Runaway wolf

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chapter 5

“But I don’t understand I can’t just walk back into his pack, he’ll notice me straight away” I mind link with hamia while brushing my hair in the small oval mirror.

The mind is a deceptive tool, you body, hair, face and whole image has changed so much since you were held captive, even if you were standing face to face he wouldn’t know who you are”

I look at myself in the mirror noticing that my face isn’t the same and my hair is much darker, huh well I’ll be damned.

I throw my hair into a messy bun and walk out into the living room seeing the guys already up and ready. I know we don’t have long to finish this pack so I need to work fast.

“Listen up, well all know that time is of the essence here, the clocks ticking down and we all need to be prepared. As soon as we have our pack we will be going to wolf territory, this is uncharted ground for most of you so I appreciate the feeling of fear in the room but as soon as we are out those doors you must act like a wolf fearless and always prepared” I watch as Jessica shifts uncomfortably I know she’s a new wolf but she’s got to learn quick that weakness is not an option. Not in my pack.

“To do this we all need to work together, Jessica and I will scout the hospitals for willing people, while I need you spence to stay here, Jessica will bring back the newly turned and I need you to teach them control, balance them out.” I was about to keep talking but spence cut in. “And if they fight back?”

His tone was low you could tell he had just woken up. We was wearing a pair of black baggy shorts and black socks. His muscles ripped in all it’s glory and his arms are more defined as he crossed them over his chest. But I don’t have anything to admire his muscular physique. Things need to get done.

“If they resist wait for me to come back. If they fight back and harm. Kill them” I say with no emotion. I know it won’t come down to that but I had to show them I’m serious.

“What about me?” Cody said from the kitchen as he sips on a glass of orange juice. His wearing an oversized rock band t-shirt and blue plaid pyjama bottoms.

“You have a different task, it’s apparent that I can’t control my shifts. And I need to look like a regular alpha. So I’m asking you to find and locate wolfsbane, one that will disable hamia long enough to look normal.” I huff out feeling hamia growl, she knows we are both not in control.

“Okay I can do that” Cody says while still sipping on his OJ.

“Right then we all know what we are doing let’s get to it then” with anymore hesitation I walk out the apartment with Jessica following in tow. Her head beating a little faster than usual. We both hop in Cody’s car and she starts to drive,

“Are you scared?” I ask her hearing her heart beat rapidly. “Would it be bad if I said I was” she said as she grips the steering wheel tight that her knuckles turn a pasty white colour. It’s not a bad thing she’s scared but how’s it going to look for the new wolves.

“Being scared is a natural thing. I was scared, I was scared of being alone and dying in the cell Xavier threw me into. But I got strong and I realised that I don’t have to be afraid anymore because now I’m the one that’s scaring them. If people see me as a bad guy then that’s what I’ll be. You don’t have to be scared anymore not when people will move out of your way for just seeing you, you are a strong and powerful person Jessica” Jessica’s heart beat started to fade into her regular beating as she let out a sigh of relief, mine however was only increasing as I looked in the window mirror seeing a black car that had been following us for more than four blocks now. I pushed it away from my mind thinking it’s just because the streets are busy.

“Thank you I needed to hear that, we’re here” she pulls the hand break up as we both stare at the huge hospital building.

We make our way into the hospital through the side entrance, the last thing I need is someone asking too many questions. We pass the elderly ward and make out way to the young adults/adults. I don’t want any grandpas in my pack. I want soldiers, protectors.

I walk slowly through the hospital scanning everyone’s patient information cards and one makes me stop.

Jasper Whitley

Age: 23

Gender: male

Okay let’s skip to the juicy part I wanna know what happened.

Incident report: victim to a group fight.

Extent of injuries: broken ribs on left side, fractured wrists on both arms. Slashes in torso and legs, weapon was a smashed bottle. Infection to the cut underneath right eye.

Fuck me. I wouldn’t want to be him right now. I pass the folder to Jessica letting her read it, I watch as her eyes widen and she puts the folder back.

“We have to make this quick, I don’t want anyone seeing us” we both nod as I walk slowly into the room making sure that no doctors or nurses are in there.

“Please help me, the pains worse” Jasper whines and winces from his bed. He hasn’t opened his eyes yet so I’m guessing he think we are nurses.“I can help with the pain” I said lowly getting jaspers attention. His eyes spring open to looks at us, I look into his emerald eyes seeing one covered over with red like vein from the infection just below his eye, the gash is inflamed and the blood cover his gash has turned black, but no stitches.

“Who are you, what do you want?” He says obviously panicked, his eyes fart around in pain and fear jumping between Jessica and myself.

“I already told you, I want to make you feel no pain, ever again. You’ll never get hurt again” Jasper clicks what I am saying and freezes his body. “Your a wolf aren’t you?” His eyes filling with tears.


