Liberty of the air

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Patrick - Difficult talk

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I put my notebook down when I heard the door open. Dan and Todd stood there, it was actually my first time seeing them both in a month. I took them in possibly for the first time in the years that they had been with me.

Todd was shorter than most Amaris I have met, although he still was a good 6 foot. He was wearing a baggy college hoodie as if an attempt to hide his muscley figure, perhaps it was his idea of camouflage. I wondered if it helped him not get attention on the campus, I imagine that was hard. Dan, on the other hand, was going for a different approach, he was in a full suit with an earpiece in. similar to what Abicus and Lee wear when I’m at a concert or when they know they may have to split up. The outfit screamed bodyguard or with his dark blue tie maybe businessman.

“Thank you both for coming,” I say meaning that.

“Sir.” they both say.

“Patrick please,” I say I have lost count of how many times I have corrected people over the years they have been with me. But I think that was Sandys assistance, she was always trying to get me to distance myself from my bodyguards, yet still, have them on me.

“Please sit,” I say indicating the seats opposite me, Abicus watched them from where he stood by the window drinking a coffee. They both sit.

“I am aware, I have asked a lot of the two of you this last month, and even before that,” I say. I go for my court voice rather than natural, why I’m going full royal on them I don’t know. but its more uptight than my normal attitude, hell I’m a rockstar, I take pride in that normally rather than being a stuff in a suit. but right now I feel like I need them to see me as there king not the playboy that the magazines claim. although they all know that’s not me anyway. my clubbing exports have always been to give me an image.

“Asking you to watch my girlfriend is not actually part of your job description and I am thankful you both agreed to stay and watch her. it made leaving her for the month easier and less stressful to myself.” I tell them. they both stay silent watching me. Giving me all their attention.

“I am aware Sandy was making it very difficult on you both, making you feel like your job was with myself and not Liberty,” I say seriously.

“As you may now be aware, Sandy has been fired,” I say. they both nod.

“As have 4 other of my bodyguards,” I say seriously.

“As the rules only state, I need two guards on me at a time,” I say seriously. that’s when they both look at each other as if judging my words. they might fear I’m going to let them go.

“But Abicus and Lee both do need and deserve breaks as heaven forbid they ever had a burnout. breaks are severely important.” I say seriously. they both nod.

“But the law also states that my wife needs to be protected,” I say seriously. they are trying not to look shocked I can tell, they are trying to be polite and respectful but perhaps have things to say.

“I plan to propose to Liberty as soon as I find the right ring,” I say. they both look at me, I can tell they want to say something.

“I am aware that you may feel I am rushing and I fully understand if you do wish to part ways,” I say seriously neither say anything.

“That being said, I am also aware you may not fully be happy protecting Liberty as you signed on to protect myself,” I say seriously.

“Which is why Abicus and Lee will also guard Liberty and you two shall also guard me,” I say. they both nod, even though I can tell they want to say something.

“I understand I am asking a lot of the four of you,” I say and I really do,

“In fact, Abicus is looking into maybe getting two new guards to join the team as soon as possible, but because of the delicateness of mine and Liberty’s relationship.” I start, hell her safety.

“He has to be extremely careful. as you are aware not everything around us currently is what it seems.” I say. Dan looks at Abicus out the corner of his eyes.

“Just ask,” Abicus says calmly from where he’s stood.

“The people hiding the fact they are Amaris,” Dan says.

“It’s a security nightmare, one we really need to report,” Dan informs me.

“they are not Amaris,” I say.

“Liberty is not Amaris,” I say calmly. They both look so confused I don’t blame them.

“Liberty is half human, a lot of the people close to her you will soon clock on aren’t fully human,” I say seriously. hell, I am not outing what they really are yet. let them assume they are halflings. They both look at each other again.

“Isn’t she against the law?” Todd questions.

“I shall be breaking the law to marry Liberty, if she says yes” I admit, I say it watching them both seriously. they don’t say anything.

“I do fully understand if you wish to walk away,” I say seriously.

“That being said if you wish to stay,” I say seriously when neither says anything.

“Liberty may do the odd thing,” I start seriously. watching their reactions.

