Liberty of the air

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Libby - A month later

A month later.

We have just arrived at the nightclub, we always use. I think because its always so busy, we also know that there drink is suitable for us, the elf at the bar often tells us which ones aren't suitable for us. so we know we aren't drinking anything not suitable for Vegans. It also often has the odd celeb guest and to be able to say you got in somewhere at the same time as an A-lister kind of is impressive. even if most the time the four of us have no clue who they are. "Libby come dance," Aimee calls grabbing my hand and dragging me straight on the dance floor, my friend knows me well enough to know that dancing is the best thing to calm me down. I still feel a weird loss that I can't explain but

I rock my hip to the music in the club, it's not really my type of music, but it is danceable. The human guy keeps trying to get my attention and trying to gride against me. but I honestly am not interested. I am not playing hard to get, I am hard to get and not interested. Him running his hand over my body isn't going to change that. Aimee gives me a shit stirring smile, I know she's up to something before she can even take a step closer to me. She takes 3 steps towards me away from the guy she had been dancing with only a second before, he looks slightly chest fallen. I want to roll my eyes at his reaction, let alone Aimee. She guides her hand up my side behind me, I carry on dancing rocking my body in rhythm to hers. She moves my hair and kisses my neck, then licks it. shes a freak. I try not to laugh at her, I would like to claim she didn't act like this constantly when drunk, but I would be lying. We've caught her licking a toad before. We aren't fully sure if she was trying to get high or if she was that drunk, as she was saying it was her prince charming and he needed a kiss. I laugh as she starts moving more seductively with me. I would be flattered if she wasn't like a sister to me. I keep moving my body almost seductively to match her movements. She reaches my ears with her mouth.

“Thanks, babe.” Aimee more shouts than whispers in my ear, well you have to shout in here to be heard at all. she slips her hands in my Bra and pulls out $20 I had stuffed in there.

“Drink?” she asks me, I laugh I want to tell her shes already drunk too much, hell before we even got here.

“Vodka and surprise me,” I tell her, I'm not going to say no to a drink, I'm out to relax and have fun. Plus I'm paying.

She kisses me flat on my lips her hands moving up my body. When she let go of my mouth she went back to kissing my neck then says in my ear as loud as it takes her to be for me to hear her.

“Why play with babies Libby when you could play with men.” I roll my eyes at her, but she grabs the guy opposite us who watched the whole things hand and pulls him off with her, deep down I wonder if I'm ever going to get that drink.

I dance another two dances, trying to lose myself in the music and trying to let my soul dance. it doesn't often need encouragement. After the fourth dance and no Aimee reappearing I look around for my sister or Immy to dance with. either would make a great dance partner. I spot Immy from a mile away she had 3 guys attention and is obviously flirting her little ass off. I will just leave her to that. I look around again trying to find Destiny. But my eyes settled on a man. A man that I prayed I would never see again. Well no I'm not sure about that, even now as our eyes meet. He's looking straight at me, he knows I've seen him too. his lips raise and even though I don't want to find it attractive, I do. What the hell is wrong with me? my heart starts beating faster, I feel like he's the hunter and I'm his pray. He is just stood there in the VIP section leaning against the railing looking straight down at me. Yet I feel like he's purposely hunted me out. With his eyes fixed on me and I feel like I can’t move. I get knocked by someone drunk and find myself almost fall. Suddenly before I hit the floor arms wrap around me.

“Careful Destiny.” He says his voice with that deep calming accent I wouldn't be able to place in my 1000 years. Part of me wants to relax into his arms, the other part is screaming No! Not him! Anyone but him! His smell reaches me, a mixture of vanilla, coconut, and man, even though I wouldn't be able to describe what man smelt like. but it was the most appealing smell I had ever smelt before. It was like no one had ever smelt that good before! Had he drugged me again just by his smell? How could he even have got down here that fast, to be able to catch me? I had been looking at him upstairs when I was pushed. He, I don’t know what he had done. But I couldn't just stand here in his arms. He took hold of my hand, he then started pulling me. I found myself going with him. Why the hell was I going with him! He led me into the corridor that I had met him in, only a month ago, towards the male toilets. When we were out the thong of people, and in the corridor, he pushed me against the wall. I should push him away and cry out. But instead I let him! What the fuck is wrong with me!

“Why haven’t you cashed the cheque in Destiny?” he questions me, but his eyes are focused solely on my lips,

“I'm not a prostitute.” I snap at him finally finding my voice. I'm angry now. good, where was that anger a minute ago!

