Liberty of the air

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Patrick - the aftermath

Not actually happy at all with this chapter but it’s taken 3 days to write.

As I sat in the most uncomfortable chair at an oak desk, looking at a magazine article about myself, I wanted to throw it at the wall and scream. They had no idea! They had no idea what was really going on in my life! No Idea about anything about Libby. I looked at it again.

“Just looking at it, is not going to change the words,” Lee says. I glare at him, we are sat in the studio and I just saw the article, it was open on Aces desk and he wasn’t in here yet. I think he purposely poised this magazine article for me to find. I read it again.

‘Patrick with short time girlfriend rushing engagement is there a baby on the way?’ there were pictures me proposing to Libby. they were taken from a distance and you couldn’t see Libby’s ring. but you could tell I was kissing her and she was kissing me. I look at another picture and it was Libby from college, Shes carrying her unicorn folder and Dan is next to her, she’s obviously talking to a girl next to her who is holding a math book open they both have their head in that textbook. there’s another picture of me and Libby on the dancefloor last Friday. She’s smiling and I’ve got my hand on her stomach. I groan. There’s another picture, Libby is with her big brother Art. When we went for that meal with him, you can’t tell they are siblings. the fact that I’m not in the picture either. Doesn’t help and neither does the quote. ‘Seem very close friends.’

“Ah, so you’ve seen it.” Ace says coming in the room.

“Yes,” I say trying not to snap like I would of if this was Sandy.

“Well, I am taking it you have a plan to address it?” He asks me.

“Put the rumors to rest?” I ask.

“Exactly, just go on a small talk show, talk about your upcoming Album. they are so interested in you Patrick because as far as I can tell this is the most personal stuff you’ve done in the years you’ve been out.” Ace says calmly.

“With Aria, she went on a few talk shows, a game show. she got herself seen to be charitable by going to a hospital and seeing sick kids.” He starts.

“They see you as this deep sulking Rockstar and now you obviously have someone in your life who makes you smile.” He says throwing another magazine picture down, it’s of me and Libby. I have a huge grin on my face, she’s holding my hand but looks like she’s about to run off into the ocean. it was a very rare walk along the beach when she came back after the summer break.

“This Album some of the songs are so dark. then you have the two ones that show you as a family man. then you have the two love songs not to mention the my Liberty song.” Ace says.

“The songs are all amazing.” He says.

“I am pushing to have it released by the weekend.” He tells me.

“I am aware you haven’t recorded the last two songs.” He says.

“I can get them done,” I say truthfully. He nods.

“I am aware you’ve always written your own songs.” He says deadly serious.

“Yes, I have and never will do covers,” I say seriously.

“What about a song with a fellow artist.” He says. I think about it.

“I haven’t done it whilst out here, but have done it 100 years ago,” I say seriously. he leans back.

“I am aware, I don’t want it on this album.” He says seriously.

“I know you normally do a tour and an album the same year.” He says.

“I am aware Sandy wanted another album and to book my world tour next year.” I start, torn.

“What she wanted was running you into the ground.” Ace says deadly serious.

“Either do the tour or the album. slow down.” He tells me. he pulls some information up and hands it to me.

“Your hot Patrick.” He says.

“I mean your music.” He says.

“there is no way people won’t love your music, your voice.” Ace says.

“So slow it down, he looks at the magazine on the table and start being seen as a person, not just the name.” He tells me.

“Do you understand what I mean?” He asks me.

“Yes I was starting to feel like I was a brand,” I tell him.

“the aftershave, the underwear billboards.” He says nodding.

“So yes, let’s get this album out whilst your so hot.” He says.

“then it’s your choice where you go, but my honest opinion, start being seen as the person like you are currently.” He says. I nod.

“That music video for the song My Liberty.” He says.

“Too much?” I ask torn, I didn’t want to change a thing about it.

“No, it’s perfect.” He says.

“Only thing I would add.” He starts.

“Yes?” I ask.

“Is the end shot.” He says.

“you don’t like her putting her head on my shoulder next to the fire?” I start.

“Actually keep that, now you’ve said it like that. it’s perfect, as soon as the day the Album is out, I want to have that music video and another one recorded out everywhere.” He says I nod.

“So after you’ve done those two songs I want you in the video studio, meet some of the team.” He says.

“I can do that,” I say seriously.

“Would tomorrow be to soon, I would understand if you wish to spend time with your fiancee. he starts. that’s the first time someones addressed Libby as such, it brings a smile to my lips.

