Liberty of the air

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Libby - preparing for goodbye

“Alright Libby, I will see you in a week,” Patrick says kissing me, he pulls my bottom lip into his mouth.

“Alright,” I say I wish he could come with me, but I do understand he has work to do. he’s going to go to the studio and record all the songs.

“Its fine Patrick, I and Dan will more than happily watch Liberty, in a place where no one fights,” Helena says seriously from where she is stood with her own charge

“She’s not saying it like that to make Patrick’s fear seem funny, she’s saying it to reassure him I’m safe.

“I love you,” Patrick says kissing me.

“Love you too,” I say.

“Where is Art?” Patrick asks still holding me in his arms.

“Pushing it like always,” Decius says seriously. They had got here 20 minutes ago, but Dawn wasn’t for another 10 minutes.

“Libby could always take us if he doesn’t arrive on time,” Decius says shrugging.

“Um no I couldn’t, I don’t know the words,” I admit.

“You don’t?” He asks me sounding interested, I shake my head, he knows I can’t lie.

“I’m 21 I haven’t really learned my magic yet,” I say seriously.

That’s when there is a knock at the door, Lee opens the door, and Art comes in.

“you’re pushing it,” Decius told him.

“Don’t I always, hey you could have always taken a car.” Art points out.

“You know how you normally travel when I’m not about.” Art says seriously.

“It’s not as fun,” Decius says.

“Is that an engagement ring Liberty?” Art says as a question with a huge grin on his face.

“Yes,” I say.

“Show me then.” He says laughing, I step out of Patrick’s hand and show him.

“It looks better on you than it did the box.” Art says seriously looking at it.

“It’s perfect,” I say with a huge smile.

“Pat said you and Maverick designed it?” I ask him as a question.

“No he designed it, Maverick made it. I drew it.” Art says I hug my brother tight.

“Thank you it’s amazing,” I say. Art kisses my head.

“Go say goodbye. but we could of drove.” Art says seriously.

“Its just a shame Destiny won’t be there,” I mumble.

“When did you speak to her?” Art asks me.

“Wednesday,” I say seriously.

“well that changed, Eban had enough of her away from him.” Art shrugs. I have to laugh.

I kiss Patrick again.

“Have fun with your family.” He says. He hands me a bank card.

“What’s this for, I don’t need money. I’m going back to my parents. the one place in this world I don’t need a single penny.” I say with a smile.

“I thought you and Helena were going to go look at dresses?” He asks.

“I thought we were looking for her dress when we come back,” I admit.

“It doesn’t hurt to look in a few shops, Libby,” Helena says with a smile.

“Anyway It’s not just Helena who needs a dress,” Pat says kissing me on my head.

“He has a point. alright, say goodbye its time.” Art says deadly serious.

“Bye Patrick I love you,” I say.

“Love you Liberty. Keep in contact okay.” He says seriously.

“As much as I can at home,” I tell him.

The light shone so brightly, I looked at it. Art was stood there waiting. Helena was holding Decius’ hand.

“Wow,” Patrick says looking at the light in disbelief.

“Magic Pat,” I tell him I kiss him.

“See you in a few days,” I say.

“See you then baby.” He says. I walk away from him and take my brother’s other hand, then hold my hand out to Dan.

“Don’t let go of me, we don’t want you ending up in Ireland,” I say to Dan.

“Why Ireland?” He asks me.

“Its the last stop on the line,” I admit.

“If it’s too bright for your eyes shut them.” Art says I don’t need telling twice, I realize why he wearing sunglasses then.

When I open my eyes I have to blink a few times, we are in the home building in the middle of the mail room, next to Arts mail box.

“you got a lot of mail,” Decius tells him looking at it.

“Yeah will check that later.” Art says.

“Welcome to one of the homes in America.” Art says seriously.

“Only one?” Decius asks him.

“Yeah, we have a few.” Art shrugs.

“Unlike you greedy lot we didn’t claim a whole country.” Art teases.

“You didn’t have the power to mate,” Decius says laughing.

