Liberty of the air

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Patrick - Liberty

What am I doing! I practically just lost my cool with one of my best friends. all because he said that 'maybe Sandy is right, and Libby is wrong for me.' I couldn't believe that he of all people was siding with Sandy! the same guy who's been telling me to fire Sandy for the last 80 years! He sided with her! alright, I need to calm down, it wasn't what he meant! I know that! hell, he's only suggested what he thought I needed to hear. Why I'm being so extreme about it I don't know. Alright, I get it the last 3 days have been hard! I've wanted nothing more than to see Liberty! which is possibly not helping. I'm still pissed about her getting so drunk on Friday night that the man Abicus told to keep an eye on her at a distance, actually had to break cover and approach her. or she wouldn't have got home! hell, I keep looking at the text telling me she loves me torn as hell. I never responded to that message, I responded to a different text. because I wasn't ready to address my own feelings to her, let alone let her start seeing something that there never could be. She may have even just drunk texted me that, with the report on how drunk she was, I try to tell myself it's more likely. Lee looks at me like he wants to be anywhere but here in the room with me as I take everything out on my guitar! but hell Abicus had gone on a break, I think we both needed one from each other. I screwed up the piece of paper I had been writing a new song on.

"Writer's block?" Lee asked me but he looks like talking to me right now, is the worst thing he can think to do.

"Yes," I say screwing up another piece of paper.

I take a deep breath, torn as hell of what to do. I look at the time. not long till my plane is scheduled to take me back to California.

"We don't often go back and forward between shows," Lee says, get to the point, Lee.

"No I know," I say.

"We don't often live in a hotel. it's a security nightmare." Lee says.

"So you like Abicus want to go back home?" I question him.

"I don't think that's what Abicus was getting at," Lee says.

"Perhaps you should ask Liberty what her housing plan is next year," Lee suggests.

"He is right though that you need to remember that Liberty is against the law," Lee says.

"But then only marriage and kids is, as long as your both careful. I can't see it being a problem for a few years. but you both do seem to be on a go fast" Lee says. I sigh and sit down, I know they're both right. The fact is Liberty just feels so right. from the first moment, I saw her in the nightclub hallway looking like she was lost, to the first time I kissed her. she may not remember our first kiss but I will. I hadn't meant to compel her to forget as much as I did. I thought I had left the memories of our evening. but I hadn't. I then had tried for a whole month not to look into her. She just felt so right.

"Abicus should have told me he was doing a background check on her." I snap, I'm still pissed at him for that.

"Well, she came back clear, nothing out of the ordinary. except her underage drinking." Lee says. which is a problem I get that.

"Your the one who asked her if she was a halfling, he's just following that up, you need to be prepared. just in case." Lee says.

I know he's right, but I wouldn't know what I would do if she was. The feelings I have for Liberty make little sense, but she seems to make me feel complete. like when I'm away from her half of me is missing. my parents used to talk about soulmates. that once you meet the right person you'll know. the thing is that's how I feel about Libby. that shes the right person. that it was Destiny to meet her, which is funny when she told me her name was Destiny, it was how I felt at that exact moment. Ha, I got a line! I start writing again, letting my thoughts and the words go with that.

The plane had landed and I was close enough to Libby that I could just go grab her.

"I have booked you into a different Hotel," Abicus says, I look at him annoyed.
"Its a safer location and is 10 minutes closer to Liberty's campus," Abicus says, he gives me a look.
"Thank you," I say looking at him our earlier argument still hovering over us.
"Did you want Todd to stay in Liberty's shadow. as of yet, she hasn't noticed him." Abicus says.
"Except at the bar." I snap,
"Except when he handed her back her stuff and got her safely in a taxi back to her sister's dorm room," Abicus says. I sigh, I know I'm being stupid about one girl.
"She hasn't noticed?" I check.
"not that shes let on, she hasn't really done much whilst he's been watching her. except for the gym on Saturday and rock climbing on Sunday. oh and the library where shes studied." Abicus says. I nod,
"what did she do yesterday?" I ask, I know already but I need to make sure.
"she went class, then lunch with some friends from her class, then the library with the same girls. then class then to a cafe on campus with her sister and mutual friends. then back to the library studying to close." Abicus says.
"Your acting like a stalker," Lee says I know he's right.
"Should we make a move to the hotel, or would you like to go to the gym earlier than Liberty said she would be ready?" Abicus asks me, there's a challenge. I want to say the gym, but I say.
"the hotel would be great." it almost kills me to do it.

"Alright, Princess bring your legs up." I hear a guy say to Liberty. it annoys the hell out of me.

Abicus watches suspiciously which isn't helping.

