Tale of Atheniacus

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When the world is not what you thought it was, do you begin to leave a new reality or do you revert to you comfortable status quo and what does that say of your character. a fictitious story that explores human society. I want to explore themes that are old such as justice and morality. I want to bring about a curiosity about the ideas we hold to be true, as people get older they have to form their own beliefs and this story will explore exactly that, what is true and who is telling the truth. Given that as a premise the protagonist is naive and comfortable with his life. For this reason I called the protagonist Tranquile, a play on the word tranquility. However, as events unfold he is thrown into a war when he is not entirely sure he is on the right side as his understanding of justice is not yet solidified.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Chapter 1

It was a sunny Monday afternoon at Optimus Princeps Academy. The greatest institution of higher learning on the continent of Atheniacus. Therefore, the greatest institute of higher learning on the planet. On a bench at a square shaped park sat a lonely figure. He had dark short hair and did not seem to take notice of the shuffling feet around him. Suddenly!! A fair faced slender girl, of medium height moved hurriedly towards him. Her body movements were that of a self-assured person with purpose.

Felistus: Tranquile are you coming for history?

Tranquile: You know I can’t miss history.

Felistus: Hurry up then.

Tranquile: Maybe if you let me finish the founder’s assignment I might have something to present.

Felistus: We had a whole break for that, you’ll find me in class.

Tranquile wrote a few more squibbles before sprinting down the corridor.

“History, History where do we have it again?” he said underneath his breath.

10 minutes later he arrived at his class. Upon opening the door, he was confronted by an old man who looked like he should have had a walking stick in his hand and yet was only carrying a smart board pen.

Professor Radson: Nice of you to finally join us Tranquile.

This was said in a calm tone but everyone could tell he was being sarcastic.

Tranquile: Someone told me class this semester would be held at Kamuzu hall as they would be renovating this area.

The sincerity in the statement could be felt but Professor Radson an old man with grey hair shook his head and sighed.

Professor Radson: Why did you not ask Felistus when she found you finishing your assignment?

Tranquile gave Felistus an ominous gaze and rushed to close the gap that had suddenly emerged between his lips. He could not believe the betrayal; besides he was late because he was truly lost. He did not have much time to ponder this thought as the professor gestured towards him once more.

Professor Radson: Since you are now done you will be the first to present.

Tranquile dropped his bag on top of his desk and made his way to the front of the class. He now looked uneasy, he cleared his throat and flipped a few pages in his book.

Tranquile: It is said they were once five brothers known collectively as Ephors. Their names are Malthus, Apollo, Leviathan, Socrates and Architek. They are said to have been the wisest humans in the year 0 of the revised calendar. In their time humans and beasts lived side by side in nature’s harmony. One-day Leviathan approached Socrates.

Leviathan: You among us can clearer contemplate abstract notions, I would like to exercise your muscle for a moment.

Socrates: What do they say about you, that your tongue was twisted when you were born and that is why you cannot speak clearly on matters. I am starting to believe it. Out with it, what bothers you?

Leviathan: I beg; you must not be impatient with me as the issue on my mind is like clay that is refusing to take a solid form. I hope with your skills you may cast a figure out of it yet.

Socrates: Very well I shall do as you say.

Leviathan: Why is it nature has seen it proper to have organisms feed on each other in order for them to survive?

Before Tranquile could finish his reading there was a sudden knock on the door. A tall broad shouldered boy with a band on his left bicep area entered the class and advised everyone to make their way to the assembly hall. Tranquile looked down with heavy eyes, he then glanced at Felistus and started to move towards her but she quickly left the room before he could reach her and disappeared among the multitude of students in the hall way. Murmurs could be heard among the sea of students.

I heard they caught him trying to enter the forbidden section one girl said to her friend.

If its forbidden, why do they have it on campus?

Don’t ask me! I didn’t tell them to put it here!

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