Liberty of the air

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Libby - Dating a rockstar

“Libby,” Patrick says my name like its the most amazing word in the world. His voice is kind of raspy today. which for some reason is even more attractive. he has a mug of tea in front of him, it has three teaspoons of honey in. Not that I’m counting. I can kind of tell his throat is sore this evening and is slightly bothering him. he has spent the last two days in the studio apparently. I asked him about his new music. but he told me I can wait and see. he has asked me all about my last two days of classes. I have told him and to be honest he did seem interested. he hasn’t said anything since his Libby, so I look over at him and stop with all my attention being on his hand that is intertwined with mine.

“Yes, Patrick?” I ask worried, maybe I should ask if I can call him Pat or Rick. or hell whats another nickname for Patrick. Paddy? Pad? none of those feel right just yet. Patrick looks at me as if he knows I’m a million miles away currently. I’m stuffed from our huge 5 courses he insisted on. it’s now 10 pm at night, on a school night. as much as I don’t want to admit it, I’m ready to hit my bed. but he hasn’t seemed to be in a rush tonight, after all, he was the one who ordered 5 courses. he was the one who then ordered us both a tea. although his tea wasn’t a herbal one. his was a Yorkshire tea, with honey and no milk. Mine was chamomile and I admit its working.

“Would you like to attend a concert?” he asks me. my eyes go wide. Do I want to see him! yes, the answers yes!

“When?” I ask but I’m smiling.

“I have one in 2 weeks, that is close by. but we would need to fly to,” he admits.

“Sounds amazing,” I say with a smile because I would love to see him live.

“We would have to spend the weekend at a hotel,” he says calmly.

“not a tour bus?” I tease, I actually couldn’t imagine Patrick stuffed in a tour bus, even the thought makes me giggle. hell, he’s a rock star who wears shirts. Patrick watches me with a smile on his lips as if he knows exactly what I’m thinking. I doubt that.

“No not a tour bus Libby, I learned that isn’t for me years ago,” Patrick informs me.

“You don’t say,” I say with a smile.

“I would love to come Patrick, but I can’t miss classes.” I start.

“I shall have you back in time for your first class on Monday, I have a private plane after all,” Patrick informs me.

“Okay I would love to come,” I say and I mean that. But then I think about it.

“Could my friends come?” I ask.

“that isn’t a problem Libby, just let me know a few days beforehand,” Patrick says, he’s smiling. he leans forward and kisses me gently.

“I should take you home.” he sighs looking at the clock on the wall. should I tell him he can stay?

“What are you plans tomorrow after class?” he asks me.

“I have a session at the gym with my personal torturer,” I inform him. his lips raise.

“do you mean trainer Libby?” he asks me, he knows I do.

“Yeah,” I admit, he raises an eyebrow at me.

“Why do you have a personal trainer?” he asks me.

“It was a gift from my grandma,” I admit.

“I think it was her way of telling me I’m out of shape now. or at least I feel like it when I’m there,” I admit, to him.

“What gym do you attend?” he questions me.

I tell him my gym which is off campus.

“she didn’t get you a membership for the one of campus?” he asks me.

“nope and her exact words were, you can walk there as your warm-up cant you,” I say the truth.

“Then she tells me shes got me the trainer as she doesn’t trust I will go if I just have a membership,” I admit. hell, she knew me is the secret.

“you are in perfect shape, Libby,” Patrick assures me.

“So what do you say to dinner after?” he asks me.

“Are you trying to make me gain weight?” I question him. because with these 5 courses.

“No, your body is perfect. you are perfect,” he assures me. I’m not really sure how to take that. he sighs.

“I’m trying to date you, the normal way currently Libby,” Patrick says. oh? I have to smile though.

“I would love to go for dinner tomorrow,” I assure him, squeezing his hand. I wonder if he is aware I’ve possibly been on fewer dates than him. hell, I can count my amount of dates on one hand.