"I'm trying." Libby snaps.

"You're very trying." a girl says who is sat on the floor, near Libby's feet.

"Hey so are you Immy," she says but she smiles.

"Head out the clouds Liberty, this is life or death. pull yourself up." her instructor says,

"Now Liberty," he says.

"Fuck off Rion I'm trying," Liberty says, she tries and falls flat on her ass.

"your dead," Rion says to her on the floor.

"Fucking E," Libby says from the floor.

"What was that?" her instructor asks.

"Nothing," Libby says but she looks pissed off.

"I swear it was I will do 20 press ups," Rion says. her friend lets out a laugh.

"I don't recall saying you weren't included in that Imogen. both of you 20 push-ups." He says.

"Who spat in your coffee today?" The other girl questions.

"He's been in this mood since I arrived, he and Flint had a fight last night, so he's taking it out on me," Libby says to her friend.

"No I'm taking it out on you, for attending your previous appointment hungover." the guy snaps.

"Correct me if I'm wrong Liberty but your 20 are you not." He says.

"Yeah." she snaps glaring at him.

"Then it is against the law for you to be drinking isn't it," he says.

"your mother would find that very interesting information." the guy says firmly.

"you wouldn't," Libby says, her beautiful blue eyes I can see go wide even from here.

"Drop and give me 40 then back on the bar 8 more pull-ups, then I want 30 minutes run on the treadmill, then 20 on the cross trainer." He says firmly.

"Try me." he snaps when she doesn't move. she looks at him like she's torn, but then she starts the press ups.

"God he would make a brilliant pe teacher." Lee chuckles next to me.

I watch Libby, shes exhausted she looks like she's going to be sick. it's too much for her.

When shes finally finished he then makes her cool down, it takes a lot to not go pull his arms off her as he moves her about into positions manually. he's to rough with her. when shes finished she just lays on the floor, staring up at the ceiling, like she can't move.

"Can I go down?" I ask the lady on the desk whos been watching me stood looking down at the gym for the past hour like she's not sure what to do. her mouths still open.

"Um members only, I'm afraid Mr. Patrick. I mean, shit," she says. Lee looks like he wants to laugh.

"Could we discuss membership as it seems like we are going to be in the area for the foreseeable future," Abicus says approaching her.

"Um, I'm sorry but the gym." she starts, Abicus raises an eyebrow at her that's a challenge.

"gets extremely busy." the lady says.

"Busyness isn't a priority," Abicus says as a challenge. the lady looks torn as hell.

"I can get the membership forms, please wait," she says then practically runs off. I watch her.

"that is suspicious," Lee says watching the retreating check-in lady. I watch Libby's friend hold down her arm to her.

"Bedtime?" she says as a question as she pulls Libby to her feet.

"Nope," Libby says.

"Liberty a nut-heavy meal again, please. I also want you to record everything you eat and drink for the next two weeks." The instructor says.

"Alright I get it, I get it." Libby mumbles.

"I shall see you Friday evening, you find time to go clubbing, so you can instead find time to come here and work out," he says.

"Rion I can't," Libby says.

"What excuse have you got Liberty," Rion says like he's waiting.

"I'm hopefully going away for the weekend with Patrick," Libby says. Rion looks at her suspiciously.

"then I expect you in here tomorrow and Thursday 8 pm until 11 for a session. then I expect you here Monday." Rion tells her.

"I've only got 10 seasons left paid for." Libby mumbles.

"your grandma has transferred funds for another 15 seasons, to be squeezed in," Rion says to her. Libby looks like he's slapped her.

"I expect to see you then Liberty, no excuses." He says. he then walks away from her. Libby sticks her tongue at his back. it does make me weakly smile.

"What is she training so hard for?" Abicus asks me suspiciously.

"I'll find out," I say, I hate the fact he has a point. this isn't just getting into shape. I can see that.

Libby leaves the gym then with her friend.

"I have the registration forms." the check-in lady says. I turn to look at her. I nod, I will register even if I don't use it. hell, I know Lee and Abicus like gyms. but they use the Amaris one when they have time. but if I'm here, they might as well use it.

