Liberty of the air

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Patrick - my return

I know I have repeated a lot of the previous chapter from Patricks POV but I felt he had a lot to say.

Walking into the hotel room, I took Libby in asleep on our bed, shes spread out in the middle laying on her stomach starfish style. She looks so peaceful, it’s a slight shame I want to wake her, to hold her to talk to her, Hell looking at her now, even with the small bit of drool leaking out the side of her mouth, I know how lucky I am. I look around the messy hotel room, college notes and books and working outs are everywhere. I pick up a few of her notes just to try to tidy up slightly. It’s ironic as I do the same thing with my son lyrics, hell I think she may have got this habit from me. I pick up loads of rolled up paper, deep down I know I’m just doing it to avoid waking her. Although I want to, I always feel mean waking her. One of the notes catches my eye as I go to put it into the bin, I don’t actually recognize the writing so I open it up, knowing it isn’t Libby’s writing.

just pee on the stick, you properly are not, you might just be depressed eating. but your eating habits have changed. I want you to make sure you’re not, before our next session.


Pee on the stick, even I know that could literally only mean one thing. I look at Libby still asleep, shes laid on her stomach, Fuck I knew we weren’t using protection, hell we had the warnings 3 months ago. But then would that change anything? Hell, I was already planning to put a ring on Libby’s finger and marriage this year, so that I know her dad will make it to our wedding. What was becoming a family? I would change my world to be with Libby, That’s what I understood now about Harmony, why she would change everything. I looked at my sleeping fairy and I knew even if we gave up on my world and lived in hers, although the same world, I would do it. She was my future, our future was interwind from the first moment I saw her. Had she taken the test? Would it be wrong to look in the trash and see if. I go into the bathroom, even though my head is screaming at me, that she needs to tell me this. That we should talk about this. But the moment I get in the room, I see it sat on the counter, still in the packaging. she hasn’t taken it. She screwed up the note and never took the test? was that because she knew for a fact she was just depressed. Hell had I made her depressed by being away from her this long? I look at my cell and wonder who I could even ask that question to? Helena knew her brother. It was implied that Libby was lonely. I sigh and pick up the pregnancy test, It was time for me and Libby to talk, even if this is just Rion and she tells me there is no chance, I want her to know that no matter what. I’m there for the long run. she isn’t getting rid of me. I go back into the bedroom, she hasn’t moved much, I go straight over and climb on the bed, I lay there, she moves into me. She seems to curl herself around me, she’s aware I’m there even if she isn’t.

“Baby,” I say trying to wake her. I need her.

“mmm Pat, miss you,” she says to me, more asleep than awake. I kiss her gently, her lips taste like apples and cashew nuts.

“I’ve missed you too,” I tell her, meaning my words. She moves so her arm is on my chest, she rests her hand on my heart.

“Baby can you wake up,” I say to her, I know it could wait till morning, everything could. but the morning she will be in a rush to get class. tomorrow we go back to our lives in fast forward. at least shell break up for Thanksgiving in 2 weeks.

“No,” she tells me, burying herself into my arms.

“Please baby,” I say seriously trying to wake her. I want to see her beautiful Topaz blue eyes open. That’s when I know that any ring I get her, will be diamonds with Topaz.

“No, I don’t want this to be a dream again,” She mumbles, I kiss her head gently.

“Not a dream baby, but we do need to talk about the note from Rion and what I found in the bathroom,” I tell her, That has the exact desired effect of waking Libby. She sits up in the bed, the covers falling of showing that she’s sleeping in one of her college baggy tops. she looks at me, just laid dressed on top of the covers holding the still sealed pregnancy test and note. Her eyes take me in then what I’m holding color drains from her beautiful face.

“It’s not what it looks like,” she starts so worriedly, I put my hand up to stop her, hell I really don’t care what it looks like. What I want to know is if she’s okay, that she isn’t worried.

“What it looks like is Rion thinks your pregnant,” I tell her, it doesn’t look like anything but that. I really am not seeing anything but that. Because Libby has a lot of plans.

