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A billionaire meets an alpha, both equally dominant and stubborn. Can the admit their secrets and insecurities and get their happily-ever-after or will they forever fight? Alyssa Cross a rogue werewolf and owner of Cross industries limited goes on a holiday to Ojai near LA. While hiking she meets a man mesmerized by him she agrees to go out for dinner. One thing leads to another and she ends up falling in his bed. A month later she is puking her guts out when she realises what is going on... Nobody knows that she is not normal, in fact, nobody knows that she is a billionaire. What happens when her secrets are revealed? - Ethan Moreau is the Alpha of the Scorpian pack, he has given up on finding his mate as normally most wolves find their mates at a young age. Alyssa was supposed to be one of his many one night stands but he could not help being drawn to her. When he unravels each secret can he come to terms about his mate or will he break under the pressure? - This is part of a series starting with Alpha, each person falls like a domino, chaotic yet beautiful and capturing story for each. Hope you enjoy!

Fantasy / Romance
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How it all started

Walking into the boardroom, my wolf was going crazy inside me, clawing at my stomach to let her out. ‘Cool Alyssa’ I tell myself, it is just a board meeting, not a murder trial.

Walking into the board meeting with confidence I didn’t know I had; I sit down at the head of the table. All of them are staring at me, and my wolf inside is growling at Mr.Stan.” Hello, can I please know why I was called to this meeting? ” I asked sharply as my head surveyed the table.

" Miss. Cross, all of us, feel that you are stressing your self out and intern stress your employees, we have called you here to ask you to take a break. I think your vice president, Christian Knight, is more than capable of holding down the fort while you are on break.“, He said meekly trying to be confident. Thinking about what he said I felt it was true, but my pride and ego was not going to.

" Do you, Mr.Hyden, now tell me if anyone says that there is a problem in the investment process, how are you going to solve it? Do you know every inch and corner of the companies I have invested in, no.“I reply with a hint of anger in my voice.

Silent for the next five minutes except for the whispers going around as they discuss what I just said.” How about your work but put a time limit for 4 hours, okay?“, Mr.Hyden suggests.

“Okay, I have to leave anyway to set up the new branch in LA. Now if there are any problems I am rushing back here.” I finalise, picking up my coach handbag I walk out of the room with Kyle walking just a step behind,

“Should I tell Christian that you are coming to his office? The file about the new advertisement idea for L’oreal will be one your desk by the time your back.“, Kyle was the best assistant I ever had he knew what wanted before I told him and he was always on time.

" Tell Chris I will see him in 5 minutes with to coffees,” I tell him as the elevator door closes. Carrying two coffees to Chris, I walk through his office I hear him growl

“They better me in my hands in an hour otherwise you will find yourself in a smaller office”, he nods eagerly as he eyes the warm and inviting coffee in hand. Banging the phone on the table, he lets out a groan and takes a sip.

“So, what happened at the meeting?“, he drawls out taking another sip.

“Oh please like Kyle didn’t already tell you. I am being forced to go on vacation, what is this, do they have any sense at all. How can you handle any problems without me.” I whine, my wolf, on the other hand, is partying inside me as it finally gets to talk long leisure runs, “I don’t even know where to go, ugh!“.

Chris looks like he is in deep thought, snapping his fingers, he says ” Ojai, we invested in one the wolves cafe, and there is Ojai Valley in there, and they have a special are for shifter since the hotel owner is a shifter himself.”

“We should have opened one Cross Hotel in Ojai, fine Ojai it is.“, I groan my head was falling backwards, my wolf laughs inside me.

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