Liberty of the air

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Libby - the day before I do

Stood in my wedding dress, I felt amazing. I looked at Maverick who was sat on the couch with a glass of wine and his phone out, Destiny and Charity were both busy getting the last few things ready for my wedding. So my big brother had said he would come with me to my last dress fitting. He was looking at me like he couldn’t have been prouder. The elf was taking a few things in, she had tutted me. apparently, I had lost weight since I was last in here.

“The priest is here,” Maverick said seriously from the couch where he is actually texting. My brother who is older than phones is sat texting.

“Good,” I say with a weak smile,

“Libby, what’s wrong? Do you not want this? you still have time to say no.” Maverick says firmly from where he’s sat.

“I want this. I love Patrick.” I say and I mean that with all my heart.

“Then what’s wrong?” Maverick asks. Todd looks at me like he wants to run out of the room.

“Nothing with me and Pat,” I say truthfully. I squeeze my eyes.

“I don’t want to see the vision,” I say trying not to look.

“About?” Maverick asks me worried.

“What’s going on right now,” I admit.

“With your wedding?” Maverick asks me, I shake my head.

“With Harmony,” I mumble. He sighs and climbs off the sofa.

“Tell me what you see.” He says seriously.

“They are at a mall like I am right now, which is possibly why it’s so clear,” I say seriously.

“What’s happening?” Maverick asks me.

“They are wedding dress shopping.” I sigh, with a weak smile.

“So its just the fact you can’t shake it?” He asks me. I shake my head.

“They are about to be attacked and outnumbered a lot of people could die,” I admit.

“Libby,” Todd says looking like he wants to ring this in.

“There are 6 things that could happen and they all want me to watch at the same time,” I admit.

“Then push it all away and focus on you,” Maverick says clearly.

“If I can lend her my strength even from this far away,” I say.

“Then do it, if its safe for you,” Maverick says.

“I could call it in and get her back up,” Todd says his phone in his hand. my head sways, Maverick grabs my waist and leads me to the sofa and gives me my bottle of water. I take a few steps.

“Watch them if it will push it away quicker,” Maverick says seriously. I nod and do what he says. I see loads of different outcomes, then I see the one she chooses. I have to smile, I send my strength to her words of Stasi. my head and stomach both seem to sway like I am on a boat. I blink at my brothers and Todds worried faces.

“The visions gone, everything’s going to be okay,” I say seriously.

“If you puke in that dress Liberty its not going to be ready for tomorrow.” The elf says firmly, I have to weakly smile. I take a sip of the water, then look at the door worried.

“Now what’s wrong?” Todd asks me like he’s ready to call today quits and go back to bed.

“We are about to have a guest, he doesn’t know if he’s going to say yes yet,” I admit.

“Dangerous?” Todd asks me. I shake my head.

“Just torn,” I say seriously. Maverick takes my hand I let him pull me back to my feet and walk back over to the elf, who’s stood there still with a needle and thread in her hand.

“Why is it so cold in here?” I ask weakly. Maverick smiles.

“I wondered why you were wearing shoes, everything cold today Libby?” Maverick asks me. I nod. he laughs.

“It is December.” Todd points out. Todd goes quiet when his earpiece makes a noise. Dan obviously. He said there wasn’t enough room in here for them all to stand, so he was going to sit down outside the shop. But when the door opens he stands there looking worried as hell, with Lee and a man I have never met before but I know is Roscoe.

“Roscoe this is Liberty, Liberty this is King Roscoe,” Lee says seriously.

“It’s really nice to meet you,” I say seriously and truthfully. Roscoe seems to take me in in my wedding dress, he looks at me like he is unsure what he’s here.

“You as well Liberty.” He says seriously, he’s so torn. I smile not sure what to say or do for the best.

“This is my big brother Maverick,” I say introducing them both.

“Pleasure,” Roscoe says, Maverick takes his hand and shakes his hand.

“You look beautiful in your wedding dress,” Roscoe says he seems to have lost his confidence.

“Thank you,” I say not sure what else to say for the best.

“You are Amaris?” He asks me confused. I shake my head.

“I’m Fae,” I tell him.

“I wear a necklace currently that makes people think I’m an Amaris when they look at me. ancient magic that protects us.” I admit truthfully.

“Why do you want to marry Patrick Liberty?” Roscoe asks me, he sounds so torn.

