Liberty of the air

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Patrick - Daddy's star


I took a deep breath as I prepared to go on to the stage for the last concert of my world tour back in LA where it all started. Libby was meant to be here today, but she wasn’t due to the fact she was currently sat in hospital having the second blood transfusion of her pregnancy, I had left her this morning literally to come to do this concert but once it was done I was going straight back to hospital and the first thing I was going to do. Kiss my wife, she had been amazing her whole pregnancy, even staying in summer classes. she starts her last year of this college course next week. which is annoying as the baby is due in just over 2 weeks. well, that is if he or she comes on the due date. We will make it work. after all, I’ve got at least a year at home to write my next album, with quite a few songs all ready wrote for it. Which Ace is happy with. I am going to do a song with Aria to be released before Christmas. but its part of her cd, not mine. I have the band that I traveled with this time all agreeing to stay on as my permanent band. everything is working out great. I owed all that to going clubbing on a Friday night and finding a girl outside the men’s toilet after she had lost her sister. So it really was Destiny how I found my Liberty. This time only a year ago I found out the Fae were real. Now I’m married to a fairy princess that I love more than anything and I’m about to become a dad again. Yes, our worlds still a mess. yes its going to take a long time to clean up. but you know what I’m excited about the future.

I sang my heart out, when I came off the stage before I go on for my encore, I couldn’t get rid of my grin. Abicus stood there looking worried though, which instantly earthed me.

“what’s wrong?” I ask him.

“Liberty didn’t want to tell you until after the concert as she said it would worry you and you had plenty of time.” Abicus starts.

“Is she okay?” I ask so worriedly. Libbys 37 weeks pregnant in human terms although she’s been carrying our baby for over a year now! everything should be fine. the doctor assured me this transfusion was just to give her the strength she needs for a few weeks time to bring the baby into the world.

“Her waters broke at lunchtime,” Abicus says seriously.

“Encore, Encore.” Everyone was yelling outside in the venue.

“Any signs?” I ask I will never forgive myself if I’m late to be there with her for this.

“shes now 3 minutes apart apparently and she would like you to come now,” Abicus says.

“Encore.” Everyone is yelling.

“Which is why I’m here,” Aria says her guitar on her shoulder. she smiles at me.

“Go.” She tells me. I go to.

“actually tell them first.” Ace says from the side he is actually smiling ha he really was going to be nice working for, the future for me and Libby right now looked amazing.

“just say I was going to do an encore, but I’m about to become a daddy so I got to go. so Aria with her song that isn’t even out yet as a treat. then get out of here” Ace tells me. So I go on the stage. clapping and applauding. I hold my guitar and look out at the audience of a sold out concert and I think I give them a silly grin.

“I was going to do an encore,” I say, to loads of clapping.

“But I’ve just been informed I’m about to become a daddy again. so I got to go. so as a treat Aria with some of her new songs.” I say, clapping still follows as I almost run off the stage.

I’m in the limo 5 seconds later, climbing in the front seat as for some reason, I thought that might get me to the hospital quicker. Abicus and Dan point out how it doesn’t work like that laughing from the back as we drive to the hospital. I practically run down the hall, to where I left her in a room earlier that day. Without listening to Abicus whos telling me not to run and to wait! Man hes out of shape currently. I get to the room but another lady is in it. not my wife.

“Patrick if you waited I would have told you, Libbys moved room as she wanted a water birth remember!” Abicus chuckles but hes gripping his side, Dan is shaking his head at Abicus.

“Man you’re getting old,” Dan tells him when they lead me back through the hospital to Libbys room. Todd is stood outside it.

“Wheres Lee?” I ask worriedly.

“you know when some Amaris have babies their magic goes a bit wild,” Todd says.

“Imagine someone with the amount of magic your wife has,” Todd says. I chuckle.

