Liberty of the air

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Libby - My wedding!

Not fully happy yet, but as its been 6 days since I gave you a chapter and this one is finished even though I am not fully happy with it I thought you would like it.

My hammock swung dangerously, I was more asleep than awake but I knew what that meant because only six people would wake me like that. I had to smile, even though I did not want to wake up just yet.

“Immy you made it.” I yawn my greeting.

“Damn how’d you know it was me before you open your eyes.” Immy laughs.

“I know you all. plus Destinys still asleep next to me.” I laugh.

“OI DEST,” Immy calls. Destiny sits bolt upright and the hammock swings more dangerously. I laugh.

“Immy about time!” Destiny calls climbing out the hammock, how come she is instantly awake. how is that fair? I laugh as my sister almost flings herself at Immy. Immy catches her.

“Like I would miss any of your weddings. Sorry, it took longer to swim the Pacific than I thought it would.” Immy says.

“Well, then you need to get faster.” Destiny teases. I laugh as Destiny and Immy hug and dance from where I still lay in the hammock under 12 blankets. I was really cold. Destiny gave up in the end and brought me all the blankets we have about and I did, in fact, use them all.

“That’s a lot of blankets.” Immy points out.

“Libby couldn’t get warm,” Destiny admits.

“Getting spoilt by constantly sleeping in a hotel Libs?” Immy asks laughing.

“I think so.” I laugh.

“Nope, she isn’t.” Charity says with a knowing smile as she walks over.

“then why am I so cold when your all walking around in practically nothing,” I ask.

“superstitions say it will be a girl.” Charity laughs.

“But I was freezing with Dakota, colder than I was with the girls by a lot.” Charity laughs.

“But mom says its more because Dakotas going to be connected to air. which is most likely for you and Patrick.” Charity tells me.

“So it’s normal to be freezing?” I ask.

“Yeah, just you wait till your hiccups come in.” Charity laughs with a huge grin.

“Why does that sound like a threat?” I ask everyone.

“I think it’s her huge grin,” Destiny says looking at Charity.

“Alright, you need to get up now, your getting married in just over 4 hours. we got so much to do and it is the solstice as well.” Charity says. I climb out the hammock. Destiny threads her arm through mine, I look at my sister and have to grin.

“I get married today,” I say in a bit of disbelief, how the hell had this happened! this time last year I didn’t even have a boyfriend! now I was going to get married to someone I know I want to spend the rest of my life with. I rest my hand on my stomach, things change so quickly. I don’t regret anything, yes I still want to be a teacher, but I’m starting to see that there’s more to just that.

“Yes, you do,” Destiny tells me she kisses my head, I look my big sister in the eyes, she grins at me and I can’t help but grin back at her.

“I kind of always thought I would get married before you.” She says with a smile.

“You still have time.” I point out, she swipes my head I duck laughing, she laughs.

“Not happening Libby,” Destiny tells me but she’s smiling,

“Have a quick shower Libby then we can do your hair.” Charity says with a grin.

“You know we’ve got a lot of hair to do,” I say pointing at her own.

“Wheres Helena?” I ask worriedly.

“Not here yet, she said she would be here at 9 am. also told us she’s a night person, not morning,” Destiny informs me.

“Alright, all of you have showers and the kids,” I say worried.

“I’m going to do the kids.” Charity assures me.

“Time to start the panic then.” Immy grins.

“Who wants breakfast first, Eban Art and Bass have made everyone breakfast this morning that’s just a grab one,” Aimee says.

“Oh what they made?” I ask interested.

“they’ve made little lunch boxes for everyone. Almond butter banana sandwiches, orange segments, dried figs, and apple slices. with a glass of oat milk for everyone.” Aimee says.

“Alright, Libby, Aimee, and Charity go have showers,” Immy says taking charge.

“I’m hungry.” Aimee starts.

“I will grab us all lunchboxes and bring them to the white hut. then you lot can eat them whilst I and Destiny shower.” Immy says.

“Actually Charity are you doing the kids baths?” Immy asks.

“Nope there daddy’s are in charge of getting the kids clean, I’m just dressing and hair today.” Charity says.

“Alright then you shower, we will do your hair first,” Immy says. Charity laughs she grabs my arm through and we leave to go to the shower block.

When I’m showered I wrap in a fluffy green towel I find and slip some flipflops on that are near the shower block door. I then walk over to the white hut shivering with Aimee. Charity was much quicker than me and Aimee, I think she is used to quick showers. Aimee looks at me as we walk and smiles, I have to grin back.

