Runaway wolf

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I was a runt in my pack, I was powerless, but I always knew I meant to serve a greater purpose. My mother believed that too until one day her wolf got sick and she ran into the wrong pack. Rosalie Parker was a runt in her pack, she was weak and the very last of her group to shift. Rosalie's mother believed her daughter was destined for greatness until one day her wolf got sick and she ran into the wrong pack territory. Alpha Xavier was the Alpha of nightmares, every villain in children's story books would be based on him. Xavier spared no mercy to Rosalie's mother as he killed her right in front of Rosalie. After years of being held captive by Xavier the god heard Rosalie's pleas for help, in exchange for her freedom she had to kill Xavier. she left Xavier's territory that night covered in his blood and leaving a witness to her crime. Rosalie turns for the humans for refuge pretending to be a mundane citizen. when the moon gods gave her the power she needed she thought of herself as a monster. Do the gods have a different path for Rosalie to walk down? when she woke from a dream seeing the witness she left behind and the secrets behind that face.

Fantasy / Romance
deni pimlott
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Chapter 1

"Now, for me to tell you my story I’m going to have to take you back, way back to when I was just a pup. I wasn’t always as powerful as I am today, I used to be small, weak and a fragile pup that couldn’t shift as well as the other pup. Born werewolf shift as they grow older normally at age five or six, but for me I was 9 when I first shifted it was the worse pain imaginable every bone in my body snapped and frayed, twisting and moulding them into a new same, my wolf.

The other pups were stronger than I was, I quickly learnt to shift quicker, run faster and become stronger. I was still a weak wolf but I was learning fast. The pack I was born into was called rain storm our pact consisted of one Alpha and Luna, two Betas and the rest where either Deltas or Runts. Our pack was only small but we were well known for our ability to hunt and hide our scents, of course I was never able to hunt as I was weak but each day my wolf pushed me further only wanting the best for me.

My mother knew I was different from the day I was born, she was better known as the packs crazy lady, she believed that I was to do something greater in my life, that I have more power in me then I let others see. She was obsessed with the thought of taking down Xavier and using me to do it, Xavier was the strongest Alpha, with the strongest pack but even his own wolves feared him. He was known for ripping apart packs and claiming bigger territories for fun, some stories say he would tear out the throats of wolves just to see them squirm and bleed out, the last thing those terrified wolves would see if Xavier’s wolf towering over them.

Xavier’s wolf stood a dark grey colour and at least double in size of a regular wolf. Each colour represents a wolfs place in the pack; dark greys are Alphas, light greys are Lunas, dark oranges represent Betas, browns are Deltas and white wolves are the weakest of the pack often called the Runts.

My fur glistened a snowy white, I knew I was a runt and would always be a runt, my mother however believed it was a gift, that I was gift. Still obsessed with killing Xavier my mother trained me every day to become a perfect fighter, of course the pack was not happy about this but continued to allow us to train as we are a small pack and need all the fighters we can get.

You’re probably thinking, ‘why can’t we just turn people into werewolves?’ there is a certain code that every Wolf agreed to before becoming an Alpha, the code was that an alpha cannot turn humans into wolves for personal gain and can only bite a human if they are dying and fully consent into becoming a wolf. Of course biting a human has some disadvantages as the bite sometimes will reject the host causing the host to die instantly.

Our pack relied on ‘The day of power’ to enhance our fighters strength, ‘The day of power’ came every 13th full moon, it was believed that the gods could forge a wolf that harnessed the power of the mood to become stronger than any wolf imaginable. Everyone believed it was nonsense, but every year I prayed to the moon Goddess and God for power to make me stronger than I am. Nothing ever happened of course, still I never lost faith, I believed there was a God watching over me just waiting for the right time to give me my wolf power.

Only Alphas had the power to shift parts of their body and they could do it whenever they pleased, many alphas Shifted their claws, teeth or eyes to show that they are in control. Every wolf whether it’s an Alpha or a Runt always has the same colour eyes a deep sea blue that glows brighter than the moon, it’s said that if you turn against your wolf your eyes will fade to a dirty yellow to show you’re not worthy of being a wolf.

Now I know you’re probably confused about the whole wolf being inside your head ting, trust me it’s weird. When your wolf believes you are worthy of carrying the pack to greatness it will tell its name. the name of a wolf is a sacred thing, to be able to call out your wolfs name is to be in control, not so you can shift when you want but so you and your wolf can have one mind, to share the same thoughts.

However if you shut your wolf out there are great consequences that come with it. When I was 16 my mother grew ill, the doctors say hers wolfs sick and has been for a while, she stopped shifting causing her wolf to wilt and decay. It takes so much power to stop your wolf from shifting, you’re listing to your wolf die inside of you. My mother had started to become delusional listing to her wolf scream out in pain, until one day she ran and kept running until she found a pack that would listen to her, she ran into Xavier’s territory.

