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Leah Indica was a sweet, kind, innocent girl. Kindness was her passion, love was her weakness. Leah never wanted to see anyone unhappy or in pain. She gladly gave her life to help another. This is the second book of the My Alpha Mate series, Sequel to My Cruel Blind Alpha. (This CANNOT be a stand-alone book) Read My Cruel Blind Alpha FIRST! Alec Knine is the most famous Alpha in werewolf history. Known for his fierceness and his cruelty, it is no secret that every shifter on earth fears him. He is the most powerful wolf known, and he never lets anyone defy him. Not even when it came to his late mate. Leah Indica was a sweet, kind, innocent girl. She would have done anything to help someone. Kindness was her passion, love was her weakness. Leah never wanted to see anyone unhappy or in pain. She gladly gave her life to help another. "It is no use. Just give up." "I will not give up. That is the last thing I'm doing." "Insuvai, she is dead get over it." "Shut the hell up Velvezhi! I am looking for a spell." "For ten months you have been saying that." Velvezhi deadpanned. "It is hard to find something without killing another!" Insuvai had been frantic to find something ever since the incident. "Well, it must be serious since you are not speaking like you use too."

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Chapter 1

Book cover by Ammad Malik

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“It is no use. Just give up.”

“I will not give up. That is the last thing I’m doing.”

“Insuvai, she is dead get over it.”

“Shut the hell up Velvezhi! I am looking for a spell.”

“For ten months you have been saying that.” Velvezhi deadpanned.

“It is hard to find something without killing another!” Insuvai had been frantic to find something ever since the incident.

“Well, it must be serious since you are not speaking like you use too.”

“You killed my niece! Of course it’s serious.” Insuvai wouldn’t admit it, but she secretly wanted her dead along with Leah.

“Grand Niece.” Velvezhi corrected.

“She was still family.”

Velvezhi rolled her eyes and left the small cave room. Insuvai sighed with sad eyes. She glanced at Leah’s pale white body. Insuvai had put a preservation spell on Leah so she would not decompose, but finding a spell to bring her back was nearly impossible. It was unheard of unless there was a sacrifice, and Insuvai would not take the life of an innocent for her own benefit. She put down the ancient book, filled with powerful spells and remedies, and walked to Leah. Tears brimmed her eyes and she held onto Leah’s hand tightly.

“I’m sorry Leah. I’m trying really hard.” Insuvai thought it wasn’t fair. Everyone was happy except for her. Alec had his eyesight, Leah was in peace, and Achira left a few months ago. But where was her peace? It seemed like no one cared about Leah except for her. The worst part was that Laura, Leah’s mom, did not even know yet. Insuvai placed Leah’s hand back down on the old wooden table where she laid. She had to get back to work.

Later that day, Velvezhi entered the room where Insuvai stayed. She chuckled as she saw Insuvai passed out with an open book on her lap. She has been searching on something to bring Leah back to life, but she knew it was useless. Unlike the others, Velvezhi was a realist. She didn’t even understand all the uproar on one single girl anyway, even if she was family. It was just one less person in a world with millions of faces. Velvezhi snapped her fingers in front of Insuvai’s face. Insuvai awoke with sunken and bloodshot eyes. She looked frantic but soon recovered from it.

“You must get some sleep, it has been months before you had a decent sleep,” Velvezhi told Insuvai.

“I’m not taking orders from you. You are the cause of all this.” Insuvai coldly said. Velvezhi knew better than to argue with her sister, especially when she was like this. She left the room wondering when she would ever get over herself. The way Velvezhi looked at it was that Leah would eventually die sooner or later due to old age. She was not a full-blooded witch, therefore; she was not immortal. The only way a witch could die would be because of injury or murder, but witches cannot die of illness or old age. Werewolves had fast regeneration when it came to health but they could not outrun death.

Velvezhi wandered over to her table and started to practice with her special element, which was fire. All witches had a certain element and Velvezhi’s bloodline had specialized in fire. The only one that was different was her youngest grandchild, Blake. Leah’s brother specialized in water. Velvezhi smiled fondly of Blake. He was always Velvezhi’s favorite grandchild.

Velvezhi recalled her abusive mother and how much pain she put her family through. Ever since then, she has always preferred males over females. Besides her sisters, her own daughter was the only one she had a true connection with. But, Velvezhi ruined that with a dagger.