He looks up into my eyes then, my heart speeds up. hell, it wants to beat out my chest, I try to tell myself its fear and anger. but even I doubt that. What the hell is wrong with me! I should hate this man!

“no your not,” he says seriously, looking at me like he fully means those words.

“your delish and amazingly tempting but no prostitute,” he tells me.

Suddenly I hear a noise at the end of the corridor so risk turning to look, we are blocked in by two walls of muscle. Now my fear defiantly kicks in, I feel trapped and scared, had I walked straight back into a trap? He leans towards me and he gently pecks my lips, I find myself opening up to his kiss. I should push him away! but I want to pull him close! what the hell is wrong with me!

“if you didn’t want me to come to claim you Destiny you never should have got me excited and teased me,” he informs me.

"Its been hard enough to stay away from you this month, without watching you tonight." He informs me like he believes I have been torturing him.

“I didn’t know you were watching me.” I find myself saying, I do feel like I should give him a reason like I've been cheating on him this month. its stupid as hell, how can one guy have this much effect on me.

“That just turns me on more,” he tells me, still pinning me to the wall, why haven't I pushed him away? why haven't I tried to escape? he steps back giving me room to escape if I want to. He then takes hold of my hand, its like lightning runs up my skin and butterflies in my stomach. he seems to set my body on fire. He takes my hand and starts pulling towards the exit, we used last month. Why the fuck was I going with him. It was like my body and mind were not agreeing at all! I again found myself being put into the limo. by the look of it, the same limo! The two walls of muscle came in with us. officially trapping me in the car with this man, I didn't know anything about, who may or may not have. well, I don't know what. I was going with the fact we had a one night stand I went with fully and he just cleared off so he wouldn't have to deal with me in the morning. that's what I had started to tell myself all month to ease the broken-hearted feeling and betrayed feeling I couldn't place.

“Destiny.” The guy says with a smile, as he leans towards me and seatbelts me in. like he wants to protect me like I'm precious to him. Part of me wants that to be the truth, the other part wants to run like hell and never look back.

“where are your shoes?” he asks me interested looking at my feet, which are once again bare.

“I misplaced them,” I tell him, the truth I took them off the moment I started dancing with Aimee, so they are possibly somewhere in the middle of that dancefloor.

“How do you misplace shoes?” he asks me, he sounds interested. like he wants to get to know me.

“you take them off because they are modern torture devices,” I inform him my grandma's exact line for shoes. shes also full fae so can't lie. He chuckles like he finds that funny. I look out the window not sure what the hell I am doing or where the hell he's taking me.

“You're nervous?” he questions me like he's unsure what's happening. like it makes no sense to him.

“Why?” he asks me, looking worried at me, looking me in the eyes like he can tell everything from looking at me, like my reaction to him is currently hurting him. I feel all that from him and I haven't a clue why.

“Last time I saw you I ended up in a hotel bed alone with no memory of how the fuck I got there,” I inform him snappily even though I want to soften, but that lady's words to me in the morning come back to my head, so I pull on that anger. I'm not an angry person by nature. He blinks and he honestly looks confused.

“you weren’t that drunk were you?” he asks I hear the worry in his voice. he has the decency to look embarrassed and apologetic. The two guys with him seemed to zone out the conversation, but both don't look at me as I look around at them. Neither of the two of them was the guy in the hotel room that morning.

“I don’t remember.” I find myself saying quietly. it hurts, I still remember waking up that morning and being treated like I was nothing when I didn't have a clue what had happened or how.

“Why the hell did you come with me again then?” he questions me like he doesn't understand. he looks hurt himself. he has no right to look hurt!

“I haven’t got a fucking clue.” I snap at him, trying not to cry. I've cried enough this month over this guy! I don't even know his name! he doesn't even know mine!

“I am sorry.” He says looking at me, his eyes seem to see right through me to my soul. his eyes were the lightest of blues today, how could his eyes change color? I had thought they were sea blue last time, now they looked like the sky. Like wind blowing on a nice summers day.

“I really am sorry Destiny.” He says his voice so sincere it makes me feel like I'm the guilty one for being cross and hurt.

“have you ate?” he asks me.

“What?” I ask confused, how the hell have we got to that?

“The least I owe you is a meal Destiny and maybe an explanation on the other month,” he says, yeah an explanation would be lovely!

“Have you eaten?” he asks me again.

“I was in a nightclub,” I tell him.

“So you have?" he asks me.

“No I haven’t eaten,” I tell him, and its true I haven't eaten since afternoon tea.

