Liberty of the air

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Libby - Patricks return

“Libby,” Flint says as I’m sat on his kitchen counter with my college books. I could go back to the hotel but I’ve been avoiding going back the last few days. I hate being alone there. Here I at least know Flint and Rion are around, even if Rion’s using it as an excuse to rule what I eat, but then I think I broke that plan, by cooking myself and convincing Flint this is what he should eat. today’s dinner smells amazing on the stove even from where I sit. I can smell the apples with about half a bag of sugar on them. Flint’s already pointed out how much trouble we are going to be in for it. I sent Todd out to buy flour and avocado, apples, sugar, Pumpkin seeds, and cashew nuts whilst I was in class today. I think I had scared him when I said I was cooking dinner, but he had come through.

“The apples?” Flint asks me, I pick up the lid on them, I try to shove a fork in an apple, still hard.

“Still hard,” I tell him.

“they take longer than 89 seconds,” Dan says sounding bored from where he’s sat at Flints dining room table, actually reading a book.

“I’m so hungry,” I say.

“Then eat something more than fruit and sugar,” Dan mumbles, I look at Flint and smile, he smiles back and shrugs at me.

“Its one of the main food groups,” I say.

“the smallest one,” Dan mumbles but his lips up in the corner.

“Have you got any bananas?” I ask.

“They might be brown,” Flint says.

“That’s even better,” I say jumping off the counter putting my college book down.

“There in the fruit bowl,” Flint says, I walk over to the table and grab the bunch of brown bananas.

“Bit of blood would fill you more,” Dan says under his breath when I’m close by.

I touch my necklace torn, I hate letting him and Todd think I am something I’m not. Flint clears his throat, I turn and look at him, he slightly shakes his head as if he knew what I was going to do. I sigh.

“Fancy ice cream with the crumble?” I ask.

“Sounds amazing, but we haven’t really got time to freeze them.” He says.

“Done,” I say shrugging.

“Done?” Dan asks grabbing the bananas from me. they were already frozen.

“Sure -27.” I shrug.

“Liberty.” Dan starts his face is that of shock.

“Hurry and make the ice cream then, so Rion doesn’t say no,” Flint says. I go to move away from Dan, but he grabs my arm and says.

“it is dangerous to use your powers like that in front of a human.” He whispers it but I can tell he’s cross at me. I simply put my hand on his arm that’s holding me and decide the truth is the best.

“Flints not human though he’s my family,” I tell him. He looks at me like I’ve slapped him. But I slip out his arms and go throw the bananas in the food blender.

“What have you got that I can mix it with?” I ask.

“rice malt syrup,” Flint says pulling it out.

“Ohh do you have cinnamon?” I question, he pulls some of a spice rack, he puts the cashew nuts I brought down on the side as well.

“Yummy,” I say with a grin. I throw all the ingredients straight in the blender, blend then put it in a tub and shove it in Flint’s freezer, he’s stirring the apples and pouring more sugar in with them.

“Can you make the crumble with the avocado?” Flint asks me.

“Yeah, no problem,” I say going over,

“I don’t know if I’ve gone crazy, if Patrick has, or if you two have,” Dan says, he’s watching Flint like he now sees him as a threat.

“I like to think we are all crazy in our own ways,” Flint says.

“Not helping,” I tell him.

“I didn’t tell him to help princess, I’m just pointing out a fact,” Flint says shrugging. I groan and shake my head.

“Liberty.” Dan starts.

“Patricks aware, he told you Flint Rion and Birch are fine for me to hang with. you didn’t see me as an Amaris at first either. I’m safe so is Pat.” I say assuringly.

“What’s for dinner?” Rion asks coming in the front door and obviously smelling the food.

I look at Flint, he looks at me we both smile.

“Fruit and nuts.” We yell together laughing. hey, its the truth.

“Why don’t I trust you both,” Rion says coming in the room, he’s carrying his gym bag over his shoulder.

“you need more faith,” Flint says going up and kissing his husband. Rion kisses Flint and smiles.

“How was work?” Flint asks him.

“Fine thanks how was yours?” Rion asks Flint.

“Alright, But I wish people would listen to me when I inform them a color washes them out, rather than report me to my manager.” Flint sighs sounding frustrated.

“What did your manager say?” Flint asks him.

“That yellow doesn’t really suit many people,” Flint says. I smile as they catch up their days, I finish making the crumble and shove it in the oven.

“Liberty how was class?” Rion asks me.

“Fine,” I say shrugging.

“How much sugar have you two used?” He questions me.

“Not as much as we could,” Flint says, I grin.

“Is this going to rot my teeth?” Rion questions.

“Possibly if you don’t clean them,” I say.

