Liberty of the air

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Libby - wedding dress shopping

“Libby?” Helena asks as we walk through the mall, Charity Destiny and baby Montana with us.

“Yeah?” I ask her confused. I hadn’t missed what she said had I? My head was still on daddy’s appointment a few days before.

“Where do you suggest we look first?” Helena asks me. I say the one on the 1st floor in the mall. We make a move up there. I look around and Helena smiles as well.

“they are all so beautiful,” Helena says with a smile.

“Can I help you book an appointment?” A woman comes over with a smile plastered on her face. She takes us in.

“We booked an appointment,” Helena says looking at the lady dead in the eyes.

“you booked an appointment.” The lady says. deadly serious.

“What are your names please.” The lady says going over to her book. Helena looks at the book. its empty currently but there is an appointment booked for half an hours time. I look at the name, Charlotte. I look at Destiny she looks over my shoulder.

“Isn’t she that girl that bullied you all through high school?” Destiny asks me. I nod.

“well, why don’t we take her time slot and make them cancel,” Helena says with a smile. I shake my head.

“half an hour is long enough for us to look surely,” I say.

“You shall write our names in for nows time slot,” Helena says. the sales assistant does.

“What names should I write?” She asks in a robotic singsongy way. It kind of makes me feel bad, but Helena had tried to book this appointment for 3 days and everytime her call never got answered and they never rung her back when she left messages.

“Write Liberty and Helena,” Helena says seriously. the lady does.

I walk off and look at a few dresses.

“I know its strange for you not to have gold and lilac.” Destiny starts.

“No, because you girls are all going to be in lilac with gold headbands,” I say what I want and close my eyes and see.

“Sounds like you have an idea what you want,” Helena says with a smile, I nod.

“What about you?” I ask.

“well, I want my maid of honor in blue.” She says with a smile.

“But we won’t get that dress today. we will get that closer to the date.” She says. she smiles at me. I have to smile.

Helena looks at the rails herself.

“What Kind of dress are you hoping for?” I ask her interested. I see one then, that would suit Helena’s figure too perfection.

“Possibly a mermaid.” She says.

“Like this one?” I ask her, indicating the one I’m looking at it feels so right. I close my eyes and I see Helena at the bottom of an aisle, Patrick holding her arm, he’s taking her up the aisle.

“This is my dress isn’t it?” Helena says with a grin.

“Well not this exact one, you need it taken in a size smaller,” I admit.

“Can I please try this dress on?” Helena asks the lady. She nods takes note of the number and then escorts Helena into a changing room to do her measurements.

“that was easier than I thought it would be,” Dan says from the doorway. I nod at him, Helena’s dress was. but where is mine? I walk along the racks looking at dresses but none feel right to me. I suppose this was our first dress shop out of 4 to visit, but this is the most expensive shop. Helena’s idea, she had been looking at dresses online for a few months apparently. unlike me who had no idea even if I was going white gold or lilac for my wedding. My hand settles on a really pretty kid’s ivory and gold bridesmaid dress. I smile at it and close my eyes. I see Erin, Dana, and Tabitha in the dress. I smile knowing I’ve found the right dresses.

“What sizes do you think Tabitha Dana and Erin need?” I ask Charity.

“Erin’s 6-7, Danas 2-3 Tabitha 4-5.” Charity says coming over.

“they are gorgeous.” She says with a grin.

“So you’re having flower girls?” Destiny asks me.

“Yeah,” I say seriously.

“they will love that, being a big part of auntie Libby’s wedding.” Charity says with a smile.

“Yeah,” I say with a smile. I think about the risk this might have to my nieces and nephews safety and I start to worry. No, it will all go okay.

“You’re worried,” Destiny says. I nod.

“Do you see it being a threat?” Destiny asks me.

“No,” I admit.

“neither does Eban. as he talked about it to me last night.” Destiny says. she squeezes my hand.

“This is meant to happen, Libby. Listen to me it’s your Destiny I know that.” She says. I laugh I can’t help it.

“Any dress for you?” Destiny asks me. I shake my head.