“He’s only going on the fact I’ve currently lost my appetite. but that’s possibly because Dan and Todd keep trying to feed me blood.” Libby tells me, I look at her not sure what to do about Todd and Dan, even though they all think she’s an Amaris now, certain things about Libby won’t always be hideable. hell, our wedding will make it obvious none of Libby’s family are Amaris.

“Baby,” I say, not sure what I really need to say right now for the best. The fact is having a family with Libby seems right. a baby will never replace Iris, but I will love another baby like I loved my eldest.

“I didn’t try to get.” She tells me, she didn’t try to get pregnant hell I know that! I kiss her, I need her not to worry like that. I pull her back into my arms and then roll on top of her. This conversation should have waited until the morning. My own being a night owl doesn’t help. Well alright, not an Owl.

“Calm down, I’m not cross or annoyed or anything. I just saw it when I came in,” I tell her as even though shes wrapped her arms around my neck shes still tense with her kisses. I like her relaxed.

“Your back,” She says relief on her face.

“Yeah, baby I’m back. Don’t worry,” I tell her stroking her face after putting the pregnancy test down.

“I wanted to wake you when I came in. but you looked so peaceful asleep. So went toilet and found the test, then found the note. you haven’t taken it yet?” I say question and basically blabber, I think I even got the finding the test and note the wrong way rounds.

“Not yet, I.” Libby starts shes worrying her bottom lip, I want to bite her lips myself. run my tongue.

“You’re scared?” I ask her realizing Libby is worried. She nods.

“Whatever happens baby, I will be there for you. be it now the future and forever I will always be there.” I tell her 100% meaning my words.

“I missed you,” I tell her, so much.

“Missed you too,” she tells me, she kisses me and that’s all it takes to get my mind of everything until my hand runs over her hips.

“you happy to take this in the morning?” I ask indicating the pregnancy test.

“I’m scared to. what if it changes everything?” She asks me, no she tells me.

“Nothing Libby will change how I feel about you,” I tell her, she kisses me again I let my hand wander all over her body. memorizing it after my almost full month away from her.

“Sorry baby, I just need to know you are real,” I tell her, did I just sniff her! What am I doing, I already know she still smells like Libby. Perfect.

“Me too,” she tells me, she wraps her arms around my neck again, she wants to be held.

“You take this test in the morning okay,” I tell her, she nods. hell did that come out as a demand to her, Hell I don’t want to boss Liberty around. it kind of is too ironic.

“I’m going to hold you alright I’m home now baby,” I tell her,

“this is a hotel,” she mumbles, ha we really do need out this hotel soon, but where ever she is that is my home.

“No baby you are my home,” I tell her kissing her,

“you are my home too,” she tells me as I kiss her neck.

“you been homesick?” I ask her, looking at her.

“I won’t leave you that long again okay baby,” I tell her, I am not leaving her that long again. If I even think I’m going to be that long again, I will have her flown out to me at the weekends and back. I will give her some frequent flyer miles because I am not leaving her for this long again.

“I’ll never leave you a month again,” I tell her.

“I’ll never leave you a month again either,” She tells me. Good because we both aren’t even attempting it again for a while. I kiss her and she kisses me, hell conversation over until the morning. I pull her panties down and she unbuttons my shirt. Our lips meet.

Libby’s alarm starts beeping, I thought I missed everything about her. some nights I lay in my bed wishing I could hear her alarm. But now, now that she lay on my chest her blonde hair messed up, her legs wrapped around one of my own legs. Libbys moving now, detangling herself from me. I press the snooze button before she wakes too much.

“One day of missed classes?” I ask her as she stretches out, I didn’t snooze her alarm quick enough, she’s awake.

“It’s Friday,” she mumbles her assurance to me. The weekend tomorrow then 2 weeks until she breaks up for Thanksgiving. Hell, normally Sandy would have me in the studio by now, trying to get a Christmas single out of me, if not an album.

“So no class?” I still ask her hopeful.

“Only 2 today,” she tells me, I groan, I’ve heard that before. In fact a few days before I left, she was meant to just have two lectures, both of which run over. giving Lee little panic attacks, because she wouldn’t let him go in with her and she didn’t make a reappearance when she was meant to. she sits up in bed, No come back to my arms.

