Runaway wolf

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chapter 4

I snap my eyes open seeing bright emerald grass from under me, I’m still in the woods? I look down to see I’m wearing a pair of blue was jeans and a purple baggy t-shirt. Okay so where is Cody, I couldn’t have gotten change by myself.

I shout out Cody’s name but no sound comes out, I hold my throat feeling for puncture wounds. Nothing. I try to shout out Cody’s name again but still no sound comes out, what has Hamia done to me? That’s when I notice something, everything’s green, the leaves still remain hoisted to the trees, the bushes are still vibrant with the colours of berries, but it can’t be. Its winter, all the leaves should have turned to a fragile brown and there should be no god damn berries. I must be dreaming, but why this? And why does it feel so real?

A snap from a fallen branch catches my attention, I move quietly over to the nearest possible tree to hide behind. My breathing picks up as I hear a few mumbled voices coming from behind the tree, I need to know what they are saying I have a feeling its important. I close my eyes and focus on trying to listen in.

“you think it’s the same” a low husky voice ask, sounds like he smokes a pack a day. “well it’s not a normal size that’s for sure, maybe he’s not crazy” I scrunch my eyebrows together as another man’s voice spoke, what hell are they talking about?

“I’ll go tell him, you stay here in case that thing comes back.” I hear one of the walk away into the distance, I need to know what they are talking about. I slowly move my body around the tree making sure not to make a noise, if this is a dream is a damn realistic one. I use the bushes besides the tree to keep my body covered, I swing my head around and see the back of a guy. He’s wearing black trousers and a green jacket, he tall I’d say about 6ft 3 inches. I don’t see the front of his face but he’s got short brown hair. I look down to his feet seeing a well of mud, everywhere else is covered in grass apart from this one spot. What’s so special about a hole? I try to get a closer look but before I do I hear the sound of footsteps approaching, from two people. It doesn’t take long for them to reach us, I see a much shorter man run up to the hole and point to it.

“that’s it sir, this is where they start” the man with the husky voice spoke, a collection of holes how interesting. I can’t see the other guy he’s standing just out of my view. “thank you” his voice is low and soft at the same time, making my wolf purr slightly.

“if you don’t mind me asking, what is it alpha?” my head springs up slightly, an alpha’s here. My heart starts to race and pound out of my chest, the last time I saw an Alpha I ripped his jugular out with my teeth.

“that is a paw print, that belongs to a monster” the figure stepped forwards exposing his face to the light, I almost fell through the fucking bush when I saw who the face belonged to. Xavier’s son, that boy who used to feed me bread and bring me something to drink is now an Alpha. I knew that he was talking about me, no one could make him angrier than the person that killed his farther. That’s my paw print, that my monster. I feel Hamia growl soft as he finished his sentence. He tall muscular frame crouches down to examine my paw print, he places his hand in the centre of the hole taking in a sharp breath.

It’s a well-known fact that if an Alpha places his hand in a fresh paw print he could see images of who the paw print belong to, stupid gifted Alphas. My breathing hitches as he swings his hand off the mud. This is it, he’s going to find out who I am if he hasn’t already. He looks down at his shaking had using the other one to grasp his wrist, the shorter man walked up to his and said.

“well what did you see?” Xavier’s son look up with his eyes now turned a crystal blue. “nothing, everything was pitch black” his eyes faded back into a glossy grey colour. “you follow those tracks I don’t care how long it takes, don’t come back until you found something” he then walked away leaving the two other guys following my tracks. I turn back around and my heart drops, there stands my mother, she looks beautiful. Her body is wrapped in a long white dress with her long brown locks flowing down her back. She smiles a sad smile before turning towards the directions of where Xavier’s son walked away.

“he needs your help” her voice was soft and echoed through my ears. “Why?” I jolted back hearing my own voice again. “because a greater war is coming than you think, you were made for this reason, he needs a protector and you are his Rose” I feel a lose tear roll down my cheek, my mother walks closer to me. “Hamia means protector, he will be a great Alpha but he need to be protected”

I look up to my mother’s hazel brown eyes and say, “what happens if I don’t” my mother takes me by the arms lifting me up slowly. She places her hand on my cheek and kisses my forehead. I close my eyes feeling a few more tears slip from my eyes and a second later it’s cold, she’s gone. I open my eyes seeing my shirt and jeans are covered in blood, I look down seeing Spencer and Cody’s lifeless body’s on the floor with a few other wolves lying slain. I run over to Cody’s body holding him in my arms, this can’t be real. I have to stop this from happening, I wipe some blood away from his frosted cheek. I let out a bloody curdling scream before blackness to over my vision.