“Well if we can’t find one, at least an idea would be good. in case you need it personally made like your engagement ring.

“Wine?” We are asked by an assistant who comes over. Destiny and Charity say yes, I have water. she must have been upstairs when we came in. Dan watches her suspicious. But she’s human. shes also not thinking anything of this. I look around that’s when I see them, I have to laugh.

“what’s funny?” Helena calls from the changing room as both Destiny and Charity see what I’m looking at too and laugh.

“I found my shoes,” I say laughing. Helena pokes her head out the changing room.

“The first time I saw you, Libby, you had misplaced your shoes.” Helena points out.

“Yeah,” I point at the glass cabinet.

“there my shoes,” I tell Helena. she looks over and she laughs too.

the assistant who got us the drinks comes over, Helena puts her head back in the changing room.

“please, may I look at those gold butterfly with crescent moon barefoot sandals,” I said pointing them out. She gets them out. I sit down and try them on. they fit perfectly.

Helena comes out then.

“what do you all think,” Helena says with a grin.

“wow,” Dan says from the doorframe looking at her, his mouth has kind of dropped.

“What he said.” Charity says with a grin.

“it’s you,” Destiny says.

“that definitely is your dress,” I say with a huge smile.

Charlotte comes in then with another girl from school.

“Sorry I’m running behind.” are assistant yells.

“Can you please take a seat and Grace will be with you in a minute.” Our assistant yells. Grace helps me put my shoes in a box then takes them to the counter. Helena shows us her dress some more.

“How much is it?” Charity asks her. looking at Helena in the Crystal Beaded Trim and Lace Appliqués on a Soft Tulle Mermaid Over a Chantilly Lace with Sheer Train with Wide Scalloped Hemline and Appliquéd Shoulder Straps. She looks amazing every bit the queen she would become marrying Decius.

“you look like a proper queen,” I say and I mean that.

Charlotte clears her throat.

“Loserty is that you.” She says in a singsong way. Helena and my sisters all look so annoyed.

“wow, someone from your backward home having a real wedding. not just having kids with loads of different men.” Charlotte says in mock astonishment.

“I’m married to my husband and we have 4 wonderful kids together, the only guy for me. my eldest brother is married to his wife for years and they have 5 kids together. my mother and father have been married to each other for 60 years. I’m sorry but I don’t know where you get your information from Charlotte isn’t it?” Charity says. I never see Charity stand up for herself. Helena smiles obviously proud of Charity herself.

“You’re the girl who picked on Liberty all through school?” Helena asks sweetly.

“I didn’t pick on her. I just gave Loserty some truths.” Charlotte says.

“Lena leave it, she’s not worth it,” I say as Helena goes to comment.

“Are you getting that dress?” I ask.

“Yes,” Helena says.

“How much is it?” I ask interested.

“6.000$,” Helena says. ouch!

“Decius said to try to keep it under 15,000$ I succeeded.” Helena shrugs.

“Like you could really afford anything from in here.” Charlotte scoffs.

“Charlotte doesn’t your mom work in target?” Destiny asks sweetly. Charlotte huffs.

“Any luck with your dress Liberty?” Helena asks me sweetly.

“nothing that called to me,” I admit.

“you are not getting married.” Charlotte scoffs.

“I’m getting married,” I say still not fully believing it myself. I booked the church and Patrick booked the priest all for the same day here on the

“um, Charlotte Libby’s engagement is all over the news currently. even we’ve seen it.” Destiny laughs.

“it has rather blown up,” I admit.

“well, what do you expect when you’re marrying a rockstar princess,” Dan asks from the door frame, he’s actually in his suit with an earpiece in and sunglasses on he does actually look like a bodyguard currently. his muscles are barely controlled by his suit as well. He does look rather threatening.

“not to be on the news and all over magazines,” I say seriously.

“your the woman marrying that famous rockstar Patrick.” The lady says from the changing room looking at me wide-eyed.

“Yeah,” I say with a smile.

“No your not,” Charlotte says in disbelief.

“Yes, she is,” Dan says. he comes over from his spot by the door.