“Good where do you fancy?” he asks me. was this guy for real?

“I don’t even know your name,” I tell him because I'm an idiot who doesn't have a clue what shes got herself into!

“Oh my names Patrick," he tells me.

“Patrick?” I ask looking at his eyes, I had to smile. The name didn’t feel foreign in fact it made my heart skip a beat as if its a name that was created just for me.

“And your name is Destiny?” Patrick questions me, looking at me like I'm the most precious jewels to him at that moment in time. what the hell was I getting myself into! I bite my bottom lip, lying is hard for me. even if it had come straight of my tongue tied mouth. to outright lie goes against my fae blood. my fae blood that should mean I can only tell the truth.

“you reacted the same last time, is Destiny not your name?” Patrick asks me, he seems calm but interested and he doesn't seem to be judging me for my lie. To tell the truth feels right. I shouldn't have lied in the first place.

“no Destiny is not my name,” I tell him truthfully. The two others with him start coughing. both now fully aware of our conversation, they had obviously been trying to stay out of.

“Fake ID?” Patrick questions me but he doesn't sound angry, just worried.

“Yes,” I admit truthfully, feeling better for telling him the truth, even if this situation is crazy.

He leans back in his chair, resting his head for a moment in his hands, then he takes a deep breath and sighs. like he's expecting the worst from me right now.

“How old are you?” he questions, I hear the worry in his voice.

“I'm 20,” I admit. He sighs it sounds like he's a bit relieved like he was expecting me to say younger than and I've put him at a bit of rest.

“When are you 21?” he questions me.

“The middle of summer break,” I admit, it's only a few months away. He looked more relieved.

“So why Destiny?” he asks me.

“It's my elder sisters ID her names Destiny we look enough alike that no one ever questions that I'm not her,” I admit to him if it wasn't a real ID, he wouldn't have found Destiny, would he.

“So what she can't have her ID?” he asks me, he sounds interested now.

“She has an ID, she claimed she lost her driving license and paid for a new one. Then she gave her old one to me. if we enter at different times no one ever puts letting two Destinys in the clubs together.” I admit the truth, of how we've been doing it for the last 2 years.

“So what is your name,” he asks me as if my name is what's important to him right now.

One of the men pulled out a non-disclosure form and shoves it towards me. “Sign this please.” the wall of muscle says so firmly, that I'm afraid not to.

“If I was going to say, I would already wouldn’t I. no one would believe me anyway. A guy kidnapped me in his limo,” I say truthfully, no one would believe this. except for the elves and they would handle it I wish them too.

“What is your name?” Patrick asks me again, as I look down at the form, not sure if I want to sign it again, what I will be getting myself into if I do. I don't think I could cope with waking up in his bed alone again. I'm not sure what happened that night, but I know it hurt when I woke.

“Liberty but I go by Libby,” I tell Patrick.

“Which explains why I heard someone call you Libby earlier.” He says with a smile.

"Your name suits you Liberty," he says looking at me like he understood me more from my name.

“Do you only get called Liberty when you're in trouble?” he questions me, but he smiles.

“what makes you think I get in trouble?” I ask him.

“let's think, underage in a nightclub.” he starts. alright, he has a point.

“going off with strangers,” he says. alright, I get it, I'm obviously not the most sensible of girls currently.

“Drinking,” he says, he's not smiling, it's more like he's now chastising my choices.

“Making out with a random woman in the nightclub.” He says but that brings a small smile on his lips.

“She wasn’t a random woman she was one of my best friends and she was just getting the money from my bra and telling the guy she had been dancing with she wasn’t interested in one move,” I inform him, not sure why I do. the two walls of muscle start chocking obviously trying to hide there laughter.

“come on where else am I going to keep my money,” I ask.

“In a bag,” Patrick suggests but he smiles at me.

“I would misplace that,” I inform him truthfully, its the whole reason we stopped taking bags out with us.

“like your shoes,” Patrick says.

“Precisely,” I inform him, but I have to smile at him. for some unknown reason I am calming down with being in his presence. its almost like we are friends. which is stupid I barely know him!

“What would your parents say?” Patrick asks me but he's smiling. I think about my dad asleep in the sun in his hammock hanging in a tree. Possibly with nothing on currently. I can't remember the last time my dad wore clothes. hell, I can't remember when many people at home wore clothes or shoes. unless they had to meet with people who didn't understand our ways.

“I think they would be more annoyed I was wasting my money on the shoes to start with just to lose,” I admit to him.