“Like flash freezing a banana,” Abicus says under his breath.

“Yes well, I will work out how she did that,” I mumble.

“If she is a halfling how does she have magic?” Dan asks confused.

“How many halflings have magic?” Dan says looking at me like I should have the answer.

I take a deep breath come on please help. I look at Abicus.

“Will, what I say stay between us? shall you swear your loyalty and stay on?” I question them both. Dan and Todd look at me like they think I am crazy, I see them both look at Abicus.

“Liberty is not a threat to Patrick’s safety. they both are in love.” Abicus says seriously.

“In fact Liberty,” Abicus says he nods at me as if telling me I need to inform them.

“Is pregnant with my child,” I say seriously, watching their reactions. neither actually looks surprised? why is that?

“you don’t look surprised,” I say seriously.

“Sorry, Sir,” Dan says sounding torn.

“why are you not surprised Liberty is pregnant,” Abicus asks them confused himself.

“We have been with her every day for almost 2 months now,” Dan says seriously.

“Yes?” I question.

“We haven’t smelt blood on her for the whole 2 months, even Amaris women have periods,” Todd says looking apologetic. yes, but it was a known fact you never bring it up that you can smell it! I sigh that’s possibly why they hadn’t said.

“Yes Liberty is pregnant with my child, but yes the baby shall be fully Amaris,” I say seriously. they both look confused.

“Not a halfling?” Dan asks.

“Nope,” Abicus says seriously. they both nod there understanding.

“She is not a problem for us to guard. it is a privilege you trust us so much.” Dan says to me.

“I am trusting you both to protect my future wife and my unborn child,” I say seriously. They both again look at each other.

“Are you staying on?” I ask them both.

“I wish to if that is okay with you sir,” Dan says.

“That is fine,” I say, a smile on the corner of my lips. easier than I thought.

“I plan to as well if that’s okay,” Todd says.

“Yes, that is perfect,” I say.

“Sir I do not wish to be rude but why does Liberty have powers and why do some of her friends call her Princess,” Todd says. I take a deep breath.

“Liberty is technically royalty,” I say, they both nod.

“So if she was full she would sit on a throne?” Dan questions me.

“Liberty is not half Amaris,” I say seriously. they both look at me like I am crazy.

“Liberty is a half fairy,” I say, seeing there faces. they now think I am pulling their legs.

“I assure you both fairies and elves are very much real,” I say seriously.

“Yes, but they do not normally mix with us and us them,” Abicus says seriously.

“Liberty is not a threat, in fact, we are the threat,” I say seriously. I look at Abicus.

“Wait your both being serious,” Todd says looking from me to Abicus we both nod.

“Our kinds went separate ways over 2000 years ago. Liberty wears a necklace to make herself seem to be Amaris.” I say they both look at each other.

“again I understand if.” I start. that’s when there is a knock on my door. I turn to look at the door.

“Are we expecting anyone else?” I ask.

“Not that I’m aware of,” Abicus says going on guard. Todd and Dan both stand up. Abicus goes to the door. when he opens it. I take in my ex-wife. Great just great. but stood right next to her is a king and Liberty’s big brother. and 3 other guards. Could today get any worse

“Patrick always a pleasure.” Art says with a smile.

“It is nice to see all of you what brings you here?” I ask as they all come in the room.

“Arthur here owes me money.” King Decius informs me.

“Always a pleasure to see you, Decius,” I say. Aware that he is now engaged to my ex-wife. He’s going to be in a bit of trouble proposing to a guard. not that I was much better, but I remember the shit storm my marriage with Helena caused over 100 years ago and the queen hasn’t mellowed.

“I told you, I’m good for the money.” Art says.

“No you didn’t, you said you were all good for getting the money then we come here,” Decius says as if he’s wised up to some great conspiracy.

“Tomatoes.” Art says, he looks at Todd and Dan, who are watching us all like they don’t know what to do.

“I told you I had a phone call from my sister’s boyfriend and he told me it was important I came here right now.” Art says.

“I didn’t ring you,” I say.

“No Eban did.” He tells me.

“He has actually got a phone?” Abicus questions.