“you are not going to interfere go to any news about who Liberty is. If you ever get asked you are going to say she was a girl from your school, that’s all you know.” Dan says looking her dead in the eyes.

“beat me to it, Dan,” Helena says.

“Liberty and Patrick want some privacy and no one is interfering with that whilst I am on duty,” Dan says firmly.

“Please run up Liberty’s and Helena’s items. we shall be paying and then going to our next shop. as Liberty has to find a dress before her wedding on the 21st of December.” Dan says. when he says it like that, it sounds even closer.

“Yes of course.” the sales assistant who got our drinks says. the other one goes back in the changing room with Helena to help her get out her dress. I buy the kid’s bridesmaids dresses and my barefoot shoes. When Helena comes out, she pays for her dress and arranges to come for another 3 fittings before her may wedding date.

“Getting my dress was easier than I thought it ever would be,” Helena says as we walk through the mall towards the next shop.

“It suited you,” I assure her.

“yes, I know. I knew the moment I saw Dans and your faces.” She says with a grin.

“but your the one whos going to be hard. but at least you got the flower girls sorted.” Helena says with a smile. I nod.

“If they don’t fit.” I start worried.

“I have the receipts and can bring them back and exchange.” Charity says calmly.

“The page boys?” Charity asks me.

“Gold suit jackets lilac bow ties,” I say with a smile as I close my eyes.

“Sounds amazing,” Helena says with a grin.

“Dest?” I ask as a question as Destiny has frozen in front of a shop.

“yeah?” She says looking at me worried.

“you alright?” I ask her.

“Yeah,” Destiny says she looks at me there’s something up with her.

“what’s up?” I ask her worriedly.

“I don’t know, I just thought I saw Eban but it wasn’t him,” she says.

“you’re paranoid.” Charity says.

“Yeah,” Destiny says laughing but something about her laugh seemed forced.

“He wants to give you the freedom to make your own choices,” I say.

“I know.” She says weakly. I take my sister’s hand. she squeezes my hand I squeeze hers back.

“Its all up to you Dest. I will talk about it if you need to.” I say squeezing her hand. she kisses my head.

“love you Libs,” she says.

“love you Dest,” I say.

“here it is.” Charity says grabbing my other hand and pulling me into another bride shop, we actually had an appointment for this one 10 minutes later. So I looked around whilst we waited for our time slot. I froze at an Elegant Lilac Long Chiffon Sheer Illusion Neckline Prom Dress. it had a natural waistline and even on the hanger, it felt right.

“that’s your dress,” I say Destiny still touching it.

“it’s amazing Libby,” Helena says with a grin.

“Yeah and you’ll look amazing in it too,” I say with a grin.

“I think you have enough bridesmaids with your sisters and close friends.” She says laughing.

“but I’ve seen you in this dress at my wedding and I want you to be a part of mine and Patrick’s day too. he would want that as well.” I say I squeeze her hand.

“you’re his past Lena and he always will love you and Iris, I know that. I don’t want to ever take your place in his heart.” I say seriously.

“No Libby you didn’t you brought back his heart sweetheart,” Helena says hugging me. I hug her back.

“Will you please do me the honor of being one of my bridesmaids. hell, I need a bridesmaid that will actually understand my wedding.” I admit to her. she chuckles into my hair.

“you’re too sweet for your own good, you know that right,” Helena asks sniffing is she crying?

“Its all the sugar I eat,” I tell her, she laughs. when she lets me go, her eyes are sparkly with unshed tears but she’s smiling.

“Come on we need to find you a dress,” Helena says.

“Who are your bridesmaids Libby?” Destiny asks.

“You Charity, Helena Aimee, and Immy,” I say.

“Immy might not be able to.” Destiny starts.

“She’ll come back with a really handsome mer especially for the day,” I say with a grin.

“really?” Destiny laughs. I nod.

“He’s drop-dead gorgeous, he’s Australian,” I say seriously.

“She never said when I spoke to her.” Destiny laughs.

“she hasn’t met him yet,” I say with a grin.

“Must be a quick relationship.” Dest laughs.