His guards pulled her to the steps of the pack house, she was thrown down into the mud, my mother’s body was so limp from running she didn’t bother to get back up. When I found out that my mother had ran away I chased after her as fast as my wolf could take me, I followed her scent that she didn’t even try to cover until I reached Xavier’s pack house, I hid in the edge of the forest watching from afar.

Xavier’s wolf ripped through the doors of the pack house, his wolf sneering and growling at my mother. My mother for the first time in a long time looked peaceful, she didn’t growl back or shout she simply stood up staring Xavier’s wold dead in the eyes. She screamed into his ears,

“I know someone more powerful than you could ever be, she was a gift forged by the gods and given to me, your time is up.” There was a moment of silence and in that moment I could see my mother was completely at peace, as quick as I blinked Xavier’s wolf ripped her limb from limb, her screams still echo in my thoughts to this day. She knew she was going to die and she didn’t care, if Xavier hadn’t of killed her, my mother’s wolf would have killed her, when a wolf wilts and decays it kills there host as well.

I was 16 when my mother was killed right in front of me, I was 16 when my whole pack was killed by Xavier’s wolfs. He killed everyone I loved that day. Wolfs in packs can connect to each other through their thoughts, I didn’t need to see the chaos Xavier’s pack was making, I could hear everything, each scream, each plea for mercy until there was silence. That was the day my life ended, a hole had been dug inside of me something that no one could ever fill. I ran that day seeking refuge somewhere else, I ran as far as I could get until I crosses the border, I was no longer living with wolves, I was living with real humans in a real town. My wolf hated the fact I couldn’t stay within the wolf territory but she understood why I did what I did.

I pretended to be something I’m not to fit in, it didn’t take long before people started to notice I wasn’t like them. Word got around fast that a rouge wolf was living with humans, I was hunted by hunters and wolfs. Ever since my mother told Xavier that there was someone stronger than him he made it his mission to hunt down every rouge and kill them himself. I knew it wasn’t going to long until Xavier’s men found me, so using my skills of masking my wolf scent I altered my chemical hormone balance to smell like a human.

Xavier’s men tore me from my new home, throwing me into his prison where I would stay until Xavier knew for a fact that I was a wolf. Xavier loathed me, he was convinced I was a wolf, he kept me as a prisoner until I shifted. I knew as soon as I shifted I was dead and I couldn’t let that happened, I knew that I couldn’t shift which felt more painful then death.

I stopped my wolf from coming out which killed me every day, my wolf understood why I did what I did but she didn’t was to die. Each day that I was locked in that hell hole, was each day I heard my wolf scream out in pain often breaking my bones trying to get me to shift.

I remember the day she died, it was peaceful, she didn’t scream she just begged the moon goddess’ and gods for mercy, she didn’t want to leave and broke me when her last words where that she forgave me. Tears poured from my eyes as I was so weak, without my wolf I could feel myself dying, all my life I had left was being drained from my body. I waited for hours for my death but dying without your wolf can be unpredictable, it’s like a poison coursing through your veins you doing know how long it will take to reach your heart.

I had spent 4 years resisting my wolf, that’s 52 full moons I rejected, 52 times my bone broke but I couldn’t scream out in pain and still Xavier didn’t let me go, it was like he had forgotten about. I would have died a long time ago if it wasn’t for a boy, he would bring me bread and water, I could see the sorrow and pain in his eyes every time he came down to look after me, I owe my life to that boy. I just hope his not dead already.

On the day my wolf died I sat and cried for hours just waiting for my death, I remember seeing a full moon out of the window of my cell, I didn’t care if it wasn’t the 13th full moon I prayed for any God that could hear me and something was listening, this god of destruction and fear forged me a new wolf one more powerful than I could ever possibly believe. The amount of power running through me was something that only pups read in fairy tales. The god that give me this power was not only the God of destruction and fear but the God of balance, in order for me to keep my power I had to kill Xavier.

I found no problem with ripping out Xavier’s jugular and watching him bleed out, and that’s what I did. With my new found strength I broke free of the chains and the cell door that was holding me hostage. I crept through the shadows silently until I reached the house where Xavier slept, of course he didn’t sleep in the pack house like any other Alpha would, he had to separate himself from others. Which was fine by me, it just made it easier for me to kill him.

When I reached what smelled like Xavier’s room his scent was ashy like he had just walked through miles of burning woods, his wolf was angry. His wolf was didn’t like the fact he was using his powers for a bad reason, he upset the balance and his wolf knew he had to pay for it.

I slammed the door open taking the door off its hinges, Xavier jolted awake his eyes where filled with anger and also fright. His wolf was scared, scared of me. Xavier ran towards me with his hands pulled into fists he tried to fight me but my reflexes where too quick, at some point I had pinned Xavier down to the floor holding him by his throat slightly crushing his wind pipe. His eyes filled with confusion as an Alpha should never be defeated in a fight.

