Liberty of the air

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Libby - Rock-climbing with my Rockstar

"There you go princess, you got this," Birch said from where he stood on the floor if only Rion could learn from Birch my gym seasons might go as well as my rock climbing. but the truth was, I loved my rock climbing lessons and I thought of the gym as torture. maybe it reflects in the way they treat me. I look at the ledge above from me, it was going to be a small leap, nothing to my fairy side but the humans that maybe watching it would be a huge dangerous launch. that's the thing I was taught in here to climb like a human would. outside privately I was taught my fae ancestors ways. I do the small leap anyway,

Birch's "Good job Princess." I try to blank out even though it makes me smile. I know I won't have him out there in reality. I need to be able to do this by myself. I carry on climbing until I get to the top of the wall. its the hardest wall we have in the center.

"Brilliant Liberty." Birch calls from the floor.

"Thanks," I yell down.

"Come on down and you're done for your lesson for the day. can you climb down rather than abseil," he calls.

"No problem, Birch," I call down.

I climb down the wall slowly,

"Do your right arm next not your foot." Birch calls. I follow his instruction, as this had been where I had leaped. I got down onto the floor, Birch was waiting with a high-five. I high fived him. he unclipped me from the safety equipment they assist on here.

"You got this," he assures me.

"Thanks, Birch," I say and I mean that.

"Next weeks lesson I think we should go somewhere outside to make sure you're ready," he says, he winks at me.

"Thank you," I say with a grin.

"Your a natural princess," he assures me. I wish he wouldn't call me princess, but I had asked and only a few times does he use my name. I finish taking off my equipment.

"your dates here," Birch says. I nod, I had seen him on my way down.

"I'm going to do a few more hours of climbing with him," I say with a grin.

"Good luck with that, Rockstars aren't really known for this kind of Rock," he says with a grin,

"Could you get me his autograph?" Birch asked me hopefully.

"you're a fan?" I ask interested.

"Yeah defiantly, in fact, Eugene introduced me to his music last week." He says with a wink. so this is meant to happen? he knew it was going to? and he's not stopping, in fact, he is kind of making it easier for me. as no one is saying he's an Amaris back away. well, no one but my big sister.

"Why don't you come over with me Birch and ask for his autograph and explain the equipment to him.

"That be great," Birch says, we walk over to where Patrick was stood with Lee and Abicus.

"Hey," I say with a smile at Patrick.

"you were amazing," Patrick tells me, looking like he didn't have a clue what else to say.

"but when you jumped you almost gave me a heart attack," he tells me.

"Did I scare you?" I ask him but I have to smile. I couldn't imagine how I could scare him.

"Very," he tells me.

Birch was looking at Patrick like he couldn't believe he was there, I don't know if he was scared, or this was a celebrity to him.

"Patrick, this is my friend Birch. he's my instructor in here," I say. Patrick holds his hand out politely.

"Pleasure to meet you, Birch," he says. Birch shakes his hand looking at it like he thought it was a trap. Birch high fives he isn't a businessman at all. in fact if I didn't know Birch was 1400 years old I would say he looked and acted like most 21-year-olds.

"It's amazing to meet you. can I have your autograph," Birch said almost 100 miles an hour, I tried not to laugh. I didn't want to make it worse.

"Um sure," Patrick says giving me a look. he looks at Lee who hands him a piece of paper.

"What would you like me to write?" Patrick asks.

"Birch never give up with the rocks," I say with a grin to Patrick.

"Yeah, that would be great," Birch says. Patrick writes it then signs it.

"Alright, you ready?" I ask Patrick still smiling. Patrick looks at the wall I've just come down from, watching someone jump.

"I don't think I would even get past the first part," he says.

"also its a safety." Abicus starts firmly. I point at the wall I planned to take Patrick on.

"I plan to take you on that one, you're a beginner," I say, indicating a wall that actually had a few kids on.

"It took me years to work up to that wall," I say pointing at the wall I had been climbing and someone was now almost hanging upside down on.

I look at Lee and Abicus. "your welcome to come up to." I tell them. Abicus looks at Patrick I see something he looks torn.

"I assure you it's perfectly safe in here," I tell Patrick who is looking at the wall like it has two heads.

"The safety equipment is constantly checked," I explain.

