Liberty of the air

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Patrick - plans

“Are you sure this is what you truly want Patrick?” Ace asks me as I hover over the dotted line, this signature will set me free, but right now I am remembering everything Sandy has done for me.

“it is truly what I want,” I say and I do mean that it’s just without Sandy’s push I would never have been as big as I have been.

“I heard you had new material already ready?” Ace asks me,

“Yes, a few songs and even a music video ready for one,” I admit.

“That’s impressive.” He says nodding.

“Have you got a copy that I can look at to see if its a hit?” He asks me. I nod and hand him the memory stick that Lee had given me before I came in, just for that question. he has edited all of it, I admit its amazing, I loved it. Even if it’s not a hit, I will treasure the music video myself for many years to come.

“I shall watch it on my way back to LA,” he says to me.

“Would you like a lift?” I ask, it only seems polite.

“No Aria is in court visiting her family in private. I shall be flying her out with myself in 3 days.” He says.

“She is extremely impressive does she write all her own songs?” I ask.

“Yes,” he says.

“As do you?” He checks.

“Yes,” I tell him, he nods. I sign my name.

“So are you returning to LA today?” he questions me.

“No today I am firing Sandy, with paid 40 months,” I say.

“Why you only need to give her a month paid.” He says like he thinks I’m crazy, I possibly am, but I don’t want to give Sandy anything to bitch about.

“I am softening the blow,” I admit.

“Good luck with that,” he says, he smiles. he’s young, very young. It turns out he’s only 4 years older than Libby, very young.

“When do you get back to LA?” he asks me.

“A week at most,” I say seriously.

“It’s going to take you a whole week to sort things out here? Is that a usual routine, will you be going AWOL every time a government meeting is called up?” He questions me.

“I have to attend 5 a year at least, but I can be out of them normally in and out,” I admit.

“Yet this time will be over a month until you return home?” He questions me.

“Yes.” I know it’s going to be a whole month not seeing Liberty and its killing me.

“Your girl okay with you being AWOL this long?” He questions me he sounds interested.

“We talk two times a day, but I truly can’t wait to get home to her,” I say truthfully.

“But it takes you a week to fire your manager?” He questions me, I think he’s trying to work out how committed I am.

“No, but I need to go see her father and ask for his permission to ask her to marry me,” I admit, his eyes go a bit wide, he wasn’t expecting that.

“Its what you both want?” he asks me interested.

“I won’t know until I propose,” I say.

“There is something really different about her.” He says thoughtfully.

“She is a free spirit, well shes air,” I say with a smile.

“Ah,” he says as if that explains everything. he looks at my face as if trying to see something, but I don’t know what. he is rather an interesting man.

“Well I wish you good luck, I want you in the studio in 2 weeks no later, I will listen to this song and watch the video and let you know if its a yes or a no.” He says, he holds his hand out. I shake it, he’s the one in charge here today and he knows it. I’m the king and the rock-star but he’s the one who controls my future.

“Patrick we could just stay here,” Sandy says from where she is sat on a deckchair next to my pool in the skimpiest black bikini, she might as well be naked for how little she has on her skin right now. go home, Sandy!

“You could,” I say the paper burning a hole in my pocket since I was given it yesterday. But I had come back to my house in the court, talked to Libby and listened as she told me all about her sleepover at Rion’s and Flint. we had talked until she could barely keep her eyes open, when she had started to deep breathe and I knew she was asleep, Dan had taken her phone and I had caught up with him, he said how Rion’s and Flints was a security nightmare as she was sleeping outside in there back garden that apparently was a risk. I just told him I would be back as soon as I could be, that if Libby wants to sleep outside she can. how I wished I was there holding her. I look at Sandy and know the quicker I do this the better, I could be home holding Liberty if I can just fire her.

“I can’t not be there Patrick you need me.” She tells me.

“Actually Sandy I don’t.” I hand her my new contract and my void of hers, that was legally signed.

“What is this Patrick a joke?” She questioned her face red, she was angry.

“I have stood by you for years! I have put up with you fucking woman after woman, I have dealt with your one nights and the girls you’ve drunk from.” She says sneering.

“I have made sure no one ever talks about you to the press.” she sneers at me.