“Hes in there for peoples safety currently,” Todd says he opens the door and I go in. Libby isn’t in the water yet, but there’s a huge tank in the room and it’s being filled. I go straight to her side shes bent over holding a tube of bubbles sticking her tongue out at her sister. Her sister Destiny is sat out her way on the bed in the room laughing holding another small bottle of bubbles, blowing them at her. and her friend Aimee is asking the doctor questions whos explaining things to her. Oh yeah, she was going to be a doctor.

“I told them not to tell you until you had finished.” Libby moans at me.

“they didn’t,” I tell her kissing her head. I take her hand.

“how far apart?” I ask her.

“2 minutes Almost time to push.” The doctor says. Libby blows her bubbles it doesn’t work shes letting out to much air. but it’s a good idea to help her control the wind during labor. Libby had packed bubbles a Catherine wheel and some toy cars exactly for the job in her labor bag. so she wouldn’t blow the doctors away. When the water was run I helped my wife in with the doctor’s help.

We blew bubbles and used the catherine wheel a lot, but only 55 minutes after I got to the hospital our baby girl was born. Libby held our little girl in the water who wailed her head off. I kissed Libbys head and our daughters. I cut our baby girls cord. I help Libby out the tub with a midwife help as our baby girl is weighed and checked over.

At 6lb 2oz our little princess, Lyric Fae Aero came into our world. A princess of the Amaris world and Fae world alike. with blonde hair so light she looked bold, and who refused to open her little eyes to let us look at the color for longer than a minute. but she was perfection.

“Libby?” I say as I wake up, Libby isn’t in bed with me. I look over at the cot in our bedroom where Lyric was asleep not that long ago and its empty. I climb out the bed slipping clothes on and walk downstairs. Todd is stood in the open door frame looking out at the back garden.

“Hammock?” I ask him quietly.

“day bed,” he assures me knowing my dislike of the hammock. I walk out Libby is awake so is Lyric. Libby is looking down at our baby as she feeds her a smile on her face.

“She wake you?” I ask Libby. Libby went back to class a week ago, she hates every minute of it apparently and wants to be home with Lyric and myself. but she only has 5 lectures a week this term. so we are going to make it work. Libby is going to graduate even if its reluctantly now.

“Sorry, she was hungry wasn’t you Lyric,” Libby says to our small 3-week old baby. I climb on the day bed next to her. Libby won’t sleep outside with Lyric. but she often comes outside regularly to feed her during the night. She says to let me sleep. but the moment I wake and discover her gone I’m up.

“I didn’t mean to wake you,” Libby says.

“you didn’t,” I tell her kissing her being careful of Lyric as I do. whose sole interest currently is her mommy and eating. Lyrics eyes are open her eyes so dark blue currently they look black. Libby looks up at me and smiles.

“Do I have to go, class, tomorrow?” she asks.

“Do you want to graduate?” I ask.

“Yes,” Libby says.

“Then yes you do.” I chuckle.

“I have to go court tomorrow, last one till Christmas I promise.” I moan to Libby.

“I know. Lyric shouldn’t go with you shes too little.” She starts. I chuckle I kiss her head.

“I am not taking Lyric from her mommy ever, even if I’m making her mommy go, classes,” I tell Libby.

“Abicus is going to babysit and change diapers whilst you’re in class,” I say. Libby giggles, then she goes serious and closes her eyes.

“Did you ask about registering Lyric before she was born and mention that I’m only half human?” Libby asks me worried.

“Yes baby I did, I registered you instead as he said the paperwork was private and Baby Lyric is Amaris, no one doubts it,” I say seriously. knowing I introduced her to my brother the other week and finally introduced him to my wife. Lyric was having a bit of blood in some of her mommy’s milk when he came round. because an Amaris doctor who had seen Lyric quickly had suggested it wouldn’t hurt her to bulk up slightly by having less than a teaspoon amount of blood once a week.

“don’t worry nothing will come off it until after Christmas. after all, the queen is going to try to kill her granddaughter this college term.” Libby says looking at Lyric rather than me. I take a deep breath trying to calm how I felt that down. Libby had said it all so matter of fact like what is about to happen isn’t life-changing news!

“Liberty.” I start.

