Liberty of the air

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Libby - Arts visit

“Lee, what are you doing here?” I ask as I come out my lecture 10 minutes early. He looks at me with a raised eyebrow, as I pull away from my human class friends. was I not meant to talk to him?

“You’re out early?” He asks me.

“Lecture cut short as the professor didn’t actually turn up,” I admit to him, he nods as if this makes sense.

“What happened to Dan and Todd?” I ask interested. they were here when I went in.

“They had to go for a meeting with Patrick.” He says seriously.

“Where to next?” He asks me.

“Patrick?” I ask hopefully.

“Of course.” He says a smile on the corner of his lips, I catch him looking at my stomach.

“He told you already?” I ask.

“Not here Liberty.” He says with a smile. He leads me towards a black Hummer. least it’s not the limo. He opens the front door and I climb in, throwing my rucksack in the back as I do. he shuts my door and walks around the car. he climbs in the driver’s seat. before he even puts the keys in the engine he adjusts his mirrors and pulls his phone out his back pocket of his jeans. He types a text and then puts it in the phone holder. He spends what feels like forever connecting it up to his hummer. I find a supermarket bag next to my feet.

“That’s for you,” Lee says as I accidentally kick it, he’s still sorting things out on his phone. He starts typing another text. I pick up the bag curiously. In it is a packet of Swedish fish, a bunch of grapes a tub of blueberries and a packet of apples.

“Thank you,” I say with a grin opening the blueberries and poping 2 in my mouth.

“Alright back to Patrick.” He says putting the phone down. in the hook. he then puts the keys in. I watch him as he checks his mirrors and then reverses out the space.

“Students here never look.” He grumbles as a group of students crosses in front of us on our way out the carpark.

“At least they haven’t got headphones.” I start.

“that makes them not seeing and hearing me worse Liberty.” He says. I smile,

“Blueberry?” I ask.

“No thank you.” He says with a smile.

“I may nick an apple later though.” He says.

“that’s fine,” I say with a grin, I put two more blueberries in my mouth.

“So congratulations.” He says after a while. I don’t know what to say to that.

“It doesn’t feel real yet,” I admit to him.

“I’m sure it doesn’t.” He says not taking his eyes off the road.

“when do you plan to tell people?” He questions me.

“I will have to find out how far along I am because I really can’t say now if I have 11 months left.” I point out.

“Very true.” He says seriously.

“Most people say after there 12 weeks scans, so 3 months. so maybe 6 months.” I say thinking about it.

“Sounds fair enough.” He nods.

“Although I will have to tell Rion,” I say rolling my eyes at that conversation.

“then he can’t keep secrets, so will have to tell Flint,” I say seriously thinking about it.

“then them finding out before my family.” I start groaning, thinking about it.

“So soon for your family and elf and fairy friends.” He says.

“Exactly.” I moan.

“Doctors around here?” He asks me.

“Will have to see one, and they can’t lie either. so if they get asked.” I groan.

“So everyone will know shortly.” He chuckles.

“we can keep it from the magazines hopefully. because a 12 11 month pregnancy will be hard to explain.” I say.

“Deffently be hard to explain.” He says seriously. He drives into the hotel’s underground carpark.

“Any luck on a house?” I question.

“Yes, actually but I’m not going to jinx it.” He says seriously.

“Okay,” I say, I smile.

“By Yule?” I ask him interested, he pulls into a space. he turns and looks at me when he’s taken the keys out the car.

“I’m not going to jinx it this time Liberty.” He says.

“but there was a reason we didn’t get the first one,” I say nodding.

“Yes, you would be having to move already,” He informs me.

“Oh,” I say thinking about it I nod.

“Are Todd and Dan staying?” I ask interested.

“Don’t worry they are,” I say knowing the answer myself with my question.

“That’s good to know.” He says.

“Come on then, I told them we were on the way. I reckon we have 4 minutes until he worries.” Lee says.

