Liberty of the air

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Libby - the package

Today was the first time I brought Patrick up to my dorm room, we normally go to his hotel.but after my gym session today I needed to go to my own place, I have studying I need to do. it’s important that I get it done. we fly out straight after my lectures tomorrow. so if I don’t want to bring all my books with me to his concert. I need to get some work done. I looked over at Patrick, he had a pen in his hand that was constantly moving. he lay on my bed, so tempting. all it would take was a few steps and I could climb in his arms and get lost in his touch. no, I needed to get this work done! I can’t fail this year of college so close to finishing it. he scribbles something out but he’s smiling still. his perfect tongue is sticking out the corner of his lips, I’ve learned that means he’s deep in thought. it’s so cute.

“You will do fine,” Patrick informs me from my bed, as I find myself squinting at my notes. easy for him to say, his minds not in 89 different places at once. I bite my bottom lip, I just wish it was my tests and him I was worried about. why haven’t I heard anything else? Rion kept acting like I’ve received everything today, and I haven’t at all. he had asked me if my bag had everything I needed in it! hell, I haven’t even been given a list or got a bag! maybe I wasn’t getting one. maybe I had failed some before test or something by falling for Patrick? no that felt wrong. maybe I wasn’t getting a list, maybe I was meant to think of everything I needed by myself. omg, that would be so grandma! why hadn’t I thought of that! Suddenly as if answering that question there was a knock on my door. who the fuck could that be except Patrick’s bodyguards? because it was 11 pm at night! no one would come here that late! Rion had given me earlier training sessions today so I was home for 10 pm. now that Patrick was coming in whilst I worked out. I tried harder not to make a fool of myself, and it was starting to show in my achievements. Patrick looked at the door suspicious as if he hated it at that moment in time. it may be distracting his creative juices. Would he have to go? the thought of him leaving hurt. but I walked over to my door. Patrick looked at it still like it was evil like he feared they were going to take him away. I opened my bedroom trying not to do it to slowly like I thought the worst was outside that door.

“Yes, Lee?” I ask as I see him straight away, its hard not to. he’s still a wall of handsome muscle.

Lee looked me up and down as if he didn’t want to be doing this, any more than I want the interruption. that’s when I noticed him in the hallway, holding a huge box! an elf! OMG YES!

“I have a package for a miss Liberty Fae Smith.” The elf said with a smirk at me, like he thought this situation funny, not the threat it could be.

“Thank you,” I say looking at the hugest box I’ve ever seen, what was in it? it looked big enough to hold a whole person!

“You never told me your middle name was Fae,” Patrick says coming over to the door, suspiciously. Did he know the fae were real?

“it’s rather late for a package isn’t it.” Lee questions looking at the elf like he is suspecting a bomb. I’m slightly surprised he hasn’t already looked through the box.

“You never asked,” I say to Patrick, still eyeing up my box. whats in it. my fairy side really wants to rip into it and discover.

“That’s true I never did ask, so your middle names Fae?” he asks me.

“Yes, what about yours?” I ask interested, looking at Patrick.

“William,” Patrick says.

“Patrick William?” I ask as a question. for some reason Patricks last names never comes up, even looking at his Wikipedia when I did a few days ago. I still haven’t managed to find out his last name. like Adele and Oprah.

“Aero,” Patrick says.

“Patrick William Aero,” I say with a smile, it feels so right on my lips.

“Like air,” I say, it’s not a question.

“yes, not the chocolate,” Patrick says, I grin at him. I hadn’t even put Aero and chocolate together until then.

“Were you expecting a package?” Lee demands from me still suspiciously, oh yeah he and the elf were still there.

“yes, but it’s a surprise what’s in it. It’s from my grandma for my birthday.” I admit with a smile.

“isn’t it rather late for a package?” Lee demands.

“hell man shes my last delivery of the day, can I put it down its rather awkward to hold.” the elf says.

“What’s in it?” I ask excitedly.

“I’m just the delivery guy.” the elf says.

