Liberty of the air

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Libby - Helena's wedding

I smiled at Helena as the lady finished sorting out her hair. the other bridesmaid I was introduced to was her sister Julia and she was indeed pregnant too. Chloe leaned on a wall looking slightly bored as we got ready. Helena had insisted that the makeup artist did Chloe’s makeup. Chloe had declined due to the fact she doesn’t wear makeup, even now she was stood in a suit. To be honest Helena had complemented the suit.

“you look beautiful,” I tell her. she smiles at me.

“Thank you, Libby, It’s hard to believe this is happening. I thought when I married Patrick it would be first and only chance of love.” Helena admits. I smile at her.

“I didn’t know that Amaris can get divorced,” I admit.

“Patrick did that with King Robward, we had to prove there was no chance of us ever being able to work out again. but Queen Jenifer signed it off 80 years ago. I think to keep her husband happy.” Helena admits.

“Basically it’s not the laws it’s who you know,” Julia says looking at her shoes like she regretted her choices.

“If you want to be barefoot like Libby you can be,” Helena says to her sister.

“my ankles are so swollen. I tell you what this is my one and only child.” Julia mumbles. I put my hand on my belly. Yeah, I’m tired all the time, the doctor said the other day that I might actually end up needing a bit of a blood transfusion as It seems my Amaris baby needs more iron than I am able to provide it myself. thankfully Lee stayed outside as I asked for privacy. So Patrick doesn’t know before I tell him myself. but I haven’t seen him to tell him. Today will be the first time I’ve seen my husband since Greece. I loved my day over there Patrick showed me as much of the city we were in as he could, but we ran out of time before my plane and he himself had to leave to get to Bulgaria. I had flown back that night. sleeping on the plane, then going college the next day. At least I didn’t doubt this year I would pass my exams. It was next year I was worried about.

“I’m not going to wear the shoes,” Julia says. I rest my hand on my stomach feeling the baby kick. then I hiccup. Helena and Julia looked at me funny as bubbles came out my mouth. then we all laughed but I kept hiccuping. Chloe looked at me like I made no sense. Julia shakes her head and says.

“I am so glad I don’t have that pregnancy symptom.” Julia laughs. Helena stays quiet.

“did you have that symptom when you were.” Julia starts and stops.

“Nope, I think hiccuping bubbles is unique to Libby,” Helena says with a smile.

“I heard Queen Kayla gave birth the other day,” Julia says.

“Really I heard Marianna Prince Marcos wife gave birth a few weeks ago,” Helena says.

“they both did. Felicity and Toby.” I say with a smile.

“Aww, they are cute names,” Julia says with a smile

“Are they at court or not?” I ask.

“Oh yeah, I thought you didn’t want to know. or Patrick would have told you, he did go court himself the other day!” Helena tells me. I didn’t know that, but I weakly smile. It’s weird how I felt lonely but right now, both Patrick and I weren’t being fully honest with each other currently.

“Have you and Patrick discussed any names?” Julia asks me interested.

“we haven’t really had time yet,” I admit, I’ve looked at a few baby name books but I didn’t want to look when not together so I always put it down after a page or two. it’s just until the tours done. Will we actually work out? I know I love him but just a few weeks alone even around others and I already feel like all I want is to lay in my hammock and rock in the breeze. I might do that when I get home. Maybe it really is just the fact I’m tired.

“13 weeks is long enough don’t worry Libby,” Helena says seriously. I give her a small smile, she needs that. this is her big day. She needs it magical like mine was.

“What about you Helena. have you and Decius discussed kids?” Julia asks

“Alright drink your water,” Helena says as I get another hiccup, I look at her suspicious, why didn’t she answer that.

“Come on we better get moving,” Helena says worriedly. Julia goes and helps her sister get into her wedding dress, I watch her with a smile but why did she get out that? We get involved in rushing to get ready. when there’s a knock on the door.

“Helena its time to go church 10 minutes.” a male’s voice says. Helena looks at us all and smiles.

“from today you won’t be his guard,” Julia says seriously.

“you’ll be his queen,” Julia tells her sister.

