Liberty of the air

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Libby - Preparing for the baby

I look around the doctor’s office at all the posters, they are the exact same ones, nothing has changed since we were last in here. I look worriedly at Pat. Abicus sats pretending to read a magazine. Chloe looks around confused. We haven’t really told her what today is about.

“Is that interesting?” Patrick asks Abicus interested.

“It’s about your wedding. It’s actually a nice piece.” Abicus says.

“I thought we had read them all now,” Patrick says.

“You have, I have read this one. but I am not really interested in anything else in here.” Abicus says seriously. I look around the doctors. worriedly. again we were the only ones in here. Patrick squeezed my hand.

“Libby its okay,” Patrick says seriously. Hell, we both knew I had more signs I was pregnant, I had morning sickness start the other day. I put my head on Patrick’s shoulder and close my eyes. he squeezes me.

“Love you.” He says seriously.

“Love you too,” I say.

“Liberty Fae Aero.” the doctor calls. I look at Patrick and have to smile, to be honest, its the first time my new last name has come out someone’s mouth. The papers managed to get hold of it, but Patrick had done another interview and just smiled all the way through it. He talked about his tour dates, his new album our marriage. he talked about it all as calmly as he could. It went brilliantly. His world wasn’t going smoothly currently. But Patrick was staying out of it. He had told Roscoe he would attend all the court session he had to but he had a world tour booked and the baby and I were his priority. I stand up with Patrick still holding my hand. I hope this goes better with Patrick and the doctor than my last appointment. Chloe and Abicus stay sat in the waiting room. Todd is outside it smoking. Lee is at the house having a break so is Dan. as they were with Pat all day yesterday. I go into the doctor’s office, he stands and shakes my hand then Patricks.

“Princess.” He starts.

“Please Libby,” I say.

“Congratulations both of you on your wedding.” He says.

“thank you,” Patrick says. the doctor hands me a little pee pot.

“Go fill that.” He says seriously. I instantly do. Abicus watches my movement as I cross to the toilets. I again leave the doctor in with Patrick. when I go back in. The doctor doesn’t look as worried as last time, he is saying to Patrick.

“Going on others I would say just an extra iron supplement would be okay, but it really depends on Liberty’s blood levels.” I look at them both worried. the doctor takes my wee from me holding rubber gloves, I wash my hands quickly in the sink in his room. I watch as the doctor puts a few test strips in the jar.

“Congratulations you are pregnant.” He says seriously, he looks at the other test strip.

“you also still have a urine infection.” He says.

“Should we see how long you are in Human terms?” The doctor asks me. I nod, he goes over to his table and pulls paper over it.

“Please lay down, put your skirt, below your stomach.” He tells me. I do, he lifts my top so he has full access to my stomach. Patrick comes over and holds my hand tight.

“How many weeks ago did you two get married?” The doctor asks.

“almost 8 weeks ago,” I say.

“I would hazard you are 10 weeks.” The doctor says running his hand over my stomach. Patrick smiles at me and squeezes my hand.

“I will book you in for a scan in 3 weeks roughly.” The doctor says, he moves his hand around my stomach, I admit I have a slight bump, but with my flowy clothes, no one can notice it yet. the doctor moves his hands.

“Have you got any signs currently?” The doctor asks.

“I’m always so cold,” I admit.

“Common.” The doctor says moving his hands.

“Any hiccups yet?” He asks.

“Not yet,” I admit.

“Be very careful when the hiccups come in. make sure you cover your mouth.” the doctor says.

“Why?” Patrick asks.

“Have you ever seen that cartoon where that elephant what’s his name, he hiccups bubbles?” the doctor says.

Patrick actually laughs.

“your joking right?” Patrick asks. the doctor shakes his head.

“it’s very common for air Fae to have hiccups.” The doctor tells Patrick,

“even then sneezing I’ve known roofs to be blown off.” The doctor admits. Patrick chuckles, he kisses my head.

“Lee with you then,” he says laughing. the doctor moves his hand around my stomach.

“Have you gone off much food?” the doctor asks me.

“all alcoholic drinks, coffee, and tea,” I admit.