“You got to just let it happen Patrick.” She tells me. I can’t just let that happen! I stand up running my hands through my hair and start to pace.

“I know you said your people aren’t going to get involved but Libby, that.” I start.

“We weren’t going to get involved, but people have now chosen their paths,” Libby says seriously.

“Liberty.” I start firmly.

“The future Alpha of one of the tripes in America is getting involved and shall protect Harmony,” Libby tells me.

“The future high priestess of America is getting involved and shall protect Harmony,” Libby tells me.

“The future leader of the French Feline shifters is getting involved and shall protect Harmony,” Libby tells me.

“King Eugene of the elves is getting involved. He shall protect Harmony as he has been secretly for the last 20 years since she was a babe and we helped Nicolette hide with her and heal her from the brink of death,” Libby says seriously.

“Libby” I groan

“I have told Grandma to meet with Eugene in December, not why except its important,” Libby says seriously.

“She will get involved to protect Harmony,” Libby tells me.

“Eban and I are mostly going to stay off it,” Libby tells me.

“Mostly? Mostly?” I question her.

“Eban is on clean-up duty apparently,” Libby tells me.

“what about you?” I question her looking at her just sat holding our baby. very tempted to say I don’t want her involved at all.

Libby looks at me a smile that melts my heart.

“I’m staying out of it till after its all happened.” She tells me sweetly.

“why are you getting involved after?” I ask her.

“I want to see an Amaris school!” She tells me excitedly. she looks at our little girl who has stopped eating and is instead sleeping her little fists curled up. Libby detaches her and lays her on the day bed next to her and sorts out her top. she turns onto her side and looks at Lyric.

“it’s up to Lyric when she’s older but not till she’s older.” She says so torn.

“Okay, I’m sure her mommy can make her a lovely school,” I tell her I look at my wife so torn.

“Patrick we can’t get involved, if we do we might risk Harmony getting killed,” Libby tells me. I nod, I lay on the day bed next to her and look at the sky. Libby points up and tells me what star it is. I pull the blanket over Lyric and the three of us stay outside for half an hour longer, then we take her back up to our room put her in her cot and go to bed.

The court was boring but went fine, everything I needed to get signed off I did. Lyric now had her official title of Princess and Amaris birth certificate stamped off. thankfully without having to bring her here. as the doctor had flown out to us. he had done it all so I basically only had to pick it up from the hospital and take it to the court to be stamped.

“Princess Lyric Fae Aero,” Roscoe said holding up a wineglass to me full of champagne he held a bottle of wine made on the exact day of Lyrics birth.

“for your wine cellar for her wedding,” he tells me.

“thankyou she will enjoy this when she’s 200,” I tell him.

“you are letting her date young.” Roscoe chuckles.

“300,” I say nodding. he hands me a pile of wrapped presents.

“I didn’t get her much.” He says seriously. I chuckle.

“You did not need to get her anything,” I say seriously.

“I know but it isn’t every day a Princess is born,” Roscoe says seriously.

“I know,” I say with a smile.

“I will only come court if I have to for a while. I have decided to spend the year at home with my wife and child. at least until Libby has finished college.” I say seriously. Roscoe nods.

“Schooling for Lyric what are you going to do?” Roscoe questions me.

“Libby doesn’t want Lyric to go boarding school when shes so young. but Libby does want to look around a school and see what it’s all about.” I admit to him.

“We might leave it up to Lyric when she’s older to decide, there are other Amaris children in LA. There’s even a nursery I am thinking about for when she’s 3. but right now it’s just all taking it a day at a time.” I admit to him.

“Libby has recovered?” He asks me.

“She doesn’t like leaving Lyric, she wants to drop out of college,” I admit.

“I think its just a passing thought,” I admit.

I take another sip of my wine.

I know the worlds going to go crazy again, I know that this peace isn’t going to last. but right now. sitting here toasting my little girls birth, I can forget about all that. I can just celebrate.

“Libby,” I say as she puts Lyric in the cot and I can see that she goes to give her another kiss that might wake her again, our little 7 week-old has strong lungs on her.