“Charity,” I say running and hugging my big sister as she stands in the door frame and lets out a laugh.

She hugs me tight and kisses my head, I wish I was taller than someone.

“How’s college?” She asks me wrapping her arm around my shoulder.

“Brilliant,” I say with a smile, she lifts my hand and looks at my ring.

“Its beautiful Liberty, it really is you as well.” Charity says with a grin.

“you’ll have to show mom and Destiny.” Charity says grabbing my hand and pulling me off with her.

“Nice to see you, Art.” Art says sarcastically.

“Yeah, it is.” Charity calls over her shoulder. Decius and Helena laugh, but Dan looks worried.

“That’s one of my younger sisters, but one of Libby’s elder.” I hear Art say to him.

“Liberty is the youngest.” Art says seriously.

“Okay, and how many siblings do you have?” Dan questions interested.

“Mom had 17 children.” Art says calmly.

“Okay,” Dan says I can tell he’s thinking about it.

“Everyone here is Fae or Elf?” he asks.

“No there’s a few Fliteren.” Art admits.

“and humans.” Art admits.

“And more,” he admits.

“Its fine no one will hurt you here.” Charity calls over her shoulder.

“I explained we cant Lie.” Art says seriously.

“Come on you want to make it in time for breakfast, your in time for all the meals of the day.” Charity says.

“Most people are still asleep.” Charity calls, we walk through the woods.

“So you don’t all live in the house?” Dan questions, I hear Art explaining everything behind him.

“DADDY!” I yell seeing my dad, he’s stood naked looking around confused.

“Hey sweetheart,” Daddy says when I reach him. I cuddle him.

“Clothes are rare here too I see.” Helena mumbles.

“Yep.” Art says to her.

“Hey, Melly where have you been?” Daddy asks me. Wow, he often gets me confused with Destiny lately, but not Melody. Melody was ginger for a start. She also passed when I was 3, she’s the one he normally knows is gone.

“Daddy,” I say so torn, I kiss his head.

“Libby.” Charity says sadly, she obviously sees my tears.

“He has bad days, today’s just one of those.” Charity says weakly to me. I squeeze my dad in a hug.

“Love you, Daddy,” I say tears in my eyes, he looks at me.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” He asks me worried, looking at me seriously as he pulls away from the hug slightly. I kiss him on the cheek, he doesn’t need me to say the truth right now. tears are in his own eyes.

“Come on Harry should we find you some clothes we have guests, that really don’t want to see naked people.” Art says coming forward, I look around and see Decius Helena and Dan all trying to look away discretely.

“Okay, Arthur,” Dad says seriously. He leaves with Art off into a different direction.

“He doesn’t even remember me every day.” Charity admits.

“Sorry Charity,” I say hugging her tight.

“Come on then.” Charity says, she carries on walking us down the path. When we get to the clearing, it’s rather empty. Most people are still asleep. I see Bass in the kitchen tent with Eban and Aliian. I smile at them as they are washing a huge vat of berries and I see Eban is making oat milk. Yummy.

“Libby?” Charity says as a question, I look at her confused.

“What?” I ask.

“Are you?” She starts a smile on her face.

“Am I what?” I ask confused. before it twigs, shes guessed already?

“LIBBY!” Destiny screams running into the clearing, shes in a light green dress that’s to her knees.

“Dest!” I call running and hugging her tight, She hugs me tight.

“Good I’ve missed you so much,” Destiny says.

“I miss you too, Campus just isn’t the same without you three,” I admit.

“only 4 years left.” she points out.

“Yeah, but we need to stay in better contact,” I say seriously.

“Aimee,” I say see here running and hugging her too.

“You’re so loud its too early in the mornings.” Aimee moans at me but she hugs me.

“How’s college?” I ask her.

“A lot harder work than last year that’s for sure, years and years left. training to be a doctor is harder than I thought it would be.” She tells me.

Destiny grabs my hand and looks at my ring.

“Wow Liberty, that’s your ring?” She asks me with a smile.