“Ah here is fine,” Patrick says looking out the window. how the hell he can see out the windows I don't know.

“I will go get you a table with as much privacy as possible.” One of the mountains says and climbs out, with the door open I see a very posh restaurant, that I would never dream of entering.

“what do you do?” I ask Patrick interested as hell. because hell I'm technically royalty and I wouldn't ever be able to afford a meal from a place like this. might be because all our money is put into real estate to give us private land, and none of my species seems to be able to hold down jobs or education in the human's world, and this whole world was human run.

“I knew you didn’t know who I was.” Patrick chuckled.

"Libby I am a Rockstar." He tells me looking at me waiting to see if that meant anything to me, I could see he was watching to see if it would change my reaction to him. what did he think I was a gold digger? was that why he offered me fucking money?

“What do you sing?” I ask interested, I doubt I've ever heard his music, but his accent singing omg. he had such an amazing voice! that was just going too far!

“Thank you, Libby, for destroying my ego,” Patrick said with a smile at me, as if he was happy I didn't have a clue who he was. I shrug not sure what to say, Patrick names 27 songs and I've honestly not heard a single one. if I have I don't know the title.

“you can't be that popular,” I tell him. Muscle laughs more.

“Or I am not your type of music,” Patrick tells me, very true.

“what type of music are you into Liberty?” he asks me, he sounds truly interested.

“My favorite?” I ask

"Yes," he says with a smile, he looks truly interested in my opinions.

“I mostly listen to indie/folk or Celtic. If I’m not in the club, but even then I like music I can just dance to that I don't have to work out the lyrics.” I admit. The mountain starts dying of a coughing fit. Well not quite dying but he was coughing and laughing so much.

“is he okay?” I ask Patrick, actually slightly worried about his friend.

“Are you a hippie?” Patrick asks me interested.

“can't you tell from my outfit?” I ask him because I kind of thought it was obvious.

He smiles at me. “ you're just missing the flowers in your hair.” He says to me.

“I knew I forgot something today,” I tell him but I have to smile myself at him.

He looked at me like he was torn as hell what to do. what was he up to now? I know I shouldn't trust him. but I want to. I'm so naive sometimes Destinys right.

“Liberty Smith,” he says so torn as if he wants to get the answers from my name? what is going on now?

“if I say one word to you.” He starts so worriedly.

“Sir.” The guard says so worriedly.

“does the term halfling mean anything to you Liberty?” he asks me.

“A hobbit?” I ask him confused as hell. he looks slightly relieved then worried again. then I realize where else Halfling would come into things. half human half Amaris.

“Not a hobbit no,” he says.

"Forget I mentioned it, Libby I've already had too much to drink tonight," he says worried as hell, looking me in the eyes and I could feel the compulsion then, but I like to believe I would have been aware if he's already used it on me this car ride. I now know what he is! he's an Amaris. THAT’S WHY I AM MISSING THE MEMORIES! HE MUST HAVE TAKEN THEM FROM ME! I couldn’t flat out ask him. I needed to carry on the lie that I don't now know what he is. his species were still in the dark about my kind! hell halflings like he just mentioned were still against there laws. if I was a halfling and I had my parents, my parents would be in deep shit right now. it's a good thing I'm not a halfling. it's after this Christmas coming up that their princess will make the first halfling king. she hasn't even gone college yet! she goes after the summer break! There are so many changes coming up in Patrick's world. I shouldn't get involved. but right now, I felt like I was meant to. was that why this had happened? was I meant to help with shape their world? that was stupid. I'm just one girl that hasn't even got all her fae powers yet. I don't want that responsibility ever!

“Your table is ready.” The mountain who had left said opening the door, that I hadn't even realized had been shut! What the hell had I got myself involved in! why me!

“Please, Liberty it’s the least I owe you. Perhaps you might tell me why you choose to become a teacher.” Patrick says calmly as if he doesn't know my heart is torn and I'm having a breakdown. I nod not sure why I was agreeing. but going with him felt right. but I wasn't going to go in defenseless now I knew what he was. I put up blocks so he wouldn't be able to compel me again. I needed to stay in control of my own mind at all times around Patrick, even if my own bloody mind couldn't work out what it wanted to do about Patrick.

The restaurant wasn’t that busy, but we were shown to a dark corner that was rather private. it might be exactly what Patrick wanted, a nice quiet corner to have a date? was this a date? or was I food to him? I didn't feel like food. he would have had a bite by now if I was. although it was explained why I felt like I was his pray earlier. because hell I was!

