Runaway wolf

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chapter 2

My feet pace through the corridors of the hospital until I reach his door, knowing I don’t have long until someone knows who I am I need to build a pack and I need to build one now. I still want to follow the code even though I don’t think my wolf cares, the best place people will want to be bitten is here, a hospital full of dying people who will do anything for a second chance.

I pull out the folder containing the patients information, the words read.

Spencer Jones


Gender: Male

Blah, blah, blah Height. Blah, blah, blah weight. Let’s skip to the juicy part.

Incident report: victim to a hit and run.

Extent of injuries: minor bleeding/swollen brain. Spinal cord fractured. Paralysis in right leg. Broken right arm. Multiple broken fingers.

This dudes been through shit. I slowly push the door open seeing his broken body lying on a hospital, his head doesn’t move but his eyes do. His brown iris follow me carefully, Spencer took in a deep breath wincing as he did.

“who are you?” I look down to his face seeing small cuts and grazes pepper his skin. I almost feel sorry for the guy.

“I came here today to talk to you, you have a choice to make” I take a seat next to his bed.

“what’s my choice?” I let out a small sigh looking down into my lap. You see the thing about my wolf is I can turn to the monster I am or I can disguise myself as a regular wolf, I feel like Spencer would shit himself more if he saw my black eyes than a pair or blue ones. I shift my pupils to a crystal blue staring into his eyes I notice the fear that flashes through his face only for a brief moment.

“I can make you strong, stronger than you’ve ever been before. You’ll have power you never thought you could have. You’ll heal faster, you would never be hurt like this again. All you have to do is say yes.” I feel my eyes fade back to the dull green they always are.

“and what if I say no?” Spencer’s lip starts to quiver, he probably thinks in going to kill him.

I lean back in my seat and bring my hands to my face. “then I leave and we will never speak of this again, but you’ll still be stuck here with a broken back, never being able to walk again.” Spencer turns his head slightly making a pained expression.

“where do I sign?” a Smirk pulls across my face, that was easier than I thought. Then again a desperate man will do anything to survive.

“there’s something you should know first” it’s only fair he knows who I am.

“I’m not an ordinary Alpha” that’s a weird thing to say less than a year ago I was a runt, now my new wolf is an Alpha. “you know what the moon gods are right?” I stood up to walk around him, keeping my eyes trained on him. Spencer’s adam apple drops a little as he nods.

“good. I’m different than a normal Alpha because I was forged by the god as a backup plan to keep the balance between supernatural forces. The balance was disrupted not too long ago, my old wolf died and the gods gave me a new wolf of destruction and fear. An Alpha is the packs leader, there are the strongest and biggest wolf around.” I stop walking when I reach his bed side.

“but I’m bigger, I’m stronger and I’m definitely more scary. If you still was my bite you will be stronger than most wolfs not as strong as an alpha but close.” I took another breath to carry on but Spencer cut in.

“no more talking, I want it, I’m not scared. I’m ready” his eyes look confident almost excited. I deepen my smirk and pull the blue curtain around the bed making sure no one else sees it.

“this is going to hurt, I don’t have normal wolf teeth.” It’s true I don’t. Spencer never said a word he just nodded his head. I take a couple deep breaths each time I can hear a small growl escape my throat, I feel my normal canines grow and soon after my gums split open and a few drops of blood escape my lips. Out of my gums a larger set of teeth started to form, they grow so big that my new set of teeth puncture my cheeks leaving my face disfigured. To give you a better Idea of what I look like, I have my normal set of alpha teeth, and my bigger, sharper teeth protrude from my cheeks that are now leaking blood. It doesn’t look pretty.

Spencer stared at me with wide eyes as I threw my head back, a louder growl escaped my lips. I’m losing control, all I have to do is bite him. I grab the side of his head tilting it before digging my teeth into his shoulder. I feel my eyes burn as they turn a dark black, Spencer squirms under me so I use my hands to pin him down. I can feel the fear seeping through his pours, I dig my teeth deeper into his shoulder, the taste of blood is always vile to me but I guess I should get use to it.