“yeah, but I would still kill anyone to protect him,” Helena says. Chloe seems to be deep in thought. I wonder what my guard thinks about that. I try to make her be herself around me. but shes always guarded but then I’ve never told her I’m not half Amaris, that I’m half fae. she assumes my family’s all halflings.

“I know its not usual Chloe, but when you’re with your charge every day sometimes you do end up loving them,” Helena says seriously. Chloe just nods. we go to the limo that takes us from Helena’s hotel room to her church. we walk in. The first thing I see if my husband stood there waiting for us, he takes me in and smiles. then he looks behind me and smiles at his ex-wife. I move so he can see her. today is her big day. Patrick took Chloe in.

“Chloe please go in and sit in the front seat next to Abicus,” Patrick says. Chloe listens after all Lees right there.

“Helena you look beautiful, I am so glad that you have found someone who makes you smile and fills you with so much love,” Patrick says seriously.

“Thank you, Patrick,” Helena says she smiles at him.

“Thank you for giving me away today, it means so much to me,” Helena says seriously. Patrick kisses her head.

“I have and will always love you, Helena,” Patrick says to her seriously.

“But I am so happy that you found the man of your dreams,” Patrick tells her.

“Iris would be really proud of you right now,” Patrick says seriously.

“she would want for us to both to be able to move on,” Patrick says seriously. He looks at me then with so much love. the weeks away from each other seem to melt away.

“I remember what I said to you the day before our wedding,” Patrick says, Helena just hugs him tight. the music starts and they are talking quietly. When the door opens I walk in, I walk to my seat Julia right behind me. I go one direction she goes the other. I stand next to Abicus who is next to me rather than Chloe.

the wedding march starts and I smile as Helena walks down the aisle on the arm of Patrick. when they get to Decius Patrick hands him her hand after shaking his hand. Decius looks at Helena with the same amount of love as Patrick did me on our wedding day. Patrick walks over and stands next to me. He takes my hand in his. we sit when we are told to. the ceremony is different to my own. I watch with a smile as Helena marries Decius. my baby kicking away the whole time.

“Libby,” Patrick whispers in my hair as he holds me on the dance floor, I look up at him.

“Are you okay?” he asks me.

“tired,” I admit.

“Alright did you want to go have a lie-down, I’m sure Helena and Decius will understand. Hell, your brother has been watching you the whole time.” Patrick says. I look at Arthur, Decius has different guests than Patrick and I and Art has somehow got something on that shows him as Amaris too.

“Okay,” I say, not sure what else to say for the best, I’m afraid another Amaris is going to come over to meet me. Apparently meeting Patrick’s queen is a new toy. I keep getting told how big my bump is and asked if I’m sure its not twins. I’m positive they would have picked that up!

“Go up to our hotel room. If you need anything.” Patrick starts. I nod.

“Libby,” Patrick says worriedly. as I go to leave him.

“I love you, baby, I’m just trying to look after you,” Patrick says.

“I love you too,” I say. I leave then with Abicus whos stood at the corner of the dancefloor. Abicus looks at me worriedly. Abicus escorts me up to the hotel room without needing telling. the moment I get there I climb onto the bed and lay down. my head stops spinning and sleep claims me quickly.

I wake to the feel of kicks and Patrick’s hand on my stomach hes singing a song I don’t know, it’s not in English, but the baby is kicking away to his or her daddy.

“Sorry baby,” Patrick says kissing my mouth, I kiss him back its gentle.

“Is it time to get up?” I ask worriedly.

“Yeah, more guests will be here in a bit. Helena wants some more pictures with you.” Patrick admits. I look at the clock.

“You only had a 2-hour nap, but I think you needed it,” Patrick says he kisses my lips and strokes my face.

“I’m sorry Libby. I know I’m not there when you need me. I know today I’m here but I’m so busy and then part of me wants to keep you far away from the people at this wedding for your safety. Hell, even your brother is keeping quiet and basically in the shadows.” Patrick says.

“My world currently baby, lots is happening that I think I need to explain to you,” Patrick admits.

“But I don’t want to make you stress when you don’t need to,” Patrick says kissing my head gently. I put my hand on his face.