“Do you really think people will recognize you?” I ask as he puts on huge sunglasses and it wasn't at all bright. in fact, even for a vampires eyes, it must still be dark.

“yes I do Liberty,” he says, how he says my name has those fucking butterflies back. my body is fucking betraying me!

“then why did you become a Rockstar if you didn’t want the attention?” I ask him, actually interested why he went into music.

“the music,” he tells me, there's so much truth in those two words, it makes me want to know more about Patrick the man, and less about Patrick the Amaris.

“Tell me about your music,” I ask interested. I really do want to know, when I leave tonight I will be looking up his songs to listen to.

“I am more interested to find out about you,” he tells me. no, because I don't want to lie to you.

“why don’t we ask one question each?” I ask.

“Sounds enlightening,” Patrick says with a smile, looking at me as I'm sat opposite him in a chair, he has tucked me in like a pure gentleman.

“Where did you grow up Liberty?” he asks me interested.

“California,” I tell him truthfully even though that isn't as much information as I know he wants.

“you?” I ask him.

“A small country you would never have heard of,” he tells me, truth in his voice.

“try me,” I say, I shouldn't because I suspect and I don't want to lie.

“Miyuuslya.” He informs me.

“is that like in Australia?” I ask, I've heard of the country of the Amaris but I have no clue where the hell it is on a map. so it's not an exact lie. No one will of heard of his country in century's currently and it will be years again until it's heard of again.

“No, I'm afraid not.” He tells me, but he is smiling as if he's relieved at my reaction.

“What brings you to America?” I ask interested.

“my music.” He admits.

“could you not play your music there?” I ask interested, his country is a mystery even to us. We haven't seen their country in over 2000 years.

“I'm afraid it’s the wrong type,” he admits to me. oh, what is the right type? what our vampires into? or is it like us and every single one of us have different tastes and opinions. we aren't carbon copies of each other. why would we even want to be?

“Oh?” I ask

“Most my home country don’t even have TVs.” He admits. sounds like my own home.

“I know unheard of,” he says with a smile.

“I don’t have a tv,” I admit to him truthfully.

“you don’t?” he asks me in disbelief.

“No,” I admit

“ah but your student accommodation, I take it you use your laptop.” He says.

“Not really I only use my laptop for classwork, I try not to use it if I can help it,” I tell him truthfully. I'm rather bad at technology and the number of cells I've lost, not worth mentioning.

“my you really are a little hippy,” he says with a smile, I then see a challenge cross his face.

“Vegetarian?” he questions me suspicious.

“Vegan,” I admit.

He groins. “Treehugger?” he asks me suspiciously.

“that’s my sister,” I admit having to smile. He shakes his head, he looks at me like he couldn’t understand me one bit.

“what do your parents think of the two of you?” he asks me interested. I see he's still suspicious of my parents. does he still think I'm a halfling? technically I am a half but not the species he thinks.

“My dad hasn’t worn clothes at home in over 13 years,” I admit, he starts choking. which is funny as we haven't even ordered food yet. that's over my words, not over anything else. I can't help the smile from forming on my lips as he pours himself and me a glass of water from the fresh jug on our table.

“he and my mother live as naturalists,” I admit to him.

“No technology, no electricity.” I start to explain a bit of my own upbringing.

“fully self-sustainable, they grow there own food, pump there own water,” I admit. the humans that know of our existence leave us alone as it is our land and they are afraid to mess with earths natural balance. knowing my species controls the more of the world than they wish. knowing its the devil you know. we've lived as we do for centuries. although I think its time we try to catch up and learn the human's ways as much as our own. I admit nothing feels more right than going home sometimes.

“is that what you want?” he questions me.

“Not currently,” I admit to him. currently, I want to learn, so I can help my kind to blend in. He looks at me and shakes his head as if he can't believe either of us.

“but you don’t want to wear shoes.” He says looking at me and a small smile forming on his lips.

“Coming to college was the first time in my life I had to wear them for longer than a few hours. I really don’t like them,” I admit to him the truth.

“Are you ready to order.” A young guy, perhaps my age asks coming to the table.

“Wow, are you.” He starts looking at Patrick. oh, he's a fan?

“Dude can I get your autograph.” He asks.

“No we are not ready to order, we haven’t even looked at the menu yet, I'm afraid,” Patrick admits to our waiter.