“that’s really good.” The doctor says.

“Anything your practically craving?” the doctor asks me, I think about it.

“chalk mint and roses roasted nuts and apples” I admit.

“the apples and nuts are fine. the roses make sure they have not been sprayed with pesticides.” The doctor starts.

“they haven’t they are in my garden,” I admit to him. he nods.

“not too many try cooking them into your food rather than just eating them, but they are edible.” the doctor says.

“the chalk won’t hurt if its a very small amount, but I really do want to check your iron levels.” He says firmly.

“mints fine.” He says.

“Patrick Liberty I understand this may appear rude but are you happy for Patrick to stay in the room as I take your blood?” the doctor asks.

“Yes,” I say. the doctor lets go of my stomach, I sit up quickly and Patrick holds my hand tight, he holds my hand tight as I close my eyes.

“Patrick do you feel okay with that?” the doctor asks.

“Yes Liberty is scared of injections, I’m not leaving her,” Patrick says calmly. He looks me dead in the eyes.

“I got you baby.” He says. the doctor prepares his needles I look at Patrick’s dark blue eyes today. He is smiling at me looking at me like I hang his sky.

“10 weeks baby,” he says with a smile. I have to smile at him.

“when is your first tour date?” the doctor asks Patrick.

“5 weeks time,” Patrick admits. he squeezes my hand, the doctor talks to Patrick about his tour dates, I relax slightly.

“When do you think is the baby’s due date?” Patrick asks.

“round about the 13 September.” the doctor says calmly. I look at Patrick he’s smiling.

“my last tour date is the 31st of August, here’s hoping the baby waits till September.” he chuckles. I flinch as the needle goes in my arm.

“Should I hold back on my last year of college.” I start.

“we will look into it baby, but we have built-in babysitters,” Patrick says. the doctor puts a plaster on my arm, Patrick smiles at me.

“All done,” Patrick tells me.

the doctor goes over and writes a label on it.

“I am having this shipped express to Ireland.” He says seriously it disappears.

“I am never going to get used to that,” Patrick says seriously.

“When we you get the results?” Patrick asks.

“hopefully 2 days. I will have a prescription ready to be picked up for Liberty in 2 days.” The doctor says. Patrick nods. he smiles at the doctor.

“I will arrange for the scan appointment, it will arrive but be prepared it will be humans.” the doctor starts. Patrick nods.

“When should Liberty stop rock climbing?” Patrick asks.

“when she is no longer comfortable, same with all her exercises. but I wouldn’t put on a harness over your stomach Liberty.” The doctor says. I nod. the doctor says loads of information I smile and nod throughout it. he puts it on the system my pregnancy is now official.

when we go out the doctor’s room, Abicus looks at us worriedly.

“How did it go?” He asks. Patrick looks around the empty waiting room, except for Chloe and says.

“Libbys around 10 weeks pregnant,” Patrick says with a smile.

“Congratulations both of you,” Abicus says with a smile.

“We need to go pick up another prescription of antibiotics though and another prescription in 2 days time,” Patrick says handing Abicus my prescription.

“Done, does Libby need to attend to pick it up?” Abicus asks.

“No, but we need to book another appointment with the doctor for 5 weeks time,” I say with a smile. so that’s what we do.

“Patrick,” I say laughing as Patrick runs kisses over my neck. I’m trying to sleep, I’m so sleepy lately.

“Come on sweetheart you got a scan before college today.” Patrick chuckles.

“Yeah,” I say with a grin, Patrick puts his hand on my stomach. Patrick holds a peach in his hand I have to laugh. He smiles at me. he puts the peach on my stomach.

“when are we telling Ace?” I ask.

“I think today might be the best day to do it, after all, your starting to show. only so long before they snap a picture of your little bump.” Patrick says he kisses my stomach I laugh. he kisses up until he gets to my mouth I kiss him back.

“Did I tell you how much I love you?” he asks me.

“every day,” I say with a grin. he kisses me,

“I don’t tell you enough,” he says and breaks away from my lips. I climb out the bed and kneel on it as he sits up and starts putting on his socks. I wrap my arms around his neck. he chuckles.