I shoot up from my bed covers panting hysterically, I place my hand on my heart feeling it beat out of my chest. My cold sweat pools on my forehead and drops from my hands, what the fuck was that? I can hear my wolf whimper at my anger before she speaks.

I’m sorry Rose I had to show you, you have to know who you are. It’s not safe for you to be here please finish building your pack and return to Xavier’s son he need to be protected, but he must not know who you are.

I growl at her before springing off my bed and hurling towards my bedroom door. I rip the door open and immediately connect with 3 sets of worried eyes. Cody, Spencer and Jessica. Cody gets up and runs to my side, “Rose are you okay?” Cody’s eyes were scared I’m not sure if its because he’s worried about me or the fact that he saw my wolf.

“I’m fine, but what the hell were you thinking?! I gave instructions for Spencer to return with my clothing not you, I could have ripped you apart. At least if I knew Spencer was there he could have fought back.” I scream and flail my arms at him.

“it’s not his fault, you and Spencer were the only people who have ever helped me and I didn’t want to be apart from Spencer while I was still healing. So Spencer told Cody to go so he could look after me. I’m sorry” Jessica bows her head. I let a sigh and shake my head. “no I’m sorry I shouldn’t have got so mad, thank you Spencer for looking after Jessica” Spencer nods his head with a small smile. “and thank you Cody for taking me back from the woods” Cody engulfs me in a hug that I gladly return. He whispers in my ear, “don’t you ever collapse again you scared the crap out of me, and by the way your wolf is awesome” I chuckle slightly before hearing spencer whine, “what? He got to see your wolf before I did? That’s totally not fair, you show the human but not your beta. Unbelievable.” Spencer huffs crossing his arms in a childish way. He tries to keep the persona that he’s angry but soon cracks up laughing and we all join in as well.

Later that evening we all decided it would be the best for us all to chill on the sofas, Jessica sat next to Cody to get to know him better and Spencer and I sat on the other sofa. I’m sat in between Spencer’s legs laying my head on his chest watching some program on the tv. Spencer’s breathing is long and deep making me feel relaxed, I feel more at home here than I ever did in my old pack. I feel Spencer lean his head down to my ear before saying, “you really scared me today, when I saw Cody carrying you in his arms, I thought you were dead. I stayed by your side for hours listening to you whimper”. My insides ached listening to Spencer’s words, I looked up to him giving him a small smile before saying, “I’m fine, I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere for a long time. My wolf had to give me a message and the only way she could show me was through a dream.” Spencer scrunches his eyebrows together, probably confused that my wolf could do that. “what did she show you?” I bit my lip thinking about the correct words to tell him. I don’t want to say I saw him and Cody dead on the floor because I want him to trust my plan. “I saw the guy that saved my life when Xavier was killing me.” Spencer’s body tenses underneath me. “ he’s an Alpha now” “how’s that possible?” spencer speaks.

“his father was Xavier. The Alpha I kill, who I ripped his throat out with my teeth. Whilst the boy how saved my life was watching.” Spencer let out a puff of air with wide eyes. “wow tough break” I nod my head. “yup. And now he’s an Alpha and he’s looking for me, probably to kill me but he needs to be protected. And we have to protect him, he will be the next great alpha.” I say the words confidently even though I feel guilty that I’m not telling him the full truth. “I thought you were the next great Alpha?” Spencer asks, I shake my head and say. “My wolf says I am a protector, I may be an Alpha but I’m not a great one, that will lead packs to greatness. I am a cold blooded killer, a monster and that’s how it needs to stay. My pack are protectors but we are not heroes.” Spencer rested his chin on my head and said, “you saved me, you’re a hero in my eyes. But I understand that we are monsters and will always be seen as monsters to any wolf. They are blinded by the normality of wolves they can’t open their eyes to something powerful” I close my eyes and think back to when Xavier threw me into the small cell I lived in for 4 years, my head smacking down on the concrete so hard the I passed out. When I finally came too I was laying in my own pool of blood. “they’re not blinded, they’re scared”.

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