"Did you want help today Liberty or are you going to instruct?" Birch asks me. I look at Patrick.

"it's up to you Patrick," I say and I mean that.

"How about you go up with Patrick and ill hold his rope," Birch says.

Patrick looks at Abicus, who looks torn as hell about this.

"If it's really what you want to try Patrick I'm not going to stop you, but I am going to tell you that you have sold out concerts Friday and Saturday," Abicus says.

"You enjoy this?" Patrick asks me interested.

"I don't want to push you to do something you don't want to," I say seriously.

"But you enjoy this?" he asks me.

"Yeah," I admit.

"then I'm going to try, but you're going to try something I like next week," he says.

"Okay," I say I have to smile, I don't know what it will be but I'm interested to find out.

"Alright Patrick your right hand up to the next one," I say with a grin at him. I'm next to him helping him climb. He honestly seems to be enjoying it, at least if his smile is anything to go by. he listens.
"I can see what you like about it," he tells me with a smile.
"Patrick we got a problem," Lee calls from the floor, I look down. we are almost at the top and I can safely get Patrick down if anything is wrong. but nothing with the equipment should be. but looking down I see the people with cameras.
"Fucking Paps," Patrick mumbles under his breath. he looks at me like he's worried as hell.
"I'm sorry Libby," he says seriously.
"You need to go?" I ask him. he nods looking torn as hell.
"I don't know what's going to happen. but I will try to stop shit hitting the fan with your pictures," he says seriously.
"Not that I'm trying to hide you," he says quickly.
"you just want to keep our relationship private until we know what we are doing?" I ask as a question.
"Exactly," he says, and I'm against his people's laws I know that.
"Patrick," I say seriously.
"I'm sorry." he starts.
"Patrick I'm in a t-shirt that says the center's name," I say.
"Yes I'm aware," he says like he's now questioning my senses.
"I'm an instructor in here," I say seriously.
"Just say I'm your instructor," I say.
"Baby." he starts.
"Don't lie Pat twist," I say with a wink.
"they may have pictures of me taking you into the restaurant a few days ago," he says deadly serious.
"I don't know then Patrick," I say and I mean that.
"You won't let it change you or us will you?" he asks me, worried.
"Patrick, people change, its the way of life," I tell him seriously.
"You just have to go with the wind as it blows," I say something my big brother tells me.
"You can't control the wind, but you can adjust your sails," I say with a wink. I then tell him.
"Right foot up, ignore them, Rick. they really don't matter, unless you have things you want to hide"I say, he looks at me like he's torn as hell. maybe at the name I just called him or maybe my words I don't know. he listens.
"You did it," I say with a grin as we get to the top of the wall.
"Baby you're amazing," Patrick says he's looking at me like he sees me in different lights. I don't know why.
"you did it, Patrick," I say seriously.
"I wouldn't have been able to without you," he says matter of fact.
"No, you always had the ability to, you just didn't have the faith. you need to keep your faith, Patrick. Faith trust and Pixiedust." I tell him, then I abseil slightly down.
"Just lean back slightly and very slightly push off from the wall. but don't jump down." I tell him. He followed my instructions. When his feet touched the floor he looked at me with the hugest grin. He looked at my lips as if he was torn as hell. Birch distracted him though by starting to unstrap him. Lee and Abicus had got the paps back and were in the door frame.
"I'm sorry baby," Patrick says seriously.
"It's fine Patrick," I assure him,
"No baby it's not," he says. he leans forward and kisses my lips my arms wrap around his neck and he gently lifts me up, my legs wrap around his waist and I, god what was I thinking? his tongue slips into my mouth.
"Patrick perhaps you should put Liberty down," Lee says but I hear a chuckle in his voice. I break away from Pat's mouth, Patrick lets me down but holds me tightly into his body, my fingers run along under his wet t-shirt.
"Did they catch that?" Patrick asks worriedly.
"No, we had cleared them," Lee says I hear a chuckle in his voice.
"That picture won't appear in any papers unless you want it to. I got it for you though." Lee says. Patrick looks at me, I feel like I want to jump his bones. why the hell does he make me this fucking horny?
"What you say to dinner in bed?" he asks me.
"I haven't got any spare clothes." I start worried, as I didn't plan to spend my night at his.
"I have spare clothes for you at mine," he says matter of fact. I look at him confused as hell.
"Why?" I ask confused.
"For these exact moments, when I destroy your outfits," he says matter of fact, then his lips meet mine again.