“I’ve never really dated,” I admit to him, thinking that I should admit the truth of what I’m thinking.

“It has been a long time since I dated myself,” he admits.

“I’m not fully sure what I’m doing,” Patrick admits. I squeeze his hand.

“We will find our own ways,” he says thoughtfully.

“What are you doing Thursday evening?” I ask thinking about an idea for a date.

“Hopefully seeing you,” he says with a smile.

“Fancy coming rockclimbing with me?” I ask.

“That doesn’t exactly sound the safest.” he starts worried. Then he seems to think.

“Is it something you enjoy?” he asks me. I nod.

“I love to rock climb and I mean in an inside center, I wouldn’t take a novice with me outside,” I tell him truthfully.

“I have a session after all my classes on Thursday, but I love it there so normally stay another hour sometimes another two.” I start worried.

“We could do it together if its something you'd think.” I start worried. my words not really coming in my nervousness. why the hell am I tongue-tied? alright, I get it I'm not the best at talking to guys.

“I would love to come rock climbing with you Libby,” Patrick says.

“What do I need to wear?” he asks me.

"non-restrictive exercise wear," I say trying not to smile too much at him agreeing that fast.

"Alright what kind of shoes?" he asks me.

"They hire them out," I say truthfully.

He looks really torn.

"If I was to buy a pair." he starts

"what don't like wearing shoes someone else has worn Patrick?" I ask Patrick slightly teasingly.

"Says the girl who doesn't wear shoes at all." Patrick teases me straight back, I have to smile at him.

"Do you wear your hired shoes?" he questions me suspicious.

"I'm a trained barefoot climber," I admit to him, thinking about the summer break how I won't have any of the equipment there I'm currently training with. which is possibly why my elf trainer keeps taking me out rockclimbing too at the weekends, with things I have to use myself. although he often says to give it a try without the equipment and I love doing that.

"But I have to wear them in the center. I own 4 pairs but none would fit you," I admit to Patrick.

"I would love to join you on Thursday," he says worriedly.

"you can buy brand new shoes there," I say truthfully, I see relief flush on his face.

"So I take it bowling shoes is a no for you Patrick?" I tease.

"I own my own pair and my own bowling ball," he says seriously. then he smiles at me.

"I would say Friday we can go bowling but I have to go to a concert. I won't be back till the Tuesday night or I would take you to that one," he says seriously.

"Good luck. break a leg," I say with a smile.

"That's what I fear about the rock climbing," he says, but he's smiling. I laugh, but it turns into a yawn, even though I don't want to yawn. Patrick looks at me worried then the clock.

"I suppose it has got very late. I should be getting you home," he says, but he looks like taking me home is the last thing he wants to do. He stands up, so I do. he doesn't even bother calling over for the bill. has he already paid that? Nope, I see Lee over there paying for him. really? He takes hold of my hand, it sets butterflies in my stomach again. I let him lead me to the cloak area, he then collects my jacket and his own. he then helps me put it on, even though I really don't need that kind of help. I think he thinks its sweet, it is kind of. Then we leave and climb straight into his waiting Limo.

"What time is your first class?" he asks me as the limo starts driving.

"9 tomorrow," I admit.

"your last class?" he asks me.

"3.45 so I've finished 4.45 then will head back to my dorm room grab my gym stuff," I tell him my plan.

"So you'll get to the gym about 5.30?" he asks me.

"my sessions 5.50," I admit.

"Alright would you like a lift?" he asks me. "I'm fine, I normally go with my friends," I admit.

"Alright," he says thoughtfully.

"How longs your session?" he asks.

"two hours," I tell him truthfully.

"Would picking you up at 8.15?" he starts worried seeming to work out my schedule.

"Sounds great," I say nervously.

"I shall see you at 8.15 in the lobby of your gym," he says.

"Okay Patrick," I say, he looks at me.

"I'm trying not to control you, but I want to see you," he says worriedly.