He almost looks as if he relaxes after I just tell him I’m a wolf. “So you want to turn me? It’s in your code right? You can’t turn someone unless they are dying and willing to be turned. And you’ve obviously read my patient file and knew that if they don’t stop this infection soon it will spread and get worse causing me more pain that it already is. And you know that I am willing to be turned or you wouldn’t have walked in here. So to answer your question yes, turn me now”

I stood shocked in my place he knew all of that, jeez someone been doing their research.“How do you know I’m a good guy? How do you just assume that I’m a good alpha?”He almost scoffs at my question before saying,

“Isn’t it obviously, you came here not only for your own benefit but also to help others, you stick to the code. Now I don’t know any bad alphas that sticks to the code.” I fold my arm over my chest amused by his statement, he really wants to be a wolf. “I’m not just any ordinary wolf, I’m a lot strong, bigger and more scary. If I bite you you’ll be a protector for the supernatural, well will be what balances the order of things. You wouldn’t just a ordinary wolf. You’ll have gifts”. Jaspers lips curl into a wicked grin and he says, “Well that just makes me what it more now” I smile as I feel my teeth growing and snapping out my jaw, this was easier than I thought. Jessica turns away from the door to watch me turn another human and as she does I notice a black silhouette at the door and it quickly vanishes.

I better get this done quick.

Jasper survived my bite which I had no doubt he would, he bounced back fairly quickly and is now on his way to Spencer which leaves myself at the hospital. I made it clear to Jessica to stay in the car once she is back it saves us both getting lost. I’m more wary than before as I still don’t know if anymore saw me bite Jasper or not.

I look around the hospital for another victim, I don’t want to bite too many people because my pack will be stronger with only a few of us. The fewer there are the stronger the bond will be. I walk down the hall way and knock shoulders into a man fairly tall and wearing a black suit, his build was strong and his chest was broad and barrelled, he wore thin black glasses that covered his eyes but not enough to show a long scar running from his forehead down to his cheek. Who wears shades indoors? What a prick.

I quickly walk along and continue my search for someone else, I better make it quick. Another folder catches my eye, I walk over to the door and pull out the folder it read

Name: Laura Peters

Age: 22

Gender: femal-

A set of hands grab my shoulders and spin me around viciously. Fuck they found me. I spin around seeing a woman with sheer horror across her face. Still holding my shoulder she shakes me as she says almost desperately, “your a wol-”I clamp my hands down hard on her mouth telling her to be quite. I walk her to the near by stairs flinging the door open I chuck her inside with little effort “who the fuck are you?” I spit, the frail woman with mahogany curly hair throw her hands up in defence.

“Please I-I mean you no harm” her eyes were sunken in and her brown skin looked as if it was clinging for colour, if it wasn’t for her heart beating regularly I would have thought she was a patient also. “You have two minutes speak quickly” I thrash my regular claws downwards beside me showing her that I’m not playing games.

“I need your help” I lift one brow in response to her plea. “To turn my son” I retract my claws and fold my arms.

“You want me to bite your own son turning him into a wolf?” I raise my eyebrows in disbelief. This woman was having me on, she must be a hunter thinking I would so easily take the bate. But I guess I have to, if there are hunters so close to my pack I need to dispose of them as quick as I can.

“Looks it’s better if I show you, he’s fading fast please follow me” a huge red flag is dangling down in my face saying ‘don’t fucking go in there, can’t you see it’s a trap” and I know it’s going to be a trap but there is a 0.001% chance that is isn’t a trap and her son truly does need my help. I nod my head and follow behind her. “How did you know I was here?” I ask suspiciously.

“Well for the past couple weeks now I’ve been waiting for a miracle, I thought that if the doctors couple save my boy then, well a wolf such as yourself can, so I also read everyone’s patient cards and knew that Jasper was the only one that could be bitten because of his injuries. So I waiting. I’ve been waiting there for so many days waiting for someone like you to show up. I want to know that he has a life even if it’s not the one I gave to him” she stop at a door in the ward and let out a small huff before waking inside. I ready myself for a fight as I walk into the room.

Stunned. That all I can say, I walk closer seeing this young kid laying on a bed with needles coming out from each wrist and arm sockets. Two tubes feed into his mouth to keep him alive one to feed him and the other one breath support. I sit down beside him looking as his features, his hair was little to non- existence and what was there were tight curls that I assumed would have been an Afro. His espresso coloured cheeks shone from the sun that was casting from the nearby window. His hard jaw complemented the shape of his lips from what I could tell. I want to help him, the best I can.

“What’s he name?” I ask still looking at his bony figure. “His name is luka but everyone calls him Lu my little angel” she looks at him like this could be his last second on earth, like nothing around her matters. She has tunnel vision on her son that she holds so very dear to her heart. I felt this same pain staring at my own mother’s body lay slain.

“I will do it” her eyes sparked with relief as she let out a shaky breath. “Thank you, and what’s the catch?” She reaches down holding his sons hand. “The catch is it might not work, because of his condition I can’t guarantee much but the odd are better than what a doctor can give you. And he would have to stay in my pack away from here” her smile dropped slightly but she quickly composed herself. “I thought you might say that which is why I’ve already come to terms with this but if could have one request I would like to say good buy to him while he’s awake, I just want to hold my boy one last time” tears threatened to fall from her eyes, I had to say yes. I couldn’t not. If I could say goodbye to my mother one last time I would leap at the opportunity.

