Liberty of the air

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Patrick - the day before I do

“Libby.” I sigh into Libby’s hair as our alarm beeps waking us both up. She smiles up at me sleepily from where she lay on my chest. she is more asleep than awake, but then we did spend most of the night practically arguing over the covers. Double bed duvet is not big enough for us. we are at a hotel in Libby’s hometown rather than at her parents’ home. She had wanted to go stay at her parents, but with visiting Amaris and with the fact it is December and sleeping outside in hammocks is not a highlight of mine, I convinced her that staying in the hotel was for the best.

“His plane will land in a bit and you need to talk to him first,” Libby yawns. I have to sigh, she’s been saying very similar for days. that Roscoe needs warning what he’s coming into. That I can’t just say at the wedding. Oh, she’s a fairy. I have to give him a day’s warning apparently. Although everyone else knows and will sign happily. Prince Andrew has signed it for me already. all I said to him was. ‘Andrew can I have your signature please on my marriage license.’ and he signed it. without any questions about Libby. To be honest with how stressed and sleep deprived he was at that moment in time, I think I could have asked for his first born and he wouldn’t have even known what he was signing away. I force myself to sit up in the bed. I have to drive to pick Roscoe up, I could have got him to hire a car and drive here. but I wanted to use the excuse to talk to him. Right now, I’m wishing I just sent the limo without myself in it. The other thing was, I had to be careful that no one got suspicious of what was going on currently. the worst thing that could happen right now is the paparazzi turning up to our wedding. I kiss Libby’s head and think about tomorrow. We are going to have a mixture of both our traditions. this wedding is for both of us and once done she will fully be my wife.

“I know, you’ve been saying that for days. that I need to go and talk to him.” I sigh into her hair.

“He has questions about the book,” she tells me, yawning.

“A book I haven’t even read.” I point out to her or have a clue what it says.

“Then ask him if you can read it,” she tells me, pulling the covers back over herself and turning around. I don’t think so, baby. if I have to get up so do you. In fact, I know that she has a lot she has to do today.

“Baby, are you just going to go back to sleep when I’m gone?” I ask her.

“Yes,” she admits.

“you hogged the covers,” she grumbles, I have to laugh.

“Normally baby you share,” I tell her, but last night she was having none of that, although with how cold her feet were when she put them on my legs, I knew she was cold. I had held her tight to me, but nothing I had done would warm her last night.

“Yeah, normally it isn’t so cold,” she grumbles.

“It’s the whole reason I said no to sleeping outside at your parents these few days,” I point out.

“I thought that was because the other Amaris are staying at the hotel,” she says,

“that too,” I admit to her, I kiss her head and she moves again in the bed.

“Aren’t you meant to be having breakfast with.” I start, knowing full well she’s meant to be meeting Helena, Decius, Art, Jesse, Adrian, and Rana. all of which were currently at this hotel.

“Yes.” she moans.

“then we both have to get up don’t we.” I laugh.

“Yes.” She moans. I start tickling her side, she giggles, I move in the bed, so I end up on top of her. Her eyes are open now and she’s got a smile, I kiss her lips.

“Morning duvet hog,” I tell her kissing her lips again a quick peck.

“Morning Rockstar.” She says with a smile. the alarm starts beeping again, I chuckle as she throws it on the floor, not stopping the beeping.

“at least snooze it first.” I laugh, I kiss her again I chase her tongue around her mouth, running my hands down her body. The sharp knock at the door is annoying.

“Libby Breakfast,” Art calls, at least it’s not my warning.

“Coming,” Libby grumbles.

“Come on Maverick arrived an hour ago.” Art calls. I gently kiss Libby.

“Alright, I will see you tonight,” I say seriously.

“No, you won’t,” Libby tells me.

“Where are you going?” I question her.

“Going to sleep tonight in the woods,” Libby says.

“Libby it’s too cold.” I start.

“It’s our tradition, Patrick. I can’t spend tonight with you.” Libby says.

“Alright stay safe.” I sigh giving in quickly and kissing her. I then roll off her. She laughs as she climbs out the bed and she slips her outfit on from her suitcase she brought with her. she is so beautiful without even trying to be. she’s wearing some lilac jeans she found in LA last week on a shopping trip with Flint and a gold crew neck sequin pullover.