“I can’t believe you’re the first of the 4 of us to marry,” Aimee says seriously.

“Any guys at medical school?” I ask her interested, she looks at the floor.

“there is?” I ask with a grin.

“I dunno, nothing has happened yet. I want something too.” She starts.

“But he’s all about becoming a doctor and the work, he isn’t interested in girls at the moment.” Aimee sighs.

“Oh, if somethings going to happen it will, you don’t need to push him if he’s not ready,” I say.

“I know, it’s just all so much harder than I thought it would be,” Aimee admits.

“But is it still what you want?” I ask her interested.

“Fuck yeah.” She says.

“Then it’s not always going to be easy, sometimes you’ll have to force yourself to do it. but the end result will be worth it.” I tell her.

“Do you see me as a doctor?” She asks me.

“Aimee if its what you want, you need to try,” I say.

“But is it what.” She starts.

“I am not going to look, Aimee, because I don’t want to be the only reason you stay in medical school,” I say seriously. she sighs.

“Its just more work than I thought, no time to party and my Fae side is struggling so much, I was never made to be in a classroom.” Aimee sighs.

“When do you start in the hospitals?” I ask.

“I start when we go back after your wedding,” Aimee admits.

“I just am worried,” Aimee admits.

“I don’t know what to say, Aimee, it’s your choice, but you would make a great doctor and I know that. you know that.” I say seriously.

“I know.” she sighs.

“I need to get laid.” She mumbles. I have to laugh, we get to the hut then. Charity is in the chair getting her hair done when I arrive with Aimee. Immy is holding a hairdryer and seems to have more pins in her mouth than normal. I wonder if she can talk. She points over at the breakfast boxes which are sat on a little table with some cups of oat milk. I walk over and grab a drink.

“Dest,” She mumbles around the clips. Dest laughs and goes to the door.

“Shower?” I ask her.

“Yeah, Immy’s doing Charity’s hair first so she can go do the kids.” She tells me.

“wheres Helena?” I ask worriedly.

“Here,” Helena says coming in the room, her hands full of bags.

“I got vegan candy and smoothies,” Helena says putting the bag down.

“Thank’s you got the order then?” Aimee says grabbing a smoothie that had her name wrote on.

“Yeah I got the order, sorry I’m late it took a while to queue for them,” Helena says. I finish my oat milk then pick up my smoothie.

“Thank you,” I tell her.

“No problem, I was going to bring wine, but decided against it.” She says with a grin.

“We got wine,” Immy mumbles around clips.

“Put your underwear on and then what’s in the bag,” Helena says. I look at the bag interested, inside is a lilac nightdress that says, Bride. I wrap my hair in a towel and then get dressed. I smile at Aimee who dresses in one that’s gold that says, Bridesmaid.

“Did you get yourself one?” I ask hopefully.

“Of course,” Helena says.

“have you showered,” Immy mumbles around her clips.

“Yeah as I didn’t know what your shower situation today would be. I’ve even been to the church already and made sure everything’s okay there.” Helena says seriously.

“Was it?” I ask worriedly.

“Yes, it was. your mom and grandma were a bit stressed but it looked great.” Helena says seriously.

“Are they coming back?” I ask worriedly.

“Yeah they aren’t dressed or anything I offered to drive them back, but Aliian is apparently going to pick them up in an hour,” Helena says seriously.

“I should have done the church yesterday,” I say worried.

“No your fine,” Destiny says coming in the room. shes still in a towel and her hairs soaking wet. She smiles at me.

“you look great already.” She tells me. Helena chucks her a bag she laughs and pulls out a lilac nightdress with 'maid of honor' on. She puts it straight on.

“Girls I know its unusual for your kind, but can you take pictures of this,” Helena says.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” I say.

“Once everyone’s covered and not in towels though.” Helena laughs as Charity’s almost falls off. there is a knock on the door.

“Is everyone decent?” Art calls with what sounds like a screaming baby with him.

“Yeah.” Charity calls sorting her towel out whilst Helena finishes putting on her gold dress that says, bridesmaid. he comes in with Montana.

“Sorry, she wants feeding.” Art says.

“Aww okay.” Charity says. Art walks over and hands her to Charity. Charity sorts herself out and starts feeding Montana, whilst Immy carries on her hair.

“Destiny can you start Aimee’s hair,” Immy says.

“Sure come here, Aimee,” Dest calls Aimee goes over and Destiny starts Aimee’s hair in a different style to Charity’s. Art stands next to the wall, he looks like he wants out.