“of course you can have my autograph if my date doesn’t mind,” Patrick says and he indicates me as if it's my choice? Date? is this a date? now he's said that it does feel like a date. do I want this to be a date? I shrug my shoulders about the autograph, realizing that Patrick is waiting for my permission. what the hell! Patrick signs one of the napkins on the table, its cloth rather than paper!

“Now for drinks, I would like a Whisky and my date shall have a Batida,” Patrick says calmly, not even giving me a choice on what I want to drink. the fact is, I've never even heard of a Batida!

“is that alright with you?” Patrick asks me, there's a challenge in his voice. I want to object but part of me is interested to see what the hell a Batida is, hell I take it hes paying. or I'll be ringing my mother and father with a very embarrassing story. part of me wonders how the hell this restaurant is still open, let alone how I would explain this.

“my date and I shall both have the Wild Mushroom Crêpes for dinner.” Patrick carries, on. I pick up my menu and quickly open it. food is another story. but yes it's on the vegan options and is something I would eat.

“I would also like a bottle of your best sweet rose wine to the table, but make sure its suitable for vegans,” Patrick says.

“of course.” The waiter says taking his autograph and our menus away with him.

“I hope you don’t mind me ordering for you,” Patrick says but he's smiling.

“Are you a vegan?” I ask interested, I've never heard of a vegan vampire in real life. but our species do not mix anymore. which is weird as we used to. my species is also one that has no rules on interspecies relations. we are taught to love whomever we wish and to follow our hearts.

“no but I wish to kiss you, I would not want to risk my chances of that,” Patrick informs me.

“How many siblings do you have Libby?” Patrick asks me interested.

“17 yourself?” I ask him interested. His eyebrows go up and he looks surprised as hell.

“your parents don’t believe in birth control?” he asks me interested.

“Nope,” I admit truthfully, until a year ago birth control was restricted as my species was on an all-time low. we are now thriving again.

“but you're on it?” he questions me suspicious as hell. a naughty part of me wonders what would happen if I say no right now. but I tell the truth.

"Yeah I'm on the pill," I tell him truthfully, the fact is I shouldn't be. the only form of protection that I should be using is a certain brand of condoms agreed in court. but I think everyone would prefer me and Destiny not to have kids. he looks relieved at my words, so I decide it best not to mention that I shouldn't be. I hardly know him yet after all.

“So where do you full on the age range?” he asks me interested.

“I’m the youngest,” I admit. I'm the youngest out of my moms 17 kids. I'm my daddy's youngest. I think he's too old now. but I wouldn't even want to ask! hell never want that conversation with my mom!

“Any of your siblings?” he starts to ask interested.

“like your parents?” he asks me obviously deciding how to go with his question.

“A few,” I admit

“How many siblings do you have?” I ask

“4.” He tells me calmly.

“any of yours.” I start, he chuckles.

“no,” he tells me, leaving it at that.

He looked at his bodyguards, who were stood by the wall and near the exit out of here. Were they because he was famous or was he someone important in their world. My drink got put on the table, by a waiter.

“I am sorry I wasn’t there when you woke,” Patrick says to me, he sounds worried.

“I had to go to an interview, but it was not right of me to leave you like that. Especially now I know you have no memories of our evening,” he tells me.

“it was more the woman in the morning.” I find myself saying, even though I shouldn't admit to how much her words hurt me.

He groaned. “Sandy a bitch?” he questions me worried as hell.

“that’s slightly an understatement, is she not normally like that?” I ask him suspiciously.

“no she is, it’s the whole reason we broke up 100 years ago. I need a new.” he starts worried.

“A new woman to tell your one night stands to get lost?” I ask trying to ignore the 100 years comment. How old was he really?

“How old are you?” I ask

“194.” He says to me calmly, then a playful smile goes on his lips.

“But according to my google search, I'm 28.” He tells me, I have to laugh. Destiny is going to fucking kill me.

“So Google will give me all the answers I need?” I ask him teasingly.

“Yes down to my favorite color. But I'm interested in yours.” He says a playful smile still on his face.

“blue,” I admit

“what shade?” he asks.

“Topaz,” I admit

“So jewelry?” he asks me with a grin, I give him a confused look, what does he mean about jewelry?

“not really no,” I tell him.

“My little tree hugger.” He says with a smile, that could take my breath away if I let it. His? why does that actually feel right?