When Laura finally moved out from under her mother’s wing, Velvezhi and Laura’s relationship started to dwindle slowly. Velvezhi still loved her daughter, she just didn’t love all of her offspring. Many people would probably think she is detached and cruel, but she had her own reasons for her behavior. Velvezhi believed she didn’t need to explain herself either.

Just as Velvezhi was working on her magic, Achira walked in. Velvezhi eyes widened in surprise because it was the first time she has seen Achira in a couple months.

“Where have you been the last few months?” Velvezhi questioned Achira.

“None of your damn business,” Achira replied coldly.

“Okay, what is your problem? Insuvai has been acting the same way.” Velvezhi harshly demanded to know.

“Go look at the table.” Achira pointed toward the room where Insuvai inhabited.

Velvezhi rolled her eyes, “Get over it!”

Achira scowled but straightened her posture with a smile. Velvezhi was confused by her actions.

“I have to speak to someone of more importance anyway.” She smartly said and walked off.

Achira entered the room that Insuvai occupied, and Velvezhi continued her magic.

Insuvai’s eyes widened and a smile formed as Achira entered the room. She jumped up with happiness and hugged Achira with great love.

“Did you find anything?” Insuvai whispered in Achira’s ear.

“Actually I did,” Achira said and Insuvai rejoiced with glee.

“What is it?”

“I traveled to the Uyirtteḻutal Coven-”

“What did you find?” Insuvai eagerly interrupted.

“Sh. Let me finish. They have an old spell- more like ancient. They cannot perform it because they are not powerful enough, but they have been protecting it. I asked to have it, and they agreed. Who would refuse anything to an original.” Achira explained to Insuvai.

The happiness in Insuvai’s eyes lit up the room. “Really that’s wonderful.”

Achira sighed as she would have to break the bad news. “There’s something else... It requires three powerful witches.”

Insuvai’s face fell as she pieced the puzzles together. “You, me... and Velvezhi,” Insuvai whispered the last part and her eyebrows furrowed. She was in deep concentration.

“Also, she will have side effects if we can even wake her. I don’t think you fully know the consequ-.” Achira was interrupted again.

“I don’t care! I am getting Velvezhi to do this.” Insuvai injected very determinedly.

“Wait, Insuvai!” Achira yelled after Insuvai but it was too late. Insuvai had already left the room hunting down Velvezhi. Achira groaned out loud at her impatient sister. She looked at Leah’s unmoving body. “I’m sorry, Leah.” Achira didn’t want her to wake up because she knew that Leah wouldn’t like what she would become, or the side effects that would take place. Quite honestly, there was nothing she could do. Insuvai would not stop until she got what she wanted. Even if that meant that Insuvai would never talk to Velvezhi and Achira ever again, if Leah was still dead.

Insuvai found Velvezhi still practicing with her fire element. “I need to speak with you.” Insuvai firmly said. Velvezhi eyes widened slightly and a small smile came to her lips. She assumed that Insuvai wanted to forgive her.

“Yes? My wonderful sister.”

“Achira found a spell to bring Leah back. We need your help.” Insuvai claimed.


“What do you mean no?”

“I am not bringing Leah back. Forget about it! All I care about is my sisters and myself.” Velvezhi heartlessly said.

“Damn it! If you don’t bring her back right fucking now you can forget about me being your sister.” Insuvai shouted.

Velvezhi raised her eyebrows. Velvezhi thought she was bluffing because Insuvai wasn’t exactly the one to stand up for herself or make threats. It surprised Velvezhi.

“You can forget about me being your sister as well.” Achira joined.

Velvezhi’s face showed anger. “What is this? You two teaming up on me? I thought we were closer than to let one wolf get in the way of that. My answer stands. No.” Velvezhi’s words came like poison rolling off her tongue. Insuvai snapped and raged filled her body.

“She is your blood!” Achira cried. Velvezhi ignored her.

In a swift movement, Insuvai grabbed Velvezhi by her neck and pinned her to the wall. “If you don’t help bring her back, I will ruin your life! I will start by killing your own mate in front of your own eyes. Ruining every chance of happiness you will have in the future. You won’t be able to hide from me! I WILL END YOU!” Insuvai’s raging outburst scared the hell out of Velvezhi and Achira. It was like she became a totally different person.