“Why aren’t you getting ready?” Helena asks.

“I’ve just been put on kid duty with Bass for a while, I’m watching Montana.” He says.

“your hiding from the kids,” Destiny says grabbing the hairdryer.

“Did you know how hard they are?” Art asks in general.

“Once I’m ready I will come to grab the girls. has Aliian bathed them yet?” Charity asks.

“He’s gone to get mom.” Art admitted. Helena looks at a watch.

“How long we got?” I ask worriedly.

“just under 3 hours,” Helena admits.

“Alright stay still, I just got one flower left,” Immy says worriedly. she pins it in Charity’s hair. I look at the braids and bun. Charity looks gorgeous.

“Alright, you all right if I go see to the kids? I will do them in the other hut so they aren’t in the way.” Charity says worriedly.

“I’ll do your makeup first because you can’t bath them, your hair might get wet,” Helena says worriedly.

“put your dress on first,” Helena says. Charity finishes feeding Montana then hands her to Art. who starts burping her. then puts on a lilac dress that says, sister of the bride,

“What can I do?” I ask worriedly.

“Take a few pictures,” Helena says seriously. putting her phone on the table. I look at her worried. Art takes Montana and leaves.

“I will go throw all the kids in the baths with Bass.” Art says.

“Sounds a good idea, then get yourselves dressed,” Immy says. Art leaves taking Montana. I snap a picture of Helena and Immy doing Charity’s hair and makeup. I snap a picture of Destiny doing Aimee’s hair.

“Alright, I’m going to run off for a shower alright?” Immy asks.

“Alright go,” I say. she runs out.

“almost done Aimee,” Destiny says seriously. I look at Aimee’s hair, her hairs in the two braids similar to Charity’s hair, but rather than the rest of her being in a bun. it’s down and curly, Destiny holds clips and flowers. I watch her interested.

“So are we all having different hairstyles I ask worriedly.

“My plan was for Immy, Aimee and Helena to have the same style and Charity and myself the same style,” Destiny says.

“Sounds great,” I say with a grin. I snap another picture of Charity having her makeup done by Helena.

“done,” Helena says with a smile.

“she looks great,” I say with a grin.

“Alright, Helena I’m ready to do your hair,” Destiny says seriously. Helena goes over. I eat another sweet. I take a picture of Destiny doing Helena’s hair. I have eaten all my breakfast and more candy than I should. Aimee takes the phone off me and snaps a picture of me sat on the chair eating Candy with my smoothie in my other hand.

“You not worried yet?” Helena asks me.

“No should I be?” I ask worriedly. should I be worried?

“I was panicking the day I got married,” Helena admits laughing.

“Do you think you will be with Decius?” I ask her interested. she seems to think.

“I’m not sure, that feels more right than Pat and I ever did,” Helena admits.

“if your panicking on your wedding day what do you think would be best to say to you?” I ask.

“Just say what you think I need to hear,” Helena says. Aimee picks up the makeup bag and comes over.

“Let’s get your makeup done first,” Aimee says seriously. I nod. She starts my makeup. Immy comes in shes in her gold nightdress that says, bridesmaid. she looks at Aimee doing my makeup.

“Oh good, we are getting there then,” she says seriously.

“Yeah, just your hair and Destinys then Libbys hair left to do,” Aimee says seriously.

“Alright. Destiny I will do your hair next.” Immy says seriously. Aimee carries on doing my makeup.

“Do you feel ready?” Aimee asks me, she’s smiling.

“Yeah, I’m ready to marry Pat,” I say seriously.

It took a while for us all to get ready. Helena put music on. Pictures were taken. my hair was done almost last. I had my hair in my normal beach waves style half up half down. baby breath pinned in the back and a few of the same flowers as everyone then I had a flower headband on. Charity appeared again after what felt like forever.

“Kids all ready?” I ask her.

“All the girls are, the guys are doing the boys.” Charity says.

“Mom and Grandma okay?” I ask.

“Yeah grandmas ready, she’s doing moms hair currently then both are ready.” Charity says.

“Dad and Bass clean up well.” Charity says seriously, I grin.

“you look so gorgeous.” Charity says looking at me as Immy pins in the headband last pin, at least I hope it is. I look around at everyone.

“Alright quick picture of us all together,” Immy says seriously.

“Whos taking it?” I ask.

“Oi Bass get in here a minute,” Aimee says popping her head out. Bass comes in.

“WOW.,” we all say at my normally messy brother stood there in a full black suit, with a gold waistcoat and lilac tie, he looks amazing.