“I have put up with you fucking that little commoner kid.” She sneers.

“I think it’s over time we go separate ways,” I say.

“what because your little gold digger wants to be rid of me?” she sneers.

“I made you.” she sneers at me.

“No,” I say firmly,

“I made me, I wrote my music, I paid for everything, I made you Sandy. you have enough money to live comfortably for the next 400 years sat by a pool.” I snap, she is glaring daggers at me. She goes to say something and then obviously sees sense. She grabs her sundress from next to her and puts it on, she glares at me, then stands.

“you haven’t heard the last from me, Patrick, one day you’ll be begging me to come back.” She sneers at me.

“Until then Sandy,” I say firmly.

She storms out.

“that actually went better than I thought it would, I was expecting her to slap you,” Abicus says from where he is stood with a smirk on his face.

“it went too well,” I say truthfully knowing Sandy.

“Yep,” Abicus says watching the blood red convertible that was now leaving my driveway.

“way too well,” he says.

As my plane came down, I knew it was now or never. Well no it would never be never. one day I would have to have this conversation with Libby’s dad. But for the life of me, I could not remember his name.

“What’s the worst that can happen? he says no?” Lee says.

“Not helping Lee,” Abicus says from where he is sat drinking his bottle of blood. he looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” He questions me.

“Yes,” I say and I mean that. Yes, I am ready to call Libby mine.

“Are we flying back to the closest airport or driving?” Lee asks me.

“We will fly, I want to be back with Libby as soon as possible,” I say.

“That’s good because she is driving Dan mad with security nightmares, she refuses to let him in class with her,” Lee says.

“Do you blame her,” Abicus asks him.

“She has explained to her friends that she’s dating a Rock-star and he’s being overprotective and that she doesn’t need protecting because she can take care of herself. but Dan and Todd both say seeing her at the gym means they know she can’t physically at least, they’ve never seen her use her magic and never seen her drink blood.” Lee says.

“Please tell me they are not trying to feed her blood.” I groin.

“A lot, I’ve told them to leave it,” Abicus says. I groan.

“I will explain when I get back, I am going to have no choice.” I groan, we fully touch down then.

“How long do you think this will take?” Lee asks interestedly.

“It could take minutes hours or days, who knows,” I say with what I hope is a hopeful smile.

“It will take at least an hour to drive to, from here,” Abicus says seriously obviously loading up his satnav on his phone.

“Least we no longer have Sandy breathing down our necks to get back.” Lee points out.

“Yes, at least that,” I say seriously.

“I wonder how flexible Ace will be with you,” Abicus says thoughtfully.

“At least it’s Ace and not his last name. It’s a good sign.” Lee says.

“He pays someone else to do what Sandy was doing,” I say thinking about it.

“So we will have someone else to cover the fact Libby is not an Amaris from,” Abicus says seriously.

“I think we would have fewer issues if we still were acting that Libby is human.” Lee sighs.

“I don’t think we would be, yes she doesn’t drink blood herself, but she doesn’t react when anyone is drinking it around her. she fully accepts that we need it.” Abicus says.

“I don’t know, Fairys aren’t real after all,” I say. We all look at each other Abicus chucks me a bottle of blood, keep that on you in case we don’t get out quickly.” Abicus says. The thing was I knew he had a point.

Lee had hired a car from the airport, he was driving much to Abicus annoyance who wanted to drive.

“Look a tractor,” Abicus says, the moment we are on Libby’s family’s land, it was hard to miss the bright red tractor that had 9 I repeat 9 people hanging from it. It was even harder to miss them!

“Is that a giant!” Lee questions.

“I was pretending I didn’t notice, then it may disappear.” Abicus mumbles avoiding looking out the window as we drove closer, the Giant stopped what it was doing.

“Hank please don’t we need to get the potatoes!” Someone yelled as the Giant took a step towards the car.

“Friends not foe.” Libby’s brother Bass yells. The giant took a step towards the car still, the ground all around us shook.

“Pull over,” I say,

“No, I kind of want to drive out of here,” Lee says.

“Pull over Lee,” I say, he groins,

“If this kills us, I don’t care if your royalty I will kill you,” Lee says. he stops though, The moment we stop, the Giant frowns and looks disappointed then walks straight back to the potato field. I look at Lee and Abicus.