“He’s going to be more overprotective,” I say, its a fact, there’s no question in that.

“Yes, Liberty he is,” Lee says.

“So are you all.” I groan knowing it is the truth.

“Yep.” He says.

“Does this mean I don’t need to go to a torture session with Rion on Sunday?” I ask sweetly.

“Means you’ll have to tell him on Sunday, so he can adjust your workouts,” Lee says laughing.

“rush me why don’t you. can’t I just call in sick?” I question.

“You can lie and tell him you’re sick?” He questions me.

“No Pat or you can,” I say with a smile.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Lee says, He climbs out the car, I open my door and jump out before he comes around to let me out.

“How did you know it was safe for you to get out yet Liberty.” He moans at me.

“No one.” I start, but the words freeze in my mouth. I was going to say nobody wants to hurt me. but they wouldn’t come. so they would be a lie. So someone currently wanted to hurt me. That didn’t feel me with much confidence. But I push that aside. They don’t need anything more to go overprotective on me about. just yet. because wanting and doing are internally different things and I was going to say no one wants to hurt. not no ones going to hurt me. I don’t even want to word that out loud, because I will scare myself as well.

“I forgot my blueberries,” I say instead changing what I was going to say when I look back at Lee he’s got almost a stone look on his face as if he knew what happened.

“Liberty what were you about to say?” he questions me.

“I was going to say, no one wants to hurt me,” I admit.

“but it froze.” He says looking at me like he knows that.

“But I just said it and wanting and doing are two different things. I imagine loads of Pats fans dislike me.” I say.

“I suppose,” Lee says.

He walks me over to the stairs, he opens the door and leads me up them. He seems in this own head.

“Just make sure you are always truthful with us.” He says firmly.

“I can’t lie.” I point out.

“you cant but we all know how good you can get of twisting,” Lee says, he leads me to our room. He opens it and I go in before him as he holds the door open. The moment I get in the room I see how busy it is. then I see Art, hell I notice Art before I even spot Patrick. Art stands up and I’m hugging him and him hugging me, quicker than I thought could be possible. its only been a few months since I last saw him. I go years a lot of the time. But having him here today seems right. he can be the first member of my family I tell. I will tell him before Rion. Destiny will kill me.

“Hey, Libby.” Art says to me,

“told you I would see you around,” he tells me kissing my head. I look up at him and have to smile.

“What brings you here?” I ask so happy to see him.

“Eban sent me to help explain that Fairys are real.” Art tells me truthfully. Okay, how much does Eban know? does he already know my news? did he know before I did?

“Oh,” I say seriously, how much is Eban aware of what’s going on, a lot more than I myself am that’s for sure. maybe I should look. No, I don’t want to. I want my actions to be mine and not what is foretold I’m doing so I’m only doing because of it being foretold. I will always follow my heart.

“Did you?” I ask Art, did he explain fairies are real.

“Not fully, but I’m going to.” Art tells me, he lets me go. I look around and find Patrick, I go straight to him. I’ve missed him. He wraps me in his arms as if it is the most natural place for me to be, fuck it feels like it is.

“Decius I would like you to meet Liberty. Liberty king Decius.” Patrick says introducing me to the Amaris in the room, who must be a friend of Art’s because he’s just to calm to be around my brother.

“Lovely to meet you,” I say with a smile, I’m not sure if I should give an Amaris greeting here or a fae. but he raises his hand in the air for a high five, definitely answering that question for me. I high-five him with a grin. definitely a friend of Art’s then.

“Nice to meet you,” King Decius says to me.

“Nice to see you again Libby,” Helena says. I have to smile at her. is this her fiancee? I knew he was a friend with Art.

“you too Lena,” I tell her smiling. I look around at everyone.

“Drop of your blood on that contract then please so we can get going for some lunch I’m starving and its Patricks treat,” Decius says, I look around for the contract. Patrick laughs good-naturedly though.

“Who says it was my treat?” Patrick asks but he’s smiling.