“She is away currently, she went to visit her parents to tell them. thankfully before it hit the news.” I say truthfully.

“Ah, so tomorrow would be fine?” He checks I nod.

“Would you consider doing a television interview?” He asks me. I nod again.

“Be personal with it.” He says.

“I will try to be,” I say seriously. He picks up the magazine and looks at it.

“This is you with your ex-wife isn’t it?” He asks indicating a picture, on another page. I’m stood looking deep in conversation with Helena and Decius.

“Yes,” I say.

“and they are friends with this guy?” He says putting the picture of Libby with Arthur down.

“They do look extremely chummy in this picture you all do.” Ace warns me.

“you need to see how the reporters are going to twist situations.” He says, pointing at us going into the restaurant, after all, coming out my limo.

“Okay,” I say thinking about it seriously.

“let me know what you decide if you want a tour next summer or if you want to bring out another album next year and I will hire appropriately.” He says. I nod.

“Just don’t be caught in a cheating scandal.” He says.

“Not going to cheat on her, or her me,” I say deadly serious.

“No, what I have been informed about you Patrick is you are loyal.” Ace nods, he holds out his hand.

“If I need to hire a social media consultant or image consultant please inform me. before I see it in magazines.” He says. I shake his hand because I know this meeting is over.

“That I shall,” I say.

“Please try to finish the album today.” He says.

“I will,” I say, I then stand up and leave his office, taking Lee and Abicus who were silent the whole way throughout with me.

I put the guitar down. that song was emotional and I felt raw after it. But It was about Iris and I knew I would never get over her death.

“Would you like some good news?” Abicus asks as I come out the sound studio.

“that was the last song of the album and it was a wrap?” I say smiling he used to say that when I first started this journey out.

“Well, that too. but Liberty has managed to find her wedding dress.” He says with a smile.

“Any pictures?” I ask hopefully.

“No, Dan informed me they said no way. that you have to wait until your in the church.” Patrick informs me.

“Only a month,” Lee says.

“Yes, a month,” I say with a smile.

“She will be home in 3 days,” Abicus says seriously.

“Yes, she will be,” I say seriously.

“Be good if she had a home to go to wouldn’t it,” Lee says. I look at him and he’s holding out a key on a keyring. I look at the keyring and key. Hoping its what I think it is.

“I couldn’t resist when I saw the keyring on my way out of having keys cut, at least until we have the locks changed,” Lee says chucking me the key. I have to smile at it alone. It’s a keyring with a dangly fairy sat on a moon, with a P dangling next to it.

“I got Libby an L one,” Lee says holding up another key.

“we got the house?” I question.

“We got the house. it needs some work don’t get me wrong. I’ve got Todd there as we speak having the kitchen fitted and the garden landscaped. you’re giving back to the local tradespeople, although Flint took charge of the garden.” Lee says with a smug smile.

“Flint took charge of the garden?” I ask. Lee looks around he wiggles his finger, I nod understanding. he was going to magic Libby a Fae garden.

“The pool guys booked in tomorrow. I have got the decorators in for all the bedrooms to except a spare that can wait.” He says when I go to say something, he gives a runner a look as they run down the hall carrying a coffee.

“The kitchen is being painted a light airy color,” Lee says I nod.

“the lounge?” I ask.

“I got Libby to pick a few patterns the other week. It may take a few weeks to get all the furniture in place. so it’s up to you when you take her there.” He says.

“Thank you,” I say seriously.

“It’s not an issue Patrick,” Lee says with a smile.

“Sorry, it took so long.” He says.

“No problem. we had to wait for the right home.” I say with a smile.

“Want to go see it?” Lee asks.

“Yeah,” I say, so that’s exactly what we go do.

As I look at the garden I have to smile. Flint is hard at work, Rion is moaning about him walking behind him, but is helping. I hear a mention of a fire pit. Lee mentioned when he left earlier the pool had a wooden decking, that’s gone but Flint has a grin on his face, he also has a team. I decide to go see what they are up to. the house is perfect. a lot of the rooms do not need touching.

“Hello?” I say as a question when I approach and hear Flint say.

“A daybed would be a better idea for now near the pool rather than a hammock, but a small hammock hung near the patio surrounded by trees. a sunken firepit over there ”

“It sounds lovely,” I say meaning that.