“Gold and Lilac,” I say kissing her, there was a reason tomorrow I will be wearing a gold waistcoat and gold tie, underneath my black suit. both our traditions are meeting tomorrow. It’s what we both wanted.

Libby slips on some uggs. I look at them with a raised eyebrow.

“You are wearing shoes? are you okay?” I ask her worriedly putting my hand on her head. she actually laughs.

“I do crazy things when I’m cold I never feel this cold,” Libby says to me. the door is knocked.

“Patrick, we need to set off in 20 minutes.” Abicus calls. I laugh.

“I’m up,” I say and find my own clothes. Libby goes and cleans her teeth then does her hair at the vanity mirror.

“When I see you next, I will be marrying you,” I say in amazement, she turns and grins at me.

“Unless you stand me up.” She says. I do up my shirt.

“Never happening baby,” I tell her.

“don’t be late for our wedding,” I say seriously.

“Few minutes?” She asks me. I walk over and take her hand, I pull her, so she is standing.

“Don’t scare me when I’m at the top of that aisle,” I say seriously.

“I won’t Pat.” She tells me. I kiss her, and she kisses me. Then we make a move-out. Abicus is leaning against the wall outside the door looking bored.

“Wow, only one warning?” He asks us.

“Art gave one too,” Libby says.

“See you tomorrow,” she says, she kisses me.

“I love you,” I tell her.

“Love you too,” she says.

“Libs hurry up, Jesse is telling everyone about the time I got my head stuck.” Art says. Libby laughs. she kisses me and goes to run off.

“In what?” I whisper to her before I let her go.

“He’s practically got stuck in everything.” She laughs but then she leaves with her big brother. He wraps his arm around her and she laughs walking off with him. I watch her go, Abicus smiles at me.

“This time tomorrow.” He says to me. I know what he means, this time tomorrow I will be in my suit, on my way to the church. I have to smile myself.

“We best go get Roscoe then,” I say.

“this is going to be interesting, shame not all of them knew what they were signing.” Abicus chuckles.

“Yeah, it would have been easier if Art had more friends,” I say with a smile.

“Least its only one.” Abicus points out. We walk down the stairs, we walk past the restaurant. I see Libby hugging Maverick as I pass.

“We got time?” I ask Abicus.

“Nope.” He says. I just wave in case anyone is watching, no one waves back. but Lee does come over carrying 3 brown bags and 4 travel coffee cups on a tray, why he has 4 I don’t know. is someone joining us?

“Irish coffee,” Lee says handing one out to me, I take it. I take a sip and cough.

“Enough scotch in this?” I ask him coughing.

“Maverick made it, said it’s how he has it at home,” Lee informs me laughing.

“I think I will pass,” I say putting it down on a table we pass. he passes me another travel cup.

“Cappuccino,” he says passing me another coffee.

“you just wanted me to try the Irish coffee?” I chuckle.

“Yes, we both did,” Abicus says laughing. I shake my head but laugh we make our move to the limo that was waiting for us outside. when we are sat in there and on our way, I have to ask.

“what’s for breakfast?” I ask.

“We have sausage, bacon and egg baps,” Lee admits, passing me one of the brown paper bags.

“What have they all got?” I ask.

“Most the Amaris have cooked breakfasts today. Art ordered for Libby almond French toast with blueberries and strawberries.” Lee informs me.

“Sounds nice,” I say, and I mean that. I pull out my breakfast and take a bite.

“You both ready for tomorrow?” Lee asks me.

“Libby has her last dress fitting today apparently. The flowers are already according to Destiny.” I say seriously.

“Everything’s ready if it goes tits up with the Amaris wedding to apparently,” Lee says.

“Who said that?” I have to ask.

“Destiny,” Lee says with a smile.

“Apparently even if anyone says no, you can still marry there way and humans,” Lee says.

“That’s good to know,” I say seriously. I think about it.

“Mixture of both our traditions,” I say seriously.

“Yes exactly,” Lee says seriously. I look at my watch, we are pushing it.

“His plane set off on time,” Abicus says seriously.

“We are pushing it,” I say seriously.

“We are, but he knows your coming,” Lee says seriously.

