Liberty of the air

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Libby - Aria and Ace

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As we got into the music studio, I couldn't help but take it all in. the gold albums on the walls of people I had never even heard of. pictures of Ace shaking hands of what I took to be famous people, but honestly, I hadn't a clue who any of them were, except the picture of my husband. we walked through the hallway. Patrick stopped outside a music studio, that had what I took to be a very young guy on the guitar, he was singing. what we could hear of it sounded great.

"Who is he?" I asked Patrick.

"I do not know," Patrick admitted to me.

"A rising star." Ace said walking up, I turned to take the man in. he looked a lot more comfortable than he did last time I saw him in the nightclub. as if he was in his element now.

"Would you like to come to my office now." Ace says.

"Yes, that would be lovely," Patrick says, I don't let go of my husband's hand as he leads me through the corridors after Ace. when we get to the office, Ace opens his door and holds it open. Patrick lets me in before himself. then he and Abicus come in. everyone else waits outside the office. I'm thankful on that we do not need to be squashed.

Ace looked at both me and Patrick and seemed to be deep in thought, he sat behind a huge desk, I had to try not to giggle as I felt like I had been sent to the principal.

"What is funny?" Ace asks me interested not cross or angry. just like he wants to know my joke.

"I feel like we are in the principal's office," I admit, he actually smiles and leans back in his chair.

"Why did you not inform me the two of you planned to marry the other week?" Ace asks.

"I am used to working for Sandy, she became rather controlling of my life." Patrick starts. Ace sighs and looks slightly frustrated.

"I was informed on how hard Sandy is to work for. but I am unable to help you, Patrick, if you're not honest with me. If I am the last to hear, I can't protect your image in the media." Ace starts.

"I am aware and I am sorry if you felt that it was an insult, I am just used to not informing on things I wish to do myself," Patrick admits.

"Libbys family allowed for a few pictures of our day to be taken. They have agreed that we can leak certain pictures to the media. This is a lot for them." Patrick admits.

"your parents are very private?" Ace questions me.

"they are, my mom and grandma are very anti-camera," I admit.

"Why?" Ace asks me interested.

"When you live so long, surely having pictures of yourself out there is dangerous. they believe cameras are humans way of spying on them." I admit. Ace looks at me like he wants to ask questions but he sighs.

"Can I see the pictures you agree to be leaked before they are. to make sure they are all suitible?" Ace asks.

“Yes of course,” Abicus says leaning forward with a folder.

“Are they the pictures?” I ask interested and excited I haven’t seen them.

“These are the album of pictures they happy to be leaked but these are just one of the albums they have had printed off,” Abicus tells Ace.

“Have you two seen them?” Ace asks us.

“Not yet, but I trust Lee and Abicus and two of Libbys older brothers to have chosen the best to leak,” Patrick admits. Ace opens the album and flicks to the first picture, I take it in and have to smile. It’s of me Destiny and Charity hugging we aren’t dressed yet, we are in the outfits Helena got us.

“Are these your sisters?” Ace asks, looking at the picture of Charity Destiny and me.

“Yeah two of them,” I admit.

“How many siblings do you have?” Ace sighs.

“I’m the youngest of 17,” I admit.

“17?” Ace asks.

“Yeah,” I admit.

“But a few of my siblings have gone,” I admit.

“Sorry.” Ace sighs, he flicks to the next picture, It’s of Aimee, Immy, Destiny, Charity, Helena, and me. Ace smiles at it. he flicks to the next picture. It’s of me and Helena hugging.

“You get on well with Patrick’s ex-wife?” Ace asks me.

“She’s friends with my eldest brother, but yes we do get on” I admit.

“How olds your oldest brother?” Ace asks me.

“thousands of years old. way older than Patrick.” I admit, being careful how I answered. Patrick and Ace actually laugh at that. Ace flips to the next picture, its off me walking through the forest with Destiny, we are holding hands but it’s our backs so you only see my back of the dress.

“You are almost identical. how much older is she than you?” Ace asks me.

“Destinys 3 almost 4 years older,” I admit. he flips to the next picture, it’s of my little nieces stood next to the limo the 3 of them are holding hands. he takes them in and seems to be thinking. he flicks to the next picture, its off my little nieces walking down the aisle. then a picture of Dana eating the flowers.

“Can we have that one sent to Charity?” I ask.