"I know Patrick," I assure him because hell I can see that. I can see how he is actually nervous currently.

We arrive at my dorm building then. it was really quick tonight, but then I look at the clock and it is 11 pm. so that might be why.

"Would you mind if I walk you up?" Patrick asks me.

"Okay," I say not sure what is happening. One of Patrick's bodyguards opens the door, not Lee the other one. I needed to get his name as well because I took it these two were all the time. As the three of them escorted me up to my room. I wasn't sure what I was meant to do. Am I meant to invite Patrick in? As we got to my door I still didn't have the answer to that question.

"Would you like to." I start.

"Not tonight Libby, I have to get back," he says. he leans forward and claims my lips. what started as obviously a kiss goodbye, ends up with my body pressed against my door. my arms wrapped around his neck. his hands lifting me up and holding my ass.

"Goodnight Libby," he says, his mouth a mere inch from mine. his hot breath on my face.

"Sweet dreams," he says.

"Night," I say still where I'm pressed to the door. in Patrick's bodyguard's defense neither look at all flustered by this. Patrick leans forward and takes my lips again. we kiss again. I lose myself in his mouth. then he gently puts me down. When my feet make contact with the floor I know I need to leave or re-invite Patrick in.

"your welcome to stay," I say truthfully.

"I can't tonight." he sighs.

"plus I wanted tonight to be a proper date," he tells me. it defiantly felt like that. I gently kiss his lips.

"then goodnight Patrick," I say, I find my keys and unlock my door. Patrick lets go of my hand. I haven't opened my door yet.

"Goodnight," he says. he gently kisses me this time it's a quick peck. I open my door and even though it tears me to do it. I go into my room and shut the door on Patrick. I stand there trying to calm my butterflies and breath as I hear the three of them walk away.

I am totally screwed because I think I've fallen hard and fast.

"Alright, Liberty now pull yourself up." The evil elf says like its a possibility. alright I know he's not evil, but right now you would agree with me if you saw the state of me. My top is practically stuck to me, I look like I've been chased by a unicorn again! I'm more ready to drop than pull my body up again. I've been here what feels like forever in this torture surely my season is coming to an end soon.