“Because I love him with all my heart,” I say truthfully. He nods even though he looks torn, Lee, Todd, and Maverick all look like they don’t know what to do. that makes all of us. I know even Roscoe doesn’t. He came with one point, find out if I really loved Patrick. he knows the truth now.

“Can you all please wait outside so I can talk to Roscoe,” I say.

“Libby.” Lee starts.

“Please,” I say. Lee nods, he looks torn.

“Everyone,” I say. Maverick walks out so does the elf. Lee leaves last, I sit on the sofa.

“Ask me anything you want to know King Roscoe,” I say with a weak smile.

“Did you know what Patrick was when you first met him?” Roscoe asks me weakly.

“No, I didn’t till he took me out to eat a month later,” I say seriously.

“Part of me wanted to run away from him the moment, I discovered what he really was, hell part of me did the moment I saw him,” I say truthfully.

“But you didn’t?” He asks me.

“I didn’t know I loved him, but I knew I trusted him and wanted to give him a chance. I know the moment I did realize that I loved him though.” I say seriously.

“When was that?” he asks me with a weak smile.

“When I was in the forest alone for the first time,” I admit.

“He was all I could think about,” I admit.

“But I also knew I was in love with him when I saw him on stage the first time, hearing him give his heart to everyone, seeing all his strength and pain,” I say seriously.

“So you thought you could ease his pain?” Roscoe asks me,

“No,” I say seriously.

“I don’t really know how to put it all into words for you Roscoe, except I love Patrick with all my heart, and I trust him with my kind so much I risked my people coming out to people that almost wiped us out,” I say seriously

“You thought it was your right to?” Roscoe asks me. I shake my head no.

“No, but it would not have happened if we didn’t love each other,” I say seriously.

“You are a princess of your people?” Roscoe asks me so torn.

“I am one of my peoples royal family members. I would never rule and I never would want to.” I say seriously.

“What do you want to do then?” Roscoe asks me.

“Teach,” I admit,

“Teach?” He asks me confused, I start explaining our schooling, he listens to me. we both sit on the couch, me in my wedding dress. He nods and asks questions as he feels the need to.

“So you will one day return to your people, then what happens to Patrick, what happens to him when you grow old?” He asks me.

“I will live as long as he does hopefully, my life expectancy is longer than your own species,” I admit.

“Even though you’re a half?” He asks me. I nod.

“Even though I am a half, if I was a full Fae I would be immortal. I don’t think I would enjoy that.” I admit seriously.

“So you and Patrick are for the rest of your lives?” He asks me. I have to smile and nod.

“Yeah,” I say seriously.

“You love him that much that you want to be with him for at least 300 years?” He asks me.

“Yes,” I say seriously.

“Patrick told you my daddy is a human right?” I ask him.

“Yes,” Roscoe says seriously.

“my moms not and she’s immortal. mom still choose my daddy and has been with he was 23 years old.” I start I clam up with the tears.

“She’s going to lose him soon, but that doesn’t mean a minute they spent together is any less special than the lifetime my Mom could have had with someone else,” I say,

“We love who we love Roscoe,” I say seriously.

“I’m not going to say we aren’t going to have ups and downs. hell, we have had fights, hell I’m petrified about becoming a mom.” I admit to him.

“That was?” he starts.

“Not planned at all,” I tell him truthfully. he nods he looks worried.

“It will all work out for the best,” I say truthfully.

“You hope it will.” He says looking at me.

“I have a bit of the sight. I know things aren’t going to run smoothly all the time, but I know that I will love Patrick all my life, even if tomorrow doesn’t happen. I will still love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him.” I say seriously. He nods.

“I have so many questions about the Fae,” Roscoe admits torn.

“Okay, I’m willing to answer,” I say truthfully. He looks at me torn, he asks me a few questions.

“Why did we separate?” He asks me.

“A lot of reasons, but you were dangerous,” I say truthfully. He nods torn.

“What else is there out there?” He asks me.

“Hundreds of other species, ask Art or Maverick to translate your book,” I say to him seriously.

“you know about the book?” He questions me.

“I never know what I know and what I don’t until I talk,” I admit.

“Is that common with the Fae?” he asks me.

“Can you remember the stories of the element spirts?” I ask.

“A few.” He says confused.

“Well, I am the air spirit,” I say truthfully.

“Like your connected to air?” He asks me interested.

“Yes and no,” I say seriously.

“I am the air,” I tell him.

“I am the air spirit,” I tell him.

“So you’re not just a princess of the Fae?” He asks me.

