Liberty of the air

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Patrick - Our home

Looking at my beautiful wife as she sleeps in the limo on our way back to our home, I know I have the hugest grin on my face.

“That was an amazing week,” Abicus says leaning back in his chair he looks exhausted.

“I don’t think I’ve eaten as much in years,” Lee admits. the feasts and constant parties at Libbys had been amazing. It had exhausted Libby and myself but had been amazing. After our wedding we had gone to a restaurant then I had booked a dance hall in the hotel. I had danced for hours with my amazing wife in my arms. She had danced with everyone, they even hit her brothers with sticks. She had cried all throughout her daddy-daughter dance, but Happy tears and he had been crying too.

“Doe’s she know where we are going?” Lee asks.

“No,” I admit.

“Is it ready?” I ask.

“Flint said he had almost finished at the wedding, he came home 6 days ago. so fingers crossed. even if it isn’t she can see what you were trying to do.” Abicus says calmly. I look at the four men sat in my limo with me all looking bored.

“Roscoe informed me of something.” I start.

“What?” Abicus asks confused.

“That his limo has a PlayStation,” I admit they all look at me confused.

“Was just an idea,” I suggest.

“We could try it,” Lee says seriously.

“You never normally are in the car long enough,” Abicus informs me.

“No, but if we are going to drive to Libbys parents regularly. it may be a good idea.” I suggest.

“Sounds it,” Lee says, he sounds the most excited about it. the others all look at him confused. Lee shrugs.

“I have to go back to court in a few days to hand my marriage certificate in,” I say seriously.

“Is Liberty attending?” Abicus asks me serious. I shake my head.

“It should be about 2 weeks, any longer and I will have her flown out to me,” I inform them. they nod.

“The pictures haven’t hit the news yet,” Lee says seriously from where he’s on his phone.

“but they will notice your wedding rings,” Abicus says seriously.

“I will talk to Libby about it when we are in the house,” I say seriously.

“When is the new guard joining us?” I ask interested.

“So far its only Chloé that has decided to join us and she should be here tomorrow,” Abicus says calmly.

“She is registered on Libbys course, she will be with her whenever you need her to be,” Abicus informs me. I nod.

“I already have the contract ready,” I say seriously.

“I know I was there.” Abicus points out.

“Yeah,” I say running my hands through my hair.

I pull out my own cell phone and start making a phone call to Aces office. I get through instantly after just saying my name. It beat having Sandy on my ass constantly.

“Hello, Patrick what can I do you for?” Ace asks me, he sounds like he’s busy.

“Sorry to interrupt. I was ringing to arrange an appointment with you.” I say seriously.

“Have you decided between the cd and the world tour this year as your pushing it for the decision?” he asks me. I work it out, if I do a tour this year whilst Libbys pregnant I will be around once the baby is born. it’s an easy decision. I can also do my tour dates to finish before she’s due.

“I will do the world tour this year,” I say. Abicus gives me a look as if puzzling over my decision, he indicates Libby as if to ask me if I have talked to her about it. No, not yet, but I will.

“Ah perfect, come by my office tomorrow if you can to discuss dates.” He says seriously.

“I shall what time would be best?” I ask.

“is 2 alright with you?” He asks me.

“Sounds great,” I tell him.

“Is that everything Patrick?” Ace asks me interested.

“I shall be at court for the next few weeks,” I say seriously.

“Ah okay, thank you for the heads up.” He says seriously.

“I also got married a week ago,” I admit.

“you did what?” He asks in disbelief.

“I got married on the 21st of December in a private ceremony in her hometown. fully signed off but I haven’t handed in the paperwork yet. I allowed a photographer to take pictures and have agreed to a select few being leaked after I have handed in my paperwork.” I say seriously.

“Okay, perhaps we should discuss this tomorrow.” He says I hear the rustling of paperwork.

“Yes that is fine, I shall be in the office at 2 pm tomorrow,” I say calmly.

“thank you, bring your wife,” he says.

“Okay, that’s fine,” I say seriously.

“you don’t need to check that with her?” he asks me interested.

“Shes next to me, she hasn’t got class tomorrow,” I say seriously.