“There are a few things you should know first” I say as I then explain to her about my powers and what I am. She full heartedly agrees and said that her son always wanted to be a protector of people. He wanted to be in the police. I made sure that she would only keep this between herself and I or I would make sure she pays for it. She new I was referring to her own death and anyone she loves. When it comes to my packs safety I will do anything to make sure non of them even end up the way I did so alone and broken. She leaves the room not wanting to see her boy getting bitten by a monster such as myself and I agree with her.

I stared down at the boy and then up to the ceiling hoping that any moon god will hear my call. “Please, I want to save this boy. He deserves a life just like any other” I say almost whispering before I feel my teeth grow and split open my cheeks. I bite down hard onto his shoulder and stay there until I feel my teeth retract. I push myself back into the wall feeling my heart pound a thousand miles an hour. No not now. My claws rip open from the tops of my fingers. Fuck I can’t change not now. I try to steady my breathing focusing on the elements around me, ah there’s too many fucking noises. I can’t concentrate.

Hamia starts to growl I can feel her starting to take over my senses. The only thought running through my head was to hurt a wolf you must hurt its host. I plunge my claws deep into my thighs feeling each nail rip into my tissue and muscle. I conceal my screams as I huff out deep breaths seeing strings of spit fly from my mouth.

My body calms as I feel hamia whimper away. Back down bitch. My claws retract and my thighs ooze blood that drips down my legs. Well these jeans are ruined. My body tenses when the door to the room opens. Luke’s mother bursts through the door and instantly drops her smile when she notices luka still laying on the bed.

She turns to me with a shocked expression from seeing the blood coming from my thighs that stop as they heal. Through a pant I point my bloodied fingers over to Luka “go to him, talk to him, make him hear your words” she nodded and ran over to her son’s side. “Come on baby come back to me” a few tears fell from her cheeks as she lifted her son’s limp body into her arms. She ran her short fingernails through his thinning hair. “Baby please, I need you to live” she continued to sob into his shoulder. I felt helpless just watching a mother lose her son.

I failed. I couldn’t save him, instead I killed him. Luka’s mother laid him back down, she gave him a kiss on his forehead forcing her eyes shut as tears fell from them. I tried to muster up some words to say but my mouth ran dry, I must have looked like a lost kid in a supermarket, clueless and yet alone. Luka’s mother walked past me her eyes filled with grief. She reached for the door knob leading out of the room and walke-

Luka burst from his sheets gagging from the tubes that are stuck in his throat. I rush over helping him pull the spit covered tubes out from his mouth, every tug is small and I can feel the pain seeping out his pores. Luka’s mother ran over to his side also telling me to pull the tubes out, her face full of worry but also screaming in delight as her son is now awake. One last tug and the bottom of the tubes come flying out unleashing massive quantity’s of spit and blood. I gag slightly seeing the length of the 11 inch tubes that where lodged inside his throat. Luka gasps for air as his mother clutches him tight, “thank you, thank you for saving my boy” she says quite loudly while more tears are pouring down her face. Luka shows me a confused smile before hugging him mom back.

Luka’s mom and I had sat down with Luka and told him what he is now and his purpose. He fully excepted what he is and he said that he was excited for his new lease on life to begin. Luka and his mother said there goodbyes knowing this might be the last time they see each other. It was a sight that only the coldest of hearts would have been fine to watch, a few tears did glaze over my eyes seeing them embrace each other before Luka’s mother made her exit. This reminded myself of my own mother, every night she would hug me, it felt like she was squeezing the life out of me. She always said that she never knew when her last hug would be.

I guided Luka to the side stairs entrance where I had previously came in from. Lucky we didn’t attract too much attention as Luka’s mom brought her son clothes with her every day hoping he would wake up. Luke stood 6ft tall just a bit shorter than Spencer, he wore black jeans and a white top with a small print on the chest. His body was changing by the second, his chest becoming broader, his shoulders wider and his ass... well I can leave that up to the imagination.

For myself on the other hand I was directing the attention as my trousers had dried blood all over them but not a single scratch over myself, I heal quickly. Once outside we both cover our eyes with our hands not wanting to be blinded by the suns ferocity.

“Where too now?” His voice hummed lowly in my ear. I look around for any trace of Cody’s car but I don’t see it. It must be parked further back, we both start to walk down the narrow walk way when I hear a strumming heartbeat approach us fast, I whip around seeing the tall man in the black suit coming towards us fast. His eyes still unrecognisable to emotion as they are hiding behind his slim shades. What I did notice was his wicked smirk plastered over his face and coming towards us quick. This is an ambush.

“Luka you know how to run right?” I ask pushing him along slightly, “yeah of course” he turns back with a questionable looks before spotting the suit, his eyes widened as the suit is now running towards us at full speed.

“Great well start running”

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