“I know but I’m not going to see her tomorrow.” Libby moans.

“only for 3 hours Libby,” I say laughing. Libby comes over she looks at me torn as she climbs into bed with me.

“What’s wrong baby?” I ask her.

“Where have 7 weeks gone?” she asks me.

“I really don’t know baby,” I admit,

“We haven’t even been to introduce her to mom and dad yet,” she says worriedly.

“We can this weekend,” I say feeling guilty about that. she nods.

“It needs to be soon,” she says worriedly. I kiss her as she comes over.

“We haven’t talked about what the doctor said earlier,” I say kissing her neck.

“Not to feed on me whilst I’m breastfeeding?” Libby asks innocently but with a grin.

“No,” I say laughing.

“I still don’t think he likes me,” I say.

“he doesn’t,” Libby assures me. she settles in bed next to me she looks at me but she’s smiling.

“That Lyric in now 7lb 1 oz?” she asks me still in shock from the news I think.

“No, but she’s doing so well,” I say chuckling.

“That It’s safe to have sex again from when I feel ready?” she asks me.

“Yes, and that we have to think about birth control if we are going to use it soon. as your at your most fertile currently.” I say running my hand over her stomach. Libby looks at me worried.

“You are not ready?” I ask her.

“I don’t think I’m ready today,” she tells me truthfully. I nod accepting that.

“But I don’t really want to use birth control when I am,” she admits. I think that over, she looks at me torn.

“But if you want to I will understand and we can.” She starts.

“I don’t want Lyric to be an only child, I want Lyric to have her sibling close in age.” I start seriously.

“but 14 months age difference is very close,” I say seriously.

“but I always wished my siblings and I were closer,” I admit to her.

I pull her into my arms. she looks at me like she doesn’t know what’s going on in my mind.

“Like Lyric we just didn’t use anything and she happened when she was meant to. let’s just do that. I’m not getting younger. I am almost 196 now.” I sigh looking at our bedroom ceiling.

“Pat,” Libby says.

“Yeah?” I ask her

“I love you,” Libby says.

“I love you too,” I say.

“And this Lyric is another tree its a different kind to the other one, this one is a birch,” Libby says excitedly to the fast asleep baby who hasn’t even opened her eyes at her mother, we have just got to her parents, we haven’t even got to there homes in the trees yet, but I think that Libby has told Lyric more about nature than most adults know. she hasn’t stopped since we got out the limo.

“LIBBY!” Charity calls loudly, please don’t wake the baby. Libby hugs her sister being careful of Lyric in her arms. Charity coos over our daughter.

“where is everyone?” Libby asks.

“Bass and Destiny took daddy to the hospital as he wasn’t well. so moms in the waterfall. I’m hiding from the kids as I need a break.” Charity admits.

“How is that working for you?” I ask her. she shrugs.

“they haven’t found me yet.” she points out.

“Are you pregnant?” Libby asks her sister interested.

“only 6 weeks got almost a year left.” Charity shrugs.

“Bass says I want to challenge moms 17 kids, but I honestly don’t.” Charity laughs. I look away from Libby then, one baby is enough for now.

“Can I have a cuddle. Montana doesn’t let me cuddle her as much now shes found her feet.” Charity says. Libby hands our little one over to her sister.

“How long are you staying?” Charity asks.

“just till Sunday, I got class tomorrow,” I admit.

“well, you choose the right week. Ebans moving forest next weekend. we are going to follow possibly next year so is Bass.” Charity says

“I thought you were staying until daddy passes,” Libby says.

“We are.” Charity says. I watch the smile disappear from my wife’s face.

“Is daddy okay?” she asks worriedly.

“We can’t reach him.” Charity admits. Libbys eyes fill with tears.

“mom prepared us for goodbye last year.” Charity says. Libby nods but is crying. I wrap my arm around her. Charity walks us through the clearing.

“found mommy!” one of the kids yelled.

