Runaway wolf

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chapter 3

That night I didn’t sleep a bit, my mind kept racing around the possibilities of what my wolf could actually do. I knew that Hamia was strong but I didn’t know how strong, I kept thinking I have to bite someone else to see if they could do what Spencer can do. My wolfs bite has the ability to turn a human who was on the edge of death into a wolf much stronger than any Beta in the territories. My mind flicked to the day my whole pack was slaughtered and my mother, my innocent mother who only ever wanted the best for me. If I had this wolf on that day I could have saved her, I could have saved them all, but my mother raised a wolf not a monster. And I, am a monster.

I wait patiently for the dull glow of the sun to crack through my curtains before throwing the warm covers of my body, the breeze from my open window sends a shiver down my spine. I get changed into a pair of joggers and a tank top before opening up a note pad, writing the guys a note saying that I’m going for a run. I know what your thinking it’s probably a bad idea but I love bad ideas.

I open my bedroom door carefully trying not to wake the guys, I see Spencer lying on the couch his arms flailed in different directions as well as his legs, I’m glad spencer adjusted well, it didn’t take long for him to tell me that he was in the foster system, he was actually running away from the care home he was placed in when he got hit by a car. Spencer’s like me in a way, in one day everything was taken from him, his ability to walk, his freedom and every day from then on he would have to be around people he was trying to get away from. A runaway bites another Runaway.

I look over to Cody’s room seeing he’s stapled a blanket to his door frame as a makeshift door, I let out a silent chuckle as I turn to the kitchen and place the note down. A warm smell of honey immediately invades my nose, I don’t need to turn around to know it Spencer his scent is so strong I could smell it from a mile away. I turn around to see spencer face less than a couple inches away from my face. His dirty blond hair sticking up in a couple places and flopping across his forehead as he hasn’t styled it yet, Spencer’s chocolate eyes glisten over like a still pond.

“what are you doing up?” Spencer says with a smile written across his face, he places his hands behind his back and leans over to me slightly trying to see what’s behind me.

“I’m going for a run” I say confidently tilting my head to the side, I give Spencer a small smile.

“okay I’m coming with you” he tilts his head coping my action. I furrow my eyebrows together before crossing my arms over my chest. “why?” Spencer walks over to the couch grabbing a pair a jogger that Cody gave him. I only just realised he’s been in his boxers this whole time, I want to look at but at the same time I don’t. I don’t know if it was the bite or if he was just naturally muscular, his torso has small indents where a six pack is forming and a tight v-line that leads to- oh boy. Spencer pulls his jogger on and a baggy T-shirt before opening the door to the apartment, he gestures for me to follow him, as I do I pick up my spare keys from the side and follow him out the door.

We get out the apartment complex immediately feeling the winter breeze slice through my hair, if I wasn’t a wolf I would be shivering right now but a wolf has a higher core temperature than humans. Spencer and I take off though the Streets running at a human pace as there are a few people already out at seven in the morning, what weirdo’s. We run through a couple back alley’s as a short cut to the woods, I can see the forest entrances, the bare trees towering high and as the wind whips through every branch of every tree it’s almost like you can hear the trees talking to each other.

Something’s not right. My nose is filled with fear and desperation coming from someone close, very close. I grip onto Spencer’s wrist stopping him from running, “do you smell that?” I turn my nose up slightly sniffing the air.

This whole alley reeked of fright and trepidation. I walk slowly down the rest of the alley with Spencer closely behind me, It wouldn’t be a hunter or another wolf, I would have smelled another wolf from a mile away and a hunter would never radiate fear.

About 12 feet away I can hear the sharp breaths of someone hiding behind a trash can. Just from their breathing I can tell that their sick, their breathings shallow and their lungs crackle. I peer my head around the corner of the bin seeing a very distressed girl pushing her back as far to the wall as she could go. Her breathing picked up before she started coughing hysterically, Spencer ran to her side checking if she’s okay. I looked down at her weak body that’s curled into a ball, my mind flicked back to when my old wolf died and her last words where that she forgave me.

“please help me, my dad threw me out a couple years ago, but I don’t think I can carry on living this way.” Her last words came out as a struggle as she coughed into her hands a couple times, she lifted her hands up to me showing a small pool of blood gathering in her palm. I turn around from Spencer and the Girl thinking of my options, I could save her but I could be too risky I don’t know the extent of power my bite can give to others. But she’s going to die and It would be my fault as I did nothing to help her, what if she rejects my bite? What if I end up killing her quicker than what she’s already ill with. My hands ball into fists as I struggle with my own thoughts. I can’t do it, I was barely controlling myself when I bit Spencer, I don’t know if I can do it again so soon. I move towards the forest wanting to get away from this situation but as I do I feel my wolf snarl at me,

Go back, she needs help. I stood shocked, I’ve had Hamia for almost a year now and apart from her name this is the only thing she’s said to me. I let a small growl escape my mouth as I turn back walking up to Spencer and the girl.

“what’s your name?” I crouch down to the visibly shaken girl.

“Jessica, my names Jessica” she nods her head as if remembering what she’s called, I cross my arms over my chest and say, “how old are you?” her reply is almost immediate,

“I’m 18 but my birthdays in less than a month.” What kind of a fucking prick chucks an 18 year old girl onto the street? I let out a sigh and shake my head in disbelief.

“I’ll help you but there’s something you should know first” Spencer and I help her up.

After explaining who Spencer and I are and what I am, I told her that I could stop her from dying and she could have a family with our new pack. Just like Spencer, Jessica agreed to the bite. I told her that people can reject the bite but she was adamant that it would work, before I bit Jessica I told Spencer that I didn’t think I could control my wolf, and if I shifted he would need to take Jessica to Cody’s place and come back to the forest edge with a change of clothes. I got Spencer to hold Jessica still even though she was completely peaceful, I bit into her shoulder earning a small whimper to escape her lips. After I pulled away from the bite I could feel Hamia scratching her way out of me, I ran as fast as I could Into the deepest part of the forest just in time as Hamia started breaking my bones making me shift. I’m not in control. This is the first time I shifted without the power of the full moon, it took a matter of seconds until my fur was the colour of the night and my claws where pushing their way into the mud.

My legs start to sprint before I even have a chance to process what’s happening. Hamia’s definitely in control and knows exactly where we are going. I watch as the fallen leaves merge into a blur of browns and blacks.

Hamia stop! I shout as loud as I can but she won’t listen I feel her take a sharp turn and growl loudly, my eyes focus on the edge of the woods leading back into town. Hamia had managed to turn back without me noticing, but what I did see was a familiar pair of murky blue ones, brown slicked back hair and an expression of shock. Cody.

Hamia was charging straight for him, she was going to kill him I could feel it, something pulling us towards him.

Hamia! Fucking stop. Now. I look up to see Cody’s face less than a foot away from me he was holding my clothes to get changed back into.

What the fuck was that? I scream at my wolf. She lightly growled but replied.

I need you to be in control so I could do this. My bones crack and snap causing a ungodly scream to escape me as I shift back into human form. A few shivers fall from my lips, what’s happening? My body feels weak, every part of me shivering. I see Cody run up to me before my vision becomes blurred, I feel the soft leaves under my body crunch as my body mercilessly takes the impact. My eyes close and I fall into an unconscious state.

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