The Secret (Book 1)

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"So it's true, all of it's true. What am I!? Just a pawn to be used? Tell me, Trey, tell me the damn truth. WHO am I?" - "I won't let you get to the tree, I won't let you destroy the boundary." Trey-lea Arwin Trilynn didn't know that it would take one day was all it took for her life to be cast into a pit of confusion and chaos. Now entrapped in a web of secrets and lies, and stuck in a world unknown to her. Will the secret of her families past come to light? Will she wish to return home still after she finds out the truth? A truth that can reshape her whole reality, and a secret to protect. It is time for the secret to be uncovered, and only Trey-lea can do that. ------ (How many books in series is subject to change, as of right now I know I want it as a series, I just don't know how many books)

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A man sat at a table with a map laying flat on the surgace, a battle strategy had been officially laid out. His hair was a rich platinum blonde, his eyes a piercing blue. His skin was an olive color, and his face sported one of thoughtfulness. He looked around the table at his advisors, “We must strike now, while they have fled,” he said his voice was smooth and velvety with a slight accent. “It’ll catch those who the Trilynns left defenseless by surprise.”

“Are the preparations being made?” another man said, he had dark skin and violet eyes with black hair.

“Johav, they have been in progress for years, last year we sent spies, and for years we’ve been building the machines,” A white-skinned, red-haired man said, he had grey eyes and looked quite like a vampire.

There was a knock, “Enter,” the head of the table, the blonde, said.

The doors opened and a servant entered, “The horses and soldiers are ready, my liege,” he said bowing.

“Men, it is time to begin, victory will be ours,” The blonde said as he stood, on his face spread a grin.

All of the men around the table cheered, Johav nodding slightly, but no one could really blame him. Johav was a very quiet man. “Let us go, the preparations are finished,” the leader ordered, and all the men left in an orderly exit until Johav was left.

“Someday you will rue the day you were born, Andomian,” he muttered, “The Trilynns will come back, and prophecy will come true.” Johav stood as he gathered magic around himself and soon disappeared. Not a trace to be seen, he must warn his people.

It was time…

This is the beginning of the end, this story is called legend by some. Others believe that it was not, I know it is not, for I am the writer of this story. I have lived this story, the story of Triannalyn. I am Queen Trey-lea Arwin Trilynn of the three realms, and it has come for people to know the truth.

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