Liberty of the air

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Patrick - Court chaos

The king I handed my marriage license to blinked quietly a few times at the paperwork, a look of pure shock on his face, I suppose I did give no warning. except for a television interview where I admitted Liberty and I were engaged. but then I doubt most the Amaris in court had even heard a single one of my songs. my youngest brother only had because he was a football player in America. my youngest sister wasn’t interested, she was happy being a fashion designer in Rome. I should have really got them involved in my wedding. neither wanted the crown. in fact, I think one told me if I dared die and make them king they would kill me. the logic on that fails but his heart was in a good place. my other brother married and lived with his wife happily in court paid for by myself. He didn’t want the crown either, it was to much work for him. and my other sister she was a doctor which was what she wanted to do. I had offered all four of them my parents crown, I had wanted to do music but as the eldest and them all saying no I had taken my family’s seat.

“It’s just very sudden.” the king says putting it on the table, he sniffs the paperwork.

“its all in order,” I assure him.

“your new wife’s blood smells very sweet,” he says.

“she eats a lot of sugar,” I say. He sniffs and checks it all.

“Congratulations on your wedding.” The king tells me. I hear someone walking down the corridor and turn to see King Andrew he looks stressed.

“Andrew its nice to see you,” I say, he looks taken aback and worried to have been caught coming in here.

“What brings you here king Patrick?” Andrew asks worriedly.

“Handing in my marriage certificate you signed for me remember?” I say my voice firm. like his own father went with him.

“Yes Patrick, I remember sorry I am stressed out currently,” Andrew says. he runs his hand through his hair. The king sniffs my paperwork again.

“It’s passed congratulations.” He says putting the royal stamp on it. I smile.

“thank you. Now Andrew what is the issue?” I ask him. Andrew sighs.

“I am afraid nothing you can help with King Patrick.” Andrew sighs. he seems torn as hell.

“Are you sure?” I ask. he seems to weigh things up.

“Yes sorry King Patrick,” Andrew says.

“It’s no problem,” I say. Andrew looks torn.

“Are you attending court tomorrow?” he asks me.

“Yes but I can’t stay for long, my new wife and all, and I have to prepare to go on a tour this year,” I admit to him.

“I saw your dates were released, I can’t remember a single tour of yours that my father missed,” Andrew says sounding torn and hurt.

“your father was an amazing man, you and Marco made him so proud. no matter what the two of you do with your lives, your decisions he will always be proud of you both.” I say.

“thank you, Patrick,” Andrew says seriously.

“I need to get back to my home here, I have to ring my wife. excuse my King Andrew and thank you for signing my marriage certificate.” I say.

“No problem, you did, after all, sign Marcos without attending,” Andrew says.

“well, I know more than most what its like to fall in love with my guard. Helena and I had many years of being happily married. Liberty and I shall hopefully have much longer though.” I say. I go to leave he weakly smiles.

“Hell I might as well tell you, I’m going to be a dad again,” Andrew says he smiles but still looks shocked he admitted to it. I smile at him I pat his shoulder on my way past him.

“Congratulations, enjoy every moment they grow too quickly,” I say seriously. I leave chuckling.

Abicus looks like he wants to laugh his head of so does Dan when we get in the car.

“He looks so shell-shocked, you would think he didn’t understand how babies are made.” Abicus chuckles.

“I know.” I chuckle. I think about my own pregnant wife, I pull out my cell and look at the time difference and groan.

“you know she will answer no matter the time,” Abicus says.

“I know but I feel guilty waking her when she has class in the morning.” I sigh. the limo drives me home.

“Patrick, I have the interview with that guard today so can I ask for you to stay home during?” Abicus asks.

“of course,” I say seriously. When we get to my home I notice her. I want to scream! Sandy sits on my doorstep in a short pencil skirt and her blouse mostly undone.

“Be polite but firm,” Abicus says firmly.

“If I am required to I will escort her off the grounds,” Abicus says. I nod, the limo parks up. Abicus climbs out first and Dan the other side. I climb out last.

“Patrick, I knew you would come to your senses and come back to me. I made you famous.” Sandy starts, her voice already grinding on my gears.

“Sandy, I am not working for you anymore. if you do not get off my land in the next 20 minutes I shall have you escorted off.” I say my voice firm and actually angry.

“Patrick you don’t mean that you know we work best together. you know I made you.” Sandy says her voice actually pleading with me.

“Goodbye Sandy your restraining order from myself and Liberty and Helena will be with you in a few days,” I say firmly. I will include Helena in that.

“Patrick you don’t mean that. you need me. those women, there nothing just commoners!” She snaps tears running down her face as if I am breaking her heart.