“I know.” I sigh. I do know, and I highly doubt Roscoe will leave without me there. he doesn’t really know where he’s going for a start.

As I watch one of my oldest friends leave the plane I have to smile. No one said this wasn’t going to work. But nor did they say this conversation would be easy. I thought of what I would have said a few months back if anyone told me Fairies were real. I think I would wonder what the hell they were smoking. Roscoe’s guards looked tired, not the best reaction for guards really.

“Hello, Roscoe you are early,” I say with a smile.

“Better to be early than late.” He chuckles.

“No Maria?” I ask slightly disappointed, I had invited her too. I wanted Libby to have at least a few friends her age.

“Still to uncool.” Roscoe sighs, we shake hands.

“Still she didn’t want to come to my wedding that will possibly get splashed all over gossip magazines?” I question aware of the people milling around.

“She would have done apparently if you had a different date, but one of her close friends is getting married in a few days and she’s got to travel there,” Roscoe says, he looks so torn.

“Ah yes, Derek’s wedding,” I say nodding,

“She is signing?” I ask.

“You knew? you were invited?” Roscoe questions me.

“No, I wasn’t invited,” I say seriously.

“I am actually disappointed he didn’t think to ask me, I did say I would help,” I admit. Roscoe sighs and looks at me seriously.

“Why?” He asks me.

“everyone should be allowed to marry for their heart. Robward would want her to have love in her life. arranged marriages are so outdated. He hated his nearer the end.” I sigh.

“He did,” Roscoe says looking so torn.

“I thought you were proposing at Christmas not getting married at Christmas?” Roscoe says and asks me at the same time.

“I had full plans to ask at Christmas,” I admit.

“Then rumors of her being pregnant hit the gossip?” He asks me. I shake my head.

“Then when I came to talk to her parents to get their permission, I found out her dad had less time than I originally thought,” I admit. he sighs and looks so torn.

“It is always such a sad occasion when an Amaris dies. we think our longer life means we won’t ever have to say goodbye. no one seems to be ready near the end.” Roscoe sighs.

“Her father isn’t Amaris,” I say. His eyes look at me daggers then.

“Patrick.” He starts.

‘How are you enjoying your book about the fae?’ A male’s voice asked me in my head it hurt. I wanted to roll my eyes, they didn’t understand they made things harder.

“Patrick I can’t sign your marriage to a human.” Roscoe starts seriously.

“Liberty isn’t human, how are you enjoying your book on the fae?” I ask him. He stops whatever he was about to say.

‘if you don’t sign my marriage certificate Roscoe, I will resort to an ancient wedding to marry her. It will just take explaining to millions of people that the Fae are real again when they wonder why my marriage isn’t in our systems. something we both are aware our people are not ready to hear. I have 4 signatures of Amaris royals who have had things to do with the Fae for hundreds of years.’ The male voice said in my head, it hurt.

“Roscoe, if you don’t sign, I am still going to marry her another way. As one of my oldest friends, I know you will only want the best for me and that is Libby.” I say seriously. Roscoe looks so torn.

“So, Fae are real?” He asks weakly as we go to my limo, Lee is holding the door open. Roscoe’s guards look like they think we are on drugs.

“Very,” I say seriously. Roscoe climbs in the car,

“I will help the others find the way, Patrick,” Abicus says seriously. I nod. Lee and one of Roscoe’s guards climb in the limo with us, the door is shut, and we start our move. Roscoe is silent too long for him.

“I should have told you before this, that Liberty wasn’t an Amaris, but you did only ask me if she was human,” I say seriously.

“I am sorry, I wasn’t aware of other species when I asked that. Next time I will know to be clearer with my questions.” He says deadly serious. I have to smile, he’s trying to stay disapproving, but he takes in my smile and has to look away.

“So, what did that book say?” I ask him interested.

“you haven’t read it?” He questions me.

“No, I was only made aware of what it contained when Libby said that I couldn’t let you come into this blind,” I admit.

“So, you would have put me on the spot to sign your marriage certificate?” Roscoe questions me. looking at me like he was disappointed.

“I remember that Rebel who would never listen to what his parents wanted and always dragged others along with him,” I say with a smile.

“that was you,” Roscoe mumbles with a smile.