“No such thing as giants right?” I say.

“Should we tell them that?” Abicus asks me, he’s smiling though.

“After you,” I tell him.

“Yeah. No.” Abicus says laughing. Bass is walking over to the car though, I see Eban walking over as well.

“We couldn’t have done this easier?” I ask the guys.

“Obviously not,” Abicus says I open the door.

“You here to help?” Bass asks me interested and hopeful, I take in how filthy he is. I doubt I could actually be helpful.

“No, I told you I was having guests tomorrow,” Eban says.

“Yeah Tomorow not today,” Bass says.

“So I was a day wrong.” Eban shrugged.

Bass looks at us like he wants to point out how wrong Eban was. but he decides better.

“Why are you here to talk to Eban?” He asks me.

“I’m actually not,” I admit.

“Ha even more wrong,” Bass says with a grin.

“Nope, I said it wasn’t just me. it was your dad and mom.” Eban says matter of fact.

“you really here to talk to my mom and dad?” Bass asks me.

“Yes,” I admit. Bass groans.

“Fine, I will go Town for you.” Bass groans.

“Told you I would win,” Eban says.

“Yeah, yeah I should know better.” Bass mumbles.

“Come on Patrick Abicus Lee, I will take you to Briar and Harry,” Eban says.

“Avoid Dest shes on the warpath,” Bass yells as Eban starts walking away. Eban shrugs.

“What’s wrong with Destiny?” Lee asks as we get into the woods.

“I may have suggested to her mother that her visiting Greece currently was not the best idea, as Aimee Immy and Libby weren’t around,” Eban says seriously.

“So her mom may have suggested she stay here until Aimee comes back for summer break,” Eban says, he looks smug. I shake my head trying not to laugh.

“She’s not going to be happy with you,” I say.

“Shes very pissed,” Eban admits.

“As pissed as Libby’s going to be if I don’t get home soon,” I say as a warning as he stops.

“Libby isn’t cross at all, she fully understands that your world is a mess at the moment, she might be upset if she hears you came here without her. especially currently.” He says.

“She okay?” I ask worriedly.

“Shes lonely. there’s only so much time a fae can spend alone before they become.” He starts, he seems to stop to think.

“Flint is aware how much she needs company, but Libby always knew she would be facing these years alone. she just misses you and everyone currently.” Eban says I felt really bad leaving Libby alone then.

“I will go straight back to her after I’ve spoken to her parents,” I say.

“Yeah and I’m trying to get it so Destiny notices you, but not lose her shit at me,” Eban says.

“I kind of hoped to get out without seeing Libby’s sisters, as I don’t want them telling her,” I say.

“then how will you know what ring to get Libby?” Eban questions me.

“I think I know Libby,” I say,

“What’s her ring size?” he asks me. Okay, he had me on that.

“She won’t say, it’s not like they can talk currently,” Eban says.

“Please tell me Destiny and Liberty are talking!” I say feeling so guilty for leaving Libby this long.

“Dakota broke Destinys phone about a week after you left. Destiny can’t even send Libby letters currently as you haven’t got a fixed address yet, she’s sending them to Flints and Rion’s but it’s not the same as just being able to go to a coffee shop and have her sister. Destiny is struggling not having Libby here currently as much as Libby is without Destiny. but they need to get used to it.” Eban says shrugging.

“Ah, there’s Harry,” Eban said pointing at a very naked old man, who was just walking around like it was nothing.

“They think our generation is strange as we all wear clothes, even if it’s not much. but we are trying to explain that we get cold.” Eban says I try to not look around at all the naked people.

“Harry,” Eban yells.

“What?” Libby’s dad says turning to face us.

“I could have gone my whole life without these images.” Abicus groans under his breath. I agree with him.

“Who are they?” Libby’s dad asks pointing at me. Eban sighs he gives me a look a look I understand.

“The sooner the better.” He tells me. I nod.

“I thought summer,” I mumble.

“I don’t think he’s got that long.” Eban mumbles.

“This is Libby’s boyfriend he wants to talk to you and Briar,” Eban says.

“Alright, where is Briar?” Harry asks.

“Here,” Briar says with a sad smile, looking at her husband, she is stood with Montana on her hip, Destiny, and Charity next to her.