“Ah glad your here I have got rid of the wood here,” Flint says seriously.

“I can see. will we be having grass? as getting out a pool onto the grass.” I start. He points over at the area he was indicating for the hammock.

“Over there I’ve already planted the grass seeds. you got a big enough garden. I think surrounding a bit of the pool in grass will be nice and a few trees. a waterfall over there.” He says pointing over towards the fence. then stone near this end of the pool and the jacuzzi. make it a garden Libby can run around in and is open.” Flint says seriously. I nod.

“Whatever you think she will love,” I say seriously.

“Give him a price limit if you don’t want it to over the top,” Rion warns me.

“It’s a big enough garden for her?” I ask.

“Yeah, and private by the look of it. nothing overlaps.” Rion says seriously.

“$50.000 enough?” I ask.

“More than enough,” Flint says with a grin.

“you just gave him his dream,” Rion says shaking his head.

“When do you want it complete by?” Flint asks me.

“After our wedding. I will bring Libby here.” I say seriously.

“So the new year you want it ready for?” Flint asks me. I nod.

“Yes,” I say seriously.

“I will have the garden a fae sanctuary for when you bring her. somewhere she can just relax.” Flint says nodding.

“Isn’t yours?” Rion moans. Flint kisses him.

“you know I love my garden, Rion,” Flint says kissing him. I leave them to it after my goodbyes and telling Flint to contact Lee about all expenses. he seems happy with the outcome.

“That’s a wrap.” the music video director yells, I’m sat on a beach watching a woman in the distance with a toddler little girl, it was a bit emotional but it went with the song. I had to admit how much. They had constantly come in and out of view. One time I had even gone up and held the toddler myself. She was a cute adorable little blonde Amaris her mom and dad were so proud of her and I didn’t blame them, we talked about schools for her in the break. Her parents weren’t going to send her until she’s 12 they were going to home educate her until then. her mother was a well-known model.

I recorded another music video as I had the little girl available and she had woke up from her nap happy.

“You’re so good with her.” Her dad laughed as she ran up and I scooped her up after she had come down from the slide, we weren’t even recording anymore.

“I remember Iris at this age,” I admit with a smile watching her, as she runs off again to climb the slide.

“It’s a fun age, even with all the temper tantrums,” I say to him with a smile watching her. I watch her and I have to smile.

“Let her make her own choices in life, always let her find her own path,” I tell her dad.

“even if it’s not what you would choose for her, let her be her,” I say.

“I will Patrick.” He says, she comes up to him giggling saying daddy and he chases her around the park. I step back watching. I look at Abicus whos standing back and indicate myself writing. he walks over and hands me my notepad and I start writing sat on the bench watching the daddy with his little girl.

I kiss Libby hello, words couldn’t say everything I needed to say to her. She was back and that was the most important thing right now.

“How’s your family?” I ask her hugging her tight. she worries her bottom lip. I hold her tight knowing that her dad really is not well.

“Are you ready to do this?” I ask her? I’m not fully sure I myself am. I look at the talk show stage through the tv screen that shows the host talking. the audience is huge.

“I’m not coming on unless you indicate for me too.” She says deadly serious what I’ve arranged looking at the screen herself. I don’t want her put out there like that under all those judging eyes if I can help it. She can’t lie for a start and I have a feeling a lot of lies are about to come out my mouth. I look out as the talk show host is talking about myself. My album hit the selfs 3 days ago. my videos have been all over youtube and the music channels since then as well. She had literally just made it, she came home in a car with Helena Decius and Dan. her brother had ended up staying something was up with there mom and he wanted to stay. it surprised me. But Libby had admitted on the phone last night before she came back. that her mom wasn’t coping as well as she was trying to. that her dad had a urine infection and it was getting worse, to the point where they may have lost him for a while in the forest as he went wondering as it had caused a bit of confusion for him.

“You can bring up daddy,” Libby says kissing my cheek as I look torn at what I am about to do.

“Are you sure?” I ask her, she nods.

“you understand what comes out my mouth won’t always be.” I start she nods.

“Yeah Patrick.” She says she kisses me.

“Did you need me to.” She starts worried, she points at her mouth then my head. I kiss her lips gently.

“I would never, not want you in my head,” I tell her. she smiles at me.

“it might give you a headache.” She says worriedly.

“I’m aware,” I say seriously. I look at the stage again.

“you’re on in 5.” Someone says knocking on the door.