“we have to get up now baby,” he tells me but he pecks my lips.

“I know, but 2 weeks until you go,” I say seriously.

“I know baby but you Chloe and Aria all seem to be getting on really well currently,” Patrick says. I nod we are.

“we are,” I say seriously. he kisses me.

“Get dressed.” He tells me. I slide out the bed, I put on a peasant shirt, with a pair of jeans, I throw a pair of flipflops into my bag and quickly run a comb through my hair.

“Apparently I can’t afford shoes for you,” Patrick says with a smile.

“What magazine?” I ask laughing he says.

“I haven’t brought you any clothes lately,” Patrick says seriously.

“there’s little point currently. when I need clothes I will let you.” I say kissing my husband.

“go shopping with Chloe,” Patrick says kissing me.

“I will Destiny is going to come the first 3 weeks your away,” I admit.

“Alright,” Patrick says kissing me.

“Helena is going to come the 3 weeks your away after that,” I say.

“Okay,” Patrick says looking at me worriedly.

“Pat we can do this, I won’t be alone this time,” I say kissing him.

“If any issues you just say and I will come back or have you flown to me,” Patrick tells me he takes my hand. He pushes my hair back and claims my lips.

Holding the picture of our baby I have to smile. the hospital appointment was a bit messy sneaking us both in without too much attention, but that’s why we used the normal car today not the limo, Patrick dressed down in just black jeans and a black top, a baseball cap and sunglasses. he got asked for his autograph once, which was a lot less than the time I tried to take him food shopping with me. Patrick has his own photo of the scan, he’s smiling at his own picture. I had got to college without to much fan fair, it was getting easier. Now they realized I really was just a normal girl.

“Libby, are you ready to face him?” Patrick asks me.

“he said to tell him everything before the media picks it up.” I point out. Patrick nods.

“He keeps the fact I can see the future a secret, you make him money,” I say. Patrick nods.

“I’m just worried, that they will make a big thing about how I am not with you whilst your pregnant,” Patrick admits.

“We wouldn’t have known when we were arranging your tour dates,” I say with a smile.

“And you’ll be back before he or she makes an appearance and we are going to book the appointments around your tour.” I point out. Patrick looks worried.

“we going to the principal again,” I said squeezing his hand.

“Yes.” Patrick chuckles. I put my picture back in my bag with all my college folders. Patrick puts his back in his wallet. the car then stops outside the music studio, Lee comes around and opens the door. Patrick climbs out first, I climb out next, we walk through to the music studio. Ace looks confused to see us. Patrick booked this appointment with Ace this morning. I don’t think he told him why.

“Patrick and Libby it’s always a pleasure to see you both what do you need today?” He asks confused.

“I have talked to Davis and he’s worried that he hasn’t heard the final details about the tour,” Patrick admits.

“Ah, I sent all that yesterday, come in,” Ace says indicating his office, I stand outside the music studio door as Aria was in there she waved at me when she noticed me, I waved back and went into Aces office.

“Is that all, you could have rung Patrick? I’m sorry I was waiting on a few last minute details. some venues I have 4 different artists to keep on track off.” Ace says.

“No, it’s perfectly fine Ace,” Patrick assures him.

“But you also told us to give you information first,” Patrick says.

“Please tell me neither one of you were caught drinking blood or doing anything wrong.” Ace sighs sitting behind his desk. I pull out my scan and put it on the table. He looks at the picture and smiles.

“Congratulations it’s too late to cancel the tour dates though, without costing a fortune.” Ace groans the ending.

“I’m not due to the middle of September so dates work out perfect,” I assure him.

“Well congratulations, there are brilliant ways we can do this with the media, make it seem your both excited. let them have a few weeks off is that a pregnancy bump or isn’t it. then when your ready admit that Libby is indeed pregnant and you’re excited. again I am going to bring up social media. Patrick, you do have one that Lee updates regularly for you. Perhaps whilst on tour start using it more.” Ace says. he goes on about how to reveal it to people. then he hesitates.

“What about registering the baby.” He says looking from Patrick to me.