“Yeah yeah. Mom said same.” Bass laughs. he takes the phone he’s handed. he snaps the picture.

“Will you make sure you send us all these pictures?” Immy asks Helena.

“Of course. I got told to take loads by Patrick, you do realize there’s going to be a professional photographer at the wedding to take a few?” Helena asks. I nod, he had said.

“We also got to leak a few pictures to the media, in a few weeks time apparently,” I say worried.

“Yeah,” Helena admits.

“you all look beautiful,” Bass says taking another picture of us all. I go up and hug my brother tight. Helena snaps the picture as Bass kisses the top of my head and says.

“you are going to be the most beautiful bride that church has ever seen Libby,” Bass tells me.

I smile at him.

“Alright now out.” Charity says.

“How long we got?” I ask worriedly.

“You have 50 minutes. but most of us are leaving in 15 minutes, including Aimme Helena and Immy.” Bass tells me.

“Alright, out we got to get dressed,” Aimee says worriedly.

“The limos here waiting for you Charity the little ones and Dest. Dan and Lee are waiting for you. they are ready. Dads coming with us so will be at church waiting. the little ones want to ride in the limo with you, otherwise, we wouldn’t be taking the bridesmaids.” Bass admits.

“It’s alright,” I say. I put on my barefoot shoes. all the girls are wearing barefoot shoes, but there’s aren’t the same.

“Something new.” Helena points at my shoes. she goes to her handbag and pulls out something and brings it over. to me. I look at it and can’t help but tear up.

“Something old and borrowed.” She tells me handing me a really little bootie.

“This was Iris first shoe, my mom knitted it for her.” She says worriedly. I kiss her on her head.

“Are you sure?” I ask tears in my eyes.

“Yes, I’m sure I want you to carry it down the aisle.” She says with a smile.

“I will make sure you get it back,” I say seriously.

“I know.” She says with tears in her own eyes.

“Iris would have loved you and her sibling.” She tells me.

“I will make sure the baby knows about there big sister,” I say. she kisses my head.

“I know you’ll do whats for the best,” Helena says. she puts it in a really little bag.

“She pulls out a blue hankie from the small bag and shows it to me.

“I know its not your traditions, but something old something new something borrowed and something blue,” Helena says, handing me the little bag. I hold it tight tears running down my face. I know how precious what shes handed me is and how much her doing this actually means to me. I hug her tight.

“thank you,” I say to her.

“your welcome Liberty now get ready.” She tells me. I nod and let her go, wiping the tears of my eyes. I know someone took a picture of us.

“Omg Libby your makeup.” Immy moans, she comes over with the makeup brush. Helena laughs as Aimee starts on her makeup too. sorting us both out. When they are happy everyone gets dressed. I look at my bridesmaids all in there lilac dresses.

“you all look amazing,” I say with a grin. there’s a knock on the door.

“are you ready?” Art calls.

“Come in,” Destiny tells him. Art comes in.

“OMG,” Helena says looking at Art.

“You’ve seen me in a penguin costume before Lena.” Art rolls his eyes.

“But we haven’t.” Charity says her eyes as wide as my own.

“Possibly your first and last chance. come on people move your butts.” Art says.

“Why aren’t you dressed.” Art asks me.

“I will in a second,” I say.

“I wanted to see you dressed first.” He admits, I walk over and hug my big brother he kisses my head. I hear the sound of a picture being taken as I hug my big brother tight.

“Get dressed quickly. you got 30 mins to get dressed. Most people have set off. Are you ready for the kid’s Charity as they are with Dan and the limo driver at the limo now as they were getting excited? he’s already run the boys there for us. as they wanted a ride in the limo too.” Art admits. I grin at him.

“Alright, I will be ready in a few minutes,” I assure him.

“Alright. we will see you there.” Immy says she squeezes my hand.

“Have an amazing time,” Immy says. She Helena and Aimee walk away then. Helena taking her phone with her. Charity opens my dress bag for the first time.

“It’s a beautiful as I remember,” Destiny says with a grin. she and Charity help me dress in the dress.

“I’m getting married today,” I say absorbing that when I look at my reflection in the mirror. I have to smile. I can’t really believe this is happening. Once I’m dressed and my veil is put on Charity leaves to go to the limo to see to the kids.

Destiny takes a picture of me, I look at her, shes got her own cell out.

“You are beautiful Libby. I know our lives are going to take us different journeys but I am so proud of you.” Destiny says. I hug my sister tight. there is a knock on the door.