“You go, class, then come straight back,” I tell her, hoping she will agree and hasn’t got a rock climbing lesson, or a gym session.

“Yeah, I missed you,” She says still sat up in the bed, she runs her hand through her blonde hair. She’s so gorgeous. I sit up myself and take the pregnancy test from the bedside side, she looks at it then me, I see how torn she is. how worried.

“Pat,” she makes my name show all her emotions, how anyone can get so many different emotions across with just 3 letters is a mystery, but she manages to.

“No matter the results, Libby, nothing will change,” I tell her, I mean that with all my heart.

“But everything will Pat,” Libby tells me, No Libby I won’t let it.

“You’ll still be able to finish college, you’ll still be able to do everything you want. I won’t stop you. I promise I will always help you” I tell her, that is a promise I will make her right now. nothing will stop her being able to follow her own dreams.

“I know that Pat,” she tells me,

“are you worried because our baby will be Amaris?” I ask her. she quickly shakes her head, the relief that she doesn’t mind what our child will be. not that I ever thought Libby would.

“then what baby?” I start my question what do I need to say to put that worry on her face to rest.

“I’m scared I won’t be a good mom,” She tells me, well hell that I didn’t expect, but the good thing about her not being able to lie. I know that right then is one of her worries and a worry I can put to rest.

“Baby you’ll be a great mom, be it now or 100s of years time. you will be a great mom,” I tell her,

“But I’m the air spirit what if that.” she starts so worried.

“Libby, you won’t do it alone, alright? I tell her, she won’t do anything alone, I will be there for her 100% of the way. No matter what. she nods but shes still scared, I take her hand and climb out the bed, taking her with me. If we don’t make a move and do this test, its going to get to the stage people will come interrupting before we can talk through the results.

“How long is a Faes pregnancy?” I ask her, hell some of the kids are so close in age in her home. Were there pregnancies shorter, or were they. alright yeah, I already knew what they were like party wise. Libby stays quiet, how long did we have if.

“9 months same as a human?” I question if it’s shorter. it may take explaining.

“13 months,” Libby tells me. Wait what?

“If I am, I would be pregnant for 13 months,” she tells me still sounding so torn. 13 months would not just see the end of this college year before the baby.

“So if you are 12 months time is a long time to get used to it,” I tell her, hell a whole year to get used to that idea!

“that also depends how far along I am,” Libby tells me.

“Well, when did we stop using protection, we both knew we were playing with fire,” I tell her, hell we both just haven’t bothered.

“we were warned,” I admit, hell we’ve had the conversation about birth control when her brother pointed out it was not exactly legal the fact she was on it.

“The last time I took any birth control was the day I left college,” Libby admits to me. Alright so the last time she took protection was before summer break, we were now the middle of November. How far along could she possibly be, well after she left me in?

“Alright so the furthest along you’d be is 3 months, the least you’d be is 1 month. if you’re pregnant,” I say not fully sure if I got my math right, but hell this is a shock, she needs to give me that. She’s the one who wants to be a math teacher.

“We might just be jumping at straws, you may just have been lonely and the guys were trying to poison you.” I point out, hell she might not be. This was just the fact she hasn’t got an appetite.

“Whatever this says. won’t change anything,” I tell her and I mean that.

“Except you’ll have Abicus for a while rather than Dan and Todd,” I tell her, hell hopefully Abicus and Lee have managed a word with Dan and Todd, I will see about having my own talk with them later.

“You need to sort.” she starts to tell me, worry all over her face.

“Oh, believe me, Abicus and Lee have started that. one more day baby, if you just lasted one more day.” I say seriously but I kiss her head. if she had lasted one more day not saying how her friends weren’t human. if she had lasted one more day not using her powers. although I wondered how she flash froze a banana. it was a matter for another time.

“Why were you so long?” she asks me. good, she doesn’t know. or does she?

“I just had things I needed to do,” I tell her truthfully.

“Did you not see?” I question her, does she not know that I’ve been and seen her parents. hell, I hope she doesn’t.

“only that Andrew and Marco needed that book and that you’d both been touching it a few minutes beforehand,” she tells me. Oh, baby. I kiss her, then I put her pregnancy test in her hand and open the bathroom door.

