Liberty of the air

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Libby - night out

"So what you say to dancing tonight?" Destiny asks me looking at me over her book. we are sat in the library where I'm trying to cram. because my work is suffering currently. I know the reason for that, is I'm spending to much time with Patrick.

"Um." I start, how do I admit to my big sister I don't feel right going out clubbing, that it makes me feel like I'm cheating. which is stupid. I don't have to dance with guys. I could just dance with Immy, Aimee and Destiny. the judging and hurt look on my sisters face, is what gives me my answer.

"Sounds great but I can't drink, I got so much to study and a torture session on Saturday," I say. She looks so relieved to hear my words. for me not to say no to her.

"That's fine, is Rion still on your ass?" she asks me with a grin.

"He kept me his prisoner for 3 hours the other day, he wasn't going to ever let me go Dest," I say, she laughs her whole face lights up.

"He's an E do you expect him not to want to torture you?" Destiny says with a grin.

"Was he like that with you?" I ask after all Destiny had the same instructors as I have, in fact, she still sees them.

"Was, he still is," Destiny says.

"Come with me tomorrow," I say with a pout, I miss my time with my sister and I know deep down. that it might be coming to an end.

"Really but that means I can't drink as much tonight," she says matter of fact.

"I got another season on Sunday morning. also got one Tuesday." I say.

"I'll come with you on Sunday," she says. I smile at her.

"thank you," I say with a grin.

"I ain't softening him up for you." She says matter of fact.

"well maybe I won't thank you then," I say, she laughs and I have to too. we get shushed. which does the opposite it makes us laugh more? I have missed this with Destiny, even though I know its more my fault than hers.

"Are you stressing yet?" I tease her as she's looking at her book like it has two heads, hell if it had two heads she may have been making more sense of it than she obviously is.

"I'm doing okay, its just weird to think that I've got less than 2 months here to go," she says.

"Then what's the plan?" I ask, she always dodges this question. Will she be going home and living there? will she explore? It's up to her to decide and no one can make that choice for her. she sighs after a while.

"I don't know yet Libby," she admits, she seems so torn. I don't want to push her.

"I might explore a bit, see what Grandmas up to," she says with a weak smile.

"Why don't you see what Arts up to?" I say.

"Because he's a lunatic," Destiny says but she grins.

"Of course he is, its what I love the most about him," I say with a grin, my eldest brother is 1000s of years older than me, but I'm his favorite sister. he is a full fae and can't lie. so I know its the truth.

"I really don't like the idea of leaving you here alone next year," she says, I see she's torn.

"You won't have Immy Aimee or me," she says so worriedly.

"I know," I say truthfully, but I'm torn about it and it's possibly best not to voice my current thoughts. What if I'm not destined to finish my course? what if I don't make it through my self-discovery.

"Immy will be great with the M and Aimee will make an amazing doctor," I say and I mean that.

"Yeah, I know," Destiny says thoughtfully.

"you could always work in a computer shop for a while," I suggest.

"Yeah seems a waste of my degree." she laughs. I shrug.

"Not if you get a discount," I say, she nods thoughtfully but with a smile.

"Not if I get a discount," she says with a smile.

"I've missed this," she says seriously.

"So have I," I admit to her because I have really missed my time with my sister.

She looks so torn I know she is still not sure what I'm doing, she goes to mention him, I know she does.

"Don't Dest," I say looking at her torn as hell. she takes a deep breath.

"Just let me enjoy it whilst it lasts. I'm getting the best sex I've ever had in my life," I say. she bursts out laughing.

"It's still exercise," I say with a grin, she laughs more and we get shushed again.

"You really think you'll be okay here alone next year?" she asks me worriedly.

"I haven't really thought that far ahead, I know I want to be a teacher Dest. so I got at least another 4 years until I get the qualifications I need." I admit, she seems so torn.

"You got to trust me to be able to stand on my own two feet," I say.

"You never know, by the time I'm qualified I might be able to teach your kids," I say, she looks like I run over her puppy. it makes me laugh. how to scare my sister. mention kids.

"You're taking your pill regularly?" she asks me worried.

"there's been a few times I've been late taking it. but I'm being careful Dest," I assure her, even if I've missed more than I care to admit.

"Maybe its time you have the injection instead, it would be easier to hide from mom," Destiny says worriedly. she does have a point.

"Yeah I know, I will think about it. technically the one I'm taking isn't suitable for Vegans," I say seriously.