“No, I am one of the elemental spirits and if or when we invite you back to our world fully. I will be one of the people in charge of the magical community government.” I say truthfully.

“Perhaps you should talk to Eban,” I say torn on what I’m doing.

“Who is that?” He asks me.

“the earth spirit,” I admit. Roscoe seems so torn.

“I’m sorry,” I say seriously,

“About what?” he asks. but I grab the little bin that’s next to the couch and empty my stomach, being careful of my dress.

“I don’t get it, I shouldn’t be being sick yet. I’m not that far along.” I groan.

“How far along are you?” Roscoe asks he’s being polite and not pulling a face even though I know he wants to.

“We find out next month, but when the doctor looked he said I was about 2-3 months,” I admit.

“then morning sickness is perfectly normal,” Roscoe says seriously.

“a Faes pregnancy is 13 months,” I admit, he looks at me like I’m crazy. Roscoe seems confused.

“I had 10 months left roughly at Thanksgiving,” I admit.

“So 9 months left,” Roscoe says thoughtfully.

“So everyone is going to think the babies a honeymoon baby,” I say seriously.

“Are you both going away for a honeymoon?” He asks me.

“Not that I know about,” I admit.

“I think we are spending Yule with my parents,” I admit.

“Isn’t that tomorrow?” he asks me.

“the first day,” I admit.

“Patrick has court in a few weeks.” He says seriously.

“I know, I would never stop him going,” I say seriously.

“Are you attending with him?” Roscoe asks me, I shake my head.

“I have class,” I say truthfully.

“So college will come first?” he asks me.

“Apparently we will find a way to do everything,” I say.

“Patrick said that?” He asks me.

“Yep,” I admit.

“I remember the day he ended up being in 4 different countries at once,” Roscoe says.

“It worked?” I ask in disbelief.

“Somehow. it did yes.” Roscoe says. He stands up from the couch, he looks at me and weakly smiles.

“Thank you for talking with me Liberty,” Roscoe says seriously.

“Thank you for coming, I fully understand if you do not wish to sign,” I say truthfully.

“But you love him with all your heart?” He asks me.

“I love him with all my heart and always will,” I say. he nods and then he walks out. Todd Maverick and Dan walk back in with the elf as soon as he had left.

“you better not of got any of that sick on your dress.” The elf says.

“I hope I didn’t,” I say seriously. She takes the bucket from me and hands it to Dan, who looks at it like he’s going to empty his own stomach.

“Get rid of that.” She tells him. Dan grumbles but leaves. she pulls me back onto the stage and pins more and does some more alterations.

“How did it go?” Maverick asks me.

“I told him I was the air spirit, but also told him to talk to Eban. I also said how much I love Patrick, he either signs or doesn’t. I can not force his hand, neither can Patrick.” I say seriously.

“He has to be allowed to do what he thinks is right not knowing what is going to happen. It will not help him make up his mind.” I say seriously.

“Alright all done princess.” the elf tells me. I smile weakly and she helps me out my wedding dress, I get dressed back into the jeans and jumper.

“Liberty Fae Smith,” Mom says as I go to have a sip of my vodka that Destiny has just poured me.

“Yes, mommy?” I ask sweetly.

“This may be the last night before you are a married woman,” Mom says firmly. We are currently sat around a fire at home, people are dancing and celebrating. Tonight is technically what people would call their hen do.

“I know,” I say with a smile.

“But that does not mean you can drunk, you have to be up early for your wedding tomorrow and you are pregnant,” Mom says. I nod,

“I’m only literally going to have this one drink mommy and wine tomorrow,” I say seriously. she nods.

“Good girl,” Mom says. Dad looks at me like he can’t believe what is happening. I go over and wrap my arms around his shoulders.

“Daddy I love you,” I say sweetly.

“I am not allowing you to drink more than your mother is Melody,” Dad says. My eyes fill with tears I don’t want to let fall.

“I know daddy,” I say kissing his head. I look at mom whose eyes are full of tears.

“Daddy, will you walk down the aisle with me tomorrow?” I ask I have already asked him before. But right now. Right now I want my daddy to smile at me and tell me how he can’t believe I’m getting married tomorrow.

“Yes baby I will, I am so proud of you sweetheart.” He says. I sit next to my daddy and put my head on his shoulder.

“Mommy I know you don’t like cameras but can we take a few pictures?” Destiny asks mom. Moms got tears running down her face.

“Go on then girls,” Mom says.

“A picture of you 3 with your daddy.” She says rubbing tears off her face.