“Give me 5 seconds,” she tells me worried, she leans up and gently pecks my lips. I want to be in there with her, but I can tell she needs a moment alone.

“You can come in a minute, it’s just gross watching me pee,” she tells me. she can’t lie so that’s honestly how she feels. it does bring a small smile to my face.

“Alright, but I will be right out here,” I tell her and kiss her head gently.

“We can shower whilst we wait for the results okay?” I ask her, she nods and then goes into the bathroom shutting the door on me.

I try not to pace, I don’t want her in there alone seeing the results. not because I don’t trust her, but because I want to be holding her when she finds out.

I wait a good 5 minutes because I find myself watching the clock the whole time. I haven’t heard anything. surely standing this close, I would hear her pee at least.

“Baby?” I question after another 3 minutes. would it be wrong to go in? I hear he move in there.

“You alright baby?” I ask her through the door.

“Yeah,” she says weakly and quietly. she knows I can hear her, does she not realize that includes being able to hear her pee. I hear her start to pee. I try to blank the sound.

“you can come in now,” she calls weakly after a few minutes. I go straight in.

“Nothing will change how much I want you, baby,” I tell her seeing her worried face, I go straight over and kiss her. I find myself looking at the pregnancy test, I knew I should wait for the time, Libby goes to look. she obviously hasn’t seen yet.

“Wait,” I tell her, the results can wait. I just want 5 minutes with her. before everything is changed. even though I know. I’ve known since my quick look at the test. it was a very strong pregnant line. She was pregnant. but she didn’t know yet.

I take her in the shower and have her under the spray, within seconds her beautiful eyes looking at me from under wet lashes, her body glistening with the water as it runs over her perfect body. she rests her head in my chest, shes breathing in my own scent as much as I’ve missed hers, shes missed mine it seems. I lean down and take her mouth, nothing will change how much I want Libby. how much I know I love her. Her kiss tells me similar how much she says with a simple kiss. it doesn’t take me long until I have her pinned against the shower wall and myself in her. I have the rest of my life with this beautiful woman. nothing will change that. Unless she wants to leave. but watching her right now. I don’t think that’s a fear I need to have.

I wrap Libby in a towel, I really don’t want to put her down. even though I know I need to.

“Baby, even if you are or not, sex isn’t going to change,” I tell her. she smiles nervously and shakes her head at me. She finds that reassuring even if she won’t voice that. I put her down, she is nervous and wants to check. it’s time to tell her. I walk over to the test and pick it up. she bites her bottom lip nervous of this result. I pick up the test. no turning back now. I look at her, not sure how best to tell her.

“Baby you’re going to be a mommy,” I tell her after looking, to check it hadn’t changed. but nope there was the clear positive pregnancy test.

“Are you okay with that?” she asks me worried, holding the stick. I take her in my arms and kiss her.

“Yes baby, I’m okay with that,” I assure her, I find myself touching the necklace, I know confuses what people see. They see her as an Amaris. no one needs ever know different. I kiss her head. I can keep her safe.

“I think our relationship has always been on a go fast,” I tell her truthfully, she takes my hand.

“But that isn’t a bad thing,” I assure her because it isn’t. it is how we are meant to be.

“I knew from the first time I had you in my arms, that I wanted you to stay there,” I admit to her, the full truth. I find myself looking back at the test. I’m going to be a dad again. I have no fear about that this time. just love.

“Any clue how to find out how far along you are?” I ask Libby running my thumb over her cheek. she nods.

“I love you,” I tell her, she smiles at me. there’s that beautiful smile that could melt hearts.

“I love you too,” she tells me, her hand finds its way to her stomach, she puts it there nervously. I don’t think its really fully sunk into either of us.

“I don’t have to rush my college, I’ve got over 900 years.” she starts worried, oh baby you don’t need to stop your plans at all.

“Maverick wants to turn your home here into a school in the next 8 years,” I say thinking about it.

“He does? when did he say that?” she asks me, shit she didn’t know! I might have outed myself then that I’ve talked to her parents without her.

“I swear that’s what he said,” I lie, she gives me a look. yep, she knows I’m lying.