"Come on Liberty pull yourself up." He says again as I just hang there, hold your horses.
"I'm trying," I say because I am. my hands are slippery. I have practically no strength left.
"Come on," he says.
"Rion I can't," I tell him.
"Can't isn't a word Liberty," he says.
"Come on pull yourself up," Rion tells me. I try and manage to half pull up before I drop and this time drop to floor onto my ass.
"Brush it off, there's no one there to help you when you're alone Liberty." He says.
"You think I'll be pulling myself up on metal bars much outside?" I snap my question at him.
"No, but a tree, a rock ledge," he says seriously. I know he has a point, I wipe my sweat off my hands and my head with my towel. my towel isn't really helping as its wet.
"Now try again," he says. I do jumping onto the bar.
"Now pull yourself up." I honestly am trying. I manage to all the way.
"Good now straighten your legs," he says. I do.
"good now lift them," he says. I do. my hands are shaking. I drop, but thankfully don't end on the floor yet.
"Pull up again, you're getting there only 9 more to go," he tells me.
"I hate you," I say. He smirks at me.
"and to think your my favorite," he says.
"really?" I question suspicious.
"No.," he says. I have to smile at him.
"now up princess," he says
"Yeah yeah, I get it. some people are just born to torture." I mumble. I manage to pull myself back up.
"Now straighten your legs," he says. I do, even though it's killing me.
"Now up," he tells me. I lift my legs.
"Hold it Liberty," he says. I try.
"Now relax," he says after what feels like forever. I don't need telling twice, I drop off the bar.
"Only 8 more. then I want 10 minutes on the cross trainer," he says firmly. why was Grandma paying for this torture? oh yeah to get me in shape for my self-discovery. well, I've already discovered I ain't no gym bunny. It takes me a while but I achieve the 10 pull-ups, then I hit the treadmill, Rion was not helpful.
"2 more minutes. come on princess pick up the pace." Rion says
"I hate you," I mumble, for that he highers my setting. I start out right running. Aimee is in fits of laughter from her own treadmill next to me. I glare at her, but I soften and have to smile at her huge grin.
"Remind me that you don't appreciate your birthday presents in 2 months," Aimee says. I smile at her. I finish my last two minutes.
"Alright cool down Liberty then you're free to go," Rion says.
"Thanks," I say sarcastically.
"I can do another hour if you want princess.." he informs me.
"No that's fine," I say matter of fact. when he turns his back to me, I stick my tongue out at him, I know its childish but it does make me feel better. well slightly.
"Good as I would hate to have to charge your grandma for 4 hours today," he says.
"4 I've only done 2.," I say. I look at the clock, it still says the time it said when I came in shit!
"What's the time?" I ask. shit I'm late for Patrick.
"10 past 9, you weren't showing me your best today," Rion says matter fact.
"I got to go," I say.
"Where?" Aimee asks me.
"I had a date almost an hour ago." I admit
"oh yeah you're late for that." Aimee says.
"He's still here." Rion shrugs.
"What?" I ask, he points up at the window that looks down on the gym.
"He's been waiting for you for the whole hour watching," Rion says with a smirk.
"Ass," I say in disbelief at Rion
"That really is mean Rion," Aimee says but she's laughing.
"I was told to allow him to watch your torture season. I mean your gym." he starts but he's smirking.
"you were right the first time, who said to let him watch. Destiny I take it?" I question. I'm going to kill my sister.
"No of course not, King Eugene," he says with a smile.
"What?" I say confused.
"I do not know why princess it was just what I was told," Rion says.
"Yeah well I'm going to request a new instructor," I say.
"You can request one, but you have another 14 seasons booked with me that you have to attend." He says with a smirk.
"perhaps next year," he says with a smirk, I wish I didn't find that funny. I have to smile but I shake my head at him.
"you're in the wrong job," I inform him. I have a huge sip from my drink.
"Make sure you have a very nut heavy evening meal," he tells me.
"Yeah yeah and you're my diet coach now too," I mumble.
"No, I'm not but we aren't trying to make you lose weight, just get stronger stamina for what the forest may have in store for you," he says firmly.
"we are just trying to make sure you are prepared for everything you may face, as no one knows what they will face until the time. no one could even guess even if they've been through it themselves." Rion says firmly.
"Not everyone's come home, Princess. not everyone's coped with what they've found," he says. I know that more than anyone.
"I know," I say and I do. the memories will be with me forever.

"I am so sorry Patrick, the clock in there is broken," I say going into the gym lobby and seeing Patrick straight away.