“Yeah,” I say with a grin. I look at it too.

“Its beautiful, small diamond though,” Destiny says.

“It’s perfect,” I say looking at it laughing.

“I’m just saying he could have afforded bigger,” Destiny says laughing.

“Yeah but bigger wouldn’t be me,” I say seriously.

“No it wouldn’t” She nods agreeing.

“wheres mom?” I ask if dads up and about surely mom is.

“Shes at the waterfall. she needed a small rest.” Eban says from the tent.

Destiny looks so torn.

“Daddy’s not doing well,” Destiny admits tears in her own eyes. I nod I can tell.

“I’m going to take him to the doctors tomorrow.” Charity admits.

“Alright,” I say torn.

“Can I come?” I ask.

“Yeah, no problem.” Charity says seriously. She looks torn.

“I’m going to go find mom,” I say.

“Liberty,” Dan calls.

“Dan Liberty’s safe here, to be honest think of it as a break, unless she leaves the grounds and goes to town like she’s going to tomorrow. you don’t really need to be on top of her.” Art says calmly.

“Okay,” Dan says Torn.

“Come on Decius Helena Dan I want you to meet Eban. he is the earth spirit.” Art says walking them away, I watch them go with a smile, Dan looks back at me twice.

“Mom not coping?” I ask torn when they are out of our earshot.

“She knows she is losing him.” Charity admits. I gently rest my hand on my stomach, then pull it off before my sisters notice before I say.

“I’m going to go show mom my ring,” I say with a smile.

“So you having an Amaris or a fae wedding or both?” Destiny asks me, walking in step with me and Charity as we all walk towards the path to lead to the waterfall.

“I just took it we needed an Amaris wedding, I’m not sure what Patrick wants,” I admit worried.

“He wants to leave it up to your choices well that’s what he said when he asked.” Charity says with a grin.

“you all knew?” I ask with a grin.

“Yeah, he came to ask dads permission, because he said the main thing you wanted was daddy there.” Charity says putting her arm around my shoulders.

“I do,” I admit.

“Talk to mom about what you want, but grandma has said what Amaris Preist she recommends, he has done Amaris and Fae weddings a few times. He’s also still in their world so it will look proper to the Amaris court.” Destiny says with a grin.

“you two have already started work on my wedding?” I ask laughing.

“well, it might only be a months time?” Destiny says as a question.

“Yeah, Yule,” I say with a smile.

“If it can be done,” I say worried.

“It can be done.” Charity assures me.

“always knew you wouldn’t have a full fae wedding.” Charity says.

“it’s too much attention for Libby.” Destiny points out, threading her arm through mine. I laugh.

“Which is why its so ironic I’m going to be with the one person who will throw me into the spotlight,” I say.

“well, you can’t help who you love Libby. Isn’t that right Dest.” Charity teases Destiny. Destiny groans.

“I just wish he wasn’t so smug about it.” Destiny groans. I laugh so does Charity. We make it to the waterfall 10 minutes later, mom is stood under it, her head looking up, her long ginger hair running down to her bottom. She hasn’t noticed us, you can’t tell she’s been crying when shes under like that. but the air around tells the story. I want to comfort my mommy, but there’s nothing I can do that will change what’s hurting her. Mom sighs and takes her head down, she looks over at us, a weak smile crosses her face.

“Hey kids,” she says, she sounds so sad. She walks out of the waterfall and swims over to us,

“It’s early for you three to be up.” Mom points out.

“Yeah but Libby was arriving at dawn so wanted to be waiting,” Destiny says, mom grabs a towel from the bank and climbs out wrapping it around herself.

“Hows college sweetheart?” Mom asks me.

“Fine mommy,” I say, she weakly smiles. then she sees my ring and smiles more, even though I can tell shes still so sad.

“That is a beautiful ring baby, tell me about how he proposed.” She says sitting down on the bank and patting next to her. I go sit next to her, Charity goes her other side. Destiny grabs the comb from a rock and kneels behind mom and starts combing her hair. I tell about Friday night, how Patrick took me to the club we meet in and then to the restaurant he took me to the first time. She smiles and awws at it.