‘Just calm down and get to know him little fae.’ A voice says in my head, in a way I know from myself. I pause and look around, trying to find out where its come from. it felt like an elf? was an elf here? Why was an elf getting involved in my dating life? Maybe to say no way in hell. It wasn’t against any of the laws. old or new. I looked around to see if I saw any elves. I didn’t know how far his telepathy worked. Mine only worked a few miles, but mom told me as I develop and mature my skills will become stronger. At the moment I hadn’t even done my self-discovery. I was due to start that in the summer break. In just over 8 weeks. For my birthday. I would go discover who I am inside. our bottle of wine was put in front of me, I looked up at the waiter as he talked about the bottle of wine he chose for us. it wasn't our original waiter. I had to calm my heartbeat. The king of the elves! King Eugene! had I really been that naughty that he felt like he needed to get involved?

‘Your fine little fae, you haven’t broken any laws. Just in the area and thought I would pop in.’ king Eugene said in my head. as if it was perfectly reasonable for him to pop in on me and my family. which if Grandma found out she would call him every name in hell. they had a difficult relationship.

“Thank you that sounds perfect.” Patrick was saying Eugene was talking aloud at the same time as in my head. how could he do that, with so much ease? years of practice?

“your dinner should be with you shortly,” Eugene said out loud.

‘Your items should arrive soon, good luck on your self-journey.’ Eugene said in my head. as if it was perfectly understandable for him to be here just to see me? Eugene carried on talking to Patrick. Patrick touched my hand and I felt like my skin was lit up.

‘Do you happen to know where your grandma is?’ Eugene asked me in my head. ah here was the real reason he was here. Grandma was avoiding him and I was her easiest grandchild to get hold of.

“She doesn’t want to talk to you,” I mumble stupidly out loud. I could have sent him my reply in my head like I often do with my sister. but I made a rooky mistake. Eugene scoffed at the fact I talked out loud I think

“She never does, but can you give her a message for me,” Eugene said with a smile out loud like he wasn't playing with my grandma's emotions.

“What?” I ask was he really using me as just an errand, was I really okay with this.

“I need her to meet me in Greece in 2 years time at the end of December, she can be mad at me but I need her there. I shall send her the actual dates closer to the time, but I can't have her ignore me again. it's important I see her then.” Eugene said out loud.

“She's not going to come, she hates you,” I inform him.

“it was a long time ago. She needs to get over it.” Eugene says like it was old news. did he really not get it! he broke her heart!

“you stood her up,” I say in disbelief.

“yes it's not a crime,” Eugene informs me.

“At the altar, an hour before you were due to get married!” I say, does he really not see why that affected her! although saying that if he hadn't, mom would never have been conceived and I wouldn't be here.

“how is that not a big deal?” I ask Eugene though, not sure I want to go into the what-ifs right now, especially with Patrick holding my hand.

Patrick blinks “Have I missed an important part of the conversation?” Patrick asks us interested and confused at the same time.

“I dated one of Libby's here family members a long time ago. I need to see her and she won't return my messages.” Eugene says. really he was going to bring Patrick into this? Patrick gave me a worried look as if judging the risk, he looks over at his walls of muscles. then me seriously.

“Are you okay with him?” Patrick asks me as if all it would say is no. but I wouldn't dare insult the king of the elves like that. I saw one of the walls of muscle start to move towards us.

“fine, I will give her the message but I doubt Daysi will come,” I say to both Eugene and squeeze Patrick's hand on the table trying to put him at rest at least a little bit.

“All I can ask of you Liberty is for you to give my message,” Eugene says with a smile. He knew he had made things worse for me, I think he knew I would now have things to explain to Patrick.

“Tell her shoes are required,” Eugene says looking at my bare feet, even though he has to lean back and look down to do so. He winks at me and then walks off.

“Men are weird,” I inform Patrick because hell if I actually know what fucking happened then! Patrick to his credit simply nods as if that made sense.

“I think it’s the effect of a pretty girl,” Patrick informs me. I blush I can't help it.

“Do you often just go out and meet an ex?” he asks me worried.

“I don’t really date,” I admit

“Really?” he asks me interested. Our dinner was delivered then by our human waiter.

‘just the message for now little fae.’ Eugene said in my head.

‘I will.’ I assure him. Then I went back to Patrick.

“So as I am not going on google for a while, what is your favorite color?” I ask

He looks at me, seriously. “it’s a toss-up currently.” He informs me.

“of what?” I ask interested.

“the topaz blue of your eyes.” He starts, I blush more I can't help it.

“or the beautiful pink of your cheeks,” Patrick informs me. He pours me a glass of wine, but I take a sip of the cocktail he ordered me first and it's amazing. I like it.