“they used a full bag of sugar,” Dan says from where he’s sat, now on his phone texting obviously. I put my hand on my necklace.

“Princess,” Rion warns me, I don’t need the warning. I let it go.

“We are returning to the hotel tonight,” Dan says firmly from where he’s sat.

“Okay, Is Patrick coming back?” I ask hopefully.

“The last I heard he had a meeting today,” Dan says, not looking at me.

“Liberty is able to stay here alone if you need to go. hell, I’ve known her most her life.” Flint says. Dan looks at us then.

“I am in charge of Liberty’s safety, where ever she goes I shall,” Dan says.

“Does that include the toilet?” Flint asks.

“He stands outside the door,” I say,

“Perhaps if you put more effort in at the gym,” Rion says.

“He has a point,” Dan says.

“I put enough effort in,” I mumble.

“Dinner will be ready in a minute, set the table,” Flint says. Rion grabs the stuff to set the table, Dan looks at me like he’s torn on what to do.

“Hotel tonight,” he tells me, I nod.

“Alright,” I say.

“What time is it where Pat is?” I ask him weakly.

“I don’t know, his schedule. but he rings you every night.” Dan says I nod I know that.

“Good night Liberty,” Patrick tells me, on the phone, I’m in the bed at the hotel. I’ve told Pat all about Dan now knowing Flint and Rion arent human. I’ve told him all about my day, he’s told me all about firing Sandy. Sandy is gone!

“I love you, baby, I shall be back as soon as I can be,” Patrick says, he sounds so torn.

“I love you too Pat,” I say, he hangs up then. I sigh I feel so alone right now. Which is silly. I am not alone at all, I pull out the bag Rion gave me on my way out today, It had a new sports bra box in which was kind of annoying. I got it, I needed a new one. but I could have gone got my own. I pour the bag out on the bed, The sports bra box falls out first and a bar of vegan chocolate and an apple. I sigh and open the bar of chocolate. I pick up the sports bra packet. it makes a funny noise like something is moving around in the packaging. I don’t know what its about but I open it, the packaging looks like it was resealed I realize. two sports bras fall out, so does a pregnancy test, wrapped in the bra, with instructions. there’s a note.

just pee on the stick, you properly are not, you might just be depressed eating. but your eating habits have changed. I want you to make sure you’re not, before our next session.


Fuck sake Rion, I’m not Pregnant!

Nope, I refuse to even give in to that idea, not happening! Not until I’ve finished college. Not until! No just no! But then Pat and I. No I’m not even going to entertain the thought. I put it back in the bra, I screw the note up and chuck it at the wall. I would get rid of it tomorrow! No No, he overstepped. but what if. No just no!

I climb out the bed and start pacing. there is a knock on the door.

“Yes?” I shout.

“Everything alright in there Libby?” Todd called. I took a deep breath, I looked at the door.

“No,” I say the truth, he immediately opens the door, looking to be in attack mode. he looks around the hotel room. taking me in my baggy college top.

“Wheres the threat?” he asks me.

“No threat,” I say.

“Then why is it not alright?” He questions me like I’m a mistle he has to defuse.

“Don’t worry,” I tell him, I go sit on my bed and take a huge bit of my chocolate bar.

“If you need anything Liberty, please call. Goodnight.” He says.

“Night,” I say. He leaves, I sigh and pull out the pregnancy test. No. but what if? I hold it in my hands, Urg. I climb back out of bed and walk into the bathroom, I hold the test torn and read the instructions. Morning, I will take it in the morning. Just to prove to myself I’m not. it says the first pee of the day is better.

I put it down on the bathroom side, I go back to the bed. I toss and turn for at least an hour until sleep finally claims me.

I feel safe and warm and Patrick’s scent is all around me.

“Baby.” I hear him say.

“mmm Pat, miss you,” I say. I feel a kiss and he says.

“I’ve missed you too.” Patrick’s voice says, he feels so solid, I have to open my eyes. but he might fade again. I know that I’ve had this dream a few times.

“Baby can you wake up,” Patrick says.

“No,” I mumble burying myself into his arms.

“Please baby.” Pat sighs.

“No, I don’t want this to be a dream again,” I admit, he kisses my head.

“Not a dream baby, but we do need to talk about the note from Rion and what I found in the bathroom.” Patrick’s voice says that’s all it takes I sit up suddenly awake. I blink at the man fully dressed laying above the bedding, he is holding the note from Rion and the unused pregnancy test.

“It’s not what it looks like,” I say worried, he puts his hand up to calm me,

“What it looks like is Rion thinks your pregnant.” He says.

“He’s only going on the fact I’ve currently lost my appetite. but that’s possibly because Dan and Todd keep trying to feed me blood.” I say. Patrick looks at me,

“Baby,” he says.