“Are you hungry?” Patrick asks me, I nod.

“Yeah,” I admit.

“Alright, where do you fancy?” He asks me. I tell him,

“Sounds amazing,” Patrick tells me. I watch as Dan pricks his finger and puts it on the contract. so does Todd after Dan makes the first move.

“So I will explain later, I’m hungry.” Art says.

“Alright.” Patrick sighs. he looks at Lee and I know that the limo will be waiting. I’ve worked out how its always there, Lee just has to tap an app on his phone and it sets off, they all have the same app, including Patrick apparently. The answers you find out when you ask.

“That’s when he thought it would be a good idea to tell her.” Decius was saying about one of my brother’s moments. it was funny. Art kept saying.

“Shut up Dec, they really don’t need to know this.” or

“Shut up Dec Libby is my little sister she doesn’t need to know.” I was in giggles, I asked questions and so did Patrick. It was actually a really good company, the fact I was included in the conversation. it just felt right. Patrick was relaxed too. He took us to a restaurant that we had our pictures snapped coming in by the Paparazzi, but we were left in our own room on arrival. it was nice.

“So what’s good here?” Art asks me.

“I get the vegan dumplings, Lo mein noodles.” I start.

“Sounds great already.” Art says.

“Just order what you order twice.” He says.

“I will get a double portion of that then,” Patrick says, he squeezes my hand.

“Does anyone fancy a certain wine or cocktail?” Patrick asks, then he gives me a look as if suddenly realizing he may have shot himself in the foot. Hell suddenly finding out doesn’t mean everything has to suddenly stop. I have to limit, no I’m not meant to drink but that’s after 9 months.

“Just my usual,” I tell him, he gives me a look like he wants to say water but he chooses better of it. I will tell Art, I just don’t think in front of his friends is the right time. Once dinner and drinks are ordered we go back to talking.

“So Liberty, your training to be a teacher aren’t you?” Decius asks me.

“Yes,” I say truthfully.

“What subject?” He asks me.

“Math,” I admit,

“Ah, so you’ll be able to keep an eye on your brothers gambling money he owes me for him,” Decius says as a joke.

“I was told at 5 never mix with Art and money. I keep to that.” I say.

“Good advice.” Decius laughs.

“Very possibly the best he’s ever given me,” I say with a grin.

“Hey watch it.” Art says laughing.

Patrick pours me a very small wine when the drink and food arrives, I look at my wine wanting to tell him that I can have more than that. but I decide not to put attention on my wine.

“So when does your new album come out?” Decius asks Patrick interested.

“I have my first meeting in the studio with Ace, next Friday,” I say truthfully.

“He is making a name of himself for someone so young,” Decius says.

“Yes he is, he seems a very impressive man,” Patrick says seriously, cutting into his food.

“His great great grandfather was lovely.” Art says seriously.

“Alright old man,” Decius says laughing.

“Your grandmother.” Art Starts.

“your little sisters right there, are you going to finish that?” Decius asks laughing.

“No.” Art says looking at me. I have to laugh.

“So when is the new album?” Decius asks again.

“Not sure, I’ve got a lot of work to do for it. Its possibly going to be after Christmas now though.” Patrick admits.

“It’s not Patrick,” I say looking at my wine.

“I have got a lot of songs wrote though if Ace agrees maybe before,” Patrick says, he takes my hand under the table and squeezes.

“Have you got much sorted for your wedding?” Patrick asks interestedly.

“We have a lot to sort out,” Helena says rather than Decius.

“More than a lot. the only thing they have sorted is the rings and church and venue.” Art says seriously.

“That’s the main foundation,” Patrick says with a smile, but he looks deep in thought. I squeeze his hand.

“Who have you got to sign off on it?” Patrick asks them.

“Well, you currently. but I will be calling in some favors.” Decius says, he gently pecks Helena’s lips then.

“But defiantly worth all the favors or owing some,” Decius says.

“but then not all have to attend do they?” Art points out.