“Patrick is Libby with you?” Destiny asks hopefully.

“Not currently I wanted a word with your mom and dad,” I admit.

“Alright,” Briar said handing Charity back her baby.

“Destiny,” Eban says, Destiny turns her back on him and walks off into the woods with her sister.

“It wasn’t that bad.” Eban mumbles.

“She has a right to be mad at you Eban.” Briar chuckles.

“Why don’t you all go to the waterfall and talk, show Briar and Harry the video. it’s amazing.” Eban yells.

“you haven’t seen it,” Lee says.

“Not yet I haven’t but I have,” Eban yells running away.

“Dest wait up,” he yells. Briar shakes her head and gives me a look, it’s not disappointed, its a slight smile.

“Is Libby alright?” Briar asks me.

“Where is Libby?” Harry asks looking around as if expecting her to come out the woods then.

“College baby,” Briar says sadly.

“But Destinys here,” Harry says confused.

“Libbys in her 3rd year now. Dest has finished baby. remember.” Briar says.

“Sorry I forgot,” Harry says running his hand through his hair its got whiter since I was last here, was that even possible.

“Come Patrick, Lee, Abicus. let’s grab the fishing stuff and go have a talk at the river.” Briar says.

“Oh fishing, we haven’t been fishing in a while,” Harry says. We help Briar pick up the fishing stuff that was just laid by a tree.

“I wondered why Eban told me to get the stuff for fishing ready, now I know.” She says with a smile.

“You can explain to me, what happened with the house and about the new one I’m sure you’ll be buying,” Briar says.

“Harry dear can you put on some pants, before we go fishing?” Briar asks with a grin at her husband.

“Why?” he asks her.

“Because we wouldn’t want a fish mistaking you for a worm.” She says with a way to big a grin. both Abicus and Lee groan, I have to force myself not to. but Libby’s dad at least goes and puts some pants on, Libby’s mom herself is in a simple short dark green dress. Least she wasn’t naked.

When Libby’s dad comes back dressed in pants we make our move to a lake on the property, I had thought we were going to go to the river but the lake was amazing, there were kids all around running around laughing. Adults naked and dressed, I knew it was impossible to tell their ages, but I watched Iris and Isle with what I took was their mother off in the distance.

“Its a lot bigger than I first thought,” Abicus says seriously as we take it all in.

“I think that’s what the town close by hate about us the most, we won’t sell on our land to them. its all protected as well, so nothing they can do about it. we’ve had people breathing down our necks to get us to sell up for 100s of years. It’s annoying. but this was our land before people even came to America, not including the Indians. but we lived openly with them.” She sighs looking sadly around.

“Its fine Briar the land will be here for our kids and there own and there grandchildren, same as it was for our own.” He says.

“Look at Maverick he’s all ready to do the switch over in 8 ish years as he said,” Harry says.

“Yes but I can’t imagine this home being turned into a school, I think Maverick needs to talk to Liberty rather than just assume its what she wants.” Briar sighs.

“Libby does want to make a school,” I say I knew she did.

“But here?” Briar asks me.

“I don’t know,” I admit. Briar set up her fishing rod, I started doing the one she handed me, so did Lee and Abicus giving me a look as if to say. what are we actually doing? Libby’s dad struggled squinting at the line.

“I think Harry its time you went to the options. Eban and Bass have both offered to drive you.” Briar says.

“I get it woman stop nagging. I don’t need glasses.” Harry says but he’s smiling and he pecks Libby’s mom on the cheek when he says it.

“Can they drive?” Harry asks suspiciously.

“Alright Charity then.” Briar laughs.

“How bad are all your drivings?” I have to ask.

“If you listened to Libby and Bass and Art, you would believe trees can walk and jump into there ways,” Briar says with a grin.

“And can they?” Abicus asks I’m already smiling at the image that came to my head.

“Not as many as once could,” Briar says looking sad. I look at her so do Lee and Abicus like we think she’s joking, but the serious look on her face corrects us of that.

“Nymphs are mostly extinct.” She sighs.

“There’s about 20 left in the world. one of which housed Harmony for Nicolette when she was extremely hurt years ago.” Briar says seriously as if thinking deeply about it.