“AUNTIE LIBBY.” A few kids yell and Libby was getting hugged left and right. she picked kids up to see Lyric. Charity sat with her and the kids all sat down. Lyric was passed around having cuddles until she made a fuss then Libby fed her.

“Pictures of her don’t do her justice her eyes are really blue,” Eban says when he comes over and looks at her he has a cuddle.

“She’s perfect,” I say seriously.

“where are Iris and Isle?” I ask noticing that a lot of families are missing.

“Poland, we are on a switchover currently. a lot are moving around this year, what with the hunt for halflings going on.” Charity admits.

“you don’t have to fear.” I start.

“we know you’re trying to keep us safe but a lot of our people want to be closer to grandma, in case Harmony doesn’t win and the war can’t be stopped.” Charity admits. I don’t know what to do for the best or say for the best. I look at her.

“Last time your people went war we were almost wiped out.” Charity points out. I look at my wife as she tells Eban all about Lyric. About how she gave her first smile the other day when Libby was blowing bubbles at her.

“you’re safe here.” I start.

“The town is as much a danger to us.” Charity points out. I sigh I know she’s right.

“If it comes out magic is real and all around them, we can already see that the town being a threat.” Charity admits.

“But.” I start.

“We have stayed here as a family for almost 70 years. once daddy’s gone.” Charity says. I nod knowing they have made up there mind.

“Libby.” I start. she needs them. Libby looks at me confused.

“There will be others here I’m sure. its sacred land to us and the giant’s aren’t leaving it.” Charity says.

“but there’s more giants in Poland and Switzerland and the elves.” Charity says. I nod knowing there’s no point in telling her otherwise.

“We also don’t want to be here without daddy. Destiny is going to travel, Eban wants her to invite him along.” Charity says.

“that going to happen?” I ask interested.

“it might when we think it won’t it does. when we think it will it won’t. she likes going against what we all think shell do.” Charity admits. I smile. Libby sees her mommy and grandma and runs off and hugs her mom then her grandma. I watch her hugging her mom and talking so excitedly. Libbys mom and grandma come over and hugs our daughter. I watch with a smile, I can see that there are tiredness and sadness behind her mom’s eyes. but I can see the love she has for her kids and grandkids.

“Hello, Princess.” Libbys mom says kissing Lyrics head. she hugs her for a long while before she hands her to queen Daysi. who hugs her tight herself

“Now let’s see you are the 132 child in line for the throne.” Queen Daysi said.

“You hopefully stand no chance.” She says kissing her head.

“but your still a princess of both worlds,” she says.

“Now with all your older cousins and aunties and uncles and your great auntie and uncles. I gave them all something special when they turned 18 then 21 and when they were born.” Daysi says to her.

“your mommy on her birth I gave protection because its the gift I normally give and with someone whos adventurous its the best idea.”

“At 18 your mommy believe it or not wanted to go to college, so she got that. so did your auntie Destiny. so if thats what you want at 18 thats what you can have.” Daysi tells Lyric who doesn’t even open her eyes.

“but right now I want to give you protection and for you to always know that nature will listen and love you. You will always be a princess of both worlds. you may be an Amaris but you have a Fae heart, love and be loved little Lyric Fae.” Daysi said and she kisses Lyric it glows white for a second then fades.

“Has she been blessed?” Daysi asks.

“not yet we haven’t talked about it yet.” Libby starts worried. she looks at me.

“Its fine, unless she has to spend any time alone in the forest.” I joke.

“what kind of irresponsible people do you think we are?” Libbys mom asks.

“Thats at 10.” her mom mumbles.

“I was joking.” I sigh.

“Its wasted on Briar currently,” Eban says from where hes sat with a little kid on his lap.

“Daddy,” Libby says jumping to her feet when she sees her dad walk in the clearing. he looks at his daughter and the look breaks my own heart. there is no recognition at all, normally he at least calls her one of her sisters names. he looks behind him to see who Libby has called. I watch her heartbreak in front of my eyes. Destiny comes in the clearing and she hugs Libby she has tears running down her face, so does Bass. before they even came into the clearing.