“No true, but asking without.” Decius start.

“Ask prince Andrew, his brother married his guard, Marianna,” I say thinking about it.

“He doesn’t need to attend as he will be extremely busy. but he can sign it off.” I say.

“Perfect idea Liberty, I will ask him,” Decius says with a smile.

“So will you be coming to our wedding with Patrick?” Helena asks me.

“If.” I start to say if I’m invited I would love to.

“Yes, she will be coming with me,” Patrick says squeezing my hand.

“Then perfect you can be one of my bridesmaids, although I’m aware your weddings are extremely different we went to one what was it. 12 15 years ago?” Helena says with a grin.

I count in my head quickly how far along, I will be at least and most.

“You can say no thank you Liberty, I said it rather.” Helena starts. I look at Patrick, he just squeezes my hand, he slightly nods his head, he knows what I’m working out. I look at Art.

“I would love to be a part of your wedding, Helena. I’m so glad you found someone you love and who loves you.” I tell her, she smiles at me. I look at Pat again and he nods slightly. I turn and look at my eldest brother.

“Do not tell mom or Destiny, I told you first,” I say firmly.

“Told me what?” Art asks.

“I’m pregnant, but I still need to go see an elf to find out how far along,” I tell him quickly.

“Told you two being at it like rabbits was a bad idea.” Art says.

“Congratulations, are you both okay?” Helena asks, she looks at Patrick worried. he nods at her and she smiles.

“Have you booked an appointment with a doctor?” Art asks me.

“Not yet, we only found out this morning,” I admit.

“So how far along do you think you are?” Helena asks me.

“I really don’t know, at least a month,” I admit.

“could be almost 5.” Art says. I shake my head, I would know then wouldn’t I. I had worked it out the most 3 months. but I actually could be 5 if I got pregnant on my birthday. I was going from Charity’s wedding. Shit if I was,

“Your pregnancy’s are 13 months right?” Helena asks me. I nod.

“Even with an Amaris baby?” Decius asks interestedly. I nod.

“So at least 8 months left, at most 12 months, so you might not be able to do your last year.” Art says to me,

“thank you for worrying your sister,” Patrick says sarcastically, he squeezes my hand.

“Libby you’ll be able to finish your college understood.” He says. I nod, the thing is I know he will help.

“When are you telling mom?” Art asks me.

“When I have dates,” I say.

“Tell her soon.” Art says.

“Fancy a trip home to tell her?” He asks me.

“When?” I ask.

“Can take you home for the Thanksgiving break. or do you not think you’ll have made an appointment by then?” Art questions me. He gives Pat a look though.

“We can’t really go to an Amaris doctor.” Pat starts.

“Is there any doctors you recommend?” Pat asks Art.

“there’s the doctor here, that Libby’s already under.” Art points out, he looks at his watch.

“Which is still open for another 2 hours.” He points out.

“I will ring now,” I say weakly, feeling ganged up on. Pat holds out his phone to me as if he is fully aware mines still in our hotel room. I take it.

“Right now?” I ask him.

“If that’s okay baby you might as well, the sooner the better.” He says seriously.

“It will get you out of Sunday’s torture, I mean gym session with Rion,” Pat tells me, he smiles encouragingly. I look at him, I kind of thought we would have privacy to do this. but I dial the number.

the secretary answers, she says the doctor’s practice, they see more humans than us. they only have one elf doctor on staff.

“Please, can I book an appointment with Doctor Grant.” I start he sees humans and Fae alike.

“Of course he has Tuesday at 2 pm, Thursday at 11 am Thursday at 12.20pm or Thursday at 1.30pm.” She tells me.

“Um I can’t make any of those times as will be in a lecture has he got anything available last appointments of the day?” I ask.

“He has today in 5 minutes free if you could get here.” She starts she know full well no one would be able to unless they were right outside.

“5 minutes?” I say.