“so its a surprise,” Patrick asks, eyeing the huge box.

“Yeah, a big one,” I say with a grin.

“sign here please.” The elf says juggling the package to pull out a slip of paper. I take it from him and sign my name, without a single hesitation.

“You are expected in 1 month and 19 days.” The elf says. I know that! hell, I was starting to worry, that it would be canceled. the elf puts the package down, and then just walks away. he’s done his job I suppose. it didn’t include taking it in for me.

“can you bring it in?” I ask Lee, excited.

Lee looks at Patrick who nods, so he picks it up and brings it in my room. he puts it in the middle of my bedroom floor, next to my bed. I feel like a little kid whos birthdays come early.

“You are always so cute when you have a surprise,” Patrick says watching me. I grin at him. Lee gives the package a suspicious look.

“I shall be right outside the door,” he informs us. Patrick nods.

“Alright, thanks, Lee,” Patrick says. Lee looks at the box again suspicious but then he leaves my room.

The moment he leaves I rib into the box, it isn’t a pretty sight. Inside makes me take a huge breath to try to calm my excitement. Inside straight away was a huge camping bag. its navy blue and has those straps I know from previous experience with camping bags are the most comfortable. I can tell straight away it was 100% natural material as well, it just had a certain smell to it, that I wouldn’t be able to describe in a million years. It also had rock climbing equipment hanging off it, ready for me to use. Patrick didn’t say a word as I opened it and went through the inside. Finding food rations, more than enough meals for the month I shall be alone in the forest. there was also a book that listed plants that grew in the area that are safe to eat. another book saying about poisonous plants in the area. best to never get the two confused.

"White and yellow, kill a fellow. Purple and blue, good for you. Red... could be good, could be dead." I say out loud a saying my parents taught me as a young child. I find a drink bottle and a few bottles of water. A sleeping bag and hammock. a collapsible bucket. it's going to be so heavy, especially to rock climb with it on my back. I should get Birch to help me practice with it on my back.

I pull out a letter.

Spread your wings and discover who you are. Good luck on your journey. Happy 21st birthday Liberty.

I smile excitedly, I'm now really looking forward to my journey, even if its scary as hell!

“What are you planning little free spirit,” Patrick asks me he sounds so worried. I don't have anything that will explain what I'm about to do. I just kiss him and say.

“I will be back after summer.” it comes out like an assurance as if I know for a fact I shall be back! That confidence could save my life, it could also kill me.

"Baby what are you up to?" he questions me again.

"Its a gift from my grandma for my birthday," I say with a smile.

“You will give me your parents address,” he says firmly, actually looking in my eyes. I feel his magic actually stirring. is he going to compel me? he never compels me. I nod before he starts.

"Yeah, of course, I will give you there address," I tell him. and I will. because it feels right too. even though it's dangerous giving an Amaris our location. I don't see Patrick as a danger. I don't just see Patrick as an Amaris. He kissed my head but I could feel his worry.

"Baby what's going on?" Patrick asks me.

"what are you training so hard for?" he questions me.

"I told you, Patrick, I'm going on a self-journey this summer. some of that, I might camp out for," I say, actually the truth.

He looks like its the worst idea I've ever had.

"Rockstar, I've been camping since I was little. I know what I'm doing," I tell him.

"you said it yourself when we met I'm a little tree hugger," I say.

"yes I did, but I now know I was wrong. your not a tree hugger. you're a free spirit." he says.

"So trust me," I say. he looks so torn

"I do baby," he says, and I know he means that. which is why I put my items down and kiss him and climb on his lap and start exploring his body again. he returns the favor.

Deep down, I think its time I tell him what I am. but what comes out my mouth is.

"I love you." its possibly too soon, but I spend almost every waking moment that I'm not in class with Patrick now. I didn't expect his reply, because even though I don't regret my words, I regret the moment I said them.

"I love you too," he says as I lay drifting off to sleep.

"fuck I love you Liberty," he says, it does make me smile as I let sleep claim me on my cloud of bliss.

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