“If we don’t share what we are worried about it will make us ill,” I tell him.

“I know.” He sighs sitting up and running his hand through his hair.

“So tell me what’s going on thats worrying you?” I ask.

“well prince Spencer got the job of finding all halflings and offering them the chance to register, I’m worried hes going to stumble across you and your family. I don’t know if I should put you and your sisters on the list, so he doesn’t approach you all. or if that would put you more at risk.” Abicus says seriously.

“But we aren’t halflings Patrick,” I say.

“I know that you know that. but baby some of the towns of halflings are set up very similar to your home. I’m worried someone will dop in your family’s home and they will go investigate just to investigate.” Patrick admits.

“but they won’t find us until they are meant to,” I say seriously.

“Baby I know you have no doubt in your family’s magic, but even your brothers getting worried about it. One of the fae living in a halfling community reported to your brother that their parents will protect their children no matter what.” Patrick sighs.

“I’m trying to stay out of it, but I want to protect you both.” Patrick sighs his hand back on my stomach.

“talk to King Spencer get to know him,” I say to Patrick.

“He and Harmony and Derek aren’t trying to put the halflings at risk,” I say seriously.

“Yes, but the list is becoming public knowledge people with Halfling children they have walked away from are getting called out,” Patrick admits.

“Do you have any?” I ask worriedly.

“No baby even my one night stands I keep an eye on for 4 months. you know that its the whole reason I had people keeping an eye on you that month. if you had so much had gone to a doctor during that time, I would have known.” Patrick admits.

“Well as much as I’m glad to know you don’t have kids that are missing out on knowing their daddy. I think you’re worrying too much Pat.” I say seriously.

“my necklace stops anyone from suspecting I’m not Amaris,” I say.

“but I will leave it up to you with King Spencer, you were friends with his dad. you know Tyrone would have raised his son right.” I say seriously.

“I know but.” Patrick starts. I kiss his lips.

“No buts,” I tell him. he looks at me so torn.

“How long are you back?” I ask weakly.

“the weekend.” He admits. I nod I kiss him.

“I saw a bit of your concert on tv the other day. all those songs you sang in Spanish.” I start with a grin.

“You make your fans so happy Patrick, giving them there own versions of your songs yourself,” I say with a grin. Patrick kisses my head.

“It does get mentioned way too often how smart you are,” I admit.

“Hey, they also mentioned how smart you are the other day. they said how you’re still in college and not letting the fact your married to a billionaire make you drop out of your schooling.” Patrick says seriously.

“I saw, I also saw they were in my home town the other week,” I admit.

“No one said anything except that one guy and we covered it quickly,” Pat says.

“Although you had rubbish taste baby in high school.” Patrick chuckles stroking my face.

“I was 15 I thought he loved me,” I say seriously.

“and now?” Patrick says.

“I know it wasn't love, it wasn’t even lust. it was just me wanting so desperately to fit in at school and thought a boyfriend would mean I would have friends. I now know what Love really feels like, he definitely wasn’t Love. how I already feel about our baby thats Love. how I feel about you thats Love.” I say seriously looking in my husband’s light blue eyes today I watched them get darker, it still took me by surprise every time how connected to the air my husband was. Patrick kisses me, he runs his hand gently over my side.

“I love you,” Patrick tells me.

“I love you,” I assure him.

“Now how are you really feeling, Lee, says your getting tired quickly and had to have an emergency doctors appointment the other day,” Patrick says looking at me. I can’t lie, so I look my husband in the face and say the truth.

“I need more iron plasma red blood cells and white.” I start. Patrick looks at me worriedly.

“he needs advice from a doctor that has done a halfling before. we have a few on record but their pregnancies all ended with them having to have a blood transfusion.” I admit.

“he thinks thats likely?” Patrick asks worriedly.

“He thinks my baby Amaris isn’t getting all the nutrients they need from my restricted diet,” I admit.

“But you’re meant to change your diet naturally. well, thats what he said.” Patrick says running his hand through his hair.