“Well both me and Pheobe have to graduate first, I might have told him he could be the headmaster, but I can’t remember anything being put into motion, hell we still would have to get a building built. not to mention convince more to learn the subjects themselves.” Libby tells me.

“Then all the,” she says worriedly.

“It will possibly take years to get set up,” she tells me truthfully. it’s not going to be quick or easy. but I’m sure you can’t build a school in a day.

“Possibly,” I tell her truthfully.

“You will always have people around to help you, even if one of my bodyguards has to become a babysitter whilst you go to class. humans manage college and school with kids.” I tell Libby. she nods at me, she knows I’m right.

“I will be in my 4th year, by the time the baby makes an appearance,” she tells me seriously thinking about it.

“Exactly, then by the time our babies 3 you’ll be fully qualified and may have set up a school to teach our baby in,” I tell her with a smile, she will be giving our child a place to make friends and get there education. safe and loved. How much more could I ask for my child? She still has her hands on her stomach, I put my own over her hands.

“Are you okay being a daddy again?” she asks me worried. yes.

“Having more children will never take away the love I feel for Iris,” I tell Libby the truth. I will always love Iris, but that doesn’t mean any other child we have will have less of my love.

“you never have a limit of love,” I tell her and kiss her gently.

“But,” I say, she will have to be protected now firmly. she means so much to me before this. but now, now I can already feel myself wanting to wrap the baby up in cotton wool.

“But?” she asks me worried.

“this may make me more protective with you,” I admit to her, she smiles.

“you can get more protective?” she asks with disbelief. oh, baby, you’ve seen nothing yet.

“Is that a challenge baby?” I chuckle, she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me. I get lost in the taste of her lips. still applies I want to tell her.

“Patrick,” Abicus says seriously, He’s been watching me like he knows somethings up since the moment, I came out of the bedroom this morning. Perhaps its the fact I have had my head in my notebook and threw my pen and went on a mad search for another one when it run out. This song. This song has to be written down before I lose it.

“Abicus,” I say his name in a warning tone, I don’t need the interruption right now.

“Did you want me to cancel your meeting with Dan and Todd? Lees about to go swap with them. so that you can talk to them.” Abicus says. Lee is sat on a laptop, Not sure what he’s doing. but he keeps randomly typing because the noise is distracting.

“No that’s fine, swap over. I need to talk to them, I’ve almost finished this song.” I say with a huge smile on my face, I don’t even bother looking up at them. I have a feeling they’ve looked at each other.

“That quick?” Lee says.

“Not if people keep distracting me,” I say but I’m not annoyed, I can’t help but smile.

“Must have been a fun night and morning.” Lee mumbles.

“It was,” I say not really paying attention, my mind drifted off the song now. I think about the positive pregnancy test that we had chucked this morning, as all it would take was a nosy reporter going through my rubbish and it would be everywhere to fast. I can’t have it get out, just yet. Explaining a 13-month pregnancy wouldn’t be easy. Libby had informed me that her sisters don’t normally start showing until they have 6 months ish left and she will let me come when she gets her dates. she will arrange to see an elf doctor, but she possibly should write or try to ring her family first. I put the pen down.

“Sorry I distracted you,” Abicus says, seeing the fact I’ve lost my train of thoughts now.

“It’s fine,” I say and I mean that. I look at what I have, no it’s not about the baby. but it’s about how separation does make love grow and how great it is to finally hold the girl again. I smile looking at the song alone.

“What do you think?” I ask handing it over to Abicus, hell I don’t normally share my lyrics that quickly normally. But this song feels right.

Abicus scans it, he’s smiling the whole time. possibly thinking the same thing.

“It is a hit, Patrick.” He tells me after what feels like forever, Lee grabs it off him.

“Wow,” Lee says,

“Good?” I ask them.

“If this is what you come up with about missing her after 1 month apart, I would hate and love to see what you would be like after longer,” Lee says.

“Not going to happen, next time I will fly her out for the weekends if I have to,” I say seriously. thinking of Libby on my plane, her nose pressed against the window in excitement.

“That be interesting to see, I’m not sure if shes decided if she loves it or fears it yet.” Abicus laughs.

“I know,” I admit smiling.