“I knew it was you” he spat as blood bubbled out the corner of his mouth. Something inside me exploded I couldn’t hear my wolf telling me to stop, I didn’t think I had one.

“This is for my pack you pig” I swung my fist as hard as I possibly could, I felt Xavier’s jaw shatter on impact, he shrieked in pain as his hands clamped around his face, cherry red liquid escaped from his fingers as he coughed. For the first time ever I didn’t feel a thing, no remorse, no regret and definitely no empathy.

I threw his body like a rag doll his back hitting his wall, another cry for help escaped his lips, now the big bad Alpha got a taste of his own medicine. His head hung loose but his eyes were still connected on me,

“And this is for my mother” I closed my eyes and focused on my shifting, it took a little longer than usual, I was a bit rusty being held captive for 4 years and not shifting can do that to you. When the moment came I could feel every bone snap, twist and grow into something big, something very big. Even though all my bones had already snapped I felt them snap again and again until my head and back had touched the ceiling. My wolf was giant, at least 5 times the size of an Alpha, I had more teeth that where longer and sharper and so where my claws.

My fur was as dark as night, a slick jet black look to it. I had no time to take in all my features as my shift earned a gasp from Xavier.

“You’re not possible” I snarled at him showing my teeth which caused him to jump in fear, I terrified him, the Alpha that pups have nightmares about was scared of me. I could hear his thoughts even though I wasn’t in pack it was like I could hear every wolf around me. I used my thoughts to say,

'Times up bitch’ I opened my mouth wide gripping his throat before squeezing, I felt his throat pop as a flow of blood entered my mouth, the taste was sour and metallic making me cringe. I let him go and saw his limp body drop to the pool of blood surrounding him. I felt a presence around me so I turned around, I probably look scary this huge jet black wolf with blood dripping down for its face staring directly at you. I turned to see the boy who used to feed me bread standing there, his face shocked and scared, the boy looked no older than me his muscular frame standing tall with his dark brown hair slicked back with a few strands coming loose here and there. The boy looked past me to see Xavier’s body, his mouth dropped open before saying,

“Dad?” I take this time to turn and jumped out the window I felt the sharp breeze hit my fur and the shards of glass and brick followed close behind me. I ran into the woods and as I did I took a quick look behind me and saw the boy stood where the hole in the wall is, he stared at me with hatred as I darted further into the woods.

When you’re born into a wolf you already know your wolf entire life story but I don’t know a thing about my wolf apart from when I was running back into the wood she called out my name, ‘Hamia’ I know it’s a shitty name but it’s the one she gave me. My mother used to call me rose, I like that one better.

And that’s how I’m here today, in this shitty town, with shitty humans, trying to pretend I’m not the beast I know I am.” I said staring at Cody who has in mouth open slightly he took a sharp breath in before saying,

“Awesome” he nodded whilst smiling, I chuckled before shaking my head. Cody has been by my side the moment I got into this town, his always wanted to know about werewolves everything about the supernatural fascinated him. He’s a little weird like that, Cody had short brown that he often spiked up, his face was often covered by a pair of thick rimmed glasses, I’m not going to lie his body did look good he worked out a lot and showed it off. He normally wore a pair of dark washed jeans and a black T-shirt and today was no exception.

I met Cody the first day I walked into this town, I needed answers about who I was and I knew the perfect person to talk to, my mother had a brother, my uncle. However he was not a wolf, often what happened in a half wolf family some of the children aren’t born as wolves. I went to talk to him about who I really was and how my mother knew I was special, he told me I was the moon Gods back up plan if the balance was ever disrupted. He told me that my mother could never have children and this I should have never existed. One day my mother walked into her room and there I was laying on her bed wrapped in a white cloth. I was shocked that my mother had never told me this but maybe the time wasn’t right.

After speaking to my uncle I noticed that Cody would often follow me around, I think he was trying to he secretive but it didn’t really work out I could smell him from a mile away.

Just from our first conversation Cody knew I was a wolf, I’m not sure how but he did, it still bugs me to this day. Cody has never seen me shift because I’m scared that I can’t control my wolf, of course I’ve shifted on the full moon but that's different I have too, I don’t want to shift fully without the moons power. I have shifted my eyes, teeth and claws but I’ve never shown anyone yet.

“Rose if you Have no pack and you didn’t run away or desert your pack then… then what colour are your eyes?” I look down into my lap closing my eyes, I feel the heat burn behind them as the changed colour, still with my eyes closed I lifted my head back up to Cody. I let a devilish smirk form on my face before saying,

“Black” I open my eyes seeing the world around me in different eyes, everything has been heightened, every colour got brighter, dust became more visible, I could see things I’ve never seen before. I see Cody move closer to me in awe knowing that he’s looking into my eyes that are entirely pitch black.

The only word that left his mouth was “Wicked”.

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