"Patrick." I laugh as he kisses my side, he has discovered where I'm ticklish. I am meant to be getting ready to go to class.
"I got to get to class," I say, I mean that. I know I have to get to my classes, even if right now he's a big distraction.
"I know baby, but I won't be back till Tuesday," he says torn as hell.
"Perhaps I should get a home here, as I have a feeling I shall be spending a lot more time here the next few years," he says thoughtfully.
"And not live in a hotel Rockstar?" I tease. he pulls me back onto the bed and kisses up my naked body. we've already had our shower. my outfit sits in a bag, I haven't even pulled it out to look at yet. I just know he's got me a bra and panties in there as he told me that.
"Not if I'm going to stay around here until you graduate at least," he says deadly serious. Does that mean he plans to stay for me?
"Do you have a home?" I ask him.
"I have 8.," he says truthfully. what the hell am I meant to say to that!
"one in new york, one in California, but not close enough to your college," he says seriously.
"Wait up you have a home here?" I ask confused.
"Yes about an hour and 45 minutes drive on good traffic," he says seriously.
"why the hell are you staying here?" I say like he's stupid. seriously I'm wondering how much money he's got to throw away.
"My home has paps surrounding it all the time. I would never be able to get you in and out. I would never be able to get you to class in time. your college would become." he starts worried.
"I don't want to make it harder for you to be able to graduate," he says seriously.
"if teaching is what you want to do. I'm not going to get in the way of that," he says seriously. I kiss him, he moves so I'm underneath him. I don't stop to think, we again get lost in what I've come to think of as our haze of lust and each others touch. none of my thoughts really stay with me during that time. Even though I know he's not compelling me. its like I'm as light as air when he kisses me and my heart soars.