I've just finished filling in the forms when Libby and her friend come out. Libby looks like she's ready to drop.
"Libby," I say as greeting walking straight over to her, I lift her up and plant a kiss straight on her lips. it hadn't been how I planned to say hello to her, but her arms wrap around my neck and she kisses me back with so much need.
"Hey," she says out of breath when we break apart.
"Hey," I say back to her, she smiles at me but there's a tired exhausted look in her eyes.
"come on then baby, what you say to dinner?" I ask her, taking her hand as I put her down. I look around for her friend, but the girl has gone?
"your friend could have joined us," I say.
"She had plans," Libby says.
"Come on then, I have a lot to talk to you about," I say to her.
"Me too," she says, I see something.
"what baby?" I ask her.
"Did you assign me a bodyguard or am I being stalked?" she asks me suspicious. shit, I look at Abicus for help, he just looks at the ceiling pretending he's not listening but a smirk on his lips.
"I may have got someone to watch you in the club on Friday to make sure you were safe," I say, she kisses me.
"its sweet that you care, Patrick. but I can take care of myself," she tells me, after watching you in the gym baby. I'm not really sure I agree with that. especially not with my kind.
"He was mostly to keep the paparazzi away from you," I tell her the truth in with the lie. she looks at me so torn.
"Will they really care to stalk me?" she asks me, she looks torn as hell.
"I don't know baby, I thought best to be safe than sorry whilst I was away. I'm sorry if I overstepped." I say. she gently kisses my lips but she still looks torn.
"Come on let's get some dinner in you." I say,
"my stomach feels dodgy." she admits.
"I suggest after that workout, some sugar," Lee says whos next to me. I look at Libby she does look like she could do with some.
"that's a good idea," I say. Lee takes Libbys gym bag from her shoulder.
"When your next session?" I question her, pretending I don't know.
"tomorrow," she admits looking torn.
"Alright," I say, torn myself. Abicus joins us holding our paperwork.
"I think I will join you in there," I say.
"great so you can see me fall on my ass," Libby mumbles under her breath. I rub her perfect ass.
"Ah, I can think of loads of things I would rather do with that ass," I tell her. her beautiful eyes go wide, but a smile comes to her lips, she tries to hide.
"Is that a promise or a challenge Rockstar?" she asks.
"A promise," I tell her.
Her smile comes to her face, it lights up her eyes. I lead her outside and straight into my limo. Lee climbs in the front Abicus climbs in with us.

Libby's head, lay on my shoulder, her eyes shut. her breathing deep. I know for a fact shes deeply asleep. she barely ate much of her dinner tonight. in fact, I got it in a bag for her for later. she had spent the whole meal fighting of her exhaustion. I had finally suggested we go back to my hotel for the night, she hadn't needed more encouragement.
"Patrick," Abicus says, he's sat opposite me.
"Yes?" I question.
"I'm sorry," Abicus says, I look at him not sure what's happening.
"what about?" I question.
"not understanding what you see in her when you're away from her," he says. I want to scream, he better not mention her body or.
"but when you look at each other, I see that you're crazy about her," Abicus says. I am crazy about her.
"I also see she's crazy for you," Abicus says.
I kiss her beautiful little head.
"Even if she's a half and her parents are living illegally. shes not against the law." I point out.
"I know, but your a king Patrick, not just a rock star, you have to set an example. you can't be seen to be in love with a human. the queen." Abicus starts.
"I know," I say truthfully.
I look down at Libby, her lips are plump from our kissing, I practically haven't stopped touching her since I got her back.
"She wants to be a teacher Patrick, do you really think being with you will be easy?" Abicus asks me. I look at her.
"I know it won't." I find myself snapping.
"she will grow old and die before you physically age a second," Abicus says.
"I'm aware." I snap. I look at her torn as hell.
"So make the time you have with her worth it. I will always keep you safe, as I have for almost 180 years." Abicus says. he looks at me like this is important.
"if that means I have to keep her safe for you, I shall," Abicus says.
"thank you," I say to him and I mean that.
I look at her, I push a bit of her blonde hair off her face.
"She is beautiful," Abicus says,
"I'm more than aware," I admit, but its the feel of her that feels more right.
"If you don't hide it, perhaps people will just assume shes Amaris from her picture. we just won't correct them." Abicus says.
"except when you meet her you can tell she isn't," I say.
"then keep her at a distance from others, but don't hide her. or you could say shes your private feeder." Abicus says. I look torn at her.
"Have you actually tasted her?" Abicus asks me.
"No," I admit.
"No?" Abicus asks eyes wide!
"Hell Patrick I was starting to think you were addicted to her taste or something!" Abicus says like he cannot believe me.
"Taking blood from her, without her permission felt wrong," I admit to him.
"Wow," he says.
"Wow?" I question him like he is the one making no sense, not myself. he nods,
"Perhaps you were really right about the soulmate thing," he says. I know and that's worrying. I look at her, I think of a few people I've known over the last 194 years who have fallen in love with a human. only 2 described what I feel. both went against everything for the woman in the end. The scary thing was, I already knew I would for Liberty. Liberty her name literally means freedom. perhaps when she told me her name was Destiny she was telling the truth. perhaps she was my own Destiny.
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