“I can't even ask you your favorite tv show,” Patrick says with a smile.

“where is your favorite place on earth?” he asks me. I think about it,

“I haven’t found it yet, but as long as I have my family close by anywhere could become,” I admit to Patrick.

“yourself? You sound well traveled.” I ask Patrick.

“I have to admit Miyulisa will always be my home.” He admits.

“but that does not mean its perfect.” He tells me truthfully.

“What is your first language?” I ask interested.

“Greek.” He informs me. then he looked at me and I saw interest as if he is wondering how smart I am I think.

“you?” he asks.

“I speak a lot of languages.” I admit

“your parents?” he asks me suspicious.

“my father is American and my mother is Irish,” I tell truthfully. not even modern-day Irish.

“How did they meet?” he asks interestedly.

“At a concert, mom was to short and asked dad if he would lift her so she could see,” I admit, her my parents met.

“Dad likes to say he never put her back down,” I admit. my parents were soppy. Mom also admits that’s the day my brother was conceived. Hey not being able to lie is one thing, but telling the truth when no one asks that's my mother.

“they a bit much?” Patrick asks interestedly.

“Na there amazing,” I assure him, I didn’t know how mom was going to feel when dad passed away. He was already old for a human. It will break my heart to lose him, but I've always known ill live 100s of years longer than my father.

“So you want to be a teacher? What age?” Patrick asks me interested.

“Hopefully high school,” I admit.

“really why?” he asks taken aback I think but also interested.

“it’s the time of your life, you discover who you want to be,” I admit.

“Do you believe you’ve discovered who you are?” Patrick asks me thoughtfully.

“not yet, I have a big journey to take before I do,” I admit to him.

“Where do you plan to go?” he asks me interested.

“Inside.” I admit

“ah I see a personal journey.” He says thoughtfully.

“So when do you plan this journey or is it when it happens?” he asks me interested. like I'm a puzzle he's trying to find missing pieces to.

“I plan to go on it in a few months.” I admit

“so soon?” he asks looking worried.

“as soon as my exams are done,” I admit the truth to him.

“ahh, the summer break.” He asks.

“Kind of my 21st birthday,” I admit to him.

“Ah yes, the birthday that marks you as an adult,” he says but he sounds so torn about that.

“when is your birthday?” he asks me interested.

“June the 18th. Yours?” I ask interested.

“January the 19th.” He informs me.

I take a sip of the wine when my cocktails all gone, it's amazing and defiantly goes with our meals. when I put it down he immediately refills it.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” I ask.

“No, I want you to remember tonight,” he informs me. like that means something to him. He reaches over the table and pushes some of my hair of my face. its like he's setting me on fire. I look at his eyes.

“I don’t know what it is about you Liberty,” Patrick says so much truth in his voice.

“You're against so many rules.” He sighs looking so torn. I know that.

“What kind of rules?” I ask though wondering if he'll tell me. could we start our relationship with that truth?

“Rules for being a Rockstar?” I ask encouragingly. if he tells me what he is. I shall tell him what I am.

“yes actually yes.” He admits with a huge smile.

“a little tree hugger.” He says.

“Someone not even into my music. Someone too young for me.” he sighs but he touches my hand and I think we both know our chemistry is high.

“but that just means we can last longer,” he says thoughtfully he's fighting with himself.

“Who says I want to last?” I ask, teasingly. even though teasing him is the last thing I want to do currently. He chuckles.

“I suppose you never said that you would. did you,” he informs me. He reaches over the table and kisses me then, it makes sparks travel all along my body. its such an amazing kiss.

“I am so old now Libby and I never believed in soul mates until I kissed you." he informs me. what the hell does he mean? I blush

“tell me you don’t feel it.” He asks me. I cant because I do feel it. the want to be in his arms currently and close to him. hell ive felt it since I met him, in one way.

“tell me you don’t feel the spark, the electric, that your heart is beating so fast. That I keep taking your breath away. That you long for my touch.” Patrick says, voicing pretty much how I feel currently.

“being a bit full of yourself Rockstar.” I try to tease, but my breath catches. that’s kind of how I feel like I don’t want him to leave me again.

“prehabs I am.” He admits.

He looks at me in a way I feel like im the most precious person in the world right then.

“do you want dessert.” He asks me. what the fucking hell!

I laugh “Really?” I ask.

“Good we are on the same page.” He says standing up. he offers me, his hand. I had litrely only just finished my last bite. I slip my hand in Patricks though standing. Not sure why I trust him. Not sure what the hell I am doing.

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