“We have a doctor who has dealt with Liberty’s family before,” Patrick says squeezing my hand.

“That’s good.” Ace says.

“But with the state of what’s happening currently.” Ace starts.

“It’s worrying what is happening currently If ancient laws have to be brought into place to address the mess for a while, they shall have to be. but It will not be the queen making those decisions.” I say. Ace looks at me worriedly so does Patrick my stomach swims and my head sways.

“Please do not talk about it around Libby,” Patrick says. Ace nods, he kind of pushes his bin towards me.

“Will you be registering your child on the list of halflings that they are trying to have brought into effect?” Ace asks.

“No, but I may register Libby if I find I need to. our child will be fully Amaris.” Patrick says. Ace seems to absorb that.

“Yes, I suppose they mostly would be.” Ace says.

“Bodyguards whilst on tour, who are you taking. How many do I need to book myself for you?” Ace asks Patrick. they go into talking over those Logics and Abicus comes in.

“Can I go for a walk?” I ask. The 3 men nod.

“Libby take Chloe please,” Patrick calls out behind me.

“Will do,” I say, I slip out the room. Chloe looks bored outside the door.

“we need to get you better games on your phone,” I say with a smile.

“we do,” Todd says from a couch. I laugh.

“Why are you out?” Todd asks.

“need the toilet,” I admit. Chloe laughs.

“Come on then.” She says.

when we get to the toilet Aria comes in.

“Nice to see you both again. I will be around whilst Patrick is on tour Libby.” Aria starts.

“But not much as your on some of his tour dates,” I say she nods. I hand her my scan with a smile, it seems the best way to say my news.

“Congratulations.” She says,

“Thank you,” I say.

“You do understand your protection whilst Patrick is away?” Aria starts.

“Yeah stay with Chloe Lee or Todd,” I say with a smile.

“Good I’m about too but not that often,” Aria says.

“Just concentrate on the crown. I’m okay.” I tell her. I put my hand on my stomach and have to smile.

“we are okay,” I say.

“Alright, but me you Chloe shopping when I get back from Australia and New Zealand,” Aria says.

“Sounds great, apparently the magazines keep writing about how I don’t own shoes,” I say. Aria laughs.

“So I’ve read.” She says with a smile.

“I love you with all my heart,” Patrick says, he’s about to leave me for 3 weeks to fly to Australia and New Zealand for the start of his world tour. Aria Davis and Mitch were already on the plane as was Ace. Abicus and Lee had finished talking. my sister Destiny stood next to me, she had brought Tabitha with her because she was due to start human school in the fall and had no experience around people.

“Have fun, enjoy spending time with your niece and sister,” Patrick says.

“I will,” I say kissing him.

“I love you,” I tell him and kiss him again. Patrick kisses my ear and he very quietly says in my ear.

“an orange. 24 weeks.” He says seriously.

“see you in 3 weeks,” I tell him.

“enjoy class.” He says. he looks so torn, but he walks away from me. leaving me stood there. I pick Tabitha up.

“Ready to see an airplane?” I ask her lifting her up, we go to where its safe to watch in the limo and I watched the man I love my husband be flown away from me.

“Auntie Libby.” Tabitha starts.

“Yeah, princess?” I ask.

“when will you have a baby?” she asks me.

“soon,” I tell her.

“very soon.” Destiny laughs.

I look at the rock climbing wall, Tabitha looks at me like she doesn’t understand. I have her in all the equipment, Chloe is attached to her rope. I was going to go up with her, But Destiny is going to now. Its there last day here and I promised Tabitha I would show her where I climb. her people skills have come on well, but she didn’t like shoes either when we tried to buy her some to try.

’You have to wear shoes for school.’We had explained.

‘then I don’t want to go to school.’ She had said, which had Chloe laughing.

“Alright right foot to the pink one.” I tell Tabitha she doe’s now push up with your legs rather than pull up with your arms.” I say.

“I can’t.” She says.

“Try and you might. Chloe’s got you.” I say. Chloe looks at me like she is.

Suddenly I have to blink at the sudden flash of light.

