going to find the book I believe I need.” He sighs putting another one down.

“Which is crazy as I swear I only saw it 40 years ago.” he sighs.

“there are a lot of things I swear I only saw 40 years ago, but its been 40 plus years for me to lose them,” I tell him.

“True.” He sighs.

“I am trying to do what is best, find this book before Christmas to just push back an arranged marriage for her until she’s old enough to decide if that is what she wants herself. I understand the Queen may wish to see her daughter marry before she dies. as alas she never did get to see Elizabeths.” He sighs.

“I can’t keep you, my prisoner, forever, but I do not understand, why when you want to see your girlfriend so badly have you been humoring me?” He questions.

“I am sorting out things with the producer Ace,” I say, he smiles and nods his head.

“Ah I heard a rumor he was in court, I did not realize you were meeting with him,” Roscoe says.

“I am doing it rather sneakily. I have signed papers, and this time next week I will fully have signed everything to no longer be under Sandys’ thumb, I will enjoy being able to hand her, her notice.” I admit. he chuckles.

“I am surprised it has taken this long.” He admits.

“As am I, I feel like I have been a ghost of myself for years until I met Libby.” I sigh.

“you have, King Robward, King Matthew, and I, have thought it for years, since.” he stops himself.

“Since Iris died.” I sigh.

“I am truly sorry,” Roscoe says.

“King Robward understood the most after he lost Elizabeth and Alysa.” He says.

“To lose one’s child.” He says sadly as if he could never imagine the pain we all felt.

“Keep Maria close, even if you’re uncool,” I say with a weak smile.

“I always shall,” he says.

“If you truly feel ready to enter another long relationship, by all means, propose. unless there’s a reason you cant.” He says.

“No Helena and I have been divorced for years,” I say. he nods excepting this.

“But please remember I do enjoy a good party.” He says.

“I shall,” I say seriously.

“What is this one?” I say finding a green book on the top shelf, the writing is not a language I recognize.

“I am unsure.” He says taking it from me, he opens it and looks confused.

“I do not recognize this language.” He admits to me, someone walks in then, I look over at Prince Marco with King Andrew.

“Oh, I’m sorry I was unaware you were both using the record rooms today.” King Andrew says like he is up to something, both Roscoe and I look at each other but then them. trying to act like we weren’t up to something when we both could tell they were possibly up to the same thing.

“Its fine we are both leaving I have an important meeting tonight,” I say seriously. I look at Roscoe he looks at the green book still like he is deep in thought.

“I am just going to take this one home with me, I shall sign it out.” He says. we do pleasantries, my phone beeps I pull it out of my pocket.

Libby - they will need the Red book Roscoe was looking at earlier dismissing. Derek and the princess should hopefully marry near yule.

Patrick - Okay baby.

it seemed the only reply I could do right then, not sure what she knew about what was going on and what she didn’t. I think about it I pull it back down from the shelf and put it on the desk with a few other books.

“Do you think Christmas would be the best time for a wedding,” I ask Roscoe. he looks at me like he thinks I have lost the plot.

“With all this talk about marriage, you seem to have it stuck on your brain,” Roscoe says giving me a look like he wanted to take my brain apart and examine it.

“I suppose I need to propose to her and gain her father’s permission first,” I say.

“And ask the royal in charge of her line,” Marco mumbles under his breath, he’s obviously torn on that.

“Not if I got the president involved and at least 5 royals of different families,” I say. he takes that in and I see him adding two together and a smile goes on his face. he’s worked out there’s a way.

“This book explains it, But I’m sure I can gain my girlfriend’s dads and royals permission,” I say.

“So what you’re going to go ask her family’s royal for there permission then her dads?” Roscoe asks me torn. but then he seems to think and looks at Marco.

“Well, actually Roscoe. My girlfriends royal of the Amaris is yourself.” I say. he groans.

“Of course it is, that’s why we’ve had this conversation. he says thoughtfully.

“Her name doesn’t sound familiar how is she related to me?” He asks me.

“Great great grand something, but your their families closest Amaris royal,” I admit.

“Then I give my blessing if it’s truly what you both wish.” He says.

Marco and Andrew look at each other as if they are completely confused about what is happening in front of them. I don’t blame them. I look at them both.

“As you have mine if you ever require it,” I say.

“I am happy with my wife thankyou.” Roscoe chuckles.

“I best get going I have a meeting with Ace, then I want to go to see Liberty’s father,” I say.

“Wait your serious your going to propose?” Roscoe questions me.

“Yes during Yule,” I say.

“Well, perhaps this is congratulations. the next time I see you, you shall be an engaged man.” Roscoe says.

“That I hope I shall,” I say.

“King Andrew, Prince Marco until we meet again,” I say with a nod of my head. I then move past them and out the room Roscoe giving the same goodbye. We walk in step.

“You never signed that book out,” I say as we reach the doors, that will lead us out of the library.

“that I didn’t, but I don’t think anyone is going to miss this book, I doubt its seen the light of day in centuries,” he says looking at the ancient looking book.

“I agree,” I say.

“Good luck with your proposal and your meetings,” Roscoe says.

“good luck not being the uncool dad,” I tell him.

“too late for that I believe.” He says but he smiles. Lee and Abicus saw me straight away and approached as did Roscoe’s guards.

“Until I see you again,” I say.

“Until then, goodbye Patrick,” Roscoe says and then he walks off to his car and climbs in with his guards.

“took your time, I thought you were going to be late,” Abicus says.

“No, not when this will be the last hurdle to get free of Sandy,” I say walking to my own car, Lee opens the door and the three of us climb in. Lee climbs in the driver’s seat but Abicus climbs in with me.

“what proposal Patrick?” Lee asks me confused, after a while of him driving. oh, the rest of the conversation must have clicked.

“I was thinking all this talk about weddings this year, makes me fancy a spring wedding myself, perhaps Libby’s 22nd birthday.”

“Don’t you think its too soon?” Lee asks me, Abicus looks like he suspected it was coming.

“No Lee I honestly don’t,” I admit.

“I don’t either,” Abicus says seriously.

“This is going to get messy,” Lee says.

“No, I don’t think it is. I think it’s all going to work out fine in the end.” Abicus says.

“As do I,” I admit.

“Will you be having one of Libby’s ways weddings or our own?” Lee question.

“I will see what Libby wants. but I think it was already implied by Eban that we would be having an Amaris one.” I say thinking about it.

“I think it was too,” Abicus says seriously.

“Good luck for Libby not to lose her rings,” Lee says but I can see his smile in the mirror.

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