“I want one with Bass in for myself.” She says weakly.

“Is that why Eban said I needed to come home?” Bass asks walking through the trees. Mom rubs her eyes.

“Mommy come in the picture.” Charity says as Destiny hands her phone to Aimee.

“One without me in and one with,” Mom says firmly. She walks over to Aimee and puts her hand on her shoulder.

“Maybe its time the old accepts the new,” Mom says weakly.

“Mommy?” Charity asks.

“You know I have a few pictures of your kids when you were younger. they are in the house. I had to send them to your dad’s mom and dad.” Mom admits sadly.

“Say cheese all of you,” Mom says stood next to Aimee.

“Cheese.” We all say. Destiny has her arms wrapped around me behind me and dad. Charity is daddy’s other side and Bass behind her. Aimee snaps the picture.

“Tomorrow Aimee I would like a picture of all my kids that are here,” Mom says to her.

“Really?” Aimee asks in disbelief

“Yes, I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it,” Mom says to Aimee as if she’s a teenager. she comes into the picture and sits on daddy’s lap. Daddy wraps his arms around her.

“I love you, Harry,” Mom says kissing his cheek.

“I love you, Briar,” Daddy says he kisses her, when they have finished there kiss and moms looking at Aimee, Aimee takes the picture. when the picture was taken Destiny grabs my hand and drags me to dance, I dance with my sister laughing, she’s holding the bottle of vodka and Aimee is still snapping pictures. but then it’s just of me Destiny and Her. we do a selfie of the 3 of us.

“When is Immy arriving?” Destiny asks me worried.

“In the morning,” I say seriously.

“That sucks,” Aimee says.

“She will make it though,” I say with a smile.

“Want to go rock climbing?” I ask Destiny, she laughs.

“Yeah our last climb together before you’re married,” Destiny says.

“Are you and Patrick going rock-climbing together?” She asks me.

“He said he would, as he understands that its a tradition of our kind to show that marriage has its own ups and downs and sometimes the journey may get tricky but the journey is what makes it worth it,” I say with a grin.

“Yeah, you can tell he’s air.” Destiny laughs,

“He’s an artist,” I say deadly serious.

“Yeah he is, and he loves you and you love him. I could not want anything more for you Libs. but if he ever hurts you I’m turning him into a tree.” Destiny says. I kiss my sisters head and hug her tight.

“I love you Dest,” I say seriously.

“Fuck I love you too,” Destiny says and we hug tight. then we run off to rock climb before the sun goes down.

When the sun had gone down and the party of the day had ended, I looked at the yule log with three candles that I made with my sisters, whilst another one crackled in the fire in the distance. the smell of pine and cinnamon all around me as it burned on the fire. the yule tree decorated. my nieces and nephews all tucked up in their hammocks after eating too many cookies that we made together. my mom and dad sat singing almost drunkenly in the distance with some friends they had for years. I wished I could freeze time, yes I was excited about tomorrow. yes, I wanted to marry Patrick, but I would love to have days like this more often. Yes, daddy had forgotten my name and had taken to calling me, Melody. but he was still here. Eban came and sat next to me, he and my brothers had all come back rather early. I think because they wanted cookies by how many Art had eaten.

“We can’t freeze time Liberty. we just have to enjoy the moments whilst they last.” Eban tells me pushing a stick onto the fire.

“I know,” I say and I do know that.

“Tomorow you get married,” Eban says seriously.

“I do,” I say with a smile.

“from the shortest day of the year. is a promise of hope and light, the wheel is always turning even in day and night. in the end and at the beginning the sun will lend you its light.” Eban says he stands up.

“you stole that,” I say.

“Yes I did but it doesn’t make it any less true,” Eban says he holds a star for the top of the yule tree.

“Traditions have come and gone, old gives way to the new," Eban says seriously. he goes to stand to put the star on the tree.

“But we still don’t put the star on yet,” I tell him, he smiles.

“As the earth grows colder, the winds blow faster, the fire dwindles smaller, and the rains fall harder, let the light of the sun find its way home,” (elemental yule prayer. please note this is an actual prayer but do need more looking into) I say seriously he kisses my head.

“Blessed Yule Liberty for tomorrow,” Eban says and walks away towards his own hammock.

“Blessed Yule Eban,” I say. then I walk to my sister’s hammock and climb in, Destiny hugs me tight and I fall asleep to the rocking of her hammock. knowing tomorrow is my wedding.

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