“Libby,” Todd says worriedly looking around for the camera.

“It’s fine,” I assure him. Todd looks torn, the same thing had happened at the toy shop earlier with Tabitha as she got my nieces and nephews a toy each to take back with her. on Patricks say so. it also happened at the shoe shop.

“It’s fine Todd,” I say seriously.

“Tabitha right foot green one,” I say. Tabitha does. I direct Tabitha up the wall.

“Pat,” I say as greeting holding my husband tight as he holds me tight. he seems happy to be home but he was also smiling and laughing as he came off the plane. He hugs me tight to him.

“I have missed you so much,” he tells me kissing me. I see the flash again, but I just bury myself into my husband’s arms. he introduces me properly to the two guys and bands. I never did understand why Patrick didn’t have a band.

“Why don’t you have a set band?” I ask.

“I do have bands I use, but Sandy thought it would distract from myself and at that point baby, I didn’t have the strength to fight her,” Patrick admits kissing my head.

“You could now then.” I point out.

“your right, I will discuss it with Ace,” Patrick said. he kisses me.

Lee opens the limo door and we all climb in. Lee and Abicus and everyone catches themselves up while I spend the whole time kissing Patrick and telling him about Tabitha and Destinys stay.

“I’ve seen a few articles about you,” Patrick admits.

“the is it a bump or isn’t it ones?” I ask.

“yes.” he puts his hand on my stomach.

“little tomato, any movements yet?” he asks me.

“Not yet,” I say but I have to smile.

“but she got the hiccups the other day.” Lee laughs.

“we brought Tabitha bubbles.” I point out. Patrick chuckles. he leans back in his chair.

“When is the 2nd scan baby?” Patrick asks me worried. I put my hand on his, he’s only back for a week. I wish it was longer.

“the day before your due to fly out,” I admit we were pushing the dates. Patrick sighs and looks torn.

“Are we going to ask so we can decide what color scheme?” Patrick teases me.

“Chloe and Lee showed me a website.” I start excitedly.

“Why does this sound worrying.” Patrick chuckles.

“It’s Pinterest,” Lee admits.

“Be very careful,” Patrick says seriously I nod.

“I will Patrick and I want to show you the ideas first. Helena is coming in 12 days shes worried if she should cancel her wedding.” I admit.

“No, just because the court is crazy at the moment doesn’t mean her and Decius need to cancel there wedding.”

“I shall be there, so will Roscoe, so will all the royals who signed for ours. they don’t need anymore. I’m sure Decius can cash in his favors if they do.” Patrick says worriedly.

“Art told her the same, that everyone who signed for ours will sign hers. shes just worried they are all going to be worried about signing anything currently.” I admit.

“I’m staying out of it baby unless you think I should get involved?” Patrick says to me.

“Just assure her it’s going to be okay. apparently, we are going shopping for me to have a dress when she’s here.” I start worried.

“I can’t wait to see you in it.” Patrick smiles.

“Even with being 27 weeks pregnant?” I ask him.

“Even then. I can’t wait to see how much your bumps grown whilst I’ve been away.” Patrick says resting his hand on my stomach.

“we need to start thinking of names,” Patrick says. I nod we do.

“Libby,” Patrick says my name I’m more asleep than awake, but I know its time. He’s leaving me again, 9 days of him back and he has to go again. these 9 days had gone too fast, Yesterday, especially with our scan. seeing our beautiful baby on the screen again. We didn’t ask. we decided we didn’t want to know. but after we saw the baby Pat took me to buy a few essentials, two cots. one for baby’s own room one for our room. he said he could already tell what we are going to be like. changing table, a dresser, the baby had a walk in closet already, so didn’t need one of those. but we got a bookcase that matched. he spent more on our baby’s essentials than grandma spent on my year of college. I tried a few strollers and we brought the one we both liked to push the most. we got 2 car seats. I knew our pictures were taken. but with Patrick’s hand in mine and his excitement I was as excited.

“Libby,” Patrick says my name I feel him kissing near my ear, I have to smile.

“Nope if I wake you’re going. come back bed.” I moan. he chuckles.