"Its fine Libby, it was interesting watching you." Patrick tells me.
"Really?" I ask confused.
"Yes very," he says he seems deep in thought.
"Did you still want to eat?" he asks me interested.
"I really fancy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches," I admit because all it took was Rion saying bloody peanuts.
"Um well, I can see what I can do. but where I planned to take you is out for that." he chuckles.
"Then can I take you somewhere instead?" I ask, kind of hoping he will agree.
"Okay," he says thoughtfully. he smiles at me and touches my wet hair from my quick shower.
"Did you not wish to dry your hair? I can wait longer," he says.
"its fine, I didn't mean to make you wait as long as I did," I say.
"Are you tired?" he questions me.
"My body is," I admit to him. He seems so torn is something big wrong?
"We don't have to go anywhere if you don't want to," I say, trying to hide my worry that whatever this is, is over.
"No I want to, as long as you do" he assures me. he gently kisses my lips then, I kiss him back. it's only a peck, but it has so much behind it that I'm unsure about.
"Come on let's get out of here," he says. he leads me outside and straight into the waiting limo.
"Patrick?" I ask saying his name.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"I'm being a bit of a jealous ass currently," he says. I blink at him what the hell?
"What do you mean?" I ask confused as to why he was jealous.
"Your instructor he." Patrick starts worried
"Is happily married to his husband," I say, trying not to smile, did I really make him jealous?
"He wasn't flirting with me Patrick," I say and I mean that. Patrick seems so torn, I don't know what to say or do for the best.
"Even if he had been, I wouldn't be interested," I say truthfully. he pulls me onto his lap and kisses me flat on the mouth. his tongue slips in my mouth I wrap my arms around his neck. we make out. His hand wonders up my body, but I really don't care. I currently don't care about anything but him. Lee clears his throat.
"Sorry, where do you wish to go?" Lee asks.
"Sorry," Patrick says, but he doesn't seem to mean that word.
"Where do you want to go?" Patrick asks me.
"I was going to suggest we go buy peanut and jelly sandwiches and go sit in a park," I admit.
"I would say yes, but its raining," Patrick says, indicating the rain that's falling on the window.
"Another day we can have a lovely picnic in the park," he assures me.
"perhaps during the day," he says. I nod.
"Where do you fancy?" I ask him. he seems to think seriously.
"you want peanut butter and jelly?" he asks me. I nod.
"I can manage that," he says. he looks at the bodyguard I still don't know his name.
"Abacus can you arrange that?" he asks.
"Yes no problem is there anything else you would like?" he asks.
"A bottle of water each and some chips," Patrick says.
"Of course anything else?" Abacus asks. Patrick looks at me, he runs his hand over my face.
"Fancy anything else?" he questions me. I shake my head.
"No that's fine Abacus," Patrick says. he kisses me again.
"What times your first class?" Patrick asks me.
"8.," I say.
"Alright," he says thoughtfully.
"Take us back to the hotel please," Patrick says, I don't fight him on that.

"Patrick, she's human!" I hear a female voice yells from outside the door. Urg it's too early for that! if only she knows I wasn't human.
"I know she is." Patrick snaps back. Wrong Pat I'm not.
"Shes against the law!" the female said in a voice that to me sounded like scratching a chalkboard.
"No having kids or marriage with her is against the law. there is nothing against the law to date her for a few weeks." Patrick snaps. weeks? I don't know why that hurts but it does like he's just slapped me.
"Shes just a human Pat, you want a human blonde? I can get you human blondes. a different one every night." The lady says.
"I'm warning you, Pat, nothing good will come of seeing her again." the lady sneers.
"Well, it's my choice, Sandy." Patrick snaps.
"She's taking you for a mug, shes nothing but a gold digger." Sandy snaps at him.
"I'm done talking to you about it Sandy. deal with your issues. I am free to date a human or Amaris girl if that's what I wish. I wish to date Liberty for a while. get over your jealousy or I will look for a new manager." Patrick snaps. he comes in the room then and slams the door. I look up at him,
"Oh, Libby I didn't mean to wake you," Patrick says, he runs his hands through his hair.
"Is it morning?" I ask yawning, stretching out on his bed. he watches me, I see his lips slightly rise.
"No I've got an alarm set for you for 6, so you can shower," Patrick says coming over to the bed. he climbs back in, I wiggle so I'm in his arms.
"Did you hear much of that argument?" he asks me, I hear the worry.
"I think so," I admit, his whole body tenses.
"What part did you hear from?" he questions me. I decide the truth is for the best, show him I'm not freaking out. maybe then he'll trust me. but I'm not fully sure if I'm ready to out myself. because well if it was just me it wouldn't be so bad. but I would be outing my whole species to his own. But I really don't want to lie to him. I would tell him the truth if it was just me.
"Patrick shes human." I yawn I can't help it, I'm so tired. if I didn't have class I would stay in bed for days.
"Libby," Patrick says so worriedly, I snuggle deeper into his chest.
"Arent you Human?" I ask yawning, my eyes drifting shut.
"Don't worry about Sandy, she's not important right now," Patrick says. he gently kisses my head, here's your chance Patrick, let's see if you're going to lie to me, compel me or the truth.
I open my hand on his chest.
"I want our relationship to be more than sex." He says, running his hand through my hair rather than his.
"So do I."I assure him, drifting off, his heartbeat, his breathing, his hand, his warmth all so much comfort. all things that if he was a vampire like the stories he wouldn't have.
"I want to be able to tell you everything and make it right with you." He says.
"then just tell me," I say.
"I don't think I'm going anywhere," I admit to him because right now his arms feel like the best place in the world to be. he feels right.
"I wish I could baby," he says.
"I wish I could too," I say.
"Wish you could what baby?" he asks me.
"stay in this bed." I mummer more asleep now than awake. I feel his chest slightly vibrate.
"Baby?" he says.
"Mmm," I say
"This is going to be hard, sometimes you might want to walk away," he says.
"Mmm," I say
"But it feels so right," he says.