“I love you,” Libby says seriously.

“I love you too baby,” I assure her, I then make my move, holding her hand the whole walk down to the stage. I’m used to going on stage, its when I am in my element. But right now talking about myself is going to be hard. Sandy was constantly arranging talk shows, but it was never about me. It was all scripted. Today isn’t. I kiss her gently. then get hocked to a microphone.

“So my next guest today is a Rockstar like I promised you. Patrick everyone.” The host says. I then walk onto the stage waving and smiling. the host stays sitting, I sit on the sofa opposite her, this is less formal than normal.

“So Patrick, your new album is already top of the charts. how does that feel?” She asks me.

“Amazing and I have to thank everyone for listening and loving my music,” I say.

“They are amazing songs.” She says. she looks over at a screen and the video of myself at the beach singing and seeing the toddler in the distance with her mother.

“This song, there are already so many theories about it.” She says with a huge smile. She’s been told today there is no limit at what she can poke at me about. Normally I give a huge list of things that cant be brought up. my Iris’s rainbow song is included in that. but today nothings the limit and she knows it.

“The song baby girl has a lot of people thinking you have kids that you haven’t admitted to.” she starts seriously, I know I have a weak smile on my face.

“The song baby girl Is about my daughter Iris,” I say. some on the audience gasps.

“So you do have children?” She asks me with a smile.

“I had a little girl. she passed away very young after a car accident whilst she wasn’t with myself or my ex,” I say actually not even having to lie about my emotions. All I had to think about was Iris and I knew the emotions showed on my face.

“I am sorry for your loss, this is the first time you have mentioned her.” The show host says.

“close friends all know about her, I’m still very close friends with her mother,” I say seriously. she looks at me she seems torn what to say next.

“The song baby girl and my life I wrote whilst she was still with me,” I admit.

“Long before I met my producer and my first single came out,” I say seriously.

“It has taken me years to get to the point I feel comfortable mentioning my daughter,” I say seriously.

“But the song Iris rainbow?” She asks me.

“Was wrote 5 years after she passed. I needed a way to express how I felt. all my songs I write myself and come straight from the heart.” I say. a few of the audience clap some aww.

“So you write all your own songs?” She asks me.

“Yes,” I say more clapping. she asks me questions about a lot of songs.

“Now your song my Liberty.” She says with a huge smile.

“Is that your girlfriend in the video?” She asks me.

“No,” I say I smile at her.

“that’s my fiancee,” I say with a smile that I know would have woman swooning.

“Lucky girl.” She says with a smile.

“I like to think I am the lucky one,” I say seriously.

“She is younger than you?” She asks me. something they’ve mentioned a lot in the magazine.

“Yes she is, but when you meet the one you know,” I say with a smile.

“And she is your one? the normal everyday college student?” She asks me.

“Yes, she defiantly feels it,” I say with a smile.

“Just because you’re not famous, doesn’t mean you can’t find the one. Life isn’t always a fairytale, but love is real.” I say, a lot more people aww.

“but you seem to be rushing your relationship so much. The first time we all saw evidence of yourself having a girlfriend was when you were snapped with her during summer at a restaurant.” She says seriously.

“To be honest, I have always been someone who kept my personal life out the spotlight,” I say seriously.

“I was dating her a lot longer than you all realize. Quiet dates .” I say seriously.

“Rockclimbing and parachuting together are a few of our hobbies and most are very private affairs,” I say seriously.

“As we can see from the video of you rock climbing was it scary climbing the cliff?” She asks me.

“No, but it was a lot harder than I am used to.” I laugh.

“was she wearing a harness that we couldn’t see. we could see yours.” She says.

“She was indeed safe the whole time,” I say seriously. glossing over the fact she wasn’t.

“She’s a trained climbing instructor,” I say with a smile.

“How did you two meet?” She asks me.

“I myself met her at a college nightclub,” I say the truth.

“We didn’t really talk the first time I met her,” I say seriously.

“the second time I asked her out,” I say truthfully.

“And she said yes?” She asks me.

“Yes but I will let you in on a secret,” I say, she smiles and inches closer so does the camera.

“What’s the secret.” She says with a grin.

“She didn’t know who I was,” I say with a smile.

“I wasn’t her type of music, so she hadn’t a clue who I was,” I say with a grin.

“we went out to eat privately at the restaurant I proposed to her the other day. I tried to repeat our first date to propose.” I say loads of awws. I look over and Libbys smiling at me.