“So Nicolette wasn’t the one in the wrong?” I ask, with how she said Nicolette’s name it was that of respect.

“No, she listened to her best friend’s dying wish and protected your princess until her death. even then she gave Harmony all the knowledge she needed in life to avoid your kind until she was ready.” Briar informs us.

“Nicolette loved Harmony, never ever doubt that,” Briar informs us, she casts off.

“How is the house hunting going?” she asks me.

“We thought we had got the house, but they pulled out on the last day,” I say still unsure how we lost that place.

“We offered more, but they declined,” I say.

“then it was never meant to be your home,” Harry says seriously from where he’s sat on the floor.

“It was 4 bedrooms it was perfect.” Lee mumbles.

“Was it really?” Harry asks seriously, Lee starts to think.

“It would have been all your homes for the next few years, was it really big enough?” Harry asks.

“Was there room for Libby to run around the garden and sleep in a hammock. if she wanted to?” Briar asked.

“there was a garden big enough for her to sleep in a hammock, but not really run around,” Lee admits.

“but finding a place like that near Libby’s college.” Lee starts like we have given him a fruitless task.

“Good luck,” Briar says with a grin.

“the only other place up currently that would be anywhere near big enough a 9 bedroom.” Lee groans.

“Wouldnt that house all your guards nicely?” Harry asks.

“It wouldn’t all of them. but then Patrick doesn’t really want them all to live with us.” Lee says. thoughtfully.

“They didn’t have to, but it would be room enough that if you needed more to stay on occasion. or visitors such as Destiny wanted to come to see her sister.” Briar points out. Lee nods.

“Its a farmhouse. A bit further from Libby’s college so she would have to wake up earlier but actually closer to your studio.” Lee says to me.

“Put an offer down,” I say.

“Shall do,” he says seriously.

“So what does bring you here, as I doubt its to fish with us and tell us about the lack of a house,” Briar says. I take a deep breath, actually nervous to do this.

“I was wondering if I may have your blessing on asking Liberty to marry me,” I say looking at both her parents with my question. A smile was on Briar’s face, but Harry looked confused.

“your dating Libby?” he asks me confused.

“Yes, honey they have been dating for a while,” Briar tells Harry squeezing his hand.

“Libby’s 14 though,” he says confused.

“Libby’s 21 now baby she did her awakening this summer, Patrick came to stay with us then and came for Charity’s wedding,” Briar says squeezing Harry’s hand.

“Charity is married? did she have a small wedding?” Harry asks confused.

“No honey she had a huge wedding this summer, you gave her away. but you did get very drunk.” Briar says squeezing his shoulder.

“Oh,” Harry says seriously as if he’s thinking about it. Briar looks at me with a smile.

“You have my blessing.” She assures me.

“But I would talk to Destiny and Charity before you think about rings.” She says with a smile.

“Thank you,” I say Harry looks sad as if he’s torn.

“When did my babies grow up?” He asks seriously to Briar.

“Time gets away from us sometimes Harry, you and I know that the most. your no longer a spring chicken, neither am I.” She says. she kisses him.

“I love you,” Briar tells him, something happens then almost a silver sparkle leaves her and I watch it settle into Harry. he blinks.

“Its hard to believe my babies are all grown up.” He says with a smile.

“You have my blessing,” he tells me with a smile.

“When are you thinking?” Harry asks me.

“I was planning to propose to her during Yule,” I admit.

“Ah so perhaps an Imbolc wedding, it has been a long time,” Briar says with a grin.

“February the 2nd,” Abicus tells me when I try work out when that is.

“That sounds amazing if that is what Libby wants,” I say with a smile.

“will you be having a Fae wedding and Party or your own kind?” Briar asks me interested.

“I was hoping to have a mixture of them both,” I admit.

“Perhaps a small Amaris wedding, then a bigger Fae one,” I say seriously.

“But I wouldn’t want to mix the Amaris with the Fae much,” I say meaning it.

“I want to keep you all a secret still,” I assure them.

“So I was hoping we could have the Fae wedding here if that’s what Libby wants. then on a different date perhaps a few days later a wedding in an Amaris church my way, but with only the close family there?” I suggest.

“It sounds lovely. Libby won’t want big.” Briar says thoughtfully.

