Liberty of the air

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Libby - the morning after the night before

I move in Patrick's bed stirring, all the memory’s of last night still with me. It was, well he was. yeah just yeah amazing. Even the memories of him last night makes me blush and feel amazing. hell, the only thing in my head currently was amazing. I snuggle further into his bed that feels like I'm on a cloud. He hadn’t drunk from me, I kind of thought he would. the number of times he went to that pressure point in my neck that he would have found especially appealing and simply just kissed it. I thought he would drink from me again, I had prepared my heart to know he would use me for food. But then with all his words last night when we had got back to the hotel about showing me a better side of him had been in vain again, as one thing I did think was. he would still be here! I was wrong, so wrong the bed was empty of him. I sat up rubbing the sleep out my eyes now awake. I was hurt again even though I knew it was stupid. He was going to think I was an easy lay. I looked around his bedroom not sure how I truly feel because my feelings make no sense even to myself as I'm feeling them. What the hell is wrong with me! I swing my legs to get out of his bed, again my clothes are torn to shreds. How! He needed to be more gentle with my clothing in the future. It is all natural he had to be gentle or he would just make a mess. what future, this was it. I wasn't going to go near him again, if I see him coming I will go in the opposite direction. I look at my clothing not sure what to do. should I go out in the sheets, this time before that bitch turns up again. will it be the same as last time? I sigh trying my hardest not to cry. I was about to get out his bed properly when I saw it. A piece of paper on what had been his side of the bed. I didn’t know what to think, but I lifted it up. Preparing myself kind of for the check he offered last time. Although that hit my heart like it was breaking, which was stupid I didn’t know the man really at the end of the day. to him impossibly just a groupie. but I look at the handwritten note. his writing is amazingly neat. you don't see writing like that nowadays. hell, the only persons writing I know like that are official court letters. Even then I know for a fact it ain't Grandmas writing. I decided rather than to admire his writing, to prepare myself for the heart-stabbing pain I don't doubt will come.

My little free spirit.

Do not leave this bed until I return. I mean it Liberty! I had to go sort out an important phone call back to my home country and time difference meant I didn’t want to wake you to inform you when you looked so peaceful asleep. If you wake before I return. Stay there. I won't be long. I'm only in the room next door.


I had to smile at the letter, which was stupid. I chastised myself but he hadn't left me really.

“Oh, you are awake. I was kind of hoping I would be able to sneak back in.” Patrick says from the door, he's leaning there in his boxers and a white shirt that's undone. hell, he's wearing Calvin Kleins! like is he on their poster? I know all about his 8 pack, my fingers got to explore that up close and personal. but he isn't a bodybuilder body type. his fingers I now know are hard from years of playing the guitar. my, they well they knew how to touch me to give me the most amount of pleasure I've ever felt.

“Its only 6 am I thought I had time, after all, you only feel asleep an hour ago,” he says from the door frame, he hasn't commented on me patently ogling him. he comes further into the room,

“you killed my clothes.” I say, come on that's all I say? what the hell is wrong with me. I now know he isn't using mind powers on me. I'm just really this bad with men!

“I did,” he says with no remorse, he even looks smug at that information.

“What are you going to do about that?" I question, kneeling on his bed and putting my hands on my hip, dropping the sheet that had been covering me a second beforehand. I'm not sure where this playfulness and carelessness has come from. but with the look on his face then. it was well worth it. I knew what I wanted to happen, I think I knew from the moment he came back in the room with his perfect chest on display.

“Oh, differently this.” He said walking over to me.

(sex scene I've deleted. is available on request. but don't worry I haven't deleted them all and decided the book has too many sex scenes.)

“Liberty.” Patrick sighs into my hair. We have been laying in his bed most the day.

“Can I call you Libby or Libs?” he asks me with more hope than I thought that question needed, I lift my head to look at him laid out on his bed he is perfection, his head on the pillow. I'm practically laid on his chest, my hair is everywhere currently, his fingers are entwined in it. I'm still on a cloud from a moment ago, does he really want a conversation now? I'm more likely to drift off in the bliss of that orgasm. I look him straight in the eyes. His dark blue eyes. I didn’t get how his eyes changed but he was magic. Even though I had never heard of eyes changing color before in an Amaris. Maybe it was simply the light? no, I knew it wasn't. I knew there was something to do with his element and his soul. it was interesting in a whole different way. I knew I wanted the chance to see how many different shades his eyes could go, to see how his moods affect his eyes. to see them every. shit, I'm being stupid again! His question hell I need to answer his question. but I find myself stroking his 5 o'clock shadow with my hand. His shadow of a beard. His chiseled features. Did someone decide to give this man all this for a reason other than to be evil? because he was a pure temptation. He was perfection. What did he see in me?