“So tell us about her and where the song my Liberty comes from.” She says with a grin.

“Well, the first part is her name is Liberty, although I call her Libby,” I say with a smile.

“And she’s here today?” The lady says.

“She is here, but I don’t think.” I start.

“We would love to meet her wouldn’t we,” she says to the audience.

“yes.” they all call. great just great.

“you would all like to meet Patrick’s fiancee right?” She calls.

I look over at Libby looking torn as the audience cheers and calls. She’s shaking her head no at someone, but he’s saying something to her, Abicus says something to her. she nods worried and looks at me.

“Well after the break hopefully we will be joined by Patrick and Liberty.” The host was saying as I look at Libby just off the stage.

“And cut.” A director called.

“Thank you, Patrick, and thank you so much for this exclusive.” The host says to me.

“Thank you for letting me come on,” I say seriously. someone rushes over a drink for the host and she takes some. I stand up and walk over to Libby. I take her hand.

“You don’t have to come on if you don’t want to baby,” I tell her seriously.

“But you want me to?” Libby asks me, her blue eyes look scared.

“I will do most the talking I promise,” I say putting my hand on her cheek. she nods, she threads her fingers in my hand. I’m wearing a pair of black jeans with a black top, Libby looks a fresh of air to me. She’s wearing a light blue maxi dress, with a jean jacket over it her blonde hair braided to the side. She looks gorgeous. I take her on the stage the audience cheer. I sit back down so does Libby next to me, I keep hold of her hand and rest my hand on her knees. Libby looks at the audience like she wants to be anywhere but there. Libby takes a deep breath. I squeeze her hand.

“thank you for joining us.” The host says to Libby.

“Thank you for hav.” Libby freezes as she sees the audience. I squeeze her hand.

“And we are back with Patrick and his Fiancee Liberty has joined us.” the host says.

“So Liberty or can we call you Libby?” She asks Libby. Libby looks at the audience. I squeeze her hand. Libby doesn’t speak she looks around the audience. I squeeze her hand tight. she looks at me. just look at me, Libby.

“Libbys fine.” She says looking at me and not the audience.

“Stage fright?” The host asks her. Libby just nods.

“So Libby and Patrick, we all want to see your ring.” The host says. Libby holds her hand out worried, shes slightly shaking. The cameraman comes over and he zooms in on Libbys hand.

“That is beautiful, it’s so unique.” The host says she’s smiling.

“Where is it from?” I am asked.

“Beleive it or not, I and Libbys elder two brothers designed it especially for her,” I admit. a lot of the audience Aww.

“Ah, so you’re all close?” The host says going for that.

“Libbys eldest brother and my ex are very close friends,” I say seriously.

“Oh?” the host says. the host asks questions and I answer. Libby holds my hand tight but stays mostly silent.

“So any idea when you’re going to set the date?” She asks us. I smile at Libby as she bites her bottom lip, I want to pull her lip into my mouth and bite.

“We have set the date,” I admit. The audience aww again.

“Very nice any reveal when?” The host asks me.

“Soon,” I say winking at the camera.

“Honestly I would say but I haven’t managed to book the priest we want yet, so currently the dates could change. I don’t want to jinx it.” I admit.

“Aww.” the audience says.

“But it’s going to be soon?” The host asks.

“Yes,” I say with a smile.

“Why are you both rushing so much? is there a baby on the way?” The host asks us.

“No nothing like that,” I say still smiling I squeeze Libbys hand.

“then why rush?” The host asks. Libby nods at me really softly.

‘you can say about daddy.’ Libbys voice says in my head.

“We want Libbys dad to make it to see her married,” I say truthfully. a few awws from the audience.

“Oh, and if you waited he might not?” The host asks Libby rather than me.

“We found out he didn’t have long left in the summer.” Libby almost whispers.

“I’m sorry.” The host says.

“well, when you know you’ve met the one. nothing is to fast.” I say. I answer more questions. thankfully we run out of time.

“Well thank you Patrick, and of course Libby for joining us today. We wish you both the best for the future and hope we get invited to the wedding.” the host says smiling.

“And cut.” The director says.

“thank you.” She says.

“thank you for having us,” I say. I take Libby off. The moment we are off screen I kiss her.

“Sorry baby,” I say kissing her.

“They are just curious Pat,” Libby says I wrap her in my arms.

“Yeah, baby they are,” I say.

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