The knock on the door brings me back to reality. We are still wrapped up in each other although we defiantly need another shower. how Patrick even has the stamina to go this often I will never know.
"Patrick, Liberty has to be in class in 40 minutes." A voice bellows from outside the door.
"Shit," I say. I'm nowhere near ready now I need another shower for a start. Patrick groans and rolls off me, I lay there still panting trying to catch my breath. "Go shower quickly by yourself, I'll get you something to eat. don't worry you'll make it." Patrick says and he stands up pulling his boxers on that lay on the floor. I nod force myself to sit up then run to the ensuite. I shower as fast as I physically can. almost slipping over twice. When I'm clean downstairs I get out and wrap myself in a towel. it may have only seconds it may have taken hours I don't know. I run back into the room. actually sliding across the bathroom floor and hitting myself on the door hard with my arm. I will check that out later. when I get in the room, he's not in there. I quickly pull out the outfit from the bag. a lovely matching, light blue bra, and panties set comes out. it's material so soft in my hand. I check the label and they are 100% organic cotton. he seems to be better at getting my clothes than I am. I pull out the dress and it makes me realize how much Patrick may understand me without either of us knowing how or why. the little country off the shoulder blue 100% organic cotton crochet dress, is like something I would happily wear at home around my parents. he's matched it with a pair of white and blue gems barefoot sandals, so basically no sole. I would be barefoot for the day. they were beautiful as well. I lifted one to look closer. I recognized the gem as blue chalcedony. they were amazing. I put them on, not needing to be told twice. once I was dressed I grabbed the brush that is on the side for me to do my hair the other day. I spray in the spray he leaves there. its saltwater hairspray and mixed in my blonde hair it gives me a just off the beach look. I love it. When I'm ready I go to the door, I'm always nervous to leave the room. but I do. Patrick is stood there on the phone a cup of tea in his hand, pinkie actually up, I have to smile at the look of him. Just stood there in his Calvins and a cup of tea. his hair in the just out of bed way. he's like straight off a magazine cover. Lee is sat on the couch. so are the other two i don't know the names of. Abicus is stood hovering holding a travel mug and some fruit.
"Oh I'm sorry, I have someone here I will ring you back in 15 minutes," Patrick says into the phone.
"Sorry, but I can't talk for a minute," Patrick says he sounds worried. he then hangs up.
"You look gorgeous," he tells me looking me up and down.
"it's an amazing outfit," I tell him.
"it really suits you," he says with a smile looking at me like he couldn't get enough. he took a few steps over to me and kisses me. Abicus clears his throat.
"Patrick if you don't let Liberty go now, she won't make it to class," Abicus says firmly. Patrick loosens his hold on me.
"Have you got your cell?" He checks with me. I shake my head.
"How can I just leave you." Patrick sighs shaking his head.
"I will be fine, you rock, Rockstar and have a great concert," I say seriously.
"I will pick you up on Tuesday evening at 5 pm from your dorm alright?" he checks with me.
"I will be at the gym," I say, he groins.
"I will pick you up at the gym," he says, he looks at me as if waiting.
"7.," I tell him.
"I will see you at 7 pm on Tuesday. keep your phone on you," he tells me.
"I will miss you," he says kissing me, its like he fears the worst. I don't though. I know deep down he wouldn't be here if he wasn't meant to.
"Bye Patrick," I say when he breaks from our kiss.
"Bye Liberty," he says so torn. he looks at Abicus.
"Make sure she gets safely to class," Patrick says.
"of course," Abicus says.
Patrick pulls me back to him and kisses me, I kiss him back.
"Bye baby." Patrick sighs into my hair when he breaks apart.
"Bye Rockstar, good luck," I say.
"Come on Libby or you'll be late," Abicus says in what sounds like a no-nonsense voice. I peck Patrick's lips.
"Bye," I say then I leave with Abicus.
I climb into Patricks Limo. Abicus with me, I look up at him when I realize he's staring at me interested.
"I don't know how you've done it." He says matter of fact.
"Done what?" I ask so confusedly.
"Brought his spark back. I thought after his friends died in front of him, the laid back rockstar was gone." Abicus says seriously.
"Omg is he okay?" I ask so worried about Patrick, he seems to cope so well.
Abicus looks at me like I'm one of the many mysteries of the universe.
"Hopefully he will be soon," he says it, I see something in him then though. it's not a threat, its an honest to god friend praying for a friend to be okay.
"It may take time," I say.
"Yes, it may," Abicus says. he looks at me seriously.
"Have you ever lost someone you care about deeply Liberty?" he asks me. I nod,
"Yes," I say truthfully, the hurt still fresh.
"Whom?" he asks me. I can feel his magic he wants my answer. I can give it.
"three of my siblings," I say truthfully.
"What happened?" he asks me looking at me.
"They never came home," I say and I mean that.
"I'm sorry what happened?" he asks me.
"I don't really know," I say truthfully.
"I'm sorry," Abicus says, he seems to be deep in his own thoughts.
"how old were you?" he asks me.
"I was 3 when we lost Melody, 7 with Alchemy and I was 15 when Cherish, well when we lost them," I admit to him.
"I'm sorry, how old were they?" he asks me.
I can tell the truth or I can lie.
"21," I say truthfully.
"All three of them?" he asks me looking like he didn't know what to say to that.
"they all were lost on their 21st birthdays," I admit torn as hell because I try not to think what the alternative is. I'm not fully fae. my body and spirit may not be able to cope with my full fae side.
"Sorry," Abicus says, he looks at me like he's deep in thought.
"what are you training so hard for Liberty?" he questions me.
"Adulthood," I tell him, I see my class building. Abicus looks ridiculously torn all of a sudden.
"Are you human?" he questions me.
"what else would I be?" I question him actually making myself sound like I'm questioning his sanity. ha, I got this.
"that I'm not fully sure, but I know your not fully human," Abicus says looking torn as hell. the limo stops and the driver gets out.
"I will be keeping an eye on you Liberty," Abicus says in a no-nonsense way.
"I won't ever hurt Patrick," I say seriously.
"no I can see that," he says, he looks so torn. I climb out the limo as the driver opens the door. when I'm out I have a moment of thought, I lean back in.
"I'm not a threat," I say seriously.
"No, I can see that," Abicus says matter of fact, he looks at me suspiciously.
"Goodbye Abicus," I say.
"Goodbye Liberty," he says suspiciously. I shouldn't have done that, I shouldn't have outed myself as much as I just did. it wasn't safe for my whole species. hell, it wasn't safe for hundreds of other species as well. but as I look back at the limo as it drives off, part of me knows. Abicus isn't going to tell anyone. at least not yet.

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