I can feel my teeth retract so I pull away from his shoulder wiping away the blood from mouth, I look down to my hands seeing these two inch black talons coming from my fingertips that’s are now slowly retreating back, normal wolves claws are less and an inch. Spencer lays there panting for a moment,

“your face, its healed” he pointed with his hand, it doesn’t take long for me to heal especially if it’s my own teeth that did the damage. I cross my arms over my chest with a smirk, “and so have you” I nod my head towards his broken arm he used to point at me with, my bite must work quicker than an Alphas bite. He examined his arm before squeezing his broken fingers into a fist, each finger cracks back into place. Spencer rips of his arm cast moving his wrist around also hearing cracking from his bones, he leans back on his now blood filled pillow puffing out some air. He turns his head giving me a smile of relief that he didn’t reject the bite, I give him one too as I stretch out my hand for him to take it, Spencer trusts me instantly and grabs my hand. It must be that I’m his alpha, trust comes easily between an Alpha and their first Beta. I pull him onto his feet hearing another couple bones crack probably from is back. Spencer looks down at his feet cutting off our eye contact, his breathing starts to get I heavier, I place my hand on his shoulder making sure his okay. Spencer lifts his eyes back up to me showing me his sickening blue eyes that glowed bright, a smirk cracked on his face as he said.

“where to next?”

Spencer and I left the hospital shortly after, we talked a bit in the car, I introduced myself fully to him and told him about packs and territory’s. About thirty minutes later I reached Cody’s apartment, when Cody found out what I was a werewolf he convinced me to sleep in his apartment. Of course I threatened to take of his head if he tried anything, I needed a place to stay so I said yes. After walking up a couple flights of steps we reach Cody’s apartment number 19 I use the spare set of keys Cody gave me to unlock the door but as I do the door pushes open slightly, someone’s broken in. A growl breaks from my throat that’s accompanied by Spencer behind me, I fling the door open running into the lounge. Nothing. I run into the kitchen. Nothing. I storm to Cody’s room while Spencer checks my room, I twist his door handle but it didn’t open, another growl rips from my throat making Spencer run to my side, I notice that Spencer’s bark brown claws stretch out of his fingertips, strange. I have no time to think about spencer at this moment in time, I thrust my leg forwards kicking the door off its hinges. Spencer and I both run but see nothing.

“oh my god ROSALIE!” I hear Cody’s voice scream from behind us, I turn to see his extremely confused face, he’s wearing a pair of black jeans with a white t-shirt tucked into it, he’s holding a bag of shopping close to his chest. I rush past Spencer to Cody.

“why did you leave the door open? I thought someone broke in and kidnapped you or worse they killed you” he stared at me with shock for a moment probably because it looks like I care. Which I do but I’ll never admit it to him.

“I’m sorry Rose, I went shopping and had to make two trips to the car. I didn’t think you would be back yet.” He places the bag of food down next to him, Cody brought his hand to my elbow and whispered,

“Rose your eyes” I’ve been in such a state of panic I didn’t realise I shifted my eyes, really got to learn to control my wolf. I shift back to my normal eyes before picking up the bag of food, “you’re going to need a new door” I say as I walk past him. If you’re wondering, No I haven’t bitten Cody although he wants it, I can bring myself to do it. My code is I only bite people who need it, not want it. Cody understood when I told him but hasn’t given up asking.

“um Rose who is this?” Cody points at Spencer before turning to me placing his hands on his hips, I let out a small chuckle as he looks like a mom about to tell her children off.

“this is Spencer. My Beta” when the words left my mouth a small shiver ran down my spine. My Beta, I have a beta. The realisation only just hit me that I have a Beta, a start to my very own pack.

“oh what? He got to see your teeth before I did?” a smile formed on spencer’s face.

“you’re missing out, they are fucking awesome” he says as he plops himself on the sofa. “see I’m missing out, show me, please rose” Cody walks up closer to me and flutters his eye lids. I Laugh and push him back,

“another day, Cody” I walk past him and sit myself down next to Spencer, we stare at each other for a while until I reach for his hand pulling it close it our faces. We both look at the brown claws protruding from his fingers, there are specks of different colours weaving their way in and out of his nails. Betas shouldn’t be able to shift parts of their body, no wolf should apart from an Alpha. It must be something to do with my bite, maybe it enhances certain ability’s.

“well that’s interesting” Cody says from behind us, all three of us watching as Spencer’s claws sink back into his fingers.

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