“You insulted Helena and my daughter one too many times Sandy. you also showed next to no respect for my girlfriend.” I say firmly.

“Patrick shes not worth it, please. I love you, I’m the right woman for you!” Sandy calls.

“well if you love me let me go,” I say firmly.

“And you’ll come back to me when you’re ready,” Sandy calls. I am almost at my door. Do not react, do not react.

“Goodbye, Sandy,” I say firmly and I walk into my house. Abicus and Dan on my trail.

“I am going to go sign the paperwork for the restraining order right now. I would like it in before the office closes tonight.” I say firmly.

“I would also like her family’s royal informed that she is in the midst of a breakdown that she needs help before she puts herself in danger,” I say firmly.

“Understood,” Abicus says firmly. I don’t want to say it, because I’m not the bad guy but right now I feel it needs to be said.

“If she becomes a threat to Liberty or my family. end it!” I say and then I walk up the grand stairs to my office. I get to the top of the stairs when I hear both Patrick and Dan say.

“No problem.” I know they care about Liberty I know they will keep my little free spirit safe. I gave Sandy enough chances to walk away. I paid her enough to keep her solid for years. I made the fact we would never be together very clear from the moment I started working with her. Did I feel guilty about my threat to have my guards end her life? No, because if she became a threat to my wife and child, I would kill her myself.

Sat in the court the next time, I held everything I needed to. the moment we had come in. I had walked over to the royal in charge of Sandys line and handed her a copy of the 3 restraining orders for Sandy. that I had filled in signed and stamped yesterday. Sandy would receive it in the mail within a few days. so would this queen. But I wanted her to have a copy straight away, so had got the king to typewrite her another copy, so I made my act extremely clear. the queen had taken it and read it quickly, I don’t think she had a clue what I was giving her. I had never approached her before and she was rather an old queen. 420 to be exact. she had taken it and nodded and just said.

“I shall see she does not go near you again.” I had nodded and felt the need to soften when I said.

“She needs help, she has become processive over the years, she is a danger to herself,” I told her.

“If that is the case, a restraining order may not work,” she said like she thought I was just being a silly young fool.

“if she goes near my ex-wife or my wife again. She shall be put to death as a threat.” I say firmly. She looks wide-eyed at me.

“Do you really believe there is a need for that?” She questions me.

“She attacked my ex-wife and insulted my dead child in front of me. Helena is a guard and able to defend herself. Liberty is a member of Roscoes line, he is protective of his own.” I say firmly.

“As am I,” I say and I walk over to my table, I sit down and the court comes to session. Roscoe looks back at me, I see a question on his face. I will inform him later.

the court has only just really started when the debate about Alysa’s arranged marriage is already brought up. we can’t marry someone off whos already married. Roscoe is very vocal on giving Harmony time to come to terms with whom she is and that at 19 years old she is too young to be forced into that choice. 19 years old! 2 years younger than my own wife, but I and Libby married for love. so, in the end, had Alysa.

The court door was opened, everyone turned to look who had the audacity to walk in late, the room went silent looking at the small strawberry blonde that actually looked like she was still a teenager. well, actually she still was. she looked younger than Libby but was perhaps the same height as her. maybe actually smaller. Libby would be happy to know she wasn’t the shortest.

“Hello, mother.” the Princess said walking down the aisle. she had her eyes set firmly on the queen. not her mother her grandmother. although she didn’t know that yet, currently I believe I was the only person in this room that did know that. the princess didn’t sound angry or cross, she just sounded tired. Like she had been through too much already in her short life. I bowed like everyone else as she walked past my table. this girl, this young teenage girl was my future queen and I and my family and my new wife’s family would show respect and support her through all her ups and downs as long as she let us.

“Alysa?” the queen asked in shock, she was shocked that the princess actually turned up to stand against her plan of an arranged marriage. the Princess looked around, I saw her smile in Derek’s direction.

“I hope I am not intruding on anything important,” Harmony said looking at the queen rather than the audience that was her future court.

“No Alysa It is just a shock to see you.” The queen informed her granddaughter. she was trying not to look like she was afraid, but I saw that on her face. she was afraid of the princess. did she know she was going to take her throne? did queen Jenifer expect to rule forever? Harmony looked at the man next to her, A man I recognized well. I would once have called this man a friend. King Agapes elder brother, who was believed dead. King Tyrone stood in front of the court in flesh and blood breathing and looking very much alive. Just as Libby had told me during the summer. King Derek’s uncle. which meant the boy of the other side of the princess was our first halfling king. King Spencer.