“Alright, I shall see you both 2 pm tomorrow in my office.” Ace tells me he is still rustling paperwork.

“See you then bye,” I say and hang up. I look at everyone.

“that go okay?” Abicus asks, he looks like he wants to laugh they all do.

“It went better than it would of if it had been Sandy,” I say they all laugh.

“he knew you were engaged, so did all the gossip magazines, you’re releasing a few pictures. what else do they need person invites?” Lee asks. I shrug.

“We almost home?” I ask.

“Yes 10 minutes-ish,” Lee says still on his cell.

“Should I wake her?” I ask them, looking at Libby who was still fast asleep. they all looked at me like they didn’t want to be the one to say yes.

“Libby baby,” I say squeezing her hand, her eyes drift open but she looks more asleep than awake, it has been a busy few days. I kiss her.

“Libby we are almost home,” I say, she weakly smiles but closes her eyes again.

“good hotel warmth.” She mumbles.

“Not a hotel baby our home,” I tell her. she opens her eyes and blinks at me.

“Our home?” she asks.

“Yeah ours,” I tell her. her eyes go from half asleep to wide open in seconds.

“Really?” She asks me excitedly. she leans over Lee to look out the window moving to try to get her face pressed up against the glass, Lee catches her hand before she unplugs the seatbelt. A habit we’ve all noticed from her when she gets excited safety goes out the window. We round a corner and drive up the hill to our home. It’s on the hill nothing can see into our garden but if she wants to she can stand in the upstairs and see down the hill for miles.

“Which one is it?” Libby asks excitedly.

“That one,” I say pointing at our home.

“it looks amazing Pat.” She tells me I squeeze her hand. the limo turns into our drive and drives us up to our home. When we get there, Lee opens the door and climbs out, Libby quickly follows him. I climb out after her. She looks around and grins at me.

“This is our home.” She says with a smile.

“I’m so glad,” I tell her kissing her, Libby looks so excited.

“Come on let’s go explore if you want to,” I say handing her, her own key. she looks at it with a grin on her face taking in the keyrings, its got the fairy on the moon keyring that Lee brought her with her L. its also got the keyring I brought her the other day. it has got Patrick and Libby then our wedding date, then forever on. she looks at it, kisses me. I kiss her back.

“I love you,” I tell her when I put her lips down.

“I love you too.” She tells me, she buries herself in my arms. I decide what the hell, I scoop her off her feet. I then carry my gorgeous wife into our new home.

Once inside I put her down and kiss her again, she kisses me back and I do not doubt that I love this woman. When I finally let her look around, she takes my hand and kind of pulls me from room to room, in our mostly open planed home.

“What about a music?” She starts.

“I have a music room downstairs that’s soundproofed. so won’t wake anyone.” I say kissing her.

“Ready to see upstairs?” I ask her, she’s running her hand on the couch which it the material she chose and the color scheme she has a huge grin.

“Yes.” She says. I take her hand. the others have all come in.

“Not many of the rooms up here are ours, only 4 of them,” I admit to her.

“well of course not everyone else needs a room.” She says with a smile. I open one door and she goes in. its still plain white with no furniture in. it’s a huge room and has a beautiful view out the window. it also has a window seat. Libby looks out the window with a grin at the view.

“Is this our room?” She asks excitedly.

“No baby this is the babies room,” I tell her with a huge grin myself. She looks around excited.

“I left it plain so we can decorate it together. closer to the time.” I admit to her. I walk over and wrap my arms around her resting my hand on her stomach.

“This is our home for a good few years I hope Libby,” I say. she kisses me and I kiss her back spinning her around.

“Now let’s go see ours,” I say gently kissing her lips. I take her only next door, the room has been decorated I stand in the door frame worriedly as she goes in and looks around. I wasn’t fully sure on how she would want our room. so I went for what I thought we both would like I took inspiration from her college dorm room. it’s a Missoula Blue. I have put her own dream catches up on the walls. the furniture is what Flint suggested. The super king bed is made ready in a duvet set that I knew she would love. its a dark blue with a dream catcher on of loads of different colors. the window seat is full of scatter pillows some saying free spirt some with feathers on. a unicorn on one all in bright colors.