“Still have to find time to go hang gliding with her,” I say seriously, well that will have to wait at least 2 years now.

“As your oldest serving bodyguard and friend.” Abicus starts.

“Who worries himself when you’re up there.” Lee points out. I chuckle, I know sometimes I worry Abicus myself.

“I am just saying Liberty has mentioned that if people are meant to fly they would have wings,” Abicus says.

“But she does have wings.” Lee points out, I think about Libby’s wings. wings I’ve only seen the once, I’ve touched her back so many times. there’s nothing there to even hint at her wings. I think about her tattoos, she has never even bothered to hide her marks like others. even now, she wears her tattoos without any issues.

“Still wouldn’t put her on a hang-glider just yet,” Abicus says.

“I won’t don’t worry,” I say seriously. I could tell them now, now before things get any further.

“I won’t be letting her do too many adventurous things for a while,” I say seriously.

“Going even more overprotective?” Abicus chuckles.

I think about it, Libby never said not to tell them, I think she just assumed everyone would know who needed to.

“You think I’m overprotective with her?” I ask him.

“No, I understand its hard.” He assures me.

“Yes, it is,” I say

“Especially now I know she’s pregnant,” I say I look up at them both, they are both just staring at me like they can’t believe what came out my mouth.

“Patrick.” Abicus starts seriously.

“I know it won’t be easy,” I say putting my hand up.

“the baby will be yours,” Lee says without any issue the baby will just be accepted as my child.

“Yes the baby shall be and everyone believes Libby is Amaris,” I say seriously.

“Soooo in 7/8 months, you’ll be a father again?” Abicus questions me.

“Longer,” I say seriously.

“Longer shes not?” Lee starts.

“There pregnancy longer than 9 months?” Abicus asks me almost at the same time as if he’s trying to understand this all.

“13 months apparently, she’s going to tell her parents and then arrange an appointment with an elf to find out how far along she is,” I say seriously.

“She doesn’t know?” Lee asks me. I shake my head no.

“What made her do the test?” Abicus questions me.

“I made her this morning, after finding a note from Rion about taking it before she goes her next session,” I say truthfully.

“He wrote her eatings changed, but as far as I know she had no signs, I will talk to her about it later,” I tell them seriously.

“She definitely is?” Lee asks me.

“Very strong pregnancy test,” I say seriously.

“You two are definitely rushing,” Abicus says.

“I am aware,” I say.

“Hey, at least she shouldn’t be showing for our wedding,” I say.

“Have you even proposed yet?” Lee asks.

“Or found the ring?” Abicus asks with a smile he knew I hadn’t.

“Okay don’t rush me,” I say with a smile. Lee looks at his phone as it beeps.

“I have to get to Dan and Todd to swap over, you do realize firing 4 guards wasn’t the best idea?” Lee says seriously. I sigh.

“They were Sandy’s lackeys. we didn’t even get on with them.” Abicus says seriously. Abicus seems thoughtful.

“But I could call in favors.” He says.

“Guards swap all the time, but I do only need two of you.” I point out.

“Yes, but with 3 of you, you’ll need more of us.” Lee points out.

“We still aren’t sure how your talk with Todd and Dan will go, they are both fine watching Liberty. they are just worried about the potential dangers of people hiding that there Amaris and getting close to her and yourself. We were almost at war only a year ago Pat. I know they left you more or less alone. but you were still there for that bomb.” Abicus says seriously.

“So you think we will need more guards?” I ask.

“Libbys people don’t even have protection at all. she is a princess.” I point out.

“Yes but she admits she needs them alone to keep the paparazzi away from her, hell even crazed human fans can get an issue, you know that.” Abicus points out. I sigh I know he’s right.

“Can we discuss it more when I get back?” Lee says as his phone beeps.

“They desperate to leave her?” I question.

“No, not at all. She’s just about to get out of class so will be going to get a smoothe apparently, they are keeping me updated on their movements.” Lee says to me. I nod understanding. I look at them both.

“I know this won’t be easy, but it may all change again in a few years,” I say seriously.

“With how much and fast things keep changing, it will be weeks.” Lee mumbles. the scary thing was I knew he could be right.

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