“I wish I could baby but my plane leaves in 2 hours.” He says. I sigh and force myself up. Patrick takes me in when I’m sat. he’s smiling the hugest grin when I look at him.

“What?” I ask him.

“I just am appreciating you. I thank life itself that I went clubbing that night.” Patrick says he kisses me.

“I love you,” he says.

“I love you too,” I assure him. he takes my hand and helps me to my feet. He leads me into the shower. he is gentle and loving I just wish my rockstar didn’t have to go.

“Libby.” my brother’s voice woke me up. It was Sunday and I was having a nap on the couch before they arrived. obviously, it didn’t work like that.

“Hey, you’re early,” I say yawning and stretching out.

“Only 20 minutes.” Art says.

“Leave her alone its tiring growing another person,” Helena says, she flops on the couch next to me. Decius guards go on relax.

“Chloe this is Helena Decius and my big brother Art,” I tell Chloe who comes in the room looking worried. whilst Lee and Todd don’t even look up from the football match.

“Whos winning?” Decius asks sitting down. they go into talking about football.

“how you feeling?” Helena asks me.

“Tired I admit.” She looks at me worried.

“so you don’t fancy going mall today?” she asks me.

“It sounds great, no matter how little or much I do currently I’m tired,” I admit.

“You had your iron levels checked?” Art asks me worried.

“the doctor sent tests off Friday,” I say.

“Alright.” Art says worriedly.

“Art can you help me paint the nursery,” I ask excitedly.

“If you would like me too. what would you like it like?” He asks interestedly.

“Outside,” I admit.

“We found a few different styles on Pinterest that your sister likes. basically, a forest themed bedroom.” Lee says.

“We can try Libs. have you got things?” Art asks me.

“all the furniture has been ordered should be here next week,” Lee informs them.

“Clothes?” Helena asks.

“we got a few bits of just white, green and yellow clothes. Come on I’ll show you.” I say and force myself to my feet.

“able to hide the bump still?” Art chuckles.

“Not really, it was on the tv about 3 hours ago. That Patrick and I were seen buying baby products and I’m supporting a big bump. Patrick says hes going to sort it.” I admit.

“your due date sorts it, definitely says honeymoon baby.” Lee chuckles. I take Helena my brother and Decius upstairs to show the nursery. Helena smiles lifting one of the baby grows out a bag, it has deer on I couldn’t resist. she picked up another one that had dragons on. she looks at our pile of cloth diapers.

“Love the lion ones.” she laughs.

“we went unisex for newborn and 0-3,” I admit.

“You look like you’ve both thought this through.” Helena nods looking impressed not really.

“Not fully,” I admit.

“but it will be okay,” I say.

“Have you got everything ready for your wedding?” I ask.

“Mostly,” Decius says with a smile. I ask them questions about there wedding and we get talking about there wedding. at one point Helena dubs it too late to go dress shopping but instead says its perfect to go buy paint. So its what we do.

“Art.” I laugh as he and Decius are having a disagreement about a stars placement. they are making the ceiling like the outside sky. It might of set Decius back more than the stick on stars I was looking at, but I loved the look.

“what?” Art asks me.

“It’s perfect,” I say looking up. Lee sat on the floor with Todd painting skirting boards after we got a patch to much brown paint on them from the 3 walls we had painted brown. one wall they had wallpapered birch tree wallpaper.

“I’m jealous of baby’s bedroom,” Helena admits from where shes stood painting a deer.

“It’s amazing,” I admit.

“any ideas on a name?” Helena asks.

“apparently we have to talk about it,” I admit.

“You both need to think about it soon then,” Decius says chuckling. I nod. they’ve been here 5 days and so far the nursery is almost done, but we haven’t had a chance to go dress shopping. we are waiting for me to be of class on Saturday now. but its Thursday already. because everyone's keeping me busy time is going fast as well as slow. my results came back and my iron was upped again.

“the nursery is great,” I say looking around.

“Once its dry we can put the cots and furniture up. then you’ll be more ready.” Lee says.

“why have you taken up another 3 classes this term?” Lee asks as my alarm goes to say back to college with me.