“They are actually dating?” I ask.

“I give up asking, no matter what Destiny says, he will say yes and she will say no.” Art says rolling his eyes.

“They need to sort themselves out.” Art says.

Art pulls something out a man purse he’s wearing. I look at it.

“What’s that?” I ask.

“A contract for you.” He says.

“Why do I need?” I start to question him confused.

“to give to Todd and Dan there, because that’s one way you shall feel safe revealing everything you have to. when they are on an oath sworn gag. so they can’t ever speak about what they know if it shall put my sister in danger.” Art says deadly serious. he looks at them and walks over, he hands it to them both.

“Please read all the catches before you sign.” Art says.

“Once you’ve signed I will explain about how fairies elves mermaids and mermen, shifter and witches are all real not to mention other species and how we all went separate ways after a war centuries ago.” Art says.

Todd and Dan look at each other.

“Patrick as I am sorting this mess out for you, can I ask a favor.” Art says.

“How much does he owe you?” I ask Decius after Art gives him a look out the corner of his eyes and then winks at me.

“$3000,” Decius says.

“What?” I question him.

“It was only $150 before the summer,” Abicus says looking at Decius and Art. like he thought they were trying to rob me.

“I may have a slight betting problem.” Art says seriously.

“Slight?” Helena asks him as if she can’t believe Art herself she shakes her head.

“Yes slight, it used to be worse.” Art says.

“I’ll write you a check.” I sigh and pull out my wallet.

“Thank you, Patrick.” Art says.

“I will only bail you out twice Art,” I tell him.

“Yeah, yeah. that’s what Maverick said too,” he mumbles.

“How are you, Patrick?” Helena asks me sweetly.

“Having staffing issues,” I say.

“I heard how does it feel to say goodbye to the ice queen?” Helena asks me.

“Amazing,” I admit to her.

“How you put up with her for so long, I will never know,” Helena says.

“I’m going to have to hire some new guards,” I say.

“Libby doesn’t need protection, she can look after herself.” Art says matter of fact.

“How would she then explain a hurricane to the press after she blows them away?” I ask him interested.

“Alright, maybe she does.” He says seriously.

“but your the one who has caused her to need that protection. until you she was safe.” Art says matter of fact. he looks at me like he believes I made the world unsafe for his baby sister.

“Yes I’m aware,” I say,

“Eban said it was important I brought King Decius with me.” Art says, indicating the king.

“Would you be able to give me and Helena your blessing towards our wedding?” Decius starts, he looks at me like he knows he’s asking me something hard. It’s not the fact she’s a guard. it’s the fact she’s my ex-wife.

“Helena.” I start looking at Helena rather than Decius.

“Yes?” Helena asks me worried.

“you shall always have my blessing you need never ask,” I tell her seriously.

“Thank you, Patrick.” She says seriously.

“when do you two plan to wed?” I ask seriously.

“May,” Helena tells me.

“then May I shall be happy to sign your wedding certificate to make it legal,” I say seriously. then I see something.

“Would you consider doing the same for me, King Decius?” I ask him hopefully.

“Of course when?” Decius asks me.

“Your kind of assuming Libby will say yes.” Abicus mumbles.

“You haven’t asked her yet?” Art asks me.

“Not yet, I haven’t found the ring!” I say.

Art shakes his head.

“They told you the story about how all Fae know their ring on sight, even before they meet the one sometimes?” Art questions me.

“Yes,” I say seriously.

“Have you looked at rings?” he asks me.

“I spent my whole flight to ask Libby’s parents and back.” I start.

“But none seemed right for Libby?” He questions me. I nod.

“there’s a few I liked for her, but none stood out,” I say to him. he looks in his bag and sighs.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him.

“This is not something I would do for any of my other siblings or their boyfriends.” He tells me.

“Okay?” I say as a question.

“Can you trust me?” he asks me.

“Why do I need to, I do but why do I need to Art?” I question.

“Libbys rings not in a shop,” he says seriously.

“It’s not?” I question.

“No it’s not,” he says.

“Ever wondered why some of our jewelry has magic in it?” Art asks me.

“Her necklaces?” I say nodding.