“Very romantic of him to repeat your first date,” Mom says.

Destiny starts braiding moms hair. and she sighs.

“Girls I do need to talk to the four of you,” Mom says seriously.

“Bass is a boy.” Charity says trying to get a smile out of mom.

“That he is,” Mom says with a weak smile. she sighs.

“Bass come join us please,” Mom says, I hadn’t even noticed Bass sneaking up on us from behind, until I looked. He comes over and he sits next to me.

I put my head on his shoulder we all look at the waterfall.

“Kids you all knew one day we would have to say goodbye to your dad,” Mom says seriously.

“Yeah,” Destiny says weakly.

“We did, it doesn’t make it easier though,” Bass admits.

“He’s still here,” Mom says truthfully.

“We know mom, he might not always remember us. but we remember him.” Charity says putting her head on moms shoulder.

“Charity has been taking daddy to all his doctor’s appointments lately,” Mom says.

“Yeah,” Destiny says.

“Its getting worse, I’m not even able to always reach him with my magic anymore,” Mom says seriously.

“One day, he’s not going to remember any of us,” Mom says seriously.

“When he calls you all the wrong names.” Mom starts shes crying.

“Your daddy loves you all so much, he doesn’t mean too,” Mom says crying.

“We know mommy,” I say I squeeze my mommy’s hand.

“I don’t know how long he’s got left kids,” Mom says seriously.

“I understand you all wanting to rush things to make sure he sees them, but you don’t have to. because he will always be with you.” Mom says seriously.

“We both always will be. we will be in your hearts and all around you.” She says seriously. Tears come to my eyes.

“Liberty I am so proud of you baby girl, being the air spirit finding the person you love and going after your dream of being a teacher, you always will make mommy and daddy so proud, even if daddy doesn’t know who you are at all anymore, he is still so proud of your achievements. I get the reason you want to rush your wedding to have him there.” She says to me, I rest my head on her shoulder.

“you and Patrick have mine and your fathers blessing for everything the two of you decide to do and we are both excited to see you married to the man who makes your heart sore,” Mom says.

“You have such an amazing life ahead of you Liberty and nothing you choose will ever disappoint us. my little freedom follow your own dreams heart and path, never let anyone stop you.” Mom says she squeezes my hand.

“Destiny, I fully understand you, sweetheart,” Mom says seriously.

“you know you’re meant to end up with Eban, but you’re not ready too. I know you’re trying to force yourself to be for daddy, so he sees you settled before the end. but that isn’t who you are, it never has been. Destiny you need to find your own path. you need to follow your own heart and do things when you feel ready. not when others are ready for you to be.” Mom tells Destiny.

“You need to explore like your grandma did, I understand that. Eban understands that. you need to follow your own path. your Destiny. So in 100, 200 years when you are ready Eban will still be waiting. Like Eugene is really still for Grandma.” Mom says.

“Once your dads gone, go explore, go discover and follow your own path. nothing you do will ever not be enough for me and daddy. we are so proud of you.” Mom says to Destiny. Destiny hugs mom from behind.

“Charity my little selfless angel, you are so giving and so loving. I and Daddy are so proud of the woman you have become. you are an amazing loving giving girl, who always helps others and I never want to see you change. always be yourself baby girl.” Mom says she wraps her arm around Charity.

“you are such an amazing mom and really are a godsend to our people,” Mom says.

“I would not change a single hair on any of you kids heads,” Mom says.

“You have always been my big girl though Charity supporting me and daddy and home,” Mom says.

“Supporting your sisters to follow their dreams. Coping so well with losing Melody, Alchemy, and Cherish. supporting myself and daddy through it all. especially with you being so young. Sometimes I need you to remember to look after yourself first though. which is why I keep encouraging you and Aliian to get out without the kids. You have a huge future together but do not keep putting everything off for later, take care of yourself in the now.” Mom says.

“I am so thankful for all your help,” Mom says she kisses Charity on the head.