“I would like to reintroduce you all to king Tyrone Galanis. King Agapes Galanis elder brother. King Derek Galanis uncle.” the princess said her voice firm and strong.

“The next in line for the Galanis throne as the eldest son of Pylades Galanis, his son is the next heir to his throne. Not king Derek.” The princess said so firmly. Hell Pylades would be proud of his grandsons. I remember the old man well from my own childhood.

“In front of 5 Amaris royals and myself with proper ceremony. Which I have video and documental proof, as well as all the legal paperwork. His Halfling son was kinged and King Derek stepped down.” the princess said her voice so firm. hell, I never thought of video proof. they were a step more prepared than I thought they would have been. Well done them. Harmony handed the queen the paperwork. what she had said though would have to be respected because the truth was she was right. and there was no law against the halfling king being on the throne. he was the rightful heir.

“But a Halfling can’t be king.” someone yelled sounding disgusted at the mere thought.

“Actually there is no law against it. There isn’t even a law against having Halfling children. Just raising them. Which is a very stupid law to be honest and I have found 18 different loophole ways around.” the princess said so calmly.

“Why Alysa?” The queen asked her as if she couldn’t believe her ears and eyes. as if Harmony had betrayed her.

“Because we need them.” Harmony said, her voice so full of belief.

“By law, King Spencer Galanis Now sits on the Galanis throne.” Harmony said her voice so full of her power it was amazing to watch. she would definitely be interesting on the throne I hoped to be able to see all the changes this young woman would bring to my world. the princess nodded at Spencer and he walked over to Derek so calmly. Derek didn’t miss a beat he stood up calmly and hugged Spencer. Agape would be so proud of his son. I was proud of his son for him. Robward would be proud of his granddaughter. I was proud of them all for my dead friends. who died too young and never got a chance to see the amazing people there children grew to be.

“Why?” the queen asked Harmony sounding like she couldn’t understand anything that was happening.

“I would also like to announce that in front of 5 royal members and 5 humans and the leader of the country I was in.” Harmony started firmly. Now, this Roscoe was just as guilty of and he knew it! He looked at his desk trying to make it swallow him. come on man do your job! No, actually Libby had said to him hadn’t she. I remember her talking to him at our wedding and saying.

‘sometimes Roscoe you have to let things happen how they are meant to and not get involved until you feel you have to in your heart.’

“You didn’t?” the queen demanded sounding outraged.

“I married who I choose,” Harmony says firmly only at the queen. not addressing anyone else. the court went into a complete uproar! of ‘she can’t she broke laws.’ she didn’t I stay quiet. actually, I don’t as most the people are standing, I lean over and quickly shake Tyrone’s hand. he gives me a weak smile and nod of the head. I will address all this with him another time, but I hoped my handshake was enough to show him that I accepted him back into our world. I watched Harmony hand her mother her paperwork. Derek and Harmony held hands calmly at the front of the court as if they were the only ones in there with the queen.

“I choose who I wed. You rushed me. I would have loved you at my wedding but you gave me no choice.” Harmony tells the queen, calmly as if she was simply informing her that she was going out when the queen had said no. I remember Iris talking to me in the exact same way when she informed me she was going to train to be a guard. but I wouldn’t have ever said no to my baby.

“I PRESENT MY HUSBAND PRINCE DEREK AMARIS.” Harmony said her voice so full of her royal power that it was impressive all on its own.

“But how?” the queen asked her in shock.

“Can we talk about it in private?” Harmony says the queen didn’t need telling twice. she nodded and stood up. Harmony looked around at the room of people, possibly taking everyone in for the first time.

Two guards went and stood with Derek, Spencer, and Tyrone who had walked over to stand with his nephew and son. the Queen and the princess and a few others including Prince Marco followed the queen out the room.

“The Queen will be right back. Please feel free to talk among yourselves.” King Andrew said from his seat, I tried not to chuckle at the pure cheek of that. It technically was his fault. but then Roscoe and I were guilty too. they just didn’t know that. the court was in an uproar. the queen next to me tried to talk to me about it. I put my hands up and simply said what I had said most sessions.

“Everyone should be allowed to marry whom they love and choose themselves.” It was all I would say of the matter. the room was still a complete Buzz when Alysa walked out of the room, with her friends and family. King Andrew went to move, but she slightly shook her head. That talk must not have gone well. When Harmony reached the door her voice so steady she said.

“I am going away. If the Amaris does want me. I want everyone to want me, every Amaris needs to vote.” she informed the court, every one a vote? I don’t think that had happened in my whole life, but that was how Libbys world works. Harmony then left the court door. The queen came out the door and walked back to her desk right at the front. she looked like she was fully prepared to demand the whole court’s obedience.