“Yes, she wants it,” Abicus admits with a smile. Ace flips to the next picture, I watch him flip through pictures of my bridesmaids, then there’s a picture of Patrick stood at the top of the aisle. He is looking down and smiling the look on his face though, it’s amazing. I remember how he looked at me that day full of love. you can see that from that picture. Ace pulls it out the hook and puts it on the table without saying much. he flips to the next picture, it’s me with daddy. the veil down, you can kind of tell how fragile daddy is in that picture. but I don’t see that when I look at daddy. He pulls the picture out and puts it on the table he’s smiling but not saying anything. he flips to the next picture, I’m further down the aisle. you can tell I’m smiling daddy is looking at me not anyone else he’s smiling too. Ace pulls that picture out. he looks at the next picture, Daddy is shaking Patrick’s hand. Ace pulls that picture out. He flips to the next page. he takes in the picture of daddy putting my hand in Patricks, he pulls that one out too. he flips the page again. It’s of Patrick lifting my veil. he pulls that one out too. He puts it on the table, he flips to the next picture. Patrick and my hands are tied together.

“You had a hand fastening ceremony? That’s a very rare choice nowadays?” He says interested.

“It’s my families tradition,” I admit.

“My family is rather old-fashioned,” I admit. he nods, he puts that picture on the table. he then looks at the next picture which is our rings on the pillow, with my nephew holding it. there’s another picture of just the rings. He pulls out one of just the rings and puts it on the table. He then flips to the next page which is Patrick putting the ring on my finger. he takes out that one, then the one of me putting the ring on Patrick’s finger, we are both smiling at each other and you can kind of tell we are currently in our own little world. Ace is smiling as he does it. I take it he’s choosing which ones to say go ahead to. he flips to the next picture, Patrick is kissing me, his arms wrapped around me. he pulls that one out. he puts it down on the table, he then flips to the next page, it’s of a distance and you can tell we are signing the marriage license but you can’t see it. you can see the people around. he doesn’t pull that one out. he flips to the next picture, it’s of me and Pat walking down the aisle hand in hand. he pulls that one out. he flips to the next picture. it’s of me daddy Charity Destiny Bass Art Maverick Jesse and Grace, with Grandma and mom.” He looks at the picture interested.

“These you and your siblings with your dad?” he asks me.

“grandma and mom are in it,” I say worriedly.

“There’s one without. hold on I didn’t mean to put that picture in the album,” Abicus says going to pull it out.

“Don’t worry leave it in,” Abicus says. he flips to the next picture which is us without mom and grandma in. he pulls that one out.

“Not all your siblings attended?” he asks me.

“we had rather a small wedding,” I admit. he looks at it, he looks at the picture of Art with his arms around me.

“Eldest brother?” he guesses.

“Yeah Art,” I say.

“I’m sensing a theme with all your names.” Ace says. he puts the picture on the table, he flips to the next picture. the kids are all eating flowers. he chuckles so does Patrick.

“Sorry I wondered where all the flowers got to,” Pat admits.

“I think 'stop eating the flowers was the most said sentence of the day,” Abicus admits. Ace still chuckling flipped to the next page. Patrick and I are sat at a table, I have my hand on the table and he’s holding it. Roscoe is stood up holding his wine glass up.

“King Roscoe is happy for a picture of himself to be leaked?” Ace asks.

“Sorry no. Some slipped past us.” Abicus admits. Ace leaves it. he flicks to the next page. the dinners on the table. I have my hand on the table and Patricks holding it. You can see we are eating a salad. Ace puts that one on the table, its just of the two of us. He flips to the next page, I have Dana on my lap shes eating a satsuma and smiling.

“Are there parents happy for pictures of the kids to be leaked?” he asks me.

“Yes, Dana will age normally, so they aren’t worried until she’s older,” Abicus admits. I nod. he pulls out that picture and then the one of her eating the flowers in her dress walking down the aisle and then a picture of my little bridesmaids and pageboys stood together. he puts that on the pile. he flips to the next picture. It’s of me with my bridesmaids. he pulls that out and puts it on the table. he looks at the next one. It’s of Patrick stood shaking Mavericks hand whilst Art is obviously talking. he pulls that picture out and puts it on the pile. he looks at the next picture, its daddy and mommy. Daddy is holding moms hand and smiling at mommy like she hangs the sun.

“Your parents look to be strongly in love.” Ace says seriously.