“Time doesn’t change me, Ros,” I say with a grin.

“Obviously it doesn’t.” He says with a weak smile.

“Who encouraged me?” I ask him. Roscoe laughs. He pulls out the book from the library and holds it out to me. I take it from him. I can’t read a single word.

“you can read this?” I ask him.

“No, but I have managed to get a bit translated. my uncle happened to understand a bit. not as much as I wanted.” Roscoe sighs.

“Enough so I know what my own great grandmother was and a few other families.” He admits.

“Does this say why they hid from us?” I ask him torn.

“Not that I have found yet.” He admits. he looks at me torn.

“Do you know why?” He asks me, he looks torn as if he doesn’t know if he really wants the answers.

“We almost wiped them out,” I admit.

“What?” Roscoe asks me torn.

“There blood is nicer than humans and fills us longer,” I admit. he looks at me firmly.

“you know this for a fact?” He questions me.

“I have tasted Libby,” I admit seriously.

“On her permission, after I knew for a fact, I wanted her for her,” I say seriously. He seems so torn,

“So, you will be using your new wife as food?” he questions me torn.

“No,” I say firmly.

“I would happily never have another bite of Libby,” I say seriously.

“But I would not cope without her in my arms,” I say seriously.

“Patrick.” Roscoe starts he looks like he doesn’t know what to do or say for the best.

“I will introduce you to Arthur, Maverick, and Jesse when we get to the hotel. All are full fairies and can possibly explain more than I could, I still haven’t fully had everything explained. but what I do know is the fae aren’t threats to us, we are the threats Roscoe, and I would protect Libby with my own life.” I say firmly.

“If you are still unhappy to sign tomorrow, I won’t ask you to. I will respect your decision.” I say truthfully.

“But you will still marry her,” Roscoe questions me.

“Roscoe I love Liberty,” I say seriously. he looks so torn.

“I will choose her and my baby, even if I have to walk away from our kind,” I say knowing how much I mean those words.

“She is pregnant?” Roscoe questions me.

“Yes,” I say truthfully. he looks so torn.

“your baby will be?” He starts torn.

“My child and I wouldn’t care if the baby is Amaris Fae or even Human. As long as the babies healthy.” I say seriously. He nods then he sighs I can tell he’s torn.

“I can’t say I am going to give you my blessing yet.” He says seriously.

“I don’t expect that from you. but know even if you don’t sign my certificate as one of my oldest friends and one of my last friends still alive, I want you at my wedding. I was there with Matthew and Robward when they both passed. I will never get over that, but it made me understand that life is too short to live unhappily and with regrets.” I say seriously.

“your girlfriend makes you happy?” he asks and sighs.

“Exactly. I love her.” I say seriously. He looks so torn.

“Talk to them Roscoe, get Maverick to translate the book. or Libby’s grandma.” I say seriously.

“Her father is dying?” He asks me.

“Libby’s father is human,” I say seriously.

“Her mother is a fairy,” I say. he looks so torn.

“So, what does her kind think of this?” he asks weakly.

“that love is important, and everyone should be able to follow their heart,” I say seriously.

“How are they governed?” Roscoe asks me.

“the fae have the queen Daysi and the elves the kind Eugene,” I say seriously because I can’t resist, I have to add.

“But they have a complicated relationship,” I say.

“Why are they fighting?” he asks.

“No there king and queen just won’t talk after he left her at the altar,” I say seriously. Roscoe looks at me like he thinks I have lost all my senses.

“you’re being serious?” He asks me in disbelief.

“When someone annoys them, they don’t talk to them. one of the main reasons we lost contact with them.” I admit.

“Tell me how you discovered that the Fae are real, and how you met her. I need to understand.” Roscoe says.

“Best place to start is how I met Libby,” I admit.

So I start explaining to him, about how I met Libby, how she had made me feel from the moment I first met her. He listened and didn’t speak, he just let me tell him all about Libby.

When we got to the hotel, I still hadn’t finished so I made the driver drive us around the town a few times. Roscoe asked a few questions and listened thoughtfully. when I had fully finished my story he sighed. there were things I didn’t tell him. for example that Libby was the air spirit but I did tell him she was royalty to her own kind. a princess.