“Se.” Mom starts.

“Mom,” Bass says weakly.

“Bass,” Mom says.

“you are such an amazing man, such an amazing father, such an amazing.” Mom starts.

“Mom you don’t need to say.” Bass starts he’s already teared up, he doesn’t want mom to say anything about him.

“you’re so in touch with how you feel, how your sister’s all feel. how your dad and I feel. You are an amazing man, who yes may have a touch of mischief inside himself.” Mom says smiling at Bass.

“But even when you do things that make no sense to me, I know you’re doing them for the best of all of us. You take such good care of everyone around here Sebastian and I am so proud of the man you are and so is daddy.” Mom says.

“No matter what happens in the future, you kids are all so amazing and daddy and I could not be prouder of you all," Mom says.

“Even when he no longer remembers you all and is buried. even if I’m not around for a while.” Mom says.

“when daddy goes are you going, mom?” Bass asks.

“I don’t know yet kids, but I’m not coping,” Mom admits.

“I love your dad with all my heart,” Mom says. she looks at us all.

“but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you all to pieces. I just don’t know if I can stay here without your dad for a while. I will possibly go exploring with grandma when he’s gone. okay?” Mom asks us, we all nod. I get it. I do. mom puts her arm around me too.

“Libby we will discuss what you want your wedding like this afternoon. I was kind of hoping Patrick would join you.” Mom says.

“Okay, mommy,” I say, wiping my tears out my eyes with the back of my hand.

“Go play then kids. I need a few minutes by myself. wheres your dad?” She says.

“With Art,” I admit.

“Alright,” Mom says with a weak smile. Bass stands up, Charity gives me a look, she mouths ‘tell her if you are, she needs good news’ I know she’s right. I take hold of moms hand and squeeze.

“It’s okay baby,” Mom says.

“Mommy,” I say putting my head on her shoulder.

“Yes, sweetheart?” Mom asks. There’s so much I want to say to her, so much I want to say that I will always be here for her.

“I know baby, you kids will always be here,” Mom says squeezing my hand. I must have sent my thoughts to her.

“Mommy.” I start.

“Its okay go play tell me later,” Mom says her eyes filled with so many tears, I nod.

“Love you, mommy,” I say.

“I love you all too,” Mom says. Bass holds down his hand to me, I take it. I walk back into the trees holding my big brother’s hand when I turn around moms back under the waterfall and she’s sobbing.

“It’s alright guys. mom will be okay.” Bass says squeezing mine and Charity’s hand. Destiny has tears running down her face so does Bass when I look at him. we are all crying. he pulls the three of us into a hug.

“Mom will be okay eventually,” Bass says.

When we get back into the clearing, Breakfast is ready and a lot more are about. I make myself some porridge and give Eban a weak smile.

“Hey,” I say.

‘Hey, sorry about that conversation with your mom.’ he says in my head.

‘Its okay she needed to tell us it.’ I say weakly.

‘thank you for breakfast, it looks amazing.’ i send to his head.

‘you were craving fresh oat milk.’ He says in my head he shrugs.

‘Will make you some to take home with you, later in the week.’ he says to me.

‘Thank you.’ I send to his head, he looks over at Destiny and looks torn.

‘Talk to her.’ I send to his head. he nods.

‘I will but you need to as well. tell her about the baby first.’ Eban says seriously. I look over at Destiny she has her head on Aimee’s shoulder, shes got a bowl of berries and looks like all she wants to do is cry.

‘okay.’ I tell him weakly. I finish serving my own breakfast putting loads of berries on top of my porridge, then I walk over and sit in front of my sister on the floor, she is sat on the log. I lean against her. she bends down and kisses my head.

“Love you.” She says.

“Love you,” I assure her.

“He told you to soften me up?” Destiny questions. I shake my head.

“He’s willing to wait to the end of time for you Destiny. he wants you to find your own path more than anyone else does. He wants you to come to him when you are ready, but that doesn’t mean he won’t love you whilst he waits.” I say to her truthfully. She weakly smiles. I look up at my big sister, knowing ears are all around.