“They are moms basically mourning daddy already,” I admit to him. he nods he leaves that picture. he flips to the next one. Patrick and I are dancing. Patricks looking down at me and I’m looking up at him. he pulls that one out and puts it on the table. he then looks at the next picture. I’m in daddy’s arms. you can tell daddy and I are both crying. he pulls that one out and puts it on the pile. he flips to the next picture, I’m dancing with Art, he keeps flicking as pictures of me with my siblings. he flips to the next picture we all have sticks and are standing in a circle.

“sorry, that slipped past,” Abicus admits.

“What is it about?” Ace asks interestedly.

“We have a family tradition where we hit each other with sticks,” I admit. Ace actually laughs.

“I sometimes feel tempted to him my elder siblings with sticks as well. Never thought I would get away with it.” Ace chuckles. he flips to the next few. he seems to be thinking them through, he pulls a picture of me with Pat out again, one of Patrick holding Tabitha in one arm and Dana the other whilst Erin and Dakota are hugging his legs.

“I love that picture,” I say with a grin. Ace pulls it out and puts it on the pile.

“It gives you a family man image.” Ace says nodding thoughtfully. he flips at the next picture. Pat has 4 of my nephews and Bass all in the same pose. it makes me smile. you can tell they are laid back and it’s not staged. Ace pulls that one out. he goes to the next picture. Dakota has his head on my shoulder and is practically asleep. Ace pulls that one out, Dana the next picture the same but in Patrick’s arms whilst Tabithas wrapped around his legs. Ace pulls that one out. then there’s a picture of me and Destiny Charity and Bass hugging. Charity is holding Montana and Bass is holding Tabitha. He pulls that one out. he flips to the next picture, I and Patrick are still in our wedding outfit and laying in a hammock. I have my head on Patrick’s chest and my eyes closed he has his eyes open and is looking down at me.

“When was that taken?” I ask.

“Whilst you had your 20-minute power nap,” Pat admitted. Ace pulls that one out. he looks at the next picture, it’s of the next day. Erin in Pat’s arms as he holds her up to put the star on the yule tree. Ace takes it in thoughtful. he pulls it out. he flips to the next page, Patrick and I are back in that hammock. my eyes are still closed but Patrick’s eyes are open and the darkest blue, you can’t tell if I am dressed or not as the blanket fully covers me. but Patrick has a naked chest at least one hand running through his messy brown hair, he looks amazing.

“Still asleep?” Ace asks.

“Yes,” I admit. he chuckles but pulls that one out. he looks at the next picture, Patrick and I are sat next to the fire, Patrick is holding a plate of roasted chestnuts and I have my fingers on his mouth you can tell I’m feeding him. Ace pulls that one out. he flips through the last 15 pictures. he gets to the last one which is Patrick handing Erin a Christmas present whilst all the other kids sit around with a Present on their laps. the kids are all barefoot and look rather wild compared to the other picture, its how I truly know my nieces and nephews, they don’t look dirty just like normal kids that have been allowed to play outside.

“Hold on there’s 12 more,” Abicus says pulling out a pile of pictures from his hands. I’m on Patrick’s shoulders, Charity is on Aliians, Bass has his girlfriend on his shoulders, Destiny in on Ebans. without fighting. Aimee’s on Arts. Grace on Mavericks Immys on her boyfriends. Destiny is holding a football. Ace laughs.

“Do I even want to know if anyone got hurt?” Ace asks.

“None of us,” I assure him. he looks at the next picture, Art Bass, Dest and I are deep in a mud fight. we are throwing mud at each other. Ace chuckles. he puts that picture down. the next pictures of Patrick and me after the mud fight we are filthy Patrick has me under his arm he’s laughing so am I. Ace puts that one on the pile. The next picture we are rock climbing. Patrick has the kit on but again I haven’t.

“I thought you wore the kit?” Ace asks.

“I’m a free climber,” I admit. Ace looks at it and seems to be thinking. “It could be on under Libbys outfit, it’s why she’s fully covered,” Pat says seriously.

“Filthy but covered. I will put it on the pile, but beware there might be a slight backlash about the safety.” Ace says seriously. He flicks to the next picture, my siblings are in the same waterfall as the music video. I,m still Filthy so is Patrick but we are both jumping in holding hands. then a picture of us under the waterfall kissing. Ace puts both pictures in the pile.

“I will have these pictures leaked. when you return Patrick.” Ace says seriously. Pat nods. Abicus gives details on whom he thought was best to leak them too. Ace nods and says a few more. I listen as they talk about leaking the pictures.

