The Wolf of Legends

By Jessica Burn All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Myths and Legends... almost everyone believes they are just fantasies made up by an overactive imagination. The powers I possess are supposedly myths and have been written down, like a prophecy, waiting to come true. I was made into a multitude of stories you would tell your children at night, tales of werewolves with unbelievable powers. They started long before I was even born. My name’s Alexandra Burn, I have been on the run since the tender age of 12. I’ve been running from my past, from myself and everything that I once believed to be true. Then I found The Blood Cross Pack, and everything changed… I met my mate, friends and even new-found enemies. Join me on my journey to fight inner and outer demons as well as finding peace in my mate’s arms.


How could I let them get that close? Ugh... I knew I should have been more careful "damn right you should have"

"Shut up sky." Those blasted rogues have been on my tail for years and they have never gotten that close to me before, so I started to relax, lull myself into a false sense of security. It was like they could sense it; that was when they decided to pounce.

Now I have to move once again, but where? I have already been to half the states in America, I need to go somewhere new. Then again, if I’m not cautious I will end up on pack territory, even though I could fight them off easily, the last thing I want to do is draw attention to myself. I just want to settle down somewhere near the woods, graduate, get a steady job and find my mate. Maybe I will find my mate with all this travelling if I try hard enough.

Now, you might be wondering why I am constantly on the run? Well, the reason why is because I am different from others, different from you. Firstly, I’m a werewolf plus I have distinct abilities that only a few are bestowed with: in wolf from I am as powerful as the strongest Alpha, probably even more so. I have 2 wolf forms: my white average sized one that is a sturdy as a beta and as swift as an alpha. Then my true form, a massive black alpha wolf that is one of the strongest wolves alive, by far superior to your ordinary alpha. There are many Myths and Legends which surround the werewolf community, myths of a wolf as dark as night, dominant enough to single-handedly take down a pack. Another one that is relevant to me is, a werewolf with 2 wolves, a sly thing it is, deceiving even the most cunning of werewolves, putting on a facade of being vulnerable then pouncing when you least expect it. And finally, the one that can control the elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. They believe they are all separate werewolves or even human, I know that is untrue as I possess all the capabilities to be them all.

You may surmise that as I can shift into two wolves, I will consequently have two more voices in my head but that is not the case, Sky plays them both.

With all that talk about my abilities I almost forgot to introduce myself, I am Alexandria Rose Burn and I am currently 17 years old. I have brown wavy locks that flow down to mid back and hazel eyes, I am 5ft 7inches tall with a slender frame but a just noticeable six pack and hidden muscle. Now, where was I?

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