“I didn’t try to get.” I start worried. he kisses me flat on the lips. I kiss him back, he pulls me back into his arms. then he rolls on top of me.

“Calm down, I’m not cross or annoyed or anything. I just saw it when I came in.” He says.

“Your back,” I say my heart feeling better.

“Yeah, baby I’m back. Don’t worry,” he says stroking my face, he’s put the test down.

“I wanted to wake you when I came in. but you looked so peaceful asleep. So went toilet and found the test, then found the note. you haven’t taken it yet?” He questions me. he doesn’t sound angry, he does sound torn.

“Not yet, I.” I start.

“You’re scared?” He asks me like he already knows. I nod.

“Whatever happens baby, I will be there for you. be it now the future and forever I will always be there.” He tells me stroking my face.

“I missed you.” He says kissing my head.

“Missed you too,” I assure him, kissing him.

“you happy to take this in the morning?” He asks me.

“I’m scared to. what if it changes everything.” I tell him scared.

“Nothing Libby will change how I feel about you.” He says I kiss him. he holds me tight, his hand starts exploring my body.

“Sorry baby, I just need to know you are real,” he says, sniffing me.

“Me too,” I tell him wrapping my arms around his neck.

“You take this test in the morning okay.” He says. I nod, he groans.

“I’m going to hold you alright I’m home now baby,” he says.

“this is a hotel,” I mumble.

“No baby you are my home,” he says kissing me.

“you are my home too,” I tell him.

“you been homesick?” he asks me. I nod.

“I won’t leave you that long again okay baby.” He says.

“I’ll never leave you a month again,” he tells me, I know he’s telling me the truth.

“I’ll never leave you a month again either,” I assure him. he pulls my top up. I let it go. We become a mess of limbs for a while.

My alarm goes in the morning and Patrick just presses snooze.

“One day of missed classes?” He asks me hopeful.

“It’s Friday,” I assure him.

“So no class?” He asks hopefully.

“Only 2 today,” I say. he groans, but he sits up.

“You go, class, then come straight back,” he says. I nod.

“Yeah, I missed you,” I tell him, wishing I could bring myself not to go. he hands me the pregnancy stick, I look at it then him.

“Pat,” I say worried.

“No matter the results, Libby, nothing will change.” He tells me.

“But everything will Pat,” I say worried.

“You’ll still be able to finish college, you’ll still be able to do everything you want. I won’t stop you. I promise I will always help you” He says.

“I know that Pat,” I say.

“are you worried because our baby will be Amaris?” He asks me. I shake my head.

“then what baby?” he asks me.

“I’m scared I won’t be a good mom,” I admit.

“Baby you’ll be a great mom, be it now or 100s of years time. you will be a great mom,” he says.

“But I’m the air spirit what if that.” I start worried.

“Libby, you won’t do it alone, alright?” He asks I nod scared. he takes my hand and climbs out the bed.

“How long is a Faes pregnancy?” he asks me, he sounds torn.

“9 months same as a human?” he questions me to my silence.

“13 months,” I admit.

“If I am, I would be pregnant for 13 months,” I say torn, could I really cope with a 13-month pregnancy.

“So if you are 12 months time is a long time to get used to it.” He assures me.

“that also depends how far along I am,” I admit.

“Well, when did we stop using protection, we both knew we were playing with fire,” Patrick says.

“we were warned.” he points out.

“The last time I took any birth control was the day I left college,” I say.

“Alright so the furthest along you’d be is 3 months, the least you’d be is 1 month. if you’re pregnant,” he says.

“We might just be jumping at straws, you may just have been lonely and the guys were trying to poison you.” He says. I nod,

“Whatever this says. won’t change anything,” he says.

“Except you’ll have Abicus for a while rather than Dan and Todd,” he says.

“You need to sort.” I start.

“Oh, believe me, Abicus and Lee have started that. one more day baby, if you just lasted one more day.” He says he kisses my head.

“Why were you so long?” I ask.

“I just had things I needed to do.” He says seriously.

“Did you not see?” he questions, I can hear worry on his voice, I shake my head.

“only that Andrew and Marco needed that book and that you’d both been touching it a few minutes beforehand,” I tell him. he kisses me. he puts the pee stick in my hand opens the door.

“Give me 5 seconds,” I say worried. he seems torn about letting me do that alone. I gently peck his lips.

“You can come in a minute, it’s just gross watching me pee,” I say.

“Alright, but I will be right out here,” Patrick says torn, he kisses my head.

“We can shower whilst we wait for the results okay?” He says. I nod nervously. I walk in the bathroom then, closing the door on him.

I sit on the toilet, the moment I get into the bathroom, I look at the sealed pregnancy test in my hand. I haven’t even started. Everything would change if. No, a baby wouldn’t change everything. I knew how much I loved Pat, how much he loved me.