“8 days,” I say. Destiny and Charity laugh so do I.

“Honestly you should all watch whos about when you talk,” Dan says from where he’s stood near the door. we all look at him and shrug. no one’s paying us any attention.

“So you want this in all our sizes?” Charity asks me. I nod.

“Yeah, how much are they?” I ask worriedly. I don’t know if I should buy them without ringing Pat to make sure its okay. Dan had taken care of that and paid before I could get my head around it in the previous shop, I had just wanted to get away from Charlotte.

“$100 each,” Helena says looking at a label.

“I should ring.” I start. Dan holds out Patrick’s credit card.

“Just put it straight on the card Liberty, Patrick is in the studio and he just wants you to get everything you think you need. you can read the message.” Dan says holding his phone out.

“I believe you,” I assure him.

“He wants a picture of you in your,” Dan says.

“Not happening.” Helena Destiny and Charity say at once.

“He can wait till he’s at the top of the aisle,” Destiny says firmly. Dan chuckles.

“I will send that to Abicus.” Dan laughs.

“But he does at least want to know when Libby has her dress. church and priest sorted and the marriage certificate is being prepared.” Dan says.

“Wow,” I say it feeling real then.

“Whos signing?” Helena asks.

“King Decius King Roscoe Prince Adrian and Queen Rana,” Dan says quietly.

“Adrian knows Liberty’s brother Jesse apparently and Rana knows Art as well it seems. They were dubbed safe.” Dan says truthfully.

“but what about Roscoe?” Helena asks.

“He needs the prewarning that we exist. he found a book in the library the other day and he needs to understand it before the crowning of your new queen.” I say. I grip my temples with two of my fingers feeling sick.

“Okay take some water.” Charity says taking hold of my waist and leading me to a seat. I sit down and take a deep breath. Dan looks at me so worried.

“Have you had enough shopping?” Dan asks me worried. I shake my head.

“Just this shop then lunch. then I want to try another shop.” I say truthfully.

“your dress not in here?” Helena asks. I shake my head.

“Nope mines not in here,” I say truthfully.

“Alright here comes the sales assistant you just rest alright,” Helena says. Charity pulls out a bottle of water from her bag. I take slow sips, shes added a few spoons of sugar, it’s nice.

Destiny and Helena go up to the counter to buy the bridesmaids dresses for me in everyone’s sizes Helena holding Pat’s credit card. Charity sits down and gets Montana out her stroller.

“She hungry?” I ask as Montana fusses and cries.

“Yeah.” Charity says.

“Why don’t we go to the food court and get them to meet us?” I ask.

“what we having?” she asks me.

“here jacket potato is the only thing on offer still I think,” I say.

“Yeah, I think so.” She says.

“I want fries though,” I say.

“Food court it is.” Charity says.

“Dest Lena. Libs and I are going to go food court to feed Montana we will meet you up there alright?” Charity calls.

“Alright,” Dest yells.

“Libby.” Dan starts.

“I’m so hungry,” I admit

he doesn’t look like he thinks its the best idea, but he comes with us.

we go and find seats that are kind of sheltered from other people around.

“Someone just took my picture,” I say, knowing it as they just held it up and I heard the noise.

“you’re famous now.” Charity says weakly getting a screaming Montana back out her stroller as we sit down. Montana settles the moment she gets attached.

“It’s weird,” I admit.

“you need to get used to it, at least until the hype calms down. it shall.” Dan says from his seat next to me.

“I hope so,” I say weakly. I take another sip of my sugar water from Charity.

“What you having?” I ask her looking around.

“Jacket will do me.” She says.

“I’m getting fries,” I tell her

we talk about our food decisions until Helena and Destiny actually arrive carrying the bridesmaid dresses. then we all talk about food, and Dan then leaves to get our food.

Once dinners ate I smile feeling full and comfortable.

“I could do with a nap like Montana,” I say looking at my fast asleep niece.

“me too.” Charity chuckles.