"He using a condom still?" Libby double checks, nope, not all the time.

"Does Eban use condoms?" I ask my sister in a sugary sweet voice.

"Do not say his name out loud!" Destiny warns and she looks around like she suspects him to appear from thin air.

"I don't know what you mean, Eban's really not as bad as you make out," I say seriously, but I have to look around myself, I wonder if I say it the third time what would happen. or if we are all just paranoid.

"Don't you dare," Destiny warns me, wide-eyed. I laugh.

"your paranoid Dest," I say with a smile.

"Yeah, I try to tell myself that," she says looking around.

"Why won't you give him a shot?" I ask confused. she takes a deep breath and looks ridiculously torn.

"He's an E.," she says.

"So?" I ask her, come on really that's all shes got.

"I never took you for someone with a prejudice," I say seriously to my sister. but it was kind of making more sense now.

"Oh, don't go like that with me Libby," Destiny says firmly.

"It's not that!" She says firmly.

"It's just." she starts, she seems to have to think.

"How he acts to me," she says.

"Dest he acts like you hang the sky," I say and its the truth, ever since Eban came out the forest for the first time on his 21st birthday, he's been in love with my sister. she was the first person he looked at when he came out, everyone knows the saying. The first person you lay your eyes on will be someone you love forever. Destiny looked at him first too, but she denies it.

"I'm not ready Libby, I'm not ready to get into a relationship for the rest of my life," she says deadly serious.

"Oh?" I say realizing what she means.

"Just leave it Libs, if its meant to happen it will," Destiny tells me. I nod.

"Is that the same as us passing this year?" I ask looking down at my college book.

"Yep.," she says,

"but its possibly best if we give that a nudge in the right direction," she says. I laugh.

"We need to make sure we still make time for each other," Destiny says firmly.

"I know, I'm sorry," I say I mean that, if I've not been training or in class I've been with Patrick.

"We are both to blame," she says seriously.

"I'm yours all weekend. well and Rion's, and Birch's," I say thinking. she laughs.

"Anything?" she asks me worried.

"Not yet, but Eugene said it will come," I say worried.

"Hopefully soon," Destiny says so worriedly.

"Hopefully," I say, I look at my book.

"Do you think I will make a good math teacher?" I ask.

"Yeah I do but why the hell did you choice math?" she asks me.

"you can't change math. 1+1 will always be 2 even in 1000 years" I say,

"that's true." Destiny says.

"Come on let's get this done, so we can go out tonight," Destiny says looking at her book.

"Are you going to invite Eban?" I ask I can't help it, I want to see if it works. we both look around as if expecting him then. Then both laugh again at our paranoia. but right then Destiny's cell rings, she pulls it out her pocket. Eban's name is on her screen.

"I told you never to say his name!" she says, I look at it in amazement, then I have to ask.

"why do you have his number?" she playfully hits me, but she doesn't answer him or my question.

Patrick - Are you okay?

I look at the text from Patrick torn, should I tell him the truth, I'm about to go clubbing with my sister. it's only been a week since he pulled me out of there. it's scary how much has changed in a week. I decide on my text to reply.

Libby - I'm okay, are you?
Patrick's reply comes so quickly I haven't even got time to apply my mascara
Patrick - I'm fine, just getting ready to go on.
Libby - good luck Patrick, I'm sure you'll Rock.
Patrick - you couldn't help that one could you?
Libby - nope :P
Patrick - what are you up to tonight?
Libby - I'm going out with my sister and friends.
Patrick - Sounds fun, are you drinking?

There's no you cant's, that I can see. I look at his words wondering if he's really okay with this. hell, what the fuck am I on? even if we are in a relationship, he isn't in charge of me. I can go out and enjoy myself!

Libby - I might have a few drinks, but I've got a morning session in the gym. so not that much.
Patrick - have fun and be safe.
Libby - I will.
Patrick - if you need anything just ring me alright?
Libby - alright. but it will be fine, I've been going out practically every Friday for the last 2 years.
Patrick - underage ;)
Libby - you don't seem to care when it's you pouring my glass ;)
Patrick - I don't mind you drinking baby, or having fun. just be safe and sensible.
Libby - I will
Patrick - going off with strangers?
Libby - That was twice and I admit it was fun. ;)
Patrick - I have to go on stage now baby, but any problems ring my cell. Abicus has it in his pocket.
Libby - I'll be fine Pat. good luck
Patrick - bye baby
Libby - Bye