“So will Libby be attending the world tour with you this year?” Ace asks Patrick.

“I will have her flown out to me as much as possible, but Libby has college. I want her to be able to graduate the next 4 years without too many issues.” Patrick says seriously. Ace nods.

“Have you upped her security?” Ace asks interest and Torn.

“I have hired a female guard roughly her age and have enrolled her on Liberty’s course. my ex-wife and her charge and soon to be husband have agreed to come to LA whilst I am away to stay with Liberty. with all his guards.” Patrick says seriously. Ace seems to think.

“Would you be happy to meet Aria?” Ace asks. how he says her name, I can’t help but smile. Seeing perhaps more in that than he wants to admit.

“I would be happy to. She is extremely impressive. will we be on the same tour?” Patrick asks.

“No, but I might have her on a few of your days. The Amaris in the sound booth earlier shall be on your tour. I know you use Davis as a starter normally?” Ace says to Patrick.

“Yes, he is still with Sandy currently I am afraid.” Patrick starts.

“No he left Sandy two weeks ago, he didn’t sign with me.” Ace admits.

“But Mitch is very talented, I will approach him about the tour. If you could get Davis on board as well.” Ace starts.

“I will ring him,” Pat says. I watch them discuss dates the whole time smiling. Ace sorts them out and he gets me to bring up my school timetable so he can work me into the tour with Patrick when I am on school breaks. At one point Aces phone rings. Pat indicates that Ace can answer. Ace doesn’t need actually telling he answers and says.

“Send her in.” without saying a single word. A few minutes later his office door is opened and a beautiful brunette walks in. shes in tight-fitting jeans and a fitted black top that says ‘speak your truths’

“Sorry, Ace I didn’t realize you had company,” Aria says looking slightly worried.

“Sorry Aria, I wanted you to meet Patrick.” Ace says seriously. Aria curtsies to Patrick.

“King Patrick it is a privilege to meet you,” Aria says politely.

“Please no need for that Aria, I am a big fan of your songs. I hear you write all your own music. that is extremely impressive for someone so young.” Patrick says holding out his hand for a handshake. Aria shakes his hand looking worried. a wave of visions come to me, I try to push them away.

“This is my wife.” Patrick starts he looks over at me, worry flashes on his face. Patrick takes my hand quickly and pulls me into his arms.

“Sorry its just been a long day.” Patrick starts.

“Is she feeling sick?” Ace asks, he sounds suspicious.

“Samira River Bae you must hide your identity to keep the princess safe. you must be careful. but you must get her words heard people have to believe in Harmony. the princess lives but she’s in trouble. hide the crown for me I have failed. will be her words that will start the dethroning of the queen. but if she fails war will kill all. she will call on you for help do not get involved just help from afar. money and support, show the princess the young have belief and faith in her abilities to rule” I say, my voice doesn’t feel like my own. the moment the words are out my mouth. I lean forward and puke Patrick is quick enough to move out my way. Patrick rubs my back.

“Its alright baby let it out.” Patrick sighs.

“She has the sight?” I hear a female voice ask.

“no way out of that is there?” Patrick asks.

“Not really.” Aces voice says seriously. Patrick rubs my back.

“It’s okay baby,” he says rubbing my back as I puke again.

Abicus hands me a bottle of water I take a huge gulp.

“I would appreciate not a mention of that to anyone Miss River-Bae, especially not the princess.” Patrick’s voice says firmly.

“Yeah no duh, I’ve only seen mentions of people of the sight in my history books,” Aria says in slight shock.

“I’m going to take my wife home to bed,” Patrick says calmly, but I can hear the edge of worry.

“That’s fine. we won’t say, about her prediction. I understand you may wish to inform the queen.” Aria starts I hear so much worry.

“I will remain silent on the knowledge as I have the fact Alysa got married 2 days after myself. as I have all the predictions that have come out my wife’s mouth. I may have put the information out in the office for King Andrew to find, but I am not getting involved. King Robward was one of my best friends. What he wanted for the girls was true love and for them to be happy. Alysa has that with Prince Derek and the new halfling King shall make the world safer for my own wife’s family. After all, Liberty is half human.” I say. which makes Ace groan.

“I thought you were going to be an easy client.” Ace groans.