“It’s amazing Pat,” Libby says seriously with a grin on her face.

“If you want to change it at all Libby,” I say, she shakes her head.

“It’s perfect Pat.” She tells me. she looks at the two armchairs and smiles. she looks at the bookcase that feels a whole wall.

“I love our bedroom,” Libby says with a grin. she looks at the window seat, which I know is actually big enough for her to sleep on if she wants to. its what I wanted for her.

“It’s amazing Patrick,” Libby says.

“Should we go see the garden and pool?” I ask her, she shakes her head no.

“Are they expecting us?” Libby asks me looking at me with a playful smile. I take a few steps towards her.

“No baby they aren’t,” I say. she kisses me, we undress each other and I fully enjoy christening our new bed together, then our ensuite shower. then the bath. I’m so thankful I spent the time getting the house perfect before I brought her here. when she lay in my arms in her blessed state in the evening after hours christening our bedroom I can’t shake the smile from my lips as I say to her.

“welcome home Libby.”

“Welcome home Patrick,” Libby says, she rolls in the bed so she is sat on me.

“I love our home Patrick,” Libby tells me.

“I’m so glad,” I say with a smile up at the woman I love

“I love you so much.” She tells me. I stroke her face.

“I love you too,” I assure her.

I looked at Libby as she stands in our kitchen preparing a tray of apples to roast for our breakfast, even though I have told her its closer to lunchtime than breakfast. Shes in a bohemian type fashion white skirt and a white top with a denium jacket over it. I only just managed to convince her out our bed half an hour ago. Abicus has gone to pick Chloe up from the airport, over an hour ago. so I thought it would be best to have her up before he got here. especially as we would be pushing it with the introductions before we have to get to Aces studio.

“Why does he want me to come?” Libby asks me confused.

“Honestly baby, I’m not sure,” I admit.

“But he does seem to like you,” I admit. Libby looks out the kitchen window at what she can see of the garden, she has been since we came down. she still has the hugest grin on her face.

“Flint designed it for you. it’s apparently the perfect place for you to run free.” I admit to her, kissing her head gently.

“It looks amazing Pat.” She tells me. I take the tray of apples from the side as she goes to sprinkle more sugar on them.

“They have enough sugar and with the roasted nuts,” I tell her, I put them in as she laughs. I wack the heat on.

“Come on let’s go see the garden,” I tell her.

“Okay,” she says with a grin.

“Todd can you watch the apples,” I say at Todd who is sat on the sofa watching a wrestling match in jeans and a white wifebeater,

“Yeah no problem,” Todd says.

“Apples got it.” He says. Libby laughs. I take her hand and take her outside into our sealed off from the outside world completely back garden.

Libby looks around amazed, she takes in the waterfall into the pool. the kingsize daybed next to the pool. the flowers and plants all around planted especially for her.

“for nights you want to sleep outside,” I say pointing at the daybed, I then also point over at the wall that’s kind of screened of by vines and plants. I take her hand and lead her over to her little hammock area, the hammocks big enough and will hold the weight of 3 apparently. but I don’t actually want to test that out. Libby grins at me.

“Pat this is all so amazing,” Libby says kissing me, she wraps her arms around my neck, I hold her to me.

“I wouldn’t want to trap you my little free spirit,” I say seriously. I walk her over to the pool and I sit down on one of the deck chairs put around it, Libby sits next to me.

“Libby I love you so much and We have just got married,” I say worried.

“What’s wrong Patrick?” Libby asks me worried.

“I know I told you I wouldn’t leave you again for a month,” I say seriously. she nods.

“I have to go back to court,” I say seriously.

“I know and you’ll be there 10 days,” Libby tells me, she squeezes my hand.

“I’ve also decided.” I start worried.

“To do your world tour this year?” Libby says seriously but it’s still a question.

“Yes, baby is that okay?” I ask her worried. she nods.

“yeah it’s a good idea, do it this year so you’re around for next year,” Libby says seriously.