“come in.” Destiny calls Lee comes in.

“Liberty you look beautiful,” Lee says with a smile on his lips taking me in. he is in a black penguin suit but has on a gold tie.

“you look amazing too Lee,” I tell him.

“you will see me in suits a lot in future,” Lee tells me, he looks at me and offers me his arm. I take it.

“Destiny you look beautiful too,” Lee says seriously.

“I know,” Destiny says. It makes me giggle.

“To much sugar,” Lee says taking in all the empty candy wrappers.

“Yeah but no wine.” I point out.

“Okay,” Lee says. he smiles at me.

“Come on then, let’s get you to your wedding before you are late,” Lee says seriously. he walks me out the hut and through the woods. at a few points, Lee lets me go and takes a few pictures of me walking through the trees with Destiny or by myself or in the trees.

“These are for Patrick, he wants some of you like you,” Lee admits holding his camera with a smile. We arrive at the Limo and Charity has all the kids singing a Yule song. It makes me smile.

“Auntie Libby your so pretty,” Erin tells me with a cute grin that’s missing one of her front teeth. I have to smile.

“you all look so beautiful,” I say taking them all in, in there ivory and gold bridesmaid dresses with flowers on headbands in their hair. there hair like miniature versions of my own. I climb in the limo with Destinys help. Lee stands outside he leans in with the camera and takes a picture of us all in the car.

“Alright let’s get you to the church on time,” Lee says seriously.

“What happened to your tooth?” I ask Erin with a smile as we get driven to the church. Lee having climbed in the front seat.

“Daddy said I eat to much Candy. but it came out when I ate my apple this morning.” Erin tells me.

“I don’t eat to much candy do I, mommy?” Erin asks Charity.

“Your daddy can’t lie, you eat to much candy,” Tabitha says.

“Don’t worry Erin, we can eat loads of candy,” I say.

“Yeah just no drinking until your 21.” Charity says with a smile, she kisses the top of her daughters head. she smiles at me. I might have that soon, my own little girl. or little boy. I ask the kids what they did this morning. they tell about traditional solstice traditions. I feel kind of guilty that this year we aren’t celebrating how we normally would. But the kids are so excited and the closer we get to the church the surer of this I get, rather than less. I am getting married to the man I love.

When we pull up to the church, I see a man with a camera.

“Pap?” I start worried.

“He technically is, but we promised him pictures today if he lets us be select about what’s taken. He is being compelled into only taking the ones we allow. but he is being paid handsomely for it as well.” Lee says from the front seat. He opens his door climbs out and comes round to open the door. Destiny climbs out first, Lee helps me nieces climb out. I have to smile. Charity climbs out. I then climb out last. taking Lees hand to help me. the photographer takes loads of pictures. I’m thankful for the veil to hide my blush. we then make our way to the church door. where I see Daddy stood waiting for me. When I get to him daddy smiles proudly at me, he’s in a black suit as well its possibly the first time I’ve seen my daddy in a suit as well. He has a gold waistcoat on and a lilac tie. I grin at him. he smiles at me.

“Liberty Fae Smith.” He says with a smile, I have to grin. the cameraman snaps that picture. I hug my daddy tight.

“I love you, Liberty I hope you and your husband have an amazing life together.” He tells me. Immy and Aimee are stood there too. the photographer takes more pictures as I hug my friends quickly. he takes pictures of my nieces and nephews who are now in the hall. I don’t feel guilty only using the youngest kids to walk me down the aisle well accept Montana. if I had all my nieces and nephews it would be too many. the photographer goes in. As soon as he does the music starts and Charity directs the little ones in, a lot of awws as I take it they throw the petals.

“No Dana don’t eat the flowers.” I hear Charity say but she’s smiling watching the kids. I have to smile.

“I hope they got a photo of that,” I admit.

“Me to really.” Charity tells me with a grin. the song changes. Immy and Aimee then walk down the aisle. I watch with a smile, Helena and Charity then walk down the aisle. Destiny walks down last on her own. I look at Daddy.

“Daddy I love you so much, I’m so happy your here,” I tell him. he kisses my head.