“I am. this year I shall do my world tour as I know for a fact nothing big is due to happen this year in the Amaris world but the year after. maybe a different case. I kind of encourage you to do the same Aria.” Patrick says. I open my eyes and look straight into mud brown eyes. they look at me so worried.

“Chloe will recognize you, she went the same boarding school than you but shes 3 school years older than you. she doesn’t know who you are really as you were a younger classmate. but she knows you went to her France boarding school.” I admit to her. Aria pushes my hair behind my ears. she looks at me worriedly.

“she needs protecting,” Aria says firmly to Patrick.

“you think I’m not trying to protect her and her family. hell her family purposely cut themselves off from our kind to keep their kids safe.” Patrick says.

“I have to be extra careful whom I hire to be around her. I had to let half of my own guards go due to the risk the posed to her.” Patrick says firmly.

“You truly love her,” Aria says, I empty my stomach more.

“With all my heart,” Patrick says, when I look up Ace is handing Aria a picture of me and Patrick at the altar and the picture of Patrick stood waiting for me. Aria takes a deep breath.

“I’m a royal dragon level 5 fire mage,” Aria starts.

“Aria,” Ace says firmly.

“You have a job to do, you need to get the princesses words heard,” Patrick says firmly.

“But I am not going to stop you being friends with my wife. hell, now her sisters and her friends have returned back into hiding. she gets lonely.” Patrick says.

“She told me she would make two friends today,” Patrick says, he’s running his hands through his hair.

“I am more than happy to go places with her and get to know her. I won’t use her for her visions.” Aria says firmly.

Patrick nods, he looks at me. I have my eyes open but am exhausted.

“I am going to take her home to bed. please send me the tour dates, Please not a single mention of my wife’s visions to anyone. her family may have foretold the original prophecy but they have protected the knowledge for thousands of years.” Patrick says. He wraps me in his arms tight, it just looks like we are walking whilst hugging. you can’t tell her supporting me. Abicus goes my other side.

“We won’t inform anyone,” Aria says. Ace nods.

“Patrick,” he says when I am about to open the door.

“Yes?” Patrick asks.

“No more secrets, if there is anything important I need to know. inform me. Patrick looks torn.

“Nothing at the moment, but if it changes I shall let you know,” Patrick says, his voice so truthful.

“Thank you.” Ace says. Abicus opens the door. Lee Todd Dan and Chloe all immediately went into action.

“Lee Limo,” Abicus says firmly. Lee presses his cell.

“Will be waiting when we get to the door,” Lee says.

“Thank you Ace, Aria,” Patrick says then we walk out of there.

Lee stands so no one gets a view of me as I climb in the limo, I try my hardest not to look sick.

“It’s fine you look fine, just madly in love,” Abicus says from inside the limo as he helps me in. the moment my ass his the seat I lean back and close my eyes and am out like a light.

“Baby.” Patrick sighs into my hair, it has been a week since my vision and I have been back at school 5 days. Patrick is leaving today whilst I am in class to go to court to hand in our marriage certificate.

“Harmony will bring her own in as well. but ours needs to be in a day before hers because the storm she brings will mean the court won’t except any after for a few weeks. so please get ours in before they close it.” I say worriedly.

“it will be the first thing I do baby,” Patrick assures me running his hand over my back as I lay on his naked chest.

“How are you getting on with Chloe?” Patrick asks me worried.

“shes great, shes settled straight in my classes. don’t worry Chloe isn’t a threat. shes just nervous around you. Aria and Ace aren’t threats either, Arias worried you’ll get her done for duty abandonment fraud and treason. Ace is the same. but they are paying their bills. Ace isn’t lying about who he is. he’s just protecting the woman he loves same as you are.” I say running my hand over my husband’s chest.

“Aria and I are going to be friends. you’re going to be back in time for us to go to my doctor’s appointment. everything this year will run smoothly for us.” I assure him, my words not actually catching. Ha truth. Patrick smiles and his face shows relief.

“That is brilliant to know,” Patrick assures me. he kisses my head.

“next year?” he asks.

“we will have a baby, do you expect to have sleep again?” Patrick chuckles and runs his hand through my hair.

“Not really. I think we should make Abicus change the worst of the diapers.” Patrick says.

“Deal,” I tell him laughing. there’s a knock on the door.

“Patrick we have to leave for the airport,” Abicus says from outside. I groan and roll off my husband’s chest. looking at my bedroom ceiling I say.

“a lot of poopy diapers.” Patricks laughs.

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