“I shall wait on her say before I make any plans.” She tells me with a grin.

“Perhaps I shall let my rule of phones go for a day a week. so that I can ring Liberty.” She says thoughtfully.

“Now don’t go going Crazy Briar.” Harry laughs.

“Your right Harry. get Liberty to write to her mother and send me your address as soon as you have one. until then I shall carry on sending her mail to Rion’s.” Briar informs me.

“I won’t mention you proposing to her until after,” Briar says with a smile.

“You’re going to propose to Libby?” A female’s voice asks I turn to see Destiny. she is stood just on the edge of the trees, a worried look on her face.

“Yes, I plan to during Yule,” I admit to Destiny. she nods her head.

“So I take it you want to know Libby’s dream ring?” She asks me.

“Yes,” I say, she looks torn.

“I understand if you think its too soon.” I start.

“No, it’s not that Patrick,” she says she looks torn as hell.

“Its the fact Libby has never shown me the actual ring she wants,” Destiny says seriously.

“I know her size and I know roughly what she likes. but as far as I’m aware Libbys never seen her ring.” Destiny informs me.

“Her ring?” I say.

“Basically the girls can tell there rings even before they meet the guy,” Briar says.

“Charity, Cherish and I, we all found ours in the shop close by,” Destiny says.

“But Libby didn’t,” Destiny says.

“Perhaps because hers is not in there,” I say thinking about it.

“That is very likely,” Briar informs me.

“Diamond with Sapphire or Topaz has always been what she’s been drawn to though,” Destiny tells me.

“What size?” I ask her.

“6.75.” She tells me. I smile.

“Thank you,” I tell her. she looks torn.

“Mom,” she says to her mom.

“What?” Briar asks looking at her.

“Can I go visit Aimee shes lonely,” Destiny says.

“Yes that’s fine, but don’t be too long. a month at most.” Briar says, giving Harry a look. Destiny kisses her daddy’s head.

“Love you, daddy.” She tells him, she sounds torn.

“Do not let Libby know Destiny,” Briar says.

“I won’t and I will be 2 weeks at most, ill be back in time to drive daddy to his doctor's appointment.” Destiny says hugging her daddy.

“You don't need to rush home Destiny I shall be fine. it's just a scan.” Harry says.

“A scan?” I ask, Briar then goes on to explain. I listen trying to absorb it all. What Libby wants is her daddy there for her wedding.

“Perhaps maybe a Yule wedding would be nice,” I say after an hour and it all absorbing in. Briar gives me a sad look.

“Perhaps that would be the best, then most can stay to celebrate Yule with us,” Briar says.

“It's also Libby's favorite festival.” Destiny pipes up.

“you both just don't want you to marry on the 23rd as that's Harmony's wedding date,” Eban says coming in the clearing.

“We married December the 21st ourselves didnt we Briar, on the winter solstice,” Harry says with a smile.

“Yes, baby we did,” Briar says with a grin.

“I shall see what Libby wants but a Yule wedding sounds lovely,” I say. I give Lee and Abicus a look.

“Its a shame you don't get invited to Harmony's wedding, but then if you did then the outcome in a few years would be different,” Eban says.

A fish bit then Harry's rod, he pulls it up with a smile.

“Oh I do love it when I actually catch a fish,” Harry says. Lee gets a bite then himself.

“I'm going to go see Aimee,” Destiny says kissing her moms cheek.

“Do you mind company?” Eban asks.

“Yes I do, I’m going to get a break from you,” Destiny says then she goes to walk away.

“Diamonds and Sapphire or Topaz. size 6.75.” Destiny says.

“Bye Patrick see you at Yule,” Destiny says and she walks away.

“Dest please,” Eban says leaving following her.

“What's he done now?” Harry asks?”

“I don't actually know.” Briar shrugs.

“I have given up asking,” Briar admits. Briar looks at me and the guys.

“Are you staying the night?” She asks us.

“I hoped to get back to Libby as soon as possible,” I admit.

“then perhaps I should allow you to make a move,” Briar says she pulls out her line. she walks over and kisses me on the head.

“you both have my blessing and my kinds.” She tells me.

“you both have mine also.” Harry says kissing me on the head, this is going to take some getting used to.

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