“More I do this year the better, I still have next year but if I can do 2 lectures a day most days next year. be better.” I say. Lee nods taking that.

“alright off class you go.” Art says. I laugh, Todd and Chloe both put down there paint brushes. One of Decius bodyguards comes with us. he sits with Todd whilst I’m in class on a bench and the two of them play a multiplayer game on there 3ds.

“Libby try this one on,” Helena says passing me the light blue short maternity bridesmaid dress. I take it smiling. It wasn’t me that was saying no to dresses it was Helena. the issue was she knew what color blue she wanted. but we couldn’t find it in here. she wanted the blue of Decius family crest.

“What are your other bridesmaids wearing?” I ask worriedly.

“Because you're both annoying you are both pregnant.” Helena chuckles.

“she currently has a smaller bump than you, but she will be 20 weeks at my wedding and you'll be 27 weeks.” Helena smiles.

“So you'll both be in the same dress. Decius said to get it in a few sizes when it's over we will sort it out.” Helena admits.

“she’s taller than you, but that's really the only difference currently,” Helena admits. she flips to the next dress and grins.

“it's the right blue, it's shorter than I wanted it only will go past your knees, but try it on,” Helena says.

“Alright, Lena,” I say I go into the changing room. when I come out she grins.

“that's the dress,” Helena says with a grin. I smile, good my feet hurt already.

“We need to get you some college clothes as well though as I noticed your clothes wouldn't do up or fit well currently. time to get you some maternity wear. time to max up Patrick's credit card.” Helena says.

“Todd the bankcard please,” Helena says. Todd passes it to her without needing telling twice.

“Let's sort you out then princess,” Helena says.

“why does that sound scary?” I ask Chloe.

“because you want to go to bed,” Chloe said. I nod she had a point.

bags full later we get home. Decius Lee and Art are still in the nursery. So I go up to look what they've done. the dresser is built so is the cot. I look at the baby's room with a smile taking it all in. they've filled the window seat with pillows and cuddly toys of different animals. I love it. I look at the little jungle print bedding.

“do you like it?” Art asks. I nod I look at the wall above the cot. it needs something.

“I was going to put a quote there for you, but wanted to see if the baby's a boy or girl first and name.” Art admits. I nod.

“the other cot's built in your bedroom,” Lee says. I smile.

“We have got 18 weeks.” I point out.

“yes but Patrick will be pushing it when he returns,” Helena says coming in the room carrying my clothing bags.

“I’ll put these and Patricks room,” she tells me. I just nod.

I sat next to Lee on the airplane, it was Friday and this Friday I was being flown out to see Patrick. Aria was sat opposite me playing rummy with Chloe Todd and Lee. I had my face pressed against the glass.

“Libby this is your last time flying out to Patrick before the baby. you'll fly to Helena's wedding but then no more alright.” Lee says. I nod looking at the window. I couldn't help the grin.

“You like flying this much?” Aria asks me.

“yes and so does the baby. I felt my first kick the moment we got up in the air and hasn't stopped since.” I say with a grin.

“want to feel?” they all actually do.

“football player like his or her uncle,” Lee says with a grin.

“I’ve not met Patrick's family,” I say slightly worried.

“he really is going to introduce you soon,” Lee assures me.

when we got to the venue Aria and her band ran straight in using the back access. Lee took me in that way. He and Todd both wearing suits today. Chloe wasn't though she was wearing a t-shirt of Arias band. I was in maternity jeans and a baggy blue peasant top. what I have seen of Greece it was amazing. I wanted to spend longer here than one day, but I had to go back to college. I stand looking around the buzzing backstage when arms wrap around me from behind. I lean into my husband knowing the feel and smell of him anywhere. he takes claim on my lips before I’m even facing him.

“I’ve missed you, baby.” Patrick says,

“not many weeks left. 13 weeks until I am home with you for at least a year I promise.” Patrick tells me.

“I don't need promises, Pat.” I sat.

“what do you need baby. anything.” Pat says

“to be held.” I admit. he turns me so I’m in his arms.

“I love you,” Patrick tells me.

“I love you too.”

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