“ENOUGH.” She said so firmly. Andrew looked at her taken aback. I admit so did most the court, the queens mask slipped really at that moment in time.

“Alysa has just thrown her power around, what she said will need looking into. it won’t come straight into effect, Please excuse me to go look into the laws on this matter. I shall not be allowing a filthy human blooded halfling on my council!” Queen Jenifer says firmly.

“you are all discharged for today. be in season for 3 days time.” Queen Jenifer says and then she walks out. the court interrupts into chaos again. I just grab my blazer from the back of my chair and stand. Roscoe and the 10 main families have all got up to follow the queen out. I grab Roscoe’s arm before he makes it to the door. glad for the millionth time, I don’t have that much responsibility

“I’m going home to my wife no later than 8 days. If you need anything from me ring me.” I say firmly. he looks at me, he looks torn.

“They knew?” He asks me.

‘we are not getting involved unless we have to. this is your kind sort yourselves out.’ a male’s voice says firmly in my head it hurts but I know I need to tell Roscoe.

“They aren’t getting involved unless they have to. They are trusting us to sort ourselves out. we failed them once Roscoe. Don’t let us fail them again. I will walk away from our people if I have to, to keep my wife safe. same as I think the princess is willing to.” I say. he nods.

“give us time to work it out Patrick,” Roscoe says and he walks out after queen Coralline. I walk out the court and I see Abicus and Dan looking extremely worried.

“What happened?” Abicus asks.

“the princess got married and we have a halfling king,” I say deadly calm.

“Oh, nothing exciting then,” Abicus says like he wants to grab me and bolt.

“we will stay 8 days in court then I shall go home,” I say firmly.

“King Brant,” I say to the King that looks torn as he’s about to leave he’s actually the same college year as my wife.

“Yes, King Patrick?” Brant asks looking at me. I knew his parents too. but Libby hasn’t mentioned this king at all. so why does he look so torn?

“Are you staying for court?” I ask him.

“I have to get back to college. I thought this was only going to take a day.” He admits.

“Go back to college then, if you’re needed I will hand in your excuses for you. they will need everyone here if they make a big decision you will be informed you have to attend. but 3 days before we get called back into session anyway. so go back for at least two. if you are needed I will personally ring you.” I say firmly.

“thank you, King Patrick,” Brant says nodding his head, he goes to leave.

“King Brant,” I say.

“yes?” Brant asks.

“I do need your number,” I say that stops him he turns back to me and gives me his number very torn he asks me.

“do you think humans are disgusting?” he asks me.

“No,” I say firmly.

“I think that we should show them more respect than we do,” I tell him.

Getting off the plane 8 days later, I felt weighed down. Like I had not achieved anything the last 10 days. even though I had achieved a lot. I had handed in my marriage certificates making my marriage to Libby legal. I had got a restraining order against Sandy that if she breached my guards could kill her instantly without ramifications. I had got Libby and her family as safe as I possibly could for now. it might take years before my world was truly safe for her. But I would make sure Libby myself and our baby would be safe.

when I got home, Libby wasn’t there. Neither was Todd Lee or Chloe. I wanted to go out and find my wife. I wanted to hold her to me. tell her one day I would make the world safe for our baby. but right now, it felt like it would be a lie. I look at Abicus whos fully aware my confidence has taken a dip these last few days.

“where is my wife?” I ask him.

“in class currently, then she is meant to have a gym session with Rion,” Abicus informs me.

“I’m going to the gym,” I say, I walk upstairs get changed and then go to the gym. I spend a good few hours there before Libby arrives. she runs over to me. I pull her straight into my arms and kiss her holding her flush against my body.

“I’ve missed you,” Libby says stroking my face.

“I know it seems hard currently. but it will all work out.” Libby says stroking my face.

“I hope so baby,” I tell her. I kiss her wanting to take her home. she looks torn, she looks at Rion who is approaching.

“Can I rebook another session next week,” Libby asks him.

“no problem, we all know what’s happening in there world currently,” Rion says he nods to me.

“You all have a place in our world,” Rion says.

“thank you,” I say. I take my wife’s hand and take her back to her changing room she goes in with Chloe.

I go get changed then I take my wife home. When we get home I just take her to the shower, we don’t make love. we don’t even have sex. I just hold her tight to me under the showers spray and tell her.

“I will always keep you and our baby safe.” She gently puts her hand on my face.

“I know Pat, I love you,” Libby says.

“I love you too,” I tell her.

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