“Yes,” I tell him, after what could have been days or minutes. in reality, I'm not even sure what I said yes to.

“which do you prefer my little free spirit?” he asks but I hear the chuckle of his question. he is finding my current blissed state funny. maybe its the fact I'm still stroking his face, but then he's still playing with my hair. the corner of his perfect lips is lifted into a smile.

“both,” I tell him, he moves so he can kiss me gently on my head. Why my head my lips are right there. then he kisses the corner of my own lips, then he takes full claim of my lips and moves so I'm no longer laid on his chest but underneath him again. my fingers immediately start exploring his body again. how does he even have the stamina to go again!

“Libby.” He sighs when he pulls away from my lips.

“I can't promise you a future.” He tells me firmly, looking down at me.

“well no, I know that,” I tell him, even if for some unknown reason that hurts.

“being with me will be more complicated than you possibly can even imagine,” he tells me truthfully, hell I get that. you're a rockstar I'm a college student. not to mention your a vampire and I'm a fairy.

“Okay,” is what I say out loud though. maybe it's his huge penis at my center that is, well ready. in all honesty currently, I'm not sure what I am okaying.

“I am going for 9 weeks in 2 months time Patrick,” I inform him, I kind of think I may have given whatever this is an expiry date. One I want to take back.

“I can reach you still.” He tells me firmly. it's not a question. I shouldn't let him boss me around. I shake my head though because the honest truth is he cant.

“You don’t want me to reach you?” he asks me, he sounds hurt.

“I won't have electric,” I tell him truthfully. that's the thing about my home, I have nowhere that I can charge my cell. to be honest the moment I get there I don't need to contact anyone. because everyone I practically talk to is there. except for the odd college friend. but they all know I live in almost a dead end town that has bad cell signal. so we have that big catch up when we get back to college. I will also be camping on my own for a while, I will be fully alone to discover who I am. Patrick looked at me like he thought I was crazy. perhaps to him, I am. sometimes I wonder myself of the things my kind deemed not usable. But then look at humans they've practically destroyed this beautiful planet for there own gain.

“Wait your parents don’t have any electric at all?” he questions me as if he suddenly has realized I'm not trying to avoid him.

“Nope, we aren’t even allowed to take any of our electric or modern devices a mile from the home,” I admit the truth, all that has to stay in the main home.

“Crazy,” he says but he's smiling.

I move pushing him off me, so I can kneel in his bed again. he lays down a smug smile on his face as I kneel over him. I put my hands on my hips again. yes, I'm fully aware of what it does to my girls. Yes, I'm fully aware his eyes go to them before going back to my face, but the most important thing right then is they do go straight back to my face.

“do you really think my family's crazy?” I question him, I wonder what we really do look like from a strangers perception. I know what his kind looks like to ours. but I don't see the monsters from the stories as I look at him. I don't see a warrior race, that has been fighting wars among themselves for centuries, all for power and money. I don't see that. maybe because I don't fully know him yet. but I have a feeling even if I did, I wouldn't see that in him. maybe I am wearing rose-tinted glasses.

“good crazy.” He assures me pulling me back close to him. When I am back in his arms where I was before we started the conversation. my head back on his chest. his hand back entwined in my hair, he seems to relax. I start to drift off as he plays with my hair.

“Okay, but I require your address so I can find you. I'm not losing you fully,” he tells me.

“You really think you’ll still want to be with me in 2 months?” I ask suspiciously. he was talking about us as if we are going to be long term. not like I've just ended up in his bed twice.

“Currently Libby I do not want you out of my sight.” He admits there's so much truth in his voice, it takes me by surprise. am I really not just a quick fuck to him? because I know deep down he isn't to me.

“I want to know you my free spirit,” he tells me. His? that for some unknown reason feels right. even though I've always said in the past I will never belong to anyone. that I would make it clear we are partners. not owners. His bedroom door is knocked then.

“I should let you out this bed and take you for food.” He sighs looking at his door like its the evilest thing in the world.