“I’m eating chalk,” I admit,

“it’s worrying apparently. Lee was eating a steak the other day with a bit of blood on it and I was so tempted to ask for a bite.” I admit.

“but because my body’s never had meat, the doctor says it would make me sicker now to try. so I have to not give in to those cravings.” I admit. Patrick strokes my face.

“I want to be there baby,” Patrick says.

“I want you there, but I know you cant be. you have sold out concerts Patrick, you’ll be home before the baby’s born.” I start.

“Summer break, I heard a rumor.” Patrick starts.

“I’m doing summer classes,” I say truthfully.

“that what you want?” He asks me.

“Yeah,” I tell him truthfully.

“Alright,” Patrick says he kisses my head.

I stand up and sort my dress out, go to the mirror and repin a few strands of hair that fell out the updo I had today.

“You look so beautiful,” Patrick says I slip my hand in his.

“Anything I want you to tell me straight away,” Patrick says. I nod.

“Libby.” Art says into my hair, I’m dancing with my big brother.

“what?” I ask.

“this music sucks.” Art says into my hair. I giggle it really does.

“I can see why Patrick sings in America and not his home country.” Art chuckles in my hair. it does make me smile.

“your feet hurting?” Art asks me.

“They’re fine, but I’m going to go back to bed as soon as I can,” I admit. I look at the side of the dance floor and my husband is stood talking to a few people I don’t know.

“Decius wanted a smaller wedding but because hes having the first wedding since the courts gone crazy, it was suggested he made it more of a celebration.” Art whispers in my hair.

“I know,” I say.

‘Helena had thought about canceling.’ I send to my big brothers head.

“I know.” He says.

‘I don’t think we should stay out of it.’ I send to Arts head.

“Neither does Eban and Eugene apparently.” Art says.

“Grandmas just being difficult saying its there problems, they lost there chance 2000 years ago.” Art says seriously.

“it was 2000 years ago,” I say seriously.

“I know but they did deserve it.” Art says deadly serious.

“you know that inside.” Art says.

“We told you all no, that the moon needs the sun and the sun needs the moon,” I say seriously.

“I know.” Art says he kisses my head.

“don’t cry it’s going to be okay.” He tells me.

“I’m not crying because of that, my hormones are everywhere currently,” I admit. Art chuckles.

“your coping better than mom did with you.” Art admits.

“Was I a hard pregnancy?” I ask.

“Ask mom.” Art says.

“She can lie in letters and she just wrote that It’s all normal,” I admit. Art chuckles again I rub the tears from my eyes.

“Mom was a mess with you, if she didn't have hiccups she wanted to be high up in trees swinging.” Art chuckles.

“Lee told me I wasn’t allowed to move my hammock as he didn’t know how strong the trees were higher up,” I admit. Art chuckles.

“I heard you’ve been sleeping outside most nights lately.” Art says kissing my head.

“Yeah,” I admit.

“you lonely?” Art asks me.

“I’m surrounded by people, I go Flints and Rions most evenings. I have so much college work to do.” I say seriously.

“Yeah but you never answered the question, are you lonely?” Art questions me.

“I miss Pat,” I admit.

“So you’re lonely for Patrick?” Art asks me, the music stops and the next song comes on. we wait until its loud again before we talk more.

“Yeah, I’m lonely. but I choose not to go back during my pregnancy and carry on my education.” I admit.

“I know, but if you want to go to moms just say and someone will drive you.” Art says. he kisses my head.

“Queen Liberty.” A voice says it’s still so weird to be called that. I look up at Roscoe.

“Arthur,” Roscoe says with a nod of the head.

“King Roscoe,” I say not sure what I’m meant to do, I debate curtsying but my bump constantly gets in the way as I tried earlier.

“Could I possibly have this dance?” Roscoe asks me. Art puts my hand in Roscoes and says.

“Maybe ask Charity to come.” Art tells me. I nod. I look at Roscoe as he takes my hand.

“How are you feeling?” he asks me.

“tired and ache,” I admit. Roscoe looks at me he has a smile on the corner of his serious face, he looks to be in his middle 30s.

“Not long left now.” He says seriously.