“Ancient magic,” he tells me.

“which is what Libby is,” he says. I nod.

“so you’re saying her rings an ancient magic ring?” I ask.

“I’m saying you have to make it.” He says seriously.

“One ring to rule them all.” Decius mumbles. Art groans.

“No, it won’t be that kind of magic.” Art says giving Decius a look, but I can tell they are friends. How interesting really.

“So why do I need to trust you?” I ask him.

“Because you’ll have to tell me what you want the ring like, and I will have to create it. It will take me at least a week as the actual making isn’t my strong suit, although might see if Maverick can help, I will just draw it for now.” He tells me.

“I was looking at Celtic rings.” I start. he smiles.

“Yeah, that sounds right.” He says seriously.

“With one big diamond,” I say, he nods and pulls out a sketchpad.

“Read that contract you two.” He says to Dan and Todd.

“Arthur,” Helena says shaking her head but she’s smiling.

“Nice to see you both, can’t believe you’re still with this idiot. even throughout Sandy. you lasted.” Helena says.

“Actually we changed charge and came back 9 months ago,” Dan admits.

“you did?” I question confused. How did I not notice that? because Lee and Abicus have always been my close guards.

“Your eyes have been closed since Iris passed,” Helena says she comes over and squeezes my hand as if she fully understands what I did.

“You have never been distant or unfriendly Patrick, just not fully aware of what’s going on around you,” Abicus admits calmly.

“I am truly sorry,” I say seriously.

“It is fine,” Dan says looking at me.

Art starts sketching, I watch him as he sketches something his tongue out the corner of his mouth, his nose screwed up slightly I now am seeing bits of Liberty in him. or is it the other way round?

“So what gems do you want in this?” He asks me not even looking up from his drawing.

“One big diamond then topaz and sapphire.” I start.

“Okay, he says nodding but not looking up.

“White gold,” I tell him.

“Obviously you didn’t want silver.” He mumbles licking his finger then smudging the picture.

“What shape diamond would you like?” He asks me. I think about it.

“I don’t know if its possible,” I say seriously.

“Just tell me and I can tell you.” He says his tongue comes back out the corner of his mouth.

“A butterfly?” I ask him interested.

“Okay, I will have to get Maverick to make it.” Art mumbles.

“How are you going to propose to her?” Art asks me.

“Is there any tradition?” I start, knowing how I want to if there isn’t.

“Not really.” Art admits.

“Do what you think is right Rick,” Helena tells me with a smile.

“I will,” I say with a smile, thinking about how I wish to propose to Libby.

“When do you need this by?” Art asks me.

“I would like it before next Saturday,” I say seriously.

“No problem.” Art says.

“Are you staying to see your little sister?” I say not sure what to do.

“Of course, I will see her tonight. then portal out tomorrow at dawn. will send this to Maverick express so he gets it before I get to him.” He tells me.

“What so it doesn’t sit in the post office for 100 years?” I question having to smile.

“Nope, if worst happens 2 of Mavericks kids have cell phones and I can text them a picture of it to give him. but the express should get his attention. if not I will see him tomorrow.” He informs me. he looks at Decius and Helena.

“You coming?” He asks them.

“Yeah haven’t seen Maverick in 65 years,” Helena says shrugging.

“You know Libby’s?” I start.

“Maverick has bailed Arthurs gambling habits out a lot,” Decius says.

“It’s not an issue.” Art says.

“you’ve lost just as much to me over the years.” Art says.

“true,” Decius says with a smile. I shake my head.

“but I have the money to cover my bets,” Decius says.

“I always get the money.” Art says shrugging.

“What did you do with your last win?” I ask Arthur interested.

“Paid Maverick back some money, so he could have a cinema built on his land.” Art admits.

“Told him it was a waste, mom will pull that straight down when they all swap over.” Art says seriously.

“So what’s the plan?” I ask interested.

“It’s not for a few years but so far.”

“All the oldies from America are going to the Ireland home. some of the young ones are swapping between the American homes some are staying. it depends on their age. Bass and Eban are going to move to Georgia in may though because Eban wants to be ready to clean up the mess your kinds going to make there next year.” He informs me.