“I would love to meet her before your wedding,” Roscoe tells me.

“She is currently at the mall trying on her wedding dress,” Lee says seriously.

“then perhaps we should go to the mall,” I say seriously. Lee nods.

“I wish to talk to her alone Patrick, I understand that will be hard for you,” Roscoe says seriously. Very hard. but I nod.

“I would love for you to meet her,” I say weakly. Roscoe looks at his guard.

“Valentino stay with Patrick, I am going to take Lee with myself,” Roscoe says firmly. When we get to the mall, Lee and Roscoe climb out the limo and walk in, I sit there torn as people look at Roscoe as he walks in. I pick up the green book that Roscoe has left on the seat, just for something to distract myself. I open it, there are a few pages that have notes in them, I start reading them.

The Fairy a fun loving nature being. That alone made me smile. there wasn’t much translated but what had been so far showed me that the Fae really should be protected, It told of a time when we were apart of a council that did what they thought was best for the planet. the council of spirit was run by the spirits in charge but every species had a say. Roscoe had written How many other species? underlined. I didn’t blame him for having questions, there wasn’t much of that page translated, I flicked through to his next note. this book was obviously written before we separated. Families who have a fae ancestor seem to process extra gifts, the ability to know when someone is lying, the ability to not be lied to. extra strength with earth magic. interesting, what would our baby be like? I flick to the next page with notes, it is a list of 42 peoples names, The only last name I recognized was Roscoes. I flip to the next page, it has the symbol of air on it. Nothing is translated, but I look at it trying to make it make sense. I then flip to the next page, still nothing translated. hell, how did Roscoe even decide that the Fae were real from this? I’m still flipping through the book when the Limo door is open. Roscoe climbs in, he looks at me so torn. He doesn’t say a single word. Lee leans forward when he’s in and says.

“Hotel now please.”

I watch Roscoe torn on what to say or do. He looks so deep in thought I don’t want to interrupt his thoughts. When we get to the hotel. Eban is stood outside it with Decius, Adrian Aliian, Art, Bass, and Jesse all holding a drink of something. No Maverick though, I sigh this might not help.

“King Decius and Prince Adrian are here?” Roscoe asks taking in Decius and Adrian.

“They are royals who still have contact with the fae and are signing for me,” I admit.

“Well, Adrian’s ancestors are on the list.” He says thoughtfully.

“The people with them?” Roscoe asks me torn.

“Eban is an elf,” I say seriously.

“To be honest it’s possibly best just to introduce you to them all. Art Bass and Jesse are all Libbys older brothers. Maverick is missing.” I say seriously.

“He was with Liberty I have met him,” Roscoe says nodding. He looks torn. he sighs.

“Patrick you are one of my oldest friends,” Roscoe says seriously.

“I haven’t always agreed with what you want,” Roscoe says seriously, he looks so torn. he sighs.

“You love each other?” Roscoe asks me.

“Yes,” I tell him seriously.

“Then Patrick, I will sign for you.” He says deadly serious.

“Now I think its time we meet these Fae. although I think it should be Queen Jenifer being introduced not us.” Roscoe says seriously.

“No, I think it should be our future queen,” I say seriously. He seems to puzzle over this.

“They respect Alysa?” He asks me torn.

“Yes, more than most our kind seems to currently,” I admit. He looks torn.

“Maria loves Alysa.” He says seriously.

“It seems we both are going to commit crimes against the Queen this Christmas.” He sighs.

“Like father like daughter,” I say with a smile, he had said that to me hundreds of years ago, when I had talked about Iris. He weakly smiles at me, He knows what I’m thinking.

“I knew those words would bite me when Maria was born.” He says with a smile.

“I was always uncool to Iris as well.” I say with a weak smile.

“Iris never thought you were uncool, she looked up to you as much as she did Helena.” Roscoe says seriously.

“I’m sure Maria does you as well.” I say deadly serrious. he weakly smiles.

“I hope so, but as long as she follows her own dreams I wqill respect her discions.” He says seriously.

“As I am going to yours.” He says. he nods at Lee.

“Time to go meet these Fae.” He says seriously.

Lee opens the door and climbs out. I climb out after Roscoe and follow him over to Libbys brothers and the others. This hopefully was all going to work out.

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