“13 weeks,” I admit.

“How are you coping with your picture keep appearing in magazines?” Roscoe asks me.

“It still feels really weird, I grew up being told how dangerous cameras are that my picture out there can put me in danger in 20-30 years when I haven’t aged,” I say seriously. I don’t have to hide this conversation everyone here would have the same thing.

“It defiantly is hard, and such a new invention everywhere that we still don’t know what to do for the best,” Roscoe admits.

“I just pay more attention in what I’m wearing nowadays. I can’t just leave the house throwing my hair up in a ponytail and wearing a maxi dress because they comment about how tired I look.” I say truthfully.

“my favorite one was before it was official and is that a bump picture that clearly showed the bump.” Roscoe chuckles.

“I was asked if its twins at least 19 times today,” I admit to him.

“and is it twins?” Roscoe laughs. hes laid back with me at least.

“not that I know off. If it is the other babies very good at hide and seek.” I say laughing.

“Thats true.” Roscoe chuckles.

“Might be because you’re so small elsewhere, all of your weight really has gone to the bump,” Roscoe says.

“I weigh less now than before I got pregnant. my personal trainer is getting worried, he keeps cooking me dinners trying to fatten me back up.” I admit.

“Are you being sick a lot?” Roscoe asks me.

“A bit more than I should be but not excessive amounts,” I say truthfully.

“Well did you need a doctor?” Roscoe says looking at me.

“I have one and have talked to Pat about it,” I assure Roscoe because I know what he needs.

“Patrick has how many weeks left on his tour?”

“10 weeks,” I say truthfully.

“How long until your due date?” he asks me.

“13. he’ll be home,” I say worriedly.

“Oh believe me he will move mountains to make sure he is,” Roscoe tells me. I smile.

“Roscoe Liberty,” Patrick says from next to us. Roscoe smiles he hands my hand to Patrick.

“Are you too calling it an early night?” Roscoe asks.

“Yes, I understand most are just turning up.” Patrick starts.

“no thats fine, I need to go back to court in the morning, so I am leaving in a minute myself. I just need to talk to Decius.” Roscoe says we accompany him over to Decius.

“Are the three of you old people going already?” Decius asks holding out his hand to shake.

“Libby is exhausted and needs to get off her feet,” Patrick says shaking his hand.

“Understandable. Libby Helena says if you want her to come to stay let her know,” he tells me I nod.

“that be great I’m going to see if my big sister Charity can come for a few days. I kind of want her rather than Dest but she’s funny about leaving daddy currently. but she might want a break from the kids, even then Erin breaks up for summer in a few weeks.” I say.

“She’s welcome to come at the same time then we can have proper girlie time and Charity can show her how to rock climb,” I say with a grin.

“Sounds amazing,” Helena says wrapping her arm around me from behind.

“You beat Julia,” Helena says hugging me, pointing at her sister who is sat with her feet up. She actually looks like she’s asleep.

“I had a small nap earlier,” I admit.

“Thats understandable,” Helena says she kisses my head. We say our goodbyes. Helena hugs me tight and whispers.

“Thank you for everything Libby.” She says.

‘And don’t tell him what I suspect until you do?’ I send to her head. she chuckles.

“I’ll tell him tomorrow at breakfast,” she whispers.

“Are you coming to breakfast King Roscoe, Patrick?” Helena asks. leaning back from me.

“I’m sorry Helena my plane leaves early, I have a meeting with Queen Jenifer tomorrow evening that I can not miss,” Roscoe tells her.

“Then it was lovely to see you again King Roscoe,” Helena says curtsying. Roscoe kisses her hand.

“you as well shall I expect you in the court sessions?” Roscoe asks.

“A few,” Decius says for her and kisses her. I laugh.

“what about you Libby any court sessions?” He asks me. I squeeze my eyes shut as the room sways. a vision trying to come to me. Patrick wraps his arm around my waist.

“I’m going to take Libby to bed, shes really not feeling well now,” Patrick says. Roscoe nods, he doesn’t know he caused that I don’t think, but Patrick wants me out before I spill my vision. he leads me out the room in his arms. when we get in the hall he kisses me.