“aren’t you hungry?” I ask him, did he have blood whilst he left me this morning? if not he must be starving.

“not for what you are.” He sighs I knew he meant blood. But I still found myself blushing. he chuckles at my reaction, and strokes my hair. his door is knocked again, this time louder.

“I should be getting home. My sister will only take my text last night at face value for a few hours,” I tell him and that's the truth, I never really go more than 24 hours without seeing Destiny.

“I know.” He sighs.

“would she settle for your having fun in a man's bed?” he questions me. he leans forward and kisses me, he moves so he's kissing my neck. I would understand currently if he took a bite. I thought Amaris had to drink regu.larly he would be starving. He sniffs my neck, it was like my scent did something to him, same as his seemed to do to me. he kissed me and then next thing I know he's back on top of me and we are making out. his hands run all over my body and its like I come to life again. I want him, I want all of him and I'm not gentle with him to get my way. we both ignore the pounding on his door as we get lost in each other's touch. When he makes me orgasm again I ride that wave to pure bliss, so does he.

Patrick is sat up in the bed as I lay there not sure what the fuck happened. Well yes, I wasn’t missing any memories, but he hadn’t drunk from me. but I swear we had both been hit by the lust of his bite. or we really did have ridiculous chemistry for each other. He smiles down at me, he can't seem to get rid of that smile from his lips, I think he's truly content at the moment. his skins all shiny from our sweat. we need a shower. perhaps together.

“What is one more night with me going to hurt?” He says with a smile, right now I would agree to anything, one more night here isn't that hard. “I will just pop out to talk to my bodyguards and get us a meal.” He says. He looks at me, in the eyes.

“Do not leave this bed Liberty.” He informs me. his voice went sing-song, but its deep at the same time, is it his compelling voice? because hell if I hadn't already lost my panties I would be willing to right now.

“Okay,” I tell him, pretending it worked. it's easier and hell I don't plan to move. right now I'm not fully sure if my body and I are on the same planet. He leans down and kisses, me. then he pulls his

I told him He kissed me, then he put on his boxers then started buttoning up his shirt. Then he walked out. Leaving me in his bed. the sheets smell like us and I could drown in his scent right now and still be happy about it.

“Libby.” Patrick's voice says it's calm and husky. in fact it makes me want to kiss him again, but instead, I open my eyes. He is stood over me a smile on his lips holding a tray of food, he has trousers on now and his shirt is fully buttoned. I look at the food, where the hell did that come from? how long have I been asleep?

“time to eat,” Patrick tells me, he slips in the bed next to me. I blink at him groggily not fully with it yet. When I'm more awake I sit up. he gently kisses my lips.

"Sorry I woke you, you really did look so peaceful," he says, apologetically. I blink looking at the food.

"What is it?" I ask.

"Hard to get hold of in this hotel it turns out," he says with a smile.

"I had to send one of my bodyguards out to get you food," he admits.

"I've eaten as I couldn't wait for him to return. I'm sorry." he says

"you can't help it if you were hungry." I say and I mean that I don't want him to have to feel he needs to hide his hunger or what he eats from me.

"I'm a Vegan Patrick, but that's my choice. I'm not going to push it on you. I will kiss you even after you've eaten meat. I'm not going to ask you to give up the food you like for my way of life." I say to him. I need him to understand he can be himself around me.

"I don't mind if you eat a huge steak in front of me covered in blood," I say, he blinks.

"as long as your not ramming it down my throat, as long as you've not killed it for sport and then going to let it die in vain," I say.

He leans forward and takes my lips again. I kiss him.

"It's going to take me a long time to work you out," Patrick says pulling away from my lips. he puts the tray in front of me.

"Please eat Libby. you haven't eaten since yesterday evening," Patrick informs me. I look at the meal, I trust him that its vegan. I fully trust him even though I know its silly. I eat my meal, in almost silence. but its comfortable and the meal is amazing. Patrick leans back in the bed when I've finished the bowl of fruit next to my meal that has a spoon of sugar on. I wonder if he actually does know what I am. When I've finished he puts a bag on the bed, its labeled a shop I've never heard of. it looks expensive. even the bag looks expensive so what the hell is in it?

“whats that?” I ask my curiosity getting the better of me.

“hard to find.” He admits with a smile.

“Have a peak.” He tells me.