“you’ve just done the USA tour, so do your world tour. I will finish this college year then maybe take a year break.” Libby tells me worried.

“Libby I was thinking you finish these 4 years. then maybe take a break or do your last three whilst the baby’s small but you’ll of at least finished your 3rd year before.” I tell her she nods.

“You know we could always compel your teachers if need to,” I assure her.

“But I need to know it before I can teach it,” Libby tells me.

“I know baby,” I tell her.

“Patrick Libby apples are done,” Todd says from the door frame holding a tray with two plates on and two herbal teas.

“Thanks, Todd,” I say indicating for him to come out. he does.

“please join us,” I say. he sits in a deck chair.

“Abicus rung to inform he was on his way with Chloe. he’s already got her to sign.” Todd admits.

“Has he explained?” Libby asks interestedly.

“No it’s just a gag, she can’t mention anything about us to anyone. it’s actually not unusual for a king to make his guards sign one. I just never have before.” I admit.

“Its nothing really hard to do Liberty,” Todd assures her.

“Do you like the house, Todd?” I ask.

“Yes, it’s really nice, especially to have a main base again. not living out a suitcase.” Todd says. I fully agree with that.

“If I do go on a world tour.” I start worriedly thinking about it.

“I will stay or come with you Patrick whichever you decide,” Todd tells me.

“there’s currently a spare room for your sisters to visit Libby whilst I am away invite anyone you wish to stay here,” I tell her, she smiles at me.

“but if you make a mess you clean it,” I tell her. that makes her laugh.

“what no maid Pat?” she asks me with a grin.

“No baby not currently,” I tell her.

Lee comes out of the house then, he’s holding a coffee and a plate of roasted apple.

“good sleep?” I ask him.

“Yes thank you,” Lee says seriously. he sits on his own deck chair.

“I am going to put in a blood order in a few minutes any particular type?” Lee asks.

“No whatever,” I say.

“B please,” Todd tells him.

“Can do,” Lee says seriously.

Libby looks around the garden her grin still on her face.

“Is it okay is there anything you want added?” I ask her.

“It’s perfect Pat.” She assures me still smiling.

“No one can get in here because they would have to climb the hill to get in. something we would notice on the security cameras.” Lee informs her.

“So no paparazzi?” Libby says with a grin.

“Exactly,” Lee says with a smile.

“No fans dropping in either, remember Patrick that girl at the old home 2 years ago.” Lee chuckles.

“Yes but all she wanted was an autograph and to steal a pair of my boxers.” I have to chuckle.

“What did you do?” Libby asks me interested.

“I um.” I start bubbling, i really do not want to tell her that the moment she had breached the homes gate the guards were on the case, but as they realized quickly what it was, I was informed to just write the girl an autograph, but instead I had taken her to my room and feed from her and had sex with her.

“It was before you,” I tell her running my hands through my hair. Libby laughs looking at my obvious expression. I think she knows full well what I did. She is enjoying how nervous I am about telling her about it.

“You slept with her?” Libby asks me interested.

“Yes, she also got my autograph,” I inform her weakly wishing I didn’t have to.

“Pat we both had sex before each other,” Libby tells me, with a smile. I know baby and I told you it didn’t matter, but I now felt guilty about it.

“You said it yourself it’s about what comes after not what came before, we both don’t need to feel guilty about it. It’s not like it was whilst we were together.” Libby points out.

“They were all before we met,” Libby says with a smile.

“All?” I question her with a smile, she knows I’m joking.

“Not mentioning but none of mine are going to come b.” she stops. her words freezing in her mouth.

“Okay, what were you about to say?” I question.

“I was going to say, none of mine are going to come to bite us in the ass.” Libby groans.

“gossip mags.” She groans.

“When it happens we will deal with it.” I laugh I have to, otherwise, I will worry. Because it came to my head something that could kick a bit of a wedge in claiming we were together longer than when we were was a guy coming forward from this year.

“How long before we got together did you have sex?” I ask, wishing I didn’t have to.

“5 months,” Libby admits. I sigh well that is fine, Can defiantly work with that.

“you?” Libby asks me

“5 days,” I admit to her. She shrugs.