‘I wanted to tell you and mommy first.’ I start in her head. she looks at me.

“Libby,” Destiny says squeezing my shoulder

‘I’m pregnant.’ I send to her head, she grabs my shoulders and pulls me back so I look at her, shes got a smile on her face.

“Really?” she asks me. I nod,

“How?” she starts.

‘you know sex.’ I send to her head I can’t help but grin at her.

“You know I didn’t mean that.” She says hitting the back of my head really gently. I smile at her.

‘Went doctor, he says just over 10 months left.’ I send to her head.

“Wow, congratulations,” Destiny says with a smile.

“So you really do want to get married for Yule,” she says. I nod.

“Alright, we can get to work on your wedding plans. Is Patrick available to ring?” She asks me.

‘Think so.’ i say in her head.

“Well alright then, think of me now as your maid of honor,” Destiny says firmly. I nod smiling.

“First the priest. then the venue. then the guest’s list. then your dress, flowers.” Destiny starts.

“Not to mention the rings,” Destiny says.

“got the rings sorted.” Art says sitting down.

“I don’t have a clue how to pull this off,” I admit.

“the whole are we having an Amaris or a Fae.” I start.

“Have a church wedding,” Decius says from where he’s sat obviously listening in. at least to Destinys side of the conversation.

“Just concentrate on the things you want there. Patrick wants the day for you. yes, he wants to make it legal, but he wants you happy.” Helena tells me. I nod.

“Should we see if the church in town.” I start worried.

“be lovely. Dad and mom got married there, and you will hopefully manage their wedding date.” Destiny says with a grin.

“If it’s not booked,” I say worried.

“If he lets another priest do the service.” I start worried.

“The least you can do Liberty is ask, in fact, I will come to help you with that. after all, I’m signing your marriage license for Patrick and he’s signing mine. so I know the laws you need to follow and how best to do this.” Decius says with a smile at me.

“thank you,” I say with a smile.

“Daddy.” Charity says she’s smiling at daddy. I look over, he’s dressed and she’s hugging him tightly. I see the white light going into dad, she wavers for a few seconds.

“It doesn’t last for long, you’ll all have to say goodbye soon.” Art says weakly.

“We know,” Destiny says looking at Daddy too.

“Alright sweetheart.” Daddy is saying to Charity.

Charity looks over at me and Destiny, she brings daddy over, Destiny slips on the floor next to me and dad sits where she was sat. Charity gives him breakfast.

“you alright kiddo, hows college?” Dad says knocking me with his leg.

“Yeah daddy I’m fine college is great,” I say with a smile at him. he looks at my finger.

“your getting married Liberty?” Dad asks. I grin I hug him tight.

“Yeah, daddy,” I say with a smile.

“I’m getting married,” I say with a smile.

“Wow, you’re growing up so fast baby,” Daddy says, he kisses my head.

“Grandad,” Erin calls dad picks them up and puts them on his lap, she starts telling him all about school on Friday, I smile watching her. Mom comes out the woods then. Daddy is talking to Erin and smiles seeing it. She comes over. Dad wraps his arm around her shoulder.

“Everything Okay Briar?” Dad asks her, She puts her hand on his cheek.

“I love you.” She says, because to tell the truth then would have hurt daddy.

Mom looks at Erin and talks to her, Erin says more about her day at school on Friday. Mom looks sad still but she rests her head on daddy’s shoulder. then asks Art and me who our friends are. Decius introduces himself and Helena. Mom greets them nicely. and then talk goes to my wedding. I have to smile as they talk.

“One of my children not having kids before there wedding.” Dad teases me and Charity jokingly as Charity bounces Montana on her lap.

“I will soon though daddy,” I say.

“you don’t need to rush sweetheart.” Dad laughs good-naturedly.

“I’m not rushing. I already am pregnant.” I admit. Mom hugs me then tight. I hug her tighter, then I hug daddy. I might lose daddy soon. he might not always remember me. but he always be my daddy. I will remember for him.

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