I slip forward on the bed. I gently lift out the most beautiful white of the shoulder knee length dress. It is mostly plain white. But in one corner of the shoulder, there is the lightest of blue. I look at it not sure what to think. Yes, it was me, but. I then felt it and I knew from the moment I touched the fabric. I look at him with wide eyes. Did he know? It was Ramie. I couldn’t afford clothes made just out of Ramie myself. hell, most my people can't! I have 100% cotton. but it's not a necessary part of my life, that is my personal choice.

“It's not 100% cotton but its fully natural material,” Patrick says worried as if he's worried it's not good enough.

“100% Ramie do you know how much this dress?” I start still in shock. He puts another bag on the bed, with a smile almost as if he did it on purpose to stop my next words.

I look straight away, excited. Hey, I'm half fairy. it's hard to squash my curiosity. In it was another Ramie material dress. I pull it out so I can take it in. A long light blue dress which would go to just above my feet comes out the bag. it's beautiful.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t get hold of any underwear like you were wearing that quickly. But I can't say I rushed with that,” he admits. I look at him speechless. he chuckles and kisses my head as if he realizes that he's word struck me.

“why?” I ask after a while.

“you are different Libby but I want you comfortable.” He tells me.

“I shouldn’t except them,” I say and I know that I don't want him to buy me things.

“no,” he says calmly like he was actually expecting this.

“But I want you to have them,” he says in an honest way, that could melt my heart.

“I want you to be mine. I don’t even know why,” he says. that makes two of us, but the truth is I want him to be mine. I decide to voice something.

"It would be a partnership Patrick neither of us would belong to each other. that's not how a relationship works," I tell him. he looks at me like he's seriously thinking over my words.

"yes, your right Libby. we would be partners," he says. he smiles at me and it could turn me into a puddle if I let it.

Dressed in the long blue dress I look at Patrick torn to be leaving him. It was Sunday evening and I knew I had to return to college. we've practically spent the last two days in his bed, with only a brief break from the bed for the shower, and even that was together. Patrick had arranged his driver to take me home, it was my idea not his own. I had work I had to do for class, I had class in the morning too. His driver was driving me home and going to take me up to my room apparently. Patrick really didn't seem to want to let me out of his sight. He told me, he would pick me up Tuesday after class and take me out for dinner. He would have tomorrow but he had to go do some work at the studio and he wasn't sure what time he would be finished. I was interested I admit it, I wanted to hear his music now. looking at him stood there with so much worry on his face, I didn’t want to leave him. didn't he realize he was making this hard on me?

“What’s wrong?” I ask even though he possibly feels the same way I do right now.

“I can't seem to shake the bad feeling something bad is about to happen.” he sighs worried.

“Like what?” I ask, I have no such bad feeling and believe me I would.

“I am worried about you.” He admits.

“me?” I ask confused.

“I should not have made my day with you so public on Friday,” he admits.

“you think I'm going to be mopped by your fans?” I question.

“Not exactly my little free spirit,” he tells me, he strokes a bit of my hair onto his fingers and holds it between his fingers. He looks so torn, that if I really didn't have to go home I wouldn't but that's the problem, I do have to go on with my life.

“Tuesday. But any issues,” he says so worriedly.

“you contact me straight away,” he says firmly. I nod knowing he needs me to agree with him.

“Go before I don’t let you out my sight,” he says so worriedly.

"Bye Patrick I will see you in two days," I say, with what I hope is a smile. He takes hold of my hand and for the first time this weekend, he leads me out of his room. into the main living area. two of his walls of muscles sit on the couch, the same two from the car Friday night. "Lee can you escort Libby home and to her door please," Patrick says to one of them.

"Of course." one of them says, I assume he's Lee. Patrick pulls me back to him and kisses me, I kiss him back. I need to go to college! I need to carry on my life! I can't let a guy change me!

"Bye Libby I will see you on Tuesday," Patrick says.

"Seeya Tuesday," I tell him. Lee and the other guy are trying to hide there smiles. Lee walks to the door and holds it open for me, I follow him. I try not to look back at Patrick, but I do.

Lee leads me through the hotel, rather than feel intimidated by his size, I somehow trust him. He leads me to a limo and a driver comes round and opens it for me. Lee climbs in after I do.

"Would you like anything to drink miss?" he asks me.

"Libby," I say,

"Please just call me Libby," I tell him.

"would you like a drink Libby?" he asks me.