“I will always be with you, my baby. You will always be my youngest princess,” he tells me. I have to smile at what he says. the music changes again this time to the bridal chorus. I start my walk down the aisle. I take the most handsome man in at the bottom of the aisle. I only have eyes for him as he smiles watching me. His long shaggy hair has been left natural and for that, I am so happy. he hasn’t shaved either, he’s kept the 5 o’clock shadow that I love on him. he’s wearing a suit but he’s also included gold to it by wearing a gold tie and waistcoat. he’s respecting our wedding traditions as well as his own. Daddy walks me down to him. Daddy shakes Patrick’s hand when we get to him. Patrick shakes Daddy’s hand and I watch the two main men in my life and try not to cry. I never actually thought this would happen. I never thought I would meet the man I wanted to be with the rest of my life, whilst daddy was still with me. I look at Patrick the man I’m going to spend hopefully hundreds of years with and I can’t wait. I only have eyes for him. I know the church is fall. I know that Someones taking our picture. But all I can see right now is his dark blue eyes and the corner of his lips up in his smile and his perfect dimple. I don’t really hear the priest as he starts his wedding speech. I hold my daddy’s hand tight.

“We are gathered together on this beautiful winters solstice day to share with Patrick and Liberty as they exchange vows of their everlasting love. Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” The priest says.

“Her Mother & I,” Daddy says, he kisses my hand and puts it in Patrick’s hand. I smile at my daddy as he takes a step back and walks to his seat next to mommy. the priest’s words seem to fly around me but none absorb as I just smile at the man I am going to love for as long as he and I both live. Patrick lifts up my veil. I smile at him.

the priest asks about anyone objecting no one thankfully does.

“With this ring will you, His royal highness King Patrick William Aero of the Amaris take her royal highness Princess Liberty Fae Smith the Air spirit and the princess of the Fae as your partner in life and your one true love? Will you cherish her friendship and love her today, tomorrow and forever? Will you trust and honor her, laugh with her and cry with her? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?” The priest asks.

“I do,” Patrick says, he slides a wedding ring on my finger. that for the first time I notice one of my little nephews holding. I smile at my nephew as he looks proud at himself. I look Patrick back in the eyes. I haven’t seen our wedding rings. but it feels so right on my finger.

“With this ring will you Princess Liberty Fae Smith the Air spirit and the princess of the Fae take His royal highness King Patrick William Aero of the Amaris as your partner in life and your one true love? Will you cherish his friendship and love him today, tomorrow and forever? Will you trust and honor him, laugh with him and cry with him? Will you be faithful through good times and bad, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?” The priest asks.

“I do,” I say.

A gold rope is tied around both our hands that have our wedding rings on even though this isn’t his tradition. he is respecting mine by the hand fastening.

“With this rope do you two tie your love and your souls together to be one?” the priest says

“We do.” Patrick and I say together.

“Then with this rope on this day in front of witnesses I pronounce your souls tied forevermore.” The priest says seriously.

“With the exchange of rings and blood do you take each other as partners through all of life’s ups and downs?” The priest asks.

“We do,” Patrick and I say together. Patrick lifts up a pin from my nephew’s little pillow. he had explained that it was only a prick of our blood. but I had to take his too. I let him prick my finger he then drops a few drops into a gold goblet, then he takes it to his mouth. he kisses my finger being so gentle with me. When he was done I took the other pin from the pillow and pricked Patrick’s finger not fully sure I know what I’m doing. I dropped a few drops into the goblet then I took his finger to my mouth and kissed it too. The taste was gross, I tried not to gag as my stomach kind of did flips, Patrick watches me worried.

“With the exchange of rings blood and a kiss with the powers invested in me. I pronounce you husband and wife, in the eyes of Amaris Fae and Humans alike. you may now kiss the bride.” the priest says. Patrick and I don’t need telling twice. the moment Patrick’s lips touch mine the church melts away and Its just the two of us and we are now married!

The kiss is over quicker than I want. but Patrick takes my hand and he leads me to a document that is sat on a table. Patrick signs his name with our blood mixed together. he then signs another piece of paper with a normal pen. He then hands me the quill that has our blood on.

‘old name or new?’ I ask him in his head as right now that’s left my brain.

“old,” Patrick says quietly. I sign my old name with our blood mixed together. then I sign our human marriage certificate. then people come over and prick there own fingers and sign our marriage certificate with there blood. Patrick holds my hand tight throughout it all.

“I love you so much Libby,” Patrick says.

“I love you Patrick with all my heart,” I tell him. he kisses me again.

“you are so beautiful today and every day,” he tells me. the last person signs are wedding certificate. our human and Amaris wedding certificates are taken away quickly. we don’t have any pictures of this at least. Patrick and I leave the church to people throwing petals at us. Patrick doesn’t let go of my hand. I grin at him. we actually did it. we are married! We climb in his limo. Abicus climbs in with us so does Lee Todd and Dan. we are then driven out of there.

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