“Baby?” Pat calls from outside, shit I better do it. Now or later, never is not an option, what’s the worst that happens, a baby in 10/11/12 months. a baby isn’t a bad thing. Hell Pat and I were going to last, I knew that deep down. So what if it slowed down my plans, I’m 21, and I will live 1000 ish years, I don’t have to achieve everything so young. If I was pregnant a baby is meant to happen. Trust is all I can do, I stand up and open the toilet.

“You alright baby?” Patrick calls he sounds so worried.

“Yeah,” I say weakly, I pee on the stick then I lay it flat on the side not looking

“you can come in now,” I call weakly when I’m off the toilet, why I didn’t want him in here when I peed I don’t know. I was still naked. Patrick comes in he’s still naked himself. he looks at me.

“Nothing will change how much I want you, baby.” He says he walks over and kisses me it’s a gentle kiss, He takes my hand. I see him look at the counter a look I couldn’t place on his face, I go to look.

“Wait.” He says, he takes my hand and leads me into the shower. we aren’t in there long. When I rest my head on his chest breathing heavily in his scent, He looks down at me, I look up at him, his hair wet dripping over his face, his hard six pack under my fingers, he looks everything that bad boy rockstar from magazines and not the politician I know he’s been playing at home for the weeks he’s been gone, I raise my fingers and take some of his wet long hair in my hand, its got long lately, if he doesn’t have it cut soon. he will be able to tie it up. He leans down and takes my mouth with his I kiss him, trying to show him with my kiss everything I feel for him then, how much I’ve missed him, how much I love him. how scared I am, but also how much I trust him. Our kiss seems to be enough to set the world on fire, I wrap my arms around his neck and he lifts me pressing me into the shower wall. The wall is freezing and I gasp, he uses that to slip his tongue into my mouth. It’s amazing, he moves the shower spray so I don’t get cold, he slips in me.

Patrick wraps me in a white fluffy towel, he hasn’t actually put me down. I don’t actually want him to.

“Baby, even if you are or not, sex isn’t going to change.” He says. I shake my head at him but I nervously smile, he puts me down and he walks over to the counter, he picks up the pregnancy test, I worry my bottom lip with my teeth, he looks at me there’s a look on his face, I still can’t explain.

“Baby you’re going to be a mommy,” he says handing me the test, I take it not sure I want to.

“Are you okay with that?” I ask him worried, he comes over and kisses me on my lips.

“Yes baby, I’m okay with that.” He assures me. he gently touches my necklace then kisses my head.

“I think our relationship has always been on a go fast.” He says. I take his hand torn.

“But that isn’t a bad thing.” He assures me.

“I knew from the first time I had you in my arms, that I wanted you to stay there.” He says we both look at the test.

“Any clue how to find out how far along you are?” He asks me running his thumb over my cheek. I nod.

“I love you.” He tells me, I smile at him, I know he means that.

“I love you too,” I assure him, I rest my hand on my stomach nervously.

“I don’t have to rush my college, I've got over 900 years.” I start.

“Maverick wants to turn your home here into a school in the next 8 years,” Patrick says thoughtfully.

“He does? when did he say that?” I ask, wondering when I had missed that conversation, Patricks eyes go wide as if he’s been caught doing something.

“I swear that’s what he said,” Patrick says, but his voice bounces he’s lying to me? Has he been talking to Maverick?

“Well both me and Pheobe have to graduate first, I might have told him he could be the headmaster, but I can’t remember anything being put into motion, hell we still would have to get a building built. not to mention convince more to learn the subjects themselves.” I say.

“Then all the.” I start worried.

“It will possibly take years to get set up,” I say worried.

“Possibly,” Patrick says seriously as if he’s thinking about it.

“You will always have people around to help you, even if one of my bodyguards has to become a babysitter whilst you go to class. humans manage college and school with kids.” He says seriously. I nod nervously, he’s right they do.

“I will be in my 4th year, by the time the baby makes an appearance,” I say worried. I put my hand on my belly.

“Exactly, then by the time our babies 3 you’ll be fully qualified and may have set up a school to teach our baby in,” Patrick says he’s smiling, he puts his hand over mine on my belly.

“Are you okay being a daddy again?” I ask worriedly.

“Having more children will never take away the love I feel for Iris.” He tells me.

“you never have a limit of love.” He tells me. he kisses me gently.

“But.” He says.

“But?” I ask worriedly.

“this may make me more protective with you.” He admits.

“you can get more protective?” I ask in disbelief.

“Is that a challenge baby?” He chuckles. I kiss him and wrap my arms around his neck. Nope and please don't take it as one.

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