"No thank you," I say, but I do smile. We don't talk during the journey home. when we get to my college dorm, he really does escort me up. he leaves once I've gone through my bedroom door.

I look at Destiny and Aimee, I had just finished telling them everything.

“so he just thought you would give Daysi the message and it would be over?” Aimee asks me in disbelief.

“love the fact out of everything it’s the cheek of Eugene shocking you.” Destiny laughed at Aimee. she had been really up in arms about the whole Patrick being an Amaris part of my story. even though we are meant to be excepting of other species.

“I can't even get my head around Libs new man, and I don't want her to get defensive again.” Aimee shrugs, but its the truth. I had got extremely defensive about Patrick when I told them what had happened.

“that makes two of us, well the not being able to get my head around it,” I admit.

“three,” Destiny says seriously.

“four,” Immy says sitting down, dropping her class books and laptop on our table as if they are worthless items and not things I know can break.

“what we talking about?” she asks, not knowing what shes agreed to. So I again explained my weekend. this time making sure I don't forget anything important.

“wow, the cheek!” Immy says I laugh again that's about Eugene.

“are you really going to give her the message?” Immy asks me.

I shrug. “It's not for a while and I have a feeling it's important,” I admit to her, I think its why he gave her so much warning. so she knows she can't stand him up this time. I know its important. but right now I don't know why.

“I have a feeling he really needs her to attend,” I say knowing my words are the truth.

“So you are?” Immy asks, I nod.

“I wouldn’t insult the king like that, by not,” I admit

“I get that,” Aimee says seriously thinking it over.

“Yeah does he really think leaving her at the altar wasn’t a big deal?” Immy asks me as if I understand the male gender. as if I understand other species. hell, I don't even understand my own hormones currently!

“he's a man, they make no sense.” Destiny points out. We all laugh at that, but I find myself sniffing my outfit from Patrick that I was wearing again today. It still smelt of him, because I hadn’t washed it.

"2 months." Destiny points out to me. I know she's right. Now isn’t the right time to be falling for someone. It is time to discover who I am. Not who they are.

“when are you seeing him again?” Aimee asks me interested.

“Tomorrow,” I admit

“take it slow.” She warns me as if she's afraid I'm going to have my heart broken.

“I will,” I assure all three of them and myself. I will try not to end up breaking my heart at the end of this.

“So whats the plan so far?” Immy asks trying to change the subject I know that, but honestly, I don't know what my plan is for anything! I've always been someone who lets her heart lead her. but how when my heart wants to lead me into danger? the danger of the really hot rockstar vampire. how much more dangerous can someone be! he was a fucking rockstar!

“Straight after exams. We load everything into the car. Sign out. Then take Libby to where she has to go. Then leave her there and go home to moms and dads.” Destiny says matter of fact, like the old plan, is the only way forward.

“sounds good,” Aimee says seriously.

“Are you ready?” Aimee asks me worried. no, I'm not. I should be preparing myself not stressing over a guy! I shake my head.

“I don’t know anything yet,” I admit.

"I've still got quite a few rock climbing lessons with an E booked, I've also got loads of personal training seasons to attend. and that's just the physical side of prep." I admit.

“you haven’t heard anything yet?” Immy asks me taken aback.

“not since her letter about the dates and location for drop off and the schedule for her prep seasons with the E for rock climbing and fitness," Destiny admits for me. it's worrying. but I haven't missed a single appointment, even if after I feel like I could fall over and die. I'm defiantly not in the right shape yet.

"She got told more information would follow. It hasn’t yet.” Destiny admits for me. until Patrick, this had been my biggest worry. it still should be.

“there leaving it rather late for you to prepare the items you can take,” Immy says worriedly. that's what I think. I remember Destiny getting her list of stuff she needed about a year in advance so she had a year to prepare the items she could take and get used to using that equipment.

“That’s what I thought,” Destiny says so worriedly.

“I'm trying not to panic,” I admit, its the truth. I have just over 2 months until I have to be there to start my journey. 2 months is a long time for things to change.

“Yeah but if you don’t hear anything by next month, send a message to the council asking for it,” Immy says worriedly. I nod. They all talked about there time, I listened interestedly, but instead of relaxing me, it makes me tenser. everyone knows its a huge challenge and you may discover things you don't wish to. that you may not be able to cope with your own powers. one of my elder sisters the prime example of that.

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