“We hadn’t met yet,” Libby says with a smile, she doesn’t mind.

Lee and Todd both look like they want out this conversation. Libby takes Lees plate and eats the nuts he hadn’t eaten. Libby looks at the nuts and seems to be thinking.

“What’s wrong baby?” I ask her.

“Nothing I’m just trying to remember what Charity ate when she was pregnant,” Libby says.

“We will talk to the doctor, But I’m sure whatever you do will be the best. you should naturally go off foods if what he said was right.” I tell her she nods.

“I have gone off a lot already.” She admits.

“I can tell,” I admit, thinking about all the times at her parent’s house I saw her pass things back without touching it.

“What do Amaris normally have to have?” She asks me worried.

“Extra blood,” I admit, she seems worried.

“We will talk to your doctor about it if we have to see another doctor as well. we will.” I say calmly. she nods worried. she puts her hand on her tummy.

“14th of February. just over a month.” I say with a smile, thinking about that appointment. she nods with a smile.

We hear the front door open and shut then and Dan says.

“everyone’s in the garden, would you like me to take your bag to your new bedroom. I hear a girl reply in English thankfully, slightly accented but fine. Libby will be able to understand her without much problem, which had slightly worried me about a guard from the France school.

“If that’s not a problem.”

“No problem at all,” Dan said.

“come this way then Chloe,” Abicus says.

I take libbys hand. Abicus walks out with a young girl next to him. I took in the girl I assumed was Chloe. she was tall like most Amaris woman, she also had a figure that I know most humans would be jealous of, her curves were really in all the right places. I could see why a girl with her looks would have had a lot of problems with her previous charge. Her dark brown hair had the odd stands of copper in and lighter brown. but I could tell her hair wasn’t from a bottle or was so expertly colored you couldn’t tell it was. she actually looked roughly her 25 years of age. She looked older than Libby but not by much, she would defiantly get away with being in college.

“Chloe I assume,” I say standing up and holding out my hand to shake, she curtsies a curtsey that she was possibly taught over and over again in school.

“King Patrick it is a pleasure to meet you.” She says.

“It is a pleasure to meet you to Chloe, please don’t feel the need to bow or curtsy to me or Libby. I am a rockstar, not royalty.” I tell her with a wink. she looks worried but nods. Libby stands but I can tell she’s nervous.

“Chloe I would like you to meet my wife and your main charge Libby,” I say.

“It’s really nice to meet you, Chloe,” Libby says Chloe has to look down at Libby but she doesn’t look like she thinks any less of Libby or anymore. she has the face I know so well of a guard trying not to show her emotions.

“It is nice to meet you, Queen Libby,” Chloe says.

“I’m not a queen.” Libby starts.

“Actually baby you are,” I say I kiss her head.

“Technically if you wanted to you could come into court with me,” I tell her with a wink.

“No thank you.” She says deadly serious. I chuckle.

“Patrick Libby it is time we make a move to Ace’s,” Lee says looking at his watch.

“Of course.” I say.

“Chloe welcome to the team. please tell Lee what blood type you prefer from the fridge.” I say seriously.

“Of course,” Chloe says.

“Have you been informed fully of your schedule?” I ask.

“Not yet but I can do that in the limo,” Abicus says. I take Libbys hand in my own.

“Come on then, we can’t be late for the meeting. I think he is already in hell.” Patrick says.

“Well, you did spring the fact you got married on him suddenly.” Abicus points out. Chloe was silent but I saw her take that information in. I really hope she will come out her shell with Libby. I think showing her straight away how we all actually interact is for the best.

“Come then,” I say with a smile. We walk to my waiting Limo, that’s on the drive. Libby takes everything in more than she did yesterday. she takes in the closed gates that you can’t see through. she takes in all the plants and trees. the grass for her to still run around on.

“Its as much land as I could get for you to run wild child,” I say kissing her.

“It’s amazing Pat,” Libby assures me.

“We only moved in yesterday Chloe. so we haven’t fully got to know our own home yet. Libby saw it for the first time yesterday.” I say.

“That sounds amazing S.” she starts to say, sir.

