Her King

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He lazily walked towards me, his broad shoulders filling his smooth suit, the intoxicating aroma hitting me full blast, I stood my ground though my knees felt like jelly. "I suggest that you keep to yourself during the meeting, the Council doesn't take lightly to newcomers." He growled as he twisted a stray lock of my hair around his finger. Excited butterflies exploded due to our proximity, breathing evenly I explained that I could do whatever I wanted. He growled again grabbing both my arms and pressing me against him, the warmth from his palms roamed over my body, every sensory nerve was on high alert. My body felt every hard, muscled crevasse of his, I curved mine around his fitting into him perfectly. My eyes rolled as his scent dazed me, "I don't know if I will be able to control myself if those mutts say something distasteful." No part of any of my works may be reproduced in any shape or form. It’s called plagiarism and if I don’t mind out my readers will. Then I’ll know. 😁

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I walked aimlessly through the pack house, too bored to do something productive and not hungry enough to eat. I collapsed dramatically onto the creaky, yellow-faded couch as the TV drones on. The living room windows were slightly open as a breeze lazily drifts throughout the open space, bringing with it the smell of mother's lavender flowers. The springtime was my favorite season, opening up dead buds to a new life as the grass once again regains its green glow.

"Violet", my mother calls from the top of the stairs, I froze knowing that she would scold me for not getting being ready like she had asked of me earlier. "Yes?" I call out, already moving off the couch onto my feet. “You better get ready in that dress in ten minutes." I sighed as I climbed up the steps to my room, I have dreaded this day for years.

Why someone thought to make a ritual to unite wolves souls so that they could be happy bothered me, it’s not a free choice to pick whom you love. In my opinion, the Moon Goddess should leave it into our hands about choosing our mates.

Not all mates that are paired together always work out.

Neither did the males give a lot of freedom.

I walked into my bedroom with lead feet, today was going to be the absolute worst.

My stomach twinged with nerves, as I let out a shaky breath before unzipping the bag, revealing my dress for tonight's ritual. Delicately placing my fingertips to the floral design intricately sewed onto the silky fabric, I stared at the pattern. “Why Moon Goddess.” I mumbled before preparing myself for the day.

I descended the staircase with heavy feet, my usual flare was nothing but a delicate spark, I gazed up at my parents as soon as they came into view. My father was hugging my mother while she continued to cry, they found each other at their second mating ritual and have been head over heels for one another ever since. My wolf was in constant battle with my brain, I already could feel a headache coming on.

If I’m forced to love someone, due to the pairing of the Moon Goddess, is it even true love?

That one little thought left a bitter taste in my mouth.


“Mum, you need to stop crying, I will be home tonight for supper.” She gave me a large smile while the tears streamed down the sides of her pink cheeks, “Oh Violet, always the optimistic, aren’t we.” I smiled at her while she snapped a photo as they both gave me hugs, a car outside honked the horn. “If he touches you without consent, I will personally behead him.” I threw a smile over my shoulder before walking out our front door, I’ll definitely make a note of that one Pops.

The pick-up car waited patiently as I climbed in to the back seat with a bunch of other members from my pack, closing the door elicited giggles and squeals my head began to pound with irritation.

They don’t understand, they are all so in love with the idea of love that they won’t see what’s happening to them. A mate will change you for better or for worse, but some of the stories I hear aren’t all about romance straight out of a fairy tale book. My headache increased as I was itching for a run, or a good punching bag.

“Violet! Aren’t you excited for today?” A girl asked me, all I could manage was a polite smile.

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