“Baby I love you so much,” Patrick tells me. he picks me off my feet then carries me bridal style to our room.

Patrick chuckles as the baby kicks harder to his music.

“Come on cucumber you don’t want to be a football player like your uncle,” he says kissing my belly.

“Do you keep looking up how big the baby is every week?” I ask him.

“No I have an app.” he chuckles, he kisses up till he gets to my lips.

“I will have an Amaris doctor that Aria suggested fly out to check on you,” Patrick tells me.

“Her brother,” I say nodding.

“yeah he still isn’t fully trained, but he can ask the questions of a doctor and it will look like hes just studying apparently,” Patrick says he kisses my head.

“she said she thought you looked ill the other day,” Patrick says seriously, hes made phone calls this morning to Ace to see if he could get an extra day before he flew out to England so he could take me home after the wedding. Ace said 2 days that he understood Patrick wanting to stay with me a bit longer. Patrick kisses me.

“We don’t have to go down for breakfast if you don’t want to.” He says seriously.

“We do Helena wants to talk to you before she goes on her honeymoon,” I tell him truthfully. he takes my hand and helps me out the bed. he goes into the bathroom and I watch him run us a bath.

“When I see you again you’ll be 33 weeks,” he says looking at me,

“I feel like I’ve hardly been apart of your pregnancy I’m sorry baby,” Patrick says.

“Pat you’ve been fine, but.” I start.

“but?” he asks worriedly.

“Yesterday.” I start.

“is this about the twin comments your not that big baby,” he assures me.

“No just everyone kept asking about names,” I admit.

“is there any names you like?” Patrick asks me, feeling the water to make sure it’s not too hot. he looks at me though hes fully waiting on my answer.

“I didn’t want to look without you. I want to do that together.” I say truthfully. Patrick kisses me, he holds me tight to him.

“I want to look together too. we will send Abicus out to buy a few baby name books.” Patrick says hes smiling.

“right now through our little star,” Patrick says putting his hand on my stomach, he then helps me climb in the bath, he settles behind me. I lay in his arms as he runs his hands over me.

“Libby,” Patrick says seriously.

“Yeah?” I ask.

“even if we walk away from all this. my music the Amaris.” he starts. I put my hand on his cheek.

“I will for you and the baby,” he says

“it’s going to be a hard journey Pat but we can do it,” I say.

“Libby, I am not responsible for your breakfast,” Helena says as a greeting when we go into the dining-room. It’s not that many people in here thankfully.

“Art is, so blame him.” She tells me.

“what is it?” I ask.

“almonds peanuts cashew, pumpkin and sunflower seeds with spinach on a bagel,” Helena says looking at it like it might walk away. when everyone else was sat eating a cooked breakfast it did look odd.

“Its what I’m craving sounds great,” I say. it really does. hell, the other evening I sat and ate pickles wrapped in spinach dipped in peanut butter. actually, that sounds nice. I even crave sand and chalk right now as well.

I sit down next to Patrick he jokes and laughs and talks about his current tour, his little brother’s stats. this is Patrick’s world. not my own.

“No, they haven’t met Libby yet,” Patrick says.

“Shouldn’t they have?” Julia asks.

“To be honest we are all so rushed. I’m going to introduce her and the baby to Harrison but we need me back from tour and himself not busy with matches.” Patrick says seriously. She nods.

“thats the thing about big age gaps. siblings are never really close.” One of the guests say.

“Yeah, Iris would have been almost 150 now,” Patrick says looking at his plate I squeeze his hand.

“151,” Helena mumbles looking at her own plate tears in her eyes.

“But she would have loved both her siblings,” Helena says with a weak smile looking up at Patrick, Patrick grinned at her. he leaned forward and took her hand in his.

“Congratulations Helena, and you to Decius.” He says with a grin. He and Helena hug and he shakes Decius’ hand.

“How far?” I ask with a grin.

“Only 8 weeks, but I wanted to tell before you found out another way.” She says, giving me a look as if to ask me if I already knew. I slightly nodded my head. she really should have not tried to get out of Julias questions yesterday.

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