the alarm woke me with its shrill beeping. I want to bury myself deeper into Patrick's arms,
"Mmm stop," I say.
"not yet," I mumble and snuggle closer to Patrick. I hear a rich chuckle. it makes me want to stay in his warm arms longer.
"Libby you need a shower before class," he says.
I fake a cough
"sick," I say.
"I wish we could get away with that baby, but I have to go back to the studio," he says. I want to groin.
"Come on baby I'll come shower with you, did you want a coffee?" he asks me.
"Mmm," I say.
"what do you want for breakfast?" he asks me.
"Apple," I mumble into his chest.
"apple okay I can manage that," he says he starts moving, I groin but he finds my lip and kisses me, ignoring my morning breath.
"How do you want your apple?" he asks me once he's fully turned me on.
"fried with a bit of sugar," I admit, blinking at him not sure what's going on this morning, I rub my eyes.
"I can get that," he assures me.
"I can do that," he says again, running his hand through my hair. I look into his light blue eyes. I have to smile, he smiles back at me.
"you're not exactly a morning person baby," he says.
"You never seem to be tired," I tell him.
"Oh, believe me, baby, I do get tired," he says.
"Sometimes I'm right ratty," he says.
"I will believe that when I see it," I tell him.
"what's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?" I ask him.
"Eggs and tomatoes," he tells me.
"Then order that for you," I say with a smile.
"What's yours?" he asks me.
"Fried Apples with cinnamon and raisins." I say, with nuts." I tell him.
"Alright I will get that," he assures me.
"you don't have to, I just kind of thought you would be a bacon guy," I admit.
"Salami more than bacon for me baby," he tells me.
"Good to know," I tell him, I push up on my arms. I look at the clock, 6.25 flashes at me.
"what's your favorite drink?" I ask, well I already know his favorite meal from the other day.
"I'm a big fan of red wines," Patrick says.
"you?" he asks me.
"I'm a big fan of smoothies," I admit.
"So you're healthy?" he questions me, but he doesn't say it as if he doubts it.
"I try to be," I admit
Another alarm starts beeping I look around for it.
"we got to get up." he sighs. I laugh.
"did you really set two alarms?" I ask.
"I will let you know a secret baby. I set five," he tells me. I laugh, I lean forward and kiss him.
"Shower," he says, pulling away from my lips. I nod.
"Rockclimbing tonight?" I ask as a question.
"I'm looking forward to it," he assures me.
"Rock climbing with a Rockstar, its a different kind of rock to what you're used to." I tease.
"how long have you been waiting to say that to me?" he questions with a raised eyebrow but he's smirking.
"Since you agreed to come rock climbing with me," I admit. he laughs its so good-natured I cant help but grin at him. I wonder what would happen if i said about his little friend.
"Libby?" he asks.
"yeah?" i ask.
"shower." he laughs, he lifts me up in his arms. i laugh as he carrys me through to the bathroom.
Im not sure whats going on, but im not even going to try pretend im not enjoying it.

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