“well one more shop, if not we shall look in LA next weekend,” Helena says. I nod. Destiny goes and recycles our food in the correct containers. we wait for her. then walk to our last shop, well after a trip to the girl’s room.

when we go into the shop, I shake my head.

“No,” I say.

“you haven’t even looked Libby or tried on today,” Dan says.

“None feel right,” I admit.

“Come on then, let’s go.” Helena sighs.

“you haven’t got long till your wedding,” she says.

“I know,” I say. we leave the shop, not talking to anyone.

We are on our way out when I notice it. it is an actual wedding dress shop, tucked up right in the corner.

“Can we look in there?” I ask.

“yeah, why not,” Destiny says, we make our way over.

Destiny opens the door. An old woman is sat there with a cup of tea.

“Hello, can I help you?” She asks.

“I haven’t got an appointment but I was wondering if I could look and.” I start.

“my 1 pm canceled. your more than welcome to browse if you need any help let me know.” the old lady says, she takes in my bags. I go up and look. I let my heart lead me to my dress. and I find one even though it doesn’t feel exactly right.

“Please, can I try this dress on?” I ask. the lady comes over and smiles.

“its beautiful isn’t it,” she says seriously. I nod it is.

“it is a maternity dress normally though, being an empire waist.” she starts.

“Oh,” I say torn.

“but your welcome to try it on and see,” she says. I nod, we go into the changing room. Once I have it on she looks at me, I haven’t gone out yet.

“what makes you like this dress?” she asks me as I look at myself torn in the mirror it’s beautiful but it’s not fully right.

“I like the empire waist and the cap sleeves and how loose and flowy it is and the fact it has gold,” I say.

“but it’s not your dress you pictured,” she says, I shake my head it’s not.

“Does it have to be an empire?” she asks me, I shake my head.

“How much is your limit?” she asks me.

“I don’t have one,” I admit.

“wait here then.” She tells me. she walks out leaving me stood in the dress. I look at myself in the mirror. I do look amazing, but not right. when did I become vain?

she comes back in with a scarf and a dress in a bag.

“whats the scarf for?” I ask confused.

“trust me Princess Liberty,” she says. I turn and look at her properly oh an elf.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize,” I say wondering how an elf was here without coming to our home.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m only visiting on Eugene’s advice that you were torn, I normally stay in new york,” she says I nod. she ties the scarf around my head gently I can’t see, so changing into the dress took a lot of directions.

when I’m in the dress, she does me up then touches my hair for a few moments, I think putting a veil in.

“come on then, your trying to let what you see lead your choices. which is why you couldn’t choose.” She tells me, she takes my hand and helps me out the changing room.

“Wow.” all 4 of them say. there’s nothing after that for a while until,

“why is Libby blindfolded?” Destiny asks.

“Because she was trying to find her dress by what she sore herself wearing. thus couldn’t find the dress.” The lady says.

“A paradox?” Dan asks.

“a what?” Charity Destiny and I ask.

“Don’t worry,” he says.

“what do you all think of the dress?” I ask.

“you look gorgeous,” Helena says first.

“it’s amazing Libs,” Destiny says after a while.

“Charity?” I ask.

“You’re beautiful in it.” Charity sniffs.

“is Charity crying?” I ask.

“yes.” Charity sniffs. The elf undoes the blindfold.

I look in the mirror opposite where I stand. butterflies are the first thing I notice.

“Its ivory not white.” the elf says with a smile on her face.

“it’s a princess dress.” she starts.

“it’s amazing,” I say meaning that one of my fingers running over a very delicate butterfly.

I touch the gold ribbon around my waist. with the veil as well. I feel like it really is my wedding dress.

“Can I have this one,” I ask. Destiny snaps a picture.

“Yeah, Libby you can have that one,” Destiny says.

“I need to make a few adjustments. but it will be ready for you to pick up before your wedding.” The elf says.

“thank you,” I say. she takes me back into the changing room. I change back into my jeans and long sleeve top. I look at the dress on the hanger.

“it’s my dress,” I say with a smile.

“it is.” She tells me with a smile. she then takes me to the counter and I pay and get given loads of information, which I give to Dan for safe keeping.

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