“Please call me Patrick or Pat,” I say to her with a smile.

Lee opens the Limo door for us. Abicus walks around and climbs in the other side. so he’s between Libby and the door. Todd climbs in after him that side of the door. Libby climbs in. She sits in I climb in next and sit next to her, I do her seatbelt up for her and kiss her head. Chloe climbs in after me, then Dan, Lee climbs in the front seat next to the driver.

We start to drive off.

“Okay Chloe as I was saying earlier, you shall be attending college with Libby. your priority is Libby.” Abicus starts seriously.

“Okay,” Chloe says nodding her head, I see her taking it in.

“Libby is attending college 5 days a week although she is still on break until Thursday. You are in class with her and we have set it up so no one should question you suddenly in there. if they do you have full permission to compel as you need to.” Abicus says.

“um.” Libby starts worriedly.

“Libby will have to be very careful what she says during and if you have to you will have to compel to cover up her slips.” Abicus sighs. Chloe nods, she shows no emotions yet. It’s very annoying as I would like to understand how she really feels about it.

“Liberty can not lie to save her own life.” I chuckle I kiss my wife. she huffs but doesn’t say anything. she knows I’m right.

“Todd, Dan, Lee or myself.” Abicus starts.

“Will be on campus at the same time,” Abicus tells her.

“But not in class with you,” Abicus says.

“Is that not breaking guard rules?” Chloe starts.

“We are aware it is. but as you can see Patrick is quite short of guards and Libby is only an Amaris royal by marriage so is low down on the priority list.” Abicus says seriously.

“Should Patrick not have more guards?” Chloe asks, she looks worried she asked it.

“Yes.” They all say at once.

“I recently had to fire a lot of guards Chloe due to issues with my previous manager,” I inform her truthfully.

“I also had to fire my manager,” I say truthfully.

“Okay,” she says I can tell she possibly has questions.

“Sandy insulted my ex-wife,” I say seriously.

“She also insulted my daughter Iris and Libby,” I say seriously.

“She believed she could say what I could do as she was managing my music,” I say. she nods understanding seeming to go on her face.

“Helena and Libby here are friends. Helena is friends with Libbys much older brother.” I say truthfully. Chloe nods.

“Libby is 21,” I inform Chloe, she nods

“she is 173 years younger than myself although the gossip magazines all believe she is 7 years younger than myself.” I tell Chloe. Chloe nods.

“Libby is training to be a math teacher,” I say. Chloe just nods.

“Alright that being said, you shall be with Libby during her day at college. someone else will always be on campus, there is no Amaris at Libbys college.” Abicus says seriously. Chloe takes that in and nods understanding.

“So if I sense more than one of you I need to be on guard,” Chloe says obviously understanding.

“Exactly. Libby can protect herself more than we give her credit.” Abicus says, which makes Libby smile.

“that being said, she wouldn’t be able to clear up the mess if she made a hurricane,” Abicus says.

“Her magic is very strong and not always.” Abicus starts.

“I did say sorry I didn’t mean to blow him away from that far I thought I had more control,” Libby says. Art asked her to try to blow him away 4 days ago. to see how much better her control had got. the answer was, she still needed a lot of training.

“Like I said powerful,” Abicus says.

“But explaining a hurricane to her class would be difficult,” Abicus says. Chloe nods.

“you are what element Chloe?” I ask.

“Fire,” Chloe says. I nod

“Libby is air, I myself am air. Abicus and Dan are fire. Todd is water and Lee is air.” I tell her. she nods her understanding.

“Have you got any questions currently Chloe?” I ask her. she seems to think.

“Has it come out your married?” She asks us.

“Not yet, it is due to hit the papers once I get back from handing in our marriage papers to court,” I say seriously. Chloe nods.

“During that time Lee yourself and Todd shall be remaining with Libby,” Abicus says seriously. Chloe looks confused.

“So Patrick will have two guards?” Chloe asks worriedly.

“It may change,” Abicus informs her.

“I am hoping to hire 3 new guards when I am back in court. young ones like yourself I hope.” Abicus says seriously.