“How did it go?” Briar asks so torn.

“Really bad mom,” Bass says. He leads his daddy over. Briar runs her hand over Harry I see the white light but Harry doesn’t absorb it. she looks so sad.

“Daddy,” Libby says she runs her hand over her daddy.

“I’m sorry do I know you? I’m waiting on my mom to come to pick me up.” Harry says Libby looks at her mom.

“Would you like to hold your granddaughter whilst you wait?” she asks tears running down her face.

“She’s beautiful is she yours?” her dad asks.

“Yeah, her names Lyric Fae,” Libby says

“what kind of name is Lyric?” Libbys dad asks. I look at Libby who smiles.

“the daughter of a King and a princess, the daughter of a rockstar and wild child,” Libby says.

“It is still an odd name for a baby.” Her dad says.

“what would you call your first child then Harry?” Briar asks a weak smile on her face.

“Sarah a nice solid name.” their dad says.

“and a boy?” Charity asks.

“Sebastion,” Harry says.

“Dad choose my name?” Bass asked his mom.

“he helped choose all your names kids,” Briar says with a weak smile. looking at the man she loves holding his granddaughter and not know who she was.

“Mommy, can I have a picture?” Libby asks her mom.

“yeah, baby you can,” Briar says.

Libby takes a picture of her daddy holding our daughter. She also sat next to him and her mom took one of her and her daddy then all her siblings with there dad and all their kids.

“who are you all, do you know where I am?” Harry asks.

“home daddy you’re at home,” Destiny says.

“Aww, she’s beautiful whos is she?” Libbys dad asks.

“mine daddy,” Libby says.

“what’s her name?” Her dad asks.

“Lyric Fae,” Libby says.

“Thats a weird name are you a hippie?” her dad asks her suspicious.

“yes, daddy a big hippy,” Libby tells her dad. she takes Lyric as she starts to fuss.

“Would you name your kid’s Alchemy, Melody, Cherish, Charity, Sebastion, Destiny, and Liberty,” Bass asks there dad weakly.

“I had a son called Alchemy he passed away.” Their dad says.

“sorry,” Bass says.

“Kids,” Briar says as no one seems to know what to say.

“He loves you all. he always has and always will.” She says.

I look at my gorgeous wife as we stand right next to the waterfall only 4 hours later. everyone’s wearing white. I don’t know how often this happens but only one other little one who is actually younger than Lyric stand with us with his parents.

Queen Daysi says a few words about the spirits sending there blessing for the newborn child of the earth. It’s actually a really nice ceremony. Libby hands Lyric over careful and her grandma then walks her into the lake. I admit I am overprotective when all my thoughts were screaming what if she falls. Libby holding my hand tight like she wanted to grab Lyric too, wasn’t helping. her grandma said more in a language I didn’t understand. Everyone repeated two words. then Queen Daysi poured a tiny bit of soil over Lyrics head. Lyric opened her eyes and didn’t look impressed. the Queen then pulled out a silver cup and took a cup fall of water from the waterfall. taking Lyric way to close to it for me. I squeezed Libbys hand. the queen said more then everyone repeated again, I didn’t understand. she then poured the water over Lyrics head. Lyric hated that and she screamed to inform her great grandma. Libbys grandma went to get something else out.

“that better not be fire Libs,” I whisper to her.

‘It’s not its Ash from the log that was burning the day she was born.’ Libby sends to my head.

The queen then drew a line across Lyrics forehead. Lyric screamed. the queen said something and everyone said the same thing again. I watched the wind lift Lyrics dress up. The queen the came over she handed Lyric back to her mommy. she then drew the cross over Libbys head in the soil, then water, then ash, then I felt the wind stir around my wife. the queen then did the same with me. I let her even though I had no clue what was happening. after she finished she poured the rest of the ash into the river. she then took the baby boy from his parents and the same thing happened again, although Libby fed Lyric to calm her down.

Their ways are different to mine, but looking around right now I know that I want Lyric and all our children after her to know and respect both worlds.

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