“Do you know what kind of mess?” I ask him.

“I’m not getting involved in your kinds mess.” Art says putting his hand up.

“Just keep throwing Alysa’s wedding out until she’s older.” Art says looking at Decius when he says it. he nods, which explains why he said no.

“For people who say they aren’t going to get involved, your getting rather involved.” I point out.

“I’m doing this for my sister not for you.” Art says seriously. He looks up at me from my drawing.

“You keep her safe and happy and that might change. I might start helping to help.” He says.

Abicus phone beeps I give him a look.

“Lee says Libby’s lectures finished 10 minutes early, they are on the way back,” Abicus says seriously reading the message out loud.

“Alright, Patrick what do you think of this ring.” Art says holding up his sketchpad.

“That’s Libby’s ring,” I say seriously looking at it, it’s amazing.

“The butterfly is made out of 4 diamonds rather than one.” He tells me explaining it.

“It is amazing Art, I think I understand why you’re called Art now,” I say seriously.

“Thank you.” He says. He flips to another page and I see two matching rings of the Celtic knot, they are open and amazing. one has white gold and Liberty’s size wrote down. one has white and gold circling it.

“They alright?” He asks me.

“For the wedding rings?” I ask.

“Yeah?” He asks me.

“they are amazing. how much do I owe you?” I say knowing this would set them back a fortune.

“Maverick will send the bill but as it’s for family. less than it normally would. I think he needs a new combine harvester.” He says.

“Tell him to send me the bill,” I tell him seriously.

“Shall do.” He says. He rips the pictures out of his notebook and puts it in an envelope.

“Thank you,” I say, he holds it up in the air and it’s gone. I blinked and it was gone.

“No problems.” He says calmly. He looks at Todd and Dan.

“How you going with that contract anything you want to disagree with?” he asks.

“No its fine for me,” Dan says looking at it again.

“It’s fine. but fairies are real?” Todd asks.

“Sign and I will talk,” Art says, handing them both a black pen.

“We literally can’t say?” Todd questions.

“Magic will stop you.” Art shrugs.

“It’s like compulsion you can’t break until the 2 years is up as it states.” Art says seriously. wait 2 years?

“I was never made to sign that.” Abicus points out.

“Neither was I.” I point out.

“Well, you both saw our home. these two haven’t. Eban would come read their minds, but he hasn’t got time apparently.” Art says shrugging.

“Apparently trying to get Destiny to forgive whatever he’s done now and gone the other side of the country to get away from him is more important.” Art says.

“He’s going to smother her, she will keep pulling away,” Abicus says to him.

“You tell him that, mom just told me to ignore their relationship problems as I really can’t talk.” Art says.

“How is Lilliana?” Decius asks him.

“Still isn’t speaking to me.” Art says.

“Its been 70 years now,” Decius tells him.

“I am more than aware. I just don’t understand women.” Art says seriously.

“you would never be able to guess Arthur,” Helena says seriously with a smile on her face, she’s trying not to chuckle.

“Can you put a drop of your blood on the contract to. then all done.” Art says to them.

“Can I read it after.” I start.

“It’s yours to keep, we would lose it.” Art says.

“Did you ever find?” Decius starts to ask Art.

“No.,” he says seriously and that No ended the conversation. Also, Lee opening the door with Libby in front of him also ended that conversation.

Libby took everyone in then a huge smile went to her face when she saw her brother. He stood up and hugged her instantly.

“Hey, Libby.” He says.

“told you I would see you around.” He tells her he kisses her head.

“What brings you here?” Libby asks her brother with a grin.

“Eban sent me to help explain that Fairys are real.” Art says.

“Oh,” Libby says seriously.

“Did you?” she asks.

“Not fully, but I’m going to.” He says. He lets her go and she comes over to me, I wrap her in my arms.

“Decius I would like you to meet Liberty. Liberty king Decius.” I say seriously.

“Lovely to meet you,” Libby says with a smile he puts his hand up in the air and she high-fives him and grins.

“Nice to meet you,” Decius says.

“Nice to see you again Libby,” Helena says.

“you too Lena,” Libby says with a smile.

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