“But I have to be rather selective on whom I hire, I’m looking at a young girl who is due to graduate from Bennett in a years time,” Abicus says. Chloe nods but I can see she’s confused about why we have to be careful.

“And a young man who graduated last year whom isn’t happy with his current charge and has put in forms to be changed, but I have a few meetings with him first. I wish to know why he isn’t happy before I decide if he would settle into Patricks very busy life.” Abicus says seriously.

“As Patrick has decided that this year he is doing a world tour, Libby will not be with him as much as we all wish,” Abicus tells Chloe. Chloe nods.

“Libby shall not be doing the world tour?” Chloe asks.

“I will have her flown out to me at the weekends if it is possible,” I tell her. Chloe nods.

“Most likely whilst Libby and Patrick are separate it shall be you, Lee and Todd,” Abicus says.

“Is Lee not one of Patricks close guards?” Chloe asks. obviously trying to get an understanding.

“He is but Lee is helping Libby learn to control her magic,” Abicus says.

“Liberty hasn’t got much control?” Chloe asks.

“Not currently,” Libby admits.

“Her magic is a bit crazy currently,” I admit, remembering her sneezing.

“A lot of people around Liberty may appear to be human.” Abicus starts. Libby nods worried.

“They are not,” Abicus informs her.

“Todd and Lee are aware of who is what and Who Libby normally has around herself,” Abicus says.

“Libby will also be able to inform you at all points if someone is a friend or not,” Abicus tells her.

“Not Amaris but not human?” Chloe asks.

“Like Libby is not an Amaris,” Abicus says calmly. Chloe looks really confused.

“I’m half human,” Libby says. Chloe’s eyes go a bit wider.

“Which is why Libbys magic is so new to her,” Abicus says. are we glossing over the fact she’s a Fae?

“If you have a problem with that.” Abicus starts.

“I’ve never met a halfling,” Chloe admits.

“I haven’t got a problem with it,” Chloe says looking at Libby who worryingly bites her lip.

“Isn’t a relationship between the two of you against the law?” Chloe asks.

“No, there is no law against it. believe it or not, I spent over a month making sure.” I admit to her. Chloe nods.

“we just choose never to reveal that Libby isn’t Amaris,” I say truthfully. Chloe nods.

“If at any point you have questions or worries please bring it up to one of us,” Abicus says. Chloe nods.

“I think that’s everything for now. I shall reveal more when you have settled in. Mostly I want you to get to know us as a team, as you are now part of the team. I want you to vocal with us. if you think there’s anything we can do to update our system, please let uys know. as its been along time since we all were in school.” Abicus informs her.

“but then we have realtime knowledge now, so you may find things our way easyer.” Lee points out.

“guard ettiquite has gone out the window. except during court sessions.” Abicus informs her.

“Patrick to you from this moment foth is not an Amaris royal but a human rockstar. Libby is not an Amaris queen but a rockstars wife.” Abicus says.

“Libby is also your charge.” Abicus says. Chloe nods.

“Do you like to be called Chloe or a nickname?” Libby asks.

“Chloe is fine, I do not mind Chlo.” Chloe tells her. Libby nods.

“My names Liberty but I mostly get called that when I’m in trouble.” Libby admits. Chloe actully smiles at Libby.

“Patrick and Libby actully met when Libby snuck into a nightclub underage.” Abicus informs Chloe.

“You may go clubbing alot, Libby enjoys to dance and it will be a chance for you to get fresh blood. You shall also have times off where you can attend an amaris Cafe or resturant. Patrick also takes Liberty out to eat at the resturant alot. blood is also in the fridge throughout the day.” Abicus informs her. Chloe nods.

“Now I am not sure what is going to happen right now. You may be expected to stand outside the office, or allowed to go in with them.” Abicus says. Chloe nods. the car has stopped. Dan opens the door. Lee climbs out first followed by Chloe. Abicus and Todd climb out the otherside. Libby looks at me with a smile.

“I love you.” she says.

“I love you too.” I tell her.

“I’m going to make two friends today.” Libby tells me. then she quickly climbs out Abicus side.

“Honestly woman.” I mumble but I’m smiling.

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