Velvezhi shoved her back and cleared her throat. Secretly, she was afraid of losing both of them. Living an eternal life without someone was the worst punishment. Velvezhi didn’t want her significant other to be hurt either. They may not have seen eye to eye the last time they departed, but love for each other still consumed them. Velvezhi and her daughter’s father just needed a little break for a while.

“You want her back? Then fine! I’ll help.” Velvezhi grumbled.

“Good, then lets do this.” Insuvai happily said and all the anger vanished from her body. She was the first one to go into the room where Leah was.

Velvezhi and Achira shared a worried look with each other. “Velvezhi... there’s something you need to know,” Achira said.

Insuvai patiently waited on her sisters, she was ecstatic to finally have her favorite family member back. While waiting, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She looked horrendous. She was covered in dirt from her lack of bathing. She had puffy eyes from her lack of sleep, and her newfound skinniness from her lack of eating. Velvezhi and Achira worried about her. Hell, she was worried about herself. She never expected someone to take such a tremendous toll on her.

Insuvai impatiently waited for them, she grew anxious as she tapped her foot. She was just about to go find them, but they entered the room just as she was about to exit it.

“Finally,” Insuvai muttered under her breath. Insuvai did not notice the warily look on her sister’s face.

“Let’s do this.” Insuvai clapped her hands gaining the attention from her sisters. It was safe to say that she was going mad, and it frightened everyone.

They huddled around each other as Achira pulled out an ancient spell book from her trench coat. Achira flipped through the pages and found the spell that they would use. The three witches studied it for a while then prepared the resurrection. Insuvai was happy that this was going as planned, even more happy that they didn’t have to kill someone to bring her back. Which is why the spell was so special.

Achira gathered candles and placed them around Leah. Insuvai gathered herbs and gave them to Velvezhi so she could mix them. Once the elixir was finished Velvezhi poured it into a bottle. They gathered around Leah. The candle flames were flickering wildly, almost out of control. Velvezhi poured the liquid, in the bottle, on Leah’s body. Insuvai sprinkled some other necessary herbs over her. Achira pulled out a big ritual knife and cut small symbols into Leah’s wrist. After that, they began to chant.

“Uyir ātmāvai nirappukiṟatu, uṭalil uṭpukutal.”

“Nīṅkaḷ piṟanta nāḷaṉṟu nīṅkaḷ mūccuttiṇaṟiṉa.”

“Uyir ātmāvai nirappukiṟatu, uṭalil uṭpukutal.”

“Nīṅkaḷ piṟanta nāḷaṉṟu nīṅkaḷ mūccuttiṇaṟiṉa.”

“Uyir ātmāvai nirappukiṟatu, uṭalil uṭpukutal.”

“Nīṅkaḷ piṟanta nāḷaṉṟu nīṅkaḷ mūccuttiṇaṟiṉa.”

“Uyir ātmāvai nirappukiṟatu, uṭalil uṭpukutal.”

“Nīṅkaḷ piṟanta nāḷaṉṟu nīṅkaḷ mūccuttiṇaṟiṉa.”

“Uyir ātmāvai nirappukiṟatu, uṭalil uṭpukutal.”

“Nīṅkaḷ piṟanta nāḷaṉṟu nīṅkaḷ mūccuttiṇaṟiṉa.”

The lights to all the the candles, in the room, extinguish. They were engulfed in darkness. Insuvai sharply inhaled while fearing the worse. It was silent for a good five minutes.

“Did it work?” Insuvai nervously asked. They have never done such a spell like this before in all their years of living. Velvezhi didn’t reply and she left the room.

“I don’t know. I guess we just have to wait and see. Are you alright?” Achira asked concerned. Insuvai didn’t reply as tears welled up in her eyes. She did not know if the spell was rejected or not because most spells that were rejected ended like that. Achira hugged Insuvai tightly.

“I-I.” Insuvai started to say but she couldn’t finish. Her throat hurt and she felt like she physically couldn’t breathe. She started to cry and tears fell like rain.

“It’s okay Insuvai. We all tried. All we can do is hope for the best.” Achira comforted Insuvai.


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