“to get from Beverly Hills to long beach?” I say looking at Art. He seems to think if he can do it, then shakes his head.

“No, I can’t make that one I’m afraid,” I say. Art holds his hand out to me, I shake my head I can do this.

“Can I take the Tuesday appointment, I shall skip a lecture.” I start. Art keeps his hand out. I shake my head at my big brother. Patrick gives me a similar look, I shake my head at him too.

“Yes that’s fine the 2 pm one?” she asks me.

“Yes, that’s fine,” I say.

“Who is the appointment for.

“Liberty Fae Smith,” I say.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Miss Smith, an appointment for 1 hour’s time has just become available, or 2 hours?” She starts quickly. I look at Art and shake my head.

“2 hours from here to Longbeach.” I start.

“I could drive you there in that time,” Abicus says seriously.

“I shall take the two hours time appointment,” I say.

“Could I ask what this is about?” She asks me.

“Private,” I say calmly.

“Okay, you are booked in for 2 hours. I fully understand if you’re running late, there’s no appointment after you. so please do not feel the need to rush.” She says.

“Thank you see you then,” I say and hang up.

“Today?” Patrick asks me. I nod.

“She had that appointment all the time, they just wanted to close early.” Art says matter of fact.

“I know they are always like it, Destiny used to like playing a game with them, she would wait until they tried to say a 2 weeks time for anything that was not an emergency, she would then drop her name and get an appointment that day,” I admit.

“Have we got time for dessert?” Art asks taking the last vegan dumpling.

“It’s about a 50 minutes drive depending on traffic, I would say if Libby sets off in 10 minutes,” Lee says calmly.

“That’s fine you can order dessert, I will leave my credit card,” Patrick says he looks at Todd then.

“Gaurd that.” He tells him. Todd nods.

“Don’t let them spend too much. You and Dan should stay. then Art can do his explaining.” Patrick says.

“Sounds a plan.” Art says.

“What you say to.” Art Starts.

“I’m stuffed,” I say putting my fork down. Pat looks at my plate, I’ve actually been a slight pig with this meal, it’s almost empty except half a dumpling. but it was my 4th dumpling.

“Did you want me to get leftovers brought home?” He asks me squeezing my hand.

“I think Arts ate it all,” I say.

“Think I did.” Art says.

“Well, we will see you soon.” Art says standing up, I hug my big brother.

“you off?” I ask him.

“We have things we need to do. but I will be back next weekend.” Art tells me.

“Sounds great,” I tell him hugging him.

“It was a pleasure to meet you Liberty.” King Decius says putting his hand up for another high-five. I did high-five him.

“It’s always a pleasure to see you Liberty. I’m glad Sandy is gone. good luck with your appointment if you need anything let me know.” Helena says.

“thank you, Lena,” I say knowing she means that. she only wants the best for Pat. I hug her, its quick but its close enough that she can whisper to me, even with there sensitive ears them not being able to pick it up.

“If he gets over the top. just tell him.” Lena says. I nod when I pull away from her.

“Not too much,” Patrick says to Art.

“I was thinking another 2 bottles of wine and dessert.” Art says.

“$1000 limit for dessert,” Pat says to Dan. Dan nods. Patrick takes my hand Lee and Abicus make a move out with us. Patrick threads his fingers in mine.

“I love you,” I say seriously.

“Sorry to rush you, baby,” Patrick says seriously.

“You are not rushing me,” I say, I kiss him gently and smile.

“Is there a way out without the cameras?” I ask sweetly.

“Nope,” Lee admits. I groan.

“We will be old news soon,” Pat says weakly.

“Yeah and then you’ll give them new news.” Abicus points out. He takes us down the steps, into the main restaurant, then we walk through the restaurant. to be honest there were only 2 people outside with cameras.

“Something must have happened elsewhere,” Abicus says.

“Good.” i mumble. Patricks Limo was outside the door.

“Come on then baby.” Pat says opening the limo door, before Abicus or Lee could. i climb in quickly.

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