Immy laughs as we dance together, I drink my shot laughing, holding my sex on the beach, in my other hand. We've been dancing the last 16 songs in a row, my feet have thankfully not been stepped on at all tonight. which is good, as again I don't know where my shoes went to. to be honest, I don't know where much is. my cell is lost as well, so is my bank card but I tell myself it will be fine. I've lost so many cells and bank cards. that there's nothing important on my cell. except for the messages from Patrick. but I haven't listed him as who he really is. and no one would ever be able to prove that really is him. I will sort it out in the morning, well day. a problem for tomorrow. The lights come on and its almost blinding. End of the evening? well, early morning? Immy and I blink at each other.
"Really?" Immy asks looking around.
"time flys when you're having fun," I say looking around my eyes still adjusting.
"Wheres Aimee and Dest?" Immy asks.
"its a question I end up asking every weekend." I laugh. she laughs, its true.
"Have you got your cell?" she asks me.
I look around the floor, near where we've been. in the search of our shoes and my cell. I don't see either.
"Nope," I tell her.
"me either." she laughs. we look around again, everyone's making their ways out. I drink a sip of my sex on the beach, Immy holds up her fuzzy navel and we both cheers each other, then down the rest of our drinks. I finish first and laugh at Immy's face.
"You have more practice," she says.
"your older and been drinking longer." I point out.
"You will get more practice," she says. I laugh more because that makes no sense and I'm drunk enough that its funny.
"Liberty Smith?" A man asks I look at him confused.
"Yes?" I ask confused. Immy holds my hand tight then, I don't look at her, I look at the huge tall handsome guy. who is looking like he doesn't want to be there?
"Your shoes, phone and credit card," he says holding it all out to me in a clear bag, I look at it taken aback.
"Um thank you?" I say blinking at him confused as hell. I haven't a clue who he is or why he's done this.
"Your welcome, he then holds out 3 more bags in his hand. I look at them all and I recognize my sister's shoes. hell, I recognize Immy's too and her cell.
"Yours too I believe." He says handing Immy a bag.
"Thanks, have you only got today's? I think I've lost about 90 pairs of shoes in here this year." Immy asks him. the man looks like he wants to be anywhere but here.
"your taxi home has been ordered." He says looking at us like he hasn't a clue what he's doing.
"Um?" I ask confused.
"Thanks," I say, not sure what to do, it was so weird. Immy has pulled her cell out though and is ringing Destiny because I hear my sister telling her she's fine, she is just outside smoking.
"Let me escort you both to your Taxi." the man says, I blink at him not sure what to do.
"Thanks," Immy says, she grabs the guys arm and practically hangs from him. I follow him and her, I pull out my cell. I have a message from Patrick, but my head throbs when I try to read it. but I do try.

Patrick - let me know when your home safe, Abicus got a friend of his there to make sure you get a taxi safely. let me know when your back. hope you had a fun night baby.

I read it, not sure what to think of it, but part of me feels cared for. another part feels like I'm being watched. I look at the man torn as hell. Has he been watching me and my friends all night? he leads me outside, Destiny is indeed there.
"Wheres Aimee?" Immy asks her.
"She went with a guy." Destiny shrugs.
"Your taxi Ladies." the man says indicating a normal yellow taxi that was outside. he goes up to it and opens the door, then says.
"Taxi for Miss Smith?"
"Yeah." the taxi driver says, that's all Destiny needs. she doesn't know I never ordered this. she climbs in.
When the three of us are in safety, the taxi driver asks where to. Destiny says her dorm building and the driver takes us straight there.
when we get back to Destiny's dorm building the three of us climb out the taxi, having all decided to stay there, Destiny hasn't got a say. the Taxi driver says our journeys been prepaid, which we all shrug off. then we go up to Destiny's dorm room. when we get there I just climb in the bed with my big sister, like I've done plenty of times when this trashed and even when sober and younger. I better text Patrick to tell him I'm back when he obviously arranged that Amaris to make sure we got home.

Libby - Black at Desntys dorn.

I didn't care if it was right words or not, I got a reply.

Patrick - Good night baby, talk tomorrow sweet dreams.

I look at his reply and write something I shouldn't. but my drunk mind doesn't know self-restraint, until after I text it.

Libby - Nite Pat love you

I regret it the moment its sent, I try to delete it but its sent. you can't delete a text once it's sent! he doesn't reply. which I'm kind of thankful for, in another way I really wish he had. so I could work out where we actually stood. were we a couple?
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